‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Zack Snyder has been slightly more successful than Christopher Nolan in preventing photos from being snapped on the set of his highly-anticipated Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

It helps that Warner Bros. selected to unveil an official image of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume before shooting got fully underway on Snyder’s reboot. However, that doesn’t mean the amateur paparazzi aren’t out in full-force lurking around the Man of Steel set (see: early images of Cavil as Clark Kent).

Today we have a handful of set images that reveal noteworthy details about the costumes of the new incarnations of Superman, the criminal Kryptonians General Zod (Michael Shannon) and Faora (Antje Traue) – and possibly even U.S. military man General Swanwick (Harry Lennix).

Fair warning: Anyone who doesn’t want to know anything about Man of Steel, besides that which was revealed in the (vague) official plot synopsis, should not read on. These set photos only contain MILD SPOILERS, but they still have their fair share of revealing details. You’ve been warned…









Still here? This first image (via the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page) offers another look at Cavill’s Superman costume (minus one classic article of clothing) and Faora’s updated outfit:

Yes, it looks like Kal-El won’t be wearing his trademark red briefs (on the outside of his suit, that is) in either Man of Steel or Action Comics’ upcoming relaunch of the character. To quote the famous line from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Thing Are”, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

On a less-provocative note: It looks as though Faora won’t be wearing looser black garbs like her onscreen predecessor, Ursa, wore in Superman II. Instead, the villainess looks to be costumed in a tighter outfit that sort of looks like a cross between Kate Beckinsale’s Underworld catsuit and old-fashioned metal armor, complete with a flowing black cape – practical, but still stylish, in other words.

For a better look at her outfit – and what appears to be additional confirmation that Michael Shannon will wear a CGI costume to play General Zod – check out the photo below:

This last Man of Steel set image should also prompt some incredulous reactions, seeing how it appears to feature Harry Lennix in a motion-capture outfit as well. Just look for yourself:


Does this mean Lennix’s General Swanwick is actually a surviving Kryptonian? Or that he gets ahold of Zod’s suit (which, as /Film has speculated, may resemble Jim Lee’s portrayal of the character) at some point? The latter scenario is all the more questionable, since Lennix – or someone who looks a lot like him – isn’t wearing a mo-cap band around his head, like Shannon (or his stunt double) as Zod is, in the previous image. Could it be some version of the Metallo armor suit, as featured in Superman: Secret Origin?

superman vs zod Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Shannon sport the Zod armor?

superman versus metallo in secret origin Man of Steel Set Photos Reveal Superman Costume Details

Will Lennix don the Metallo suit?

Both Christopher and Jonah Nolan were involved with crafting the Man of Steel storyline early on – and those two are known for throwing unexpected twists in the mix – so Snyder throwing us a couple of costume curveballs in Man of Steel is not out of the question.


Man of Steel won’t hit theaters until June 14th, 2013, so there’s plenty of time to speculate/complain about all these tidbits of information – before we get some concrete answers.

Source: Facebook (via Coming Soon and /Film)

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  1. niceeeee

  2. its not until you get rid of the outside underwear that you realise how iconic it’s become, he looks kind of naked with out, the mo cap looks interesting, seems comic book movies are all pulling a mo cap villain scenario to keep us guessing what the final product will be

    • True, but it nice to see something different. I would have suggested they keep the belt apart of it.

    • The problem is that the “no underoos” look that DC adopted is still too fresh, and no one is used to it, so having the costume reflect that change seems strange and unsettling in some way. I think if DC had made the change earlier, or if the film came out later, it wouldn’t seem so odd.

    • The big block of color needs to be broken up. It’s why he looks naked and silly.

  3. I’m on the fence about the brief-less costume, but leaning towards acceptance of it. I’ve only ever seen Superman with the red briefs, so in a way I’ve been conditioned to picture him with them as part of his get-up.

    IMHO, I prefer the red briefs because it provides some color to break up the monotony of just a solid blue costume…but again, this is probably because that’s how the character has always been presented to me.

    In the real world, it is quite a ridiculous sight to see a man (any man, super or not) walking around with underwear on the OUTSIDE of his clothes, so I can understand why they chose to just omit them from this version of the character.

    Also, in a way, the omission of the briefs will definitely serve to visually separate this version of the character from ALL previous incarnations of the character on T.V. as well as in the movies, so in that regard, I think was a smart choice.

    “And now, for something completely different”

  4. I expect the action scenes to be extremely epic!

  5. personally, i’m glad the red trunks are gone. yes, they’re iconic but jesus christ batman isn’t running around in spandex and underwear so y are we trying to limit superman to that? i welcome a modern take on clark. i’m open minded about the motion capture suit i just hope they don’t go too overboard with it

    • Batman isn’t running around in spandex anymore because he is human and dealing more with human problems, so he needs more protection than spandex. Superman is an alien, which helps make the nonsensical-ness of the costume make sense, and needs no protection, therefore the costume hasn’t needed to change. Its classic and hasn’t been drastically or permanently changed for over 70 years because it works. Its identifiable.

      I think it is a HUGE mistake to get rid of the red trunks. Superman is now wearing a onesie with a yellow belt and and red boots. It’s a huge mistake.

      • How could such a small thing amount to a huge mistake? I doubt the movie will fail by the absence of Supe’s undies lol.

      • Anything that makes Superman look sillier is a huge mistake. Only thing more goofy looking than trunk wearing Superman is half-dressed Superman. The suit just looks dumb now.

      • “so he needs more protection than spandex.”

        I don’t recall spandex offering protection, period. I also don’t think that spandex is even a factor regardless of whether or not a human and/or alien is dealing with any given problem. I do however see the reasoning behind updating Superman’s suit while still maintaing its classical roots which this costume has managed minus the underoos. Given the fact that many cinematic heroes get such leeway regarding altered suits I see no reason why Superman should be the exception, especially given the fact that many identifiable elements remain untouched.

      • Man, i’m so sick & tired of these consistent complaints over the new look costume .. Sups is not only defined by one aspect of his suit .. you gonna boycott the film because you can’t deal with change ?? Change was inevitable, you can’t have what’s supposed to be the most iconic pop-culture icon wearing his underoos on the outside (not on live action film anyway) .. i’ve been a Sups fan since childhood, for 30 yrs plus, and i can handle the change .. they basically changed ONE item on the suit, and so many people’s lives are falling apart because of that .. its friggin’ ridiculous .. these rigid, close minded people should really grow up and move on .. you sound like a bunch of whining kids and it is frightingly irritating .. we should all support this film so we can see more in the future .. Final Comment: another annoying idea about the nature of the long standing suit: Read carefully now .. it CANNOT be made of materials found on earth, period .. it HAS to be Krytonian in nature (and therefore the look of it as well) .. why ? .. because the suit has to be as near indestructible, or close to it, as Superman is .. why ? .. to protect Superman ? .. No you daft twit (if that is what you thought) .. it has to be near indestructible for its OWN protection .. the suit has to be able to handle the power level of Superman .. tell me, do you wanna go hypersonic in earth’s atmosphere, or crash through the side of a mountain and emerge naked on the other side ?

  6. I like it, im glad its different because thats the whole point. As long as Nolan makes sure the story is good then let Snyder loose on some action scenes!

  7. What another crappy change…a super-uni-tard.
    In the darker blue “I’m no longer a shining example of Truth, Justice, and the American way” suit.

    Why not just take away his cape and make him a blonde while your at it?

    Give him some Matrix moves too. Might as well ‘retool’ the whole thing right?

    You can ‘make it different’ through the story and character development. Not through changes to an iconic, timeless image.

    I just think they’re taking this in a totally wrong direction.

    • Don’t blame Snyder for the change, he’s reflecting DC canon.

  8. I’m glad they got rid of it. Looks better imo. I would have liked if they kept the belt though.

    • I think he does have a belt. At least it looked that way in the vault picture

    • He has the belt in the official pic… Just look @ the top of the article.

  9. So does this mean that Kal-El’s suit will be more armor-esque? Like the comic re-boot suit?

    • I haven’t read the comics in ages, but what is the point of Superman wearing armor? Unless it’s lead lined to help protect him against Krytonite?

  10. I think it looks good. It’s hard to break up the suit without the undies, but the undies had to go.

  11. I really am not keen on the shape of the “S” on his chest. I know it may be closer to some of the earliest incarnations of Superman, but his “S” logo had developed into a recognizable logo. Now it looks kinda squiffy and just doesn’t look as cool.

    I wonder if this too is because of the rights issue with the owners the Superman character and certain depictions of Superman not belonging to DC?!

  12. Never liked the red undies. More power to the costume designers.

  13. WOW! Positive comments so far. I’m surprised lol

  14. I am upset they got rid of the underwear… I am. But I won’t pass judgement on anything else until I see a final product.

  15. Can we drop Zod and Faora and get the original green skinned Kandor shrinking android Brainiac?!?

    • Perhaps in another scene… ;)

  16. PS – Give him a red belt to break up the blue monotony!

  17. They are fighting in smallville. Maybe Zod knows Jon and martha.

  18. From that first photo we saw of Super Man, I thought the cape was WAAYYY too long, but on the set photo is looks good (i.e. the appropriate size).

    Also, if they are already filming, doesn’t that mean that the movie could still get a late-2012 release?

  19. supes looks badass.
    Its FANTASTIC to see a STRONG looking superman!!!!

    • Agreed.

  20. It doesn’t even look like he has a belt on. Compared to the press shot.

    • They musnt have put it on him in this scene, maybe it’s just a rehersal? He does have a belt in the vault shot.

  21. I actually don’t mind this. The costume looks good to me. I have issues with Zod in a mo cap suit and Faora wearing what looks like armour.

  22. Is nothing sacred, I ask you? now they are messing with Superman’s panties. What next? The s-curl on his forehead? oh- they already nixed that. This is not Superman. This is Superbman or somebody.

    • really?

    • @ Motmaitre

      Well, i guess the good ole days are over. This is the kind of things to expect in reboots.

    • In case you were unaware Motmaitre, DC is COMPLETELY rebooting the DC Universe next month. Every character, every origin, every costume, etc. The loss of the red shorts falls in line with the new Superman costume (although the rubber looking texture does NOT)

      • Green Lantern was finally released in my region. Just saw the 3D version. Very enjoyable. I went online to pre order the rebooted version DC is releasing as I have never read a GL comic but the movie made me very interested in the character. But it looks like, at least from the brief synopsis on the web site I was on, that the GL story is continuing. Not being rebooted. Is that true? Just curious.

    • You’re right Motmaitre. They shouldn’t mess with the things about Superman’s appearance that are truly important. They kept the red cape but took away the red trunks? Blasphemy. They let him keep the S on his chest, but took away the spit-curl? Those devils.

      In case you can’t tell, that is sarcasm my friend.

  23. “Both Christopher and Jonah Nolan were involved with crafting the Man of Steel storyline early one”

    Yeah I bet they contributed a whole lot. Especially as Goyer wrote the script ages ago, and even Synder brought someone else in to work on it.

  24. Ahhh… idle speculation….

  25. That isn’t Michael Shannon and I doubt its his stunt double in the mo-cap suit. And has nobody else noticed the guy with the mo-cap suit on has a stick on top of his head as if the end result will be something 9 or 10ft tall. *cough* Doomsday *cough* ;)

    • That is just wishful thinking. I can almost guarantee with 100% certainty that Doomsday is not going to be in this movie.

  26. Someone said about this maybe being a rehearsal. I’d have to agree because in the first picture it looks like the camera man is pointing his camera right toward the guy taking the picture…

  27. … also, to anyone who said Henry Cavill couldn’t possibly get big enough… HE’S FREAKIN’ HUGE!!!

    • Exactly.

      Still can’t see how a few ppl are still bent on claiming it’s all rubber muscle. If it was it would look raised and solid all the time.

    • Duh, it’s a muscle suit. Pics of him out of costume have him much slimmer. The padding couldn’t be more obvious since it is poorly balloon-shaped and make him look like an allergy victim. But maybe your post was sarcasm and it went over my head?

      • Actually the suit looks form fitting to me so you can see his musculature. Thats the way I see and if u disagree thats cool since everyone has a right to an opinion. Im just waiting till everyone sees the obligatory shirtless scene. Maybe he would be shirtless for a scene on the farm :P

  28. Im hoping that the mocap guy is Metallo. Zod and Lex are cool and all, but its high time we got another supes villain on the big screen. Metallo is the ideal choice if you ask me.

    • I would love to see Metallo in the film…sorta tired of everyone defaulting to Lex or Zod.