Will Superman Be Unleashed In The Sequel?

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superman unleashed Will Superman Be Unleashed In The Sequel?

It was just last week when we heard the crazy rumor of the Wachowski brothers possibly directing a new trilogy of Superman films that was later debunked – and now we have more Superman rumors!

Peter over at /Film apparently got into a password protected page on the Legendary Pictures website with the help of one of their readers and this particular page listed some interesting information for the next Superman project.

Listed on this page of films in development was a movie titled Superman Unleashed, a supposed sequel to Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. The synopsis of the film listed on the page went as follows:

“Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, the sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve.”

What does this mean? Probably not much.

I highly doubt the film will be called that for obvious reasons. To me, it’s just the temporary name of the project which emphasizes the increase in action and excitement that they want the movie to achieve.

We already knew there were going to be more Superman films down the road but this suggests that the next will be a follow-up to Superman Returns as opposed to a complete reboot which has been hinted at for a while now (since we found out Bryan Singer would not be involved in the next Man of Steel project).

This information from that page has been taken down since the story was first put online.

What do you think of the synopsis for a possible next installment in the Superman franchise?

Source: /Film

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  1. HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope they keep promises

  2. Ugh, if they plan on doing a sequel ( Which will be the.. fourth movie? ) and still want a Justice League movie– I don’t think the universes will go well with each other.

    As much as this DC fan hates to say it, Marvel has constructed their universe beautifully in the recent films. To just continue the old story will make it difficult to mesh our Justice League heroes together.


  3. I would love to see a genuine Kick Ass Superman movie.

    Brandon Routh LOOKED like Superman but there just wasn’t much meat to the story , they didn’t give him much to do. I reeeeeeeeeally disliked the whole half-super kid angle too; I just want to forget they ever did that nonsense.
    I liked Routh as the big ” S ” but it wouldn’t bother me if they did a complete reboot and used someone else for the part.
    What say you , my fellow Ranters ?
    Do you want a new actor in the part ?

    I’d really love to see ole Kal El go up against someone really powerful BUT NOT DOOMSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More Action please!!!!!!
    Let’s see some punches thrown , smash something , blow something up , gimme heat vision and super speed and flying !!!! lots of flying !!!!
    I don’t think I’m asking for too much .

  4. Marvel has created an Avengers universe and that`s all..it is in no way a reflection of Marvels`complete universe which has been fractured and divided amoung FOX, Lionsgate, Marvel, Sony and others..I was wondering just how the Superman Universe would not gel with the Justice League universe…WB owns all the DC properties(at least I think they do but you never know after the Watchmen fiasco) so I think they have all the necessary prerequisites to make a universe that will be very cohesive and will make viewers believe that their battery of characters all inhabit the same universe..

  5. RastaZen

    I am in unison with you and I want to see lots of destruction, chaos, and collateral damage. Let`s see Superman get a chance to show us what he is really capable of on screen..but I am not willing to compromise on a good story arc..the story has to be first rate too or otherwise I`ll just get a Superman video game and enjoy Supes pounding the pi$$ out of some characters in that format.

  6. @greenknight,

    I think you’re right about WB since they own DC.

    That’s good because they can keep all there movies in the same universe (or not, as we see with Nolan’s Batman). And it’s also bad because a solo studio can’t finance all these films around the same time to make movies for all the big characters in the DCU.

  7. The thing about comics is that there are so many interpretations and variations that it will be easy for Marvel to incorporate the properties they dont own once they reclaim them. I mean Spiderman headlined 4 comics at one time in the 80’s, 5 if you count marvel team up. There are so many stories out there so It will be possible. The only problem is that it will be a loooooooooooooooooong time before they get there hands on Spiderman and not just X-Men but the whole mutant universe again. A very long time.

  8. I think they could make a JL movie from Superman’s universe, not Nolan’s BAtman universe though. The only boadblocks I could see is the bastard son and goofy Lex – not that either would have to be mentioned in a JL film.

    Or reboot Superman starting with a JL film. If there is any character that does not need an introduction in the JL universe it’s Superman.

  9. If your Superman looks like Reeve (and Routh does) you have to cast a Lois lane that looks like Margot. The chemistry between the two is the single most important thing in the film.

    Also, the suit has to look like Reeve’s. It’s OK for Superman’s suit to appear to be cloth. He’s Superman. Hollywood will get tired of the crazy modern suit texture worn by Spiderman, Superman and now the Trek gang, might as well realize it now and go back to cloth before someone else does it first….

    If you are not going with Routh and want a different direction…use Tom Welling. It’s already a reboot and already has fans. I could even live with Supes getting Lana…. :o)

  10. Zod
    Terrence Stamp as Zod


    Directed by Peter Jackson or James Cameron or Ridley Scott


  11. The problem is that Superman is just to powerful. His only formidable foe has to come from outer space. I would love see a Superman movie with a an alien invasion plot. I would love to see an avengers movie with a skrull invasion plot. I would love to Iron man vs Mandarin. Sorcery vs technology the way it started. But they want to attempt to make everything dark and gritty, based as if it was in the real world. I mean these are comic books, fantasy as far from the real world as you can get. For me that was the attraction and the movies should reflect that shouldn’t they?

  12. I want a reboot. Reintroduce the whole mythos, start from scratch, and let Superman fight something worth him being Super. Like Metallo. With Luthor pulling the strings(first time Luthor works as a plot device in a film) Wouldn’t hate to have Darkseid make an appearance, but maybe as an observer and save him for the sequel. Don’t dwell too long in Smallville. Sheesh, we’ve already had seven seasons of too much dwelling in Smallville. I wouldn’t mind Lobo popping into the films at some point, and it would be awesome to tie the universe together. I mean, Marvel wasn’t able to do it for the longest time because so many companies had their rights, but now with Avengers they’re getting it together, and its awesome. WB has owned all DC movie rights forever, and they have yet to establish Superman and Batman live in the same world? Sheesh. Maybe have Bruce Wayne and not Batman, and an appearance by Green Lantern, and have Superman in the Green Lantern movie.

  13. REBOOT! (but keep Routh if possible, I liked him and think that he has a lot of potential and that it wasn’t his fault they effed up Superman in SR)

    Reintroduce Superman for the modern audience, look at the same basic story just tell it differently. And most importantly…..


    Just stay close to the “status quo” of the comics, the things that are CONSISTANT with ALL interpretations of Superman and the film will be a success, just show them in a new light. For instance, in every version of Superman (golden age, silver age, modern age, etc) one of the consistant things is that he doesn’t have a bastard kid, dig? 😉

    If it were me, I’d look at what Superman was originally waaaaaay back in 1938 (sans lacking some signature powers and story elements) and try to take that and see what it would be like if it were done today and mix in some villains (Luthor would be there as the much respected business man Lex who helped build Metropolis), also, I’d really capitalize on the reporter thing that Cark Kent does, he’s an investigative reporter, he’d be getting into all kinds of stuff and Superman would show up, I know it’s a cliche’, but this stuff just writes itself – and only an idiot wouldn’t allow it to.

  14. I cannot handle another Superman origin..

  15. The problem with the Superman films is that they keep going back to Lex Luthor as the villain. Unlike Batman, Superman just doesn’t have an interesting cast of villains. I’m sure some will disagree, but I don’t see any potential in a Superman franchise, because he doesn’t have the villain-base to support it. There’s a very good reason the sequels have bombed.

  16. I don’t want to sit through another Superman origin movie, so I say SEQUEL! Some things would have to be altered naturally, but I think a follow up to SR is far from impossible. Though, I ‘could’ live with a reboot if I had to. As long as Routh returned, that is.

  17. Ya, no more Lex Luthor for sure – I think they realize that too.

    We also don’t need another explanation of him landing in Smallville as a youngster, blah blah.

    That being said, how do they reboot without some origin explanation…

  18. Rob, I have to agree. I don’t think anyone can better do an origin story for Superman than the original film did. There’s a reason that film became the blue print for most of the superhero films that followed it (a good and bad thing). I think the one thing “Superman Returns” did right was try to pretend Superman III & IV never happened.

    If they do go for another film, the one hope is that they try to give a go with Brainiac as the villain. What better time in history than now for a villain which offers moral lesson in the dangers of technology left unchecked?

  19. @ Bill Blume

    I think Brainiac as the main antagonist in the new Superman flick would be a spectacular choice! If you have read any Ray Kurzweil and his thoughts on A.I. and nanotechnology then Braniac would be an awesome concept to introduce into the Superman mythos on film.. Indeed the dangers of unchecked technology.. Braniac trying to digitalize everything on Earth, code it and then upload all the information that the nanotechnology enabled him to code leaving the earth a dead core of waste material..It would be interesting to see how SUperman would fight such a foe who has everthing on the planet at his disposal..

  20. Well … it does like it will be called Superman Unleashed. So give him a reason to be “unleashed”. Have one of the aforementioned superbaddies kill that irritating kid of his and have him go ballistic.

  21. @McCoy….

    Are you NUTS?!?! Kidder was HORRIBLE as Lois Lane. She was the biggest casting mistake in the original Superman movies. She had ZERO sex appeal…ZERO, ZILCH, NADA!! They SHOULD cast Erica Durance from Smallville as Lois. She’s MUCH more like Lois from the comics AND she’s smokin’ HOT!!!

    I agree that the next film should not include Lex and that Brainiac is a GREAT GREAT choice for the villain. I don’t care if Routh is kept as Superman, although I thought he did better as Clark Kent than Superman, but Superkid has to go. If that takes a reboot, so be it, but supertike needs to take a HIKE!!!

  22. Gotta say I agree with Andy. Kidder as Lois Lane always seemed to fall into the “what were they thinking?” category of casting.


  23. WHat Vic you don’t like the chain smoking,emaciated, whiny gal types to play the hot yet intelligent reporter :)

  24. I agree, Vic, on Kidder as Lois.

    If a Superman film had been made a few years ago, I’d have wanted Courtney Cox for the part. :-)

  25. Superman has some interesting villains if they’re done right. The only thing is after Luthor and Brainiac, they sort of become more like backup villains. I’d love to see Bizarro, the Parasite, and Metallo in a movie, but I don’t know if they could carry the load as main characters. I saw an episode of Smallville that featured the Mr. Mxylpltk(however the heck you spell it) character. I liked their interpretation of him as a guy who could control minds and wasn’t an elf. General Zodd is always a safe pick. Doomsday and Darkseid would be interesting to see in a movie. I think Superman has enough good villains to get him through three movies without using Lex in all of them.

  26. Unleash the Big “S” amd let him have a villian he can go mono-et-mono with.. Kind of like NEO and Smith fighting it out in Matrix: Revolutions. Lots of damage and something that lasts more than 5 mintues..

  27. Actually mono a mono…mixing spanish and french there…oops!!

  28. Many folks have been suggesting Brainiac for a while now and I think that’d be a good idea for the franchise to have something different.

    @ greenknight,

    lol, I hope we don’t get anything like Matrix Revolutions, that fight was horrible and all the green mud, green sky, green ppl, green buildings drove me crazy. Maybe they can do it all in blue and red this time around 😉

  29. Back to the original Superman film, it makes you wonder why they didn’t get someone like Jaclyn Smith to play Lois? Or was all their budget wasted on Brando? Smith was HUGE in 1978 and would have made a great Lois!