Superman Reboot’s Perry White To Be Played By Laurence Fishburne

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Outside of the recent news of Zack Synder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, being pushed back by Warner Bros. half a year to the summer of 2013, and that of the film’s script being reworked, it’s been relatively quiet on the Superman front as of late, made that much more strange by Comic-Con coming and going without a peep from DC Entertainment live-action film front.

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU, Oz) was the last name to be attached to Man of Steel and speculation had him potentially in the role of Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Planet. Later it was reported that he’d likely be playing a General in the film, possibly even the father of Lois Lane, and now we know who’s actually playing Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s office boss at the Metropolis newspaper: Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is a familiar face of Warner Bros., having worked for them in The Matrix trilogy. With his role in CSI coming to an end and his only upcoming project being the TV film, Have a Little Faith, the man with the powerful voice is open for business and his next feature film will hopefully be the start of another multi-pic franchise for the actor.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop that Fishburne has signed for Man of Steel which is scheduled to begin filming this fall for what we now know is a summer tentpole release two years from now. The character of Perry White is a hard-hitting, strict boss so it’ll be interesting to see how Fishburne portrays him on screen and whether or not he’ll be more of gentler, soft-spoken mentor not unlike his most well-known role as Morpheus. Either way, it’s guaranteed to better than that of Fishburne’s role in Predators

Fishburne is another talented, recognizable star, who will help strengthen the already impressive supporting cast for Henry Cavill’s ultimate leading role. And on that note, some trivia for you: Russell Crowe, who’s playing Jor-El in Man of Steel turned down the role of Morpheus in The Matrix, which allowed Fishburne to get the part. Now they serve together in support of Superman!

The Man of Steel cast thus far (some have yet to be officially confirmed):

Superman: Man of Steel will be directed by Zack Snyder off a script by Kurt Johnstad, David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan. It will open in theaters June, 2013.


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Source: EW

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  1. Before the nonsense over an…”iconic” character starts, you have to figure he will probably be featured in less than 10% of the movie. As much as Perry White may mean to some, let’s be honest. It’s just the dude who will have a few lines while Clark is at work. I HIGHLY doubt the role will factor any change to the main plot. I guess all I’m saying is….LETS NOT MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL OVER A NON LEAD CHARACTERS RACE…

  2. More like Perry Black… sorry. I figured I would go ahead and say it first!


    I actually do think he’s an inspired choice.

  3. First, I do NOT care that he’s a black actor playing a character that’s always been white. However, I do not think he’s great for the role. He always plays fairly slick, mellow characters, while Perry White is always always a little high strung. If I had to pick a black actor, I would have gone with more animated actor like Cuba Gooding, Jr.

    Although, this now makes me wonder the race of Perry White in the DCnU.

    • Cuba Gooding Jr. is too young but i follow your reasoning

  4. Let’s remember though that this plays both ways. In The Last Airbender EVERYONE complained that these Asian characters were being played by white (non-Asian) actors<—"white-washing". I figure it is just RACIAL to be disappointed that a black actor is playing a white character, not RACIST. There is a difference. Point made.

    • Not really TLA bender was based in Asian culture and white washed to death. Superman is an American character and so are all the rest of his close colleagues. America is a meca hub of cultural diversity and in the DC universe Metropolis is like NYC. It seems totally acceptable to have a actor of any race play that character.

      • They should have picked a latina or Rashida Jones to play Lois, but Zach the Hack cared more about using a big name as his lifejacket and stuck us with the awful pasty-skinned aged Kewpie doll Adams instead.

        • If I cared I could call your comment racist, but then, im not so up tight.

      • I’m with you, sully311.

        And, Eric Nixon, your point doesn’t hold water. Check the illogic in your argument, as your comparison is off.

      • So, if they made a Superman movie with Will Smith as Superman would you have the same reaction? This point is not meant to discredit the fact that America is very diverse, but is to just highlight that movies that become “white-washed” get bashed for being racist, but when a white character is being played by someone of color it is not seen as the same thing.

        BTW, The Last Airbender is an American made show, which has different races throughout the series (generally appointed to each nation) but we assume that it is based on Asian culture b/c of the martial arts used-general ideas from these too.

  5. The first piece of good news that i have heard concerning this movie

  6. Alright, Open season boys. Lets see how many “Hes black and cant be perry white but Im not racists” comments we get.

    • Across the Net, at numerous movie sites, I’m actually surprised that most people seem to be supporting it, and it doesn’t bother them at all. Of course, there are those who express the same old, flimsy, irrational and ignorant arguments, but they seem to be heavily outnumbered.

      I think with all the whitewashing still going, time and time again, people who used to ignore or deny it and the people who were on the fence are now seeing the pattern Hollywood has laid down and voicing out against it.

  7. Hey in most animations Lex Luthor is Black…..

    • he’s not black.. he’s just… really really tanned!

  8. hopefully the script lives up to the cast. impressive start….

  9. Laurence Fishburne is just one of those actors I can’t warm up to. I’m sure he’ll do fine with whatever material he’s given, but I’m just expecting more of the same-o same-o from him. I have yet to see him play a character OTHER than some Morpheus clone. I guess, like Jack Nicholson, he just can’t help but play himself.

    As for the colour of his skin… he’s BLACK???? I hadn’t noticed. I don’t really care. Hell, I think I wouldn’t even have noticed a black Superman.


  11. Things just got more interesting I do like this casting tho.

  12. It just occurred to me that Cowboy Curtis is going to hang out with Superman!

  13. How can anyone tell if Larry Fishburne is white or not? When he is on screen, all you see is the inside of your eyelids, because he puts you to sleep! He is so laid back and low energy, he is officially comatose.

    • LOL

  14. Funny that no one cares that Bane is of Latino decent and being played by a caucasian. Or that Harvey Dent and Led Luthor have been portrayed as Black men in certain continuities and in most (note not all) have been played by caucasian actors. It would be one thing if they made the character a female (perry can be a female name too) bit is it so hard to believe that a Black man can be head of a news paper? No it is not at all. Now everybody tell me how wrong I am.

    • Bane ‘s pop was english while his mom was latina.

      • I know, I said of Latino decent, not full Latino. But still my point is Hardy didn’t have any of those features. Plus Bane’s costume originally was based on Micha Libre and now he looks like a mercenary sub zero with a hipster jacket..

        • *Lucha Libre. Damn auto correct LOL!

        • “But still my point is Hardy didn’t have any of those features.”

          He doesn’t have to “look” a particular way to be of a certain descent. Even in the Knightfall series Bane didn’t look like a person of latin descent, but a typical white dude. I see no reason how T. Hardy is a problem. I’m not even going to bother with the costume reference since you’re grasping at straws seeing as Batman’s costume isn’t even a direct translation of its comic counterpart, as with the case of many comic adaptations.

          • My point is that it doesn’t matter. I’m using his casting as a reference as to who gives a crap what his race is. Get it? Read my comments in full context before criticizing them.

            • “I’m using his casting as a reference as to who gives a crap what his race is.”

              I know what you were doing, its obvious, it still doesn’t negate anything I’ve said. Esepcially in regards to Bane. And if your reference of Lex Luthor being black was in connection to the animated series, then that’s not accurate either, even the producers stated that they gave Lex an olive complexion as he was more Grecian.

              • It doesn’t negate anything you said because everythi.g you said doesn’t have anything to do with my point. You took one sentence out of context and tried to make some point about Bane’s costume. And your argument of he doesn’t have to look a certain way to play a person of certain decent doesn’t work either. That’s like saying “oh we can get Jessie Eisenberg to play Brandon Lee, cause he doesn’t have to look a certain way to play someone of that decent”

                • “You took one sentence out of context and tried to make some point about Bane’s costume.”

                  What was there to take out of context? Your context was as clear as day and as far as the costume is concerned, YOU brought that up which is odd since that has absolutely nothing to do with casting, but I digress.

                  “And your argument of he doesn’t have to look a certain way to play a person of certain decent doesn’t work either”

                  Of course it works. In Knightfall Bane physically looks like a muscle bound white guy, based off the artist rendition of him one would never ascertain that he’s of latin descent. PHYSICAL he looks white and now a white guy is depicting him, so what’s the problem?

                  • There is no problem for the seventy fifth freaking time. You are missing my entire point, AGAIN. Here let me simplify for you. Bane is of latin decent. He wears a costume that is latin inspired. The mask is a lucha lines style. Mask. Still with me? I don’t wanna confuse you. Now they take him and take away those traits with Hardy and guess what? It doesn’t matter! Bit now people take perry’s comic traits away and its all about filling seats with non caucasians. According to you.

                    • “Still with me? I don’t wanna confuse you.”

                      Oh yes, you’re not complicated at all. I do however find it interesting how you bid me farewell then proceed to continue dialogue, but I digress.

                      “Now they take him and take away those traits with Hardy and guess what?”

                      Well unless you’re privy to what Nolan is doing you have no way of ascertaining whether or not Nolan took away those traits. His background could still be there for all we know. For you to sit up and claim otherwise based off conjecture is presumptuous . And yet all of this hinges on the fact that he doesn’t LOOK a certain way.

                      “Get over it, he’s a black guy in this film now”

                      There was nothing to get over, I never personally had a problem with the character being black, simply suspicious regarding the reasoning behind that. Perhaps if you weren’t so preoccupied with trying to be a smart ass this entire time, then we may have came to some type of common ground and established that.

    • @Sully, and many of these same people don’t care one lick when white actors are cast to play historical figures who aren’t white. They don’t care one lick when white actors are cast to play characters whose race is not white and is central to a character’s composition.

      But, have a minority person playing a fictional character that has traditionally been white (and yet the character’s isn’t central in any way to the character), and they freak out. It’s the same old illogic used in perpetuation of the racial status quo in America.

      • “@Sully, and many of these same people don’t care one lick when white actors are cast to play historical figures who aren’t white. They don’t care one lick when white actors are cast to play characters whose race is not white and is central to a character’s composition.”

        I haven’t recall that happening in recent memory. I’m fairly certain that if Steel were in this film and a white actor were cast for the role, I’m certain the reaction would be equally the same.

        • “I haven’t recall that happening in recent memory”

          The rock is waiting for you to crawl out. How about Heimdall played by Idris Elba or Nick Fury being played by Sam Jackson. People made a big stink about those.

          • “The rock is waiting for you to crawl out. How about Heimdall played by Idris Elba or Nick Fury being played by Sam Jackson. People made a big stink about those.””

            did you even read the post? The previous poster stated that no one would get upset if a white actor was called to play a non-white historical figure , I then reply that it hasn’t happened in recent memory, so how on earth does Elba’s casting as Heimdall or Jackson’s Nick Fury qualifies as a white actor being given the role of a historical non-white character?

            Even though people initially made a huge deal about the Heimdall casting, many people actually liked Elba in the role and the Ulitmate Nick Fury is based off Samuel Jackson, so I see no problem there either.

            • There is no problem with it. What part of that do you not understand. If you were revering to backlash of white actors playing other ethnicities then there are examples of that too. Akira’s casting of white actors, the last airbender.

              • “Akira’s casting of white actors, the last airbender.”

                Any others? or is that the only one that springs to mind?

                • Really? That’s your rebuttal…good day sir.

                  • “Really? That’s your rebuttal…good day sir.”

                    So after a barrage of inaccurate remarks both in interpreting my points and in comic lore you take your leave? lmao! I suppose you would seeing as though the last airbender wouldn’t particularly qualify as a white person depicting historical non-white characters.

                    • You said you didn’t recall any so I gave you two. If that’s not good enough for you to state something without nitpicking on the amount, then I do not wish to carry on the conversation seeing as you had no problem with the two I mention for black actors playing whites. I stated what didn’t think existed and you just wanna say that it isn’t enough. I really don’t care anymore honestly. Your whole point is that you think it’s a pc move to fill seats with non caucasions to change a white MINOR character to a black, but if a non white character turns to a white such as bane that question isn’t raised. So I’m tired of yohr circular logic. Get over it, he’s a black guy in this film now.

            • “The rock is waiting for you to crawl out. How about Heimdall played by Idris Elba or Nick Fury being played by Sam Jackson. People made a big stink about those.””

              Is it worth pointing out that in the Marvel Ultimate Series Nick Fury is black?

              • based off Sam jackson too

              • That wasn’t the point of the example. The point was people making a big deal out of it because he was white before. That’s the only reason it got brought up. Again I don’t give two s***s what race they are, but some people do and I find it pathetic and that has been the only thing I have been trying to say this whole time.

                • “I find it pathetic and that has been the only thing I have been trying to say this whole time.”

                  You seem more concerned with trying to have the final say. If you’re going to give example the least you can do is be accurate, or not presume that something has been done away with simply because you think that anyone with a particular heritage should exhibit certain traits.

                  • “You seem more concerned with having the final say”

                    Wow I really think you need to re-evaluate you perception on that one. I think it’s hilarious when people claim that when they continue the conversation just as much. Hypocrisy much?

                    • “Hypocrisy much?”

                      And how is that hypocrisy?……………….

                    • @ Azrael

                      I think you seriously took Sully’s original comment out of context, you should try mulling it over some before you jump to so many conclusions.

                    • I’m sensing Azrael’s hypocrisy, my spidey senses are tingling.

          • How about Kojak?

            • What about him?

      • Hiro, glad you saw my point.

  15. This is the same company and same development guys who wanted Chris Rock to be Jimmy Olsen and Beyonce to be Lois Lane. They have been wanting to “hip” up Superman by changing the characters’ race for a long while now. Nobody should be surprised after all the info that has come out from all the past failed projects. We’ll probably get “Angry God” Superman and a giant spider too. Don’t act surprised when it happens.

  16. Great choice but I would have prefered Avery Brooks

  17. More than happy with this choice. When I read the headline it was a reaction of “ahh…” rather than “WHAT?” :D

  18. More than happy with this choice. When I read the headline it was a reaction of ahh… rather than WHAT? :D

  19. Nice choice but I would have gone with Forest Whitaker.

  20. I smell “RACISM” all over these comments. OK so what if he’s black and the character name is White. Instead of worrying about the color of his skin you should be worrying bout the “White director not screwing the damn film up”.

    One more thing when time comes to meet “GOD” him self the color your skin ain’t gonna matter and all your nasty thoughts and thinking will be brought up right before your eyes so be careful what you say bout the next man.

    • I don’t intrinsically believe its about racism. I do however question the need for this type of change. Was it done simply because Fishburne was the only guy right for the role, or did his color play a role in the casting? Its as though they were trying to be both edgy and controversial. I remember the same ideas being manifested in years earlier from Chris Rock as Jimmy Olsen, to Beyonce as Lois Lane and even Wonder Woman at one point. Then there was a time when Will Smith was approached to play Superman, but turned it down because it was to controversial. And that is what bothers so many fans, the reasoning behind these choices. I find it far more racist when these casting choices are made for PC reasons and to get a particular demography in theaters.

      • Yeah but according to your logic, someone doesn’t have to look a certain way to play a character of a different decent remember? So really it doesn’t matter right? I mean look a Tom Hardy….

        contradicting much aren’t we?

        • “contradicting much aren’t we?”

          That is if you’re even capable of explaining how my words are a contradiction or are you simply grasping at straws? I stated how your logic makes no sense, as you claim that Bane is of Latin descent, yet you ignore the fact that his Father is a British native. I’ve seen many people of mixed ancestry that may appear aesthetically another ethnicity, so its not hard to believe that Hardy can be the product of a British father and Latin mother,

          As far as the Fishburn casting. It has nothing to do with aesthetics, but rather the REASON behind the casting choice. So I truly have no idea of the point you made with that rebuttal a Its two entirely different points being made.

          • Actually I did acknowledge that banes father was caucasian. Yes it is hard to believe Hardy would have no Latin decent because he doesn’t have any or look like it. I’m of mixed race and people can tell from a mile away. I can clearly tell when people are as well because I grew up with a lot of them. The point of my rebuttal is that you state that it’s a question of a need for change so I pointed out you hardy argument because you don’t seem to think that that question applies to that change. Does it make sense yet?

            • “Actually I did acknowledge that banes father was caucasian.”

              Yeah that was after the fact, when someone else pointed it out to you. And not taking on the physical traits doesn’t intrinsically preclude anyone of being of mixed ancestry. There are
              many people that easily pass for another race and/or ethnicity.

              “because you don’t seem to think that that question applies to that change.”

              Because I don’t think that was a strong enough point. You say Bane should be a latin
              character but he’s only half, and those that are mixed can take on the features of either

              • Of latin decent, not meaning he’s full latin. I would of said he’s latin. I don’t think I need to really say his dad was white and his mom wasn’t for people to grasp that he isn’t all latin.

                I never said Bane should be a latin character. I was using him as a point of that it doesn’t matter in certain characters what their race is. Which I stated MANY time and which you even acknowledged and said how obvious it was.

                Yes people of mixed races can take features of either parent, but they will still have some of the other as well. It’s not that hard to tell if someone is of mixed race, sorry but it isn’t. If you can’t tell that’s your problem.

                • “Of latin decent, not meaning he’s full latin. I would of said he’s latin.”

                  Umm yeah. So in other words, being of latin decent inherently means one must absolutely LOOK latin?

                  “It’s not that hard to tell if someone is of mixed race, sorry but it isn’t. If you can’t tell that’s your problem.”

                  And you say I live under a rock? yikes! And not everyone takes on the features or traits of another parent so don’t sit up and claim that you’re the only one with the aptitude to inherently discern any and everyone that maybe mixed. It has nothing to do with being “my” problem. And its even absurd that you’d make such a claim. For many, its not always obvious.

                  • I didn’t say I was the only one who could. And it’s not absurd at all. You can sit there and think that picking out mixed races is hard all day if you want, I don’t think it is at all. Not for every single one. But I never claimed that either.

                    I never said they had to look absolutely latin. Your lutti.g words into my comments that I never said. Which is the funniest part about this whole thing is that I’m just making small observations and you’re turning them into absolutes.

                    • Because what you said was asinine to begin with and now you’re trying to save face. You sit up and claim its not that hard, now you’re saying something different. Once again, one can’t always tell of another heritage, especially one sight. Some you can, others you can’t.

                    • I never said anything different smart guy. You’re the one who wants to make what I say absolutes.

                  • If you want to split hairs, I am English and of latin decent as my great ancestors invaded from Rome and settled here – I look nothing like a mexican!!

                  • @ Azrael

                    Seriously???? Read Sully’s original comment over again, he made no negative comments about any heritage/culture or whatever else you are refering too. You are seriously taking things out of context.

                    • “Seriously???? Read Sully’s original comment over again, he made no negative comments about any heritage/culture”

                      I never claimed he made a negative comment regarding heritage/culture? If anything he took my words out of context as he seems to believe I have some sort of problem with Fishburne being cast as P.W.

                    • “I’m sensing Azrael’s hypocrisy, my spidey senses are tingling.”

                      Then your spidey senses appears to be skewed, lol

                    • I believe they both got lost in translation. It may be an error on both their parts and taking sides will not clear anything up.

                    • “I believe they both got lost in translation.”

                      Nah, I understood what was stated. Its sully who’s tossing out non applicable words, such as “contradiction” and “hypocrisy” where there is none. Now he appears to have a cheerleader of sorts claiming that I accused him of saying something negative regarding heritage which is also untrue and tossing out labels that don’t apply.

                    • Azrael,

                      It’s thefact that I was just pointing out how banes heritage and culture were changed and no one said anything. And for some reason you went on some tangent about how all that is irrelevant. That’s exactly my point but yet you felt the need to argue with me for whatever reason about it. I’ve been saying this whole time, at least 6, that yes it doesn’t matter and here’s an example. But you wanna defend Bane like he has no latin heritage or something. That or you just like to stir the pot.

                      Here, so you can have your day in court. You’re right and I was wrong. Now give it a rest. Seriously.

                      Oh and go ahead and use your “I need to have the last word argument” if you want. It wont bother me at all :).

                    • “It’s thefact that I was just pointing out how banes heritage”

                      How is it a fact when you don’t know this for a certainty? Did Nolan give you the script or is this based off the fact that Hardy doesn’t “look” as if he is of latin descent? Because the fact still remains that a person doesn’t have to “look” like something to be of a particular heritage. So perhaps he does retain it, perhaps not, we will not know until the movie is released.

                      “But you wanna defend Bane like he has no latin heritage or something”

                      This has nothing to do with with defending Bane. I could honestly care less whether or not they kept it. I’m merely telling you that you shouldn’t “presume” something you don’t entirely know yet.

                      “Oh and go ahead and use your “I need to have the last word argument”

                      I don’t need to, since you accused me of hypocrisy the least you can do is point it out. You’re the one that made it a point to bid farewell in mid-discussion, then promptly resumed dialogue. Stop throwing out labels that don’t apply then perhaps we can get somewhere.

    • God…..right.

  21. Why does it say Meloni is playing Sam Lane? That hasn’t been confirmed and is pretty unlikely given the age gap between him and Amy Adams.
    Love LF, but not for this. That cast list is just a joke.

    • This film really does have FAIL written all over it.

      I mean, Diane Lane and Lawrence Fishburne are actually surprising and inspired casting choices.

      I mean, Russel Crowe as Jor-El?? Oh dear.

      Oh dear, oh dear.

      • And I like Costner as Jonathan too, but yeah it was Crowe that really broke it for me.

        • Honestly Costner and Crowe are the only choices I like in the film. I don’t get some hatred for crowe

          • Usually I don’t have a problem with Crowe, but I can already picture his Jor-El and hear him speaking the lines, it just seems too weird for some reason.
            But I think everyone agrees that Costner is the right choice.

            • I wouldn’t say Costner is the right choice as much as I’d say it’s hard to make a wrong one. Pa Kent is just one of those roles that so many actors could easily fit in to. As long as you get a down to earth older guy with decent acting chops you’re in. Though if anyone could screw it up that would be Snyder lol. Looking at the rest of the cast it’s shocking to see he got even one right. It almost seems to be complete accident though lol. He was just searching for a big name in a back ground role and Costner said yes lol.

              • Ha! Love the idea that Snyder has a huge dartboard in his office covered in random actors names, and thats how he decides the

      • Especially with David Goyer and Zack Snyder onboard, two men who only deal with dark (and crap) films.

        No wonder Chris Nolan jumped overboard halfway through. DKR was a perfect excuse for him.

      • @ Steve

        I wouldn’t be surprised. But you know Nolan’s name would be mentioned by people if does fail, it would be all towards Snyder, etc probly.

        • Of course it’s not Nolan’s fault.

          His role was producer in Pre-Production. I.e. Getting the studio’s attention for Goyer and his script, doing preliminary outlines and editing drafts etc.

          He only got the project up and running – in prodcution and left them to it.

          So if this fails it isn’t to do with Nolan at all (because he handled the technical aspects of Pre-Production mostly).

          It’s Snyder’s fault. Well actually it’ll be Goyer’s fault to be fair.

          Even Nolan couldn’t make a crap script work.

  22. I really dont care if he`s yellow or green, I hope they make this film a Classic. Its time for a good Superman Movie we all been waiting for

  23. I was quite surprised by the choice but then again, I think he’ll be okay in the role. I mean, it’s not like it’s never been before. In the Batman films, Two-Face was played by a white actor(Tommy Lee Jones-Batman Forever and Aaron Eckhart-The Dark Knight) and The King Pin (Daredevil) was played by an African American (Michael Clarke Duncan).

    • ronin…

      Ummm, you DO realize Harvey Dent/Two-Face actually IS white in the comics, so those two actors weren’t particularly surprising…Billy Dee Williams, in “Batman”, was the different casting. I found it an inspired and excellent choice and would have loved to see his take on Two-Face.

      • Ooopss!! Sorry about that. I based it more on the Batman Animated series which presented Harvey Dent as an African American. Didn’t really follow Batman that closely in the comics.

        Although…I don’t know if my memory serves me right, but I think Harvey was also presented in the comics as an African American in the Batman-Vampire series. Oh well, I guess those representations of Harvey as an African American are just later versions of him and it does not preclude the fact that he was first presented as a white man in the comics.

        Anyway, thanks for the heads-up!

        • The Harvey in the animated Series was never technically portrayed as White or Black. it’s been debated for years, but the general consensus is that he was white. It’s never been confirmed one way or the other and he really just looks like a Tan white guy but some people try to argue that he is a light skinned black man. You can argue it either way, but it’s not definitive either way.

          • I always just figured the Harvey of TAS (best version of the character too IMO) was just a dark skinned white guy.

  24. Since when has Perry White been intimidating…d like Mr. Fishburne? Perry White is a sniveling, mischievous, down-on-his-luck reporter who is not a physical threat, but a threat to Superman/Clark Kent’s identity and reputation. It seems like they are trying to turn Perry White into something he is clearly not. Race is not the issue here at all. Fishburn’s intimidation and lack of whit is the problem.

    • benji…

      CLEARLY, you have NEVER read ANY of the comics or graphic novels. Perry White is quite strong-willed and well-respected as the editor-in-chief of “The Daily Planet”.

      You should not speak out of your rear end if “Smallville” is your only reference for the Superman mythos…

  25. What a joke. I think that sums up every single piece of news we’ve ever gotten on this film!

  26. You got be kidding me. Lol, the more that comes out about this movie, the most likely i won’t see it. Laurence Fishburne as Perry White? C’mon. Lookin back it’s hard to believe Billy Dee Williams was casted as Harvey Dent in (Batman 89) but atleast they corrected that in Batman Forever. And i only accepted Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin because it would be hard to find a wrestler who could act & be in character as the Kingpin. Duncan did well in the role. I could see Ray Wise as Perry White perhaps. I doubt i’ll be seeing this film which is a shame because i like Superman but it won’t be the only reboot i’ll pass on next year cause i don’t plan on seeing Spider-man neither.

    • So you have a problem with this just because he’s black?

      • @ N18

        No, race doesnt me nothin to me. It’s the character from the comics & actor who plays him that concerns me. If read my comment’s more clearly, you’d noticed i didn’t mind Michael Clark Duncan playin the Kingpin in Daredevil, that i accepted him because not alot of wrestlers can act or have the appearance of the Kingpin so Duncan did well.

    • WallyWest..
      you are throwing a fit because he is black? I dont even know how to respond.

      • @ Ignur Rant

        You can read my comment to N18. Race had nothin to with my opinion.

        • WallyWest…
          And Billy Dee Williams cant act? Laurence Fishbourne cant act?

          • @ Ignur Rant

            I never said Billy Dee Williams or Laurence Fishbourne can’t act. Where the hell you get off assuming that? I like both of them & think of them both as great actors. However, i didn’t agree with Billy Dee Williams being in the role of Harvey Dent or Laurence Fishbourne in the role as Perry White. Don’t attempt to make me out to be a racist.

  27. This is taking political correctness a bit too far. I know Hollywood likes to think of itself as a bastion of civil rights. And this is genuinely a good thing. However, beyond a point, it begins to look like trying to push a racial agenda ahead of the integrity of art, which should be the most important thing.

    First we had Halle Berry as Catwoman. Then James Bond’s Moneypenny is black. Now, Perry White is black too? Why? There was no white actotr who could play the role? of course not- it was to make a political point.

    Maybe now, we can have a black Superman? A white Luke Cage? A Chinese Black Panther? A female Blade? A black man as Wonder Woman?

    I’m all for civil rights and putting nails firmly in the coffin of racism. However, this trend just feels a little too overtly activist for comfort.

    • You might be in the minority. Get it, minority? :)

    • well said. It’s been happening more and more, in TV as well. And the way things are you’d feel awkward saying anything in case someone accuses you of being racist.

  28. Hugh Laurie would have been the best choice.

    • Like

    • Agreed or even James Belushi – he has been good in Defenders.

      • Interesting choice.

    • Huge, huge co-sign, DrSam.


    This is better than anything Snyder and Goyer will come up with.

    • Ummm, Sam…

      Just make sure everybody realizes the writer of that “better” take is YOU, so they realize you’re saying directly that you could do a better job on the film than Goyer and Snyder.

      • Oh ok, I’ll just say it then. I could write a better Superman movie than Zack Snyder and David Goyer. Then again, so could a chimp.

        • I imagine until something more definitive about the film comes out (a trailer, for example), you and I will likely disagree.

          • The only thing thta might sway me into a more positive mood, is the first official picture of Cavill in the suit, then I’ll know for sure.

            I’ve seen some recent pics of Cavill, and I’ll admit, he looks a lot more Superman-esque than he did a few months back. And I’m totally on board with Costner. I can even hear Fishburne giving us a loud, booming “Great Caesars Ghost!”

            But, a new origin story, Amy Adams as Lois, Zack (I’m worse than Michael Bay) Synder directing, Goyer scripting, using Zod and Faora AGAIN, the constant re-writes. All of these things worry me intensely.

            A trailer means nothing, even the worst movie (SPiderman 3) can be made to look good with a snappily edited trailer.

            Ultimately, it doesnt matter who they cast, what director or writers they get, we all know this film is being made for the wrong reasons. It is all about the lawsuit. And that is not a good basis for trying to bring Superman back.

            • I know cause its not like they are staying true to the source material. Well always have the Real Superman movies!

              • @ pawn65

                Amen to that.