‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Zack Snyder has been slightly more successful than Christopher Nolan in preventing photos from being snapped on the set of his highly-anticipated Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

It helps that Warner Bros. selected to unveil an official image of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume before shooting got fully underway on Snyder’s reboot. However, that doesn’t mean the amateur paparazzi aren’t out in full-force lurking around the Man of Steel set (see: early images of Cavil as Clark Kent).

Today we have a handful of set images that reveal noteworthy details about the costumes of the new incarnations of Superman, the criminal Kryptonians General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) – and possibly even U.S. military man General Swanwick (Harry Lennix).

Fair warning: Anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about Man of Steel, besides that which was revealed in the (vague) official plot synopsis, should not read on. These set photos only contain MILD SPOILERS, but they still have their fair share of revealing details. You’ve been warned…









Still here? This first image (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page) offers another look at Cavill’s Superman costume (minus one classic article of clothing) and Faora’s updated outfit:

Yes, it looks like Kal-El won’t be wearing his trademark red briefs (on the outside of his suit, that is) in either Man of Steel or Action Comics’ upcoming relaunch of the character. To quote the famous line from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Thing Are”, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

On a less-provocative note: It looks as though Faora won’t be wearing looser black garbs like her onscreen predecessor, Ursa, wore in Superman II. Instead, the villainess looks to be costumed in a tighter outfit that sort of looks like a cross between Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld catsuit and old-fashioned metal armor, complete with a flowing black cape – practical, but still stylish, in other words.

For a better look at her outfit – and what appears to be additional confirmation that Michael Shannon will wear a CGI costume to play General Zod – check out the photo below:

This last Man of Steel set image should also prompt some incredulous reactions, seeing how it appears to feature Harry Lennix in a motion-capture outfit as well. Just look for yourself:


Does this mean Lennix’s General Swanwick is actually a surviving Kryptonian? Or that he gets ahold of Zod’s suit (which, as /Film has speculated, may resemble Jim Lee’s portrayal of the character) at some point? The latter scenario is all the more questionable, since Lennix – or someone who looks a lot like him – isn’t wearing a mo-cap band around his head, like Shannon (or his stunt double) as Zod is, in the previous image. Could it be some version of the Metallo armor suit, as featured in Superman: Secret Origin?

superman vs zod Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Shannon sport the Zod armor?

superman versus metallo in secret origin Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Lennix don the Metallo suit?

Both Christopher and Jonah Nolan were involved with crafting the Man of Steel storyline early on – and those two are known for throwing unexpected twists in the mix – so Snyder throwing us a couple of costume curveballs in Man of Steel is not out of the question.


Man of Steel won’t hit theaters until June 14th, 2013, so there’s plenty of time to speculate/complain about all these tidbits of information – before we get some concrete answers.

Source: Facebook (via Coming Soon and /Film)

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  1. Sorry posted prior to your update – I am curious – is there ANY rumor of Braniac and or Doomsday in this movie and if so could this guy be him? That would be a great segway into the next if it is a true fact. Can we get someone on this? I saw a snap of Faora and some CG guy who is obviously the form for a character, with the pole at least 9 ft high.

  2. I miss the briefs but it’s not that bad, at least he doesn’t have a high collar and sleeves that go all the way to his fingers. I think this movie’s gonna look a little silly when the crappy DC reboot blows over and everything goes back to normal, though. But not bad, Watchmen was awesome enough for my faith to hold out.
    But if Cavill doesn’t have the curl in his hair I’m gonna go to Zack Snyder’s house and punch him right in the throat.

  3. Lol, This is a joke right? Now i know Superman’s costume is just a darker Superman’s. From i what i can tell, Faora’s costume looks better than Superman’s. But Zod’s costume being cgi? C’mon!

  4. Wow by the looks of it… It’s going to be way more diffirent than Reevs movie and Singers movie. This is going to be one action pack superman. And finaly!.. no red underwear! :D I hope this turns out to be a saga (four movies) and end it with doomsday. I hope by the next movie we can see metalo and lex. In this movie I will like to see only Faora and Zod. I bet lex is going to be a minor villain. It’s going to build up his character. Can’t Waite to see MAN OF STEEL! :D

    • I wouldn’t think it would end with Doomsday, I would end it with Reign of the Supermen, and Kal-El coming back to vanquish the cyborg Superman.

  5. RUBBER MUSCLE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yes, it does look like he’s in a rubber suit even from this extreme distance. Not exactly the look I would be going for but…..

    • Like I said before man, wait for the obligatory superhero shirtless scene :P


  7. The red panties are being tossed for a red belt, that used to be yellow, if they’re going by the dc reboot, which it pretty much seems like they are.

  8. Still not sold on Synder and I don’t see why Zod’s outfit needs to be CGI; Faora isn’t CGI. Cavil does have the look, IMHO, and I really don’t have a problem with any of the other cast members. I just hope Synder can surprise me.

  9. Maybe it’s me or the fact that the shot is so damn small but I think he looks EXTREMELY dorky in that picture. I will wait until I’ve seen a few more close in shots to pass final judgment however.

  10. I don’t mind it one bit I actually am liking these pics. The suit sticks to Cavill’s body but does not seem as restricting as the SR suit was so you can see his musculature better.

    Food for thought, what if Zod and whoever else are still in the phantom zone and are etheral projections or whatever? Or it could be what Sandy wrote in the article who knows.

  11. a lot of people are complaining about the absence of trunks(not necessarily this site). i do understand that the trunks are “iconic” but this doesn’t bother me at all. it reminds me of the new revamped superman for the NEW 52, and i think it makes superman look more modern and bad@$$. i like it.

  12. Supermans suit looks like garbage, and so do the rest.

    • expect nothing more than garbage from snyder.

    • The suit looks like he found it in a garbage can he needs to put it back were he found it.

  13. Superman looks like an action figure in the pic.

    • LOL He does!

  14. Oh geez here we go. See this is what’s wrong people critize so early and not even seen the film. So I guess these two aren’t going to see Superman: Man of Steel…

  15. I dont think the picture of Cavill walking in the costume on set is indicative of how the suit will look in the movie. Also I personally am very excited about this super man reboot. Although not much info has been released about the film the little bit of info that has come out sounds good. No red trunks= GOOD, A true origin story for superman=GOOD, a nolan involved in the story=GOOD, making a more realistic and gritty superman movie=GOOD, Superman fighting a villian that has super abilities like him that will no doubt lead some cool action sequences=GOOD. Yea I would say so far so good. I wasnt a big fan of the EMO version of superman in superman returns.If hes a super man then he has to swing punches not knock up a girl out of wedlock and come back like 5 years later after never paying child support, thats not a super “man” thats a super “dead beat dad”

  16. Everything looks great. So looking forward to this. :)

  17. After seeing all these new changes, Superman and Spiderman specifically, I am starting to feel as though I have grown out of these characters. When “Smallville” was coming to a close, I somehow felt disconnected from the franchise. “Death of Superman” was a great storyline to follow in the 90s, but its shelf-life only lasted for a brief period.

    When the “Spiderman” comics started to move away from a married Peter Parker, I couldn’t put myself in the character’s world. Once the “Death of Superman” was over, the stories stopped being interesting and exciting.

    Maybe its time to just hang it up.

    • Its time to let Superman and Spiderman go.

      • LOL, superman and batman you mean, spidermans been done one time.its time for people to realize that rebooting is a worse form of plagerizm than pirating a movie LMAO. I guess its ok for hollywood to pirate thier own films and copy them in the form of reboots, but no one else, hypocrites.
        I hate nolan for not only popularizing reboots, but for letting younger 18-25 year olds worship mediocrity and bs. themselves. lol. im with you bro on that. rebooting should be called can i rip off your idea so i can fake being talented. LOL.

    • Superman as a character is passe’. Do we really need another Superman movie? Especially one that’s looking this bad.

      • @ Robot — I think you are right man. When it comes to the movies specifically, Superman has been stuck in origin story loop. I don’t see how “Man of Steel” will do anything expect bore the hell out of people.

  18. The new suit makes Cavill look dumb. It’s an eyesore and worse, makes him look silly. I don’t mind changing the trunks if they had a good design to replace it with, but they don’t. It’s now a blue unitard. And the muscle suit underneath is poorly shaped, especially the rigid and bulbous thighs. He looks like a swollen helium balloon. Not only is the muscle suit jarringly fake looking, but it is also not aesthetically pleasing, even if they are going for an exaggerated look, that is not supposed to fool the eye into believing that is real muscle. Maybe the contouring will be smoothed out and fixed in cgi post-production. Silly design all around.

  19. If the the film makes money,lol to make sequels, are they gonna have Cavill’s Superman wear different costumes in each film just as Batman does? Imo, changing the costumes for all the characters in DC Comics is just wrong. It like taking someone’s creation to make it your own & taking credit for it. Superman’s costume looks bad imo so id hate to imagine what would be instored for other characters.

  20. I really like a lot of the new stuff on this movie. especially the brief gone…

  21. Also, why is Faora DRESSED AS A MOSQUITO?!? Wtf? Is it Halloween? Other sites have better pictures of her cape/wings. I am baffled by the design decision to dress her as a mosquito. Why Snyder? Why?

    • I didn’t realise Snyder was the costume designer…

      • He has to be behind the decision to dress her up as a mosquito. No costume designer would make such a bizarre decision on their own. Who would even dream up such a thing? They gave her costume mosquito wings. Will they buzz around when she flies? wtf?

        • If thats what a mosquito looks like over by you then I suggest you move :P

          That looks like the costume she wore in War of the Superman. Awesome.

          • Except Snyder added wings to her costume. It’s really bizarre. It’s like one of the mutants out of the X-Men.

            • *War of The Supermen I meant :/

              The cape just looks like she stole it from Batgirl lol.

  22. CRAP

  23. i know dc is “revamping” all their superheros but this is hard for me to take. superman w/ no trunks, yellow belt, and darker blue just doesn’t seem right. to me, he’s one of the characters who shouldn’t be changed. not sure how this all fits into the legal battle but i don’t really feel like i’m looking at the man of steel. almost like an imposter. nice to see he’s got that dean cain slickback going on haaaa. sooooo are they going to cut the john williams score from this also? there’s no way doomsday would be in this film, cmon now. i wonder if they’ll have lex stuff in the film?

    • The legal battle is the entire reason this movie is being made.

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        Is the legal battle just in talks right now, or is it gonna be a done deal about characters?

        • It’s a complicated affair. I was under the impression that DC have already lost a good portion of the rights to Superman’s backstory, hence the comic reboot and renumbering, and the films being put into production much earlier than it should have been.

  24. Okay folks, let’s not forget (just like many people do, in every thread) that fan-captured photos from the set make costumes and other aspects look totally different than they will in the finished film. It’s weird to me how people on a film site – who are conceivably film FANS – can never seem to remember this basic fact.

    People deriding the costume, or the film as a whole, based on a couple snapshots and a promo image are silly folks who need to be met in person so we can each pat them on the head like good doggies. Going forward try to remember that you can’t actually judge a film until it’s done. Well, you can, but you’re going to be totally off base and other people will point and snicker at you.

    • And any guy who needs to insult everyone with an opinion who differs from his seems like a 5 year old. Such a child needs to be spanked and sat in a corner.

      • You’re cute.

        People can have lots of differing opinions, it’s the best part. Just don’t dismiss a film based on spy photos. Write that to your brain and reference as needed.

        • They released an official photo of how superman will look IN THE FINISHED FILM and it is without the red speedo which sucks tiger balls. And people are not only criticizing the movie because of some on-set snapshots.. the casting, the costumes, almost everything about this film is total crap. Kevin fcking Costner. That is all.

          • The casting in this film is a million times better than the casting in Spider-Man.

            • Don’t even get me started about spiderman.

  25. this movie will be terrible. the suit…the hair. weak. weak. weak. this is unreal. they cannot get it right….only one company could do superman justice and it should NOT be a live action flick….oh and zack snyder is the freakin’ worst. uwe boll could have made a better superman flick.

    • It’s unfair and illogical to judge a movie just on a haircut and a costume. Are you completely sure the story, acting, and character development are going to be bad just from a few images?

    • Haircut= Attempt to cover up that Henry Cavill is going bald.

      Costume = Attempt to make it “dark and edgey”.

      Zack Snyder = Attempting to make you forget that he direct Owls of Ga’Hoole!

  26. I miss the pants – wont judge for now though

  27. Why is all this stuff happening in Smallville? Do Not Like. Smallville should be an anonymous place that doesn’t call attention to itself. Otherwise people will start to put 1 + 1 together regarding Clark Kent and Superman. I don’t want Superman openly hanging around Smallville. I don’t want aliens tracking Superman down in Smallville. I don’t want the wider world to even know Smallville exists.

    • Valid point.

  28. The Costume Henry Cavill is wearing he reminds me of a Kryptonian Gladiator, I think the Man of Steel film will come out straight. Iam clarifiedly positive on this “Superman” character being converted in different incarnations. The Superman SAGA starts with the Secret Origin on our “Man of Steel” has moved on to its destination.

  29. The suit without the red trunks looks like crap.

    • STOP your complaining and get use to it