New ‘Man of Steel’ TV Spots and Posters: Join Superman in the Sun [Updated]

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“But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders,” is the weighty promise that a deceased Jor-El issues to his son, Kal-El, in Man of Steel. The religious symbolism isn’t accidental, either, given that director Zack Snyder has voiced his belief that Superman is “literally Biblical” and should be portrayed as such onscreen; hence, the trailers and TV spots for his comic book movie reboot continue to highlight that sense of reverence, through poetic (if occasionally heavy-handed) dialogue and visual allusions.

The latest Man of Steel marketing focus on Superman being a figurative and literal ray of hope for humankind, with two new posters that feature Henry Cavill flying through the stratosphere like a beam of light. Similarly, the most recent TV promo opens with a sequence where Supe appears to emerges gracefully from the glaring sun, in front of a small (and nervous) army of national guardsmen.

UPDATE: Check out the newly-released fifth Man of Steel TV spot:


That’s before everything shifts into overdrive in said TV spot, which concludes with a montage of striking images and moments that illustrate the dangerous nature of Supe’s world-saving deeds and outer space flight in the movie reboot. As part of that, we also get previously-unreleased glimpses at the ensuing destruction and the mid-air brawls between Superman and General Zod (Michael Shannon) – whose threatening Kryptonian armor is complete with sword-like blades for stabbing his enemies - once the film’s antagonist and his followers arrive on Earth.

Man of Steel Trailer Superman Zod Fighting New Man of Steel TV Spots and Posters: Join Superman in the Sun [Updated]

Warner Bros. has a lot riding on Man of Steel‘s success, seeing how the blockbuster – which Cavill calls Snyder’s “baby” and not producer Christopher Nolan’s – will lay the foundation for a DC live-action movie universe, with its no-nonsense tone and naturalism approach to world-building. Snyder’s movie may even include direct references to other superheroes (a la Marvel’s shared Avengers movie-verse), if rumors are to be believed.

Even if that doesn’t lead into a Justice League movie coming together, the door will be left wide open for a Man of Steel sequel (maybe a trilogy), assuming the first installment in the rebooted Superman cinematic lineage is a satisfactory box office hit. Of course, if the other longtime rumors are true, then Man of Steel may amount to Snyder’s unofficial bid to win the Justice League directing job. No pressure, right?


Man of Steel opens in 2D and selected 3D/IMAX theaters in the U.S. on June 14th, 2013. It stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer and Russell Crowe.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Super excited for this!!

    • Man, I am too.

    • I see what you did there :)

    • i literally been counting the days since this movie was announced.

  2. I think it moved

    • windmills

  3. It’s exciting to see that there is a DEEP Science Fiction feel to MOS.

    Not just restricted to Krypton, but Zod and Faora and Supes Kryptonian technology.

    Just look at the design of Zod’s ship, the Black Zero.

    Awesome. Only one month to go….

  4. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist ( like Jor El ) to begin to understand that now that Nolan’s Batman trilogy is complete, Warner Brothers/DC’s next franchise will be Superman. No question it’s their next big trilogy.

    My opinion is that Snyder should direct the MOS films. In regards to any Justice League flick, Snyder and Goyer should act as Producers.

    • Okay. We’ll do that.

      • Okay, “Brother!”

  5. “Can you imagine how people on this planet would react if they knew there was someone like this out there?”

    YES! This is exactly what we’ve been talking about. The movie is going to be “realistic”, not in the sense that Superman himself is realistic, but the world that he’s in, and the reactions of the military, the general public, the media, etc, is going to be as accurate as possible to how they would react if this really happened.

    Movie of the year for me!!

    • …what, you mean as opposed to Marvel’s approach by having everyone appear to just shrug it off and make snarky references to it?

      • Wasn’t really comparing it to Marvel, but I suppose so.

  6. Not watching any more trailers (don’t need to), but I just want to say those two posters look awesome!
    Way better the previous one (with Supes in handcuffs being escorted by military)

    • Ehh, no. Be better if the two running away had a dark figure just drop on top of them from above. Bats wouldn’t let anybody get away.

  7. I How many posters are there showing him in flight? We get it, he can fly and it looks awesome.

    • … And it’s been added.


  8. I “S” this is good. I’m stoked for this.

  9. June 14th can’t get here soon enough, i like the way he screams at the end of the tv spot 5 like he is using all his powers.

  10. So imagine and after credits seen with Supe jetting across the Gotham skyline and out to Batman’s Bat Wing rescuing him from the atomic explosion…

    Just saying that would be cool (however unlikely)and tie up a loose end while paving the way for the Justice League.

    • what loose end? it’s been documented already that Bruce fixed the auto pilot …so he could have gotten out before the explosion.

      • Yea duh, what loose end? He totally escaped death from a nuclear explosion just 5 seconds before it going off. He also wouldn’t have bled to death trying to swim to safety in the bay. Lols.

        • Exactly.

          There was no loose end, he escaped before The Bat flew out to sea. Still have no clue why people still hang onto something that was already explained in the actual movie.

          • I don’t see how you can say that it was “explained.” You see him flying over the bay, next scene is him in the cockpit, and the next scene is 5 seconds left on the bomb. Tell me how “he escaped before the bat flew out to sea” was explained? Saying he fixed the autopilot doesn’t explain that. That’s called a loose end.

            • Thank you!

            • @Romocop:

              I always just assumed that he ejected when he was still above land, and the autopilot flew the bomb over the water. Just went back and rewatched the ending, and it never explicitly shows Batman in the cockpit after he goes past the land. There is one shot of him with a black background that is presumably the cockpit, but not necessarily. I think Nolan and the editor edited this scene to be intentionally misleading, where you think he is in the cockpit, but it’s perfectly plausible that he is not.

              Or, it could just be a plot hole.

  11. I really “S” this is good.

    • Clever… ;)

  12. Cant wait for this movie!!! im so hyped up for it. A Goyer and Nolan story wit Snyder action! The best combo ever. This will be hands down, the BEST superhero movie ever!

  13. Superman trying to make a dollar sign poster. As accurate details they wanted…even coming currency sign of kryptonian.

  14. I so want to see General Zod`s performance

  15. I sure “S” the spoilers I’m reading on-line sbout this movie are not true. I just want a good Superman movie.

  16. From the looks of it we have a good to great Superman movie on our hands. This is going to be the first Superman live action (movies or TV) where we’ll get to see Superman use his powers to the fullest and get into some hardcore fight scenes. Not sure what more can be asked for as a superhero fan! I love the way the Superman character is being written to show what people would do if a being like this showed up.

  17. There’s also an amazing UK tv spot. I cannot wait.

  18. wow! this is awesome! just to ready to see the movie.

  19. Still not feeling Cavil as Superman. Hope I’m wrong cause everything else looks great.