Superman Reboot’s Perry White To Be Played By Laurence Fishburne

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Outside of the recent news of Zack Synder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, being pushed back by Warner Bros. half a year to the summer of 2013, and that of the film’s script being reworked, it’s been relatively quiet on the Superman front as of late, made that much more strange by Comic-Con coming and going without a peep from DC Entertainment live-action film front.

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU, Oz) was the last name to be attached to Man of Steel and speculation had him potentially in the role of Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Planet. Later it was reported that he’d likely be playing a General in the film, possibly even the father of Lois Lane, and now we know who’s actually playing Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s office boss at the Metropolis newspaper: Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is a familiar face of Warner Bros., having worked for them in The Matrix trilogy. With his role in CSI coming to an end and his only upcoming project being the TV film, Have a Little Faith, the man with the powerful voice is open for business and his next feature film will hopefully be the start of another multi-pic franchise for the actor.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop that Fishburne has signed for Man of Steel which is scheduled to begin filming this fall for what we now know is a summer tentpole release two years from now. The character of Perry White is a hard-hitting, strict boss so it’ll be interesting to see how Fishburne portrays him on screen and whether or not he’ll be more of gentler, soft-spoken mentor not unlike his most well-known role as Morpheus. Either way, it’s guaranteed to better than that of Fishburne’s role in Predators

Fishburne is another talented, recognizable star, who will help strengthen the already impressive supporting cast for Henry Cavill’s ultimate leading role. And on that note, some trivia for you: Russell Crowe, who’s playing Jor-El in Man of Steel turned down the role of Morpheus in The Matrix, which allowed Fishburne to get the part. Now they serve together in support of Superman!

The Man of Steel cast thus far (some have yet to be officially confirmed):

Superman: Man of Steel will be directed by Zack Snyder off a script by Kurt Johnstad, David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan. It will open in theaters June, 2013.

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Source: EW

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  1. I like the casting because I could care less about who plays Perry as he will not be a huge part of the film like in all the other Superman movies, the only thing Perry was ever really significant(character development-wise) in was Smallville. And I for one really like the cast so far. Only real puzzling thing for me is the Kents, Costner was spot on for Jonathan Kent but Diane Lane as Ma Kent is a little odd. They must be going for 45-55 year old Kents and a 24-28 year old Clark(Though Costner is getting up there(Diane Lane doesn’t age at all).

  2. We had a black King Pin, a black Nick Fury, and now a black Perry White, the King Pin one made me mad the most but i got use to him, i don’t like Laurence as Perry White, i don’t think he can act the part. Yeah I would prefer a white guy playing him. I mean c’mon his name is Perry WHITE. can’t have him as an older Pete Ross or some new character lol don’t mean this to be racist and all and honestly if you do then i dont care. I just dont think he should be playing Perry White.

  3. Perry who ? oh that guy who’s in the other movies for like 2 minuets, you could have a chimp play the part it wouldn’t add/subtract from the story perry white is just someone who provides exposition imo a waist of LF’s talents he should jump this ship and do matrix 4 we know we want it but wont admit 😉

    • After 2-3, I can’t believe anyone really wants another Matrix.

    • agreed

  4. ALL I HAVE TO SAy is i’m agasped
    at reading that.holy tardanation Batman
    alright bow your changing things,hmmmmmm,
    a black Perry White,interesting idea just
    keep remembering to many stars spoil the
    pot you know,this better be the best damn
    movie bar none now and if Perry is black
    why not a Chinese Jimmy Olsen or he looks
    more Chinese anyways or japanese then American
    this movie better be up there with Citizen
    Kane or Raiders of the Lost Ark or Empire Strikes
    Back, it better be one helluva super movie……..

    • I genuinely struggled with that.

      • lol

  5. Fishburne would have been brilliant as Lex Luthor. More bad casting.

    • Lex Luthor really? Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? Think it is obvious which one you will take.

      • As Lex he would have cut an intimidating figure and could have played the part in a different way to all the earlier big screen versions.

  6. Perry White is a minor supporting character. Color of his skin make not diff.

    • Yes but Rob, that’s not the point is it? Perry White has never been black in the comics, so what’s the point in doing it? Publicity.

      • …and James Bond has never been Irish in the novels, but I rather enjoyed Pierce Brosnan in in the role. 😉

        • That’s not quite the same thing. You can hide an accent…Although no one playing Bond ever has. Roger Moore and Daniel Craig are the only two actors to play the part who were actually English.

          • Actually, that’s PRECISELY the point. Fishburne doesn’t HAVE to hide his race. He’s an excellent actor and can easily play the role of Perry. Perry’s race has never been an issue OTHER THAN the fact that he was portrayed as a white man. He was not WRITTEN as a white man…he was written as a tough-as-nails, fair-minded, passionate, respected editor. Fishburne has shown he can play just that type of character.

            Perry is not the quintessential white man.
            Bond IS the quintessential Englishman.

            (Yet, as I said, I loved Brosnan’s portrayal, accent and all).

            • I like Fishburne, he wouldnt be my choice for this part, he’ll probably do a good job. But they hired a black actor deliberately, for publicity, to generate buzz. It’s the reasoning behind it that I dislike the most.

              And on the subject of Bond, lately, I’ve thought that I wouldn’t mind if Bond was portrayed by a black actor, as long as the kept the character intact. I would definitely watch Idris Elba play 007. That would be very cool.

              Plus Bond would always have a mixed accent, his parents were Scotish and Swiss.

            • wdf r u talking about? I’m black…but thats just ridiculous james bond being black are u out of ur fking mind wat the hell i don’t mind m being black or q being black or even monepenny but you can’t change bond to being black if i remember correctly ian fleming wrote a description of his agent being WHITE!!!!!! u can’t just change tht i wouldn’t care if superman was black because the editors never put a actually description of superman being white and that just wouldn’t feel right james bond is a major role in the movies and so is superman so i would care a little about the skin color of superman but perry is so small tht it dosn’t matter in the comics you barely see perry for along time hes only there abot two pages of the comic book

              • Yeah Flemming also said Bond had dark hair, not blond, and that he smoked. Things can change. There’s no reason Bond couldn’t be played by a black actor, I used to think differently, but now I just don’t see the problem.

                And a lot of people here, aren’t complaining about FIshburne’s skin colour, as much as that they simply don’t think he is right for the part.

  7. I’ll wait until more news comes out to decide whether I like this choice. Still too early to tell.

  8. Lol, this whole thing makes me laugh, especially if people try to bring racist crap into it. People were ticked off that Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams in Batman, but have no problem with Perry White being another black actor?

    • I was always upset that BDW never got to play Two Face in Batman Returns as was originally intended.

  9. Well I was really looking forward to this and now with just one casting has a major knock against it. I am not racist by any means and I know Perry White is not a major character but this is just a horrible choice. I literally was shocked and said WHAT!? out loud. I will still see it just because it is Supes but this is a major blow imo.

  10. Jon Hamm – Clark Kent/Superman

    Rachel McAdams – Lois Lane

    Viggo Mortensen – Brainiac

    Daniel Craig – John Corbin/Metallo

    Liam Neeson – Jor-El

    Sam Neill – General Lane

    Hugh Laurie – Perry White

    Billy Zane – Lex Luthor

    • Production value: 6 gajillion dollars.

      Get James Cameron to direct and produce, otherwise you’ll never have the budget to get such good talent on screen together.

      • I’d rather spend the money on the best actors, than save the money and just hire anyone. But that’s not the Hollywood way.

        And I would hire either Ben Affleck or Duncan Jones to direct.

        • Yes because they are really budgeting on these casting decisions.

          • Cavill will have been cheap
            Adams won’t have been too expensive
            Shannon will have been cheap
            The chick playing Faora will have been cheap
            Meloni will have been cheap

            The only real expense will have been Crowe, Lane and Costner. And considering Costner hasnt made a film for years, he probably doesnt command anywhere near the ammount he used to.

            So yeah, cheap.

            • You should have been a casting consultant for Valentines Day.

              • Lol.

                There’s nothing wrong with casting cheaper actors as long as they are good actors, and they are right for the part, I can’t imagine Christopher Reeve got a massive fee the first time round.

                • I can’t imagine it was that substantial either. I think all of the actors in question are good actors but I do see why some are raising an eyebrow over some of this movies casting, it is definately different.

                  • I would actually agree that they are all good actors, but not in a million years would I have suggested them for this film.

  11. Like the guy but will be skipping this movie even though i am a huge Superman Fan.

    • @ pawn65

      That makes two of us.

      • Well WallyWest we always have The Flash movie to look forward too!

        • Yup. I know ive said this more than enough times already but i really wished Bruce Timm & Co. made the jump to makin live-action DC films. Especially if a Justice League film is gonna happen. That’s just my opinion.

          • Someone needs to put Bruce Timm in charge of Batman after Saint Nolan departs.

            • @ Dr.SamBeckett

              Not just Batman, if Bruce Timm & Co. can, id ask if they could be in charge of every DC hero film that comes out, especially Justice League. Id bet every DC/Marvel comic property i own they can do wonders.

            • I don’t agree. Bruce Timm did a good job on the tv cartoons, but live action is very different and also his films have been lack luster. The DC animated films have almost universally been let downs with a few exceptions. Bruce has been in charge of most of them.

              He is used to casting people based on voice only. He’s used to be limited by imagination not budget. He may have a problem transitioning to a world where he can’t simply have someone draw what he wants to happen.

              He’s also used to the family friendly nature of animation. He’s ventured in to some slightly more adult things with some of them, but not very far.

              I’ve also found that while I’ve enjoyed most of his animated features it’s been more along the lines of “That’s a really great cartoon” rather than a great TV show or movie. I think had most of his cartoons been transferred in to full on live action they wouldn’t of been half as good. I loved BTAS, but honestly had it been live action it would of been very cheesy and lost most of it’s appeal. It’s really only a great cartoon. It’s IMO top 2 cartoons of all time, but not even top 50 TV shows of all time. Most of the time when people talk about it they talk about how complex the writing was for a cartoon or how dark it was for a cartoon. The writing isn’t complex at all compared to most live action television and no where near as dark as even your average show let alone the dark shows.

              Timm Does what he does very well, but what he does IMO doesn’t fit in to the world of Live action serious film.

              Also he’d have to want to do it and I don’t think he would. He seems content with where his carer is and I think he knows what he’s good at and wants to do. I bet he’s had opportunities to venture out and simply decided not to.

              He did a good job with cartoons and has sullied his name enough with some of the films that I don’t to see it potentially destroyed by live action.

                • @ Dr.Sambeckett

                  I agree. I get negative buzz for my opinions here but after reading the comics over the years & noticed what characters made appearance in Batman:TAS for example, have the next reboot similiar like that. Say when Bruce gets injured pretty serious & refuses to go to the hospital, they should introduce the character Dr.Leslie Thompkins since she was there with Bruce in the comics the night his parents were murdered & is one more person he trusts who knows he’s Batman. Plus, i always thought it would be a good idea if Batman shown up in the alley where his parents died to leave roses & possibly Leslie shows up to comfort him. Id like to a film where Bruce Wayne/Batman has no love interest on film. Lol kinda like on JLU when WW asked ” No dating for the Batman?” And Batman replies with ” Im down there all i need to be”. You raise a point there Dr. Sam, it’s the same thing studios want with film, especially in sequels.

                • IMO really depends on what you mean change. I’ll never watch a Batman that isn’t Dark or Gritty. Been there done that and it’s been awful every time. Batman only works Dark and Gritty.

                  I agree that when Nolan is done the next person shouldn’t just do the same thing, but they have to keep it dark and they have to avoid going really cheesy.

                  However, they should step away from the real world model a bit to set them selves apart. They need to take more chances with things. I also hope the next person avoids typical hollywood BS and doesn’t throw a random love story in. If i’s not needed in any comic movie more than any other it’s Batman. Batman has never had a huge focus on love interests. They are there and it happens, but he spends more time doing every thing else than focusing on romance. It’s almost the point of Batman he is to driven to chase it. Batman’s story is more about how he has little interest in love or personal relationships and less about how much he wants his childhood girlfriend or Catwomen or a random reporter number 2.

                  Superman Has Lane, Spiderman has MJ, Hulk has Betty, but Batman has no particular girl. People can ask batman fans who batman’s one true love is and you’d probably get 5 different answers because there really isn’t one clearly defined in the comics. It’s never been what he was about.

                  Also my personal choice is Ridley Scott. He has that Epic sense of story telling and is not afraid to go Sci fi and touch the edge of believability yet manages not to go cheesy. He’s also dark and edge when he needs to be. Mathew Vaughn would be a good fit as well.

                  Avoid Bay , Micheal Mann , Snyder and Shaymalamadingdong. Lol

                  • Oh I agree with keeping it dark and gritty, totally for that, anything else and we end up with Batman and Robin all over again. For me, stepping away from the real world slightly, can give the next writer and director a much wider net for villains and stories.

                    For me, there was always a slight horror aspect to Batman, certainly a deep psychological aspect that was incredibly dark and the films rarely explore this. I want to see a truly messed up Arkham, a really demented Joker, Two Face crazed and dangerous.
                    Plus, I’ve always really liked Clayface and Mr Freeze, both of these could be done in a pseudo realistic fashion. Plus it would be cool to see Red Hood done properly.

                    • I agree with most of what you said. Main point I’d disagree on is Batman being horror. It’s Dark and Gritty, but not really horror. There have been the occasional odd issues that were horror-ish, but IMO rarely does it do Horror.

                      To me Batman has always been more of a Dark Gritty Film Noire type thing.

                      I do agree that psychological aspects are huge in Batman, but I think Nolan did a good job with that.

                      The big changes I think the next director should make is to put more of a focus on how Smart Batman is and how he is the worlds greatest detective. None of the films have done a good job at that. Nolan got the closest IMO, but still not even close. I’d love to see an Noire type Batman film, but with lots of action of course after all it’s still a summer block buster. I also think that villains that have not been used should be as well as Villain who have but were handled wrong. So I agree freeze is the way to go. I don’t really want to see Red Hood all that much. I thought the story was lacking in the comics honestly. Hush would be a nice touch. He wouldn’t work in Nolan’s films, but would be a great fit for the next director if he doesn’t start all over.

                      I’d love to see the next director due a Hush film. It’s heavy on the detective work. It would also be a chance to start with an established Batman well in to his carer. It doesn’t say “Forget what Nolan did”, but it also doesn’t say “We are just continuing what he did” it just goes on it’s own. I hate origins over and over again. With the Hush story they could even toss in The Riddler in the master mind type roll that he was in with in the comic. Two medium sized cameos in the film that have a huge impact on the story just like in the comics. They would have to cut out most of the comics though and mostly put their own tiwst on it. Drop the 1.5 million villains from it and Superman as well lol.

              • @ Daniel F

                Animated series/films & live-action film may be different, but it isn’t impossible it can’t be done imo. Id some of the some direct dvd animated films they’ve done were pretty good, Batman: Mask of The Phantasm as one of the best. Voice actors weren’t the only ones casted, good known celebs lent their voices throughout the animated series & dvd movies aswell. Doesn’t matter who they might cast, not everyone will be happy im sure. For the animated series, they done a good job with keeping with continuity. Imo, i didn’t find Batman:TAS family friendly nature of animation since it was first aired on Fox Kids & they didn’t like all they had Batman doin. But Bruce Timm Co. just with it to them if they wanted good ratings for the show. I doubt Bruce Timm & Co. would make Batman cheesy cause they made the show dark as they could for a kid show. They were even asked to have Robin in more episodes since he wasn’t seen by viewers who asked where he was etc. And loved how details about he need a persona to strike fear in people. I bet Bruce Timm could just as great job as Nolan for a live action Batman franchise. I agree he’d have to want to do it & that it’s a long shot. But like the animated shows, Bruce Timm & Co. could probly do wonders given the treatment Nolan had & probly do the same kind thing Marvel Studios is doin in live action.

                • Wally I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but I had a lot of trouble reading that. I usually don’t have a problem with your posts so maybe you are just tired. I really hope you don’t take that as an insult because usually I understand you just fine.

                  Anyway. I know it’s not impossible to make the transition, but there is no gurentee that Timm can do it and why take the risk? I find it more likely that the transition would be to hard than him being able to do it no problem. Also i’d prefer his first venture in to the big live action world not be something I love as much as Batman. I’d prefer a talented proven director rather than an experienced animator.

                  Also I already said for a cartoon his stuff was dark. I didn’t dispute that. In fact that was my exact point FOR A CARTOON it’s dark. However compared to the vast majority of film in live action it’s not even close. Not saying he can’t do dark live action, but merely he hasn’t.

                  I wouldn’t complain about him doing a short low budget live action film like Batman Dead End, but I can’t see him touching something the size of the major motion pictures.

                  Most people really should stick to what they are good at. There are so many differences between live action and animation that it’s not a simple transition. Just like the most entertaining of wrestlers can’t hardly act in a movie worth a darn.

  12. They are turning Akira American, any problems with that? Fishbourne will speand 5 mins tops in this movie since leaving CSI he has hardly been inundated with work.

  13. I wish political correctness would just die.

    In this instance, I don’t really care who plays Perry White, but to the person who said they wouldn’t notice if Superman was being portrayed by a black man I call BS.

    • I say that we should see a white Black Panther. King T’Challa played by Will Ferrell or Mark Whalberg or something. Maybe Andy Samberg.

      And since I’m deemed a racist just for expecting Perry White’s movie counterpart to reflect his comic version, I’ll scream racism if someone thinks it’s stupid to have a white Black Panther.

  14. Fishburne is an awesome actor. Seeing him as Perry White might be interesting. If people remember back to “Batman 1989″, Harvey Dent was played by Billy Dee Williams.

    I think Fishburne will be a great addition to “Superman”.

    • That and Micheal Clarke Duncan as a wonderful Kingpin in ‘Daredevil’ and the show-stealing Idris Elba as Heimdall in ‘Thor’. POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BE DAMNED!!!

      • And did you know that in the 90’s Spider-Man animated series, Kingpin, who was white in the show was voiced by a black actor? I thought that was pretty funny and ironic. Pretty cool too.

        • So was lex luthor in the superman animated film

    • What movies have you seen where Fishburne has been anything better than boring?

      The guy makes Affleck look good.

  15. “You’re wandering down the rabbit hole, Clark. This is your last chance. After this, there’s no going back. If you take the blue pill – the story ends and you resume your life as mild-mannered Clark Kent, Daily Planet photographer. But if you take the red pill, you gain powers that no one can truly understand and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

    • I was going to reply something, but completely forgot what it was when I read Master Extractor here’s comment. I commend you, sir. That is hilarious.

  16. I am excited by this casting. Fishburne certainly has the acting chops to pull this off. He can play (and, yes, tends to) mellow characters, but he also made an excellent Othello. Perry White isn’t frothing-at-the-mouth, bat-s#!+ crazy as the respected editor-in-chief of a “great metropolitan newspaper”. He IS passionate and dedicated. Fishburne can play that in his sleep, in my opinion.

    So far, I’ve been quite happy with the casting news and MOST of the other tidbits for this film.

  17. asa a huge fan of both supes and laurence, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean he could be good but i just dont see it, i really do hope im wrong but this doesnt seem right, its like when billy d williams was Harvey Dent, i love the actor and character but not together…

    • I agree. After Jackie Cooper and Frank Langella, I feel like we’re getting a massive downgrade on the Perry White front.

  18. Choices like this might be done because they felt he was a good fit for the part or because due to the growing importance of foreign markets the the fact that the cast is pretty much three shades of white could have made Warner a bit concerned for how it might be taken in some countries. The fact is though that most comics are devoid of minority characters, especially older ones.

    Keeping to the comics isn’t done most of the time with these movies anyway at this point so the fact that anyone is shocked is well, shocking. The fact that the source material, which is considered American folklore, is not racially diverse is just kind of part of America in of itself.

    • Ok, while I can agree that Superman (in the 30s) was hardly racially diverse, it would be very unfair to say that it still is. And I also agree when you call Superman American Folklore, its very much that, comics books are America’s equivalent of myths and legends. But that doesnt mean it has to be changed.

      • I am sure they have spiced things up in the Superman comics, as most of them have in the last few decades just because it made more business sense. The make-up of the cast of characters as based off the stories is what it is and I personally don’t feel it needs to be changed but, the studio might believe it sends the wrong message. Or at the very least it might turn off certain demographics and with the economic reality of these movies being what they are every ticket counts.

  19. Laurence Fishburne will be an awesome Perry White. Fishburne can create a very strong, passionate, and authoritative character. Go for it man. Go for it.

    • yh agreed with ya his a good choice as perry white

    • By passionate, do you mean robotic? Because the guy is a terrible actor.

      • No, Gary, he means PASSIONATE…as in dedicated to truth and fairness in journalism, able to be quietly intense and/or loudly stubborn (as circumstances dictate)…because Fishburne, as an actor, definitely has that range.

  20. MoS has now become The Valentines Day of super hero films. I’m not complaining about the cast because I like the choices so far but they sure are trying to load this thing with well known names.

    • “but they sure are trying to load this thing with well known names.”

      I agree, its becoming to star studded, and with so many big names, I wonder how many will appear in a sequel should a sequel arrives.

  21. This cast is so great! I would still love for Meloni to play Lex, I know he’s older but it would be an awesome role for him.

  22. The fanboys strike again.

    Is Fishburne a good choice? I don’t know, and I won’t know until the final product is unveiled. But, I like Fishburne as an actor, and feel like he has the chops to deliver a good take on Perry White, so at this point that’s the lens I’m judging this through. For those of you basing your opinion of him on his work in the Matrix movies, I’d have to say that’s not really representative of the man’s talent.

    There’s been a bunch of talk here in the comments about racism and political correctness, which is annoying but probably inevitable. While i can understand the tendency to be resistant or opposed to changes in things we’re used to, there are a few things worth considering.

    Does casting Fishburne (or any other non-white actor) violate the spirit of the character? Namely, is there anything about Perry White that is essentially ‘white’ (aside from his name, of course)? I am not a huge Superman buff, but from what i know of the character, I haven’t seen anything that would leave me to believe so.

    Let’s face it, Superman was created in the late 1930’s, Perry himself first appeared in 1940. This was a time when blacks were still being lynched in parts of the country with impunity, and a place like the Daily Globe would have had all white employees in reality, save maybe a custodian or two. In other words, it was expected for perry and everyone else to be white, because that’s just how things were.

    Today, things are significantly different. For the newsroom of a major metropolitan newspaper like the Daily Globe to be all white today, would be very odd. If Superman were created today, you certainly wouldn’t expect that.

    So then, is it unfair to say that casting Fishburne is just stupid liberal hollywood political correctness? Maybe, but maybe not. We all know how much hollywood loves to play to the lowest common denominator. Money talks after all. It happens. I can understand people being wary of such changes, but find it distressing when people start saying things like ‘he only got picked cuz he’s black.’ It debases Fishburne, and by extension, those who share his background to some extent. He’s not some nobody who just got picked randomly, he has a long body of work and is a fairly accomplished and well-regarded actor.

    Slightly off topic: Unfortunately, minorities have been historically underrepresented in film and tv. So, i think that makes it a little different when characters that in their original form are non-white get portrayed by white actors (a la The Last Airbender). Personally I’m a little conflicted on this, because i don’t want to be a hypocrite. If the ethnic identity of the character is important to the essence of the character, i’d say don’t change it. But, if the integrity of the character is preserved and the actor is right, I can live with it. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t also be wondering how they made their casting decisions.

    Anyway, I’ve gone on long enough

    • *Daily Planet, whoops.

    • Kudos

    • The most intelligent post on the internet. Bravo, sir.

    • Very well put hobo.

    • beautifully expressed 😀

  23. Will Smith as Superman *whoops*

    • Sure…if “Slick Willy” can pull it off, why not? 😉

  24. Whenever I see a non-Matrix drama or movie with Fishburne in it, the thought that this character is what Morpheus’ life was before he became Morpheus flashes through my mind.

  25. What the hell jimjoeboneone!!!!? I really hope you get banned for that comment

  26. It is people such as yourself that are part of the problem in today’s society. Maybe you could have phrased the question a little differently without being such an, never mind, I will not stop to your level. Obviously your are a much better person and above all of us to have such and opinion. Good day to you un-educated sir.

    • Exactly my point, I am glad you got it, good boy!

  27. Seriously? How stupid could one person be?

  28. BTW there’s a new Spidey in town and he’s black and latino. Deal with it, racists.