Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

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superman man of steel directors Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

The news that Zack Snyder will direct the Superman reboot – titled The Man of Steel – was generally well-received when it broke earlier this week. Now it seems that Warner Bros. may not have considered Snyder the ideal candidate for the job – just the guy who can get it done nice and fast.

We here at Screen Rant, by and large, have no issue with Snyder directing The Man of Steel. Those that read our article about Warner Bros.’ shortlist of Superman reboot directors know that we actually admire the man’s unique brand of cinematic storytelling – as well as his penchant for visual panache and slow-motion photography.

Vulture is now reporting that the real reason Warner Bros. went with Snyder was because the Man of Steel script by David Goyer is, as they put it, “still a bit of a mess,” and the studio wanted a director who would not spend an arduous amount of time attempting to improve the project (for example, an arthouse director like Darren Aronofsky). Warner Bros. needed to hire someone to helm the Superman reboot quickly and they went with Snyder, thinking he could get the film into production by 2011.

The studio has to release the Superman reboot by 2012 or else they will be subject to lawsuits from the descendants of Superman creator Jerry Siegel - which could end up costing Warner Bros. the rights to the character. The loss of the Superman franchise would obviously be a significant one for the company, so it is understandable that they would want to avoid letting that happen – but at what cost?

chris nolan superman Is The Superman Reboot Rushing To Its Doom?

Is Christopher Nolan's 'Man of Steel' in trouble?

We were all quite ecstatic when we heard that Christopher Nolan is rebooting Superman earlier this year and the logline for The Man of Steel – which will revolve around Clark Kent as he travels the world, trying to decide if he should become Superman – has promise. The new Superman movie sounds like a dream project on paper, what with Nolan supervising and Snyder directing.

A rushed screenplay that still needs a lot of work is not something that either of these talented gentlemen can easily overcome. If Warner Bros. insists on moving ahead with the Superman reboot, despite the sub-par condition of the script, then the quality of the film could really suffer – and that would be all the more disappointing because of everything that The Man of Steel had going for it.

Can Snyder still deliver with the Superman reboot?

All hope for the Superman reboot is far from lost at this point, even if the early rumors about the film are completely true. Snyder certainly has experience working fast and efficiently on big-budget comic book adaptations and – based off what Vulture is reporting – he is well aware of the fact that Goyer’s screenplay needs to be revised.  The problem at this point in time seems to be that Goyer had to hand in to Warner Bros. what amounted to a non-polished, early draft of the Man of Steel script – as opposed to one that needed to be completely restructured.

No one would accuse either Nolan or Snyder of being hack artists and you would be hard-pressed to find a pair of filmmakers better fit to deliver a solid tentpole pic in a (relatively) limited amount of time – best to wait and see what developments ensue in this story over the next several months before we jump to any conclusions, good or bad.

The Man of Steel is still expected to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: Vulture

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  1. Suddenly, I am convinced. Snyder feels out the new chair. Reads the current draft. shakes his head, does not want Zod. Wants Mytzlplyk. Wants to follow the Singer film, kill off Supakid with extreme heat vision. Wants to have to John Williams score play over the scene when Supey smashes up with Metallo.
    Supey goes Greek God long hair. Supey says “Me Kent. You Lane” Perry White says “Truth, Justice and My Way Or The Highway” He also invoves the name of Patrick Swayze’s Ghost. THEN KNEELS BEFORE ZOD.

    Zack wakes up from the nightmare, sees there is nothing wrong with the reboot script. And you were all concerned…:)

  2. I’m not big on films in general anymore, but I’d like to see them pull this off, just because it’s just so challenging for them to put the big blue on the screen and actually pull it off better than the last couple times.

  3. This news doesn’t bode well. I don’t understand Warner Bros, why don’t they just settle with Siegel & Shuster’s respective families (They do owe it to them, considering how much money they made in Superman merchandise for the last 60 odd years).
    To rush out and make a movie with a “sub par” script (one that appears to need a helluva lot of work) seems illogical to me. I undertsand that they have a deadline, but come on. If they’re going to make a “cookie cutter” Superman film, then they going to lose money.I would expect Fox to do something like this but not Warner. Maybe I’m naive, who knows.
    The only hope I have for this movie, is if Jonathan Nolan, and Snyder get together and try and fix Goyers script. It’s may be difficult but not impossible.

  4. I recall that one of the reasons the pre-Bryan Singer attempts to reboot Superman were such travesties was because the writers were too eager to ‘improve’ on the source material and please the producers/directors/studio that hired them, most of which neither knew nor cared about the source material and merely wanted to use the Superman brand name to create their own ‘Star Wars’ style epics.

    With Nolan overseeing things here at the least the script won’t veer off the comicverse by much but once again it seems the studio is making too many demands for changes to the script.

  5. well, having a director on board would surely get the ball rolling. i mean we have three more months in this year for them to polish a script. if it absolutely has to be done by January that is. its not like this is starting production next month.

    this article is very much written for us fans to get all hyped behind. please can we have some real news.

    warner brothers, christopher nolan, zac snyder, and goyer all have at least 5 months to get the script polished, and get a movie into preproduction. we dont need to worry at this point.

    now if we dont have movement on this come March or April, an article like this would be due. but until then let us celebrate qhat good news we have. We have Zack Snyder as the director. what a coup that is for us fans.

    what you should be reporting on is what marvels response to this will be.
    can you tell i am a lil ticked that when i clicked on a screenrant link for marvels planned movies to 2017, and found a two paragraph article on a bunch of recycled rumor garbage that didnt say anything new. and now you got this new article in the same vein but written to mess with our hopes. im going to go take a chill pill, alright, but will you guys try less question pieces and more fact based articles?

  6. Zack Snyder made a good film though not a great one, out of in my opinion a property that was never a good candidate to be turned into a film:Watchmen.I hope one of the nolans gets a shot at revising the Goyer scripts but i think they will pull this movie off especially if they get the right actor to play superman.

  7. How can you make a bad Superman film? (can everybody now forget about Superman 4) C’mon, the character is so rich with storylines, with todays tech you could do anythink with the story, and with Snyder on board… has anyone seen Watchmen or the 300….. seriously, gotta love the balls of this article.

  8. This article follows the same rushed empty can of beans type of drivel that it accuses the movie makers of being.

  9. Really? I don’t care who directs this–Superman is done! Just stick with the animated series and the old Christopher Reeve Superman.

    *throw hands up*

    • @ AIDYs

      My hand is up. I loved the first two Superman films, and yes even like to watch Superman 3 & 4. I also liked Superman:TAS. And i know it will probly never happen, but i cant help think how great it would be if Bruce Timm and & his staff went from animated movies jumped into makin live-action DC films. From Batman & Superman, to WonderWoman, Green Arrow, even Aquaman probly.And have them in charge of having all films be in the same continunity like Marvel is doin with their films now. If WB asked, i bet Bruce Timm & CO could pull it off since they know the comics. But im just thinkin how great it would be even though it probly wont come to pass.

  10. Now I’m nervous doesn’t Warner know Superman has a very very big following and people really are waiting to see Superman done right. I understand their problem, but I hope they don’t sweat Snyder and let him do the movie right. And NO Superman the dead beat Dad in this one!!!!

  11. Meh I lost all hope as soon as I saw Snyder doing it anyway. I have less than zero respect for the man.

  12. I can see this whole project failing. A bad script is a bad script no matter how good the director.
    In the last superman movie nothing happened!! It had no redeeming features I can recall and the character was dull dull dull.
    Give up now and let the public remember Christopher Reeve as the only superman to put the character on the map.

    • I WOULD LIKE TO SEE TOM WELLINGS AS THE NEW SUPERMAN. YOUR STARTING THE NEW SUPERMAN FOR THIS TIME LINE NOT THE ONE THAT CAME BEFORE. iF YOU WANT A CLARK KENT AND A SUPERMAN TO RISE ABOVE THE REST THE JUST GO WITH THE FLOW OF ARE TIME NOW. sTART OFF WITH TOM THEN GO FROM THERE TAKE IN TO COUNT OF SMALLVILL THE TV SHOW AND MAKE IT BETTER THE FAN WILL INJOY IT. YOU HAVE A CAST STANDING BY THAT WOULD PLAY THE PART IN A HEART BEAT. Im a big fan of this Icon so if it is not to late then reconsider tom as SUPERMAN. I just think after 10 yeasr of playing the part of Kel-el aka clark kent he is the best and only choice for the part. as for the script if you have more then 5 people writeing it then i would get more that way it could be done in time for you to start shooting your film. thats my in put anyway
      BY SGT Bocek,Anton US ARMY

      • You know this question might be more relevant now 2-11 than back when it was written in 2010! Is the “Man Of Steel heading for its Doom?” Does the current casting destine the production to destruction, in the ratings? Is Henry Cavill right for the part after all?

  13. This is getting old. Lex Luther, Zod, and the back story of Clark Kent. Can the movies ever change. Smallville has done it right; They brought in characters such as Braniac, Doomsday, Metallo, and now Darkseid. How come in 5 previous movies and now 1 upcoming movie…not one of these ‘bad guys’ are in it. Smallville just spent 10 years doing the back story of Clark Kent and now they want the new movie to do it in 2 1/2 hours. They should just continue the Superman story from the last movie and add some of these bad guys in it instead of retelling the same stories over and over.

    I don’t get the hype about Chris Nolan being part of the Superman reboot. Its the way he directs thats made the Batman movies good not his scripts.

    They should just pay the cast of Smallville to come to the big screen. Their show is really good on such a small budget and with more money they could make the best superhero movie yet. I would love to see the movie about Superman(Tom Welling) taking on Darkseid.

    • @ Richard W

      Amen. I agree with ya. Most reboots till this day havn’t impressed me and frankly im sick of every franchise that excists getting the reboot treatment. Like a number of others, i rather ask WB to get Tom Welling Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum etc. from Smallville contracted for a big screen film. Not only is Tom Welling a great choice to play Superman aswell as Erica Durance as Lois Lane and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex, but having a film with them that excists with the same continunity from the series & supporting characters would pave the way to other heroes films excisting in the same universe that could lead up to a Justice League film. They already casted great people as Martian Manhunter, Hawkman to have solo films. We seen how they brought Doomsday to life and have him CGI should they want to use him on film. Not to mention Laura Vandervoort could be Supergirl in her own solo film remake. I heard to different rumors about the villains the Nolans have planned for the reboot, one involves villains Bryan Singer thought about using for his sequel to Superman Returns which would be Lex Luthor & Brainiac. The other is General Zod again which has been done already. For me id like to see someone like Darkseid, Metallo maybe as a 2nd villain. Hard to decide from the rogues gallery which would be perfect for Nolan’s world. Atleast give Superman heavy hitter villain/villains. Not sure about Zack Snyder directing, i like couple of his films, but Watchmen was ok as movie id rent but i didnt think of it as great. I just have my doubts about this Superman reboot, and feel its being rushed.

      • ….and in your SuperHero Universe would Supeman also wear a black mack and pretend he is Neo from the Matrix. Tom Welling is an aweful Superman for far to many reasons to mention.
        Zack Snyder directing is a wonderful choice, his credentials speak for themselves.
        I personally think the reason behind not using the actors from the tv show to make a movie, is that the actors in question don’t have what it takes to pull in movie going audiences, for the simple reason that I think that they don’t have the charisma to pull it off (never mind the acting skills).

        • i disagree.. using an actor from a tv show is just the same as using an actor from movies. of course there is a difference if you use a well known actor, and a not so well known actor. you say it doesnt matter how good an tv actor is, the actor just simply cant pull off a big budget movie? and they dont have the charisma to do the movie, or pull in viewers? either way i think you’re wrong

          • I’m sure there are more but from the top of my head, some movie actors that came from successful TV shows:

            John Travolta – “Welcome Back Kotter”

            MIchael J Fox – “Family Ties”

            Will Smith – “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

            Leonardo Di Caprio – “Growing Pains”

            Danny DeVito – “Taxi”

            Clint Eastwood – “Rawhide”

            Tom Hanks – “Bosom Buddies”

            Bruce Willis – “Moonlighting”

            Pierce Brosnon – “Remington Steele”

            Johnny Depp – “21 Jump Street”

            • ok.. ok… you got me, it was a bad analogy don’t shoot. But Tom Welling (in my view) is frikkin horrible as an actor, ok, the guys got the looks and body to be Superman, but as an actor… don’t think so. Yes, I have seen him in other roles… the guy just can’t act.
              Look, I’m no expert when it comes to judging a persons acting skills and I have no formal qualifications to say that my view should be respected or hold any weight in the movie/tv industry. But I’ve seen enough movies/tv shows to know when someone is coming off as genuine, and for me Tom Welling is about as genuine as President Bush was when he said Iraq had WMD’s, when really he just wanted the oil. Tom Welling is the same in that same respect, not that he wants to invade Iraq, but that Smallville is just a money spinner for him to get rich. I mean jeez, the guy is a bloody Executive Producer on his own show. He just seems to be going through the motions just for the paycheck.
              So, back to my original point, I don’t think tv actors have what it takes to be in the movies, that’s why their tv actors and not movie stars, cos they weren’t deemed good enough for the movies, to be able to bring in the audiences. Of course you always have the exception to the rule (as you have ‘ever so kindly’ pointed out), but they are few and far between.

              • i get what you mean. i used to have a not so good view of tom welling all the time even though i love smallville. because his acting wasnt always top notch. but in the recent seasons hes been really good, and he can really do superman on the show at least. hes been on the show for 10 years now.. do you think he feels its just a paycheck? come on, you get attached to the people the work and everything when you work on something for a long time. i doubt its just a paycheck for him. and look, actors and actors, doesnt matter if its tv or movies! a lot of people have gone from tv to movies and become big stars. but yeah unexperienced actors usually start in a tv.

                • @ Magnus,

                  I watch Smallville all the time, is their something I’m missing (like eyes). His acting has actually got worse over the years, when Smallville first began, I forgave him all of his misgivings and put it down to youth. But now, I mean the guy is what… 30 something. He can’t convey emotions, well, he does do one, his erm ok look, or actually two, his your in the wrong look, and that’s it. The love seens (mean affection scenes) are pathetic, why o why would you behave like a schoolgirl with a crush when your the most powerful man on the planet. I’ll tell you why ‘cos his acting skills are weak. For instance, the scene in last seasons Smallville (season 9) when hos father (Jor-El) was killed, did he behave like someone that just lost his dad to some insane killer?…. well, did he?…. I suggest you get your Smallville box set out and watch that again. Or the scene when Lex killed Lana (I forget whitch season), did he really come accross as a guy that has just lost the love of his life?…..

                  Thanks for taking the time to read my comments, if you think about it YOU’LL KNOW I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG.

                  • Welling’s got more range than the one emotion that you describe. I would prefer someone else as Superman on the big screen, but I’m not about to knock Tom Welling for his acting. I just see Superman as someone with more gravitas than I think Welling brings to the part.

                  • Watch season 5 episode 12 (the 100th episode) RECKONING. I’m pretty sure he showed emotion.

                    • I think I’ve set my stall out on Tom Welling, and yes I have seen ALL of Smallville’s episodes. If you read my previous posts you will see that I’ve already referenced this episode as being one of the reasons he can’t convince me of being able to act. This arguement is getting real boring with all you FANBOYS, can you not see he is just all shine and no depth.

                      “The car may look nice, but check the engine to see if its a good runner”

                      would’ve been my words to the casting crew when casting Mr Welling. A PRETTY FACE DOES NOT MAKE A GOOD ACTOR.

                  • christ dude.. calm down! do you know the word opinion? dont lash out on fanboys cause you have a different opinion. you’re not gonna convince anyone with your comments. so you dont have to write your opinion 5 times. we know you dont like welling you dont have to give us examples of weak acting. fanboys like him! i like him and i dont think his acting is top notch. but i dont think it is that bad. i’m able to watch the show. and fyi..a lot of actors direct episodes in their tv series when it has made a lot of episodes.

              • You mean the same disingenous lying that every intelligence agency on the planet supported along with Clinton, Kerry, Hillary, Edwards, Gore, and most of the entire leadership in congress from both parties?

                You admit being no expert about movies or acting. Apparently you’re also no expert in national security, foreign relations, or even slightly politically mature.

                It’s tiring to see undecuated Boooosh hatred still going on.

                Maybe if Bush went on an a groveling apology tour he would have been loved.

                • @Netshark

                  I actually liked Bush, but make no mistake they went into Iraq to make money. If you want to believe in Never Never Land, Pixie Dust and Care Bears so be it, but don’t try and convince me with your lame ideology. I was just using Bush as an analogy to show you how bad an idea of Tom Welling or any of the cast of Smallville would be on a big screen.
                  One last thing, are you American? sounds like it to me.

                  • You ignore the fact that everyone thought he had WMD’s, and it was by Saddam’s own design to bluff intelligence agencies and thumb his nose at the UN.

                    Yep, it was all Bush, lol.

                    You’re right, Im an American and damned proud to be an extreme right wing whacky capitalist conservative that believes in a strong defense, fiscal restraint, and free market capitalism – something which the rest of the world has benefitted from, which goes entirely unappreciated. So Im happy when our temporarily sliding market tanks the rest of the perpetual whiners and belly-achers of the world.

                    • @ Netshark

                      Hate to get involved between you two conversation but i agree with ya. All the Anti-Bush haters should ask themselves this, Do they prefer sending in our troops if Saddam really had WMDS? Or Send in troops with none? I recall Saddam saying if he did have wmds, he wouldn’t hestitate to use them on the troops. All tough talk from the anti-bushies when they prefer the likes of Hugo Chavaz to make a laugh at the UN or even allow Iran’s President at the UN knowing its only a waste of time. I like to quote Green Arrow from Smallville when talkin to Clark, the far-left likes to wait for something bad to happen first, then do somthing about it. Not exact words from the Episode Justice, Anyways back to Screenrant.

                    • OK, kids, time to call it a day with this discussion and get back to movies.




                    • What free markets????? The only thing were pursuing is globalization, you know, thats where politicians line their pockets with cash while sending our jobs overseas in mass, u know, the Clintons, bushes and Obama. Yeah, scum

              • @ Paul77

                No worries. I wasn’t having a go at you. It was just off the top of my head of actors who successfully made the transition to movies.

                I haven’t seen Tom Welling in any other role, and of course there are always exceptions, but you’re right not all TV actors can make that transition.

      • I agree wtih WallyWest and Richard W.

      • I think the same exact thing

  14. I’m all for moving the smallville cast to the big screen. This show has been on the air for ten years, not because some studio exec likes it but because it makes money! For me Tom Welling is Superman for this generation. I’m not saying Tom Welling is the greatest actor but he certainly isn’t any worse than Brandon Routh! Synder should really think about taking the smallville cast to the big screen.

    • Superman for this generation, erm NO. Christopher Reeve was and always will be Superman for this generation.

      • II do appreciate the sentiment, but I think you two might be speaking from different generations.

        • True. A couple of generations have passed since Reeve’s debut. And no one seems to have any love for Dean Cain’s portrayal, which is unfortunate. He was a likable Clark Kent and a likable Superman; sort of a throwback to George Reeves’ portrayal but with a better suit and special effects.

          • Dude, that was like my favorite show when I was a kid. Sure it was stupid, but I enjoyed it.

      • Christopher Reeve is dead. He is not the Superman for this generation. He passed away before my kids were born…so I’m not sure how you can say that this generation of youth today has to have Reeve as their Superman. That’s like saying we have to have Frank Sinatra as our Danny Ocean. It doesn’t make sense.

        This generation has Welling. He has been on Smallville for 10 years. Whatever your personal feelings are for Welling or the show is irrelevant; what IS relevant is the fact that any TV series that makes it to a 100 episodes is doing something right; Smallville is over 200.

  15. @ Pencil

    Thank you. I think it would be better and easier with Tom Welling & other cast members from Smallville because WB should when the series end, People are gonna be asking for more, whether more seasons, jump to the big screen, or even tv movies. Tom Welling think is a good choice and bet he can pull it off on big screen even if he’s the only from the show to be in the movie. But i rather think it would be better to have this reboot excists in Smallville’s continunity. But if WB, Nolans, Snyder want to go down the other road and cast someone like Jon Hamm, i guess roll the dice again & hope for the best.

  16. A script in need of a polish is not a ‘bad script.” I’m sure many scripts have been reworked to make terrific movies. The original “Superman” film involved some re-working. Christopher Reeve was a wonderful Clark Kent and Superman – but “Superman II” was a mixed bag of highlights (the big reveal of his secret identity, the consequences of his decision to relinquish his powers) and just plain stupidity (the battle scene inside the Fortress of Solitude and the “memory loss kiss”). Warner needs to get a good script doctor to give the script a polish, get the thing cast, and film it. I will reserve judgment until I see the movie, instead of sitting back and being a computer keyboard Nostradamus. Seriously, you folks who predict disaster have the same reliability as earthquake prediction “experts.”

  17. You know what? I’ll be happy as long as the plot doesn’t involve real estate.

    • Yes!

  18. The notion of simply bringing “Smallville” to the big screen would appeal only to the fans of “Smallville.” That’s a very hardcore but pretty small segment of the movie-going public. While I enjoy “Smallville,” I enjoy it for what it is: a revisionist take on established Superman storylines. I would much rather see a story more faithful to the comics on the big screen. I don’t want to see Bryan Singer’s attempt to turn Superman into a metaphor for Christ or the introduction of Superman’s illegitimate son. I don’t want to see a self-doubting Clark Kent. And for once, I’d like to see Lois Lane portrayed as someone who’s neither an idiot nor an emotional wreck. In that sense, the one element from “Smallville” that I wouldn’t mind seeing imported to the big screen is some, but not all, of the way that the show has portrayed Lois. Get the flightiness out of the way she’s been written and keep the spunk and toughness.

  19. @ Brett

    Can you blame people for being skeptical about this whole Superman reboot, thinkin it could be another disaster? I see the samething with The Avengers ever since word was out Ed Norton won’t be back as Bruce Banner and people talk like every Marvel film will suck from now on since Ed Norton isn’t involved. Btw, i actually liked Dean Cain as Clark Kent/Superman, along with Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane and John Shea as Lex Luthor. Lois & Clark i thought i was great show. Im not thrilled about Jon Hamm being Superman though and rather have Tom Welling or Brandon Routh. Thats just me.

    • Amen.

      The last Superman movie wasn’t good. But Brandon Routh at least looks like Superman should look.

  20. Llittle monster gotta disagree with you honestly. Goyer has been very hit and miss. Sure he worked on BB and TDk but he had a lot of help. Blade one was good but in my opinion number two was the worst of the entire trilogy and have you seen his other work? Yikes. I believe he did a film called Invisible which was horrible. He’s good with supervision but by him self not so much.

  21. Why not make the season finale of Smallville the movie… Make it a 2hour fight between Superman and Darkseid. That would be awesome.

  22. To me superman, and superman 2, and mostly because I think Richard Donner was right on the money with the franchise, it was after him that so many problems developed. Of course after being cut, from the franchise Richard Donner went off and made the sucessful franchise Lethal Weapon. I personally dont want to see the beginning of superman again, i think that smallville has done a by far great job at it, I dont think that tom welling should be superman, I dont want to see a sequel to superman returns either. I think that the should start with a middle aged superman and if they use childhood flashbacks use tom wellings as the flashbacks and combine the smallville series with an older superman. I want to see superman fighting some epic scale battle, i get the save the world routine, but thats all he ever does. Lets get superman into some battles worth talking about.

  23. bring routh back plz hes the right man for the job and with zach snyder and chistopher nolan at the helm not to mention david goyer helping writing the script the new superman could be epic i just really dont want to see another actor cast as superman in my opinion it would take away from the movie to cast another actor especially when brandon routh did such an awesome job with a sub par script

  24. If they truley want a decent Superman movie, as in a spectacular movie, they need to go with Doomsday. If and only if they remain faithful to the graphic novels it could be th emost epic bit of eye candy in history. But they will never do it right as most of hollywood has all the imagination of a dry twiglet

    • I aggree that storyline (comic) is awesome.

  25. I don’t believe Nolan would continue his association with this project unless he really believed he could make it work, and i think the same applies to Snyder.

  26. If Tom Welling does not play Superman the movie will not be any good. Sign Tom Welling if he says no, just cancel the movie, period.

  27. What about lex luthor? I gotta admit, in my own opinion, Michael Rosenbaum is the lex luthor of this generation.

  28. Just read something that the plot is going to be Clark Kent in West Africa and he ends a dispute between two tribes at war. He doesn’t want to use his powers, but when he sees how much good comes out of it he goes back to his roots in Smallville. There he investigates his origin more indepth than he already knew and finally decides to become superman or to become superman full-time. Sounds alot like where Smallville might leave off after this season and I think they would blend into one another well……but I guess we should take this w/a grain of salt, because I did read it on the internet..LOL.

  29. You can like or hate “Superman Returns” but Routh was never the problem with it. Brandon Routh is the best thing that has happened to Superman since Christopher Reeve. They are going WRONG with Henry Cavill.