New ‘Man of Steel ‘Trailer – Superman and General Zod Go to War

Published 2 years ago by , Updated June 10th, 2013 at 11:55 am,

Close to this time a year ago, Nokia did its part to get everyone’s hearts pounding in anticipation for the big DC superhero movie release of Summer 2012, when it premiered the most action-packed trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. Today, they’ve done the same for the Summer 2013 season and Man of Steel, with a preview that concentrates as much crowd-pleasing spectacle – in addition to even more Earth-shattering Kryptonian warfare - from the Superman movie reboot as possible (into two minutes of footage).

Man of Steel – as many reading this are well-aware – marks the screen debut of Henry Cavill (Immortals) playing Kal-El/Superman as an adult, who must wrestle with his responsibilities as a child of two worlds and the potential savior to the people of Earth. The film was scripted by David S. Goyer – based on a screen story devised by his Dark Knight trilogy collaborator Christopher Nolan – and directed by Zack Snyder of 300 and Sucker Punch Watchmen fame; together, the powerhouse trio are looking to re-invigorate the Superman mythos in every respect.

man steel trailer superman New Man of Steel Trailer   Superman and General Zod Go to War

A healthy percentage of the Nokia trailer is composed of familiar footage, as is to be expected when you consider how many other Man of Steel trailers, TV spots and featurettes have been released. Nonetheless, it’s an effective compilation of money shots (Laser vision! Supe drowning in a sea of skull!) and some previously-unglimpsed moments from pivotal sequences throughout the film – be it Clark Kent facing bullies as a child, Kal-El saving others from a fiery disaster as an adult, or Superman defending Earth from General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his troops, after he dons his own unique Kryptonian armor/outfit.

Basically – similar to the case with the Nokia Dark Knight Rises trailer – we’re left with little more to say than: if this doesn’t get you (at the least, mildly) excited to see Snyder’s vision for Superman on the big screen, then nothing will.


Man of Steel opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer and Russell Crowe.

Source: Nokia

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  1. That is without a doubt the greatest movie I have never seen yet. I already know it is going to be one of the three greatest comic book inspired movie of all-time. While I know Zack Snyder is the Director and he is probably most responsible for the dazzling action, Chris Nolan has done it again with what looks to be a layered and epic retelling of the Man of Steel…and the just first with at least two more to go. Just Amazing!

    • You don’t even know the story. Almost all of what you’ve seen in the trailers is Snyder, not Nolan. I have no doubt that the story is going to be great, and so is the movie. But how can you give credit to Nolan for a layered story before you’ve even heard it.

      • +1

        If anything I’d give credit to Goyer and Snyder long before Nolan. It’s obvious Nolan had a hand in this and may have helped a great lot, but you gotta give credit where it’s due.

        • Prior to Nolan’s involvement with the Dark Knight trilogy, I have never seen anything of Goyer’s work that resembles what the Dark Knight and probably now what Man of Steel has in terms of character driven stories. Yet I do see common elements in Nolan’s other movies that did not involve Goyer…the Prestige and Memento. Don’t get me wrong, Goyer does deserve credit as well…but I think Nolan’s influence is prominently on display.

      • Nolan is the Co-Writer!

        • Not the co-writer. The story was developed by Goyer and Nolan (the same as a novel) but the screenplay was done by Goyer alone.

          How many books do you know of that were screwed up or made greater by the screenplay? It’s good to start off with a great story, but the screenplay writer can really screw stuff up if not done correctly.

          • Since one of the story writers (Goyer) is ALSO the screen writer…I have a feeling the screenplay PRETTY MUCH represents the vision of the writers.

          • But since Nolan is producer (i.e. a heavy creative influence on the script itself) as well, it won’t have strayed very far from the original idea, nor will it have gone to crap if Nolan stayed by throughout development.

            • +1

      • I’m not saying Nolan shouldn’t get credit for the story. He co wrote it, and I’m sure he had a large hand in the making of the movie. I’m just saying that it is ridiculous to watch a trailer with almost no dialogue and all action sequences and give the majority of the credit to a co-writer.

        • I have not seen the movie, but I have read a lot about the film and from the trailers and interviews with actors, you can peice together a considerable amount of the plot.

          As to why I give so much credit to a “co-writer” I address that above.

    • This is the superman movie people want AND ARE GOING TO deserve because we will look up to him and he can take it because he is the MAN OF STEEL :)

  2. Can’t handle all the awesome!!! I’m confused at the end with Jor-El though is he like a full hologram in the fortress of solitude?!?

    • Pretty sure that will be the case. That, and/or a really vivid vision.

  3. I find it fitting that the hero who started the whole game is the same hero who is about to change it.

    Papa bear has returned, and has taken his rightful spot at the top of the mountain.

    • @Dr.Mindbender

      I think that is what makes this film all the more exciting to me. It doesn’t matter if you are not a fan of the character or not to realize the overall influence the character that Superman had on the genre and in pop culture. This film seems to have hit a right cord and is doing the character justice by reintroducing Superman to the world in a modern way that connects to us as his original appearance connected to that generation of readers, children and adults alike, while respecting the legacy of the mythology that is Superman.

      I excited to see Superman be back at the top of the game in a new satisfying way that respects the character’s essence and moves him forward.

    • Even Russel Crowe said that of superheros
      Superman is the top of the food chain.

      Unlike the last attempt, how ever well intentioned,
      this is the film where Superman returns.

  4. Oh yeah, cue the trolls whose only ammo is associating this with Green Lantern, Superman Returns, and Sucker Punch.

    • +1

      • +100

        • +101

          • - ∞

            • ^WIN

    • + 100000000000000000000000

  5. this film is just going to be so epic… when supes and zod clash and that building breaks because of the force you cant help but fell like the power of these guys is unstoppable.

    when superman punches him and you can see the waves because of the power its just immence. it reminds me so much of DragonBall Z. i feel like both of my most wanted movies are about to be made XD. superman returns was not what i expected in a superman movie but this movie is so much more than i wanted. i cannot wait to see it.

    • i was thinking the same thing i reckon they were watching dragonball z

    • Imagine if we had him make DBZ too! s***… Freeza, Cell and Buu with Zach Snyder’s effects…that one would definitely make me wet myself. aahhhh

  6. Superman and General Zod are in a battle… I believe Superman is going to win.

  7. DC and WB i feel have finally realised what the fans want. ive said it before, even though i like the nolan trilogy its definitely not the batman of the comics. when they finally introduce batman i think WB and DC will own the comic book movie scene. really how they have let marvel win is quite incredible. DC has the more iconic heros.

    • no they dont marvel does, dc has two five maybe six at tops but marvel has a dozen and more

      • Worldwide recognition amongst those who have never read a comic book (before the X-Men movie):

        DC – Superman, Batman

        Marvel – Spiderman, The Hulk

        Conclusion? It was even. Marvel may have more known characters these days but once WB/DC get their act together, it will be equal again.

      • DC’s trinity is more well known world wide. Marvel has nothing like the top 3 DC supers.

  8. Dear Lord, I thought the first 3 trailers for MoS were as good as you can get but this one topped them…
    So I’ll say again (and one last time) that if these trailers are a true indication of the movie we are about to see Man of Steel will be the first Superhero/Comic Book movie nominated for a ‘Best Picture’ Oscar.

    • Only if one of the stars dies.

      • that sounds grimmey but I understand what you trying to say and it can be the other way around

    • I honestly thought TDKR would’ve been nominated for Cinematography or Editing at the very least, just to help open the doors to comic book movies receiving more than just Best Supporting Actor, Makeup and Costume but nope.

      I guess the only way comic book movies could ever get major Oscar nominations is if they have a former US President in the cast list or if they have the US military defeating everyone in the movie.

      • The Dark Knight had 8 or 9 nomination, and one 2 of them. There was much controversy surrounding not being nominated for music, director, or best picture. It was one of the primary reason for expanding the amount of films that can be nominated.

        If Man of Steel is somewhat reminiscent of the film in terms of success among critics, fans, and general movie-going audiences, than I am sure Man of Steel can be at least nominated for some of those awards plus those missed ones. It would be interesting to see that happen

  9. Yeah, this looks to be uhhMAZing!!!!!!

  10. I kinda want to be a superhero now after seeing these trailers lol.

  11. So basically Nolan will put his name on any generic summer blockbuster now if the studio cuts a big enough paycheck, right?

    • No. More like while filming TDKR David Goyer came up with this idea, and Nolan loved it and wanted to help produce and co-write it. Try again.

      • +1

        Don’t understand why people hate on Nolan sometimes, especially when they say he’s a sellout. Where does that even come from? aha

        • +1

      • What “idea”? Retelling Superman 2 and adding in better special effects? Nolan’s Batman trilogy legitimately advanced the genre into new territory despite featuring an established DC character. If this ends up having even half the depth of TDK I’ll be stunned.

        • +1 to Dr Mindbender and ColdSc

        • The”idea” to introduce superman in realistic world, a story about the “First contact”.Not an unrealistic world and corny like in Superman-2.

  12. I figured what my problem with all Superhero Movies is.

    They are not Superhero movies to me, they are just comic book movies.

    • Do you mean film companies are just slapping comic book properties on the screen and they lack any real depth on what it actually means to be a hero or is it something else?

      • Nope, I mean as in. Film Companies can call them Superhero Movies. It is just fantasy for 2.5 Hours.

        On the ride home, you could hear a tsunami wiped out 250,000 people,or an Earthquake killed 150,000.

        So, I guess that is why I am a fan of Superman, I would love to live in his world, and not have to worry about a quarter million people being killed due to a natural disaster.

        • That would be great I agree, but knowing the world we live in, how accepting do you think we as a whole would be of someone like that. Some of us can’t even get over skin color no matter how good someone is.

        • …..people die from natural disaster’s in the comicbook world.

          • Those death have little meaning, and can be replaced or bought back the next issues by a Superhero or God.

            • Only if you have a bad writer.

        • Jeff W:

          I am afraid I did not quite understand.

          So how is your feelings related toward the film? I mean something in this trailer (or other trailers or information, I am not sure) triggered your comment. Does the film feel like a superhero film or a comic book film?

          • He’s saying there is no such thing as superhero films, just comic book films.

            C’mon Jeff, it ain’t all that bad. Nothing a couple of shots of Jameson can’t handle.

            • @Dr. Mindbender

              Thank you! I understood the sentiment. I guess I am wondering what triggered that response. Does the film look more like a generic comic book film or does it seem to offer something more- I do not know if this is the right word- “heroic”?

              I guess this had to more with Jeff W’s second comment, a response to his original comment, in that all the comic book film’s seem to be treated as pure fantasy that last 2.5 hours. He then says he wishes to live in Superman world. So does Jeff sees the film as a generic comic book movie that offers fantasy for a temporary period distraction or does the film seem to offer at a reconciliation of what if Superman existed in a world that mirrors ours and the events or heroics that would follow?

              Thanks for trying to clear it up though. I appreciate it.

            • Captain Morgan would be more like it.

            • @Dr Mindbender



              I’d rather you Beam me up.

              • The Jameson was a South Park reference…

                … but since we are keeping score I’ll take Crown.

              • Didn’t expect you to ever say Beam. Caught me off guard.

            • @Mindbender
              I was wondering how reliable is the source relaying that there will be a post-credit? I’m really pumped and don’t want to be disappointed.

          • No, when I reflect back on all the Comic Book Movies, I just see Comic Book Movies, I do not see Superhero Movies, because Superheroes do not exist.

            Man of Steel, Ironman, Darknight, Spiderman, Avengers, Thor.

            All, just Comic Book Movies.

            • @ Jeff W

              LOL. Lessssoooonnnn nummmmmbeerrrrrrr onnnnneeeee.

            • I prefer to call the dark knight trilogy ,MOS and Avengers as graphic novel movies as supposed to comic book films like ghost rider and batman and robin

              • @jacob

                I’d say The Avengers is definitely a comic book movie.

                • +1

                • I disagree, the Avengers is a COMEDY movie.

            • Jeff, I’m new to these boards. And I wanted to say that I find your opinions, well, bizarre. I think it was a war vet that got at you about it on another thread, this curious inclination to decry the very nature of the fiction we’re all here sharing an affection for. There’s no such thing as superheroes? Well… yeah. That’s what makes it all fiction. These are only comic book movies, not superhero movies? What does that even mean?!?! I’m not attacking you here but I genuinely am finding it difficult to grasp how you arrive at this view. The term “superhero” refers to characters that exist in a comic book universe. They are archetypes set in mythological settings, and their heroics represent different aspects of the various ideals that link us all, that we aspire to. And that, in fact, we are encouraged to aspire to by mythologies like these that do the work that mythologies have always done. That’s why we respond to them. That’s why we love them. They’re stories, and stories have always shaped and informed culture. Ever since the first hieroglyphics carved in stone thousands of years ago.
              I think we can all agree that superheroes (yes, that is what they are. and they do exist, in comic books and in these movies) have never been meant to replace or discredit the real world heroics of mortal men and women.
              I’m just saying. And again, this is not an attack. I actually do see the point that you are seeking to make. I just don’t understand what you gain by making it on these boards.

  13. Trailer is awesome, bring on the movie

  14. Awesome trailer, liked the other ones a bit more but still awesome. Just 8 more days everyone!

    • It will be playing in our cinemas on June 12. I demand $20,000, a private jet, my own island in the Pacific, the secrets to the JFK assassination and a s*** load of free Mountain Dew and Cheetos for my silence.

      • How about if I take you off my hit list instead? Aha all jokes aside, you’re one lucky man, hope you enjoy it!

      • Dude, today I got advance tickets to watch the film June 10 for free. Its coinciding with the World Premier in NY. Going to watch the premier live feed then the film itself! Awesomeness!

  15. Man of Steel. Also starring Nokia. Source: Nokia. Nokia.

  16. Why can’t it be this Friday?! Ughh

    • Funny thing is, we’re getting a Michael Shannon movie releasing this friday with Ray Liotta then next friday, MOS.

    • The day after this Friday, it will be!

  17. That whole trailer could have sucked, but the last fifteen seconds make that trailer amazing. I’m so pumped.

  18. Holy S#$%! That was probably the best trailer I have ever seen!

  19. WOW!! This is by far the best MOS trailer I have seen!!!! I have no doubt this movie will be beyond amazing. ne of my friends from up in LA got to somehow see the movie at a special pre-screening and he said he was left speechless! Time for Superman to come back with a blast! I am pretty sure MOS will be at least top 3 comic book adaptions of all time!! Before any trolls or Marvel fangirls comment, don’t bother commenting how his movie is going to “fail” or how Marvel movies are better because you will just ridicule yourself. If anything, Iron Man or The Avengers will be the only movies that would come close to being as great as MOS becaue the rest are mediocre.

  20. “You can save them al.” …..aka …The D.C. Comics movies….

  21. I’m not a DC fan, But I’m a fan of a Good movie. This movie looks like its finally going to be the Superman Movie that Superman is supposed to be, If that makes sense to anyone.

    A part of me feels like this movie cant do no worse than superman returns. But the Marvel Comic fan in me just wants it to be just a notch below the Avengers.

    I think it will surpass the Avengers in everyway

    • Wouldn’t be hard to surpass The Avengers in my personal opinion.

      Avengers was the weakest of the Marvel movies.

      • I get your HATRED for Marvel and the AVengers, butWhatever Superman does in the Box office, Avengers 2 Anticipation will Double it.

        For you to say the Avengers was the weakens of the Marvel movies, shows how biased you are

      • …and now we know why they call him “beserker”. -_-

      • I found The Avengers the second best, right after Iron Man, to each their own though.

        In the end, I really want the competition of quality films to continue heating up, whether it’s between Marvel and DC or Batman and Superman, whatever the case may be. If both companies continue competing for box office numbers and critic reviews (which is definitely under box office in terms of priorities for them), I can only imagine what we’ll have in the next few years.

        • I have the same opinion, Iron Man 1 is the best Marvel film to date. Kinda sad if you think about it, their first movie is the best. The rest are average to good. 2nd place being the Avengers, but that doesn’t say much. Most of Marvel’s films lack quality. They are all about that quantity>quality, $$$, Disney, Kids=$$$

          • +1 Agreed. Some of the movies aren’t fully fleshed out, well as much as they can be I find. So much history the writers can grab from, but I can’t deny they’ve done more right than they have wrong. Great actors, shared universe, chemistry amongst the characters and great action. I’d just like them to add a bit more story and depth is all.

            Disney is definitely a cash cow, but on the other hand, i find the actors, writers and directors are really into doing the Marvel movies. From Kevin Feige to Joss Whedon, it seems they really care about the characters and want to give the fans their all.

      • Personally I found Thor and Iron Man 2 to be the weakest film.

        The Avengers is second best after Iron Man in my opinion. Personally when I first saw the Avengers I cheered a lot and having a great time but made mental notes of things I found weak- the Phantom Menace ending, a lot of humor cutting between dramatic character building scenes, etc- and it was not as great when I saw the film two more times. Things that bothered me continued to mount.

        However at one point, I started to enjoy the more subtle, quiet moments in the film where it was just about the characters and their interactions. I give credit to some of the dialogue and the actors for this. I think the film was good overall but definitely below potential. While some of the louder, flashier elements will lose effect over time, the character driven scenes work efficiently. These combined with some of the deleted scenes point that Whedon had a different take altogether but in the end tried to make the film accessible to a wider audience and fit to some the demands of Marvel- alien invasion, etc.

        • Iron Man 1, Thor, Avengers are my top 3 of their series.

    • The avengers was average at best. Just like all the marvel movies.

      • That’s just you bro.

        • No, Kyle, it’s fact.

  22. Did anyone notice the giant guy next to Zod when they are walking together? I wonder who that is.

    • His name is Nam-Ek

      • That’s really his name?

        Hope not, it might distract me and remind me of the planet Namek from Dragonball Z. Hate when movies remind me of other thins while I watch because then I stop being engaged in what’s happening on screen and find it hard to lose myself in the movie again.

        • That’s really his name and the character existed in the comics way before that other “namek”

      • Thats NON`s cousin

  23. June 14th The People of Earth WILL KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!!!

    • You really love saying that, don’t you?

      I’ve seen you say those exact words without deviation in every MOS article that’s been posted the past two weeks. Getting as annoying as (k)Black’s “Excelsior!” became when he’d only post that one word on every article.

  24. 1 week to go!!! yay!! so pumped

  25. Am I the only one who is hoping for some awesome Snyder slow-mo fight scenes a la 300 and watchmen.

    • Apparently there aren’t any slo-mo shots, not 100 percent positive though, haven’t even seen the movie.

      • Yeah first Snyder said he saved slo-mo for the hardest hitting shots but recently he said there were none.

      • I think Snyder commented during an interview that there is no slow-mo fight shots. I do not have the source at the moment, so I could be mistaken but that is what I remembered him saying.

      • NOOOOO. I don’t need a lot. Just one or two, they are always so well choreographed.

    • From what I hear, there won’t be a lot of slo-mo if any at all. They want to show his true power and slow motion just wasn’t going to cut it.

      • Snyder also said they wanted to give a sense of Superman’s superspeed. Slo-mo just ruins things for me anymore. I think because it’s been done to death since the Matrix.

        • See, I’ve been re-watching Dragonball (the mid-late 80s anime version) and love the slo-mo shots when people in the crowd see only one punch during the World Martial Arts Tournament episodes but then a slowed down replay from the fighter’s perspectives showed eight punches and a kick.

          That could be pretty cool in a Superman vs Zod fight scene. Too much of it though would be excessive. The perfect slow motion was in Dredd when the characters took the drug Slo-Mo.

  26. This is how you film an alien invasion on an epic scale !! Take note Avenger’s.

    Each trailer has made me more excited for this film. Glad to see we maybe getting another properly adapted comicbook hero that has good story telling, a menacing villian and relatable protagonist.

    • Right? The alien invasion here seems so much of a bigger threat than the Avengers. From the trailers alone I feel much more “consequence” and overall danger than the Avengers film.

      Not trying to bash the Avengers as it is one of the better films -behind the first Iron Man- from Marvel Studios, but rather offering up an objective observation. Plus, I think this is testament that if DC and WB ever get a cohesive cinematic universe done that we as an audience would not have to suffer from repetitive or similar plots or films. Though both film’s feature an alien invasion both a taking different perception, execution, and interpretations of tackling similar concepts without feeling that one is copying or taking advantage of the other’s success.

      On that not I do say this: I felt the defeat of Chitauri invasion in the Avengers was too easy (similar to the Phantom Menace win) due to the invasion almost appearing too much for the Avengers to handle. If Man of Steel offers an alien invasion as big if not bigger than the one seen in the Avengers with seemingly bigger consequences and Superman is a lone hero against the invading army- I hope the ending is not an easy, cop out resolution….. and if Superman does manage to defeat in the army in a legitimate (read: he actually defeats them in a not so easy way) the threats in sequels, or a Justice League film would theoretically have to much larger, and more threatening and deadly to keep suspense up and conflict compelling.

      That latter part could be troublesome.

      • Agreed on the Avengers bit (except I find it the weakest Marvel movie to date).

        Seemed like exposition, trading insults, underwhelming set pieces and then the invasion didn’t yield much destruction or peril and they all just dropped to the ground in the biggest cop-out in recent memory.

        As Marvel themselves said, IM3′s final showdown was bigger and better and MOS will do it even bigger and better. Combine Snyder’s eye for visuals and Goyer/Nolan’s experience writing big set pieces with satisfying conclusions and I can see this being a huge success in all the right places.

        • I can definitely understand your opinion on finding the film weak. It is upon various viewing- apart from the obvious seen in the first viewing. I say it is relatively stronger in my opinion in comparison to the other films in which I felt something lacked. But Iron Man definitely remains top movie in that crowd.

          I would say Iron Man 3 did not do it for me either. Lots of stuff happening but I still got no sense of danger, but rather “how is Tony going to stop this guy?”. But Man of Steel seems to be aiming for something much larger with consequences much clearer and more felt.

          Nolan and Goyer together have definitely create great set pieces in writing and execution and with Snyder being a visual director as noted, the action seem to be spectacular and maybe the biggest in any film even beyond the genre.

      • Next to this, The Avengers seems like a comic relief movie. While I remember loving every moment of the movie in the theater, I really never was able to get myself to rewatch it again. It’s just not rewatchable, unlike Batman Begins, TDK, and even TDKR. This is what Nolan brings to a movie: Rewatchability.

  27. I really do enjoy the marketing of this film. Just as one thinks how the film is turning out to be due to the trailers, a new trailer or piece of information teases something new. Most of the trailers feature same shots and footage, yet each successive trailer puts a new perspective of a certain shot or footage or the overall story with a few added unseen footage.

    For example, in an earlier trailer it seemed that the Zod/Jor-El context may be similar to that of the ‘Superman: The Movie’ in which Jor-El is at least present or a major role in the sentencing of General Zod to the phantom zone. There has been information presented to support this as Zod’s flagship in the invasion of Earth seems to be Prison Transport.

    However, this trailer along with more information surrounding the details of Kal-El’s birth switches that perspective. Jor-El seems to be a criminal in the viewpoint of Krypton’s leaders and thus General Zod is following orders or a certain mindset.

    I am interested to see how the Krypton storyline develops in the film!

  28. I wish I can unsee the trailer to many plot points. I think I’m digging the score though

  29. That scene at the end when Jor-El says to his son: “You can save everyone.” Gave me an unwelcome flashback to the crappy ending to Superman: The Movie when Kal-El manipulates time and space to “Save Everyone”.

    I really hope they aren’t going to do some crap like that in MOS. Salvation isn’t free. Success does not come without sacrifice. True heroes must face dilemmas in order to prove thier worth; and that’s what Superman needs.

    • Lol no spinning around the globe in this one, he does face some dilemmas

    • I hope they don’t do anything like that. Really want it to be ridiculously hard for Superman to come through in this film.

      • As enthusiastic as I am about this film, I’m not liking how much it seems to be based on Superman: Earth One. That comic has some merits, but the fact that they had Kal-El single handly thrawt an alien invasion of planet Earth was beyond absurd and incredibly insulting!!

        You do not have to try and make Superman look good at the expense of man. Hopefully that’s not what were going to see in Man of Steel. I want to see something similar to Superman The Animated Series: Apokolips Now Episodes. Where Superman was fighting side by side with mankind against the forces of Darksied :D

        And Dan Turpin was the one that gave people hope, even though it seemed like Superman had fallen.

    • Lol nope, nothing like that.. Snyder even said and not an exact quote here but ” he won’t be carrying continents into space” as in superman returns. From what I gather once he meets Zod and Faora it’s gonna be bad for him for a while, with him getting his a** handed to him. I like in the trailers that he actually looks scared in some parts leading to battle.. This is all new to him but this is life for the General.. But once he stops holding back… Oh boy

      • @Sb Damn right! One of the things I couldn’t stand about Superman: Earth One is that here you had this young Kryptonian with no real combat expierence whatsoever acting like he Bruce Lee or somebody. When he was fighting the aliens. He was all, “Come on. Put up your dukes. Let’s go fist to cuffs.”

        In the Nokia Trailer in the scenes of Supes in Smallville I definetly got a sense of his possible fear and anxiety at whether he would be able to defend humanity and defeat Zod. I thought he looked like he was very concerned about not being able to protect civillans from collateral damage. Plus his body language was very telling and the steps he was taking towards his opponent was very slow. Instead of being relaxed (as any fighter might tell you to be) Kal-El was very tense walking with clenched fist. I like what I saw. They seem to be presenting Clark as what he is at that point.

        A Rookie.