‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Trailer Details & Wonder Woman Cameo Rumors

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Superman: Man of Steel Trailer Details & Wonder Woman Cameo Rumors

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, is poised to make a big splash at Comic-Con 2012. A teaser trailer for the film is due to be released online soon, in coordination with the Warner Bros. panel at the Con (which will undoubtedly showcase additional footage from Snyder’s reboot of the Superman movie franchise).

We’ve speculated that Man of Steel could be fashioned as the first installment in a shared DC comics movie universe, following the announcement that Warner Bros. is resurrecting the Justice League film. New reports indicate that is indeed the plan, which puts even more pressure on Snyder to deliver the goods.

Warner Bros. can do its part to help out by getting the marketing for Man of Steel started on the right foot, with the one-two punch of the Comic-Con showing and official teaser trailer release. The teaser has been given a G rating by the Alberta Film Ratings, and is said to be about 1 minute and 27 seconds in length. Snyder’s movies never fail to suffice as feasts for the eyes, so there’s good reason to think the Man of Steel teaser could easily make a strong impression in that brief amount of time (see: the spell-binding Watchmen teaser trailer).

Whether or not the Man of Steel trailer will be an accurate representation of the actual film’s quality, well, we won’t have a concrete answer to that question until next summer.

Superman Wonder Woman Batman Movie Rumors Superman: Man of Steel Trailer Details & Wonder Woman Cameo Rumors

Meanwhile, CBM has received the following tipoff about how, exactly, Man of Steel might pave the way for future DC movies set in the same universe:

According to our source part of WB’s plan is to use ‘Man Of Steel’ and drop hints that Superman is in a shared universe with his DC counterparts. The hints will be very subtle such as character mentions. The one character that DC is really wanting to reference is Wonder Woman. The source was unclear on if this would be to set up a solo movie for the Amazon Princess or to the Justice League, but with the info that was just posted it seems more likely to be the JLA.

Michael Goldenberg (a co-writer on Green Lantern) is reportedly at work scripting the Wonder Woman movie. However, there’s been some question as to whether DC will imitate Marvel’s approach to building a shared universe and release solo superhero films, as buildup to Justice League. The alternative, of course, is to jump feet-first into a JL movie, and then branch-out into standalone ventures. The latter option would allow the studio to stave off from having to successfully reboot the Superman, Batman, and (possibly) Green Lantern franchises, prior to JL.

Justice League Movie Discussion Superman: Man of Steel Trailer Details & Wonder Woman Cameo Rumors

Marvel’s Avengers undeniably benefitted from having five movies and four years of anticipation as lead-in. So, if DC elects to not imitate its rival’s strategy for constructing a shared universe, the comic book studio will be banking on Man of Steel having cross-over appeal to the wider moviegoing masses – and, playing well with the immediate fanbase. So, again, all eyes are going to be fixed firmly on Snyder’s project, beginning with the trailer kickoff this week.

For more Man of Steel news, keep a close eye on the Screen Rant Comic-Con page.

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, and Laurence Fishburne. It is based on a story co-created by Christopher Nolan and Davis S. Goyer (the latter co-penned the script), and directed by Zack Snyder.

Look for Man of Steel to open in U.S. theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Alberta Film Ratings, CBM

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  1. Dang it! I saw “Man of Steel Trailer”, got all excited, and didn’t even read any more…

    • iknow what you mean .. it is coming soon .. cant wait … then again the superman returns trailer was awesome and we saw how that went.

      • I liked Superman Returns though. lol

    • Me too!

  2. they should just jump into a justice league movie and maybe do a spin off movie for wonder woman .. and use the justice league as a reboot of batman .. it could be cool if seeing the justice leauge in action is what inpsires flash to become flash and not just some guy who runs fast ..

    • they should notjust jump into a JLA movie WB needs to make solid solo movies.

      • But then it take YEARS before we finally get a JL movie.
        I think it would be very easy for them to just “jump in” and do a JL flick – they shouldn’t rush it, but they shouldn’t use their time with more solo flicks.
        I honestly can’t see a reason why that won’t work…

        • use a LOTR approach and we’re good.

        • The reason why jumping straight into a JL film is a bad idea is because there’s plenty of characters in there audiences won’t be familiar with. Even if people have heard of Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Aquaman, do they know their origins or all of their powers? And do they know who Martian Manhunter is? No, probably not. So when general people see all of these characters together, they’ll wonder who these people are.

          Furthermore, it builds less anticipation. Even though Marvel’s plan took a while, it paid off because five movies with plenty of easter eggs builds hype like crazy. If they do solo films first, people will want to see Aquaman fight side-by-side with The Flash all that much more. And finally, from what I can imagine, solo films would almost be like prequels if they do JL first, because then they’d have to backtrack and tell the origins.

          Just do the solo films first.

          • If they use an approach similar to LOTR it can work, it’s been said many times Marvel’s way is not the only way.

          • I agree with Ignur and Merciful Rao.
            A two- or three part event, filmed back to back would be a great direction.

            The thing is, they don’t really NEED to tell Batman, Superman, Green Lantern’s origins because they’ve already been told. Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman/Martian Man Hunter’s origin’s can be explained well enough in the film (even if it isn’t in detail).

            There weren’t solo movies for all the characters in Star Wars or the LotR, yet most people still know who they are, where they come from and what they do…
            The idea that we “need” solo stories to tell us who these characters are is unnecessary IMO.
            Sure we “want” those movies (I want more Batman, GL, WW and Flash too), but it isn’t a necessity to understand and enjoy a JL film. And at this point, I’d much rather see a JL movie NOW, and more solo stories later.

            • I agree with you guys, Avengers and Merciful Rao. My only change would be to have a Wonder Woman solo movie first. The rest of the new characters can be introduced/reintroduced in JL, but WW is one of the 3 pillars of the JL. She is essential. And although they can do her origin in a JL movie, I think it would work better if general audiences knew about her first.

              • My dream would be that if Pacific Rim is a hit WB could try and get Del Toro to work on WW.

                As for the other characters their back stories can be done in the JL movie and then given solo(not necessarily origin) movies after. Also remember Watchmen, we had all these characters and backstory to go with them it is possible.

                • Hmm. Del Toro/Wonder Woman could be good.

                  I agree with you that the other characters (except Supes and WW) should be introduced/reintroduced in JL and then get spinoffs later. Their origins could be in the JL movie(s) though, especially if it’s gonna be 2-3 back to back movies.

                  Regarding Watchmen, I had previously read the graphic novel before watching the movie, so everything made sense to me. However, I think the movie was very disjointed and confusing for those who hadn’t read it beforehand. And that includes the characters’ backstories.

                  • Director’s cut served it better I think. Actually have it to watch still.

                    For the JL film we don’t need the whole origin story formula just the backstory for now. Something like Superman, Batman and GL meet MM and they go on to try and recruit the other big heroes.

                    • Never saw the director’s cut. I’ll have to check it out.

                      I guess we don’t need in-depth origin stories for JL. But if DC is introducing these new characters in the JL movie first, they have to touch on their origins to some extent. And if they do multiple back-to-back movies, there will be plenty of time, even for in-depth origin stories, assuming each movie is 2+ hours.

                    • No disrespect but to have Superman or Batman recruiting superheroes would be horribly cliché IMO. The wonderful thing about the LotR approach that it allows for seperate stories simultaneously. Think Game of Thrones. I’d rather see a set of circumstances or singular event bring the individuals to work together over time instead actively recruiting them.

                      If JL is a 2-part movie I would only want to see the JL fully teamed up iconically maybe three times. It be awesome to see mini flash/GL & WW/Aquaman team ups through out the movie.

                      BTW del Toro for WW is a dope idea, sir.

                    • Yea I know was just a concept floating around in my head, maybe they could make it something more. A large story done LOTR style could really be it.

                      If I remember correctly Del Toro was on the shortlist for MOS so Im sure he’ll get asked.

                    • Rao

                      I would definately want to see del Toro put his magic on an awesome obscure comicbook character and make an ill 2-parter or trilogy.

                      Im thinking Moon Knight, Deadman or Martian Manhunter. Something weird. He does weird good.

                    • @Ignur rant

                      Im thinking he could probably handle the mythological aspects of a WW movie well.

          • It doesn’t matter if everyone is familiar with the characters going in, the movie could still be successful. If they have the slightest idea, that’s good enough. Not everyone who saw the Avengers, saw all the other individual movies before. Yet many people still enjoyed the movie.

            • Very true.

  3. Dont follow Marvel’s formula. Create your own path DC.

    Do MoS, its sequel and hint at the larger DC universe. Keep Cavill or replace him as Superman then Film a three-part JL film back-to-back-to-back released over 3 years (or a 2 part over 2 years) and use the Jl fillm as the offical opening/ into the DC universe.

    • ^^^^ CORRECT. I’ve been saying they should this the whole time. They should intro their new Batman in the JLA film(s).

    • “Super-friends” that should be the title the sequel to “Man of Steel.” 😉

    • @Ignur
      I like that idea for a couple for a few reasons.
      Mainly because WB/DC can’t afford another Green Lantern. Even if MoS is a success if they drop the ball with Wonder Woman or the Flash even IMO that will be the death of the JL for the foreseeable future. You can’t have 2 out of 3 films be flops and expect fans to want to see them all together.
      So I’d say take the time to map it out and go big right from the start.
      Tell the fans it’s going to be a trilogy and film all 3 parts at the same time. That way we get a 3 part Epic story that will aloe for time to introduce all the major players and tell a story that doesn’t feel rushed or unearned.

    • One of the few things you and I agree on 😉

    • The only problem with a back to back filming approach is, what if the first one doesn’t do well? Spending an extra 200-400 million dollars and then have the first one do poorly is like watching that other money just evaporate. Maybe WB can afford the gamble with the revenues from TDKR.

      Looking back I have to say doing LotR the way it was done was pretty gutsy. It did have a good fanbase and story but Jackson was pretty much an unknown.

      Regardless they need to do a JL movie first to catch the current Avengers/superhero “wave” that may not be there in 5-6 more years.

  4. JJ hinted Dr Strange in Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 but he hasn’t manifested.

    • I think that was just a fun Easter Egg. Robin also referenced Nightwing in Batman Forever. And anyways, Sony (Spider-Man’s studio) doesn’t own Dr. Strange. Marvel Studios does.

      • I hope Marvel sued them good.

  5. I prefer Superman as the lone superhero.
    His uniqueness as an alien and his personal
    journey to adapt to his new world are all better
    defined and understood where it is he alone who
    posses special gifts which he finds a way to
    use for the betterment of everyone else.

    The Superman of the Justice League is not the Superman
    I grew up with and not the Superman I know and think of.

  6. Anyone know who Crowe plays?

    • Jor-El

    • Jor-el if I’m not mistaken.

    • Jor-el super mans father. but all the ideas^ upthere are terrible. Follow Marvel it works.

  7. Man of steel is good film

  8. I’m not anticipating this movie at all, I’m hope this trailer impresses me.

    And I’m surprised this hasn’t been compared to the Amazing Spiderman, because its a reboot of the original, and its going to practically tell the exact same story

    • I would certainly say that Man of Steel is comparable to Amazing Spider Man. The only difference between that ASM is a reboot of a series that was only recently on the screen. MoS is rebooting an over 30-year old franchise. Superman Returns was not a reboot. In fact, I don’t know what it was, but it wasn’t something new. It’s loosely part of the Donner/Reeve storyline but because every character was (obviously) recast and it was so far after Superman IV it felt awkward. It kind of is, and isn’t a continuation of the Donner/Reeve Superman, but they make no attempt to say that it isn’t. So rebooting Superman doesn’t feel as abrupt and unwelcome as a reboot of Spiderman. In fact, Superman was ripe for a reboot for sure. Just like Batman was, because the previous version was either far enough in the past for us to sort of forget it, and also because it ended up poorly, just like Superman and Batman did.

      • Superman Returns was a continuation of Reeves/Donnor Superman story. Bryan Singer didn’t consider Superman 3 and 4 as canon to the original story that was written by Mario Puzo (The Godfather series), directed by Donnor and Starring Reeves.

        The idea was to continue the Superman and Superman 2 storyline with Superman Returns, while ignoring Superman 3 and 4. If you watch them in a row, Superman Returns is actually a really enjoyable movie.

        Ithe issue, I think, is that most people didn’t consider the the first 2 movies when watching SR.As they were made in the late 70’s early 80’s.

        • Which is why that made Superman Returns so weird to watch. But with regard to the whole canon thing. I’m getting more and more fed up with the concept of “canon”. And it’s all about, well, what’s canon and not. And it seems like canon basically is selectively ignored whenever some entry or entries in a series is so bad or contrary that you can help but want to ignore. Believe me, I’d love to ignore that Superman 3 and 4 existed but we can’t. Just like people try to ignore Star Trek V.
          Having seen that Superman Returns didn’t go anywhere, I would have preferred that they went with one of the other options that were being considered.

          • Oh, I agree. I did enjoy SR, but I think WB and Singer learned their lesson. I think it was un-needed and they should have gone another route and completely started over with the franchise.

            • If DC/WB had decided to restart Superman at that time, it would only have been a year after Nolan’s Batman Begins. It would have been the perfect time to start fresh with their two biggest franchises. That was a big opportunity lost.

              • i LOVE superman .. but i did not enjoy returns at all .. the real estate luthor thing was just horrible .. the hit and miss way kryptonite effected him , the whole bastard son thing , the i save you , you save me back and forth with him and lois ,and the small s on the chest .. really killed it for me ..

  9. I’m gonna say that the teaser for MOS will probably be attached to TDKR.

  10. Problem is they have a much weaker team than the Avengers. Wonder Woman really sucks, and I don’t think can carry a movie.

    They already jacked up Green Lantern. Hawkman Sucks.

    That really leaves the Flash who can carry a movie on his own and has general appeal, aquaman which could be an interesting movie and the Martian manhunter who couldn’t carry a movie.

    So if you do a:

    Batman Reboot

    movie and then you use the others as part of the team like Hawkeye and Red Sonja I think you could pull of a scenario similar to the Avengers.

    • Clearly, you understand nothing about the characters of the JLA…Well, at least you have “The Avengers”…

    • You point out a main problem here. It is that the DC hero roster is pretty weak after Bats, Supes, WW, and GL. After that, they tend to be defined by their function and are pretty narrow at that. Flash (runs fast), Aquaman (swims), Green Arrow (archer), etc. Sure, anyone can make the characters interesting if they try, but are DC/WB willing to put each in their own film(s), and give the time and space to develop on their own? I don’t think so. Also, who actually wants to see a Flash or Aquaman movie? If not, and you only have them in the combined JLA movie they all get a bit buried. I’m doubting that they can find a Joss Whedon who can somehow balance all the characters together. Also, Aquaman movie = lots of water, and that’s a bad proposition for any movie. Water-based movies are a pain to make. You can CGI water only so much.

      • Aquaman is good out of water as well. he just has to stay hydrated to keep his extra strength and agility. hes got slight speed and combat fighting skills.

      • “It is that the DC hero roster is pretty weak after Bats, Supes, WW, and GL.”
        Yeah? And your point is?
        The Avengers’ roster ain’t all that great when you take out Iron Man, Hulk, Cap and Thor either…
        Fact is, Bats, Supes, WW and GL WILL be in the JL movie, so with all due respect, your whole argument is irrelevant.
        And if they bring the Awuaman from the New 52 to the silver screen, then I’m all for it. He’s freaking bad@$$ character now.

        • *Aquaman

        • LOL, you just compared all of DC to a single Marvel group of (former) B-List heroes…


          That was just too good.

      • You really just dissed the JL? Up until the last 5 years I would bet money everyone would have said The Avengers was a pretty mediocre team (and they would be right) but Marvel has managed to bring them up to the status of the JL in recent years, especially with the movies.

        Flash doesn’t just “run fast”. He moves at incredible speeds (that would be faster that the speed of light) which allows for all sorts of unique by products (like creating his own whirlwind) and can vibrate his molecules to do things like move through walls and even time itself! Yeah……/yawn boring.

        Aquaman just swims? lol come on.

        and Green Archer wasn’t one of the founding members so I highly doubt he will be a part of the group (at least to start)

        • I agree, The Avengers of my youth were SUPER LAME, add the West Coast variety and you have a veritable pantheon of mediocrity.

          • Aquaman swims?!? WTF have you been reading lately? I have always loved aquaman, even before new 52. But now he is super awesome. How come you didn’t list Martian man hunter? Who is near invulnerable can read minds as well as become intangible. Heck they could include Firestorm who can rearrange molecules and change matter. Or they could include blue beetle, booster gold, fire, iron general, the new omac character. Or let’s make a team just like the avengers, just better. It would include Batman > iron man
            J’onn J’onzz > hulk
            Superman > thor
            Aquaman > captain a
            Green Arrow > hawkeye
            Black Canary > black widow

            • Woah there Tex, lets not go around making DC > Marvel posts. The fact is both have some great characters so lets leave it at that shall we?

              And you have to admit, Aquaman really got a bad rep from The Super Friends and it stuck (for a LONG time). DC has done a good job of reworking him but the stigma still lingers for the uninformed.

              • I was merely pointing out who would make a good jl I compared to the avengers. Maybe an = would have been better or more suited than a >. But that “Aquaman swims” comment really set me off.

  11. Is it me or anyone else think Superman is a lame character these days? I really want this movie to work and be great but I have 0% excitement for it. I am a Marvel guy, but love Batman, the flash and GL comics, sometimes… Leads me to my point, Superman has X-RAy vision, Eye Beam things, flight, super strength, unbreakable skin, and BS Arctic breath? And what, has like one weak point, Kryptonite. Give me a break. I think people want to see more characters with weak points, struggles and overcome them. Makes for a more interesting character. Nolan really nailed that approach with the new Batman movies.

    • i hate characters like that. Marvel heroes equal weak men. Dc heroes equal powerful gods

      • Superman = god. As such he shpuld remain distant an unknowing to a degree. Where it fails is that he always approached with the intent to “humanise” him which to me feels like the wrong approach. I want a jla from bats pov. How do mortal men deal with gods and goddess etc. that would be my approach to the whole thing.

      • From a cinematic point of view… well actually, from ANY story telling point of view, it’s much more fun and intriguing to write complex characters with flaws and personal issues.

        Superman can be flawed and complex (and he has been written that way before), but most of the time, he’s pretty bland because of the fact that’s he “prefect” – IMO.
        I’m hoping that MoS will be telling the story of a complex Clark Kent.

        • Arg!! I’m making a lot of spelling mistakes today :(
          I meant PERFECT, not prefect.

    • Well, arguably Supes was the very first superhero so they kind of just dumped the kitchen sink into him and why not? It’s not as if the concept was copying anything and they had no clue it would spawn 1000’s upon 1000’s of characters, each with their own powers. So naturally Superman could do it ALL.

      • That is a good point.
        Superman was also created in a point in time where people needed “the perfect hero”. Even if they knew he doesn’t exist, they needed something pure and something incorruptible to believe in.
        These days, I think people want a hero that they can relate to more than anything else.
        If Superman was created today, I’d bet all my money he’d be drastically different.

        Now the trouble is getting this (arguably) outdated hero into the modern world and making him great again. Let’s hope Snyder pulls it off…

        • He was drastically different to start off. If he was created today he prolly would be just like he was when he was originally was in Action Comics. Significantly less powerful and a bit of a jerk.

          • I don’t know if it was drastically different but yes they started of somewhat tame and they kept adding things until 10 years later he was much closer to the kitchen sink of powers/abilities we know.

    • That’s not completely true. Supes is vulnerable to magic and there are characters stronger than him (Darkseid, Doomsday); also, if a villain was able to shield him from the suns rays for an extended period, he would be just like any other human (as shown in the Death of Superman comic).

      • “vulnerable” is a bit of a misnomer. He’s more “susceptible” to magic whereas he is vulnerable to kryptonite.

        And he is as strong as Darkseid, its just that Superman is so good at restraining himself while dealing with us mere mortals (including the villains) that it is difficult for him to completely let go and use his full powers. Darkseid on the other hand has no such moral dilemmas.

        Doomsday is more difficult to assess and has been both stronger and weaker than Superman depending on various circumstances (and writers)

  12. DC/WB doesn’t have to do solo films because everybody & their grandma knows who Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman are, all they need to do is make a good movie & show a trailer of Batman & Superman fighting side by side that alone will draw millions of dollars plus throw in Wonder Woman for the ladies there’s anothter millions of dollars. Plus if the movie is awesome & they do spin offs DC/WB will make more money.

    • Actually, no.

      In the UK, Wonder Woman is only known to those above the age of 35 thanks to the 70s tv show and you’d be hard pressed to find a non-diehard DC comic book reader who knows who The Flash is.

      Comic book fans said everyone should know who Iron Man is before that movie came out but honestly, that wasn’t the case either because all the media promoting it had to explain who that character was so they’d have to do the same for most of the JL other than Batman and Superman.

    • That should read “…everybody’s grandma knows who Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Batman are…everybody else knows Batman & Superman”

  13. who remembers in Superman Returns it hinted Batman home city Gotham. so the shared universe started at WB/DC first to bad Superman Returns failed lol

    • Did they?

      Mind stating what the mention was because it’s been so long since I saw that movie.


      • yeah it was a news report that said Superman saved people at Gotham.

    • Im thinking maybe a news report at the end talking about a woman with incredible strength etc causing a stir and wondering if it has anything to do with Superman.

  14. Yeah, I’m bored of Superman these days and honestly, The Flash….a guy who runs super fast as a power? Really never been able to figure out how they could make that work as a movie. The tv show in the 90s sucked.

    • They made a movie out captain America. And hulk the most pointless superhero ever

      • I honestly never saw a Captain America movie working, ever, then it did. Weird how that works sometimes.

  15. John Byrnes (story/reboot) Superman is the only one that should be made into a movie.

    It fits well into the JL and rest of the Universe.

    WB shot themselves in the foot by letting CN create his own Bat universe they should of had a little more control over their character(s).

    To see a JL movie within 3 years (with Bats GL can still be used) is almost as bad as rebooting ASM.

    They will have to reinvent the Batman and he deserves more then a pop up in the JL movie as “here he is” segueing into his own set of movies.

    • The John Byrne reboot was a great one. It was during that 1986 period when all sorts of great stuff was coming out of DC, with Watchmen and the Dark Knight Returns. One of the best parts of the Byrne Superman reboot was his meeting with Batman. It set up a very interesting relationship between the two of them. Even though they’re both on the same side, they couldn’t have been more opposed philosophically on how to achieve their aims. It left you with the feeling that they will always be grudging allies but never friends. In fact, they could even be enemies under certain circumstances. If a JLA movie got anywhere close to portraying a more complicated and nuanced relationship between DC’s two greatest superheroes, I’d be more interested in seeing it. But if it’s just Superman and Batman being straight-up buddy buddy from the get-go, I don’t think so.

    • “WB shot themselves in the foot by letting CN create his own Bat universe they should of had a little more control over their character(s).”

      Um, what? The way it seems The Dark Knight Rises is turning out, this is going to end up being one of the highest-grossing and most critically acclaimed series of all time. I certainly wouldn’t call it shot in the foot.

      I do see your point, but this is what separates DC from Marvel (at least movie-wise). Marvel keeps a VERY tight leash on the characters they own, and they don’t really give much creative control to their directors. Everything comes from Kevin Feige and Marvel, and everything is leading up to the Avengers, and the individual movies themselves, while they are good, they can’t really branch out on their own and tell satisfying, original, and complex stories.

      DC, at least with the Chris Nolan trilogy, has backed off and let Chris do his thing, and it seems to have certainly paid off, both literally and figuratively. Maybe with JL, they’ll emulate Marvel and start to keep a tight leash on the movies, ensuring there is a great shared universe, but I think giving directors creative control and making complex and thought-provoking films is the best possible thing DC could do.

      • Yes it is a business and it made money but continuity wise they shot themselves in the foot. As for giving directors “control” I disagree. If they want control let them make their own movie. Not take a character with a history and make it make it what they think it should be.

        Again just my opinion.

        • I guess you’re right that the continuity will be very confusing now. However, I don’t think WB should do a complete reboot. I think they should just continue the same general batman storyline. Different star, different director (whether it’s a new batman movie, or straight into a JL movie). Just don’t address the previous movies and it’s assumed that it’s the same Batman, just a slightly different tone and a different actor. We don’t need to tell the origin story again, just loosely continue the same story that has been created. (Of course, this is all assuming that Bruce Wayne lives at the end of TDKR. If he ends up dying, that’s a whole different story).

          And regarding giving directors “control”, maybe this is just because I never read the comics, but I personally prefer when I see a good movie based off of a comic-book character, even if it’s not so accurate to the classic storyline, rather than seeing the pages of a comic book copied right onto a screen (unless of course, the latter is a great movie, in which case I’d enjoy that as well). But as you said, that’s just my opinion, and many people share your opinion.

        • Filmmaking is their career and their art. No real film maker with any self respect would take these movies if they couldn’t have some control. If they can’t make it something that fits their style and vision then they are meaningless and anyone can do it. With your formula they should just hire joe blow off the street and tell him what to do every step of the way.

          It’s not like Nolan had 100% free Reign. They gave him enough control so that he could make a great film rather than a bland run of the mill generic super hero story like the majority of the Marvel films have been. Like it or not his films have been pretty true to the comics and in many aspects more so than some of the Marvel films which are ran by the actual comic company.

          • Daniel F

            That is what I appreciate about Nolan’s work. He took a chance and created something outside the same overused formula.

      • Yes it is a business and it made money but continuity wise they shot themselves in the foot. As for giving directors “control” I disagree. If they want control let them make their own movie. Not take a character with a history and make it make it what they think it should be.

        Again just my opinion.l sr J

    • Yea really shot them selves in the foot making all that money

  16. Ive been looking forward to this movie for a while but I thought Snyder said somewhere that this movie wont have anything do do with the Justice League movie Ahhh well maybe it’ll be good we never really know all that much do we. Can’t wait for the trailer.

    • Nolan said that with his batman. I havent heard anything from Snyder saying that.

  17. I’m just hoping Warner Bros. gets off their lazy butts this year and hurry. They could make one or two solo films for 2014 if they start now. Justice League in 2015.

  18. All Snyder’s teasers in the past have been crammed full of footage and MOS needs that more than ever. I expect the trailer to blow ppl away and have them counting the days until june 2013.

  19. Also remember it said “reference” so I don’t think we should expect full on character cameos.

  20. I think we’ll see trailers for Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, The Hobbit, and Gangster Squad next week with TDKR. It would make the most sense for WB to do that and promote their upcoming films in front of their biggest 2012 release.

    As for Justice League, it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. I remember last year Snyder said his Superman would be independent from a Justice League movie. I don’t know if that’s still true or not. WB will have to sell the public on a Batman reboot…

    The best way to do this is to use the Marvel formula and make solo films leading up into a Justice League film. That way, you can flesh out all the characters so we’re invested in them by the time the big team up happens.

    • “I remember last year Snyder said his Superman would be independent from a Justice League movie.”

      Things can change in a big hurry when your competition rakes in 1.5 billion. 😉

      • Agree !

  21. So, if Man of Steel tanks, will it kill interest in a JL movie? Will they keep plowing ahead? I don’t think WB has the time for individual movies because everyone will want the JL movie. I say go for it and just jump right into Justice League material. My 2¢.

  22. Wonder Woman could be done really well if she were re-imagined a bit more. Lose the invisible jet, lasso of truth and bullet deflecting wrist gauntlets, re-design her outfit a bit and you basically have a female Captain America as far as powers go. Keep her Amazonion background, but scrap the secret identity when she ends up in Metropolis/Star City/Gothom.

    She could be independantly wealthy from Amazonion Gold reserves and therefore not need a secret identity to get by in the world. I mean, she is a princess, right? She could be an ambassador for her country to the UN or United States.

    She could def have a stand alone movie if done by the right people and played by the right woman.

    • @Jason. NO jason, I disagree. They need to keep Wonder Woman as wonder woman. All they have to look to, is the EXCELLENT Wonder Woman animated movie from a couple of years ago. That was well done. As for the invisible jet. They can have it, but give it more of the cloaking effect, like you see with the Klingons bird of Prey, or more recently, with the Avengers Heli-carrier. It used some kind of reflective technology, that bascially mimic the sky to conceal itself.
      They need to keep her bracelets and her lasso, those have been there from the get go. NO pants. Give her the traditional costume.
      This is why the recent pilot episode of Wonder Woman bombed ( Saw it…Aweful1 !!! They disregarded her origin completely. She did have the traditional costume towards the end, and it looked great…if only they used a different material)
      If Katherine Zeta Jones was younger, she would’ve been the perfect Wonder Woman. If Megan Fox was taller, and could act…she would be my choice for Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, Megan Fox isn’t Wonder Woman, and neither is Ann Hathaway, if they get any crazy ideas !!!

      • well theres rumors of scarlett johansson being wonder woman directed by Joss Whedon, the director of the avengers. I could see her doing it

        • are you crazy? Scarlet j is super ugly and couldn’t act her way out of a box

          • You have a strange definition of ugly. Your I dea of beauty must be awe inspiring.

          • Ugly? Man, if she’s ugly then most of the planet’s women are horrendous. Also, her acting in IM2 left something to be desired but she did quite the acting job in Avengers, IMHO (we’ll just forget about the stupid “That doesn’t look like a party” line 😀 ).

            • ^ Agreed

  23. Awesome stuff should be coming.!! hopefully

  24. Don’t be like marvel’s Avengers, that includes, don’t make the heros balance humor and kicking ass. The only one that should be funny is the Flash (Green Lantern should be funny, but only in moderation, I never saw the movie Green Lantern, only heard what other people said about it).

    I wonder if ALL of the JLA will be in this movie, or if they will take some out like Marvel did with the Avengers?…

  25. they need to do what everyone considers impossible. bring in Doomsday. my dad and I have been dying to see him in a live action movie. if Marvel can pull of the hulk in his movies and the avengers, DC can do Doomsday.

    • @Christopher. I agree. Doomsday can be done !!! No ifs, ands about it ! Doomsday would be CGI of course and they can get the Brilliant Andy Serkis ( Golum, Ceaser …Rise of the planet of The Apes) to do the performance capture. He also did the performance for Peter jackson’s King Kong Remake. If Man of Steel is a hit…which I think it will be…then we can expect to see some good sequels

  26. I would love to see a JLA movie, as long as they didn’t call themselves the Justice League. I feel like that name is a little dated. I guess we will see how this goes.

  27. At another website someone suggested this for A WW cameo. Have Lois and Clark show up for work and find everyone crowded around A computer screen. And playing on it an amature video of Wonder Woman deflecting bullets with her bracelets. I would add Mr. White calling them into his office. And on his desk is A stack of out of town newspapers with headlines about Batman,Flash,GL ect. I think this could work.

  28. The Flash is a time traveler. The speed force is introduced, he travels in time to stop Reverse Flash from ruining his life, and as for the JL, The Flash encounters them while traveling through time.

  29. How about starro the conquer 4 the Villian? They need a major threat 2 come together as a team.

    • Well now that’s something we haven’t really discussed…….what should the JL plot be about???

      Unfortunately, Te Avengers beat DC to the “alien invasion” plot so that kind of removes a lot of ideas (including using the space starfish).

      My desire would be for them to go with the Legion of Doom story arc. Maybe not right out of the gate but it should be something that Luthor would be working on in the background and announced at the end of the movie for JL2. Then in JL3 they could have Brainiac arrive and both the villains and heroes have to team up temporarily to beat back the universal threat.

      Of course that still leave me to wonder what they could do for the first movie that would be an interesting threat along with the forming of the JL.

      • Despitethe fact it has already been done i think an Alien Invasion is the best way to bring the JL together. I think Starro used by Darksied to invade Earth, a White Martian Invasion or Brainiac invasion are the best villians. The important thing would be to have the invasion global and give it more grabity than the short invasion in Avengers.

        JL 1 – Recon invasion force first bring JL together. They work together to stop the main force from coming but fail. Like LotR, the JL (Fellowship) is separated at the end of the movie.
        JL 2 – Earth is war torn and is under alien rule. Separated into small teams, the JL work to inspire retaliation. WW and/or Aquaman plead with their respected governments to aid Earth. Ends with a monumental battle victory and symbol that Earth is not lost. The war begins.
        JL 3 – All out war on an epic scale. The superheroes are leading the charge but its important to note EVERYONE of every race, country, sex and age are fighting the alien forces.

      • If they do an alien invasion storyline, they should try to separate it from the Avengers alien invasion. Actually, that really shouldn’t be too difficult. Just DON’T make the aliens nameless, brainless creatures firing aimlessly with no actual chance of winning, and then dying phantom menace style when their mothership gets blown up.

        I actually loved the Avengers, but the chittauri weren’t done so well. I want a really awesome villain/army for JL. I would actually prefer some more “realistic” villain, maybe something like a big corporation and/or coalition of governments. (I’m not familiar with the comics. Is there anything in DC that resembles that?) But an alien invasion could work fine, as long as it’s better than The Avengers aliens

        • Chitauri were beyond disappointing. Only because they were talked up as greatest army of the universe and had no strategy other than scare civillians and cause destruction. I thought you wanted to conquer Earth? And then nuke was bigger threat then the aliens fbghnjkndsrgc stffggvgyjn but i digress…

          IMO a realistic villian or even a government faction is not a big enough threat for the JL. Superman alone can take on most threats. IMO you need something that truly forces them to work together, especially if the JL is filmed as a 2 or 3 parter.

          Alien Invasion is the best IMO. With Starro you have a global mind control conspiracy that facilitates an invasion. Darkseid could bring the anti-life equation and enslave 2/3 of the populations because they r weak minded. Braniac could be the “internet” collecting information and turn on us Skynet style. And White Martians could have their own invasion. The most important thing is to truly show a moment of all hope is lost similiar to the end of Fellowship of the Ring and that its a global attack.

          • While I wouldn’t be opposed to an alien invasion, you have to know that the general audience that saw Avengers (which is basically everyone and their dog) will groan about unoriginality which could cause a negative backlash, no matter how different the invasion actually is.

            I would also love to see Darkseid but unfortunately, Marvel again is beating DC to the punch by using their Darkseid (aka Thanos) which could again be seen and further proof that DC can’t be original and is just copying Marvel’s plot.

            Face it, being the first out of the gate (and being highly successful) has given Marvel a huge upper hand, so DC needs to be careful about how they proceed.

            That’s why I suggest The Legion of Doom and Brainiac, because that is something Marvel is NOT doing (unless Marvel does develop Ultron for Avengers 2)

            • Wouldn’t Brainiac be sn alien invasion? Every story has practically been told. Its up to the writers/director to tell the story in a new creative way. The Avengers didnt. Thats why it is constantly compared to Phantom Memace and Transformers 3.

              • Yes, technically Brainiac is an alien and would be invading but I believe the term refers more to being invaded by a group and not a single being.

                But that’s why I mentioned Ultron, because he is the Marvel analog for Brainiac. (DC and Marvel have ripped each other off so much).

                So I’m really unsure how DC can make their JL movie feel both original and still use such familiar themes.

                • Well like I said, The Avengers was not presented original alien invasion. Thats why it is constantly compared to Transformers 3 and Phantom Menace.

                  The JL has the advantage of doing everything better. The invasion should be an epic like Troy not a single city under attack. A world wide seige. Moments of all hope is lost. Telling the story over 2 or 3 parts will almost instantly give the film a different feel and larger scale.

                  • @Ignur Rant

                    I apologize ahead of time as I generally try not to personally attack posters, but honestly, the stuff coming out of your mouth is some of the dumbest BS I have ever read from commenters, and that’s saying a lot.

                    NOBODY is comparing Avengers to the total crap of the Transformers or Star Wars prequel series. Those movies were soul-crushingly bad. Avengers, while definitely predictable and not terribly original, was incredibly good. Character development, well done action sequences, incredible and nuanced attention to detail – all things lacked by modern Lucas and Bay films. If “everyone” is comparing Avengers to Transformers and the prequels, then I dare you to send me 20 links where that happens outside of you and/or your delusional friends. Transformers is an insult to filmmaking and displays everything wrong with Hollywood films, and Avengers is virtually the opposite – it has its flaws (I agree that the Chitauri were a bit underwhelming, but Loki is easily one of the best super-hero villains put to screen), but it certainly in the upper echelon of films.

                    Further, there is no doubt that Whedon put his mark on the Avengers. Everyone recognizes his style and auter stamps on the Avengers. Compare it to something like Fantastic Four in which there is nothing to point to. Plus, there is nothing wrong with a film lacking “originality” in story if it executes the idea superbly (see Indiana Jones, Predator, Titanic, Enter: The Dragon, When Harry Met Sally, X-Men 2, Platoon, Raging Bull, CHinatown, Casablanca, some would say Drive is a great film though it is a normal film noir, etc.). I love “original” films like Memento, Pan’s Labyrinth, Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Nosferatu, and All About Eve as much as the next person, but they can be just as wretched as source-material driven works (see Sucker Punch, Southland Tales, Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Brothers Grimm, hell even Ang Lee’s take on The Hulk).

                    Second, you contradict yourself constantly. You demand “originality” and then state that a JL movie should be like the film “Troy” (a terrible movie). Even assuming Troy isn’gt terrible, it doesn’t bolster your point in that Troy, like Avengers, focuses on the invasion of one city (not a global invasion as you wish for).

                    So, your arguments are 1) based on false comparisons; 2) internally inconsistent. Please stop before you assault people’s brains any longer.

            • I like that @Roast Beef.

              I always thought the internet or google would be a good “in” for Brainiac. As if to say, over the last 15 years he has been using (or is the) internet to collect all the data on Earth.

              When he is task is complete he turns on us, SkyNet style.

              • The Matrix and Terminator were ahead of their time. The internet is a great idea, esp if teens are Brainiac’s intented victims.

                I think Hollywood has missed a trick focusing on just monsters. By all means have a doomsday-type character who comes close to killing the superheroes in the final part of the trilogy. Even have a scenario where everyone has given up – pessimism is taboo in Hollywood but it shows what happens when humans lose their will.

                However, what appeals to most people is the psychological element of fear, the choices made about who are friends and enemies are, the sacrificies made to do the right thing, the paranoia brought about from the enemy within that many films and TVs shows exploited after 9/11 (up to now with Homeland)

                Brainiac is the right villain for JL part 1 because he is not from this world but he understands humans and knows how to exploit them.
                The formulaic ‘dark lord’/’alien with powers of destruction who wants to destroy/dominate the world’ has been overdone.

                You can then have your happy ending just when everything is on the brink of catastrophe, e.g. Superman and Batman enlist the help of those few who aren’t brainwashed. Throw in the cult element and make JL1/JL2 really dark by having a mass sacrifice/suicide (Brainiac’s final plan to clear the earth’s population and repoplulate with his own kind) with everyone drowning themselves/all jumping off a cliff in synch in every country before Superman miraculously stops time and saves all of them like Neo saves Trinity at the end of TM Reloaded).

                JL2/3 could feature Doomsday – except the 1000 copies of him when he was being created and destroyed many times, all LIVE meaning we now have thousands of doomsdays around the world running around laying waste from Karachi to Kampala to Buenos Aires. The JL would then need to disperse around the world. This would make the movie less US-centric and appeal to a truly global audience (rather than the usual movies which tell a story of a world in peril when in reality it’s just America in danger).

                If that doesn’t put people through emotions, nothing will.

                There are many directions to take this but Hollywood just wants a straight heroes v aliens punch up in a US city.

              • THE JL TRILOGY

                I don’t know if my previous post has shown up (if so what a waste of time) but I said that firstly, Ignur Rants idea of the internet is great as you could have Brainiac targeting earths teens for his Brainwashing as a prelude to worse evils to come. I also mentioned that all Hollywood wants is a heroes vs aliens punch up when in fact, you could divide JL into a 3 part epic where:

                JL Part 1 – continuing from my previous published post, paranoia and a focus on the ‘enemy within’ are the themes with Brainiac as the main villain. TO make things darker, you could add the cult element with Brainiac leading those brainwashed by him (e.g. the earths population, cleared out in preparation for a repopulation of Braniac’s kind) to a mass suicide under the of ‘scarifice’ – everyone in the US/earth would jump off a cliff/drown themselves all in synch. Superman would miraculously stop time like in Donner’s Superman OR rescue everyone from falling to their deaths like Neo did with Trinity at the end of TM Reloaded. Batman and the others would work to stop Brainiac and whatever it was causing the mass brainwashing.
                You would also have some proper fighting between Batman and his adversaries (on the level of the Bourne series)

                JL Part 2 – more introspective (think Kill Bill part 2). A deeper look at each character. Enemy – darkside and Luthor

                JL Part 3 – Doomsday’s experiences of being born and killed many times have resulted not just in hatred for humans but with every copy of his previous incarnation still alive and growing. Result – thousands of Doomsdays running amok laying waste to many countries, from Karachi to Kampala to New York to New Zealand. The JL split up and go their separate ways into each country. Humans give up, their will is broken but WW enlists help from her planet. The JL save the day.

                As I said, all Hollywood wants is a formulaic punch up