‘Man of Steel’ Early Screening Reaction: A ‘Nolan Story with Snyder Action’

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Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

The Man of Steel trailers released so far paint director Zack Snyder’s Superman movie reboot as a contemplative and morose take on the character. Costar Russell Crowe (who’s playing Jor-El) has been emphasizing the film’s scale and scope as something the previews cannot fully do justice. Meanwhile, his onscreen son Henry Cavill insists Snyder’s superhero flick is less dark and more action-packed than screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Well, Warner Bros. has begun Man of Steel test audience screenings, and the initial consensus is positive so far (bear in mind, many responses are coming from fans). More interesting, however, is that initial descriptions very much align with what the cast and crew have been claiming, with regard to Snyder’s movie being realistic, but not overly-serious, in its approach to the fantastical comic book mythos.

JoBlo received the following Man of Steel early screening reaction/description from “a scooper (whom we know and trust 100%),” which arrives pre-packed in bullet-point form and covers several points of interest dealing with the film’s overall tone and style.

You can check it out below:

  • Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
  • It’s the best movie of the year.
  • There’s TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
  • The cape is CG’d most of the time so it can look awesome.
  • They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
  • It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
  • The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place.

Again, passing over the scooper’s “best movie of the year” claim (obviously, it’s just one response from an excited fan), their Man of Steel descriptions should help lay to rest misconceptions about this being more Nolan’s film than Snyder’s; not to mention, complaints that Snyder is abandoning his own trademark style in favor of grounded action and spectacle more on par with The Dark Knight Rises.

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

Visually-expressive titles like Snyder’s Watchmen and 300 movies (as well as his less-popular Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch) demonstrate his strength as an action filmmaker, which is part of the reason I’ve long been interested to see how he brings Supes to life – especially, while making it seem believable that Kal-El could exist in the real-world. Content-wise, Goyer and Snyder are smart in drawing from modern comic storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin.”

Action and contemporary relevance are both departments where Man of Steel aims to dominate Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, in addition to overshadowing the now-outdated effects and battle sequences pitting Superman against General Zod and his troops in Superman II. As for everything else, well… that remains to be seen (though, the early signs are encouraging).


Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Laurence Fishburne and Ayelet Zurer.

Look for it in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


Source: JoBlo

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  1. This is the most anticipated film of the year for me :)

  2. lol I remember a bunch of hardcore nerds crying about how bad the think the suit is, and were are his red briefs (so happy they are gone!) Plus they couldn’t stand the fact that Zack Snyder was directing it…I’m glad to see all those fans will be in complete denial now and still go out and see the movie…but they probably won’t admit liking the movie >:) wich is fine. i knew this movie was gonna be great. I can’t wait!

  3. I seriously can’t wait for this movie

  4. It’s the one I’m most looking forward to!!!

    • If Green Lantern’s really having a cameo then yeah, I’m a little more excited for it but honestly, I’m anticipating Pacific Rim and Evil Dead way more.

  5. Is that rumoured that GL might have a cameo in MOS?

    • A poster on page 1 claimed to have been at an early screening and said he was green with excitement when myself and another person asked about the cameo so take that how you will, whether real or not.

      • There is a rumour that JGL might have a cameo as batman in man of steel
        Its more likely gonna be him since GL flopped.

  6. Yes, I’m so glad to hearthat Dupes will finally be given justice

  7. cant friking wait im begging for this movie to succeed haha


    • 2nd

      • 3rd… I’ll probably see it at least twice.

  9. It’s the best movie of the year. Ok everyone, let’s begin counting how many different movies make that claim before Dec. 31st.

    Also, it looks like maybe the advertising of the movie has gone all Mikey Bay, acting as though it’s a serious movie (like Bay said of his Transformers debacles), and then when you watch it, it’s loaded with humor. I think this movie will be much better than Bay’s stuff, but I hate deceptive advertising.

  10. I’m skeptical considering the negatives already built into the movie; Origin story AGAIN, reusing a familiar villain, outfit with hyper texturing and silly filigree, among other things.

    This movie is going to have to work damn hard to impress me but anything can happen and am open to the possibility it could be great.

    • When was the last time Superman’s origin story told? I thought it was a while ago.

      So far this movie is looking brilliant with every bit of news we get, but I’m always reluctant to be 100% on board.

      • As a kid I loved Superman the Movie, but the Origin story wasnt much of a Story and it didnt last long at all. It’ll be nice to see an extensive look into it – especially now that we’ve had so many comics in the last 35 years that have expounded on it. Those comics have given Nolan/Snyder’s interpretation the ability to gleam from them and rightfully reflect it for all of us to see. This isnt a rehash in any way.

        • He’s talking about “when was the last time Superman’s origin was portrayed on film?” He was responding to the person who basically said “superman’s origin again? come on!” There’s this pervasive belief that Superman’s origin keeps getting retold in the reboots – except that it’s a mistaken belief. It was told in Superman I, and it’s going to be retold to some extent in Man of Steel. Superman Returns had a small dash of it but people think it’s being rehashed like with Spidey when it’s really not.

    • @mongoose,

      We haven’t seen Superman’s origin story since 1978. I think 35 years is plenty of time to pass before retelling Superman’s origin story. Heck, a good portion of the audience (myself included) probably wasn’t even born in 1978.

      I realize there were some snippets in Returns, and there was Smallville, but regarding the latter, you can’t really compare movies to TV, when it comes to assumptions about what the audience knows. You can’t assume that the audience has seen Smallville. And I heard that Smallville was way too long and drawn-out, anyways.

      Also, more importantly, this is the start of a new universe, so an origin story is essential. You need to show exactly how this universe will be set up, and who the character of Clark/Superman/Kal is.

      And regarding General Zod, the same thing can be said. We haven’t seen Zod in 33 years. I think that’s plenty of time.

      If it was only ten years since the last origin story, you’d have a point (cough cough Spiderman), but 35 years is PLENTY of time to reboot.

    • Not seeing a lot of negatives there.

      Origin Story, not told since the Donner original in the late 70′s so that’s over 30 years ago (yes I assume you mean the flash back sequence in Returns but that’s all it is, a flashback, origin story it aint)

      Reusing Familiar villian, i.e. Zod. Zod, as playied by Terance Stamp is AWESOME. As a character he’s wonderfully sadistic and a perfect foil the boy scout. Take it The Dark Knight was no good cause they used the Joker…AGAIN!!! What were they thinking.

      The suits got some hyperdetailing and is a bit textured, okay that’s a style thing if that grinds your gears then it grinds your gears.

      Your gonna love this movie and you know it, we’re all are gonna love it cause we’re all fans of the Supe, why else do we post on here, cause we’re fans, we’re enthusiastic and we can’t wait to see it and hopeing beyond hope that it’s better than Returns

      Nolan story with Snyder action…. i’ll take that.

      • Didn’t see ezra’s reply, guess you pretty much covered it first

    • Here’s where I comment: Yes, the “origin” story. Fans already know it; general moviegoers probably do, also. But from what I understand about the psychosis of the protagonist, his being “an orphan” (like Tarzan, Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond…it’s endless) the role of his foster parents–and how they became so–is integral. We certainly should accept this, as long as the jury is out. But we all must hope MOS is a “hit” for the WB to ensure that there will be a Justice League (potentially).

      Zack Snyder is a competent filmmaker, but for me viewing his filmography is a one-off. (25years later we’re still swooning over DIE HARD. You think that will be the case with anything Synder has done thus far?) Keep in mind, movies made for the zeitgeist are intended expected to be contemporaneous, and this is the expectation of box office for Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL…and a go-ahead for JUSTICE LEAGUE.

      Will any of this matter 25years from now? Nobody is really thinking ahead of the next two years.

  11. I have not liked any of the previous Superman movies, but I am holding out hopes that this one will be different, and am looking forward to it.

  12. the last time there was a origin story was back in’78 and its going to very different then donner-verse and this new zod is going to very different then stamp’s zod from superman:the movie”brief cameo” and superman 2, michael shannon does a great job at playing crazys and cant wait to see his take on zod.

  13. YES! This is exactly what I wanted to hear, and what I was hoping this movie would be. Snyder’s visuals/action + Nolan’s story/drama. This movie is by far my most anticipated of 2012! It looks more and more like it’s going to be a masterpiece!

  14. Thank You Nolan!

  15. Awesome! That is just what I want this movie to be!!!

  16. I luv this quote so i will say it on here, in nolan we trust and in snyder we believe.

  17. This movie will do well whether we think it’s bad or not.

    It’s called the “Pent Up Demand Effect”.

    Superman Returns wasn’t a great movie but it didn’t bomb at the box office.

  18. I am happy to hear this. Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, and Man of Steel are my top movies this summer but I am pulling for Man of Steel. I loved Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy and Synder has left his mark and made good comic book movies, Watchmen and 300. So when I heard that he was doing Supes with Nolan and Goyer involved. I think DC will have a good year :) can’t wait I’m a huge fan of the character and Marvel and DC. Wish them the best

  19. I saw Superman in 1978. I was 4. I became a lifelong fan.

    My son is 5.

    Can anyone guess how much i want this film to be awesome on a scale of 1 to seriously, this is a rhetorical question and its so easy to guess i dont have to tell you what comes next?

    Kid friendly would also be nice.

    • smikal, i take a guess on ur 1-10, i would say 12…lol, i believe the world around supe will be a dark place, not sure about supe himself, this version on supe could be the most human take on supe we seen yet.

  20. To those who were talking about TDKR AND ASKING “How else is he supposed to disguise his voice?”, are we really forgettibg that Bruce Wayne is richer than swiss chocolate and has the means to incredible technology? Theres no reason he couldnt have had a voice modifier built int the cowl or something. Anyway im SUPER excited for MoS!

  21. “bear in mind, many responses are coming from fans”

    So what you are saying is that the fans reactions and responses, the people who pay all the money to watch these films, their opinions don’t matter and aren’t credible?

    Classy, Sandy

    • I think it’s more that, as fans, we’re not always the most objective in our opinions.

      We tear down and destroy films before we’ve seen them beacuse of who’s involved (actor, director, writer) or we defend dross for all eternity because it’s some that’s close to our hearts and we see things in it that “non-fans” just don’t get so what do they know lol

      We tend to see in black and white instead of shades of grey

      It’s called being a fan and I love it.

      • Its still a low blow. A pretty harsh one as well.

        • Not really.

          Sandy made a fair point and an astute observation.

          Excitement and anticipation are extremely high for this movie so even if Zod falls flat as a villain and some of the exposition fails to come across how it was originally intended, fans would still ignore that or overlook it due to their high opinion on something (for instance, Twilight fans will never see how bad the acting is from the main characters or how terrible the writing is in the original books).

    • @ leathercheerio

      No, not at all, I only brought that up because sometimes fans have a stronger tendency to over-exaggerate how good or bad a superhero movie is, which is part of the reason why fan buzz isn’t always reliable. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I recall the early word from fans who’d seen Green Lantern was really positive, for example.

      My apologies if I offended, that wasn’t my intent.

  22. “Not as dour and serious as the trailer suggest”

    Big let down imo, the trailer gives me goosebumps even after watching it 219 times. Sometimes even tears. This is because of the music combined with seriousness aka “it is finally time”

    If the movie doesn’t bring the same feeling as the trailer does, i will be dissapointed.

    • Ill second that…Superman needs that sort of drama. The second trailer chocked me up! It just gave you that epic feeling that it really is important when Superman finally arrives.

      I cant understand why people dont think Superman is serious, if anyone had actually read the comics they should know different. I think the film needs to be dour to a point, to make Superman stand out.

      Also, has there been any mention on the movies Soundtrack yet? Im desperate to hear it.

  23. It’s not as near as serious as trailer shows? That’s dissapointing to me. Everything else sounds great.

  24. if the movie isn´t as dour and serious as the trailer suggest, i sure hope it AT LEAST gives me the “oh man, this is how it would look/feel if it was real”

    For example, the Avengers was a big let down in these terms. We saw almost nothing of the worlds reaction to superheroes flying around saving us from aliens and sh#t. Suddenly they where just there. I have pretty high standards regarding epicness, what gives me goosebumps etc and The Avengers didn´t do it for me, not even a second. It was a popcorn movie and my hopes are that MOS is not.

    If MOS isn´t the most epic movie ever made, i will be disapointed.

  25. Oh man, i can´t stop wondering how the score will sound during the scenes where he becomes Superman and looks over the mountaintops. This scene HAS to be the most epic scenes of all time, it´s freaking Superman!

  26. An actor name Nick Jones say he seen MOS.


    “I guess I can say this now.

    I saw Man of Steel the other day at a special screening…. It was a masterpiece of epic proportions.”

    HE answer some questions too.

    “Q:How was the cgi?”

    “A:Good stuff. I think his cape was cgi in some scenes. Really looked cool.”

    “Q:with out giveing anything away what was the fight scenes like?”

    “A:Watchmen meets Avengers.”

    “Q: wow! How was #HenryCavill as Superman? How was Amy Adams as Lois?”

    “Q: How did they handle the daily planet? How essential is it to the story?”

    “A: Henry Cavill = Superman/CarkKent.”

    “A: How could it not be? Laurence Fishburne for President!”

    “Q: extremely jealous! Comparable to dark knight?”

    “A: Honestly…… BETTER.”
    Looks like we got a win folks.A huge win.

    • omg omg omg

    • WOW

  27. Truly hoping this movie is good. The trailers so far hasn’t impressed me in the slightest. Here’s hoping they get it right. I won’t see this movie opening weekend. Guess I will wait until I’ve heard enough good things about it first.

  28. Gotta take reviews with a grain of salt, but it’s never a bad thing that other people like the film. I still can’t quite reconcile the tone and feel of the movie because of the ‘Terence Malick’ trailers thus far. I too hope there is a serious tone to the film, similar to Nolan’s Batman films. I want to skip anymore trailers that may come out and go straight to saeeing it in theaters, but Im not sure Ill be able to hold out.

    Definitely my most anticipated film, if it lives up to half the hype Im sure I will be thrilled…

  29. Wene the cameo was mentioned it was said “everyone will be green with envy”. Thene everyone assumed this meant Green Lantern will make an apperance. But what if it turns out to be Jon Jonzz the Martian Manhunter I mean he’s green to.

    • or brainiac

    • But the poster said it’s someone we’ve seen; I assume “seen” as in the movies. We’ve never seen Martian Manhunter in the movies.