Two ‘Man of Steel’ Trailers Revealed!

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Two official teaser trailers for Man of Steel – a reboot of the Superman franchise, from director Zack Snyder and producer/co-writer Christopher Nolan – are attached to prints of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, and can now be viewed online.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill (Immortals) as Clark Kent, a young journalist who was born Kal-El: a survivor of the fallen alien planet Krypton, transported to Earth by his parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer). Small-town farmers Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane) raise Kal-El as their son, imbuing him with a strong sense of integrity and compassion so that he learn to use his extraordinary powers responsibly – even in a troubled world that views him as a threat, rather than a potential savior.

Warner Bros. premiered a sizzle reel from Snyder’s film at the Comic-Con 2012 Man of Steel panel, and there are chunks of that footage in the official theatrical trailers. The latter are shorter and more structured than their Con counterpart, but manages to leave a similar impression – namely, that Man of Steel aims to offer a nuanced and serious take on the Superman mythos, befitting the contemporary age of superhero movies (and influenced by DC Comics’ “New 52″ reboot).

That approach includes: an altered version of the Superman costume, meant to make the character look more like an armored warrior (than a guy in a skin-tight unitard) – and a stripped-down visual style that lacks the digital polish found in Snyder’s previous comic book adaptations (300 and Watchmen), in favor of the muted colors and realistic texture featured in Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Man of Steel Header1 Two Man of Steel Trailers Revealed!

Nolan’s influence is readily apparent in Man of Steel footage shown to date, what with the continued emphasis on the philosophical aspects of the Superman story – as reflected in scenes where a disheveled Clark travels the world as an ordinary man, and listens to teachings about how we shape our destiny, as passed down by both his biological and adopted father in the two separate trailers (Pa Kent – above/Jor-El – below). Those elements are woven together with Americana imagery (shots of wagons and clotheslines around the Kent farm) that harken back to Superman’s origins as an All-American hero.

Overall, the mix of old and new Superman mythology should go over well with certain fans, while others will be left grumbling about how their favorite superhero has been “Nolan-ized.” It will be arguably be more interesting to see how Man of Steel is received by the moviegoing masses as a whole. If the film is a success, it could set a precedent for the DC Movie Universe; if it flops, that could inspire Warner Bros./DC to drastically change their (as yet, unannounced) game plan

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, and Ayelet Zurer. It is based on a story co-coceived by Christopher Nolan and Davis S. Goyer (who also co-penned the script), and directed by Zack Snyder.

Look for Man of Steel to open in U.S. theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. With all the rebooting going on now would be an excellent time for a Supergirl Revamping.

    • I agree. Who do you guys want for Supergirl?

      I’m kinda caught in between Amber Heard and Teresa Palmer.

      • Daniel Tosh.

      • One choice would be Christina Hendricks.

        • ehhhhhh

          • I want to see a legion of superheroes live action movie along side a teen titans live action movie and maybe even a crossover between the two if both movies go well. #great idea.

      • Amber Heard looks perfect.

        Why is everyone – anyone – bringing up Christina Hendricks? She just has big boobs. Doesn’t look comic book-y at all.

    • My 2nd choice for SuperGirl would be Bryce Dallas Howard gwen stacey in spiderman 3. She also would be perfect for mary jane.

      • I’m more a fan of the newer version of supergirl, Superman’s teenage cousin recently crash-landed on earth. So I would rather see a younger actress play her, an actual teen-ager.

        • The Justice League unlimited version ?
          She was okay.
          How about a PowerGirl movie, that would be interesting but i think a SuperGirl revamping should be 1st of course.

          • I was thinking the Batman/Superman comics version. Where she crashes into Gotham Harbor.

          • you can have them both. theyre technically the same person

        • I say hayden panetierre(however you spell her name)

    • Jennifer Lawrence. A no brainer.

  2. @il princerino 
    Oh okay.
    Bryce Dallas Howard would work then, she’s younger then my 1st choice Christina Hendricks.

  3. The suit- if it’s not right the movie’s screwed.

  4. Thanks, Dark Knight, for lowering the lighting.

  5. the chic in chuck, yvonne whatevery,,,,shes just flat out amazingly hot, who cares how old they make it out to be, not like they got one comic movie right yet….why worry about deets.

  6. Skip all of that and do either a Legion of Superheroes or Young Justice live action movie, both of whom can feature Supergirl. Would be please to see a Earth-2 Powergirl and Huntress movie. Birds of Prey would also have plenty of attractive female roles. I hoped with Superman Returns, then I stopped caring. Richard Donner Cut of Superman 2 will not be beat. Dc and Warner bros. should stick to making cartoon movies. Which are always better than their live-action farce. The Joel Schumacher days of Batman will be the hallmark of any Dc comics movie. Dc comics is notorious for revamping their lines, so much so there are no truly definable characters to portray. Snyder did 2 thinks right. Made a name for himself visually and did works based on some of the most influential writers and stories in comic book history. Sucker Punch proves that without a cohesive plot it doesn’t matter how attractive any part of a movie is. Besides all that, Why even bother with Superman? Superman is the most one-sided narrow minded and limited character in the DC universe. It takes different colored Kryptonite to make him cool.

  7. For an Movie based unpon DC comic book character of Supergirl to succeed at box office This my opinion.

    1. It has to be serious realistic take on the character.

    2. It has to have a solid well written screenplay.

    3. The plot has to creditably and believeably.

    4. The villian has to be equal match for Supergirl.

    5. The Film need’s to have right mix of humor, drama, and action.

    6. It has to be grounded in reality.

    7. SuperGirl has to be protray as somebody who use’s her skill’s, intelligent, to defeat the villian

    8. Even though it would be modern verision of character. But still stay true to what character is all about.

    9. The superGirl outfit has to have realistic look to it. much same way Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman outfit had to it.

    10. Superman has to be in the movie Because you can’t have his cousin Kara Zor El arriving on earth and never meeting him.

    • So in other words the movie has to be done right, well made, and good. Oh and it has to work.

    • sounds like the perfect blue print for a supergirl movie, will it ever even happen?

    • martian manhunter movie!!!!!, would love to see mars concept on screen.

  8. Ok, I’ll buy in- Supergirl should def b a teen, looking for an advantage in a “sibiling” rivalry with superboy. His attitude would make a great contrast to Supergirl,she being more tech, him more brawn. The possibilities of a superman villian manipulating this is endless. I think introducing superboy w/ Supergirl makes for better action. Plus, I can’t remember a super hero female movie that killed in the box office, they all pretty much died.

  9. Ok, I’ll buy in- Supergirl should def b a teen, looking for an advantage in a “sibiling” rivalry with superboy. His attitude would make a great contrast to Supergirl,she being more tech, him more brawn. The possibilities of a superman villian manipulating this is endless. I think introducing superboy w/ Supergirl makes for better action.

  10. Ok, I’ll buy in- Supergirl should def b a teen, looking for an advantage in a “sibiling” rivalry with superboy. His attitude would make a great contrast to Supergirl,she being more tech, him more brawn. I think introducing superboy w/ Supergirl makes for better action.

    • DC is getting whipped like cream right now. #go marvel.

  11. You know what: I’ve been waiting for a Trailer for Man of Steel for months now.This Teaser Trailer has been out for two months.And I just heard about and saw it for the first time today 9/27/12 :p

    Good grief. Talk about being out of the loop ;) Both versions of the Trailer are excellent.It had a real, Tree of Life (that Brad Pitt Film) feel to me. M.Knight Shamaylan’s Unbreakable, comes to mind as well. When I saw Clark Kent as a fishermen. I couldn’t help but see it as another Jesus Christ reference. Jor-el’s dialogue had the granduer and majesty befitting of Kal-el’s potential and Johnathan Kents dialogue was more down to earth and secular.As it should be perhaps.

    All in all. I think Mr.Synder appears to be doing an excellent job. But a trailer is not the movie.

    • I know. This new superman movie is going to be awsome. I am a big fan of dc and a bigger fan of superman. For the next 3 years DC Comics, Marval Comics and WB has movies coming out. Dc will have movies coming out of each superhero that leads to the Justice league. I CANT WAIT

  12. I think Angela Lansbury is perfect for the Supergirl role.

  13. I can’t wait to see this movie! I like him as Superman!

  14. I hope that they don’t change the story up so much that they ruin the very essence of what people have come to love about superman

  15. this is the much awaited movie of the year! I love Henry and Amy Adams! Can’t wait to see it this month!