Superman Reboot Plot Rumors; Anne Hathaway As Lois Lane?

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Superman Man of Steel Superman Reboot Plot Rumors; Anne Hathaway As Lois Lane?

The rumor mill for Zack Snyder’s reboot of the Superman franchise, The Man of Steel, keeps chugging along, even now that speculation about a middle-aged Clark Kent or General Zod as the villain in the film has been laid to rest.

Additional (possibly even accurate) information about the film’s plot has been discovered, while another 20-something, A-list actress is now being rumored as a top contender to play Clark Kent’s object of affection, Lois Lane.

[Update: Anne Hathaway is Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises and Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Word is that a character description for Man of Steel has been sent out to a variety of casting agencies, who are currently searching for an unknown, 28-32 year-old actor to play the iconic superhero. What’s Playing claims that Snyder’s Clark Kent will be “a young journalist, traveling the globe, who would rather solve problems and help people without resorting to using his special powers,” and provided the following information about the reboot’s plot:

When he is compelled to use his secret powers to intervene in a crisis in West Africa, Clark returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and the hero he was born to be.


The Man of Steel plot details Superman Reboot Plot Rumors; Anne Hathaway As Lois Lane?

Recall that while Superman reboot “godfather” Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was the origin story of the Caped Crusader, it also plumbed the psychological depths of Bruce Wayne and sent him (literally) on a journey to understand himself and his purpose in life. These possible Man of Steel plot details should definitely be taken with a sizable grain of salt, but the proposed storyline would very much pave the way for Nolan and Snyder to examine the Superman character in a fittingly complex fashion.

Allowing Clark Kent to venture out and explore the world would also be an effective means to modernize the character, who would find himself in new territory by actually confronting, head-on, the global issues and crises that afflict the world – outside of Metropolis, that is. Nolan’s Batman films have benefited from shifting the setting beyond that of Gotham City – will the Superman reboot do the same?

Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane?

Just about every young, established actress working in the biz right now has been (and likely will be again) floated as a possibility to play the role of Lois Lane in Snyder’s Superman reboot. While Warner Bros. was interested in Natalie Portman a while ago, the new gal rumored to be a serious contender for the part is Anne Hathaway.

The Oscar-nominated Hathaway would be a decent choice for the role of Miss Lane, though we agree with The Playlist that someone like Rebecca Hall (The Town) seems like a better fit to play the character, who has more than her share of beauty, brains, and focus on her career – especially when Superman is in the picture.

The Man of Steel is expected to begin shooting by June 2011, so it’s a bit early to expect any concrete information about the film’s plot or casting decisions to leak out just yet – but what do you make of these new rumors?

Source: What’s Playing

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  1. I think she’s the wrong choice for the role. Don’t get me wrong Hathaway is very fit, but I just think she was eb too bland a bit like Bosworth was. I would say that Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) would be a much more suitable optio. She so obviously has the looks and the curves and she can bring that sexiness and sassyness that he has from playing Brooke.

  2. Hathaway just doesnt give off that lois lane “i can take care of myself” vibe to me….which is kinda funny seeing as supes is all the time having to save her scrappy butt.

    • Anyone that thinks Hathaway would not be perfect as Lois Lane clearly has not seen her work.

      • Ive seen it,
        that’s why i made my last statement :)

  3. Kate Beckinsale FTW!!!!!!!!

    • she would be good but she might be too old for the role of Lois Lane

  4. Literally, and I mean literally the worst choice possible for Lois Lane.

  5. So I guess the only requirement that WB is looking for is a twentysomething, attractive brunette? Hathaway would be the star power since they are looking for an unknown for Superman. While not a HORRIBLE choice, she certainly isn’t the best choice. I like the idea of Kate Beckinsale, she’s already shown she could play a tough as nails character.

    • I reckon Kate Beckinsale is indeed a tough as nails character and would be a great Wonder Woman instead. :-) yes / no ????

      Anne Hathaway would play the part really well. She’s an excellent actress, but I do like DSBs’ suggestion of Rachel Mcadams even better.

  6. Rebecca Hall was hot in the town but no deals in the prestige.

    Did she change that much in such a short time or was it just her hairstyle?

  7. No!

    Rachel Mcadams must be Lois Lane!

    Also, it would appear they are blending Birthright and Smallville, I have yet to hear a single good thing about this project.

    • I agree! but west Africa? What?

      • Exactly what does that have to do with Truth, Justice and the American Way.

        • cause that plot is from Superman: Birthright comic

          • Yup. That was actually a great origin story re-telling.


            • It is a great story, it handles the Clark Lex relationship very well, but it never seemed terribly epic.
              Geoff Johns Superman Secret Origin is possibly better.

              • Yep very good comic story, but it’s slow paced and not exactly a good fit for a live action big budget Superman film. It would be decent maybe for a animated film or even for Smallville, but not a big budget live action film. The more I hear about the story the more I wonder why in the world they choose Snyder. I’m not a fan of the guy, but he certainly has his strengths and none of which fit this film. Is there gonna be a slow mo tsunami ?

                Superman trying to help people with out his powers will he briskly walk in slow mo ? Maybe we can see an earth quake rip someones limbs off with slow mo blood splatter as Superman epicly jogs to try and help them.

                • LOL a bash on Snyders style Daniel, nice. I actually hope that there is very LITTLE slow-mo crap. its getting over used by everyone.

                • Regarding the slow-mo; I think he could come up with some freakng great superspeed moments…

            • Blah about origin story retellings. I doubt they get a good superman or louis because of how fast this movie is being rushed.

          • I thought it wasn’t “based on any particular comic”

        • ok the part in africa wouldnt even take up ten mins of screen time if they are doing Birthright, Clark is over there covering a story when a assination attempt takes place. Clark stumbles with using his powers in the open butdoes so , this sends him back to smallville to learn more about where he comes from. At this point he has done the smallville thing he just hasnt put on the suit yet. after finding out about his home world and what the S stands for clark and ma decide its better for clark to desigue himself rather then wear a mask. Luthor who is based closer on smallville and comic version then previous movie incarnations. superman makes his debute and luthor outs him to the public as an alien turning the public against him. there are no superbaddies but lots of robots and men in kryptonite powered suits fighting Supes, thats the fatal flaw though, superman against luthor and the world. Lois pulls big blue out of his funk in time for him to stop luthor. the end and the end of the franchise , people want a super powered baddie and not substance.

    • While I’ve heard alot of bad news Sam I think there was one bit of good news from this and that was Nolan being involved. When it first was announced I was excited to hear Nolan attached I thought finally a smart superman film with a guy who knows how to make great film after great film. I also really like the title.

      Sadly Goyer wrote it and he’s very hit or miss. Snyder directing it and all of his movies are exactly the same lots of slow mo, toss in some gore and loads of violence then make it look really artistic and weird with strange color and cinema-photography choices. Oh and we need to cast a few really sexy girl and over use sex appeal. The story seems pretty old hat instead of a refreshing take on Supes and maybe our first ever slug fest for supes to finally use his powers we get a dull story that’s basically been played out on tv for the last 10 years and he won’t even be Superman for most of the movie. The films should be called Clark Kent at this rate.

      I don’t think she’s a bad choice, but I agree Rachel is better.

      • I third that Daniel, Rachel is more suited for this, as far as Snyder goes, He just might surprise everyone here. You just never know.

  8. I agree that Anne Hathaway is the worst possible choice as Lois Lane. I doubt this would happen

  9. my only thought is meh-

  10. Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane is a bad idea. i would choose for Lois Lane actress Lizzy Caplan.

  11. If it has to be a reboot, then why the f*€k not go with the Smallville cast. I mean, Smallville in general was kind of a reboot, wasn´t it? So why not choose actors that fans have grown a custom to? And base the movie on the Smallville canon… IMO Welling would be a great Clark Kent (as he proved on the show) and now he´s old enough to be Superman…

    By the way, excuse my bad english. I´m german and I´m drunk…

    • I think cause audiences would think of it as a t.v. show turned film. Btw fransiskaner is one of my favorite german beers.

      • But, what is the problem with that? A tv show can make a good movie, and it wouldn’t be Smallville:The Movie.

        It would be Superman: The Man Of Steel with a hell of a cast that know the characters inside out, Smallville has the best incarnation of Lex Luthor and Lois Lane that have ever graced the screen. And Tom Welling cuts an imposing figure of Kal- El.

        • There’s nothing wrong with that. Look at Serenity and Firefly, both great and it worked. I think Nolan and Co. think they’re above that though and you know how Hollywood is. They want names that draw in bank, that’s why this movie is getting fast tracked in the first place, cause they’re about to loose the rights if I’m not mistaken.

          • I know, you’re absolutely right. Nolan absolutely thinks he’s above it, so why does he keep involving himself in these projects?
            I’m the biggest Smallville fan there is, and I know that no one from the show will be involved in the movie, I can still dream, right?

            • Sam I can understand why you would want alot of the actors from the show most of them are very talented, but i’ll never understand anyone thinking Welling should be in it. In every episode I’ve seen he’s been bad and he’s even worse in every movie i’ve seen him in. The best performance of his carer that i’ve seen is Cheaper by the dozen and that wasn’t very good.

              • LOL..Daniel what bet did you lose to have to watch that?

              • I know you don’t like Welling and I’m not going to change your mind, I admit he wasnt very good in the first few season but he really stepped up in seasons 8/9/10.

                Check out the scene from Homecomming when he meets Clark from the future (the Clark that is already Superman) in 2017, its great.

                While I would like to see Welling in this new movie, I accept that it will never happen, but they need to get the right Clark and Lois or the movie will simply bomb. Despite Superman Returns many faults I still enjoy the film, but every single time Kate Bosworth is onscree it just zaps me out of the movie.

                Jon Hamm can do the part, the guy from True Blood can do the part, Ben Affleck could do the part, these are my contenders for Clark/Superman.
                achel Mcadams is my only choice for Lois, she’s pretty, she can act, she’s fiesty. Those are needed to be Lois.

                As for Lex, I agree he should have a smaller part in the movie, but he has to be there somewhere, it needs to be someone with great screen presence and a great actor who isnt going to ham up the role. I call Viggo Mortensen, he can have a larger role in the sequel which has to be The Death Of Superman story.

                • Aside from your Welling/smallville comments I agree on it all.

                  Hamm is my number one choice, but it seems unlikely at this point. True Blood guy and Matthew Bomer are my top choices at this point, but Ben could work.

                  Mcadams is my top lois choice just like you though.

                  Yes Lex needs to be in it, but in more of a supporting the main bad guy needs to be a heavy hitter for once. I wouldn’t mind Lex being a major part behind the scenes maybe master mining the story arc of the franchise. If in the future he becomes the main rogue for a film he needs to have his robotic suit or maybe artificially give him self some powers some thing to add some action to it. Because Returns had many fault and the lack of anything really happening was one of them especially when your reaching for mass appeal. You can’t have a block buster big budget comic film with no real action.

                  • I’ve always wanted to see Lex in his kryptonite powered suit used in the films at some point, with modern special effects, they could make such a spectacular Superman film.

                    But I doubt it will be this Snyder film.

                    The best thing about Superman is that it isnt Batman, it can be bright and over the top, full of insane action, but keep the romance and magic too.
                    With Batman, there is the established tone for his films, they are dark, they are gritty and realistic, but Superman has never really found his niche on cinema screens since the 70s.

                    • Couldn’t agree more Sam. Superman isn’t suppose to be gloomy it can have gloomy moments and introspective moments, but Superman is about hope to sum it up in one word. Superman is bright and hopeful. The film is suppose to fill you with a sense of wonder while at the same time make you feel like everything is going to be ok. It’s also not suppose to be a comedy on the flip side so stay away from films like GL or Fantastic Four.

                      There really is no film to compare Superman to because he’s a one of a kind hero. He’s not a deeply complex stuck in his own head hero. He’s not an anti hero. He’s not a deeply flawed human trying to make the world a better place and he’s not a hero born out of tragedy vowing to change the world so no one has to go through what he did.

                      Superman is a man who has all these amazing powers and a massive heart. He’s not Batman he doesn’t see a deep dark pitt that needs to be cleaned. Superman sees a beautiful kind bright world and wants to protect it and allow others to see the world as he does. Not to say he doesn’t have his struggles, but Superman is the most dependable hero there is.

                      Batman my be my all time fave, but I’ll always respect Supes.

                • Viggo Mortensen can play Supergirl’s father Zor-El in the Superman Reboot spin off SUPERGIRL. I choose him to play Superman’s Uncle of Argo City

          • the different with Serenity and Firefly is that it was original tv show not based on a comic book . so shows like Star Trek, X-Files, 24 can translate well on the big screen since they have their own original source materials. but with Smallville they butch the Superman universe so bad it would never work on the big screen.

            • Smallville hasn’t butchered anything, it exists in it’s own continuity, it doesn’t have to follow the comics unless they want it to.
              Smallville has shown more of the DC community, heroes and villains, than every DC film in the past 40 years. Smallville has kept Superman in the public eye for over a decade.

              • HERE HERE DrSam!!! I totally agree!!

                • Thank you sir.

              • Smallville only kept Clark Kent not Superman in the public eye.

                • Clark Kent and Superman. Because they have always hinted at what his destiny is and who he will become.

                • Despite the fact that he hasnt worn the offical costume, Clark has been Superman since season 8 as far as I am concerned. Costume? Check. Secret Identity? Check. Working at the Daily Planet? Check. Dating Lois Lane? Check. Member of the JLA? Check.

                  All those things say Superman to me.

        • sorry but Tom Welling cant really actor just leave Smallville on the small screen

          • “Tom Welling cant really actor”?

            • Just like Britney Spears can´t really singer… :)

              • But Tom Welling really can actor…

              • HA!

                • Hmmm…. can Joel Schumacher director?

                  • No way! Joe Schumacher can sucker!

                    • AGREED!!

  12. sounds good i just hope we get to see parasite he was a very interesting villain.

  13. I actually like the idea of Hathaway: She has the acting chops and can do tender/romantic, quirky/funny/stunned, and “I CAN HANDLE MYSELF” all quite effectively. I’ve seen her be hard (granted, rarely), sweet, smart-alecky, strong-willed, AND soft. She CAN play Lois Lane, easily. Now, do I think she’s the only possibility? No, of course not…I would love it if Rachel McAdams OR Kate Beckinsale (perhaps when he returns to the U.S., a bit older) were chosen. I don’t know if Sophia Bush has the acting ability, and Lizzy Caplan, while great, seems a bit TOO quirky for the centered reporter. All of the above are beautiful brunettes, so that’s not even an issue.

    Remember, though, that this is JUST a rumor…no need to get tense.

  14. The thought of the reboot tying to Smallville has been discussed before.

    As much as I love the show and would just like to reiterate once again (sorry Sreen Rant) that it is the best show on television and once of the greatest shows of the noughties….

    But.. I’m too of the opinion that the Man of Steel should be standalone, free of any continuity to Smallville. It would alienate people who haven’t watched the show and I feel that Smallville is so deep into it’s own canon now with Clark having battled every big villain he was due to face as Superman in the comic mtyhos. There would be a lack of the unknown, lack of suprise if we see a villian that’s already appeared in the show. They would have to go with a different villian entirely to keep a fresh feel about the film and considering Smallville has crossed off Brainiac, Doomsday, Zod, Bizarro etc I wouldn’t want to see a weaker villain in the movie version e.g Toyman, Parasite, Livewire etc..

    I agree with all positive comments on the show particulary DrSam Beckett saying we’ve had the best incarnation of Lex and Lois which is absolutely 200% correct. I just wish Welling would recieve some sort of established award for his performance as Clark Kent – an Emmy perhaps????

    Sophia Bush would bring a lot more energy and personality that Rachel McAdams and Kate Beckinsale who I think would be too frail for the role.

    If only we had a Smallville movie on a $100million budget. Now that would be truly something special..

  15. If she was older (not too much older) Ellen Page would be a great Lois Lane. But say no to another one of my country women Rachel McAdams. I don’t like her at all.

  16. hmm interstin she will do alright in this role i think

  17. HERE IT IS CASTING IS CONFIRMED Jon Hamm is Jimmy Olsen, Carmen Electra is Lois Lane, J.K. Simmons is Perry White, aaaaand Pauly Shore is Clark\Superman. YYYEEEEEAAAAH!!

  18. I’m sorry folks, just havin fun, I think Anne would make a good Lois, if everything else is done right. I just hope this movie is interesting. Not that big of a Supes fan.

  19. How about Zooey Deschanel as Lois, personally she looks a little like Margot Kidder, But from I just read on this article about Clark traveling the world and Helping without using his powers I can watch THAT on SMALLVILLE. I want a Superman movie to be about SUPERMAN!
    Nothing against Anne Hathaway, but she IS NOT LOIS! heck she’s not fit to Be Lana Lang either, so I think Zooey Deschanel or Erica Durance but I’m biased for Erica.


  20. Anne Hathaway??? You got to be kidding me. And i thought this reboot would have nothin to do with Superman’s Origins. If the plot partly about Superman traveling the globe as Clark Kent seeing if he can help people without his powers etc, then goes back to Smallville and learns more his origins and the hero he was born to be, they might aswell use Tom Welling & Erica Durance from Smallville and have the film take place a year after the series finale. Can’t imagine what will be next i read about this.

    • Yeah I thought that there was to be no origin story here as well. We don’t need it, nor does anyone really want it either. We all know his origin already.

      • Yeah havent we been seeing this for 10 years on Smallville?

      • Superman’s origin story is synonymous with modern culture, I doubt there is a country in the world you could go to and show them the S logo, and them not know what it means.

        His story is known world wide, its up there with the Jesus myth, and equally believable.

  21. Olivia Wilde is the better choice to play Lois Lane in my opinion. She’s smart,sexy,and beautiful. Plus she’s really a good actress. Anne Hathaway may be the favorite right now, but Olivia Wilde could emerge as a dark horse in the casting search. She’s starring in two high profile films, the upcoming Tron Legacy and next summer Cowboys & Aliens. This could elevate her to A-list status and get her notice by the people who’s casting the new Superman movie.

    • Olivia Wilde is too skinny for Lois and we already saw a skinny rail thin Kate Bosworth as Lois already in that crap Superman Returns.

      • She is definitely slim and toned, but I would not say that she is too skinny. I think she has naturally a lean body, but she clearly works out. Either way she looks fantastic, besides Olivia Wilde was named #1 on Maxim the hot 100 0f 2009. You don’t get that honor by being too skinny.

  22. Rebecca hall and Olivia Wilde sound like better choices IMO.

  23. I would just like to say, love me some Anne Hathaway but it’s not for her acting…if you know what I mean. Boobs

  24. Anne Hathaway has a british acsent and she may not be playing Lois Lane we need an american or canadian actress to step out. That’s my opinion

    • I think you mean Kate Beckinsale has a british accent. Anne Hathaway was born in New York, she’s an American

  25. I think all this Anne Hathaway stuff is just like the Natalie Portman stuff. It’s just a rumor… hopefully.

  26. I believe that Tom Welling and Erica Durance should be in the Superman movie. They already play those characters on TV’s Smallville and they do a great job they should have a chance to take their chemistry to the big screen.

    • LOL..

      • I second that!

    • I disagree. Tom Welling isn’t a great actor. I don’t think I could sit through the Superman movie if he was the starring actor.

      • What movies or tv shows have you stared in if i might ask?

      • Welling is an OK actor. I would definitely skip this film if he (or any other Smallville actor) were cast.

    • I think they should keep all the Smallville actors away from this movie.

  27. I said it before, I like Anne Hathaway, but she is NOT Lois Lane. Period. Neither was Kate Boresworth, Erica Durance is Lois as far as I’m conceren. As for this rumored plot to this movie, I’ll watch Smallville and then Lois And Clark or I’ll stick to Chris Reeves movies. Cause what the want here sounds kind of dull and boring.

    • Id even watch SR before this movie. At least if the came back with Routh it would help out. BUt why yet another origin story. They should of just made a sequal to SR. Didnt it make like $385 million worldwide?

    • You have no idea what your talking about actually.

      Anne Hathaway is about as perfect a Lois Lane as you can get…especially if they are looking at an under 30 actor for Superman.

      Hathaway is one of the best young actress’ going today and she has the looks and acting chops to be a great Lois Lane!

  28. @ Chris O’ Connell

    I agree 100% with ya there. I plan on doin the samething myself. I doubt ill see the Superman film with someone like Anne Hathaway as Lois Lane as rumored or Jon Hamm as Superman. Heck id rather have Dean Cain in the role. Like Spider-Man, most likely i’ll stay away from this reboot.

    • Ahh…more stupid whining and crying lies about boycotting the next Superman film if a certain actor is not cast in the film.

      Please stop with that crap.

  29. If not Erica Durance and Tom Welling then, I’d say Zooey Deschanel as Lois, or Rachel McAdams, I can KIND OF see her as Lois or even Lana. Superman/C.K. That might be tougher to pull off. If not Welling Go back to Brandon Routh, the guy earned a shot in my opinion, oh and NO KID! That was what RUINED Superman Returns for me, besides Kate BORESworth’s acting. Welling, Routh or an unknown for Clark/SUPERMAN, which means I want to see him using his powers. As for a villian, BRAINIAC, Darkseid(even if he’s showing up on Smallville, IMAGINE Darkseid on a MOVIE budget!!” Lex in a supporting villain role, or even Metallo.

    • Noo Zooey doesnt even look like a Lois Lane.