Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ Delayed Half a Year

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man of steel delayed to summer 2013 Zack Snyders Man of Steel Delayed Half a Year

Zack Synder’s Man of Steel (aka the Superman reboot) is in the midst of pre-production, with Russell Crowe having been recently cast in the part of Superman’s biological father, Jor-El, and Christopher Meloni in the part of a general (possibly Lois Lane’s father).

Unfortunately, fans are going to have to wait much longer than they previously expected for this movie, because Man of Steel has just been pushed back a whole half a year – from December 2012 to June 2013. That’s one month less than two years from now, folks.

According to The Playlist, the precise new date is June 14, 2013. Speculation at the moment is that December 2012 is just too packed full of major features, including The Lone Ranger, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained, and most importantly, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Both The Hobbit and Man of Steel are not only blockbusters, they’re Warner Bros. blockbusters. And in light of the financial failure of Green Lantern – and the underwhelming returns of the previous Superman film – the prequel to The Lord of the Rings was obviously the safer bet.

peter jackson the hobbit Zack Snyders Man of Steel Delayed Half a Year

Even with Man of Steel moving to 2013, 2012 will still be a banner year for superhero movies – even more so than 2011 – thanks to tent-pole projects like The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises.

For those who’ve followed the Superman copyright debacle – briefly, Warners’ copyright claim to the current version of the man of tomorrow is expected to end come 2013 – Man of Steel need only go into production by 2012. It doesn’t need to be released by 2012.

On the one hand, it’s a shame we can’t see Superman go head-to-head in 2012 with that other DC powerhouse, the caped crusader, as well as the Marvel ensemble epic known as The Avengers. On the other hand, 2011 has been (perhaps) oversaturated with epic superhero origins, so maybe the release date shift will give those other superhero films – and Man of Steel itself – some room to breathe.

How do you feel about the new release date? Does six more months seem unbearably long? Or is it a welcome reprieve from superhero films? Let us know in the comments.

Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill and Amy Adams, hits theaters June 14th, 2013.

Source: The Playlist

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  1. Why not mid-July, especially since WB has been dominating that weekend at the box office these past few years?

  2. I can understand taking Man of Steel away from the December competition, but why all the way to June? Why not a May release date? If they’re in pre-production now, and filming in the fall, won’t they essentially have a full year-and-a-half of pre-production? Seems like a lot.

    • Typo, meant year-and-a-half of POST production.

    • The first real action movie of the summer usually does huge business, so you are right. Why on Earth aren’t they placing this to open the summer? They have MORE than enough time to have the film done by then. UNLESS the script problem rumors were true, and they are essentially having to rewrite the whole thing now. That would take up more time.

  3. Sounds ridiculous to me, I would have an early march release, just in time for spring break. I dont think I can wait 2 more years!!!!

  4. well, maybe that’s a good thing for the movie. now they can take their time and put down a really good story, maybe rethink or add another bad guy. doomsday or darkseid perhaps. lex luthor needs to be filthy rich. the main reason he can do so many diabolical things is because he has the money to. henry cavill has time to get bigger. if WB learned anything from nolan’s batman movies is a great story and great casting will get you tons of money from the box office. you heard it here first folks

    • Really? Doomsday or Darkseid? Man I want Mongol!! Give me WarWorld! Which is IMO one of the most awesome Superman storylines!

  5. This does suck, but at least this means they’ll have extra time to work on it and make sure the final product is actually good. I’d rather they do that then rush it.

    Now if only we can get a release date for Star Trek 2, we’d be in good business…

  6. Maybe they can fix some of the script problems that the crew have been talking about.

  7. wattt comonn thats to long of a wait!! =(

  8. Superman has been my fav hero for a few years now (although i like the less powerful less complicated variety cuz sometimes hes is just ridiculous)and while i am sad i have to wait more time in development can only make it better right?

  9. Geezus! ….. I will have to start doing yoga more often to keep me calm through this….dammit! >_<

    On the bright side now they can take their time. Still I hate waiting…

  10. Sounds like a smart move to me, both from a creative and commercial stand point.

    This summer proved that the superhero market is over-saturated, and audiences are tiring of the trend. Why make the same mistake this time around? Superman has a much better chance in a year that doesn’t have Batman or Spider-Man.

    Then again, aren’t Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 coming out that same summer?

    • Iron Man 3 is coming out in May and Thor 2 in July, so Supes will have June to himself.

      • Boo-Ya! and he will dominate the B.O. no doubt

        • No doubt Superman can beat Thor at the box office…The movie got a pretty lukewarm reception among the mainstream. But, interestingly, I think that it might have trouble against Iron Man.

          Superman might be the superhero with the most brand recognition (by far), but he’s not necessarily the most popular. And it’s hard to tell how audiences will take to the quintessential hero’s return to the big screen.

          • Yea I see what u are saying, especially after SR some ppl will be cautious but then I guess that’s why Nolan and Co. gave them the idea/script etc. and they hired a Director who should be able to get those mainstream skeptics in the seat via his awesome action scenes and visuals.

  11. there are so many superhero and comic book movies that have and that are still coming out in the future, we all should be very thankful that this is happening now, in our generation. i’ve been watching some 90′s movies and trust me, we are very lucky to see movies like thor and hulk and of course the son of krypton himself, superman. so everybody who is a true fan of comic book movies, even if their not always what you want them to be, go see them anyway

    • I completely agree.

    • i’m 19 and i was too young to pay attention to a lot of 90s movies as they came out…but i’ve caught up and my god are you right about how bad they were…

  12. So we never get to see this movie. December 21, 2012 will be here before Superman so this sucks!

  13. @Master Extractor, Star Trek 2 is due for June 29, 2012.

    • Yeah I know that’s the date, but I keep reading on how it might be delayed. Last I heard they hadn’t even finished the script yet.

  14. Life long Superman fan but this wreck of fail. Well i always have my Superman Anthalogy to watch on Blu Ray!

  15. WB is giving this Green Lantern’s opening date?! Is this a sign of faith or a sign of despair?

    • I’m sure they’re aware that it wasn’t June’s fault Green Lantern did so poorly.

    • Well, it’s definitely a sign that we shouldn’t count on Hal Jordan getting a chance to redeem himself on-screen any time soon…

    • It’s not just the same month. It’s the EXACT SAME WEEKEND. Superman gets Green Lantern’s opening date. Do you laugh or do you cry? Oh WB you work in mysterious ways.

      • I don’t think it was that weekend’s fault, either.

      • It’s also the same weekend as Batman Begins, which came out June 15, 2005.

        • And was considered something of a financial disappointment itself, until the huge DVD revenues kicked in. The studio was on the edge of not making a sequel at all until those DVD numbers came in. That date is a dead zone. Pent up demand from the winter months have been satiated by the May and early June movies. Then audiences take a breather. By July, audiences are bored of summer and ready to go back to the movies again. Mid June is where tentpoles go to die.

  16. I just hope this is the only push back. I have been a Superman fan my whole life. It is time for the movie franchise to finally rise to its potential that started so many years ago.

    • Megan, I grew up on the Christopher Reeve movies (as I’m sure others here have as well). Don’t forget the series was really the first of its kind… A superhero franchise being taken seriously… Until later down the road. Let’s all hope that the delay is worth the wait.

  17. The script “edit” story just yesterday was a sign that WB is having some major issues with the direction of the movie. Add to that the duel bath’s they just took on Green Lantern and Synder’s last movie and it could be argued that the studio really wants to reign this movie in and not have another lackluster performance.

    • Words of wisdom man.

    • Tho they didn’t give us a reason why it was pushed back. Not seeing anything about filming being delayed and what not so it could really just be that Holiday 2012 is too crowded.

      • The reasons could vary but, taken as a whole it just seems like they don’t have confidence in the what the finished product will be able to do box office-wise. If it’s an issue of competition then not thinking the story is strong enough could just be a symptom of a bigger issue.

        I would also think they want to make the budget is tight as a drum and I don’t think they will throw 9-10 million dollars in on effects at the end of production like they did for Green Lantern. Nolan being involved and the last Batman movie more then likely making great money might soften things a bit but, they will be watching the accounting like hawks at Warner for this and probably any other movies like it.

        • We should hear more about why it was pushed back in the coming days. But idk they just announced the filming start date as July 26th and it seems unlikely that this was a last minute decision. We’ll see.

          • I think it;s kind of funny though that these movies have these massive budgets and one thing that seems to be a recurring theme is that they have multiple people doing the scripts. I remember reading that the Ridley Scott Robin Hood movie spent six figures on re-writes which means they paid people for scripts they never even use and still end up with an uneven movie in the end.

            Another thing that seems to be the standard operating procedure is that the directors bring in someone they have worked with before to “rework” the script which sometimes turns into just re-writing it. Thing is it’s the same handful of people doing these types of movies at this point so the studios have to know what they are getting product wise.

  18. Them and their kind, all they care about is money. It’s not about money, it’s about making a good movie.
    See, if they make a good and entertaining movie they wouldn’t have to worry about competition. Sounds like there is doubt in their minds, that they don’t really have confidence in the script.

  19. I’m not really a fan of signs and all that stuff, but i think this one
    is one heck of a sign so it should be paid attention to.

    I firmly believe that Zack Snyder should be replaced.
    Just look at what happened to SuckerPunch?
    That was his own creation and it was such a trainwreck.
    Why would WB risk the screen life of the beloved superhero
    to a hit or miss director? Superman doesn’t just need a comeback.
    he needs a BIGTIME comeback.

    This movie would only work if Nolan steps up from being the godfather, to the sole father. Let him take it.

    • It was a trainwreck because of WB themselves.

  20. This is actually pretty good news because it will give Snyder, the cast and the rest of the production crew more time to develop a solid Superman movie and write and polish a better screenplay.

    P.S. Patrick that was a pretty funny post.

    • Thank you Alex.

  21. I think this has something to do with the rewriting of the script. Obviously they are having problems with this film (I for one am not surprised) and that’s why it’s been cut back till 2013.

    I have no faith in Snyder and doubt he will make this classic (arguably the best) superhero a success in theaters.

    But hey, maybe that cocky, narcissistic, loudmouth of a director could pull it off (note sarcasm.)

    We’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

    • I am noticing a trend of you bashing every DC movie (or announcement), and glorifying the MARVEL ones… Could the name and icon have been a hint? Hmmm…

      Anywho like you said, we should all just chill and wait. We obviously are going to have some time before this comes out. In the meantime, let’s all just enjoy what super-hero flicks 2011 has brought us!

      • “I am noticing a trend of you bashing every DC movie (or announcement)”

        When have I done this? I love DC (granted, not as much as Marvel).

        I actually LIKED Green Lantern, despite it not being a good movie, and Batman Begins and TDK are two of my all time favorite movies. I am also very exited for TDKR and the Flash.

        What I don’t like is Snyder and his cocky attitude.

        Also, Superman was my idol when I was growing up… I mean, who didn’t want to be Superman? So the reason for my “rude” comment is because I respect Superman too much to let Hollywood (and Snyder) mess it up again.

        It is true, I do like Marvel more than DC, but I have never “bashed” on DC…

        Get your facts right next time, okay ;)

    • The Avenger = DC Hater !

  22. Sooooooo gonna fail, big time!

  23. I will be shocked if Snyder stays attached to this film..moving on for creative differences to the 300 prequel..I really don’t believe he has the parts to pull this off(Man Of Steel)..

  24. I’m surprised DrSam didn’t jump on this. He, like me, thought this was a failure as soon as Snyder was named the director. Is it possible WB is waiting on Nolan to take over?

    • I would welcome that idea. I’m not the biggest Nolan fan, but I do think that he could really make MOS a huge success.

    • That’s an interesting theory. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. Nolan is a much more bankable name with general moviegoers than Snyder.

  25. Better waiting 6 months for the release if there are blockbusters out in december. Those who like Superman want Man of Steel to be greeted as it’ll deserve as i’m sure it’ll be a Super movie. Can’t wait to see it but ready to wait for a few more months

  26. If only WB had made a similar decision to this with Green Lantern. I’m still convinced a better version of that film was left on the cutting room floor.

  27. Whether or not this movie is a dump like the last one, or an epic film to be immortalized like the ’78 one (which I saw with my brother and still remember just about every scene to this day even though I was only 9 at the time), the real problem is that whomever is writing these flops (like Green Lantern) is:

    1. taking too many liberties with the origin stories and following obtuse plots
    2. apparently has no understanding of the history of the characters
    3. was not much of a comic book afficianado when they were young

    You need to get someone that understands the mind of the person who read the comics as well as the mindset of the character as originally written.
    For instance, having Superman renounce his American Citizenship. Can you say IDIOTIC!
    ugh…I’m gonna go chew on some Blue Kryptonite. Later.

  28. I can’t see this as anything but an origin story with the casting they’ve done so far. I just read Birthright again today and I think I’d feel better if Nolan directed. So far my plans for 2013 are to see The Hobbit and go into a coma.

  29. I’m sure this movie will be 3 hours long, and half of it will be in slow motion. I have no faith in Snyder, although the fact that Nolan is working on it means that it is not a completely lost cause. Seriously though, did you see sucker punch? If I was warner bros I would have pulled him from the project after that POS