Will Superman Be Unleashed In The Sequel?

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superman unleashed Will Superman Be Unleashed In The Sequel?

It was just last week when we heard the crazy rumor of the Wachowski brothers possibly directing a new trilogy of Superman films that was later debunked – and now we have more Superman rumors!

Peter over at /Film apparently got into a password protected page on the Legendary Pictures website with the help of one of their readers and this particular page listed some interesting information for the next Superman project.

Listed on this page of films in development was a movie titled Superman Unleashed, a supposed sequel to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. The synopsis of the film listed on the page went as follows:

“Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve.”

What does this mean? Probably not much.

I highly doubt the film will be called that for obvious reasons. To me, it’s just the temporary name of the project which emphasizes the increase in action and excitement that they want the movie to achieve.

We already knew there were going to be more Superman films down the road but this suggests that the next will be a follow-up to Superman Returns as opposed to a complete reboot which has been hinted at for a while now (since we found out Bryan Singer would not be involved in the next Man of Steel project).

This information from that page has been taken down since the story was first put online.

What do you think of the synopsis for a possible next installment in the Superman franchise?

Source: /Film

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  1. @ Andy S

    Hey what about Sally Fields?…she was hot back in the day…

  2. Jacqueline Smith? Sally Field??? Seriously? Sorry, I just couldn’t see either one in that role (Smith, maybe). I think Margot Kidder did great in the part, and more importantly, I could see someone like her being successful as a journalist. How seriously do you take the Barbie dolls they stick behind the news desks on TV these days? Of course, keep in mind that Margot Kidder was my first exposure to the character of Lois Lane (not the comic book), so my opinion is probably a bit skewed here.

  3. Saw it on big screen Greenknight,

    I really didn’t enjoy that movie.

  4. Sorry Bill, as much as I love the first 2 Superman movies, to this day I still think Kidder was miscast. She PLAYED the character well, don’t get me wrong, but she just didn’t LOOK like Lois. Lois was supposed to be HOT and Kidder was NOT. She was more like Lois Lame.

    Yeah, I know that was bad. LOL.

  5. They just need to film the death and return, period end of story

  6. Geez you guys need to get a sense of humor…and as much as you disliked MAtrix Revolutions Rob I loved it as much and probably more…

  7. Well I’m glad somebody did :D

    Afterall, it got owned by critics everywhere and earned less than half the rating compared to Matrix 1 & 2 on Rotten Tomatoes. It also made just over half the money Reloaded did in theatres and on DVD.

  8. I say they go for a reboot. The last movie was missing so much that we all wanted to see and starting over is the only way to get these movies on the right track. Introduce one of the major villans like Braniac, tie him in with Luthor and have Darkside come in at the end to set up the sequel. The world should be in peril at the end with Superman having fought the battle of his life. Not really impressed with Routh either, anyone have any other recommendations for the role?

  9. What should be done with the Superman series of movies, have it go right into a trilogy, which would satisfy not only the fans, but the studio’s want for a reboot. Do the Doomsday/Death of Superman triology of films, and this way, IF Warner Brothers is smart, they can have cross-over movies like they DC had with it’s books. There can be a cross-over with Hal Jordan and Green Lantern, along with Wonder Wonder, Justice League, Booster Gold and, er…well maybe no Booster Gold(A late April’s Fools joke)but it’s easy to see where this one Superman Storyline can take Warner Brothers, as in the Correct way to introduce the main stream movie goer to the whole new DC Universe. And, as Yogurt the great from Spaceballs says…MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING. SUPERMAN THE LUNCH BOX SUPERMAN TOILET PAPER……..

  10. No reboot. I mean, who on earth doesn’t know where Superman came from and his origins and stuff.

    Just finally give him a supervillain to battle already. No more Lex…Please.

  11. I would like to see superman’s stronger foes like Darkseid, Bizarro, Brainiac,Doomsday and Parasite these guys are better than same old Lex

  12. A reboot is unnecessary. If they want to, they could always make a Superman film set in a separate universe from the one the previous films were set in. They can reboot a franchise WITHOUT having to re-tell the origin. I mean, does anyone NOT know Superman’s origin?

    As for villains… Doomsday. The Death of Superman was the biggest comic book event in the history of American comic books. They won’t do it, though, because they think the public wouldn’t accept a movie where Superman dies in the end and they have to wait for the next sequel for him to come back.

    If not, Brainiac could work real well.

  13. yea you got a good point and they should reboot but not tell his orgin like you said everyone knows who what where why and how he is.

  14. Hey Brandon, I don’t know, if you give Warner Bros the idea of the Death of Superman as the first film in a all new movie DC Universe, and they see the potential of all the characters, and most importantly, all the Money Money Money that could be generated from this radical idea of Superman dying, I think they would jump at the chance. After all, they could market it right from the get go that this is a three part storyline like Star Wars was in the first three fims. Hell, they damn near killed off Hans Solo or left Luke hanging from the very tip of the Sky City, those two endings left people hanging until the next flick. I don’t know how old you are, or if you’re aware of the old concept in films, called Cliffhangers. They were 12-15 part segments that made up an entire, what they use to refer to as Movie Serials. They showed them in the movies theaters during the 40′s and 50′s, and it would require the movie goer to comeback each and every week, to see what happened to the hero, which he was usually left hanging from a building, or run off the road, and you would swear that the hero dies, only to find out next week that he lived, and they showed you how the hero escaped death as well. Well, this concept could be done, and has been done, aka, Star Wars, and we all know how popular and important those films are to the movie going audience, young & old alike. Now, picture this, somebody at Warner Bros with some nads, doing the Death of Superman storyline, with all the other heroes in the entire DC Universe being exposed to the audiences that don’t know who the Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps are, and all the little girls that would want to be like Wonder Woman, and the Flash, John Jonnz, Aquaman, Justice League(without the Wonder Twins please), Darkseid, Doomsday, Wave Rider, The Spectre etc….. Just how much do you think they will make on the toys & video games alone, never mind all the different movies and yada yada yada would entail. Warner Bros would be so busy for the next twenty or more years just releasing new movies and sequels, that there would be all new generations of fans created for the next century, all from the guy at Warner Bros Studios with the nads to say, let’s go for it! Hell, it might even kick start the Comic Book industry that’s been pretty much silent since Jim Shooter destroyed it with the Valiant & Plasm Universes and all the other universes that were created in the early 90′s. There’s just too much of an upside to a Death of Superman storyline that it’s actually foolish if they don’t do it.

  15. And, if they do a Braniac storyline, please let them use the Silver Age comic book version of Braniac. Or how about introducing Mr. Mxyzptlk to audiences. Anybody but another Lex Luthor story please!!!

  16. While I agree that I don’t see a need for a reboot in the Superman franchise, I’m a little baffled by all the talk of adapting “The Death of Superman.” In my opinion, the last Superman film already ran with that notion too much, with Superman in the hospital and all that, people facing the notion of a world without Superman in it. As a moviegoer, I’d feel cheated. That’s not to say that this couldn’t be done, I just think they have to wait many years before trying that, almost a decade (which is what Batman needed to recover from the fiasco of Batman & Robin), and I don’t know that fans want to wait that long for another Superman film.

  17. I’m very firmly in the “Death of Superman” camp, I believe the producers should look no further than this particular masterpiece for inspiration! IMHO the poor execution (despite the excellent potential) of SR makes that instalment eminently forgettable, so whilst Billy Blume makes a good point, the overall lore renders it moot! The novelization I read had some outstanding sub-plots and character depth!

    I also tend to agree with the others that believe another reboot is unnecessary, Superman is so firmly established that it has passed beyond science fiction into pop-culture itself, thus negating the need for retelling back story, the story can embark directly upon the issues at hand!

  18. I hope the ban Singer from having anything to do with the next superman movie. Superman returns was such a disapointment. I hope the get a new Superman and not keep that brandon guy (nerd-man). he was the worst man of steel ever. thank the lord for Smallville.

    They need to for get Superman Returns and start over.

  19. also remember, Singer did not know anything about superman. He worked with what they gave him as usual with Warner Bro. So don’t hate on Singer. He did a great job for the start.

  20. Superman Returns was a great sequel to the christopher reeve movies. the special affects were awesome. i loved when he got shot in the eye.

    if they make a new one with a whole lot of action and a good plot, it will without a doubt be a hit

  21. The gun shot to the eye was the best ever clip I ever saw for any movie.

  22. As long as Singer is not part of the project I’ll be happy. he made a mess of the last one. A reboot would be good or they should just do a movie that is as close to the book as possible. Everyone knows the Superman origin and they really don’t need to go there. the creators of Smallville are getting it right.

  23. indeed they are. we need a good superman movie. they got iffy after donnor’s supes 2. if this happens it needs to be great. either way i’ll still probably enjoy it because that’s the kind of movie watcher i am. but i know that superman has the potential to be as good as the dark knight