‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Superman: Man of Steel Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

The last few weeks have been filled with scores of unofficial sneak peeks at high-profile comic book films – which have been filming in very public locales. The Dark Knight Rises teased us with set-photos of a new bat-vehicle and The Avengers gave us a look at Captain America’s modern costume.

However, Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel shoot has been a bit more aloof – with very little leaked info to show for the several days of filming in Plano (so far). That said, with everyone chomping at the bit for candid paparazzi shots of Henry Cavill in the Supersuit on-set, it’s easy to forget that studios actually release official info these days – just as Warner Bros. did today, unveiling the official Superman: Man of Steel plot synopsis.

ComicBookMovie was the first to post the synopsis – which was originally attached to a casting call looking for “loggers” and “commercial fishermen.”

Fans that are hoping for an exhaustive explanation of why Michael Shannon’s Zod decides to visit Earth, or what exactly we can expect from Antje Traue’s villainess Faora, will have to wait – since the Man of Steel plot synopsis is… just a synopsis.

As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details can contain MILD SPOILERS for Superman: Man of Steel. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Check out the official Superman: Man of Steel plot synopsis below:

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.”

As mentioned, the plot synopsis is light on details, it doesn’t even mention Zod or Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams), and instead zeroes in on Superman’s place as a cultural icon – and less on specifics about the actual story. However, as previously reported, it sounds as though Superman’s origins will factor heavily into the Man of Steel plot.

smallville finale Superman: Man of Steel Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

That said, for anyone who enjoyed watching Smallville‘s Clark Kent learn to embrace his destiny as Earth’s super-friend, the Man of Steel plot may look strangely familiar. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take Henry Cavill’s Superman ten movies (like the ten seasons of Smallville) to lace-up his super suit. Considering the recently released Superman image of Cavill sporting the iconic “S” and red, blue, and yellow suit – it looks like Snyder’s film may not take quite as long a route into the sky.

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Superman: Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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  1. “Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer?”
    The say this as though ANYBODY who knows anything about Superman doesn’t already know the answer

    • He he he! LOL I know right! Naw, Supes will DIVIDE and CONQUER lol! Come on now……….

      • This is Supeman were talking about.. he wouldnt waste time to divide lol he’d just conquer… were he so inclined.

    • I see what the filmmakers are trying to do here…they’re operating as if this is the first time around, so they can approach it with a fresh perspective.

      Unfortunately, no one else is doing that. We’ve all read the comics and seen the movies & TV shows.

    • They did promise a new take on the chahracter… hahaha…

  2. It’s all in how they do it. I don’t mind an origin story, as long as the story is well shaped and I get to see Super Man for a good portion of the film.

  3. Great.. another whimpy whiny superman pondering his existence instead of laying the smacketh down.

    • Oh, he’s gonna layeth the smacketh down, this is Snyder we’re talking about, no way he would be able to resist that temptation.

      • Agreed. It wouldn’t be a Snyder movie if he didn’t.

  4. Didn’t we just have 10 YEARS of this? I mean really, if I wanted to watch Superman pondering why he was sent to earth to do what he can do, I’ll Watch Smallville! For that matter I’ll watch that AND Lois and Clark. This news is extremely disappointing.

    • My thoughts exactly. I agree with you 100%

    • thats what im thinkin!! we dont need another origin thats whats smallville is for !! we need superman!!!

  5. I think because they wanted to make him more “human” and such, they had to make it a pondering movie. I just hope they weave it well with sequences of him actually doing Superman stuff. In the Superman suit.

    • And maybe we’ll see him fixing things… as young Clark Kent. Fixing people’s houses. Their cars. Their local well. And we’ll see him farming. Lifting bales of hay. Pondering. Traveling the world. Living life as a philanthropist.

      Hiding his abilities from everyone. Just like we saw in the first Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, and in Smallville.

  6. Just a little random blip here but i think snyder might actually be the right guy for this. If you have ever seen any cartoon involving superman, you know that all of his fight scenes have slow-mo action shots. Usually, while he is making a hard hit or being hit hard to emphasize the power. just saying.

  7. Sorry, but I just can’t get behind the (bad, lazy) idea of yet another origin story. This is simply Smallville 2.0 Why waste this opportunity just rehash what we’ve been watching the last ten years?! And comparisms to Batman Begins don’t count, Bats hadn’t had a long running show on tv…

  8. Wow, that sounds like a lifetime original movie I would try to avoid watching at all costs. Philanthropy? How bout some KickAssthropy. Cmon Zack you have everything you need let’s not enter IFC arthouse territory.

    • “KickAssthropy” needs to be entered into the dictionary. I hope you get the credit!

  9. Why can’t they use a much older better established villain than Zod! He’s a poorly written 1 dimensional foe! Let’s see them take on the Original Brainiac that shrank the Kryptonian City of Kandor and placed it in a bottle! How about we see THAT story!!?!!

    • Brainiac

      Any of these would have been preferable to Zod.

      • Agreed

        I was hoping for Doomsday or Brainiac…

        But at least we didn’t have ANOTHER movie where Lex is the bad guy…

        The next movie should have one from your list, and if its a planned trilogy (which as far as I know its not) then save Doomsday for last…

  10. Dare I say anything?

    Ok. I will.

    This is simply Smallville on a bigger budget. That plot synopsis is just Smallville but with all the interesting parts taken out. There is not a country on this planet you could go to and they wouldn’t know the story of Superman. Everyone knows the story of Krypton and the infant Kal-El sent to Earth. This could be covered in the opening credits, but no, we will get an entire movie of stuff every Superman fan has seen before.

    What a waste of a cool costume.

    • Did you expect anything original from Hollywood?

  11. So lets see…

    We have this alien with super strength, super speed, laser eyes, indestructible for the most part… so I think he could kick some ass.

    and we are going to get him questioning himself and whining?

    Awesome. Another Superman movie I will pass on. They have all SUCKED

    • I know!!! There are so many awesome things they can do with Superman! Have him fly into outer space and fight Darkseid or some alien threat, I mean Supes himself is an alien. Anything I don’t wanna see his origin story again! Him and Spider-Man (though that movie looks pretty OK) have the most widely known origins, yet Hollywood feels they have to retell them the most. I don’t get it.

    • I enjoyed the hell out of the 1st 2 Donner films, 2 of the best superhero films ever made, IMO. SR had it’s moments, but was mostly disappointing. Not even going to mention 3 & 4, on that I agree with you that they sucked. I still can’t figure out why WB needs to rehash the origin AGAIN. We had the first Donner film which nearly everyone on the planet has seen at one point or the other, AND we’ve just had 10 years of Smallville exploring the origins. A brief 5 minute synopsis in the beginning of the movie followed by Superman kicking major butt would be a better way to go. I don’t really care that the villain is Zod (again), but why can’t they use the Krypton connection to bring Brainiac into the movie? SOMEONE NEW for Superman to kick the snot out of on the big screen.

  12. everyone moaning about it being an origins story, has anyone ever read superman earth one? that is a pretty new origins story and its a fresh new take on supes and it is a brilliant read. would make for an epic film.

    • It’s hardly original though, there have been doznes of different takes on the origin over the years, we’re about to get a new one in a few months from DC. But in essence all of the Superman origin stories are the same. This one is based more on Birthright but without the Clark/Lex/Smallville stuff.

      In the end, they are wasting an entire movie on something that doesnt need to be told, yes there are differences in each origin but the basic stuff is the same.

      • @JEW-EL

        Isn’t Superman earth one like some pale emo Twilight Superman?

  13. The sad thing is, that even with all of his powers, Superman can not fight. Remember the Diner scene in Superman 2, he got his butt kicked…
    because of this description of the film, it explains why DC Comics is way behind marvel

    • Haha that is because Superman can’t fight. He can throw a super strong punch but he can’t fight. At most he can brawl butwhen really comes down to it, Superman has about zero real fighting ability.

  14. Unless they do something radically new, I do not think “The Man of Steel” will be worth watching.

    Second, there is no way in hell this Superman looks to be in his twenties. I am in my mid thirties, and I look way-way younger than this guy.

    • “Clark Kent​/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist…”
      Why does Superman look like he is in his fifties?

      • I thought the same thing, in that promo picture there is no way that is supposed to be a twenty something.

        • @Dr. Sam,
          Did you see the photograph of him dressed up as Clark? He looks like he is fifty in that photo as well.

          It has to be the hairline.

          • Yes, I’ve seen it. I don’t get it. Why go for such a young actor, and then make him look much older?

            • I am stumped as well. Its an odd move.

  15. Don’t get carried away by that short synopsis. As the article states it doesn’t mention any of the other characters, so they could be holding out on a lot more action (fingers crossed!).
    My kids only know the Superman origins because I showed them the old movies on VHS! If they are truly trying to reboot the whole thing they need to cover it. Sounds similar to what we will get with the Amazing Spiderman.
    I just hope it doesn’t try to hard to be realistic as that tends to translate into boring/dull characters

  16. And my friend can’t seem to understand why I didn’t like the other Superman films after the 2nd one. Rehash city my friends. What is so difficult about having the most powerful superhero not show it by smacking around Darkseid or Metallo. And I know she is apart of the story, but I am sick of the Lois Lane love affair…seen it. Now go and just kick some ace. And tell Olson to stop being goofy getting in trouble where Supes has to bail him out…and let’s skip L. Luthor this time too.

  17. This is some Super Bull. Really? Another origin story… Sounds like I’ve gotten bored with this project already. We already know who he is. Let’s see something we have NOT seen in a Supes movie… Bizarro, Brainiac, Silver Banshee, Mxyzplcttt (or however you spell it) Metallo, Cat Grant… I mean really.

    • Cat Grant isn’t a villian.

  18. where the is DOOMSDAY ?

    • That would have been entertaining. I would have even accepted this origin story for Doomsday (though the comic purist may be angered). Superman, a few months into public existence, has many people on edge. Some people love him while others fear his awesome power. Sam Lane, Cadmus [Angela Bassett] (and maybe Lex Luthor) attempt to create a replacement. Enter Doomsday. From there you can let the story write itself.

      Really Im just not into seeing General Zod. And seeing two Kryptonian “gods” duke it out would not put me on ease. Even when Superman claims he is here to help us. That’s what Zod said! Not really the best comfort food.

  19. Why was sent to earth? Because Krypton was seconds from imploding. There. Problem solved.

    Better question. Why does every single Krypton survivor have a grudge against me and magically finds me on Earth? My dad was actually a huge a$@hole and a raging coke head who liked to tamper with the reactor core of Krypton.

    • win.

  20. Origin story and General Zod AGAIN?? Wth you can go to North Korea and they’ll know Supermans’ origin lol. “Baby in rocket from Krypton, crashes on Earth in Smallville, grows up, becomes Superman.” Do we really have to see a 2 hr movie about that AGAIN? I wanna see Superman in earth shattering fights with Darkseid or Metallo, Bizarro. And really? We have to see Clark questioning his existence? I was actually looking forward to this movie and I’m not even a huge Superman fan. But now its most likely gonna be a rehash of the same s**t we’ve been seeing for 30 years. Hopefully Superman and Zod throw down and Superman does SUPER things with his gigantic array of powers.

    • Gooood, I like the taste of fresh rage.

    • i’m for the origin again, that way they set up the style of the new take on the film. if noone likes the way snyder handles it, no sequal. if people do then we get a coherent set of movies along the same style and mood. having superman one and 2 etc didn’t stop smallville from doing it.

    • They’re doing the origin again because it’s easy. And they figure anyone under the age of 30 hasn’t seen the Christopher Reeve/Richard Donner film because it’s “all old and stuff”. I’m with you on this Cap. Really? We need to go over the origin AGAIN???? Only this time with a pretty boy British actor, “hip” younger parental figures, and a dark, brooding story line atmosphere. Hmn, sounds a bit like something… I can’t quite put my finger on it… This couldn’t mean they’re trying to turn Superman into “Super-Twilight”, could it?? Nah, I mean they wouldn’t shamelessly pander to the tween crowd, and abandon everything that the character has stood for and represents over the last seventy so years of the comic, in order to reinvent it for the fifteen and under audience, and cast a Brit to make the movie seem “less American”, and thereby making it more internationally appealing, while giving the tween girls the Edward Cullen clone they need to draw them into the movie theaters…. Or would they?! Dun-Dun-DUUUUUUUUUUUUN! I love channeling my inner Jon Stewart!

  21. How are they supposed to set up a story without redoing the origins? Honestly? We may already know it, but it’s necessary for a new story line.

    • Tim Burton’s Batman didn’t feature an origin story.

      • Yeah and it was no good :-p

        • But it still worked w/o showing the origin. You don’t have to go into a lot of depth for Superman’s origin. Donner told his origins perfectly, and it doesn’t need to be told again. Just show the highlights of it during the credits.

  22. I am a Marvel fan and haven’t liked any of Zach Snyder’s films. So you know where I am coming from when I say this:

    The last thing you should worry about, the very LAST THING, is whether there will be enough action in this movie. Mr. Snyder is very good at one thing and there will be plenty of satisfying action.

    • That’s probably why this movie will sell, because there will be tons of action but no substance, just like about every Snyder film.


        • What does that have to do with Synder? Maybe I’m missing something.

    • agreed. snyder’s superman will have action out the @ss. what it will most likely lack is a decent story (and if hear 1 more time that nolan is working on the story i’m gonna snap, he had lunch with snyder, discussed what superman should be, and has been working on batman and only batman since, all according to snyder in an interview months ago!), but no one seems to care about that, all i see are comments wanting fist fights with cheesy bad guys. this will be a slow motion punchfest for children.

    • Yeah, just like Sucker Punch! OOPS!!!

  23. This just confirms what we already suspected no surprise there. The whole “discovering his powers and responsibilities etc.” May only be at the beginning of the movie 30-40mins perhaps.

  24. Well … just what we need another retelling of the Superman story … at least I don’t need to watch Tom Welling destroy the legacy. I really hated Superman up until the time of Season 4 of Smallville then he started to grow on me, that is until Tom Welling decided to be a little punk and not even wear the suit, I really hope he does nothing else in his career – cuz he made what should have been a hero into a ZERO. I’ll sit through another mindless Superman film I guess … but really how sad is it that the Christopher Reeve’s films are still the best telling of Superman and they were the campiest and oldest? It’s so sad, they had the perfect cast on Smallville … but as Hollywood and Tom Welling have proved – they don’t care about the fans. THAT’S WHY I’VE ALWAYS BEEN PRO-MARVEL!

    • tom welling is F@CKIN GARBAGE and so was smallville. and no they don’t care about comic fans, warner bros is a business, and real money comes from the movie going masses, not comic fans. you think the dark knight made a billion from comic fans only?!?!?!?!? wanna think about movies that got mainly comic fan money? check the financial numbers on things like watchmen or elektra. those brought only comic fans. so no, just like in high school, comic geeks don’t matter. when it comes to films, your just a guaranteed ticket buyer. they’re going after everyone else. that’s where profit is made.

      • OK, your gonna get what you deserve a CGI superman with watchman undertones remake of Smallville.
        Much prefer Tom Welling’s Superman… As for the suit, I am not convinced that Mr. Welling actually refused to wear the suit (except that he did say he had reservations about wearing the suit when he was initially offered to him). I do think that WB/DC had a much bigger role in Tom Welling not wearing the suit (even in the finale) as they wanted to preserve the big screen franchise. The truth is that Tom Welling did a hell of a job for ten years in his evolution to Superman and he did’t need the suit. I also think he had really big shoulders and did not mind taking the blame for the Smallville team despite supposedly “true” Superman comic fans concerns.

        • The one thing I think Superman has going against him is time. The whole copyright issue still looms. So with this as a best chance to advance the marketing of the franchise, which is one of the contentions of the family heirs, why not put your best foot forward and risk bringing as much new as the suits behind the scene will tolerate to what could possibly be the last exclusive Superman movie? I think what they’re trying to do is get new actors to breath new life into it. Welling, for all the good he did for the franchise has had his time in the character. Who knows, perhaps Warner plans to use him in a Justice League movie. My point is that Warner is trying as much as they think they can getaway with, with the general public, to make Superman as profitable as possible…

    • yea the fact that Tom Welling didn’t wear the suit pisses me off I waited 10 years to see him don the most iconic costume in comic book history and he wore it for 5 seconds in the last episode of the last season WTF you were not doing anyone any favors by wearing that stupid black trench coat and black tshirt 10 years of my life wasted every superman man fan wants to see the suit

  25. I honestly thought a douche…er fine director like Snyder would’ve chomped on the mighty Villain Sandwich presented to him by Superman. I mean the man likes to bludgeon…err indulge his audiences taste for spectacle.

    No Darkseid, Braniac, or Doomsday?

    Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, & Amy Adams?

    Superman really is dead & Warner Bros didn’t even need Kryptonite.

  26. The Supporting Characters to the MAN OF STEEL needs to be casted soon.

    Are Lex Luther, Jax-Ur (#3 Phantom Zone villain), Jimmy Olsen, Mercy Graves, Young Clark Kent (age 17), Young Lana Lang (age 17), Young Pete Ross (age 17), Daniel Turpin, Margaret “Maggie” Sawyer, Steve Lombard, Catherine “Cat” Grant, Professor Emil Hamilton, Lucy Lane, Eleanor Lane