Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

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superman man of steel directors Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

The news that Zack Snyder will direct the Superman reboot – titled The Man of Steel – was generally well-received when it broke earlier this week. Now it seems that Warner Bros. may not have considered Snyder the ideal candidate for the job – just the guy who can get it done nice and fast.

We here at Screen Rant, by and large, have no issue with Snyder directing The Man of Steel. Those that read our article about Warner Bros.’ shortlist of Superman reboot directors know that we actually admire the man’s unique brand of cinematic storytelling – as well as his penchant for visual panache and slow-motion photography.

Vulture is now reporting that the real reason Warner Bros. went with Snyder was because the Man of Steel script by David Goyer is, as they put it, “still a bit of a mess,” and the studio wanted a director who would not spend an arduous amount of time attempting to improve the project (for example, an arthouse director like Darren Aronofsky). Warner Bros. needed to hire someone to helm the Superman reboot quickly and they went with Snyder, thinking he could get the film into production by 2011.

The studio has to release the Superman reboot by 2012 or else they will be subject to lawsuits from the descendants of Superman creator Jerry Siegel - which could end up costing Warner Bros. the rights to the character. The loss of the Superman franchise would obviously be a significant one for the company, so it is understandable that they would want to avoid letting that happen – but at what cost?

chris nolan superman Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

Is Christopher Nolan's 'Man of Steel' in trouble?

We were all quite ecstatic when we heard that Christopher Nolan is rebooting Superman earlier this year and the logline for The Man of Steel – which will revolve around Clark Kent as he travels the world, trying to decide if he should become Superman – has promise. The new Superman movie sounds like a dream project on paper, what with Nolan supervising and Snyder directing.

A rushed screenplay that still needs a lot of work is not something that either of these talented gentlemen can easily overcome. If Warner Bros. insists on moving ahead with the Superman reboot, despite the sub-par condition of the script, then the quality of the film could really suffer – and that would be all the more disappointing because of everything that The Man of Steel had going for it.

Can Snyder still deliver with the Superman reboot?

All hope for the Superman reboot is far from lost at this point, even if the early rumors about the film are completely true. Snyder certainly has experience working fast and efficiently on big-budget comic book adaptations and – based off what Vulture is reporting – he is well aware of the fact that Goyer’s screenplay needs to be revised.  The problem at this point in time seems to be that Goyer had to hand in to Warner Bros. what amounted to a non-polished, early draft of the Man of Steel script – as opposed to one that needed to be completely restructured.

No one would accuse either Nolan or Snyder of being hack artists and you would be hard-pressed to find a pair of filmmakers better fit to deliver a solid tentpole pic in a (relatively) limited amount of time – best to wait and see what developments ensue in this story over the next several months before we jump to any conclusions, good or bad.

The Man of Steel is still expected to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Vulture

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  1. Well I’ll see it no matter what. I’d like it sooner just so I don’t have to wait.

  2. Great. That’s just what the worlds greatest superhero needs. I can’t say I’m surprised. Makes sense now that Affleck turned it down.

    • Maybe he wanted to star in it too. :) He played a convincing George Reeves, after all. The shape he’s in from The Town, he looked like a man of steel.

      • Hollywoodland was just awesome

        • Agreed, Affleck put in an oscar worthy performance.

          • I look at that movie as the point where he redefined himself as an artist.

            • its the point where he went from a decent actor who sometimes made real stinkers, to a truly great actor who might well be one of the best directors of his generation.

              • I cannot argue that point, Sam. I’ll go to his movies several times before even considering a movie by his Good Will Hunting buddy.

      • Can I just say, and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of critism for it, but I would have no problem with Affleck playing Superman at all.

        • me either, just as long as he didnt ham it up, in the town he was just great, i wish he nailed more roles like that…talk about taking heat DSB i’ll get it for this, but i thought he was also good in jersey Girl

          • He was good in Jersey Girl! He had real heart and emotion in that flick. The guy can act, and damn can he direct. Doesnt deserve any of the stick he gets.

        • I think he’d be good in the role but I also think he’s learned his lesson about blockbusters. Just my opinion.

    • It certainly is a sad state of affairs. :(

    • Best super hero is batman yo.

      • Ok. That’s your opinion. I think we know that if it came to a fight between the two, Superman could beat Batman into a tray of pulp.
        Superman is the most iconic comic character of all time, there isn’t anywhere in the world you could go, show them the red and yellow S, and them not know what it means.
        Batman is a close second though.

        • Drsam to be fair nearly every time the two have fought Batman has won. I honestly respect Batman much more as well. Superman doesn’t even make my top 5 heroes. Is he technically the most powerful yes, but beyond that meh.

  3. i have the feeling Nolan will walk if they try and rush it, people dont want a half-assed rushed movie, especially one like this. when will these big head honcho @#!$% learn??

    • I agree and Nolan knows that people expect something great coming from his work after the good job he did with Batman, just saying he had more to loose

  4. I don’t understand how a character with as many storylines as Superman can lead to a “mess” of a script.

    • Because Goyer wrote it.

      • it boggles me to no end why they just never actually get the writers from the comics to supervise/write the big screen adaptations

        • I’ve never understood it either. The writers are never fans or have read the books before.
          GL is an exception actually, Geoff Johns acts as producer and consultant, and from what I’ve heard story editor and script rewriter.
          But yeah, they need someone who knows the character of Superman to do the script. I can be that someone.

        • i agree with on that one. i cant forgive WB for Jonah Hex i hated the idea of them having Jimmy Hayward to direct the movie and also having Akiva Goldsman as the producer of Jonah Hex. Akiva Goldsman has ruin alot of comic book movie. but he keep on getting hired by WB for some reason.

            • Two things hurt “The Spirit”: 1) That it was marketed as the next Sin City and 2) Samuel L. Jackson.

      • IMO Goyer is a brilliant writer. He did great with del Toro’s Blade films (lets just forget Blade 3 shall we?), and not to mention he worked on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

  5. I could definitely see Affleck as Superman, but for godsakes get Jon Hamm!!

    • I agree Hamm would be great but I kinda like the idea of Affleck, I know it won’t happen, but I can see him as Clark and Superman.

      • Yeah I know. He’s number 2 for me. Affleck is really and underrated actor.

        • Indeed he is, people cant seem to look past his bad films but come on, Everyone had made bad films.
          Hamm or Affleck. I’d be happy with that.

    • Hamm is too old for Superman. They need someone who can play Supes for Trilogy, and not look like Grandpa Superman.

  6. Snyder is the absolute wrong guy for this. I dont know what WB or Nolan was thinking. I am not paying for this.

  7. Not everyone was/is quite ecstatic about Nolan and the walk about. I am however interested about the character ownership status with regards to making movies.

    Do you have a link and or anymore information regarding that? Is stuff like this publicly known?

  8. I thought nolan watched over goyers script! I hope this does not Get rushed and ruined! :(

  9. I am not thrilled by the concept for the story at this point, isn’t that just Smallville? I love Smallville, but we don’t need a movie remake. Just start with him being Superman for the past little while.

    • I was about to blast this darned thing, but there’s no need.
      You and I…same page.

      And like Kool Aid drinkers, almost every thinks this has merit.
      With a few exceptions, when a new director is hired on a project there will always be revisions on a script, for better or for worse. There are times when nothing is wrong with the script itself…but the director has another vision for it.

      Since this comes right on the heels of Snyder being hired,my best guess is this might be the case. It does not mean the script is bad.

      Do you really want to know what makes a script bad? When it is tossed away and a whole new one is written up (or in the process of being written) when said film is about to start or in production)– if the script was THAT BAD it would not attract a soul…PERIOD.

  10. And my faith in this film continues to fall. What were they thinking?

  11. It’s coming in 2012!! THE CHRISTMAS OF 2012!! I highly doubt making the film in 2 years is gonna be rushing a project to it’s doom.

    • It took 20 years for the Watchmen to be made. 2 years is a rush job in Hollywood.

      • That’s different. Watchmen was in development hell and was impossible to make at the time they were talking about it.

        It took Snyder 3 years to make the film.

        Oh ok now I see. That is kinda rushing. Ah well I wont put too much into it.

  12. AHHHHHHHHHHHH… Where does this garbage come from??? I was under the distinct impression that Jon Nolan was a script polisher so where is his story?!! Does anyone realize that this kind of thing happens on a fairly regular basis? Rewrites and page inserts as production is ongoing isn’t some alien concept. Do you think the script wouldn’t need work with the incredible short prep time they have been working under? Anthony, D.S.B. I share your outlook and the reason, I just hate to consider that they aren’t taking advantage of the in house experience as a matter of foolish professional pride! Really I can’t imagine them being in this kind of a bind and not pulling out all the stops to make the best Superman possible. That means personalities and attitudes and Politics need and should take a back seat.

    Then again the more I write the more I wonder, isn’t this whole thing a political struggle for the Superman rights? Bear with me on this, is it possible that Warner is doing this on purpose to keep monies out of the Shuster and Siegel heirs hands? Why give them money to fight you with, over a property you want to keep under your thumb? If the heirs of other properties out there would get wind of the Superman heirs having success, how far behind them will others be? I guess it’s very important to stop any snowball effect from arising. Those kind of issues could be consciously or unconsciously effecting the whole enterprise. AHHHHH that’s just frustrating to even think about…

    • Exactly. If they’re shooting for a Dec. 2012 release, they have another 14-15 months yet before they even need to begin principal photography. This article sounds like someone who’s just looking for something to write about.

    • @ the old man

      So true. Rewrites often occur during the production shoot as well and they always print an (end of production) script.

      I generally don’t give much credence to these types of rumors.

    • In the long run I don’t think the Shuster and Siegel heirs have a leg to stand on.


      National Allied Publications, DC comics claimed copyright to his and Siegel’s work, and when the company refused to compensate them to the degree they believed appropriate, Siegel and Shuster, in 1946, near the end of their 10-year contract to produce Superman stories, sued National over rights to the characters.

      They ultimately settled the claim for $94,000 after the court ruled against them — but that the rights to Superman had been validly purchased by the publisher when they bought the first Superman story. After the bitter legal wrangling, Shuster and Siegel’s byline was dropped by DC comics.


      Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel knew that the rights to Superman had been validly purchased by the publisher when they sold their first Superman story. National Allied Publications, DC comics as their employer paid them wages over ten years and the $94,000 settlement would have gone along way in 1946.

      Warner Bros also legitimately purchased DC Comics for a considerable amount of money and acquired all copyrights to all characters.

      I don’t understand how the heirs think they have a legitimate claim to a character they did not create nor work with in the industry.

      Any graphic design work I do for my current employer is owned by the company. The same goes with any videography, documentary work I do for corporate organizations remains their property.

      Even if it suddenly becomes famous (which I doubt) and makes millions of dollars for those companies, the best I could hope for is some sort of royalty contract. And if it’s not forthcoming, my conscience is clear because I knew full well in advance that any work produced becomes the property of the company. That’s the risk you take when freelancing.

      I certainly would not expect my kids or grandkids in the future to try and claim ownership and compensation for past work that still produces a monetary result.


        Jerry Siegel in 1975 launched a public-relations campaign to protest DC Comics’ treatment of him and Shuster; ultimately Warner Communications, DC’s parent company, awarded Siegel and Shuster $20,000 a year each for the rest of their lives and guaranteed that all comics, TV episodes (which would eventually include the popular Smallville show), films, and (later) video games starring Superman would be required to credit Superman was “created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.”


  13. “the studio wanted a director who would not spend an arduous amount of time attempting to improve the project”

    I can see Snyder now – “ok, the script sucks. no problem, I don’t know how to direct people anyway. just add some more CGI blood and slo mo, it’ll be fine. Does Superman bleed? find a way to make him bleed. Please, I have a movie to make here.”

    J/k, I really don’t think that way about Snyder – I just thought that quote in the story was funny. I agree that Snyder probably wouldn’t take the gig if he thought he’d be rushed to a crappy end-product. there has to be more going on behind the scenes

  14. Idiots! WB could have started getting directors and writers long ago!

  15. let’s see, a film rushed into production with an unfinished script? sounds a lot like Alien 3

  16. I would not be suprise at all if Nolan walks away from this project.

  17. I really don’t understand why so many people are panicking or getting depressed…Does it sound good? No, of course not. Is it true? Pffft, at this point, who knows? That is the nature of a rumor. I’m just waiting for the response when a piece comes out next week that “rumors abound that Nolan has been replaced as consultant on the Superman film AND director of Batman 3. He is being replaced by Hugh Hefner and a circus giraffe, who will be working in concert to put out a quality adaptation of the Zoo Crew, currently titled ‘Superman Meets Captain Carrot: A Rabbit-Eye View of the Kryptonian Legend’”…as a documentary in limited release.
    Half of the people who get wind of it will scream and cry and tear clumps of hair out. One or two YouTube videos will decry the stupidity of those who could let this travesty occur. Invariably, a magazine, and possibly a newspaper, will pick up on the story and cause it to spread nationally…then, internationally. After the mass sucides and religious wars begin and end to decide the ultimate fate of the veracity of the initial statement, one lone voice (Nolan? Snyder? Nelson?) will boldly speak (through Twitter, of course), saying in a calm and steady manner: “Don’t worry everyone; it was JUST a rumor. Everything’s fine.”
    The movie will release, and the one hundred thousand people left on the planet will celebrate the film’s excellence and mourn the passing of “THOSE WHO TOOK THE RUMORS TOO SERIOUSLY”.

    Just sayin’… :P

    • You just made my day with that lol :)

    • As someone who owns every issue of “Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew”, including the “Oz-Wonderland War” and the “Final Crisis” crossover, I want to be on record to say I’ll be camping out at the theater to be the first one to see it.

    • Actually he is being replaced.
      By the Bizarro world…

  18. Wasn’t Paramount able to reboot Star Trek and deliver a satisfying film even with it’s gigantic time traveling flukes. I believe these guys are the right guys for the job.

    • the fear isn’t whether Supes can be rebooted, it’s whether the reboot is being rushed to the point of being doomed before it begins

      plus, Star Trek was helmed by JJ Abrams, a director who IMO has a much better track record than Snyder (then again, there is Nolan who will hopefully balance it out)

      in fact, on the subject of Abrams, someone with his background in TV would have been a better choice if WB was worried time constraints. Snyder? he apparently just doesn’t rock the boat (according to the article)

  19. The only reason people aren’t worried, is that Chris Nolan is involved in some still undefined capacity.

    Think of it this way, would you be as positive if he wasn’t involved? And then consider this, no one infallible, what if this is his big mistake?

    • This could be his ‘Batman & Robin’. I hope it will not be, but none of us are infallible, as you said.

      • Of course I don’t want this to fail, I love Superman, but just because Chris Nolan is involved, I’m not going to just accept that everything will automatically be alright.
        Especially with stories like this doing the rounds.

        • True. Nolan will be a bit preoccupied attempting to top expectations for the follow-up to TDK. It would be a great tip of the hat, though, if some lowlife thug gets away in Man of Steel and turns up in Batman 3 to get pummeled (or vice versa). :)

  20. ITS A COVER UP!!! the movie will never come out anyway!!! …2012!!! WE ALL GONNA DIEEEE!!!!!!!

    THE END OF ALL ENDINGS!!! (lets just hope its better than avatars ending.. that sucked.)

    • at least i get to see batman before i die.. so im good lol

      • LMAO yes so true..

  21. Is it too late to get Kevin Smith in here to re-write this script? lol

    • @ Raven 415

      Now there’s an idea. :-) Kevin Smith would be cool.

      The fact is scripts go through amendments (minor or major) during a production shoot anyway and they always print an (end of production) script.

      I don’t see it as a problem. Even if there was some validity to the rumor, the fact that scripts get amended during principle photography still resonates well with me.

      I know Zack Synder has a visual stylistic thing going with his movies, but I ‘m hoping Christopher Nolan can teach him how execute exceptionally fine drama scenes and for Nolan to inject a bit of warmth and fun into the “Man of Steel”.

      • Uh have you read Smith’ script for Superman Lives, the film that was nearly made in 95? Of you haven’t look it up, it’s on the net.

        I think Kevin Smith is great, many a time have his films cheered me up, but Superman Lives was one of the single worst things I have ever read. It is a truly awful abomination.

        • @ DrSamBeckett

          No I haven’t read it.

          I really enjoyed his tenure on Daredevil though.

          I may look it up, but otherwise I will take your word for it being bad.

          • He’s done some great comic related work, I’m not a huge Daredevil fan (maybe thats why I love the movie) but I have read his Green Arrow run which was ace.

            Trust me, there is nothing worse than Superman Lives, its Batman and Robin bad. If you do read it, remember that Tim Burton was going to direct with Nic Cage staring, I’ve nothing against either of them but keep that in mind and you can see what a huge disaster it truly would have been.

            • You have sparked my curiosity. I’m trying to get my head around Tim Burton directing (not too bad) and Nick Cage starring (not too good). :-)

              I’m not familiar with Kevin Smith’s run on Green Arrow. When was that? I’ve got a fair bit of Mike Grell’s GL and I’m currently acquiring missing issues to complete the set. I’m curious, how does Smith’s GL compare to Grell’s GL?

              • Sorry typo error. I meant GA. :-)

              • I actually think Smith breathed some life back into a character that was in danger of really becomming stale, the story arc was called Quiver. After Oliver is brought back from the dead. It’s all good stuff, has a very interesting villain in Onomatopoeia, a character Smith just brought back for Batman. It’s quite violent too but also funny.

                Unfortunately, that run wipes clean The Longbow Hunters and Olly’s death from his memory, and from the continuity in a way.

                There are pictures of Nic Cage in a Superman test costume and there is a poster for Superman Lives out there somewhere on the net. It was one of those films that came within a nanometer of being made. But it’s for the best that it wasnt. Brainiac and Doomsday were the villains.

  22. I can see them making an intro with a villian responsible for the ultimate doom of Krypton.

    Jor-El sens Kal-El to earth with quotes that embody a father’s dreams for his son as Lara-Van-El watches, teary-eyed, as her son being placed in to the craft.
    Flash forward- Ship crashes to Earth. The Kents find and raise
    Kal-El as Clark Kent [CK].

    CK becomes a young adult and having great powers, he travels the world trying to find out who he is.

    Discovering a Kryptonian Key, CK uses it to build The Fortress of Solitude where the vicar of Jor-El reveal’s CK’s purpose, but CK must decide in what manner to reveal this purpose to Metropolis and the world?

    CK wants to be an ordinary man but he quickly realizes he is not. As he learns of his heritage, an evil thar survived Krypton’s doom, arises to subdue earth and only a super-man can stop it.

    With past lesson’s learned CK understands that neither his kryptonian heritage ‘nor his powers defines him, but his love for human kind, something he can never be, defines CK and his true purpose- To protect Earth, humanity, and Lois whom he loves.

    As such CK becomes Superman, a shining example of truth, justice, and the American way, as he foils thieves and intergang.

    But because of his heroic deeds Supes finds an enemy in Lex Luthor, a miniacal ego-maniac and shrewd business man/ aspiring world leader who slanders Supes and secretly equipts intergang.

    At his darkest hour, Superman meets Zod who uses his might to defeat the son of Krypton.

    If done right this can work, introducing new angles to an old mythology. Superman Rises-

    • I like this take. With the Snyder touch I can already imagine this to be one whole epic movie. Those unique camera angles. I just hope John William’s theme makes a presence in the film as to me, THAT theme is Superman’s theme. Its irreplaceable.

  23. Your own title jumps to the conclusions you warn us to avoid, punks. You don’t know $#!+, don’t pretend you do. With Nolan involved, we all know this is going to be good. How good depends. We’ll see.

    • Wow, Bosch, thanks for schoolin’ us, brah.


      • xD

  24. I’m worried. Snyder’s movies tend to portray heroes darkly and Superman is the exact opposite of a dark hero.

    • yeah and nolans known for his fluffy bunny films right? honestly everbody acts like nolans god because he can write but in reality he writes really good dark movies key word dark.

      • @ deshawn

        Im one person who doesn’t think of Nolan as a God nor think he’s the Godfather of DC Comic filmaking when he’s only made two Batman films. Im skeptical about how this Superman reboot is gonna pan out.

  25. I really have to blame the Siegal family for this. Yes, Jerry Siegel did create Superman, but he his not the same character he once was. He has been reinterpreted by many different writers and has become apart of our national identity. All of the great stories in the Superman comics, were created by other people. Villians like Lobo, Metallo, Zod, Parasite, Braniac-none were created by Jerry Siegal. Now he got screwed over the years but him and his family are well off now and he must be credited in film adaptations. Its time to put this to rest. Superman is a public figure now The Siegal family should let it go.

    • Good job Crusader!

  26. As Obi-Wan once said, I got a bad feeling about this.

    • In fact as every Star Wars character once said, I have a bad feeling about this :)

  27. Jonathan Nolan not writing the script? Maybe Nolan got Snyder because he’s got batman 3 next yr, no time to waste on a messed up script, so Snyder’s basically “godfathering” and directing the film now.

  28. Short answer: yes.

    Take it slow…