Two ‘Man of Steel’ Trailers Revealed!

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Two official teaser trailers for Man of Steel – a reboot of the Superman franchise, from director Zack Snyder and producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan – are attached to prints of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and can now be viewed online.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Clark Kent, a young journalist who was born Kal-El: a survivor of the fallen alien planet Krypton, transported to Earth by his parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer). Small-town farmers Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) raise Kal-El as their son, imbuing him with a strong sense of integrity and compassion so that he learn to use his extraordinary powers responsibly – even in a troubled world that views him as a threat, rather than a potential savior.

Warner Bros. premiered a sizzle reel from Snyder’s film at the Comic-Con 2012 Man of Steel panel, and there are chunks of that footage in the official theatrical trailers. The latter are shorter and more structured than their Con counterpart, but manages to leave a similar impression – namely, that Man of Steel aims to offer a nuanced and serious take on the Superman mythos, befitting the contemporary age of superhero movies (and influenced by DC Comics’ “New 52″ reboot).

That approach includes: an altered version of the Superman costume, meant to make the character look more like an armored warrior (than a guy in a skin-tight unitard) – and a stripped-down visual style that lacks the digital polish found in Snyder’s previous comic book adaptations (300 and Watchmen), in favor of the muted colors and realistic texture featured in Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Man of Steel Header1 Two Man of Steel Trailers Revealed!

Nolan’s influence is readily apparent in Man of Steel footage shown to date, what with the continued emphasis on the philosophical aspects of the Superman story – as reflected in scenes where a disheveled Clark travels the world as an ordinary man, and listens to teachings about how we shape our destiny, as passed down by both his biological and adopted father in the two separate trailers (Pa Kent – above/Jor-El – below). Those elements are woven together with Americana imagery (shots of wagons and clotheslines around the Kent farm) that harken back to Superman’s origins as an All-American hero.

Overall, the mix of old and new Superman mythology should go over well with certain fans, while others will be left grumbling about how their favorite superhero has been “Nolan-ized.” It will be arguably be more interesting to see how Man of Steel is received by the moviegoing masses as a whole. If the film is a success, it could set a precedent for the DC Movie Universe; if it flops, that could inspire Warner Bros./DC to drastically change their (as yet, unannounced) game plan

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, and Ayelet Zurer. It is based on a story co-coceived by Christopher Nolan and Davis S. Goyer (who also co-penned the script), and directed by Zack Snyder.

Look for Man of Steel to open in U.S. theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. I think the film is shaping up well. I like how it seems Clark Kent is sort of lost on who he is and his purpose. In some way you would figure one would be struggling on what to be and do with god like powers such as his. I mean truly the world would fear you, governments would fear you and consider you a potential threat. People will panic, some might consider you the second coming and worship you. A lot for someone with morals to take all in. The media and the world always in your life and business. In our culture there is many people who rather choose a normal life over all that reponsibilty, maybe Clark Kent feels the same way, until his call to adventure (enter General Zod). Anyway, I can not wait for this film and the experience of an Superman adventure.

    • You hit the nail on the head there dude, well said.

      • ditto…

        • My bad my comment was for Robert…I felt the same way when I saw the child posing and thanks Merciful Rao.

    • Wow, what you wrote actually got me more excited for the film then the trailer I just saw.

    • Oh! You mean an Emo-Superman…??? Strange; most fanboys were against that in the last movie. Why the sudden change?

      • I’d rather have an emotional Superman than robot Superman

    • Wow, you nailed that one!
      I can’t wait for something fresh. I love the Nolan batman series. I loved the Avengers, Amazing Spiderman. But it’s time for something we haven’t seen for a LOOOOONG time.

      A hero who is born that way, whose alter ego is being human. I… AM… STOKED!!!!

    • @d-man: Well said, sir

    • Right on the money, My friend!

  2. Anybody else get chills when the boy puts his fists on his hips in ‘the pose’ at around 58 seconds?

    • I did. But then I realized that the power of that shot is derived from the connection little boys have to trying on a red cape in emulation of Superman. Who was the young Superman emulating here? Where did he get the idea to pretend a sheet is s red cape and pose heroically?

      • It doesn’t have to be Clark Kent. :) It could be a shot from the end of the movie, a young boy pretending to be Superman after he’s revealed himself to the world.

  3. I know I got the chills when he did that man lol :).

  4. Nice! I have a feeling the NEW Superman will be AWESEOME!! Looking forward to this!! I wonder what villians he will face?? Lex Luthor?? General Zod??

    • It’s General Zod.

    • I cannot hardly wait to see this movie when it comes out next year ?

      Henry Cavill is all set to play “The Man of Steel” in this epic chapter from the beginning. I can tell that he is playing this 20-something Journalist Clark Kent trying to identify himself to make a decision to overcome the world.

    • Zod and Faora.

    • Darkseid!

  5. Off topic but with Nolan’s batman ending how it did will they use his version of batman in JLA? or would they attempt to reboot and make him more identical to his Comic book origins?

    • It all depends on if Christian Bale will sign on board. I don’t think he will but if he does the combo of him and Cavill will be enough. If they can get Charlie Hunnam as Aquaman, Gina Carano as Wonder Woman, Guy Pearce as Green Lantern and Nathan Fillion from Castle as The Flash I’d do a backflip.

      • Bale is definitely not coming back to do more Batman movies, especially if they go against the realistic tone of the Dark Night trilogy. And you can science it up all you want, Superman doesn’t come into the same galaxy as realistic let alone the Bale era Batman.

    • Ok, so apparently everyone’s cameras suck at focusing, lol. I guess the low light conditions kind of screws with it…

      • Well it’s the best version yet lol.

        • @merciful

          Yah, definitely better than the other one someone posted, that one was completely unfocused the entire time, lol.

  6. OK, he has a beard before he donns the outfit; so how will he shave? Will he use his laser vision with a mirror or will we see a Hancock moment? 😀

    • Maybe he has a power-glide razor with blue kryptonite blades lol

  7. Q, excellent question. I have a theory, in conjunction with all the others going around, that this movie will be the springboard, for a series of films much like the Marvel ones, where we are introduced to more actual comic book versions of the the members of the Justice League, we will see character development and juicy little tidbits that hint to a Justice League film, and then, in that moment of shining glory and cinematic triumph, we (movie fans, comic books fans and the general populace who gives a ***t) will get what we have always wanted, a Justice League of America movie that kicks ass so many ways, we wouldn’t be able to sit down for weeks! Also, this movie looks to be focusing a lot on Clark finding himself, deciding “who am I?”, “what do I do with these powers?” “is it the right choice?” and in the end, he dons the cape and S-shield and becomes the heroic figure we all have known and admired since we were tots…Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! It’s Superman!!!!! JUNE 2013!!!!!

  8. Wow.

    2 Teaser Trailers…

    I like the look of it, I like what both “narations” say.

    But this is lame…

    2 teasers of the exact same footage that shows us nothing and has the same horrid “opera” song with a different voice saying something important but made rather lame by the limpy worthless footage?

    This isnt a great start to what I was hoping to be a turn around for DC. It seems that no one over there knows what they are doing.

    • the “opera” song is what makes this trailer epic…go watch some cartoons kkthxbb

      • This is not “opera” in any sense whatsoever!

    • It’s not an “aria.” it’s a piece from Howard Shore’s score from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

    • I enjoy your absurdist viewpoints. You are wrong but enjoyable.

    • Actually the songs in this movie are made by Hans Zimmer. You might wanna retract what you’ve said. His songs are great!

  9. I can’t help but notice that a lot of people are commenting and getting excited because of the “Nolan-ized” feel of this movie. Isn’t he just the producer of the movie, meaning he’s basically the bank? I think I remember reading something about him helping with the writing some, but shouldn’t we all tip our hats to Snyder for the look and feel of this teaser, not Nolan?
    Or am I missing something…

    • I object to the idea that film techniques that have been used for years come to be known under the moniker “Nolan-ized” I like Nolan’s films and I think he’s an above average director and I credit him for seeing the genre through a fans perspective instead of tongue in cheek as if the ideals behind the stories are unfollowable today. However just because he’s applied his craft to the story doesn’t mean he invented the craft or that others now have to credit him as if he invented these techniques. All he’s done is showed the industry you can still touch people by doing a story this way and others are following the same path. Just don’t forget they’re many other artists that came before him an walked this very same path.

      As far as my thoughts as to why the character would do these things is that he is trying to get a full sense of people and how they are. He wants to see all aspects of the human condition. Who they are and what they want.

      • “nolanized” is just a general term for tone and approach that existed long before Nolan came around. It seems very close-minded or unimaginative to believe that when people say “nolanized” they truly believe his approach was invented by him alone. I don’t think people are that silly.

        • @Ken

          Urban Dictionary
          Nolanizing: Taking an unrealistic idea for a movie and making it believable in the real world. The root of the word, Nolan, refers to the filmmaker Christopher Nolan


          Ppl probably just saw Nolans name in the trailer and think its going to have his fingerprints all over it

          • Hah urban dictionary! The paragon of valid reference. You got me there!

          • @Marty

            Ok, so, Chris Nolan was the first person to ever make a movie trying to ground an unrealistic concept such as a comic book character in reality? Are they really sure about that? So if I go do a little research I will not find a single instance in movie history where someone else have done the same? I think Urban Dictionary probably has a few Nolanites in its staff…

            • @Ken and Ken J (coincidence?)

              Of course nolan wasn’t the first to do that, i was just adding fuel to the fire :) Urban Dictionary is about as trustworthy as my dog off the leash. I’m pretty sure the director/screenplay writer of King Kong back in ’33 should be given the credit if it were even due to one person
              As far as what i said to ace i think stands true, where ppl think this movie is going to be done by nolan and have the same feel as the batman movies, where its actually snyder that is doing the directing, not nolan. It doesn’t take a special director to take a obscure or fantasy story and make it realistic. Emerich and Devlin could have made godzilla a serious grounded movie, but they for some reason decided to go with the tongue in cheek method instead

  10. So, this looks like it’ll be about as much fun as Nolan’s Batman movies. In other words, not fun at all.

    • not fun at all?

      the box office of the three movies say hello kkthxbb

    • “this looks like it’ll be about as much fun as Nolan’s Batman movies.”

      Given those films were a blast, I hope you’re right.

  11. Oh yah, the Skyfall trailer that they showed before TDKR was definitely cooler than this little teaser for Man of Steel… Just saw it yesterday in IMAX…

    • closer to release date means more footage man lol.

  12. The trailers gave me the chills too. But I’m a sucker for a good chill-inducing trailer. Hell, that’s why they make trailers. If they don’t give that feeling, what good are they? I’m pumped. In fact, just to see the flying effects. But why does he leave contrails?? Hidden engines under his cape?

    • He must have eaten beans. 😮

    • I was wondering about that as well. At least make it only one trail behind him and have it be short so it just looks like he is displacing the air. Kinda as if the sound barrier cloud folded down like a closed umbrella ending a few yards beneath his feet.

    • because it’s not as visually effective without showing vectors like that. cinematics 101.

  13. The moisture vortex with Superman flying was cool. Way better payoff than the end of Smallville. Except for that I have serious concerns about this film. Superman embodied the best of what we can be. He is not the vigilante Batman was. This looks dark, very dark. I mean that literally as well.
    What’s all this fishing boat stuff? Did they move Smallvile to Maine? Thought I was watching previews for Deadliest Catch!

  14. In my case, the thing is that they spent so much time in the trailer on it. It didn’t look like an isolated scene, but a larger focus for the film. My concern is how far they will go in retelling the story. Have to wait and see.

  15. Man of steel trailer > tdkr. Sorry I just didn’t think tdkr was really that good. First two movies were better. Hated banes voice and how they just teased robin at the end.

    • “they just teased robin at the end.”

      That was the best part.

      All good stories leave you feeling like they would continue whether the audience was there or not. Some people like to have everything laid out and spelled out for them, but not me.

      • SPOILERS……OMG.. F****@#S

      • I know,

        I’ll go on a fourm about the trailer for ‘Man of Steel’ and spoil the ending of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ for people who haven’t seen it. Nice one. Nearly forgot why i dislike the gereral public

  16. It’s not an aria. It’s a piece from Howard Shore’s soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  17. This looks incredible. I love the feel of the whole thing. I liked Routh’s Superman, but it was never its own movie. It was an extension of the first movies and thus carried the weight of some pretty heavy expectations.

    This reminds me of when the first teaser came out for Batman Begins years ago. . . you know you are going to be in for something special.

    • You’ve made the best comment I’ve read so far on this page. I dont get how people can be extremely critical of a teaser for a movie more than a year away from now. It is done exceptionally well it has that Snyder intensity with the ending scene of Superman taking off and the trailer is meant to entail that the movie is going to be a deep and philosophical like Nolan’s Batman. I believe from what I’ve seen so far this movie will be a hit. Snyder is great director and Nolan is by far the best superhero director out on the market so far. People need to stop thinking that it will be like the original superman because that was 30 years ago. 30 YEARS AGO!!!!

  18. The costume Henry Cavill is wearing is going to make him look like he is a Gladiator from Planet Krypton. I think Jor-El is both a gladiator and scientist. Planet Krypton is going to look medievalish similar to STAR WARS.

  19. I REALLY want to see this movie.

  20. Funny aspect to the movie I am most curious about in the latest Superman will still be Clark Kent working for newspaper. Since the format is nearly dead, perhaps Kent will be a web blogger?!? lol I am looking forward to the next Supes and it appears to be taken seriously and I like the realistic approach similar to Dark Night trilogy. I still cringe when I see the first Superman movies and how Supes uses off the wall abilities to defeat Gen Zod & friends like a huge plastic S logo trap…really?!?! And campy humor because the producer insisted Superman be more campy back then. The decision was most likely influenced by the old school Batman as well as super hero flicks were not regarded as serious movies.

    I have yet to see the Richard Donner Cut of Superman and cant wait to watch it!

  21. The only things I hated about the trailers were “next summer” and “2013”. Such a long time.

  22. Just like anything, the better it seems and the more you like it, the more someone else hates it. I knew as soon as I saw these teasers that there would be people totally got what it’s going for, and there will be those that will totally miss it.

  23. The music playing throughout. I recognize it from the LOTR : FOTR. It’s the music that plays throughout the scene after Gandalf is pulled into the pit with the Balrog…beautiful piece of music…Is that credited to Howard Shore?

    • Dang! I should have read some of the posts from above but at over 300…no way..

  24. A friend of mine pointed this out to me yesterday and it was a great call: This trailer reminds him of a Levi’s jeans commercial. Anyone agree?

  25. I’ve seen comments both for and against the “Nolanization” of DC’s heroes, and I think the problem is that when people think of a Nolan superhero movie, they automatically think “realistic,” which isn’t necessarily the case. While it’s true that Nolan made a more realistic superhero movie series than what had been done before, they still had their own fantastical elements. What he really did was take the source material seriously, picking and choosing what had worked best for the character, and then using those elements as a guide for which to craft his Batman films.

    A “Nolanized” Superman movie, from what I’d gather, is one that takes the best elements of the Superman lore and uses them as influences on the film. He’s not a director that can’t do fantasy and sci-fi – the Prestige and Inception prove that. I have faith that this movie will provide the action and, more importantly, the heart that is essential to the best Superman stories.

  26. I like the way this movie is shaping up. Man Of Steel may be the highlight of the summer.

  27. What kind of garbage is this? Don`t waste time on something that`s not mildly accurate and give us a real trailer! You should`ve named this “two official teaser trailers revealed about superman.”

  28. I don’t think people fully grasp the concept of a teaser trailer. It’s supposed to be a announcement of some sort, a teaser. To make the general audience know that there will be a superman movie coming out A YEAR FROM NOW. I don’t think it was underwhelming, I thought it did what it was supposed to do.

    I think the full trailer will be shown with the hobbit movie.