‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Zack Snyder has been slightly more successful than Christopher Nolan in preventing photos from being snapped on the set of his highly-anticipated Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

It helps that Warner Bros. selected to unveil an official image of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume before shooting got fully underway on Snyder’s reboot. However, that doesn’t mean the amateur paparazzi aren’t out in full-force lurking around the Man of Steel set (see: early images of Cavil as Clark Kent).

Today we have a handful of set images that reveal noteworthy details about the costumes of the new incarnations of Superman, the criminal Kryptonians General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) – and possibly even U.S. military man General Swanwick (Harry Lennix).

Fair warning: Anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about Man of Steel, besides that which was revealed in the (vague) official plot synopsis, should not read on. These set photos only contain MILD SPOILERS, but they still have their fair share of revealing details. You’ve been warned…









Still here? This first image (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page) offers another look at Cavill’s Superman costume (minus one classic article of clothing) and Faora’s updated outfit:

Yes, it looks like Kal-El won’t be wearing his trademark red briefs (on the outside of his suit, that is) in either Man of Steel or Action Comics’ upcoming relaunch of the character. To quote the famous line from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Thing Are”, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

On a less-provocative note: It looks as though Faora won’t be wearing looser black garbs like her onscreen predecessor, Ursa, wore in Superman II. Instead, the villainess looks to be costumed in a tighter outfit that sort of looks like a cross between Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld catsuit and old-fashioned metal armor, complete with a flowing black cape – practical, but still stylish, in other words.

For a better look at her outfit – and what appears to be additional confirmation that Michael Shannon will wear a CGI costume to play General Zod – check out the photo below:

This last Man of Steel set image should also prompt some incredulous reactions, seeing how it appears to feature Harry Lennix in a motion-capture outfit as well. Just look for yourself:


Does this mean Lennix’s General Swanwick is actually a surviving Kryptonian? Or that he gets ahold of Zod’s suit (which, as /Film has speculated, may resemble Jim Lee’s portrayal of the character) at some point? The latter scenario is all the more questionable, since Lennix – or someone who looks a lot like him – isn’t wearing a mo-cap band around his head, like Shannon (or his stunt double) as Zod is, in the previous image. Could it be some version of the Metallo armor suit, as featured in Superman: Secret Origin?

superman vs zod Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Shannon sport the Zod armor?

superman versus metallo in secret origin Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Lennix don the Metallo suit?

Both Christopher and Jonah Nolan were involved with crafting the Man of Steel storyline early on – and those two are known for throwing unexpected twists in the mix – so Snyder throwing us a couple of costume curveballs in Man of Steel is not out of the question.


Man of Steel won’t hit theaters until June 14th, 2013, so there’s plenty of time to speculate/complain about all these tidbits of information – before we get some concrete answers.

Source: Facebook (via Coming Soon and /Film)

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  1. Really? Some of you actually like the original trapeze artist costume? If a movie were made specially for those who demand the familiar Superman, ticket sales world-wide would total about 30, representing those on this site who’ve already decided “Man of Steel” is going to suck. And later, “Superman: Been There–Done That” would sell a like number of DVDs.

    Block-busters MUST satisfy the widest audience. It would be box-office suicide for Warner Bros to target purists & nit-pickers, both demanding red underpants.

  2. So everyone that hates the looks of this movie is not going to see it. Good I’ll be in the theater alone and it will be quiet, no one texting, no smelly teens, and no one eating and crinkling paper… YAY…

    All Superman movies have basically sucked until now. Superman has never kicked ass. With Snyder and Nolan he finally will…

  3. You guys have to remember, this is his origins story. His first adventures as Superman, so the red trunks may still come later for all we know. But I kind of like the outfit with the trunks gone. I always thought it was silly. People would always laugh about them. I’m glad they’re gone. Why would you wear red trunks on top of your clothing?
    It never made sense to me. I’m excited about this film, and I am hoping fervently that I am not dissapointed.

    • the costume is ok but um yeah it’s just not superman im a superman fanatic and i have always believe in staying true to the iconic man of steel costume that has been around for over 80 some odd years yes true they have changed the S shield over the years but in general it has stayed the same honestly i think they should rethink the costume and bring it back to the basics like the christopher reeve costume yes update it a bit, but keep it real. i even had a few issues with brandon routh’s costume in superman returns but it atleast stayed close to what the original creators of the iconic superhero’s look. so if the director or the costume designers read this please i implore you on behalf of all fanatics of superman please go back to the basics

  4. OK… no red undies? The undies are an iconic symbol of superman and are untouchable.. why take them away? The suit texture is very similar to the latest Spiderman reboot which could grow on me. OK now, has anyone noticed that he has no hair curl on his forehead? That to me is also an iconic feature which should not be touched. They can make an action packed movie and remain all the inconic stuff as its always been..

    • His underwear is iconic? Really? The S shield is iconic, the red cape is iconic, black hair is iconic, square jaw is iconic, blue suit with red boots, they’re iconic. His underwear, not so much.
      As to the curl of hair, that may look good in comic books, but makes no sense in the real world. He can fly at super sonic speeds, how can his hair look perfect afterwards? It never made sense in the real world, so the slightly wind swept slicked back look actually makes more sense, as it did the TV series The New Adventures of Superman with Dean Cain.
      Also, he looks bad ass in the new suit. If you were a criminal, you would not want to mess with this guy. That’s what Superman needs to exist in our world. You need to believe that if you don’t surrender, you are going to get knocked out. Also, about what someone else said about the suit being from Krypton. I’m not sure about that, I always thought that his Earth mother, Martha Kent made it for him. The reason it is indestructable is because Superman’s invulnerability is projected outwards from his body a few inches, kind of like a barrier. So anything beneath the barrier is also protected. Which actually makes sense. The only things that should get trashed every now and then would be the cape.

      • I’m agreeing 100% with Roger. When you make a movie, a good movie, there needs to be purpose for EVERYTHING. Not just action, but setting, wardrobe, etc. What is the purpose of the red trunks? When his costume was first designed, it was meant to look like a circus acrobat’s outfit. You can’t really explain that in the real world.
        Good point on the hair, too. It makes more sense for it to be back when he’s Superman cause he’s flying around-we all know simple physics. Not to mention, with his hair more messy and covering his forehead, along with glass, bigger clothes, and a slouch, One could pull off a pretty good disguise.

        Purpose is what works. Take a look at Batman Begins. There was a purpose for everything that was a part of his costume. The cape wasn’t for fashion. It was for safety. Plus, the Batman movie costumes look nothing (colorwise) like the comics. Seemed to work out fine to me.

        • *Glasses

        • @ Adrian

          Imo, there doesn’t need to be a purpose for everything. The red trunks were always part of the traditional costume over the years. Even in Singer made them look modern in Superman Returns. Little things like that don’t need a explanation in a real world film. The hair doesn’t make no differance if Superman has that tail or slick back because in reality it would get messed up while flying at high speeds in reality. Batman wore blue trunks & had costumes that didn’t have any trunks as we’d seen in the movies but only tights. Imo Superman’s custume can still be made traditional & modern at the sametime without a doubt. Snyder & Nolan just wanna make Superman darker in the film is all.

        • “You can’t really explain that in the real world.”

          Umm, maybe the circus was in town when Martha was sewing up the suit?? Seriously though a good story would go a long way no matter the attire. That’s what I want, a really good story…

      • They don’t need to make Superman look threatening. That’s not what Superman’s about. Superman is to be underestimated by his enemies, that way he has the element of surprise when he shows them what he’s truly capable of.

        Martha Kent made his suit out of baby blankets from his rocket ship. There’s a chance that they could tinker with the silver age “indestructable suit and cape” in the new film. They could play it up that the suit is affected by yellow sunlight the same as Superman’s body.

        • I pretty sure the comic books says otherwise. he has alway looked extremely strong and fearless in his comic series.

        • I agree with what you say about Martha Kent and the suit, and you are right. I just do not see a suit here that looks like anything Mrs. Kent would have made.

          I also think it looks weird without the Yellow Belt and Red shorts to break up all that Blue. Same with the Yellow “S” on the back of the cape. Too much of a solid color does not look good.

          For some reason, the picture of Superman in that dark suit and greased back hair in front of the safe, looks like a picture out of the 50′s.

          • @ GPSpector

            I agree with ya. Too much of solid color looks dull to me. I too liked the yellow “S” on the cape. It looked good & not many other heroes have emblems on their capes.

      • you are exactly right, fully agree with your post.
        i second the fact anything within a few inches, i have heard that.

      • The trunks are necessary, even more so now that I have seen the photos. You do know that they were there in the first place to provide modesty, right? The trunks flatten out the groin area, and keeps people from making even dumber jokes.

    • The red trunks are not untouchable. As long as he’s in a blue suit with a red cape, and the S symble on his chest in red and yellow, it is Superman. The red trunks are the only part of the costume that no one should miss.

      And on the topic of the spit curl, Dean Cain never had it when he played Superman in Lois and Clark. So it’s really no big deal that they decided to leave out the curl. Sure it’s part of his classic look.

      But if they can have a black Perry White, than they can have Superman without a spit curl.

  5. Im surprised they don’t go ahead take away arm sleeves too to show off Superman’s muscles aswell. If they’re makin these stupid changes for DC Comics idea to change the comics, i DC would make it out to be like Ultimate Superman, Batman, etc Just as Marvel done with it’s heroes so there can be the traditional & Ultimate version-like.

  6. Eww! Not gonna judge too much (like I said with the Capt America pic) its far away and blurry, but still, what I can tell the colors are much too dark; reboot or not the red and blue should be much brighter, Supes is a bright beacon and all that he shouldn’t be dark. And honestly, give him the red trunks back, I’ve never had a problem with them and they mainly break up the blue so its not so plain.

  7. I’m not even kidding I am pumped about this movie, granted DC isn’t my favorite comic book universe, but still i have my faves (i’m still waiting for a Flash film!) however the red trunks are essential in making Superman, if you read up on this stuff DC tried to reboot Superman way back with a different costume that had no trunks (or cape i believe) yet within a couple of months they had changed back due to the furoe they recieved on his new look. I can’t help but think the suit is missing something and looks, well, just plain weird. Also how bad will it be that they bring this film out and there are no red trunks throughout the entirety of it, then DC change the suit back to the original as is the pretty much a certainty.
    I do hope however that this is some ploy to get the movie more interest and generate gossip so the movie doesn’t lose publicity in the two and abit years we have until it comes out, so these photos might actually be what WBros has made up. I can only hope

  8. Like someone said before, this is the start. A new suit could come in the future.

  9. Just a little fun fact the suit with the “underwear” is an homage to his kryptonian roots it was explained in the 60′s but I’m not making the film I am just going to be one of the cats that’s going to a midnight premiere and don’t kid yourself you know your going to as well so don’t b**** about the look.

    • You won’t see me in a midnight show again. I got burned with Spidey 3 and X-Men 3; after that, no more.

  10. Superman has super hair. What makes you think a lttle wind would mess it up.

    • @ Daniel

      Ain’t the film supposed to be realistic? Even in the Christopher Reeve films, his hair blew through the wind as he flew alittle.

    • The same thought came to me after watching Superman Returns,his hair was so super that after the wind or diving into the ocean shambled his hair it just came back Super S curl and all perfect.

  11. Maybe the red trunks will be added in with CGI?

    • Good point,to maybe give it a better looking fit,then again I doubt it.

  12. If the red trunks are added by CGI, better hope it doesn’t look crappy.

  13. the new superman suck and the actor , costume suck

    the king of superman is Tom Welling

    • Screw Tom Welling! Srry had to say that! Smallville=s**t

    • Tom welling does not have the physical look of superman. if you have ever seen the comics or cartoon you would know what i am talking abotut. Tom wellinf does not have the look.

    • Actually, I think Christopher Reeves is the “King of Superman”, but since he is no longer able to play the part (due to his passing), I think Tom Welling could pull off playing the early years of Superman and I’m not talking just a young Clark Kent but in a Superman movie that takes place just after the end of “Smallville”. At first, I would have agreed with the other 2 posters but since finding out how tall Mr. Welling really is, he could probably pull it off.

    • Brandon routh’s supes had no s on the cape either which i critized heavily back then. A yellow s on the cape is a must.. comon thor has a red cape to. The s has to there. Dont do this to me, no s on cape, no trunks, no hair curl… Arghhhhhhhhh

  14. I believe that Superman’s costume ought not be fiddled with too much–bring back the red trunks and the “S” on the cape. The character also ought to have the curly “s” on the hair. C’mon, these are Superman’s symbols. You can’t keep a few and omit the rest! What next, no cape? A blond superman? Sheesh. Christopher Reeve was the Superman that I grew up with, and I was very sad when he died. He gave Tom Welling his blessing to play the role in Smallville. And so I think Tom W. should have been chosen to do Superman Returns and The Man of Steel. I think he would have performed very well. Anyway, in the long run, unwarranted and gross deviance from the original and best costume by Hollywood directors will not encourage me to go see and support their

    • THANK YOU!!!! My sentiments exactly. Well said.

    • @ SupermanLover

      Well said indeed. Even Dean Cain’s costume was similiar to Reeve’s costume except for the material it was made out of & different yellow belt & red boots. I miss the yellow “S” on the cape personally. Christopher Reeve was the Superman i grew up aswell & he passed the torch to Tom Welling who deserves a shot at the role being the Man Of Steel in A Superman film, especially Justice League film coming up. Can’t believe people wanna see a darker Superman.

  15. It’s funny as most comments I read here are about his missing curl, no underwear etc. These are the reasons SR failed, as it was a carbon copy of the original. Routh was quite good as Superman, but the resemblance to Reeves was too great, and he was built like an Olympian swimmer, not Superman. I think Synder is on the right track, give it a shot.

    • @ gdog

      Imo Superman Returns failed because of lack of action of-course & imo the film seemed too much like remake of Donnor’s first film instead of a return story as Singer intended for it to be like. Now Man Of Steel seems to be imo, remakes of both the original Donnor film & Superman 2 w/ alittle bit of Smallville mixed into it. Routh was great, but i wouldn’t think he was too great of a resemsblance to Christopher Reeve. But it was good Singer picked him if Superman Returns was to follow the first two Superman films. I guess we’ll find out in 2013 if Snyder is on the right track, but i have my doubts.

  16. One the DC relauhch of Superman and the movie new costume is not a mistake its a marketed plan.
    DC and Warner bros want SuperMan to stand on same footing as Batman …They have always been jokes about the super suit for years .
    When Warner decided to really go after the heart of the Superhero movies which they have been losing even tho batman is a success they other projects have not.
    Superman Returns was a failure , Jonah Hex failure and etc .

    They realize that Marvel has beaten them so they decided to make Dc properties a priority after the buyout of Marvel to disney .
    They have been Second fiddle to marvel to almost a decade at one point they both tide but by 2001 it was obvious marvel pulled a head.
    So they form DC entertainment under their branch of new division WARNER PRIMIER a division to focus on DC content.

    The first thing Jim Lee, Geoff Johns the new creative heads of DC entertainment talked about was a reboot of the DC universe .
    They realized that the first thing needing a reboot because its been stale character for the last 15 years is SUPERMAN .
    smallville a show that lasted 10 years was actually the inspiration for the reboot they realized they can mess with SUPERMAN and make him better,

    I agree its time for superman to go with the times , red underwear needs to go just like Tom Welling wanted .
    He would of worn the suit earlier on but hated the costume it was always known he hated the costume .
    Time to make superman more modern and super cool , and also time to ignore the Superman die hards who seem to be over the age of 40 and wanna keep him the same .

    DC will become a contender again and maybe pull a head of Marvel who been cutting edge for a while.
    Time to fight fire with Fire . lets make Superman super cool again , lets get a actual hardboiled actor with chops under his belt

    I like the out of the box method so far for this movie , they realize they have to Shake things up at DC and upset hardcore supermen fans to get more Fans to take notice . Oh well so be it …..

    So far DC has impressed me and i will be at the opening of this movie with my tTICKET in hand .
    Also i already plan to by all the new issues of Batman and Superman for the new DC relaunch .

  17. Im not 40 or older & i prefer the traditional costumes of DC heroes over the revamp costumes anyday. it’s all about finding a way for DC to make money by changing the costumes. Superman looks like this now, next time they change his costume again what will it be like then? Sleeveless, no red cape, even darker colors of the costume? Guess not only theres a Superman curse but possibly a curse for most of DC characters in more ways than one.

  18. Well, OK, do away with the trunks, change the color of the costume, delete the cape…how about doing away with the “S” and replacing it with a thunderbolt? And changing his name from Superman, to The Golden Thunderbolt? And having him arrive from planet Argon instead of Krypton? And having him adopt the role of Milton Wilkes, a CIA computer nerd, instead of reporter Clark Kent? And having him pal around with girlfriend Tawny Comstock, a security analyst assigned to Scotland Yard instead of Lois Lane? How about turning Jimmy Olson into a Fonzie type neighborhood tuff instead of the wimpy photographer he is now. With kung-fu skills, while we’re at it. And rapsheet as long as his arm, too.

    How about leaving the legend alone, and just creating a new character instead of mucking up the original concept? Can’t today’s writers create a good story with existing material without having to reinvent the wheel?

  19. I hope this isn’t the most original thing in the movie. Superheroes fighting in a small town AGAIN! Seriously? Already seen this in Superman 2 and Thor!

  20. geeeesh, what a lot of hate for some stupid piece of underwear.

    underwear, s on the cape, the neverchanging s curl, big blue boyscout type of personality and all those stuff caused superman to fail dramatically in every medium since the christopher reeve. and it was luck even then that batman wasnt the first that got movie.

    people want realistic, people want something new, things change, its not 70`s anymore. why are you people afraid of change ?
    superman returns had a perfect style for your standards, and it sucked, majorly.

    stop the hate

    • @ Yastru

      Not all the people want the realistic approach. Take Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, limits great villains like Mr. Freeze, Pengeuin, Clayface, among other things in reality of the film. People want something old & new, ive seen plenty of remakes/reboots that had plenty of things in scenes that were similiar in old films whether what was shown or lines of dialogue said. Change can be good, depending what it is. Superman Returns was ok imo. Only problem i found with it was it seemed more like a remake of Donnor’s Original film more than a return story, kinda like how Snyder’s film seems like a remake of both Donnor’s original film & Superman 2 with alittle bit of Smallville series mixed into it. Not to mention it lacked not enough action of-course. But at-least Routh’s Superman costume is better lookin than Cavill’s for a realistic take.

  21. Read all the comments, thinking, change is good, the yellow symbol on the cape, com’on we know it’s Superman, the red trunks, well it does kinda look gay, or he’s from the circus, the curl on his fore-head, looks sexy & Lois probably like to play w/his hair in the front, especially after saving her. So granted, he’s not the original looking Superman, & this is the 21st century, maybe Superman really does need some up-grades, in his suit as well as his attitude. Times have changed since the 50′s – the 90′s and now we have a Superman, who is aware of the muck & deceptions of Today’s criminal element. Perhaps If Lex Luthor is brought into the mix he’ll be a respected Business Scientist inventor, But is really a Master-mind genius, who’s a control freak who everybody loves & thinks Superman is the real danger, & so more PPL. think Superman is a dangerous vigilante who can’t be controlled, & will take matters into his own hands, with authorities doing what they can to bring him down. So as much as we love the old cars, they sure don’t look the way they use to. In closing, Superman needs to change, & as everyone has heard before ” Nice guys finish last” so now, Superman gets on top of his adversary w/o getting the tar kicked out of him for being so nice.

  22. Sory if this comes off as patronising, but there is a whole wealth of new set pics over on the Man Of Steel Facebook page…? Are you guys legally not allowed to post them or something?

    • Those other pictures you are referring to are clearly fake. Compare those pictures to the ones on this site. There’s no comparison.
      Don’t believe everything you see or read on the web, especially on a fanboy’s Facebook page. :)

  23. I understand the need to
    redo Superman we need something
    to believe in America’s lost faith
    and hope even a movie icon like the
    Man of Steel is something,i’ll see
    iy only to see how Russell Crowe does
    and the beautiful Amy Adams as Lois.
    Can’t wait ,maybe,up,up and away …….

  24. I’m very disapointed. Batman is a “dark” character when portraying “The Dark Knight” character. Superman is not a “dark” character. I’m guessing the last Superman movies turned him dark just because the Dark Knight movies did so well to boost a super-hero.

    I’m guessing the design team for this movie desided to (again) forget that it was Martha Kent that designed and made the suit. As for the Red Trunks, I always thought they were added to break up all the Blue in the suit. Now it’s to much of the same (bad) Blue color.

    I really prefer the suit in the classic lighter Blue or even a Royal Blue, denem Blue looks awful. Besides, how is he supposed to get in it quickly? Not very practicle to have a one piece. If anyone had a chance to see the extended Richard Donner version, you will see that Christopher Reeve’s suit was not a one-piece when you see the scene where Lois Lane walks around in Supermans shirt.

    • @ GPSpector

      I agree. The costume is too much blue imo. Could of been alteast a red belt. I’ve seen artist’s pictures of Cavill in the traditional Superman costume drawn more modern that both fans of Christopher Reeve fans this generation of fans would appreciate.

      I wasn’t really fond of Routh’s Superman costume but it’s better than Cavill’s imo.

      • So, Cavill actually designed a better suit on paper but changed it to this current design?

        I do not recall anyone on the 70′s complaining that Christopher Reeve’s suit was changed from a prior suit. If anything, that suit was basically the same as George Reeve’s suit in design but cleaned up and tightened up due to better materials. I thought it made a World of difference and looked more like the Comic Book Superman (of 40 years by then). They even made a top-notch Supergirl Suit to match, though the movie was a bit of a disappointment, the suit was not.

        Why does every director/writer always feel the need to change the main character as if trying to make and “art” statement. I will say, The Dark Knight is the exception since the entire suit was explained and makes sense.

        I just wish someone would come along and just make a superhero episode without rehashing the origin and redesigning the lead character. Just make an episode. Just like in the comics, the current movie would not need to tie into the previous one. Just stop redesigning what does not need to be redesigned.

        • Even in the comics, the character has been drawn differently over the years as other artist and writers took over the character. This is only natural. We all have our own perspective and point of view. We all see things differently. How many times have you watched a film or read a book and thought, I wouldn’t have done that, I would have done this…
          It’s the same with film. Just compare Tim Burton’s Batman to Joel Schumacher’s take on Batman, and then Christopher Nolan’s take on the same character. All different, some good, some bad. So seeing a different take on Superman is inevitable, and actually needed really. People need to get over Christopher Reeve. He was just an actor, just like Henry Cavill or Brandon Routh. I loved his version of the character, and he was the Superman that I grew up with. But he was just an actor, he doesn’t own the character. And I welcome the change. The red underwear being gone is a welcome change. And the suit looks a lot like the one in the Max Fleischer cartoons, and I don’t remember anyone complaining about that. If this is a new origins story, then the suit can change in later installments. Whether that will happen, remains to be seen. But I like the new look. He looks bad-ass. Let’s just hope he can pull off the Clark Kent side of the character, which Brandon Routh (Bryan Singer) failed to do, they focused too much on the alien side of the character, and he was way too moody.

          • @ Roger

            Im surprised people favor so many changes. What i mean is what will Superman’s next change be. costume being sleeveless, having blonde hair. Not just Superman, but other heroes in general like Batman, Flash, Green Lantern etc.

            • You are very cynical. Lighten up and enjoy life and stop taking this all too seriously. How about waiting to see the movie before making so many judgements. I’m looking forward to the new movie with a mixture of feelings. Will it be any good? Who knows.
              I hope it will be. If you’re not looking forward to it, then don’t watch it and save your money.

              • Actually, I don’t see it as cynical.

                Personally, I think complaining about a movie after you’ve paid to see it and finding it to be just as bad as you had thought it would be, well, a bit to late to complain.

                There is always that hope that a complaint might be read by someone that may have the chance (though slight), to make changes in production to please the fan base before it’s to late.

  25. The new suit does look more alien and more modern. Good idea that it is a kryptonian outfit instead of it being a home made suit done by Ma Kent.

    The reason that he wears a cape and a skintight suit because kryptonians wear capes and skintight suits.