Superman Officially Goes ‘Reboot’

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superman dark reboot Superman Officially Goes RebootAfter a solid year’s worth of news, rumors and flat-out Internet BS regarding the future of the Superman franchise, Warner Brothers has decided: The Man of Steel is headed for a reboot.

As WB big-cheese Jeff Robinov explained to the Wall-Street Journal:

“‘Superman’ didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to. It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned. Had ‘Superman’ worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009. But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman.”

Personally, I was a fan of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns and was anticipating his sequel (i.e. the oft-titled Superman: The Man of Steel!) Ahhh well! Nothing anyone can do about that.

I’m first and foremost a fan of the character. So let’s just hope that the studio lines up the right talent behind the camera with the right direction for Superman.

But a new concern seems to have arisen from the same article:

“Like the recent Batman sequel — which has become the highest-grossing film of the year thus far — Mr. Robinov wants his next pack of superhero movies to be bathed in the same brooding tone as ‘The Dark Knight.’ Creatively, he sees exploring the evil side to characters as the key to unlocking some of Warner Bros.’ DC properties. ‘We’re going to try to go dark to the extent that the characters allow it,’ he says. That goes for the company’s Superman franchise as well.”

I wouldn’t worry (if at all, to be honest) towards the “dark” remarks from Robinov. They’re coming from a real high at the moment with The Dark Knight kicking so much butt at the box-office. He’s basically just talking out loud throwing out ideas.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And prepare yourself for months of 100% Grade-A B.S., folks. At the moment, there is no director nor screenwriter(s) currently working on the new Superman revival film. Nor is there a storyline or approach that everyone at WB has agreed upon.

It basically boils down to this, boys and girls. The studio knows exactly what they don’t want, and they’re working from there.

Regardless of what ultimately goes down, Superman will return to the silver screen again… eventually.

Source: The Wall-Street Journal

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  1. I actually really liked this superman as well. I had no problems with the film personally and like you was looking forward to see what Singer would of done next…does that mean he’s gone and Routh is gone?

  2. I liked Routh as Superman and I think they could bring him back in the role. I wasn’t crazy about SR, but I didn’t hate it either. The whole superkid thing was out of left field, and I think if that didn’t happen they wouldn’t need the reboot. The only real unfortunate side effect of this reboot is that we will get Lex Luthor AGAIN.

  3. So we’ve got Rob, who liked it, Andy, who wasn’t crazy about it, and now me– I just flat out didn’t like it. That’s why Screenrant is a fun site, hahah.

    Anywho, I think they should’ve done a reboot to begin with– with new ideas and whatnot, they still had to fit it all into the previously arranged movies of Chris Reeves. Besides, this will give them a chance to change that costume..

    But yeah, super-kid was a little off-base, especially since we haven’t seen Supes in years then they throw a kid at us. We need to be reintroduced to him, to what he was– he never posed for camera phones, he’s faster than a freakin’ speeding bullet!

    I did like how they emphasized Clark’s poor posture and humble nature– but cracking the frame and whatnot was really just a little too much of a giveaway to anyone paying attention.

    That, and wasn’t Superman holding a beer in SR? I just hope we get Bizarro or something. After seeing what they did with Two-Face and The Joker, I bet they could make a wicked Bizarro.


  4. I really liked SR, but before the fact I do remember wishing they’d just gone with a reboot. I don’t know if they’d bring back Routh but I’d be happy if they did.

    Mixed feelings, but super-kid aside SR worked as a reverent swansong for the Reeve franchise. “I’m always around” is a good line to go out on.

    I’d prefer not to see Lex again. If it’s an origin story all over maybe we won’t need to? And I do think it’ll be an origin story, but maybe they could do the Incredible Hulk jump-right-in approach instead.

  5. One thing we do know for sure,,,,
    WB Studios (Robinov), have no clue what their doing,,, and that’s pretty sad when their the ones running the show.
    Go Dark,,, what kind of plan is that ??? Why don’t they change the name of WB to TDK studios ???

    Personally I like SuperMan Returns, the Airplane scenes are just a taste of how a chunked out action Supes film could look with Routh. They could ignore the kid, make the film like a fast paced episode of 24, but with Superman.

    Singer did a good job, with a few kinda big prob’s the kid and the chunk of Kryptonite that didn’t seem to phase him,,, but overall the film was fun.
    WB, (TDK Studios) should give Singer the chance to follow up with Routh before the just get lazy, and hit the reboot button.
    What spinless morons.

    I have no interest in seeing another start up Superman, and if Lex is in the film I will not see it. :-(

  6. The Dark Knight formula eh?

    Okay then:

    1. Drop “Superman”. Preferably name the movie “Man of Steel”. Full Stop.

    2. Get an ensemble line up. No no-name stars. Yes, that means you Brandon Routh.

    3. Get a much better, more powerful villain. Again, preferably someone who everyone knows that can act the character well.

    4. And, as stated, make sure Superman broods and broods.

    But then again, if all superheroes become emo, God help us.

  7. SR was ok, I didn’t like the kid, Lex, or the whole “Superman can lift a continent made of kryptonite when he has been stabbed with said material” thing, but Routh worked I think, and if they do a reboot there is no reason they have to include Lex. after all Lex didn’t hate Superman as soon as he showed up and started saving the people of metropolis (as far as I know) so why not make a movie that stands on it’s own, one that has nothing really to do with any of the previous ones? kinda like how the X-Files movie was. except it has to be way better than that movie was of course.

  8. We all seem pretty intolerant of change. What wouldn’t you mind changing? I suppose Superman killing Luthor is out of the question, right?

  9. Old Man, don’t fix what aint broken,,,

    Kill Lex !!!!

  10. I’d really like to see him take on someone other than Luthor. It’s not like he doesn’t have a decent rogues’ gallery to choose from. Look how many people are ready to see Batman take on a different villain like the Riddler or perhaps a more realistic “Penguin” character for Nolan’s franchise. I don’t think people just want to see Superman take on Luthor over and over again in slight variations of the last encounter. Yes, he’s Superman’s Arch Enemy, but a little variety would be nice.

    I think a Darkseid conflict could satisfy the heads of WB to get a little darker with the Man of Steel without betraying his core (which isn’t as dark as Batman).

    Superman is a larger than life character. His is a character that can stand a storyline with a larger than life villain.

  11. Killing Lex is a terrible idea .
    i dont have a reaction to this because they havent done anything yet.

  12. Gary, what I mean is not featuring him in the reboot. There’s plenty of enemies for Supes to deal with I’m done with Lex.

  13. I really didn’t like Superman Returns at all. It was long, and it was damn boring! So I say do the reboot all right. I liked Superman: Doomsday a lot more, it was a bit darker and mature than normal, and it was good for it.
    And yes, Lex is’nt furniture, leave him out for once, enough bad people for supes to handle.

  14. 790 ,
    I am sure they will but there is nothing wrong with Lex having some participation.

  15. Start here:

    1. Dump the kid. Dumbest. Idea. Ever.

    2. If they include Lex, make it no more than a cameo. PLEASE.

    3. No “wallowing in self-pity” crap for Superman/Clark.

    4. No “Clark drinking a beer at a bar.”

    5. Give us a villain epic enough to go toe to toe with Superman not only in brains but in physical abilities.

    6. No kryptonite.


  16. They need a solid action comic story with a epic villian, and no reference to Supes Origins at all. (Learn from TDK)
    They should make Lois an afterthought and have NO love story in the film at all. (Learn from Spider Man)

    Lex is just a criminal with some Kryptonite in his pocket, he’s gotta stay locked up in jail. Gheesssh

    At this point,,,
    Lex is the mark of lazy ignorance on DC’s part. Superman has like 200 villains that they could choose from. Even a Lex cameo would be lame !!!!!

    Let’s start pondering some new Villians on the block /// 8-)

  17. You guys have to remember that WB and DC are working closely together on this new SUPERMAN revival film.

    So one shouldn’t worry about “dark” Supes because DC won’t allow that.

    In regards to filmmakers, it’s going to be someone obviously talented, sees eye-to-eye with the material/approach he’s working with and (most importantly) can be easily controlled by WB/DC.

    Examples would include Francis Lawerence, D.J. Caruso or David Slade.


  18. The creative team behind all the Batman, Superman, and Justice League Animated material should have some input, at least at the early stages . . . .

  19. Well hopefully in the new Superman film they have Lex Luthor with a plan that is NOT completely stupid like in Superman Returns…

    Oh yes, lets grow a desolate island that will slowly devour the United States and expect the US government to pay us billions to live on this piece of rock. It’s not like they can just take it by force or anything. I didn’t see any alien technology on that rock for them to defend themselves with, did you? Basically they are just a few guys standing around on a rock demanding money from the USA. That’s going to work.

    So hopefully they come up with a story that doesn’t make Lex Luthor look like a complete fool.

  20. I’m glad to hear that DC will have approval power about whether Superman should go dark or not.

  21. “Van Banoovong said,
    August 24th, 2008
    I’m glad to hear that DC will have approval power about whether Superman should go dark or not.”

    Sounds a lot like the control Marvel is trying to have over their movies now doesn’t it?

  22. So who’s got some ideas on new Villians.
    Forget Lex Poother and the 3 prisoners from Krypton !!!!!

    We need a new nemesis. No not Doomsday. Something unpredictable.
    Not Richard Pryor !

  23. Why would WB imply that TDK’s success was due to being dark? Superman is not a ‘dark’ character by nature. Bring in a great villain, and get the heck out of Metropolis. Go interstellar, follow (or lead) what GL could become

  24. Panda, Warner Brothers dosnt have a clue,,,
    its becoming real obvious, they don’t have the creative grasp of Superman at the suit level.

    You should wikipedia “Superman Film series” and look at the incredibly stupid concepts they almost used for the 5th Superman film.
    Kevin Smith wrote a screenplay that was horrid. They were gonna go full Superboy and Supergirl.
    Its a miricle Superman Returns was ANY good at all.

  25. The villains for the new Superman films should be Brainiac, Darkseid, Manchester Black, Metallo, Bizarro, and Eradicator among others.

    As for Doomsday, he’s already been shown in the animated movie and Smallville is now doing him.

    As for Lex Luthor, he’s overexposed already in film, television, and animation.

  26. I don’t know, the sentencing of Zod and company in the very first movie had a dark tone to it. If you take that scene as your total exposure to Superman, the planet Krypton and the kind of government that existed there; You get a different view from the rest of the movies. On the one hand, Krypton’s justice system has no death penalty for the criminals, however an eternity imprisoned in the manner it was done seems harsher than our own system. If death would mean, the oblivion of consciousness, then its a much worse fate than death. Superman doesn’t need to be a brooding character, just one willing to do what’s necessary given the circumstances. If it comes to the death of a villain then that’s what it should be.

  27. That’s the one thing I always kind of hated about Superman and Batman, is their complete unwillingness to kill these supervillains that are completely willing to kill an entire building full of people and then laugh about it.

    Yes, killing is bad, and they shouldn’t just do it without thinking about it, but sometimes you just wonder if them saving the villain’s life could have caused the deaths of hundreds of civilians after that.

  28. About. Freakin’. Time!

    My problems with SR:

    The bastard kid (wrong for so many reasons lol), the connection to the Reeve films, the Jesus references (superman ain’t a god and he certainly is more moses then jesus anyday), the lack of action, the proverbial p***ifying of superman again (I’m tired of superman the wimp in the movies, I want to see the tougher, Superman: TAS/JLU/George Reeves/Byrne era Superman), and Lex luthor as the main villain with a land based plot again.

    Everything else, IMO, was fine. the best thing about it was Routh. If he never plays Supes again, WB and Singer should pay him for life. The suit was OK (s coulda been bigger but who cares), and the score was great. The special FX were the best in a superhero film to date, IMO.

    Anyhoo, reboot with or without Routh. Either use Routh or get someone as good or better for the requel to play Superman. I just want a good Superman movie. :D

    Hopefully we hear more on Mark Millar’s Superman pitch. I think it’d be awesome. I love what he did back when he wrote the Superman Adventures comic. :)

  29. Millar’s not going to get anywhere near this. Nor will anyone remotely related to the comics-industry in terms of writing.

    In fact, that story of his last year about “being a Marvel guy and his contract to them” as his reason for being rejected for SUPERMAN?

    100% Grade-A B.S. as are his claims from a few months back.

    The studio HATED his ideas.