‘Superman Returns’ Deleted Scene: ’2001: A Superman Odyssey’

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Superman Returns Deleted Scene Superman Returns Deleted Scene: 2001: A Superman Odyssey

Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns remains a point of contention amongst Superman fans – some hate it, some love it, and there’s a tiny sliver of those in the middle.

Well, no matter how you feel about the film, it’ll probably interest you to see a deleted scene from Superman Returns – one that is actually worth a look.

In this cut scene, Superman (Brandon Routh) finally reaches the wreckage of his home planet of Krypton (riding a crystal spaceship no less), which he has been searching the cosmos for. Of course, anyone who knows about the Superman mythos will understand the predicament that this long-awaited homecoming would have for the Man of Steel.

Watch Superman deal with said predicament in the Superman Returns deleted scene below:

It’s fairly easy to see why this scene would’ve been left out of the theatrical cut. For one thing, it’s tonally different from the rest of the film – a long, meditative sequence that actually feels more like a deleted scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, rather than Superman Returns.

Another reason why this scene was best left out of the finished movie: it offers a lot of room for fanboy nitpicks. A couple of examples: Why Superman would approach a huge chunk of Krypton, knowing that it is now deadly radiated kryptonite? If he really wanted to see his planet that bad, why not bring protective gear with radiation shielding? And so on…

Still, it is an interesting watch as far as deleted scenes go. Usually those sorts of “extras” are merely disappointing snippets of things that never needed to see the light of day. This was more like watching a short film. Singer can at least be proud of that.

You can catch this Superman Returns deleted scenes and much more on the recently-released Superman Blu-ray Anthology.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. I dig.

  2. Here’s my list of the most bafflin aliens races ever in regards to their specific evolutions:

    1) M. Night Shala…malaman’s would be alien conquerors in Signs… their tissues disintegrate on contact with water of all things. spit, sweat hell the ambient humidity in our atmoaphere should have kille them as soon as they exited their ships.. so maybe their home planet is devoid of water but they deff deserve the darwin award for attempting to conquer earth.
    2) Kryptonians… they supposedly evolve on Krypton.. a planet full of kryptonite.. noe im no genious but if (evolution is anything like earth) one must assumed that for hundreds of millions of years whaever evoled on the planet until the rise of kryptonians that nothing ever developed any sort of resistance to kryptonite and yet humans can handle the stuff without any I’ll effect. I mean bugs get used to pesticides some bacteria have evolved to live in basicslly cianide but an entire biosphere that had to live with kryptonite since its inception could never figure it out.. thats ridiculous on so many levels. Unless of course Kryptonian arent actually from krypton… wondering if thats ever been explored in the comics, anybody know? Would make since if they were put there by another race early in their evolution because they were too powerful in the presence of a yellow sun etc..

    • number 3 would apparently be the aliens from Cowboys & Aliens but I’ll have to wait and see for myself.

      • Kryptonite was created as a result of Krypton blowing up. If the planet has not blown up (and by extension, no kryptonite exists), why would the Kryptonians need to develop some sort of protection from it?

    • The event that caused Krypton to explode also irradiated the planet’s remains.

    • As has been pointed out by others, there was no Kryptonite until the planet exploded, so nothing for any species to evolve against. Also, Kryptonite does affect humans, since it can give them cancer (why Lex had to chop off his hand) and on Smallville, other mutations. It is just slower acting on humans than Superman.

    • The presence of the yellow sun alters a Kryptonians genetic structure… Kryptonians on Krypton do not have the same powers (if any) that they have on Earth..

    • kryptonite is radioactive pieces of krypton. Before the destruction of kryton it was like his fortress of solitude, just on a planetary scale of course.

    • one thing I never understood is why superman is so muscular. In humans, muscles essentially get bigger to provide more strength, therefore, superman would look skinny since there is no catalyst for his muscles to grow… unless he does bench presses with a piece of kryptonite near by or squats with mountains on his shoulders, but he never struck me as the vein type.

  3. wow, the spooge ship even has a light haaaa



  5. Why on earth was this not on the DVD’s Deleted Scenes??

    Especially considering what the sequence must have cost to produce!

    However Singer made the right call I think – definitely not the right way to start the film.

    • It wasn’t included on the first DVD, so that they could sell you the same movie again later. The companies know comic book nerds are completists and will buy every single version of a DVD, as long as they keep changing the extras. $$$

      • Well it’s going to work!


  6. If they kept going with this idea, I think it would have been an awesome direction. Instead of heading immediately back to Earth, the movie should have been about his journey back. “Superman: Returns”. Get it?

    Maybe the story should have been about Superman finding Kara, and their struggle with a foe that exploits their lack of powers in space. No red sun = mortal life. This could have been epic.

    • All I can say is, Thank God you didn’t write the script!!

      Lol. Bad idea man.

      • The film was rightly about exploring Superman AS A MAN, as human and how his absence affected, not just the worldbut the people he cares about and who care about him.

        Your idea is centered around his mortality in terms of his powers.

        That’s not that concept that this film was created around and personally I think you’re idea is shallow.

        • “mortality in terms of his powers.” ~ Steve

          Very limited interpretation. Mortality has a wide spectrum of meaning. Superman could have learned a personal lesson of human mortality, and how we struggle with morality when face with human decisions. It all become more personal. What makes a real Superman? Powers do not make someone a hero. Overcoming obstacles such as death, fear, and the unknown play an intricate part in what makes a hero.

          It could have been a very psychological movie.

          • Can Kal-el kill a humanoid being with a gun, to save another innocent individual?

  7. Interesting, but ya, good idea to cut from the movie. Did feel like 2001: ASO. Good call on that!

  8. Superman would not have been affected by the debris of Krypton. Kryptonite, like Superman himself, is changed when light from our yellow sun hits it. Because Krypton orbited a red sun, they debris would have been harmless.

    Why no, I don’t have a girlfriend, why do you ask?

    • Why no, I don’t have a girlfriend, why do you ask?

      Figures. 8-)

    • Kryptonite became radiated by the exploding of the red sun it revolved around. It changed the chemical structure of the planet’s crystals

  9. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    All throughout the clip I was just waiting for Brandon Routh’s bulge:)
    The thing is, most people overlook Superman’s distinctive edge over
    other Superhero movies.
    Yes,the core fans for the lot are the fanboys and the hardcore fanatics
    but for superhuman, there’s another group that other superheroes rarely have, and that’s the group of people spotting and waiting for bulge.
    I realized that when I watched Superman Returns last 2006; I realized that I was far from being alone. Nonetheless, we were left disappointed because aside from the fact that the story was lackluster, there were no bulge scene at all.

    • yes, it may sound a bit absurd but its very very true. In a way, its a bit synonimous to the hotbabe fans from the Transformers movies but the only difference is, Michael Bay took them for consideration and those fan group are always satisfied in that aspect.

  10. very interesting sequence. I like the tone of this better than the rest of the movie.

    • @ Santa,

      I agree.

  11. I didn’t like the idea of seeing another Lex Luther focused movie. If they played off of this scene more, I think “Superman: Returns” would have been more grandeur. Kal-el has the capability to leave Earth, so why not exploit such of an advantage. Why limit the movie franchise to Earth?

  12. @Marcus – You wanted the first Superman movie in 20 years to feature a Superman AND Supergirl without any powers? And without any of his recognizable supporting characters? Good idea. Box office gold.

    @Bellcurve – Krytonite is pieces of Krypton that were irradiated when the planet was destroyed, so it technically didn’t exist until the planet was destroyed. Kryptonians never had any exposure to it.

  13. “You wanted the first Superman movie in 20 years to feature a Superman AND Supergirl without any powers? And without any of his recognizable supporting characters? Good idea. Box office gold.” ~ Guy

    Why not? Its never been done before.

      • haha yeah sorry Marcus, a powerless Superman movie would be terrible. And despite Hollywood’s tendency to reboot and remake everything, just because something is original and has “never been done before” does not make it a good idea.

        I for one am praying that the all-powerful Christopher Nolan was able to influence the Man of Steel enough to make it the first Superman movie to actually leave me smiling.

        Am I the only one that was seriously pissed off by the endings of the first two Superman movies? He flies around the Earth and completely undoes everything that happens. If I were in a college writing class and I ended a story with, “And then I woke up and it was all a dream,” the entire class would beat the crap out of me and torment me until I graduated. And I would deserve it.

        Fingers crossed for Man of Steel.

      • Maybe that is why Hollywood is creatively bankrupt. No one does anything original.

        My “Superman: Returns” premise:
        Open up with Superman being Superman on Earth. Suddenly scientists pick up a radio signal from Krypton’s solar system. Superman (Kal-El) heads out to see what is there, and finds the remains of Kandor floating in space. As he investigates the orbit around Kandor, he finds Kara trapped and unconscious within an escape pod floating. Superman has flashbacks of Lois, Metropolis, etc… Some sort of danger arrives, and both Kryptonians are powerless.

        It would be a pretty cool story.

    • @ Marcus

      After seeing the deleted scene, i think it would of been a good idea to see Superman return with Kara. Would be even better if Brainiac would of been the super-powered foe who follows them both back to earth aswell.

      • @ WallyWest,

        See… Someone besides myself can think outside of the box, but also within the box at the same time.

        Cool idea man. That would have been awesome.

        • @ Marcus

          Thanks. I think it would be too.

  14. Wait: regardless of whether lore says that “kryptonite was created when the planet exploded”, I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with a planet having a form of radioactive element within its structure AND having beings on its surface that are negatively affected by that radiation.

    Ahem: all of the radioactive elements on earth are deadly to life here, and yet! life has flourished. I don’t understand how anyone can not make the same parallel.


  16. I love this!


    Solaris (original)

    and 2001

    Very cool

    Is this in the Blu-Ray?

  17. Eerie stuff. Like this a lot.

  18. this is actually interesting would have been kool if it was in the movie
    but i can y it wasnt /=

  19. He was an idiot in this film plain and simple.
    He forgets that a plane is plummeting to the Earth minus a tail after he sends the space shuttle safely on its way,
    Forgets to guard against radiation returning to his home planet, etc.

    I can see why the director regretted making this Superman more sensitive and less of a “Man of Steel”.

    Routh looked too metro-sexual in this film. In some scenes he looked like he had too much make-up on. I expected him to get out a Mac and start typing on it.

    Maybe the next “Man of Steel” will be just that. I hope so.

  20. Wow, awesome find there Kofi! and man that was so absolutely stupid. I might have walked out of the theater if the show had opened with that.

    Now if you can just find us a link to the defunct Wonder Woman pilot! THAT would be stellar.

    • @mongoose, saw it and you know it wasn’t half bad imo. Would have definitely watched the show and boy is Adrianne Palicki HOT!!!

    • Why do I get the feeling you are lying.

      • Well apparently mongoose saw it so well that he telepathically beamed it to Rivers up there enough so that they could form their opinion.

        If mongoose saw it – I’ll just ask him about it – I heard from a guy who saw it is never enough to base an opinion.

  21. Yeeeeeah I can see why they’d cut that. I do know it was made by Frantic Films, which is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, my hometown. Always wondered what scene of theirs got cut, so it’s cool to finally know. Thanks!

  22. This and other worthy deleted scenes will be in the Superman Returns extended fanedit coming soon!

  23. Why you people insist in invent those ridiculous story of Superman, it sucks and will never happen. Just Write a Script and give it to a producer, and maybe they can do something about it, not posting them in a ridiculous comment with no sense…

    • haha thumbs up

  24. Someone asked, “Why would Superman (Kal-El) put himself in danger?”

    If the ocean was so massive, why did humanity risk themselves for the sake of discovery?

    Risk taking is within our nature. In order to reach beyond our current understanding of life, we must stretch to the wildest aspect of our mind. Space and ocean exploration is the search for ‘the what if’, and to do something that is fantastic and rewarding.

    Kal-El never-ever saw his planet before. According to the reason why he left, scientists thought they found a radio signal from Krypton. Superman would risk everything to find a connection with his own species. If it meant he would die along the way, the reward outweighed the potential risks. Imagine seeing your ancestral home for the very first time. Imagine seeing your family crest being honored. Imagine finding our a little bit about yourself, which you had never once considered.

    Superman took the risk because it was worth the risk.

  25. They should of expanded and based the film on this, brainiac, or a hibernating kryptonian……

  26. I wish they had just deleted this whole movie.

  27. If they added a villain like dead in Krypton where Superman wakes Doomsday on that Deleted Scene then Superman Returns will be more interesting

  28. The whole movie was boring

  29. Thanks to everybody that chimed in an answered me regarding Krypton/Kryptonite very appreaciated. Why can’t they ever explain this stuff properlly in the films. sigh.

    Had human exposure to kryptonite ever caused mutations/powers like in Smallville or was that something new added in to the mythos for the series? lol Should I ask how you u get all the different colored kryptonite? secondary iradiation? haha in any case just shows me how much back story and how complex it can be to create a film and try to incorporate everything in a cohesive whole while attempting to respect all the various ideas and story arcs that have been a part of the superman mythos since its inception.