New ‘Man of Steel ‘Trailer – Superman and General Zod Go to War

Published 2 years ago by , Updated June 10th, 2013 at 11:55 am,

Close to this time a year ago, Nokia did its part to get everyone’s hearts pounding in anticipation for the big DC superhero movie release of Summer 2012, when it premiered the most action-packed trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Today, they’ve done the same for the Summer 2013 season and Man of Steel, with a preview that concentrates as much crowd-pleasing spectacle – in addition to even more Earth-shattering Kryptonian warfare - from the Superman movie reboot as possible (into two minutes of footage).

Man of Steel – as many reading this are well-aware – marks the screen debut of Henry Cavill (Immortals) playing Kal-El/Superman as an adult, who must wrestle with his responsibilities as a child of two worlds and the potential savior to the people of Earth. The film was scripted by David S. Goyer – based on a screen story devised by his Dark Knight trilogy collaborator Christopher Nolan – and directed by Zack Snyder of 300 and Sucker Punch Watchmen fame; together, the powerhouse trio are looking to re-invigorate the Superman mythos in every respect.

man steel trailer superman New Man of Steel Trailer   Superman and General Zod Go to War

A healthy percentage of the Nokia trailer is composed of familiar footage, as is to be expected when you consider how many other Man of Steel trailers, TV spots and featurettes have been released. Nonetheless, it’s an effective compilation of money shots (Laser vision! Supe drowning in a sea of skull!) and some previously-unglimpsed moments from pivotal sequences throughout the film – be it Clark Kent facing bullies as a child, Kal-El saving others from a fiery disaster as an adult, or Superman defending Earth from General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his troops, after he dons his own unique Kryptonian armor/outfit.

Basically – similar to the case with the Nokia Dark Knight Rises trailer – we’re left with little more to say than: if this doesn’t get you (at the least, mildly) excited to see Snyder’s vision for Superman on the big screen, then nothing will.


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer and Russell Crowe.

Source: Nokia

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  1. I haven’t been this excited for a movie since the first Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie. And honestly I’m way more excited for this one. Superman is by far my favorite super heroe. I can’t wait to see this. I’m so excited I think I just wet myself watching this trailer. I wish I could sleep until next Friday so it didn’t feel like an eternity for it to get here. Lol. I’m soooo frigging pumped for this.

  2. I need a new pair of pants

  3. Love the trailers, not so much the posters. What is with WB and their lackluster marketing, the posters remind me of the posters for TDKR. They should be Star Wars epic. And I swear, when Superman turns from Jor-El and does that thing with his arms before he flies back to Earth, man, he’s cute…

    • Less is more.

      The posters are elegant and capture the essence of the film. It doesn’t need to be a Bob Peak rendition of everyone and everything that happens in the film.

      Recall Warner Bros.’ poster for the original 1978 Donner film: Clouds. And a red, blue and yellow streak running through a crystal Superman shield. A simple tagline: “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

      Doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. holly craptastic that was epic. I’m going to be blowing a boat load of money to see this movie like a 100 times in the theater. it’s looking like it might overthrow TDK for greatest CBM ever (admittedly I’m a tad bias towards Superman.) Can’t Wait!

  5. Hans Zimmer is delivering some epic ass tones for this one! That last bit of the trailer music was awesome! Also this is by far my most anticipated film of the last few years.

    • Agreed ,if that’s some of the score from the movie,its KILLER!

  6. Something I have been noticing is the scale and threat the Kryptonian invasion led by General Zod seems really massive. Earlier one comment compared it to it being bigger than the Avenger’s alien invasion threat.

    I definitely can see the invasion in Man of Steel being bigger than the Avengers counterpart, which makes me wonder of the eventual resolution. It begs the question what kind of victory Superman would gain by the end of the film (it seems natural to assume he would find a way to save Earth and stop the invasion at the current moment) and what does that mean for the future of this franchise and, if ever, a cohesive DC cinematic universe that has a Justice League?

    As much as I enjoy the Avengers, I felt the ending was a bit of cop out when all the alien invaders were killed(?) when the mothership went out. I definitely do not want to see a repeat of Superman: The Movie with Superman changing time or something like that, in this film. So I am kind of worried of the manner Superman may actually win and hope it fits (or at least passable in the sense of the Avengers) within the context of the film, and not feel like a cop out ending.

    On top of that, if Superman can handle such a deadly force and threat in this film by itself- a threat as noted as possibly bigger than the Avengers- how would one approach a sequel? The villain must be as big or as threatening -if not more- to function in a compelling way. Beside that, what about the Justice League? If Superman fought an invasion and won, what would be the threat that would require 5 to 7 heroes to join forces?

    I really hope the filmmakers did not write/execute themselves into a corner that would make following film’s difficult to maintain if this film is proven as great as it seems.

    • It is too early to think of the future, as the film has not been widely released as of yet, but I would think the threat in this film calls into question what would be the threats in the future (whether it be a sequel or a Justice League film).

      A future villain does not have to be necessarily bigger or have a threat as massive on scale just as many of us know from Star Wars to Empire Strikes Back or as Joss Whedon has been noting in his writing of the Avengers 2. However, if this film succeeds in providing not only scale but a deep personal arc for Kal-El, then directions where the sequel or a cohesive universe cross over could go is a very peculiar dilemma.

      • Batman doesn’t like the idea of a super-powered anything, and you take it from there.

        That’s my guess.

      • Plus you are right Archer about The Avengers.
        I thought taking out the mother ship had
        the feel of a cartoon and a cop out.

        • It was that kind of writing that undermined some of the more subtle and character driven scenes that was working. It just makes the real dramatic element of the characters and world and regress into a cartoon style story.

          I guess most give it a pass due to the genre but if this Man of Steel succeeds at doing what it seems to be offering- that is not going to fly anymore.

        • To think one of the regulars here on this discussion would not get off my back when I kept telling him/her that this movie could be the movie of the year. All I said was could, and he kept attacking me insiting that I was saying it would be when, in fact, I never said it would be, just that it could be. The trailers alone tell us all that it could be, and all of our excitement about what we see in them. When the discussion was said and done, the person still had the need to tell me and someone that was defending my comment that we should all agree to make our judgements after we see it. After seeing this, I rest my case. That case being, once again, that it simply could be movie of the year.

    • I think this should have been made and apparently was
      self-contained to be as epic as possible for a Zod story
      without worry of creating limitations on any sequels later.

      Braniac and Darkseid to name just two each could be all
      encompassing storylines on their own which would not
      suffer no matter how grand Man Of Steel concludes.

      • I agree and believe it was the right choice in making this film as stand alone epic. Much of my issues with other films is that it does not satisfy itself and lean too much on another film- See: Marvel’s Thor and Iron Man 2.

        Brainiac would be great and seeing how the film depicts Krypton as really riding the fine-line of a techno-organic beings, tools, etc (hell the genetically engineer children) I can definitely see Brainiac coming out of that similar to the animated series. But Brainiac as its own being would be cool to see and different enough.

        Darkseid I would prefer to use in a larger threat that requires heroes beyond Superman. Personally I would love to see an adaptation of New Gods to challenge Guardians of the Galaxy haha. (Maybe throw in Green Lantern Corps in a limited role similar to the Nova Corps- people will freak).

  7. Very nice first impression. Really hope MOS nails it. Looking like it’s gonna set new standards for superhero movies.

  8. Well I have already bought my tickets for midnight premier IMAX 3D, but apparently I got advance screening tickets for June 10 that would also feature live stream of the world premier!

    So HAPPY!

  9. Meh

    • Stop hating

      • He’s not hating…just trolling. That’s even more pathetic.

    • First wave reviews mean nothing.

      • Your words mean nothing….

  10. Loved that haymaker Zod lays on Supes and how Supes holds his breath before he flies away at the end. And that music is freaking epic Hans Zimmer is a master of epic music.

  11. Just from all of the action alone, this movie looks like it just may be 3 hours.

    As far as the comparison to the Avengers, How do you compare the power of 6 humans and 1 norse God (who really matches Superman speed and strength) vs an Alien who only has powers because of the yellow sun. Get him out of the Galaxy and hes barely human.

    One thing of concern. Superman is strong and fast, which makes him super compared to humans. He has no one to measure his combat skills, simply because he doesnt have to block or avoid anything humans throw at him. Which is why he gets his butt kicked in combat against foes that match him strength and speed like ZOD and Doomsday. He doesnt know how to fight!!!

    • If you’ve read Superman: Earth One you sure know that he knows how to fight…

      • If you’ve seen Superman 2 and Superman returns, you have seen tht he DOES NOT know how to fight

        • “Superman 2″ and SR have nothing to do with with the continuity of MOS. S:E1 is, if reports of the sources used to create this film are true, much more in line with the way MOS plays out.

          Now, to be fair, you ARE right that Kal-El would not be even close to the level of combat-knowledgeable that bred warriors are. However, Clark DOES have much more experience with and comfort in using his extremely enhanced abilities. There has been somewhat of a balance struck, in point of fact.

          • I will give you that, I’m not an avid reader of the Superman comics or the new universes, in fact, the only SM comic I’ve read was the Doomsday comics.

            But because of all of these extremely enhanced abilities, by question would be, who would he have to measure these skills against leading up to the timetable of this movie. As a child growing, even when he goes away to find himself, who teaches him and who or how does he learn. Does his father gives him instruction videos on hand to hand combat as well as how to use his eye lasers and freeze breath?

            • Like many people in the world, he would pick up a lot of his skill through experimentation and practice. In the trailers, in fact, they showed Clark’s mother helping him deal with his enhanced senses. I find the possibility of logical mastering of his abilities without formal training to be quite viable.

  12. EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I would have thought prior trailers could not be topped.
    This is the best. Man Of Steel is looking like cinematic gold.

    • + 1. I seriously can’t believe how good this looks or how often the other actors have this similiar feeling that Henry really does embody Superman.

      As a fan of Russel Crowe, It’s kind of interesting to see him getting pushed around by Zod; at the same time (in a big way) I hope he gets his turn to knock Zod around. Epic.

      I was always a Superman fan before but this has pushed me over the edge – I’m frickin obsessed right now. My pocket book is gonna hurt these next couple weeks.

      • I’m with you all the way Clance. And Henry does look perfect.

        Superman was the man for me growing up and he still is.
        I am excited like I was as a kid which means this movie
        is tapping into my core being taking me home again.

        Russell is my favorite actor so that makes this all the
        more interesting and I expect him to surprise as Jor-El
        and deliver as only he can with a smashing performance.

      • I had a weird dream last night: I was walking along my street, and I saw an orange semi truck parked on the side of the road, like when a driver has to sleep or take a break. I walk by and it’s Russel Crowe, with long hair and a beard. And he says “oh I just wanted to enjoy this before my next project, I love long haul trucking.” Then I asked if I could get a picture with him, and I woke up.

        What’s it mean!?

        • Well, of course, it can only mean one thing: Crowd is going to star as BJ in the big-screen,updated remake of that classic ’80s TV show “BJ and the Bear”. The better question to ask would be, “Who is going to play the chimpanzee?”



          • Cripes…I truly despise auto-correct.

            That should, of course, be CROWE, not CROWD.


  14. “I’m so excited, I’m gonna go fly around my bedroom in my underwear!” (said bouncing off the bed, and into a dresser-drawer…).

  15. In the last reboot they used the line “for peace ,justice and all that other stuff” instead of “American way” afraid that it might insult people of a foreign nature. If I see that chit in this on I’m gonna flip my lid

    • The original superman wasn’t fighting for the American way either. They introduced it during world war II for propaganda purposes. Unless you believe that we still live in 40′s, or love government propaganda there’s really no need for it. You can ho ahead and flip your lid now.

      • I get it that originally Superman never said that but it kind of made me think “pathetic” when they did “all that stuff” too. If they can’t honor America – then they should’nt have even gone there. I thought it was just weird. Like seriously, we compromise enough with needing to appease everyone. Why even to start the line if you’re ashamed to finish it right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Superman is an every person’s person and can be loved by all globally and that he has ties to this entire world and has the world’s best intentions in mind. It was just an annoying compromise that didn’t need to be put there or line that didn’t need to be started.

        • Exactly, Clance. Why even include the line if are too afraid to finish it.
          Zack has said in an interview he “wanted to land Superman in America”.

          I do sense and hope by that that we will be getting a very American story
          for Superman this time even if we may or may not hear the famous words.

          • …Superman has renounced his American citizenship…

            • Action Comics #900 :D I have it. Can’t say I liked it.

              • +1

        • “If they can’t honor America – then they should’nt have even gone there. I thought it was just weird.”

          Well that’s sort of the point, you are illustrating it beautifully without realizing it. That line wasn’t weird at all, it was demonstrating that Americans don’t have a monopoly on peace or justice or other things Americans take pride in. The very line itself, “peace, justice and the American Way” or whatever the original jingoistic line was, implies that only We Americans value those things which isn’t the case.

          I don’t know… instead of getting all huffed and puffed about it, try to wrap your brain around what they were talking about. It seems dumb to claim they were dissing american pride when in fact one of our greatest values is acknowledgement of everyone around us. People are way too “head in the sand,” “We’re the greatest!”

  16. HOLE.E.S&*%

  17. Im not psychic, but I have a strong feeling this film will do great and that Zack Snyder will be asked to make the Justice League movie.

  18. They’ve done it. After 35 years we have another amazing movie.

  19. If you happen to have two fathers who are BOTH Robin Hood, you’re destined for greatness.

    • haha totally!

  20. Oh sweet baby jebus I can… not… wait!

  21. The last 15 seconds were…fantastic.

    The last son of Krypton getting a look of determination on his face after his long-dead father exhorts him, “You can save them…you can save all of them.”

    Holy effing crap.


  22. anyone else getting the feeling that both ma and pa kent die?

    • I think only Jonathan Kent will die. I’m betting Zod and co. may have a hand in his death, leading to Clark to go on a rampage and thus be able to take down the army. Just a thought.

      • True, but Pa Kent has ALWAYS been the one to die. It just won’t be surprising if they do that here. I think it would be very shocking if Ma died.

        Anyway, trailer was awesome. I just want to see this movie SO badly!

        • If it serves to the story, than I’m all for Ma Kent dying, I’d be pretty sad about that though, especially if Pa Kent dies too agh.

      • I doubt it. If they follow some of the more prominent comics, Pa Kent will be gone by the time Clark reaches adulthood. If you notice, when Zod’s ships show up, only Martha Kent comes out. If Jonathan was around, he’d be right there with his shotgun.

    • SPOILER ALERT!! If you watched Leno tonight, it looked like ma kent got seriously hurt or even killed. Supes beats the crap out of Zod, and yells something like “YOU THINK YOU CAN PREY ON MY MOTHER!” Its frickin sweet!!

  23. Oh my…
    This trailer just took my breath away.

  24. Judging by this trailer it could be terribly written and worth 3 viewings. This looks beyond EPIC. I like that they didn’t hold back, they threw everything they could into the best possible standalone movie. A sequel will write itself later.

  25. You know, when I first heard about this movie I was a Hater, plain and simple, but one that was willing to keep an open mind about MOS, I am glad I did. I am seeing this movie AT LEAST Twice, If not more. :) Looks Epic. Finally, A Movie Worthy of Superman.

    • I respect your honesty man. You deserve to enjoy this movie and I really hope you do.

    • +1

      Cool that you kept an open mind, kinda rare with these type of movies.

      • It will be tough for even the most obstinant turds to keep their heads in the sand, after the amazesauce that’s been shown in these trailers. You’re right though, people are so insistant on being “right” that they don’t want to acknowledge things right in front of them…

        “No! I said it would be bad and I’m sticking with it!” lol

  26. This trailer was Breathtaking .. Hans Zimmer Master of Movie Music just makes it more mystifying .. Everything seems so Perfect in this Movie …. Henry Cavill is really good and I’ve seen most of his stuff/acting before .. He is gonna be a Badass/Clark/Kal El/ Superman and there also Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Micheal Shannon (y) I mean thats an awesome cast .. Zack,Christopher, Goyer are responsible for this so It’s obviously gonna be a Blockbuster … I already see I’m gonna spend boatloads of money to see this movie every chance I get ..

  27. This movie was fantastic!!

    • You’ve seen it already?

      • Yeah, I just saw it tonight at an advance screening in DC

        • Mind sharing a couple of your thoughts? Since you’re a regular here, I’d take your opinion over several others across the net.

          • Don’t wanna give too much away, seeing that there are a lot people subscribed to this article, but I’ll just say that I really, really enjoyed it. The performances were all great, the story was great, the action sequences were fantastic. There were some pretty heartfelt moments with the origin story, but this movie was far from boring. This ain’t Superman Returns, and there was a TON of action. Also, Snyder created a really unique and interesting world in Krypton, and the scenes that took place there were cool to watch. And Michael Shannon was terrifying.

            That’s about all I’ll say until more people have seen it.

            • That’s awesome, honestly everything you said is all I really needed to hear and I was hoping Shannon would be terrifying in the film too, had no doubt though. Glad they’re delving into Krypton a little more, haven’t seen enough of that place. Thanks a lot, appreciate it.

              • No problem, glad I can help.

              • I know this might be a dumb question, but what kind of advanced screenings are out there that show a movie a whole week before its release date? If I sound like I have been living under a rock, than I do apologize. I live in a small town, and I have never heard of advanced screenings that far out other than the ones for the actors and such, but as i said before I live in a small town and maybe I never knew about them or times have changed recently. Please tell me as I would like to know.

                • @Cue

                  Yeah, I also didn’t realize that they do advance screenings that early. I don’t know if that’s a regular thing, this was my first advance screening. Got the ticket from some website that was giving out 50 through gofobo. It seemed to be mostly filled with general audience members.

                  • Oh ok. Thanks for the insight. Also glad to hear that it is a good movie as Superman and Shazam are my number 1 and 2 favorite DC Comic Book characters. I am not hard on Superman as other Comic book fans are so very happy to hear he now has a movie that is good.

                    • Yeah, it’s been way too long since there’s been a good Superman movie.

            • I want one of those silly birdcage hats from the ruling council.

              • Waaaaaaaay toooooo long. Lol.