Kevin Costner May Join ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ [Updated]

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It’s been around two decades since Kevin Costner’s days as the rugged leading man in blockbusters like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Dances with Wolves, but he’s reportedly being considered to play a pivotal role in a new tentpole pic, Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel.

Henry Cavill landed the reboot’s titular role a few weeks back, and Warner Bros. is continuing to search for actresses to play Lois Lane and the villainous Ursa, which raises the question – what part might someone like Costner play in the film?

Deadline isn’t saying much about what specific role Costner could play in the Superman reboot, other than describing it as “key.” While the news that Ursa is appearing in the film has resuscitated speculation that General Zod will be the villain (despite Snyder’s denials), Costner doesn’t seem at all a proper fit for that character. He could follow in the footsteps of Marlon Brando and portray Supes’ biological father, the Kryptonian leader Jor-El, but that too would be a strange bit of casting.

The most obvious and likely role for Costner is that of Jonathan Kent, Clark Kent’s down-to-Earth (pun intended) adopted father from rural America. Many of the characters that Costner’s played throughout the course of his career are variations on that archetype (see - Field of Dreams, Message in a Bottle, The Upside of Anger, etc.). He even essentially played a moral-teaching father figure to Ben Affleck (who once had some solid fan support to play Superman) in The Company Men.

Kevin Costner in The Company Men Kevin Costner May Join Superman: Man of Steel [Updated]

Costner opposite Ben Affleck in ‘The Company Men’.

Jonathan Kent is certainly a “key” character in the Superman mythology, but the idea that Costner’s being eyed to play the role at this point seems a bit curious. The titular hero, female lead, and villain of The Amazing Spider-Man had been cast well before supporting character parts like Spidey’s parental figures, Uncle Ben and Aunt May, were officially settled. It’s possible that Costner’s name just happened to be leaked a bit earlier than expected, but the timing is peculiar nonetheless – assuming that he’s not up to play the villain or another major role in Man of Steel, that is.

UPDATE: Latino Review says that Costner is indeed being eyed to play Jonathan “Pa” Kent in Man of Steel. To paraphrase the famous line from Field of Dreams, “If you build [a new franchise], [Kevin Costner] will come.” icon wink Kevin Costner May Join Superman: Man of Steel [Updated]

SM1001a 0229b Kevin Costner May Join Superman: Man of Steel [Updated]

John Schneider as Jonathan Kent on ‘Smallville’.

Snyder’s Superman reboot is being produced by the likes of his wife, Deborah, and was “godfathered” by Christopher Nolan, prior to his departure to focus on The Dark Knight Rises. David S. Goyer is reportedly still working on and tweaking the screenplay, which was rumored last fall to be in need of a major overhaul as Warner Bros. keeps pushing the project to make a December 2012 release date.

Who do you think Costner is being eyed to play in Superman: Man of Steel?

Source: Deadline

Update Source: Latino Review

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  1. I would love Kevin Costner as a Jonathan Kent role…..

  2. I could see him as a Lex Luthor, myself. No need to have the actors be in the same age range for the story to work.

  3. Oh man, First he KILLS Robin Hood, now this? Zack has lost what little trust I had now.

    • Wait. I didn’t think Zack Snyder was attached to robin hood at all

      • Was talking about Costner.

    • I actually enjoyed Costner’s Robin Hood, regardless of all it’s flaws. But I’m not so sure about him doing this. I guess we’ll have to see.

      • Yeah i enjoyed it to alot better than that crap that came out last year.

      • Best part of that movie was when Freeman busts open the door, hurls his scimitar across the room and splays the witch.

        (its at the end)

  4. I like this

  5. If they are indeed going with the journey of self-discovery storyline, perhaps Costner will play a non-canon role of some sort of sage or guide on this journey of Clark’s.

  6. I wonder if they are going the Smallville route by making Jonathan and Martha younger. I wouldn’t mind because it’s one of the best things Smallville has done, with Jonathan and Martha being younger makes them an active part of Clarks life.

  7. Its easy for me to see Costner as Johnathan Kent. But how about him depicting Perry White?

    • yep! that and jonathon kent are the only two roles i’d appreciate him in. unless there’s a villain similar to Mr. Brooks lol, I liked him in that for some reason

  8. Everyone seems to be jumping on the possibility of him being Pa Kent, but I see him as Jor-El.

    • I see him as ruining the movie completely. So basically, I’m out. I wont go near it if he is cast in it.

    • I can see him as Jor-El.

      • No way man! That’s like casting Ashton Kutcher being cast as Perry White.

        • Lol!!!

        • What?

    • I Agree , it could go either way, I could see him as either, but I think he Fits better as a simple farmer.

  9. Maybe they time travel andCostner goes to Krypton to become one with the natives to learn how to raise supes. Costner in “Dances with Supes”!

  10. Wow, I really like Costner in The Untouchables. I think he’ll do good

  11. my first thought was Perry White.

    • did nt they say this isnt going to have Perry White in it or am I confusing it with Spiderman and them not having JJJ , cause I know he wont be in it.

  12. I could see Costner as Jonathan Kent, but any other role and this movie is NOT one I’ll be seeing. But until it’s confirmed I’ll keep an open mind.

    • your gonna have a boring 2012 cause you will NOT be seeing anything but the avengers.. haha

  13. If Zod was a contemporary of Jor-El’s then he would be much older than Kal-El.
    Costner could very easily play Zod or Lex Luthor…
    Costner can be a bad guy if he wants to.. check out his Graceland movie.

    Perry white is a small role so why even announce that?
    Jonathan Kent? small role again.

    A note about small roles, Marlon Brando was Jor-El.

    • or mrbrooks. which is an awsome film. and i dont care whos in this or whos making it i just want to see a super man movie that has more of super man and less melodrama

      • TankD that’s not what your gonna see here. They said this is more of a self discovery journey and he isn’t Superman yet. You probably won’t see him as Superman until the last 30 mins or so.

        • @ Daniel F

          If what you say is true, then Synder’s reboot is Lousy version of what would be (Smallville: The Movie) With a different cast of-course. Little sarcasm there.

          • What you say may be sarcasm but it also may be true. I am so tired of all these emo Superman movies. When are these writers and directors going to realize that the Reeve movies were good because the character was good. They need to get back to something similar. Superman Returns tried but the writers failed to capture the true spirit of the character. With DrSam’s experience as a writer and his love for the character, I’d bet he could come up with a great story. But knowing Bollywood, since DrSam isn’t established, they wouldn’t even read his script.

            • @ Kahless

              I had people try talkin me into goin college for writing scripts for films cause i had ideas myself they liked. I thought about it i admit but thought nah because id hate to move out to California for one thing, rather work & send them my scripts from home. Thing is, if i was do comic book films, i would want a guarantee from the studio that i can do whatever i can to have the film stay true to the comics while adding somthing fresh at the sametime when it calls for it.

  14. Well, they certainly announced it when Marlon Brando got Jor El,
    So small roles or not, you never know.

  15. He looks like Johnathan Kent to us, because Costner looks like John Schneider’s twin. Before Smallville, Pa Kent never really looked like that. Which means not only are we getting another boring origin, but it is an origin that apes Smallville.

  16. A few options, Costner as dad Kent or lex, either way it’d be great to see him on screen in a big comicbook movie.

  17. Perfect papa Kent. no other role makes sense at all

  18. pa kent or perry white. OR clark’s editor/mentor while he’s a reporter overseas.

    i’m waiting for someone to say “he can’t be pa kent, he looks nothing like cavill who’s playing his son.”

  19. It wouldn´t surprise me if these morons cast him as Lois Lane…

  20. Lois Lane’s dad…

  21. I knew Kent would sell out, but not like this. I’ll have to prepare the kryptonite to end this madness once and for all.

    • Come on, didn’t you see the last Superman movie? He’s immune to the stuff now!

      • Ummm, in SR, he’s NOT immune to it; that was the whole point. He RESISTED its effects for a time, but that’s not immunity.

  22. I like Kevin Costner as a actor, but him in this Superman film? Lost for words nor could i think what role he could possibly pull off other than Perry White. I can’t see him as the villain type whether its Zod or especially Lex. I liked him in Field Of Dreams but if he’s casted in the role of Johnathan Kent, then id say this film IS turning into Smallville: The Movie as some people didn’t want Tom Welling in the role. A lousy version anyways probly. Come to think of it now, not sure he’d be right for Perry White. Best people i liked who played Perry were Jackie Cooper & Lane Smith.

  23. Perry White or Johnathan Kent…maybe General Slade?

  24. This will be strange casting if it proves true, BUT I can see him easily playing (quite well, in fact) Johnathon Kent OR Jor-El. Whether or not he’s shown it in all (or even a lot) of his films, Costner does possess the range and ability to play in the film. He’s shown this in many of his films…from American-value-instiller (“Field of Dreams”) to conniving, clever, sinister, dangerous sociopath (“Mr. Brooks”).

    I’m looking forward to the possibilities…

  25. Metalo? Soloman Grundy? Martian Manhunter (just the voice)?

    If they decide to (eventually) do a Justice League movie, then Martian Manhunter would be cool… I think he would just do the voice, like Morphius did the voice of silver surfer…

    I think that if he is not john kent, then metalo would be epic… I dont know about you, but I had enough of lex luthur…

  26. Hardly official yet,
    But latino Review is saying its Jonathan Kent.

    • hmmm interstin

  27. Perry White could work. But if it turns out to be Pa Kent then this just supports my theory that Snyder just casts based on looks and doesn’t put a lot of thought into what’s beneath the surface of these characters.
    For example, I could see Costner working as Pa Kent but under a different director, one who could get out of him the type of performance that would completely redefine his career. Like how Robin Willaims being directed by Chris Nolan is believable as Hugo Strange. You can picture Nolan immediately telling him to delve deeper than he ever has before.

    Snyder, on the other hand, seems to be picking based mostly on looks, with substance being a sidenote. It’s like Malin Akerman in Watchmen. Sure, she’s leggy and looks good in tights- but what happened to the snarky, jaded and hard-headed Character that was so distinctly portrayed in the Graphic Novel? Gone forever, victim of another Snyder pipedream.

    Kevin Costner is: gentle, Midwestern, affable, and wholesome. He’s also dull, flat, lacks intensity, and egomaniacal.

    Pa Kent SEEMS to overlap with the first description of Costner, but what REALLY defines him is that he’s rough around the edges, gruffly plain-spoken, a working man, and humbly wise.

    It seems like Zack Snyder just remembered Field of Dreams and said to himself- ” I know an actor who can play a nice farmer!”

    You go Za k. Do what Lex Luthor could never do. You go an’ destroy that Superman. Y’hear?

  28. I’m not gonna take this seriously, mainly because the rumors of Jon Hamm and that other guy were wrong. I’m really not too familiar with him so I’m not sure what to think about this.

  29. jonathan Kent….duh