Superman Officially Goes ‘Reboot’

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superman dark reboot Superman Officially Goes RebootAfter a solid year’s worth of news, rumors and flat-out Internet BS regarding the future of the Superman franchise, Warner Brothers has decided: The Man of Steel is headed for a reboot.

As WB big-cheese Jeff Robinov explained to the Wall-Street Journal:

“‘Superman’ didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to. It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned. Had ‘Superman’ worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009. But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman.”

Personally, I was a fan of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and was anticipating his sequel (i.e. the oft-titled Superman: The Man of Steel!) Ahhh well! Nothing anyone can do about that.

I’m first and foremost a fan of the character. So let’s just hope that the studio lines up the right talent behind the camera with the right direction for Superman.

But a new concern seems to have arisen from the same article:

“Like the recent Batman sequel — which has become the highest-grossing film of the year thus far — Mr. Robinov wants his next pack of superhero movies to be bathed in the same brooding tone as ‘The Dark Knight.’ Creatively, he sees exploring the evil side to characters as the key to unlocking some of Warner Bros.’ DC properties. ‘We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it,’ he says. That goes for the company’s Superman franchise as well.”

I wouldn’t worry (if at all, to be honest) towards the “dark” remarks from Robinov. They’re coming from a real high at the moment with The Dark Knight kicking so much butt at the box-office. He’s basically just talking out loud throwing out ideas.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And prepare yourself for months of 100% Grade-A B.S., folks. At the moment, there is no director nor screenwriter(s) currently working on the new Superman revival film. Nor is there a storyline or approach that everyone at WB has agreed upon.

It basically boils down to this, boys and girls. The studio knows exactly what they don’t want, and they’re working from there.

Regardless of what ultimately goes down, Superman will return to the silver screen again… eventually.

Source: The Wall-Street Journal

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  1. Hey, aren’t you the same person who said that SR would be getting a sequel and that a reboot wasn’t happening a while back? :p

    A few weeks ago Millar said he was still in talks for a Superman film, possibly by 2011. Even said he had a big director and producer lined up for it if it were to happen.

    I agree with what you said about his supposed rejecting, but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of his Superman film seeing the light of day.

    You seem kinda down on Millar, IMO….

  2. In regards to the “dark” direction the DC films might be taking, I say good.

    As long as they aren’t making Superman, Flash, GL, etc, in terms of character dark, vengeance obsessed characters and are just doing dark stories I think it will be great. :)

  3. I think Darkseid would be a great villain. Someone that can match superman in strength and intelligence. Someone that can push superman to the edge. It is time we saw this kind of Superman movie already.

  4. True, I was wrong about the RETURNS sequel ultimately happening. But plans were under-way and WB met with various writers about approaching a sequel.

    As for Millar, he’s the boy who cried wolf. The guy has made up SOOOOOOO much crap in the past just to get his press its not even funny.

    There was:

    -His claims of “knowing” that Jim Caviezel would play Superman in RETURNS (going as far as betting $$$ against Aint-It-Cool-News’ Harry Knowles and later admitting he made it all up)
    -Eminem “begging him” to be in WANTED (which both Universal and Eminem’s agent flat-out denied and again he later admitted to making up)
    -The infamous Orson Welles Batman hoax.

    Even that more recent claim from a few months back, Millar later recanted. I would advice to take anything he says with a BIG chunk of salt at this point.


  5. Like 790 said, the airplane scene in SR was great. The problem I had with SR was 1) the kid sucked 2) Lex Luther was underused 3) Lois was lame 4) not enough Supes action. I say do the reboot with Routh as Supes and yes, get a real villian. OK, Lex is a super genius and all but he’s still human. I want an epic battle, like a Hulk vs. Superman (I know, but I can dream can’t I). I want major action, a villian to really test the limits of Supes powers and some were mentioned here (Darkseid, Bizarro, Metalo, etc…), but I would like to see him go against Lobo. That would not only give us some major fights but some comic relief as well (ala Wolverine style).

  6. Thanks, Jamie. Millar is a shyster… lol

    I still wonder what his take on Superman would be like tho.

    Brainiac should be the next villain. I’m cool with Darkseaid too but he should be used in JLA. :) Lex should be the business man Lex from the Byrne era/Superman: TAS, and should be lurking in the back ground as a sub character, but he should still be there.

  7. KEL, I can’t believe you have so much faith in WB/DC,,,, their the same bozo’s that can’t seem to get JLA off the ground,,, ;-)

  8. The airplane scene was the best scene in the movie, but did anyone else notice an obvious problem with it? He fought this diving airplane and broke off the wings, and all of these other parts, and then stopped the fuselage from crashing into the stadium, killing all of the occupants… but wait… what about the wings and all of the debris??? Isn’t that on their way down too? So off in the background while Superman was wooing Lois, people in the stadium are dying from falling airplane wings and other debris… :-D

  9. Or he took care of it and they didn’t bother to show it.. :D

  10. Optimist. LOL.

    Seriously tho, 790, they came to their senses and are going to do it right. The film will happen someday. I’ll probably be 70. LOL.

    I liked what Mark Millar did with Superman back when he wrote the old Superman Adventures book, it’s what got mne into Supes when I was a kid so I was excited when I heard he might be writing the new film.

    Maybe WB’s actually got their act together this time….?

  11. 70, Sheesh KEL, thell be on Iron Man reboot number 4 by then. Lol. 8-)

  12. I’ll be honest when i heard superman returns was going to pick up where Superman 2 with Reeve left off…i was a little unsure and thought i would have rather seen it all start over. But after seeing SR i feel like most of the posts feel. I didn’t love it, but i liked it….and now that it is done, I was looking forward to The man of steel in 2009. They re-estabilished the characters and now they could move forward, but now they have to start that all over. I love superman, but why do all the powers that be seem to have so much trouble with making a superman movie and with the other superhero movies, they just dive right in. They should keep Routh, i think he did a good job and definitely move forward without Lex…..even though Spacey was good. Just my thoughts……HOPE THAT MAYBE THIS IS JUST A RUMOR…..

  13. I would like to see some of Supermans space alien villians in the next one. Maybe a duo nemesis. ????

    (((KEL what’s the best space alien Superman had to deal with?))
    If they drop Routh I’m BOYCOTTING !!!!!!

    Singer had his chance,,, he had to go work with Cruise on Valkyre. Booo !

  14. Another thing about SR that was a bit disappointing was that it seemed as if the producers or director felt that Routh can’t act or something. He barely has any lines in the movie, all he does is fly around. It’s like they don’t want to let him talk. Hopefully in the next Superman they will give him more of a chance to define himself in the movie.

  15. Yeah Ken J, I got that vibe too. What’s the deal WB,,,the guy can act !!!! (Damm it)
    Routh is perfect for the role,he can act great,,,

    Another example of WB/DC not having a clue !!!!!!!!!

  16. I got it! Get Jon Favreau to direct Man of Steel! Oh, wait… :-)

  17. Thing is, if its a reboot, they will not being back Routh because he’s tied into the previous film from what essentially will be a different series and it wouldn’t make sense to most movie-goers.

    If they want another TDK success, it’ll unfortunately be a new Clark Kent with big name supporting actors. I really liked Routh as superman and I almost wish they’d continue with a sequel to SR just ignoring the boy plotline.

    Then after the credits, have Christian Bale come in to the Daily Planet HQ and ask for Clark.

  18. I think instead of having Bale actually walk up to see Supes, have him noticing something about Superman on TV or something– I like the comics that started off with Bats knowing who Superman was but not vice versa.

  19. Yeah Rob that is as serviceable as a reboot, unfortunately they won’t go that way.

    Clark wakes up at home on the farm after his ship crash landed he says to himself while holding his head: Me and Lois with a son what was I dreaming?? Tired gag I know, but couldn’t help it..

  20. I feel writers and producers put entirely too much into thinking and planning when putting together a superman movie…..Superman should have been the first of all of the superhero movies….I mean he is the most well-known of them all..isn’t he? How many times did they start to right something and we hear rumors and then it never happens…..I know they want to get it right…but this is riduculous. Routh was good…the movie wasn’t bad….just make The Man of Steel BETTER…..

  21. I didnt see to many mention Smallville. Why not use that cast that is already in character. Look at the cast, Erica Durance is HOT as Lois, Tom Welling has the role down. Everyone would be great to branch off into a New Superman movie. And since this will be the last season of Smallville, they should see how it ends in reviews and go from there. Smallville has a huge fan base and would get bigger if they use that cast for the movie cause when the movie is done right and people love it they will want to watch Smallville. It makes sense since they are rebooting the movie and Smallville will be ending where the movie should begin. They could even save money and use clips from Smallville for flashbacks. I know a lot of people who agree with me. Maybe they could have a poll at the end of season 8.

  22. Yah, I don’t see that happening. That is more like a fan of the show’s pipe dream. If they wanted to make a “superman” movie, it wouldn’t be cannon and it will have to be called something like “Smallville: Superman” or something corny like that so people would not confuse the two.

    From what I know, they are not made by the same people and they might not have the rights to just make a Superman movie with their team right? Or maybe, they are both WB? I don’t know, haven’t really looked into Superman too much…

  23. I’m a smallville fan and I like the idea of maybe doing a smallville movie….but not using the cast in the new superman movies. I think that they should keep the same cast as in superman returns……But a separate smallville movie….possibly made for TV only….would be cool.

  24. 790, better late than never :p, to answer your question regarding Superman’s worst (or best) alien nemesises, I’d have to say:

    1. Brainiac – Lex luthor is the human antithesis of Superman; he’s everything Clark kent isn’t. Brainiac is the alien antithesis of Superman; he’s everything Kal El isn’t. With Brainiac, everything is about knowlege. Knowlege is power. With each world he comes across and destroys, he first takes all of it’s knowlege and a small piece of it, including a specimen of the world. (see Superman: the animated series episodes “Last Son of Krypton” parts 1 – 3 and “Stolen Memories”, I also suggest checking out the latest issues of Action Comics for a great read on Brainiac by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, also, the animated “Justice League” episodes “Twillight” 1 – 2)

    2. Darkseid – He’s the greatest threat to the DC Universe and hates Superman. There’s nothing better then a good ol’ Supes VS Darkseid brawl. Darkseid is the malevolent ruler of the planet Apokoplips, which is pretty much like hell. He’s nearly all powerful. He’s also immortal, but his defeat is prophecised to come one day at the hands of his son, Orion, in the fire pits of Apokolips. He’d make a great Superman and/or JLA movie villain. (I suggest checking out the Superman: the animated series episodes “Apokolips…NOW!” 1 – 2 and “Legacy” 1 – 2, also the animated “Justice League/Justice league Unlimited” series episodes “Twilight” 1- 2, “Alive”, and “Destroyer”.

    3. General Zod and the thousands of Phantom Zone criminals (among them Ursa, Non, Jax Ur, and Mala of course) – Superman 2 was pretty good, but for a REALLY good Zod smackdown, checkout Geoff Johns’ and Richard Donner’s “Last Son” 4 part Action Comics trade. It’s a realy great read and the Zod I’d want to see on screen. :D

    (sorry for the messy post)

  25. I say scrap Lex Luthor and leave him on that tiny island he got stuck on with Kitty. I say get a new Lois Lane ’cause this chick who played her didn’t do her justice. And that wig she had on was killing me. The whole kid thing is not too bad but don’t concentrate on it too much in the next movie. Yes, please choose an actual villain like General Zod. I know that Lex Luthor might be so smart that he can somehow get Superman to crash, but he’s still only human. And they should try using red kryptonite. I’m not into comic books because as good as they might be, I was never itroduced to them but I did fall in love with Superman from the movies and I am a fan of the Smallville series, and they’ve played the red kryptonite in at least one episode. But make it seem big. In the show, all red kryptonite did was make Clark go to Vegas and get hitched, which is stupid, but in the movie, they can really mess Superman up with that. In which maybe they can play with the whole new “dark” story.

  26. A reboot of Superman might be interesting, but dark side? Supes has a dark side? The character doesn’t work as a dark, brooding anti-hero.
    Instead, they should attack the problem by showing how much of a misfit he is. He’s basically a god walking around in a world of lesser beings. Normal people and their governmants might not like the idea of such a guy hanging around.

  27. Here’s the trick. While I personally hate reboots, find them confusing, lacking imagination(like 98% of the drivel hollywood turns out these days) and utterly dispicable, I think this is one franchise(along with X-men thanks to Brett Ratner and his Last Stand) that definitely could use it. I mean, the Hulk was a great example of a reboot that worked. The original didn’t do anything but prove good special effects doesn’t equal an enjoyable movie, and make me want to put a hit out on Ang Lee. While the assasins are still in place, I think Louis and Ed Norton made a wonderful success in the wake of that cinematic abortion. This franchise deserves a revamp. But all this “make it darker” crap is just stupid. Superman is not Batman. I mean, that’s the point of them being two different characters. Batman was made to be the opposite of Superman after Superman’s rousing success way back when. Here’s my pitch. Do one origin, that lasts ten minutes. I mean, we’re pretty familiar with it by now, so no need to dwell, but definitely don’t just plummet straight into a reboot without some backstory. I would love to see a new actor take on Jor-El(and please let Bruce Timm do some screenwriting, as much as he’s done to revitalize the character). Maybe even feature his explanation that Braniac is responsible for the destruction of Krypton, then have Jor-El(portrayed by someone as iconic as Brando but definitely recast because Brando is, after all, dead) and have him sacrifice all to watch send his son to safety, to a place where he can stop Braniac, and protect a noble people. Once on Earth, feature Smallville as little as possible(if you really want to watch him living there, Check out the CW for friggin season 8-maybe he’ll even fly) and get straight into him knowing who he is, and what he can do. Don’t kill Pa Kent, which is a sad rip-off of Spidey’s great responsibility shtick. Let them raise him to use his powers to help others. Maybe feature him learning of his abilities all at once through one life-altering event, like saving a little girl from a train-wreck(Bruce Timm, you are a genius.) Then he goes, becomes a reporter, meets Lois, and begins to battle crime across the world. Loved the plane, lets see some more action like that(without making it seem like Lois would have to be invulnerable to survive) and then, after the first forty-five minutes, have Braniac threaten the Earth. Kal-el rises to stop him, and an epic battle ensues. When the chips are down, Braniac reveals to Kal-El he killed his father and destroyed Krypton. Then the tide turns, and Supes destroys Braniac. The film should end with Superman’s antics winning over the world, impressing Lois Lane(who is not of the gravest importance in this film, other than making Clark stumble over himself to accentuate his differences as Supes) and, right before the credits, catching the attention of a certain power-hungry billionaire genius. Make Luthor nothing more than a shadow-an afterthought. Got more ideas for sequels if anyone’s up to it.

  28. That’s one of the problems with Superman,,, they can’t lock down a great supes like Sony did with Tobey.

  29. They already have a great Supes. They just don’t realize the potential. Personally, I don’t think he’ll be getting an oscar anytime soon, but he pulls this role off wonderful. I say let the fans have what they want. Give em Tom Welling.