‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Feature Bearded Superman

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Just like Warner Bros.’ other highly-anticipated DC comic book movie – The Dark Knight Rises – there have been numerous photos snapped on the set of Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

We’ve already gotten a decent (albeit, unpolished) look at the costumes for most of the film’s big players – including, Henry Cavill as Superman, Michael Shannon as General Zod, and, most recently, Russell Crowe as Jor-El.

The latest paparazzi pics taken from the Man of Steel set aren’t going to stir up trouble like those featuring the aforementioned actors in their respective costumes – however, they do raise some questions about certain turns in the film’s plot.

Man of Steel is currently shooting on location in Vancouver, so it’s no surprise to see pics of the cast and technical crew dressed up in multiple layers of clothing – as a means of dealing with the colder weather conditions. However, what is unexpected is the sight of Cavill sporting a scraggly beard to go with his damp sweatshirt and fur-lined coat. We’ll discuss the implications of these images after you check a handful of them out in the gallery below:


So, obviously, the implication seems to be that Cavill’s Clark Kent/Kal-El will hit some hard times – ones that don’t involve him battling renegade Kryptonians, that is – at some point during Man of Steel. There’s also a dog in one of these photos, but that could just be a random animal that Clark encounters while looking all unkempt.

These pics do beg the question, though: seeing how the film is clearly being fashioned as a franchise-rebooting origin story that approaches the Superman mythos from an angle similar to that which (you know whose name is coming…) Christopher Nolan took with Batman Begins – does that mean Clark will indeed be going on a “soul-searching odyssey” that takes him around the world (possibly, on his way to the Fortress of Solitude)… similar to what Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne did?

That seems like a reasonable assumption, based on the implications of the official Man of Steel synopsis – which basically says that Cavill’s superhero will spend a good chunk of the film attempting to figure out his true purpose and how to responsibly use his powers to help the people of Earth. All the same – let the bearded Superman jokes commence!

Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Harry Lennix, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, and Christopher Meloni. It is scheduled to arrive in U.S. theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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  1. I hope they show him shaving with his heat vision and a mirror.

    • ahahaha, nice one 😀

    • That would be awesome. They did that on the Superboy TV series and it looked so cool. It’s the only logical way he can shave.

      • I was thinking that he would do what Will Smith did in “Hancock” and just use his fingernails, but using heat vision and a mirror sounds SOOOOO much better and cooler.

      • Lois & Clark too.

    • While I still love the idea, and know it’s been done in the comics, a small part of me still knows his heat vision would actually burn through the mirror. The heat vision is not actual light, it would not reflect.

    • using a mirror sounds naff haha, leave that in the comics and cartoons please. just use a Gillette with a piece of kryptonite on it

    • Haha

    • How the hell can he shave with his heat vision – it would burn straight through glass, just like we saw in Superman Returns!!

      • @ Steve

        Superman is able to control his heat vision, especially if when shaving. In Superman:TAS, it shown him close one eye as his heat vision shaved his face. Supergirl had one eye closed aswell makin repairs to circuits to one of the Superman robots later in the series.

        In Superman Returns, those were just shards of glass. The eyes of muscles his heat vision depends on how/or what he’s focused on.

  2. In superman IV, a single hair of supermans held a weight (im not sure how heavy). I wonder how the bearded-wonder is going to shave, i presume there isnt much on earth that would cut it….

    • Probably just like in the comics, heat vision and a mirror.

  3. I am thrilled with all the pics coming out of production. As for the bearded Clark and his warmer wardrobe, Im going to assume he is on his journey to the Arctic and the Fortress. Much like in Superman:TM, we only saw aerial shots of that trip. I hope he does not “lose” his powers in the film. Its been done so much before in every TV incarnation.

  4. /facepalm

    This better not just be Batman Begins but with Superman.

    • “Superman Starts”?

      • Lol good one!

  5. He’ll just do a Hancock and shave his beard with his finger-nails.

  6. Krypton may have been incinerated by it’s expanding/flaring sun but it was a planet of ice. Why wouldn’t Kryptonians have evolved facial hair?

    It’s seems to me Supes should have a permanent beard.

    • Ice is crystalline, but that doesn’t make Krypton made of ice. Krypton had mineral crystals all over.

      • I think it was the movie versions of Krypton that made it into a barren arctic crystaline landscape. Other comic versions have portrayed it as not too dissimilar to earth. Only way more advanced.

  7. This does look very much like Bruce Wayne at the beginning of Batman Begins. But…I’m not completely against that idea. I mean, Nolan + Snyder, it’s nigh impossible for me to be disappointed. In Nolan I Trust, haha

  8. Have they learned nothing about the cost of sacrilege. in Superman returns they implied that Superman had sex- yes, sex!- and fathered a child. They were punished for besmirching the character. Now they strip away his underwear and make Mr clean-cut a dishevelled bum?

    The coming failure of this fiasco will be well-deserved.

    • I think they are trying to humanise Superman (despite him not being human). Kinda make him more of a real person instead of some perfect god/saviour who is always on a pedestal.

    • You do realize that they ‘implied’ Superman had sex in Superman 2 when he’s laying in bed with Lois, as well as that Superman has sex in almost every other Superman medium – Lois & Clark, Smallville, the comics…

      • He shoulda got a super STD for digging without a protection. Lois will go a round with any man of power. Physical or political.

        Dont be a fool wrap your tool.

  9. And also, if Jor-El can have a beard then why the hell can’t Clark.

  10. I’m surprised there haven’t been any Chuck Norris/Superman beard comparisons yet. Maybe they could get Chuck to do a cameo roundhouse in a shaving scene?

  11. As a admirer of fine beards, he had better keep that as Superman for at least some of the film or I will be most egregiously pissed.

  12. Some of you will look a bit silly if he jsut happens to be an under cover reporter.

    lots of reasons and directions with this particular character could see him with a beard.

  13. Let me guess: Clark is witnessing man’s suffering first hand. What to do? What to do? How can one (Super)man make a difference? It looks a little too much like Batman Begins. I hope it’s different enough.

    • That similarity to Batman Begins is not a reason for them to go this route. Every superhero story has been “I have this power now, what should I do with it?” and that’s a story that exists in Superman as well. Batman Begins didn’t originate it, and it certainly shouldn’t be abandoned just because Nolan used it in Batman begins.

      • I agree that it’s “a given” that they have to have that “what should I do with this power?” question. But there are plenty of different ways they could go about it. To me this looks a lot like BB with the beard and hobo-chic wear, which my jaded cynicism tells me is an attempt to ride the coattails (or cape, as it were) of their most successful franchise, by having an allusion to BB. I’m not going to judge it too harshly yet because it could be different in the actual movie.

        • They may be using the Superman series “Birthright” for ideas on how to start Clarks origin off. In that a young Clark (early 20’s) sets off around the world hoping to use his powers to help poeple and kinda find himself.

          Superman backpacking around the world? _ I like it.

          • Whoops. “people” and “clark’s”

            and probably more. 😉

          • That’s what I was imagining when they described this a while back. And that’s what I mean. Couldn’t they have Clark being a young backpacking traveler? Here he looks almost homeless. Like I said, I’ll wait and see.

  14. Maybe he uses a razor formed from stellar material? Since stellar matter is much more dense, he can form it into a razor and use it to cut his hair. Of course, only he and other Krypronians could lift it.

  15. I hope they do show him shaving in this (actually showing him taking the hair off his face). A lot of people ask how he can do it.

  16. Or maybe Superman uses a razor blade that has a molecule of kryptonite along it’s edge that weakens the hair so it can be cut. He has a pair of scissors the setup the same way that he uses to cut the hair on his head. After all it’s going to grow just like his beard. And if he used his heat vision on his head he’d be bald. He’d also have to have a couple of mirrors to get the back of his head.

  17. this is dark, edgy, gritty, feels more real, Snyder is amazing! every picture has gone from great to perfection….oh wait no its not its gone from lame or horrid and Snyder is an awful director.

    • WTF?

      There was no excuse for “Sucker Punch”, but otherwise, so far Snyder is all good in my eyes.

      • I’ve hated every snyder film. 300 was boring, Watchmen was boring, Sucker Punch was boring. Legend of the Guardian, what a laugh, Dawn of the Dead boring.
        All snyder does is make his films dark, gritty over loaded with wannabe realism, slow motion and crappy slow/intense song. He’s predictable and unimaginative. And the synopsis of Man of Steel and all the images are just further proof that he can’t make up a good original story since this film is basically taking from Smallville/Superman 2/batman begins.

        • Oh yeah. I forgot about that Owl movie.

  18. I prefer a bearded superman with a tuxedo tshirt cause its formal …but also says i came to party … i like to think of superman with a big s on his chest and a long red cape and singing lead vocals for lynard skynard…. and im in the front row hammered drunk!!!!!

    • Zod is gonna break him like wild horses, aint he?

    • Nice Family Guy reference…

      • sir or madam, we are doing Talegeda Nights.

    • I like to think of Superman as a michievous badger.

      • i like to think of superman as a little tiny new born baby .. watching his little einstein movies in his fortress of solitude….

        • LOL. Jor-El invented the ‘Baby Einstein’ series.

          • A prayer from Johnathon Kent
            “Dear Little Baby kal el, we’d also like to thank you for my wife’s father Chip. We hope that you can use your baby krypton powers to heal him and his horrible leg. It smells terrible and the dogs are always bothering with it…”

  19. Batman Begins much?

  20. Whats up with his super tiny hands?

  21. So, Superman is a bum in this film?

  22. This movie gonna suck so hard!

    • @ Jaqo

      Im lost for words as of now as more & more i read about it. I was planning on not seeing it till my friends kept on pushin me to see it with them to see what it’s like & we had a coin toss which i lost to. But if the movie opens with a flashback of Clark Kent like Bruce Wayne from Batman Begins, im gonna shake my head thinkin Hollywood must be really desperate to rely on Nolan’s Batman films.

  23. Okay, Bruce Wayne wanted to get inside the minds of criminals & scoundrels so that he could be better prepared to confront them & understand them. He didn’t trek around the world helping, but rather being like them & then he went on his quest up the mountain to get trained in how to actually use that understanding to fight against them.

    If Clark is trekking around the world, already helping people but also finding himself along the way, it’s not the same thing. Bruce knew what he wanted and just needed to learn how to do it. Clark doesn’t know what he wants and is trying to figure it out, along with understanding his place in the world as an alien. Superman has a much bigger story to tell because he’s not ‘one of them.’ Humans, I mean. So not only does he have to figure himself out and how to use his abilities and IF he should use them, but also how to assimilate into society as Clark Kent but also be able to be a Hero when he needs to be. He’s also going to deal with people fearing him, because they’ll see him as a God on earth. Bruce/Batman doesn’t have that problem, not in the the way Superman does. So settle down about the beard and his journey because even if there are similarities… there’s a reason for it… it’s called a ‘monomyth.’ There is a certain path in which stories of heroes must take, story-wise, to reach his destiny. There are no exceptions to this…

  24. Looks cool to me, a SLIGHTLY different feel and take on Superman is welcome.

  25. Zod had a beard.

  26. I thought Lois Lane was Supermans beard 😉

  27. In one issue of the comics, he used heat vision and reflected it usin a piece of his ship. I had the comic somewhere otherwise I’d list a number.

  28. I like to think of Superman like a dirty old bum. He’s comin’ up to me, and I’m ’bout to sock him one, cause, you know, he’s a dirty old bum, but then I say, “Wait a minute, there’s something… I don’t know, special about this guy.”

    • Super Bumfights!

  29. Dear Mom And Dad

    There’s somethin’ I want to get off my chest. It’s about that summer, when i went away to community college. I got an offer to do Playgirl Magazine, and I did it. I did a full spread for Playgirl Magazine. I mean spread, man, I pulled my butt apart and stuff…I was totally nude…it was weird. I mean, you probably didn’t hear about it ’cause I went under the name of Mike Honcho. But I just wanted you to know that here are some pictures.. get it into your brain somehow…that I spread my buttcheeks as Mike Honcho.

    Love , Clark Kent