Superman Reboot’s Perry White To Be Played By Laurence Fishburne

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Outside of the recent news of Zack Synder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, being pushed back by Warner Bros. half a year to the summer of 2013, and that of the film’s script being reworked, it’s been relatively quiet on the Superman front as of late, made that much more strange by Comic-Con coming and going without a peep from DC Entertainment live-action film front.

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: SVU, Oz) was the last name to be attached to Man of Steel and speculation had him potentially in the role of Perry White, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Planet. Later it was reported that he’d likely be playing a General in the film, possibly even the father of Lois Lane, and now we know who’s actually playing Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s office boss at the Metropolis newspaper: Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne is a familiar face of Warner Bros., having worked for them in The Matrix trilogy. With his role in CSI coming to an end and his only upcoming project being the TV film, Have a Little Faith, the man with the powerful voice is open for business and his next feature film will hopefully be the start of another multi-pic franchise for the actor.

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive scoop that Fishburne has signed for Man of Steel which is scheduled to begin filming this fall for what we now know is a summer tentpole release two years from now. The character of Perry White is a hard-hitting, strict boss so it’ll be interesting to see how Fishburne portrays him on screen and whether or not he’ll be more of gentler, soft-spoken mentor not unlike his most well-known role as Morpheus. Either way, it’s guaranteed to better than that of Fishburne’s role in Predators

Fishburne is another talented, recognizable star, who will help strengthen the already impressive supporting cast for Henry Cavill’s ultimate leading role. And on that note, some trivia for you: Russell Crowe, who’s playing Jor-El in Man of Steel turned down the role of Morpheus in The Matrix, which allowed Fishburne to get the part. Now they serve together in support of Superman!

The Man of Steel cast thus far (some have yet to be officially confirmed):

Superman: Man of Steel will be directed by Zack Snyder off a script by Kurt Johnstad, David S. Goyer and Jonah Nolan. It will open in theaters June, 2013.

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Source: EW

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  1. He is a good actor don’t get me wrong,but perry White is ment to be White.what if the made a new shaft movie and made him White.

    • I agree. If you’re going to adapt something to film, at least do it right. It IS NOT racist to expect a character who has been white for decades to be played by a white guy.

      And it’s like you said. If they remade Shaft with a white actor, everyone would whine about it.

      But we’re called racist for expecting a white actor?

      • Actually, the character of Shaft was supposed to be a (granted, stereotypically) black man. His mannerisms, general behavior, friends, associates, etc. are meant to illustrate a black man as the blaxploitation-type movies portrayed them…though, obviously, many people nowadays find him simply to be incredibly cool.

        Perry White, on the other hand, was created (and shown fairly consistantly, “Smallville” aside) to be a tough newspaperman. Unless blacks cannot be journalists, there is NOTHING inherently “white” about his character…except his name.

        • …sigh…That should be be consistEntly.

    • WHY? What about Perry screams,”I AM A WHITE MAN!!!”…other than his name?

      • “WHY? What about Perry screams,”I AM A WHITE MAN!!!”…other than his name?”

        Even his name doesn’t scream as such. Its not as though Perry White can only be the name of a white guy.

        • Yes, I know, and I’m sure EVRYBODY ELSE gets that point. I pointed out that his name is White…that does NOT mean HE has to be.


          • “I pointed out that his name is White…that does NOT mean HE has to be.”

            No kidding, which was why I agreed with you…..Sheesh

            • lol…point taken 😛

  2. He is a good actor don’t get me wrong love him in csi,but perry White is ment to be White.what if the made a new shaft movie and made him White.

  3. Whoa! Racist much?

    There’s no reason to be racist on the topic.

    I’m upset about the casting too, but only because I like the cast to reflect the look of the characters from the comics as much as possible. I’d rather they get someone who looks like Perry White stepped right off the comic book page, just like they did with JK Simmons in the Spider-man trilogy.

    But being racist is just taking it too far man.

  4. Just for this casting. Here’s what I want to see. After they’ve changed the nationalities of comic characters on a whim, (Alicia from Fantastic Four, Kingpin from Daredevil, now Perry White.)

    I want to see Black Panther show up in an Avengers movie, or his own film. Played by Keanu Reeves, or Micheal Cera.

    I want to see Jesse Eisenberg playing The Falcon, and I want to see Jeremy Piven as Black Lighting from DC Comics, and let’s not forget, John Cena as Mr. Terrific.

    • Gary..
      You are acting simple. Perry White is a minor supporting character. This comic debut in the 30s and 40s. As have the cars and customs have changed from that time the comics reflect that. Comics back then didn’t even have blacks, or other minorities for that manner, as back ground characters.

      To make you feel better they casted a white actor as Terry Fitzgerald in the Spawn film. A major supporting character who has always been black because they felt the films was “too black.” I doubt you cried racism then.

    • To make even a pretense of presenting a fair and unbiased argument, you need to use white actors that are as accomplished (as respected) as Fishburne is when you’re throwing out your examples.

      Try HARDER, Gary and Gary.

  5. ALL – I missed this comment and it has been dealt with it. I apologize for it slipping through. Screen Rant doesn’t tolerate obvious hateful and racist langauge like this.

    Paul Young

    • Yikes! I just saw what that guy said…Happy to know there are still people who speak with such non-chalant stupidity in this world. Sheesh!

  6. hows that being racist?perry white is being white for how many years now?i now for a fact if they made shat white hell break loose!!!!why change something that dont need to be changed if anything ur the racist for saying that

  7. Why are people making a big deal over a new ultimate spider man being half-black, half-Hispanic and Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White in the up coming Man Of Steel movie? I’m far from being racists, for god sake my girl who’s white gave birth this past Friday to my haft black-haft white baby girl. When God created us he didn’t pick colors. It goes to show you how people in America is so small minded. I’m sorry but when God created this world he didn’t a sign the “white people” to lead.

    • I completely agree.

    • Don’t forget this “new” Spider-Man may also be gay as well. More political correctness run amok. Marvel has really become pathetic in its pandering & it’s really sad to see so much deference shown to an aberrant ideology devoted to so much meaningless stupidity. Perhaps tho’ if these characters had started out as established black characters instead of white, it would be a different story, but the politics behind these creative liberties like this are transparent & sickening!

  8. Hell yeah Morpheus is editing the copy at the Daily Planet! He seems way too cool to be an editor at a newspaper. Mr. Fishburne has paid many dues to earn this role. Fortunately for Henry Cavill, the man who could have been Jimi Hendrix in a biopic could have easily passed as a very cool Superman in his prime.

  9. I did a facepalm at hearing about this. I like Fishburne, but as Perry White, no. It’s nothing more than getting him to be “the token black guy” to try to draw in the African-American audience, which is a stupid ploy since, as somebody here already said, Perry White’s going to get as much screen time as J.J.J. did in Spider-Man, if even that. (And JK Simmons at least resembled the character, which was probably about 50% of the reason why the fans enjoyed it! – The other 50% – JK Simmons acted perfectly like him.)

    Fishburne also has the completely wrong persona for the character. He’s just going to come off as just another serious non-Caucasian “guy in power,” that we seem to be seeing with more and more frequency in TV and movies. I don’t mind it in some cases as some are very dynamic or fun personalities, but Fishburne in such a role is going to come off as ho-hum. Fishburne isn’t going to be the Perry White that you’d expect to say “Great Caesar’s Ghost!”

    Oh well, just another reason I’ll be saving my money on this movie. I was never particularly excited about this one because I couldn’t see a way where they could top the first movie, other than giving us more action.

    • Casting blacks in roles of previously caucasian established characters is nothing more than gratuitous pandering to the asinine common sense euthanizing influence of political correctness & I’m fed up with that bullcrap.

      • Or they just felt that this actor matched their version Perry White. Could be that simple. What an idea, right? Just casting the best actor who fits the part regardless of race.


  10. Seems like a waste of a good actor in a very small part. Make him a villain like Parasite or even Doomsday.

  11. Perry white is a bit of a comic relief character. Don’t think I’ve seen Fishburne do much in the way of humor.

    • Perry White has very often been a dramatic linchpin, an advisory resource, and/or a significant supporting character in the comics…Comic relief is actually more of a rarity, an exception.

  12. I disagree that Laurence Fishburne will be in-appropirate to play Perry White and it doesn’t make sense to me I would go for other actors who can choose for the role are Bruce Greenwood, John Slattery, Kevin Kline, John Heard, and Treat Williams that be alot considerately for the role.

  13. I’m still honestly surprised that WB kept Zack Snyder on as the director after Sucker Punch’s abysmal performance and previously Watchmen’s lukewarm (box office) reception, but I just wanted to comment on everyone’s flipping out over or defending the casting of Fishburne as Perry White:

    For all the Michael Clarke Duncans as Kingpins and Fishburnes as Perry Whites, etc. that have been cast over the years causing these kinds of uproars, I feel that the black community would absolutely flip s#!^ if Shaft was played by Bruce Willis or Apollo Creed was played by Tom Hardy, etc. in a remake/reboot and would decry it as racism of the highest caliber. Not to say that Perry White is important character worthy of these parallels, but take a less important character and apply the idea – say, to whatever black character is in G.I. Joe (I’ve never watched that show or film) and you would likely get this overexaggerated outcry over flipping the race for the character’s new adaptation.

    • Your example is flawed.

      Shaft is a character who is defined entirely by his race. The themes of the character have to do with the fact that he is a black man looking out for his community (hence the theme song).

      Apollo Creed is the same – The whole point of that character was that little Italian Rocky was taking on a big black bruiser like Apollo – race had a lot to do with the themes of the characters and that story.

      The Kingpin and Perry White are in no way, shape, or form, defined by their race. They are both defined by their attitude and behavior. They can be played by anyone, of any nationality, so long as the themes, attitudes and behaviors of the characters don’t change.

      I’d be more worried if Perry White was changed into a sensitive mother hen type. Even if the actor was white, an Emo Perry White would dishonor the character. So long as Fishburne plays Perry White as that gruff father-figure type, his skin color doesn’t matter.

      I love these discussions! I also love the people who use buzz words as euphemisms for prejudice! Rock on world!

  14. Political correctness should be outlawed & punishable by either a substantial fine, or imprisonment not to exceed 10 years, or a thorough ass beating for being so ignorant to begin with! This gratuitous pandering that makes it necessary to turn an established white character black is ridiculous! At least with this latest Superman reboot update, I have a heads up it’s going to suck in advance instead of blowing my money like I did on Bryan Singers crappy Superman Returns & finding out after the fact!

  15. Laurence Fishburne taking on the role of the Daily Planet’s Perry White! wowwww, woooooeeww!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think I just have trouble seeing Cowboy Curtis and Morpheus in the role of Perry White. It has nothing to do with race or nationality or anything like that. I just don’t think Fishburne is the right actor for the part. I enjoyed Perry White in the Donner films and in Smallville. Superman Returns was bad in every way so that doesn’t even count for me. But for me, I literally have hated every bit of casting for this entire project except for Superman. Lois, Pa and Ma Kent, Jor-el, and now Perry White are all miss-casted all because Snyder is a lame wannabe edgy director.