Superman Returns, But Not Its Writers

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superman flying Superman Returns, But Not Its WritersIt looks like Superman Returns screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris will not be writing the screenplay for the next Superman movie, tentatively titled Superman: The Man of Steel.

Cry me a river.

That’s fine with me. Any writers that would make Lex Luthor’s motivation real estate… AGAIN, make Superman an out of the picture father of a bastard child and remove “American Way” from a line that’s been connected to Superman for decades are welcome to stay away from the next movie.

As far as is known, Bryan Singer is still associated with the next film but that could change. If the studio isn’t happy with the previous film (and although it made some decent money many people were more than slightly annoyed by the items I mentioned above), it’s not a stretch to think they may decide to hand the project to someone else.

According to /Film, there’s some buzz that they may be looking for a complete reboot of the franchise the same way Universal is with The Incredible Hulk. I find that kind of funny since I thought that was what Superman Returns was originally supposed to do, but instead ended up being more of a new version of Superman III by picking up on the events from the second Chris Reeve movie.

Whether this means Warner Bros. is going to scrap what they have planned so far regarding the plot of the next film or just have new writers come in and build on it or tweak it is still unknown at this point. I’d love to see some supervillain come in and do the old reverse time travel earth spin thing and retcon that kid right out of existence, but that would be too easy.

Hopefully the next villain will actually give Superman a super-villain to fight.

Source: Variety via /Film

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  1. I personally think that a reboot isn’t that bad an idea. This way they could get rid of that stupid,Stupid,STUPID superkid subplot among other things. I just don’t want to see yet ANOTHER origin story for Superman. That’s been done to death,IMO. I would like Routh and Spacey to return,but I don’t want it to be another Luthor story. I don’t want Superman to be depowered or have his costume messed with and I want them to still use the John William’s theme. Hopefully the reboot will return things to the status quo for Superman without making it a stupid Spider-Man Mary Jane type love story for Lois and Clark/Superman. I want to see Superman kick some MAJOR ass this time round. Someone like Braniac,Darkseid,Mettalo,Parasite,Mongul,even Doomsday would be good,this movie has the potential of having battles on a Transformers type scale. Look to Superman:the animated series and the Superman comics for what the fights with the villains should be like. Another good thing would be that they could have a version of Jor El more in line with the Superman:TAS version,one that’s NOT played by a dead actor. This could take YEARS though. It will probably go into development hell now.

  2. Exactly, with so many formidable villains to choose from, why they don’t mine the comics for someone other than Luthor boggles my mind.


  3. Adrian,

    while that’s a step in the right direction,I really don’t think that the death of Superman saga should be covered in the first film of the new rebooted series. I think that maybe Braniac, Mettalo,Parasite or Darkseid )if they aren’t using him in the JLA film) would be good for the first film. Think of 3 parter episodes of Superman:TAS called “Apokolips Now!”,which established Darkseid as one of Superman’s most hated enemies,gave Superman a reason to want to kill Darkseid,and set the stages for one of the most cinemetic showdowns of epic proportions in cartoon history!! It would be awesome if translated to film! You’ve got the parademons,Kalibak,Stepenwolf,and maybe even an appearance by Orion himself! It could be the equivelant of the Silver Surfer’s existance in FF2! But then,it still might be a better idea for a JLA movie,so it might be better for them to just go with Braniac or Mettalo. Lex did influence Mettalo’s creation,BTW,so there could be a part for Spacey after all.

  4. Great read! agree totally with everything in the article. Hope the writers used the continent for an alien race(Brainiac, Mongul and War Planet, Darksied, Doomsday)to live on or be created from. that If WB real had the “jewels” to do a Death of Super/Return of Superman (comic version not the animated movie version). Make it two films. The first film’s plot would be the following: Intro of the mysterous and savage Doomsday and the fight to the death of both Sups and Doomsday,Sups memorial, then the intro of the four supermen(superboy, cyborg Sups, Aradicator, Steel). For the second film the following: the orgin and differents of the Supermen, the hide motives of the cyborg, Sups brought back to life, Aradicator sacrifice, and the defeat of cyborg Sups. Now that would be an EPIC film!

  5. Geesh, sorry for the messy comment, just had to vent that out fast.

  6. I’d actually be less excited about a Superman vs. (fill in some super-powered villain) than a Superman vs. Lex Luthor movie.

    The trick is Luthor has to be done right.

    Maybe if Superman had more personality or wasn’t an alien he would be relatable. He’s not, though. He’s boring. And so you need a human in there or it’s just gonna be Superman vs. (basically) another god, with all us little people looking on. I think that will result in a very detached audience.

  7. Thomas,

    Ok. You’re clearly not a Superman fan. Superman is just as relatable as any other superpowered hero,but even if he isn’t,instead of trying to relate to Superman,why not be inspired by him? The Superman VS. “another god” aspect has kept the comic reading audience entertained for years. I don’t find your statement that Superman has “no personality” justified at all. He certainly isn’t boring,either.

  8. I think that they should make the next one like KEL seid. Have Darkseid and Doomsday in the next movie.

    It would be cool if DS sends DD to Earth to test Supermans powers but he gets out of controll and killes SM. Then DS reserects him to fight DD save Earth and leave room for a sequal where he fights Darkseid till the end. There are other ways to go but that is what I would like to happen.


  9. Sorry I did not read the intire comments I gess mine fallows the one that ADRIAN wrote.

    MY BAD

  10. Thomas, I’d also have to disagree with your Sups and the “god-like” villians being boring. Superman is less godly and more humane when he combats a villian equal or greatly stronger than him. Creatures like Brainac, Doomsday, Darksied, and Mongul make Sups the “underdog” stretching Sups power to his max in most cases without the uses/need of the overly used Kryptonite handicap. Come on! The Kryptonite handicap as been used in EVERY Superman movie (except Sups 2. Sups ditches the “green rock”, Sups wins. Everyone knows Luther is only dangerous to Superman because of the events he cause; he’s not physical threating AT ALL. Lets see how Superman handles “chaos on two legs” at his peak strength with the CGI we have today!

  11. Ha! I knew I wasn’t the only Superman fan here >looks at adrianHa! I knew I wasn’t the only Superman fan here >looks at adrian<.

  12. First off, if the original writers don’t come back, I will be very, very happy. How anyone can mess up something as iconic as Superman and Lex Luthor is beyond me. Superbaby was just LAME. I thought Brandon Routh made a better Clark Kent than Superman and I wondered why Tom Welling wasn’t tabbed for the role. Could it be a Smallville movie? Oh man would that be an AWESOME send off to the series when it finally ends. Sorry for the ramble. LOL.

    I think it would be great if the writers got together and came up with a WHOLE NEW idea for Superman, something that has not been covered in the comics. I would like to see a super-villian, but something unique to this movie. IF Smallville can come up with new baddies on almost a weekly basis (yeah, the meteor-freak thing got played out), then a team of movie writers can surely come up with something mind-blowing.

    Also, I wish Singer had stuck around and done the 3rd X-Men movie instead of this one. IMO, both movies suffered because of this.