‘Man of Steel’ Early Screening Reaction: A ‘Nolan Story with Snyder Action’

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Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

The Man of Steel trailers released so far paint director Zack Snyder’s Superman movie reboot as a contemplative and morose take on the character. Costar Russell Crowe (who’s playing Jor-El) has been emphasizing the film’s scale and scope as something the previews cannot fully do justice. Meanwhile, his onscreen son Henry Cavill insists Snyder’s superhero flick is less dark and more action-packed than screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Well, Warner Bros. has begun Man of Steel test audience screenings, and the initial consensus is positive so far (bear in mind, many responses are coming from fans). More interesting, however, is that initial descriptions very much align with what the cast and crew have been claiming, with regard to Snyder’s movie being realistic, but not overly-serious, in its approach to the fantastical comic book mythos.

JoBlo received the following Man of Steel early screening reaction/description from “a scooper (whom we know and trust 100%),” which arrives pre-packed in bullet-point form and covers several points of interest dealing with the film’s overall tone and style.

You can check it out below:

  • Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
  • It’s the best movie of the year.
  • There’s TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
  • The cape is CG’d most of the time so it can look awesome.
  • They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
  • It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
  • The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place.

Again, passing over the scooper’s “best movie of the year” claim (obviously, it’s just one response from an excited fan), their Man of Steel descriptions should help lay to rest misconceptions about this being more Nolan’s film than Snyder’s; not to mention, complaints that Snyder is abandoning his own trademark style in favor of grounded action and spectacle more on par with The Dark Knight Rises.

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

Visually-expressive titles like Snyder’s Watchmen and 300 movies (as well as his less-popular Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch) demonstrate his strength as an action filmmaker, which is part of the reason I’ve long been interested to see how he brings Supes to life – especially, while making it seem believable that Kal-El could exist in the real-world. Content-wise, Goyer and Snyder are smart in drawing from modern comic storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin.”

Action and contemporary relevance are both departments where Man of Steel aims to dominate Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, in addition to overshadowing the now-outdated effects and battle sequences pitting Superman against General Zod and his troops in Superman II. As for everything else, well… that remains to be seen (though, the early signs are encouraging).


Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Laurence Fishburne and Ayelet Zurer.

Look for it in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


Source: JoBlo

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  1. “Best movie of the year”, wow, it’s February…..not that I wouldn’t want it to be being a fan.

  2. I love the fact he points out to keep in mind the response is only coming from an “excited fan”…..umm isn’t that who these movies are made for?? Id much rather hear what an excited fan has to say about a movie than some washed up 50 year old writer who doesn’t get comics or movies for that matter. Life of Pi???? seriously?? hey Oscars….The Avengers and Dark knight killed everything you tried to pass off as being better. Comic movies now own Hollywood!!!

    • No actually they are not made for us. If they were just made for us they would be made a lot different then they are.

      The studios can not just rely on us to watch these movie AND pass the good word on. Reason being that is a double edged sword.

      So it has to be made with a lot of different types of viewers in mind.

      Comic book movies may own the box office but that does not mean it will articulate into owning hollywood and or awards. Questionable plot lines and plot holes can ruin a movie regardless of its fanbase appreciation for it.

    • Okay, I promise, this is the last time I’ll clarify this: the only reason I emphasized this coming from a fan is because sometimes fans are known for over-exagerrating how good or bad something is (again, see the early positive reactions to Green Lantern).

      But, yeah, like Aknot pointed out: blockbusters have to appeal to more than just us movie geeks. If they didn’t, then Scott Pilgrim vs. the World would’ve been a smash hit, TRON 3 would be arriving much sooner, John Carter could actually get a sequel, etc.

      • +1

        • x1000

          • Wait. Klingons can count???

            (DUCKING NOW)

      • Pretty awesome comment in all, but I guess I must not be a movie geek, since Pilgrim left me with a feeling of emptiness due to the way everyone ignores exes and bystanders dying, with Scott coming off to me at the end as a cold-hearted murderer and worse person than most of the exes. I also hated John Carter for the muddled, directionless plot, Taylor Kitsch coming off as an absolute a-hole of a protagonist, plot holes, poorly filmed action scenes (I don’t think anyone even tried to block in a swordfight, for crying out loud, etc. I especially disliked the alien babies and their disproportionate screentime.

      • So true!

    • NOPE as with all comic book movies they are not always made FOR the fans as most of the money comes from the rest of the public

      if lets say every superman comic fan etc went to see this film it would make very little lol

      same with fans and comic fans of other movies if just the fans went the films would all flop

    • Unfortunately Mike, there’s usually more to filmmaking than a bunch of comic book people running around fighting. It’s great that this is what you enjoy for films; however, there will be a time when you are no longer 15 years old and you will understand more complex and realistic subject matter in films. Until then, have fun at the comic book movies and be sure to listen to your parents.

      • Your name is bob lol.

    • I’m a heavy comic book fan, but Life Of Pi and Argo were better made movies than TDKR and Avengers. Avengers as a movie was very generic. The music, the action sequences, and the cheesy humor. Overall it was good, not phenomenal. People bragged about the first X-men movie until the 2nd came out, then when first class came out the old franchise was out dated and not as great as it was once held. Same happened to the spider-man franchise. Life Of Pi was fresh and unique and well shot. GREAT cinematography and deep plot, where as Avengers was generic all around. It felt made for 12 year olds than the adults who grew up with it. Superheroes are not kid stuff anymore, something Nolan got right and Snyder with Watchmen. I just wish Avengers was taken a lil more seriously like the Ultimate Avengers cartoon. Gritty and raw.

      • The life of Pie and Argo better made than TDKR!?!? ppffft….go watch Titanic, because you sound boring!

    • Yeah Mike, I’ve had “expert’s” explain the “genre” thing about why Comic’s and comedy’s cant win Oscar’s..Avengers KILLED the WORLD in money, and Oscar’s are bought, so I dont see how they couldnt honor them in SOME way..And, I dont see why Dark Knight get’s compared to Avengers, Batman got his ass handed to him in every way possible, He got his back broke, transported to some Siberian hole, healed, trained, escaped, and got back to Gotham all befor the 30 days hostage was up?? The ONLY good part of that flick was when the girl stabbed his ass..

  3. I’m holding Man of Steel to being one of the best films of the year and I just hope this guy has the same taste in film that I do. Was a little disappointed to hear that it wasn’t as serious as the trailer made it look; for that’s the exact reason why I loved the Dark Knight trilogy so much. Anyway sounds like a good source and he’s bullet points are excellent, can’t wait to see it.

  4. “Nolan story”… ha ha uh-oh.

    • …Which guy from Princess Bride?….WHICH ONE?!?

      • I bet he’s the Six Fingered man.


        • This word you keep using…I do not think it means what you think it means. Hehe.

          • If you keep this up, I’ll call the brute squad!

            I’m on the brute squad.

            You are the brute squad!


            I love that movie!

            • Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.

        • EEK!

          KLINGONS USING BIG WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It will be the best movie of the year, but the artys fartsy Academy will snub it for sure…

  6. I cannot wait to see The Man of Steel this summer when it comes out in theatres on June 14, 2013.

  7. Forget the 3D post conversion, just release it now!!

    • Yeah, if that’s the only thing left, why can’t they just release the 2-D version and have the 3-D in June?

      • Because a lot of people wouldn’t go see the 3D version then, and they’d make less money. It’s a shame.

  8. I am really looking forward to this. No one does action like Snyder. The Nolans influence will be good for this story as well.

    • I did a post a while back.

      Snyder has a strange track record, the higher the budget for his movies, the lower the return.

      Lower the Budget, higher the return.


  9. I think the movie is going to suck!!!!!!!!!!!! A black perry WHITE!!! is there a LEX LUTHOR in this movie….. It just looks bad…… How about TOM WHELLING FROM SMALLVILLE….he should be playing SUPERMAN!!!!

    • Personally i don’t have problems with slight change of side characters. Lex’s existence shouldn’t be a problem as long as he is not the top villain. Are you serious about your cast choice of Tom Whelling as Superman? In a movie? Then it’s a good thing you are not directing this film!

      • Yeah tom whelling is not a good choice for superman. Never was too happy about the smallville series. But!!! There was one great saving grace of smallville. LEX LUTHER of smallville. I dont remember his name but whoever played lex in smallville was the best ive ever seen lex’s character in live action media.

        I wouldnt be upset at all if he was cast as a lex luther. Wouldnt happen though, but the best thing about smallville was the relationship dynamics between lex and clark.

        • Michael Rosenbaum played Lex on Smallville.

    • John Hogan is gonna see the movie the day it comes out anyway…Then pretend not to like it.

    • Tom Welling is a good cat and I hope he goes far; I made myself a fan of smallville because I’m a fan of Superman but C’mon – Unless smallville was the only experiance you’ve had with the Man of Steel I don’t see how you could be serious in saying any of those things. This movie looks like it’s going to ROCK!!!!

    • John Hogan you sound like a racist centrofugal unified nitrogen tiger

    • How does the actor playing Perry White being black make any difference? It doesn’t.

    • Who really cares if Perry White is played by a black actor? Jimmy Olson is a chick in the movie too. Also, Luthor really shouldn’t be a main villain in the first of what hopes to be a trilogy. You need a villain that is as equal to Superman in strength and powers. Smallville? Really?

    • Facepalm

    • To bad about them casting Cavill, sounds as if the film had promise until they did that, he looks too old.

      • Anna…

        You, of course, have every right to dislike the casting choice, I have to ask: Have you seen the trailer? If so, how can you possibly say Cavill looks too old???

        • Next Anna will be saying that Cavill didn’t get buff enough for the role.

  10. superman saves batman from blast just a thought


  12. I have reservations about this movie. Superman isn’t supposed to be “dark” like Batman and he’s not supposed to be more grounded to earth; if that were the case, then he wouldn’t be “super” at all. Making him that way misses the whole point of him being Superman. The whole point of Superman is that he’s an alien from another planet who comes to Earth after his homeworld is destroyed. He gains superpowers under Earth’s yellow sun and he goes out and saves people. He is meant to be fantastic, being able to do things that normal humans cannot do (unless you know somebody in real life who can bench-press a building, fly unaided, and shoot hear vision from their eyes). The elements of sci-fi and fantasy in Superman stories make him what he is. And I think changing (or at the very least, downplaying the “super” in Superman) is going to screw up the whole movie. And don’t even get me started on that stupid costume….

    • You’re being way too literal & thus missing the point of Superman yourself.

      First of all no one is making him “dark like Batman.” Presenting a different take than what has come before doesn’t mean it’s automatically like Batman. Second, The whole point of Superman IS NOT that he’s totally different and an alien: the point is that an outsider like him could be welcomed by humanity and become one of us. Being an alien doesn’t mean he has to be alienated. He defends Earth because humanity is his family. Portraying him in a way that demonstrates that connection is one of the better things about this version.

      Nobody is downplaying his powers, there just haven’t been any great action scenes in the footage released so far. They’re saving the good stuff for later trailers and for the theater.

    • @onslaught94

      You and a million other people still cannot fathom what Man of Steel is meant to be doing.

      Where, in any description of this film….have they said anything about him not being super powered? They have infact, said the opposite…hence the quote from Cavill that MOS has more action than all 3 Nolan Batmans. Grounded doesnt mean they are making him into a slightly stronger than normal chap in a suit. Its just grounded as in they are portraying Metropolis as the sort of city you and I live in right now, so the reactions of normal people will be as WE would do them IF you looked out your window right now and saw Superman flying about. It really isnt hard to understand. Have you even watched the trailers?…he flies about quite a lot in it. He is still having his powers. It is still a Superman film. It is how it should be.

      Also, this ‘Their making Superman dark’ whining is getting old and anyone who keeps badgering on about it is starting to sound really dumb. Superman is not being dark in any way, shape or form in this film. They are simply showing us what it is like for Superman to be an alien on Earth…that involves emotions and drama. Its not dark…its just making the character have more depth and its something that hasnt been explored in the films in that way before, its a serious issue which is naturally going to have ‘darker’ emotions attached to it. Superman. Is. NOT. Being. Dark. Like. Batman. In. Man. Of. Steel!!!!!! Is that slow enough for everyone??

      The suit is fine, in fact its brilliant and its more like the New 52…this makes sense because then you get a more modern approach, that in fairness, is needed, as well as some continuity.

      Its astonishing how people are not understanding this film STILL.

      • Thank you for clearing that up for those “fans” that don’t quite understand the concept of what is bein delivered here not to mention the ones that have a hard time adapting to the modern times of society…and wanting a wonderful story that attempts to do the same.. to all of you that have all of these complaints lined up for the movie…will all be lined up for the movie when it hits theaters…and will most certainly have nothing to say then..besides the fact that u r a “fan” lol. Us real fans know the potential of this film and have never been so excited.

      • Here here….. Clearly some people claiming to be fans !!!! 90% of the haters are fans of Richard doners superman, read some of the 1000′s of comics and that suit has changed so many times. New 52 superman and birthright are the natural progression

        For gods sake in the new 52 he bench presses the equivelent weight of plant earth. A couple of minor changes to a suit are nothing to whine about

    • Onslaught has no idea what he is talking about. this article does say the movie is not as dark as the trailer make it look. And as for the costume. It’s the best costume yet. Better then having him were stupid red underwear. Better than whatever you can come up with. I know you are gonna go watch this movie anyway, then love it. and probably pretend not to…

  13. what are u talking about!?! there in no way downplaying his abilities.. at least not from what ive seen. he just seems to be trying to deal with the fact that hes not from here.. and lets face it clark cares what people think so he pretends to be normal to fit inn. until aliens ships start dropping in and then its his time to shine.

  14. @onslaught94…Why dont you just watch the film first before making a judgement, How do you even know Superman will be dark and not help people? and there is heaps of Sci-fi in this apparently so what are you talking about?? Its just a more modern take on him thats all, and his suit looks boss! from what ive seen so far I reckon all the costumes look amazing, Zods is awesome, Ive said it before, I reckon MOS could be the new benchmark in superhero genre, Nolan and Snyder are the dream partnership, I just cant remember being this excited for a movie!

  15. Read ‘Superman: Earth One’ for a take on the Supes origin story that I hope they used as inspiration for MOS. The beard, the travelling, the questioning of his ‘role’ on Earth, plus a wicked leftover from Krypton in terms of a villain. Great take on the legend.

    • How did he cut his beard in the comic? :-)

      • With his heat vision bouncing or reflected off a glass.

      • Heat vision and mirror, plus he has also just used his fingernails to scrape his face clean.

        • Geeks!!


  16. In Man of Steel (Part 2) shall be titled “LAST SON OF KRYPTON” in my suggestion. LSOK How does that sound ?

    I think Terry O’Quinn shall play Lex Luther he can make a great villain as the arch nemesis enemy. He has bald hair he can act like a villain. I also casted him to reprise to play Lex Luther in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA.

    MAN OF STEEL (Part 2) – Casting Call

    Terry O’Quinn as Lex Luther (Comments ?)
    Robert Patrick as Brainiac (Comments ?)
    Daniel Craig as Zor-El (Comments ?)
    Heather Locklear as Allura (Comments ?)
    Emma Watson as Supergirl/Kara (Comments ?) She does look like Supergirl
    Charlize Theron as Mercy Graves (Comments ?)
    John Slattery as Perry White (Comments ?) – Replacing Laurence Fishburne’s place
    Josh Hutcherson as Jimmy Olsen (Comments ?)
    Michael Kelly as Steve Lombard (Unconfirmed; Comments ?)
    Reese Witherspoon as Catherine Grant (Comments ?)
    Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Daniel Turpin (Comments ?)
    Naomi Watts as Capt. Margaret “Maggie” Sawyer (Comments ?)
    Nick Cannon as Ron Troupe (Comments ?)
    Dylan Walsh as Ak-Var of Kandor (Pre-Crisis: Comments ?)
    Logan Lerman as Van-Zee of Kandor (Pre-Crisis: Comments ?)
    Alexandra Daddario as Thara of Kandor (Comments ?)

    • Geez, let the first one come out before casting the second.
      And with that many requests for comments, I’m just going to say ‘no’ to all of them.
      Except: Emma Watson looks like Supergirl? No, no, no…
      Oh dear.

      • I mean Emma Stone she can make a great acting role playing “The Girl of Steel”

    • Superman is not the last Son of Krypton.

      That pretty much was eliminated with the Lost City of Kandor.

    • O’Quinn not a good choice, as Superman and Lex Luthor are close in age.
      Patrick as Braniac? He already did a similar role.

      Replace Crowe with Craig? Doubtful that Craig would do another grueling movie as such he will do the next two Bond Films and would not want to get into another big franchise.

      Locklear is not a TV Star, has not been in many movies.

      Charlize said after Hancock, that Super Hero movies are not her taste.

      The rest of your cast cant comment. But I will tell you this much, You have three Proven Performers, two Academy Award Winners. Which pretty much would push the budget way past the half billion mark.

  17. Hope they draw from Birthright. Loved that comic.

  18. This movie is so bad and embarrassing, a disastrous critical and commercial flop well before its release. Another unwatchable and unbankable, disgracefully miscast comic goof disaster meant to earn more money from insurance and ashcan production payments than from its actually being made, completed and watched by a real audience. Plainly and obviously, a movie which no one cares about and which no one will ever see. Goodbye, “Man Of Steel, and good riddance. NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.

    • A film cannot be a commercial flop before its release. How well the tickets sell after release is what determines a flop or a success. As for “critical flop,” only a few people have seen it, and you can’t have a “critical flop” until hundreds of reviews over weeks of time have come out. None of that has happened, so your post is incorrect from the very beginning.

      Miscast? He’s perfect for the role.

  19. Looking forward to seeing Sups rule the summer then have Thor come in and kick his rear end

  20. I have a strong feeling that after this movie comes out, people will be re-evaluating “Superman Returns” and realizing just how great it really is. Zack Snyder is really just a hack. His remake of “Dawn of the Dead” was pretty good, but given his track record since, was really just the exception in his filmography rather than the norm. Plus, Christopher Nolan’s involvement with this can only guarantee a high degree of pretentiousness and utter boredom.

    • Is that you Bryan?

      • Heh-heh…good call, Jeda.

  21. Test Screenings most always go out to direct fans, not the general public to get a reaction.

    The Fanboys will see it as a triumph, rest of the public will see it as just another movie.

    There are not enough fanboys who will be pro Man of Steel.

    Some with love it, some will reject it.

  22. I think people are getting the wrong idea of a “dark” superman. the character itself doesn’t have to dark. just not “cheesy” or over dramatic. its the super powers that make him super. his personality can be like that of a human being. with a huge weight. on his shoulders, taking that whole “with great power comes great responsibility” to a whole new level… however…. his villains are what makes the movie dark. think about it. except for zod in the 2nd movie, he hasn’t had a real challenge in a live action film. I mean: zod, mongul, brainiac, metallo, parasite, lobo, doomsday, and of course darkseid (who may be too big for a solo superman movie, and be better suited for a justice league movie) and lex luthor if played right and not as a joke like it has so far. more like it was played in smallville. yes smallville. and yes I think welling would’ve been great as superman and durance is the best Lois lane so far. I think Amy Adams will be good though. just my 2 cents.

  23. i honestly don’t care what others say, i have my own mind and opinion & i’ll definitely watch the film & judge for myself

    that being said, i feel that it’s going to be an awesome movie

  24. I hope this is not a Snyder style film. He usually makes garbage for nerds to get off on. It’s time he made a film for adults.

  25. Oh hay, another one of Chris Nolan’s ‘fan fictions’ come to life. I wonder if he even bothered to have DC involved this time unlike his Batman fan fiction movies he created, only his version and not the original stories. Didn’t watch the Batman stuff ain’t going to bother with this. Another torched superhero in the hands of a hack.

    • And what are the “original stories” of Batman???

      The 1930 – 40s version? Or just the version YOU grew up with???

      Comic book fans always say this but every fan has a different version of the superhero that they think is the “classic,” Because everybody discovers superheroes at different points in the superheroe’s creative evolution.

      By adding a new interpretation, Nolan was simply doing what’s so many other comic book creators have done for years: Reinventing Batman. If Not for such reinvention we wouldn’t have the Frank Miller version that we know and love, and so many other versions of Batman we know.

      People who can’t even explore that new interpretation are simply too scared to venture away from what they know and see what’s out there and what’s new.

      • **slow clap** Thank you Kofi for expressing my feelings with words.

    • How do you know all this if you never bothered to watch the batman stuff? Lets be honest here, you’re a jerk off. Plain and less than simple.

  26. All Marvel character is kid in front of DC. Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman kick Avengers candy asses!

  27. I think in all years of Superman movies we’ve all been disappointed since superman ll so we’ve come to expect a bad superman movie when they make a new one. superman 3 & 4 jokes ,superman returns I think could have been better if they would have let brandon routh bring his own personality to the movie instead of Christopher Reeves and a different villian besides lex luthor . I’ve seen the trailer for mos it looks promising just guess we’ll have to wait and see if this movie fails it will be the last superman movie we’ll seen for a while

  28. I think in all years of Superman movies we’ve all been disappointed since superman ll so we’ve come to expect a bad superman movie when they make a new one. superman 3 & 4 jokes ,superman returns I think could have been better if they would have let brandon routh bring his own personality to the movie instead of Christopher Reeves and a different villian besides lex luthor . I’ve seen the trailer for mos it looks promising just guess we’ll have to wait and see if this movie fails it will be the last superman movie we’ll seen for a while.

  29. all hail superman trailer looks interesting hope they don’t mess u possibly the last superman movie we’ll see for a while.