Two ‘Man of Steel’ Trailers Revealed!

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Two official teaser trailers for Man of Steel – a reboot of the Superman franchise, from director Zack Snyder and producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan – are attached to prints of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and can now be viewed online.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Clark Kent, a young journalist who was born Kal-El: a survivor of the fallen alien planet Krypton, transported to Earth by his parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer). Small-town farmers Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) raise Kal-El as their son, imbuing him with a strong sense of integrity and compassion so that he learn to use his extraordinary powers responsibly – even in a troubled world that views him as a threat, rather than a potential savior.

Warner Bros. premiered a sizzle reel from Snyder’s film at the Comic-Con 2012 Man of Steel panel, and there are chunks of that footage in the official theatrical trailers. The latter are shorter and more structured than their Con counterpart, but manages to leave a similar impression – namely, that Man of Steel aims to offer a nuanced and serious take on the Superman mythos, befitting the contemporary age of superhero movies (and influenced by DC Comics’ “New 52″ reboot).

That approach includes: an altered version of the Superman costume, meant to make the character look more like an armored warrior (than a guy in a skin-tight unitard) – and a stripped-down visual style that lacks the digital polish found in Snyder’s previous comic book adaptations (300 and Watchmen), in favor of the muted colors and realistic texture featured in Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Man of Steel Header1 Two Man of Steel Trailers Revealed!

Nolan’s influence is readily apparent in Man of Steel footage shown to date, what with the continued emphasis on the philosophical aspects of the Superman story – as reflected in scenes where a disheveled Clark travels the world as an ordinary man, and listens to teachings about how we shape our destiny, as passed down by both his biological and adopted father in the two separate trailers (Pa Kent – above/Jor-El – below). Those elements are woven together with Americana imagery (shots of wagons and clotheslines around the Kent farm) that harken back to Superman’s origins as an All-American hero.

Overall, the mix of old and new Superman mythology should go over well with certain fans, while others will be left grumbling about how their favorite superhero has been “Nolan-ized.” It will be arguably be more interesting to see how Man of Steel is received by the moviegoing masses as a whole. If the film is a success, it could set a precedent for the DC Movie Universe; if it flops, that could inspire Warner Bros./DC to drastically change their (as yet, unannounced) game plan

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, and Ayelet Zurer. It is based on a story co-coceived by Christopher Nolan and Davis S. Goyer (who also co-penned the script), and directed by Zack Snyder.

Look for Man of Steel to open in U.S. theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. Just seeing Supes cracking the sound barrier is enough to sell me. Looks good.

  2. Not a fan of him but i will still go check it out.

  3. Not gonna lie at all. This looks awesome. Te comic con footage was better from what I saw of it but this announcement trailer got me excited!

    The dialogue from both fathers is amazibg and sounds great. As it should seeing as two great actors say them. The footage is awesome and cool and gives another look at Clark kent and his journeys and the last thought of superman flying is awesome for the trailer. Ideally I would have liked to see a close up of the character but this worked well for the teaser. Can’t wait to see a full blown trailer.

    Have high hopes for this movie and superman has been a close to heart character for a long time and hope they do him justice finally and from what I’ve seen so far they are.

  4. What is tht song

    • It’s from the Fellowship of the Ring, after the Balrog pulls Gandalf off the bridge of Khazad-Dum and during the part when the fellowship that remains has and are stunned/overcome.

  5. Clark grows up near the sea and is a fisherman? Stupid lawsuit, I guess this is a result of it.

    • It merely shows him living near the sea. I got the impression from the trailer that his childhood was in Kansas.

    • “Krypton’s Deadliest Catch”

    • It’s not hard to figure out from the teaser, you just have to use a couple of your brain cells.

      Obviously he grew up in Kansas, went out into the world as a man to live a life away from anyone he could hurt. At no time during the 1:33 did I think “he grew up near the sea?”

      • Opening shot clearly shows a house with clothes flapping in the wind on a clothes line. Later, after some shots of the sea and boats, a kid with a red cape runs past what looks like the same clothes line next to the same house. Kinda looks like he grew up by the sea to me. Obviously there is more to the story, but this trailer screams ‘by the sea’.

        • watch it again you can tell it’s 2 different environments.

        • Who says that the little kid in the cape is a young Clark Kent? That might be a shot from the end of the movie, after Superman has made himself a known heroic presence and that is some kid imitating him.

          • Very good point.

          • Maybe. I was wondering why young clark Kent would be playing Superman.

            • Maybe he knew he was destined to do something great and he found out he had powers pretty young (not that young)

        • Yep, you convinced me. They never have wind out in the flat friends of Kansas. The only place that has wind is next to the ocean.

          No, I’m sorry. That was all sarcasm.

        • Yep, you convinced me. They never have wind out in the flat fields of Kansas. The only place that has wind is next to the ocean.

          No, I’m sorry. That was all sarcasm.

    • The movie is going to be great. Several months ago; the script leaked online, and I was able to read it. It’s damned good and have more action and fighting than all the other superman movies combined. Seeing him as a fisherman is only a tiny part of his journey. He’s been going all over the planet trying to find himself…doing incredible deeds throughout the world. He’even saves a lot of people from an oil rig.That’s why you see him with a beard…it’s part of his disguise as well.
      He eventually gets to Metropolis and the clark kent and superman we all know comes into play. The best way to describe the script is pretty much what you saw in the first Superman movie; krypton, to smallville…but then it deviates and shows us this personal journey until Zod and his lady friend comes into the picture.

    • I’m guessing they did that to slip in an Aquaman reference more easily. ;)


  6. I really like the look & feel of these “teasers” but there’s really not much else to go on because their, well… teasers.
    Without that last clip you wouldn’t even know it’s a Superman movie.

    • I believe that’s the point, lol.

    • You hit it very nicely on the head. That’s exactly what they’re going for, of course. There’s more to Superman than just powers and battles.

  7. Got a sweet Batman Begins/Lord of the Rings vibe from the trailers. Really looking forward to this.

    • Lol, well that makes sense because Chris Nolan has his fingerprints all over this and they used the “we’re all sad now cause Gandalf just kicked the bucket” theme from the Fellowship. :P

      • Yeah I realized shortly after that it’s the LOTR music from Fellowship lol. Great choice. It fit the dialogue of the trailer perfectly.

        • Yea it reminds me of the BB teaser where Bruce had this scary monologue about becoming fear. You difnt even realize it was a batman movie till the last 5 seconds.

    • it’s got a sweet how stella got her groove back vibe to it.

  8. Got little goosebumps from that last shot. This clip alone seamlessly melds reality with the impossible in a short amount of time. Can’t wait for this. I BELIEVE

  9. Without that last part this could be a car commercial, or a promo for Deadliest Catch.

    • I was thinking an insurance commercial.

  10. More like if Malick and Nolan had a baby and named him Snyder. And yes, that’s a positive.

    Not a lot to go on but from this feels like Clark is heading towards something (nice change from recent incarnations) and that they’re approaching the Superman story with reverence and awe.

    • To approach the source material with respect and some reverence is all I ever ask of the film makers and as you stated it seems like they are on that path with The Man Of Steel, but with Nolan involved I wouldn’t expect anything less.

    • I agree with you definitely, and that’s an excellent word to use for this type of incarnation. I do get a sense of reverence and great honor for this character in relation to just the teaser. And I think the superman character deserves that type of respect from the film genre in this day and age. 2012/2013 with all of its complexities, improvements, evolutions, and developments all around, should be the years we pay resect to our comic book icons, with the highest regard to the mightiest… Superman.

  11. I’m not much of a Superman fan (always been a Batman, Daredevil fan), but I do have to admit I’m very interested in seeing this movie. The deeper and more nuanced the story the better as far as I’m concerned, but I’m sure there will be plenty of action since they have a fellow Kryptonian as the villian, someone to slug it out with Supes.

  12. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it being so called “Nolan-ized” if anything it’s a good thing. Nolan’s the best thing that has happened to comic book movies.
    Looking forward to this movie, Snyder with his talent with visual style and action along with Nolan and his talent with telling a entertaining story that has got substance to it. I have a feeling this could be one of the top comic book movies.

    • I just don’t want a dark and depressing Superman film, that’s not who the character is.

    • Nolan-ized means we are getting a thoughtful and layered story. nothin wrong with that.

  13. Awesome!

  14. Cant be any worse than the dark knight rises! i.e the big turd floats!

  15. gotta love the Fellowship of the ring score. Setting the tone of the movie nicely

  16. The trailer makes it clear this is a different kind of Superman movie.
    Which is the whole point to make and on that alone it is a success.

    • exactly and that flying shot at the end, what a tease! lol.

  17. I can feel the movie’s heart from the dialogue.

    And who remembers when Snyder said this would be his most realistic looking film? Seems he kept true to that. If he can make hyper realistic worlds stripping them down but keeping the same cinematography should not be a problem for him.

  18. I love the somber mood. Seems like they are purposefully showing that they’re being different from the action focused super hero movies we have seen recently. From looking who is involved in the movie (Nolan, Crowe, Costner) I don’t think t they would waste their time on something that didn’t have a great story.

  19. That’s what I’m talking about. Just a little sneak peak, but still beautiful. Bring on Man of Steel.

  20. Serious tone-check.

    When the full trailer hits it needs to show some action shots so the general audience would know this isn’t Superman Returns all over again.

  21. Love the two-teaser, different v/o approach. V. smart.

    So far, so good…

    • It goes with the whole son of two worlds theme, I think they are looking to portray.

  22. If this can capture that emotional level of the characters, that feeling of Kal-El being an outsider trying to find a home, and if it can capture the feel of the Dark Knight Trilogy then this film could truly be something special

  23. Where’s Zod? He should be crab fishin’ with Supes! Good money… crab fishing.

    Definitely has a nolan feel.

    • Anyone think Clark will give Lois crabs?

      • zing

  24. I’ve been on board since the day the hired Snyder. I’m pumped. Re-watch the trailers and check out the color palate. There are subtle variations of Superman’s costume colors (red, yellow & blue)in almost every shot. It looks like even the background is leading him to his destiny.


    • exactly. and i’m a big fan of color palette choices and the atmospheres they portray, so i’m definitely loving all of this. Almost looking for a new trilogy parallel to Batman. I know people are saying it’s “Nolan-ized” and everything, but seriously. This should be able to go punch for punch with the series if it delivers…

  25. … well, that was kinda disappointing.
    Months of waiting and begging for some footage and we get a ship and some dockworkers, a kid in a cape and… a dog who looks like he’s smiling.
    On the other hand, the last shot of Supes flying was incredible. It just felt powerful IMO. And the music was pretty awesome as well.

    I hope they release a full trailer soon though, but that probably won’t happen until December… :(

    • It was pretty artistic, and I believe that was the idea of the whole thing.

    • That fisherman was Clark Kent, and that dog was Krypto.

      • Yea I really like the shot of the kid with a cape. Its like Clark always wanted to be a hero but didn’t know how in a world that would fear him. In the comic con trailer there is a line which supports my theory, “My son was in the bus, he saw what Clark did.”

      • That dog was Ace, not Krypto. Bruce gave him to Clark because Bats went on a permanent vacation.

    • Really didn’t do much for me either so don’t feel like you are the only one ;)

      My only comment is, it looked a bit strange to have Supes flying with his arms at his sides instead of in front of him. When flying supersonic I think it would be more aerodynamic the other way (plus you deflect all those bugs in the face ;) )

      • It was also a bit underwhelming for me as well. The last shot of him flying was cool, but my first thought was, “Why is Superman hitchhiking?”. :-D

        • If you’re just trying to live as a human, and don’t want to use your powers, you’re not gonna fly around with your knapsack. You’re gonna get around like other people would. It’s that simple.

    • Gotta agree with The Avenger. Meh. Great music, and love the final shot, but how is this trailer supposed to encourage anyone who isnt already a Superman fan to go see this movie? Not to say the trailer didnt have its merits, but with Snyder + Superman, I guess I was just expecting more visually.

      • Well to be fair, this is a teaser trailer.
        I don’t think the goal of this trailer is really to convince normal movie goers… this one is more for the fans than anyone else.
        That said, as a fan I still felt underwhelmed up until the last few seconds ;)

      • To be even fairer, weren’t we a bit underwhelmed by the first few Dark Knight Rises trailers? I was. My interest waned through the first SEVERAL TDKR trailers despite my early enthusiasm. Now I can’t wait to see it.

        I’ve been following this Man of Steel for a long time now. Since about the beginning. I’ve been curious as to what the atmosphere and deliverance would be like, and this teaser provided that. The flying at the end was a great icing on the cake – a small one, but great. Since I know that more is definitely coming (though I say by October or November… :/ ), I am definitely satisfied with all of this thus far.

    • I pretty much agree. The music bothered me because I recognized it as LOTR. Other than the flying shot, the rest didn’t do it for me.

    • Actually, “a dog who looks like he’s smiling” somehow breathes a lot more life into the trailer.

  26. Love it, looks terrific, crappy costume aside very excited for this project

    • brcause of the rubber muscle suit?

      • I saw what you did there :D

      • It’s not a rubber muscle suit. If you saw Henry Cavil in Immortals, you’d know the last thing he needs to look “super” is a rubber muscle suit. The guy is ripped.

        • Well it IS a suit and it IS made of rubber (no matter how much texturing the use to try and hide it). And you will never get the iconic muscle definition transference look through an 1/8″ of the stuff so it could very well have some faux muscles built in.

        • He was making a joke because Lord Garth made several complaints about the suit calling it that lol.

          Yes we know he is ripped but it is padded and w/e so it can move comfortably and not chafe etc.

      • I said crappy costume aside
        Only batman apparently wears rubber muscle suits

        • I can’t see you putting your rubber muscle suit fetish aside.

        • lmao

  27. This “two-fer” trailer bespeaks of an excellent telling of the Superman mythos coming next year…

  28. Cool Tease. I have a decent low res copy of the longer and inspiring Comic Con footage. If you want a copy, drop your email and I will send it when I see it.

    • I really want to see that footage.

      • Tom Ford email is not working. Do you have another?

    • Better viewpoint than some guy in the back taping all 3 screens?

      • Tom Ford: Sent

        Merciful Rao: Uhh its a better quality and the dude is closer but its still off screen lol

      thank you so much

      • Rod, Merciful Rao, A@ron W: Sent

        • thanks, saw a closer version on youtube that was uploaded today. It’s closer but grainy. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers lol.Yours is better quality tho.

          • Yea, i saw that one. Just a tad bit too close /understatement lol


      • Tark, Neo: Sent

        • Got it. Awesome. Thanks a lot.

    • Me too please,

    • @IR, you could just drop it onto YouTube (I don’t believe it would be removed now that the official teasers are out) instead of having people post their e-mail with is a bit risky imho.

        • @Mongoose

          I cant upload it off my ipad. I’ll post the youtube link sometime tmrw or you can drop your email.

        • cute ;)

          I would like to see it but I can wait.

          Thanks in advance for posting though :)


      • Phil

        Tried twice, your email isnt workin. Check email spelling or drop an alternate.

    • please send it this way!

      • Ruthy, Mongoose and all:

        Best copy of MoS Comic Con trailer.

        • Much thanks to ye Ignur, that was bleepin phenomenal.

        • Thanks!

        • Damn, it was taken down.

          Ignur, care to send it to me?

  29. Man, that was so awesome. It sucks that we have a whole year to wait for this.

    • Just go on with everyday life and don’t think about it as much. Felt like just yesterday I was watching TDKR’s teaser and now it’s finally here.

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