‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

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First Image of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel Superman: Man of Steel Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

The last few weeks have been filled with scores of unofficial sneak peeks at high-profile comic book films – which have been filming in very public locales. The Dark Knight Rises teased us with set-photos of a new bat-vehicle and The Avengers gave us a look at Captain America’s modern costume.

However, Zack Snyder’s Superman: Man of Steel shoot has been a bit more aloof – with very little leaked info to show for the several days of filming in Plano (so far). That said, with everyone chomping at the bit for candid paparazzi shots of Henry Cavill in the Supersuit on-set, it’s easy to forget that studios actually release official info these days – just as Warner Bros. did today, unveiling the official Superman: Man of Steel plot synopsis.

ComicBookMovie was the first to post the synopsis – which was originally attached to a casting call looking for “loggers” and “commercial fishermen.”

Fans that are hoping for an exhaustive explanation of why Michael Shannon’s Zod decides to visit Earth, or what exactly we can expect from Antje Traue’s villainess Faora, will have to wait – since the Man of Steel plot synopsis is… just a synopsis.

As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details can contain MILD SPOILERS for Superman: Man of Steel. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Check out the official Superman: Man of Steel plot synopsis below:

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time. Clark Kent/Kal-El (Cavill) is a young twentysomething journalist who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone’s imagination. Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question – Why am I here? Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Martha (Lane) and Jonathan Kent (Costner), Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions. But when the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer? Clark must become the hero known as “Superman,” not only to shine as the world’s last beacon of hope but to protect the ones he loves.”

As mentioned, the plot synopsis is light on details, it doesn’t even mention Zod or Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams), and instead zeroes in on Superman’s place as a cultural icon – and less on specifics about the actual story. However, as previously reported, it sounds as though Superman’s origins will factor heavily into the Man of Steel plot.

smallville finale Superman: Man of Steel Official Plot Synopsis Hints at a Familiar Story

That said, for anyone who enjoyed watching Smallville‘s Clark Kent learn to embrace his destiny as Earth’s super-friend, the Man of Steel plot may look strangely familiar. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take Henry Cavill’s Superman ten movies (like the ten seasons of Smallville) to lace-up his super suit. Considering the recently released Superman image of Cavill sporting the iconic “S” and red, blue, and yellow suit – it looks like Snyder’s film may not take quite as long a route into the sky.

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Superman: Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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  1. Great…another origin story…great. Make it quick and get it over with. Everyone know the d@mn story!!

  2. But what if the origin is reshaped to where Zod and Faora’s true intentions are unknown to Superman? Could that one element turn the whole story into something interesting?

  3. WHAT IF the origin story is done really EPIC, and is done better than any other supes story ever. You know there is that possibility….

  4. Sounds like this film is gonna be a mixture of the First two Christopher Reeve Superman films being redone & Smallville series all made into one film. Typical.


    • If its anything like any of the Transformers films it would certainly be…well sh*t.

  6. I honestly wouldn`t have minded if they brought reeve back for Superman returns and then perhaps use routh for this franchise then again it`s much more important we don`t have an ugly actor or cocky looking hot a$$ to play the role. who cares how old supes is he`s a creature from another planet

    • Didn’t Reeves die before SR was made?

  7. yeah so i wouldn`t have minded if reeve was available of course!

    • If Reeve was alive it definitively wouldn’t happen, the B. Roth did a good job it wasn’t his fault it was Singers that couldve make a better Superman film but hey its just your opinion and I respect that

  8. Great, Henry Cavill plays Tom Welling in Smallville. Not worth my time…. Nolan’s brother even passed on rewriting the script.

    • Goyer & C. Nolan its involved cause they eventually want to work with the Justice League, so I think this film will be interesting. Lets just wait and see the film before we criticize Cavill.

      • I would really like to see Tom Welling in Justice League movies, not Henry Cavill. Ironically, the studio said they wanted a younger actor, but he looks older and wrong next to Tom Welling. I won’t be paying my hard earned money for another Zach Snyder rip off. Of course this is assuming they put it out any time soon, alraedy slipped from 2012 to 2013 and better not slip further if they don’t lose market share to Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp in Dec 2013. Production has already slipped into areas where WB is bound by injunctions from the estate of Superman. We may only get smallvile the repeat which is what the synopsis says.

          • I thought Watchmen was a snooze fest, and yes I have read the graphic novel. As well as many others did, which is why it had a huge drop off the second week at the box office. People had no idea what the Watchmen story was about, and after seeing the movie they STILL had no idea! 300 was “good”, not great, but good. Let’s not forget the complete DUD that was The Owls of Ga’Hoole, which LOST 30 MILLION DOLLARS. Sucker Punch which was lambasted by critics, barely broke even. There’s a downward spiral when it comes to Zack Snyder when it comes to everything after Dawn Of The Dead. And yet Warner Bros. thought “he’s our man!”? Really? The other thing is that this movie is looking like it’s going to be a dark, brooding “edgey” take on Superman. Do we need another dark and edgey super hero? It’s not “art” you’re making here.

            The thing that rubs a lot of people the wrong way about Henry Cavill is that when we heard the announcement of “British actor…”, we all said a collective “WHAT???”. Hollywood has this hard on for British actors now. These directors think it legitimizes them, and studios like it because it gives films “international appeal”. Which means it makes the films “less American”. As a comics fan, it’s getting sickening. What’s next? An “unknown Brit” to play Tupac Shakur? My big thing is that they didn’t want Jon Hamm because he’s “too old”, and didn’t look good in the suit. Yet they hired Cavill who’s three inches too short, scrawny looking, and who’s already going bald. Yeah, that makes sense. Don’t fly too fast Henry, you’re rug might fall off. This guy just does not scream “Superman” to me. It’s looking more and more like he got the part not because he was the best candidate, but because he was British, and because a Brit was favored because of Christopher Nolan. This summer I had to smile when I saw the trailer for Captain America when it said “Heroes are made in America!”. Take that Henry! My other reason for not liking him, he was Stephanie Meyer’s first choice to play that d-bag Edward in Twilight. Guilty by association.

            • Geez, how many times do people need to say this rubbish.
              1) Superman is not only an immigrant to America but also an alien species from another planet!
              2) Cavill is an ACTOR. That means he pretends to be someone else for a living!

              It makes me wonder what you would have said if you watched the film before knowing Cavill wasn’t American? How many people know Christian Bale isn’t?

              • Notice I didn’t say one word about Superman “being American”. My point is how Hollywood gets a boner now if you have a Brit in a movie, regardless if he’s right for the part or not. You made a point about it being an “American” issue, not me. I knew Christian Bale wasn’t from the proverbial get-go. Here’s the difference between Bale and Henry Cavill; We’ve seen Christian Bale, and when it was announced that he was going to play Batman, I think the collective thinking was “okay, I can see that”. Again, lately there’s this hard on that Hollywood has for British actors, and directors I believe really do think it legitimizes them if they have a Brit in their film. By the same token, can anyone say that Andrew Garfield is “right” for the part of Spider-Man? This has to be the most unheroic guy I’ve ever seen. There’s a clear patter; you cast a pretty boy Brit in the part of a brooding, “alienated” loner, and you appeal to the tweener crowd. It’s called “The Twilight Effect”.

                You say that Cavill is an “actor”, okay what’s fair is fair. If we go under this assumption, that means an American can play 007. Or one better, let’s have Will Smith play the 12th Doctor. If these people are, as you say “actors”, then that wouldn’t be a huge deal, would it? If it is, then there’s a clear double standard, and I guarantee you’ll be the first to scream “BLASPHEMY”.

                • Ok, I misunderstood what you were complaining about.
                  I don’t agree that film-makers think having a Brit gives a film extra credence. How could it if the general public don’t even know they are British? I’d like to think they have a shortlist of actors they want and go for the one that gives the best audition.

                  I couldn’t care less what nationality the actor is from and yes, I wouldn’t care if 007 was an american/french/australian etc as long as he had a British accent. As for the Doctor I was expecting the 11th one to be Indian, it was even rumoured to be a female. He’s a special case and anything goes!

                • I agree with everything you said. WB/DC is seriously getting there but whooped by Marvel. Instead of listening to there fans they went ahead and did this.

            • “People had no idea what the Watchmen story was about”

              Huh?? It was about a murder! If some people would watch the movie, instead of texting, they might get more out of the experience… 😉

  9. If Cavill’s Superman is in Justice League, i think i’ll pass on seeing that film.

  10. Dude Kal-El has been around since my grandfather was in the tenth grade & I’m pushing forty. Afghanistan is going enough with the revolts & the origins. One of the reasons I had kids was so I could drag them to superhero movies & pretend not to be a loser.. I can’t take it anymore, they’re all so bad.. ok DK was awesome but everything else, they’re so bad it hurts. I thought when I saw Pete’s Dragon when I was 4 that it wasn’t possible to ever make a worse movie but GL definitely was. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t pay people money to sit through this crap anymore. This guy looks more like a Twin Peaks character than superman. Maybe if I still got high I could just get stoned to da bejeezus & watch it but I’m a family man, very boring family man so I’m done. Maybe I’ll flip 6 bucks for a Monday matinee for the Avengers but that’s it. No more anything with CHI. That’s it, I give up. I’m officially old & sad & only going to art films & chick flicks. These superhero movies just suck big time.

  11. I am curious – is there ANY rumor of Braniac and or Doomsday in this movie and if so could this guy be him? That would be a great segway into the next if it is a true fact. Can we get someone on this? I saw a snap of Faora and some CG guy who is obviously the form for a character, with the pole at least 9 ft high.

    • Hopefully they add Doomsday, he`s the ultimate Superman villain. Snyder has to have that on the side of his brain. I think is time !

      • It’s wayy to soon for Doomsday. If htey bring Doomsday in, then they HAVE to do the “Death of Superman” storyline, and that’s too soon for the first or second film IMO. I say save the character for the third film.

        • You dont HAVE to do “The Death of Superman” arc for Doomsday to be included. I am actually pretty sure we will never see another death of Superman because of Superman Returns. Even though the plot points are extrenely different, I still do not see them going that route again. But lets say they do use said arc as a rough outline for movie I believe it would be wise to make film as on goin arc from Superman 2&3.

          Lets just say Man Of Steel only has Kryptonians fighting. At the end of the film as many peoplw who love Superman, also fear him. Thus Doomsday is created using Kryptonian technology through Amanda Waller, Sam Lane and/or Lex Luthor. Superman defeats Doomsday before collapsing. Superman 2 ends on a sad note with no hint of revival. Superman 3 has the fake Supermen (maybe Bizzaro and/or Metallo) patrolling until they become villian. Superman tunnels out of the grave underground w/o breaking the intial gravesite, thus keeping his death still public. Maybe he does this so he can be Clark Kent since there is no need for him and the humans can protect himself. Due to lack of sun he is weak and maybe we see use the Solar Suit. Superman eventually defeats the villians, strikes the balance between his 2 or 3 personas and recieves unconditional love from Metropolis.

          Sidenote: I said two or three personas because I don’t know how they will play Clark/Superman. From what I have gathered (in my modest comic book reading) there is Clark Kent Metropolis attempting to throw off suspiscion,farm boy Clark/Kal-El where he can be him self, and Superman who is the confident all-mighty portector whit no self-doubt.

          I know Doomsday was created on Krypton (I believe. Def Alien) but I think it works better if earthlings had a hand in his creation using Kryptonian technology leftover from the Zod invasion. That we can have a face to villian and deeper motive.

  12. this will be the biggest bomb yet of the major comic book movies. the story has been done too many times and very recently. Everyone that cares has seen enough of superman & superboy & clark kent & clark kid & on and on and on… Give it a rest already!

    Also, the comic book thing has nearly run its course. Only he very best are going to make money. The Avengers, Batman, maybe spiderman… As for DC? Give me a break… The Flash? Hawkman? The Teen Titans? LOL what dumbell would spend 100Mil to make a movie about them?

    • and also, Aquaman?!?!? I’ve heard about the JLA movie but, really, how does Aquaman do anything in outerspace?

      Finally Wonder Woman. An Amazon woman with a lasoo of power or some nonsense like that?

      The comic movies of today try to have some basis of reality.. DC characters are just too asurd to translate well to the screen.. in my not so humble opinion

  13. I’m so sick of origin stories everyone knows how superman became superman I mean if you’re a fan like I am then maybe u watched smallville that’s enough origins stories for a lifetime and with all the plot angles u can choose from they choose an origin story I just hope this movie makes me forget superman returns I mean what happen to superman’s kid how can u make a movie with so many gaping holes in the plot

  14. btw watchmen sucks!!!

  15. Hmm superman son of a war lord kaylel born on planet krypton on the the verge of destruction is sent to earth not as a survivior but a conquorer to reseed the weakling earth people with a race of superior kyptons whose strength is superior thanks to the red sun but due to his compassionate upbringing instead of ruling decides to protect instead.

  16. I think in this movie one of the real reasons Superman suits up is because of the threat of General Zod and others few in number like himshelf ,also those few earth people like his earth parents, lane and other influences that directed him to meet the calling after a journey of the forge of testing otherwise he would stay in undercover and lead an regular life as best as he could without the troubles people go through in solving their own problems without Superman help.

  17. Who the f………. Is playing superman why is tom welling not superman. When i heard about the movie i was excited then i read the plot and watched the trailier, sorry to say what a lot of rubbish smalliville was amazing we have all seen how clark grew up. With modern equipment nowadays superman should be able to make the best movie ever seeing that he is the best super hero

  18. As of this writting, the film hasn’t been seen yet by the general public (and Superman fans) so lets give the bashing a rest. I will agree with one thing though, if they screw up this Superman there’s little hope for other DC characters in live action films(a mind blowing Wonder Woman film being the exception that could save the DC universe from film peril).

  19. So, is Smallville gonna be somewhere in the east coast??

  20. Am sorry but tom welling is a very poor actor to put on the big screen !!! Yes he did ok in smallville but most of the actors in that were very poor and cheap, he’s not the man for a lead roll in a big bugget film.

    The problem is with superman is that he has to much power, directors/film makers find it hard to pull off a superman movie becasue superman can do anything, there is no struggle or drama with superman because he can do anything, were as batman has that real factor he’s just a man and that grips the fans more !!! Fans watch superman and know the answer before superman even dose it. I feel as if tho this film will still be in the shadow of the dark knight.

    • The recent Batman films were crap. Batman still has not been done right. Batman putting on makeup around his eyes under his cowl every time he suits up so there won’t be too much white showing through the mask?? C’mon. Also, Batman is a great character but stop the bulky armour style costumes and get some traditional grey color in there as well. Superman has awesome powers and can do awesome things. THAT is what needs to be displayed along with a full throttle “alien on Earth” portrayal. Nothing is “in the shadow of the Dark Knight”. Stop the Batman connections before seeing what may be an epic masterpiece that truly brings Superman to life.

  21. I cannot believe the level of negativity found on this thread. I for one am a superman fan, from origin to current storytelling. The fact of the matter is this movie will be a build on many elements that have been missing in the other movies… the reality, consequences and mere relationship that an alien with powers such as superman has on the environment around him. I believe (my opinion) this movie will show a level of detail that takes the origin story to another level. Yes, we know the story but do we know what it would feel like to be in that position? Do we know how government and politics would play in such a situation? I am excited and I think a LOT of people will be biting their words when they see it.

  22. I personally believe that it is a damn good idea to replace Tom Welling with Henry Cavill for reprising the role of Clark Kent. Most of the viewers, including me, have already had enough of Tom Welling playing the role of Superman. A change in this regard was indispensable and I deem this change for the better entertainment.

  23. I enjoyed a lot watching this movie! The way Superman was pictured in the movie flying all-around look overwhelming. Henry Cavill did play the role of Clark Kent pretty well.