‘Man of Steel’ Early Screening Reaction: A ‘Nolan Story with Snyder Action’

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Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

The Man of Steel trailers released so far paint director Zack Snyder’s Superman movie reboot as a contemplative and morose take on the character. Costar Russell Crowe (who’s playing Jor-El) has been emphasizing the film’s scale and scope as something the previews cannot fully do justice. Meanwhile, his onscreen son Henry Cavill insists Snyder’s superhero flick is less dark and more action-packed than screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Well, Warner Bros. has begun Man of Steel test audience screenings, and the initial consensus is positive so far (bear in mind, many responses are coming from fans). More interesting, however, is that initial descriptions very much align with what the cast and crew have been claiming, with regard to Snyder’s movie being realistic, but not overly-serious, in its approach to the fantastical comic book mythos.

JoBlo received the following Man of Steel early screening reaction/description from “a scooper (whom we know and trust 100%),” which arrives pre-packed in bullet-point form and covers several points of interest dealing with the film’s overall tone and style.

You can check it out below:

  • Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
  • It’s the best movie of the year.
  • There’s TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
  • The cape is CG’d most of the time so it can look awesome.
  • They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
  • It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
  • The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place.

Again, passing over the scooper’s “best movie of the year” claim (obviously, it’s just one response from an excited fan), their Man of Steel descriptions should help lay to rest misconceptions about this being more Nolan’s film than Snyder’s; not to mention, complaints that Snyder is abandoning his own trademark style in favor of grounded action and spectacle more on par with The Dark Knight Rises.

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

Visually-expressive titles like Snyder’s Watchmen and 300 movies (as well as his less-popular Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch) demonstrate his strength as an action filmmaker, which is part of the reason I’ve long been interested to see how he brings Supes to life – especially, while making it seem believable that Kal-El could exist in the real-world. Content-wise, Goyer and Snyder are smart in drawing from modern comic storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin.”

Action and contemporary relevance are both departments where Man of Steel aims to dominate Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, in addition to overshadowing the now-outdated effects and battle sequences pitting Superman against General Zod and his troops in Superman II. As for everything else, well… that remains to be seen (though, the early signs are encouraging).


Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Laurence Fishburne and Ayelet Zurer.

Look for it in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

Source: JoBlo

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  1. Best movie of the year? Have you seen Movie 43?

    • I don’t think MOS is going to be movie of the year, but I’d have it at higher chances than “Movie 43″. Didn’t like it AT ALL.

      I put my trust for now into “Oz, The Great and Powerful”. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was seriously let down, but as of right now it is my most anticipated movie of the year.

      • I think Jeremy was kidding.

        • One can only hope 😉

          • I thought it was obvious, considering it’s being called the Citizen Kane of bad movies.

            • You never know.

        • At any rate I would recommend waiting at least another 9 months before nominating a movie as the best of the year. 😉

          • Totally agree with you Sir!
            For me, that statement alone already casted doubt in the whole review because it’s clearly subjective

          • Best movie of the year… so far :)

      • Let’s hope you’re kidding as well with Oz being your most anticipated.

    • @Jeremy

      That has to be a joke post, right? Please let that be a joke post.

      • Hah, you have to be some kind of real goon to not know that was a joke.

  2. Nolan story with Snyder effects? Greaaaaat, just what everyone wanted to hear. And the peace was so well kept for a long time!

  3. “A Nolan story with Snyder action”

    This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I was already excited to see this film, but that just gets me more excited. Justice League or no Justice League, I think Man of Steel will be an awesome beginning for another great superhero trilogy at Warner Bros.

    • Yep because honestly, Snyder can do the action but his storytelling leaves a lot to be desired while the Nolan movies have been pretty damn great storywise as well as visually (even going back to Memento) so it should be the shot in the arm that Superman needs right now.

  4. sounds promising!

  5. Yep…Just made my day

  6. Yeah! I’ve always been a fan of Snyder’s visual only hoping for a great screenplay to back it up. I hope Man of Steel will be a good start for his improvement and Superman movie franchise in general.

  7. saw the camrip of this screening. movie is ok, but i expected more.

  8. good… nolan sucks with action, fights and effects. well, he got it right with bane and batmans first fight but that really it.

    really if nolan had any other comic character (that had powers) he would probably turn up with superman returns.

    • That’s because Nolan was inspired by the Bond movies and thus had fight scenes in the Batman movies that were reminiscent of them.

    • The funniest thing is you said effect nolan is masterful with effects cause he doesnt use them often. His practical effects are amazing

      • That’s his British upbringing, preferring to do things with models or stunt teams than use computers.

    • Totally agree.

  9. I am really excited for this film even more so now than I was when I first heard about it but I am a little disappointed that it won’t be as dark as the batman films.

    • *oops (They’re) not their….

  10. NOW, I’m excited…well, MORE excited. 😀

  11. The only question left unanswered is…Is Superman the father of Lois’s baby?

    • And to be clear, I know this is a reboot and not Superman Returns 2: The Paternity Test

      • Ha Ha Ha! Sorry I was staring to sound like the Joker… Oh and how do you think that kid threw the piano at the bad guy in Lex’s boat? He obviously was Superman’s son. (Sadly)

        • Could’ve been spinach based, leading into a weird DC style Popeye movie directed by Joel Schumacher with Popeye dressed like a stereotypical sailor from gay erotica.

        • Could of been a coincidence…some people get adrenaline rushes and can move a car to save a life. If I was Supes, I take her to Maury or Jerry Springer to get a proper paternity test. 😉

            • Oh Maury, then it just has to be The Flash, or maybe Green Lantern, possibly Martian Manhunter….

              • Lois was bangin’ Cyclops…just sayin’ 😉

      • Don’t you mean Superman V: The Broken Condom?

        • No mere condom can contain SuperSperm.

  12. I wonder if the movie has been scored. Article doesn’t mention new supes music!

  13. I dont like how the article keeps saying that the reactions are good but remember its from a fan. I am a huge fan of Supes and when I walked out of Superman Returns I was so disapointed. Beautifly shot and great acting but just poor story with no action. People were leaving that were not fans and saying how great it was and me as a fan saw how poopy it was. Dont underestimate the fans response. We can be more critical than the average viewer.

    • You raise a fair point, but some fans also have a tendency to over-sell movies they personally like, but which others might not be so fond of (see: some of the positive early reactions to Green Lantern).

      So, I figured it’s worth pointing out, even though I personally hope their claims are spot-on.

      • Well, yeah. Green Lantern was supposed to be the next Star Wars based on early hype, but all we got was an unwatchable pile of cinematic excrement.

  14. Great news. Hope that everyone who’s been equating ‘realism’ with ‘dark and gritty’ can consider stopping their pitchfork-grinding now. And it makes sense too: Nolan hasn’t been the best with action scenes (specifically, fight choreography I mean) so the news that Snyder’s stepped in there is welcome. Also welcome: that Nolan’s story made it through intact despite his indirect involvement, although of course we’ll have to reserve judgement for ourselves before we know for sure.

    • Nolan captures realism not played out cg douch look at the batmans!!

  15. So maybe the Justice League movie isn’t dead??

  16. I happend to be at one of the screenings and I agree 100 percent that this film is going to make alot of top 10 lists by the end of the year. I had some minor problem with the middle part being a tad slow but thats when most of the story is established so I think on second veiwing it will be faster.

    I’m not here to spoil anything and I hope others won’t either, but man o man, The cameo at the end Gave me butterflies on whats to come for The justice league movie.

    • Gina Carano?

      • Nope, It’s a male and It’s someone we’ve seen before

        • I’m gonna assume either Bale, JGL or Reynolds then.

        • I don’t think I would have given that much information.

    • Before or after-credits cameo?

      • It’s about a minute into the credits, The scene last about 45 seconds to a minute long. but It made me green with excitment

        • Yeah, definitely Ryan Reynolds then, awesome.

          • If its ryan reynolds Ill throw my drink at the screen.

            • You’ll have to sit in the front row then lol

              I’m excited if that’s true cause I liked him in GL, it’s just the script that let the movie down.

              • But he chose to act that script like he does all his bad films, because he blows.

                • Not really, he’s a great actor when he’s got a decent script that he can work with.

                  • oh and what scripts would those be?

              • @ Dazz

                That & WB rushed the film out.

        • please tell me its not JGL,
          describe the scene please

    • I don’t believe you’ve attended a screening. You just stated that there will be a cameo, LIAR!

      • Yeah, I’ve beens earching google since that comment was posted trying to see if anyone who attended a screening was posting spoilers about the movie. So far, I just get led to year old SR articles and month old CBM discussions.

        • Yeah, no offense to Jeremy Spoken, but you’ve obviously gotta take an anonymous comment on the internet with a HUGE grain of salt. Obviously you can’t show me any proof, Jeremy, but I think on the internet, you’re guilty until proven innocent.

    • So man, that GL cameo was amazing.

  17. Why are people flip floppin on how much Nolan’s involved with MOS? Im just curious as HE is or he isnt.

    • Chris Nolan is producing it I believe while Jonathan Nolan had a hand in the story alongside Goyer.

      It was that dynamic (plus the addition of Chris directing) that made Batman so successful. That’s why we’re forgetting Snyder’s work beyond Watchmen and 300 (the latter of which I personally found dull and boring) and focusing more on the Nolan connection since the brothers have had nothing but hits so far in their careers.

      • @Dazz, according to both Wikipedia and IMDB, Jonathan Nolan was not involved. The screenplay was written by David Goyer, and the story was by Goyer and Chris Nolan.

        • And Chris Nolan is a producer, along with his wife Emma Thomas, and frequent co-producer Charles Roven, among others.

    • People are flipflopping on how much Nolan is involved because a “producer” credit can mean a lot of different things. Some producers just facilitate whatever the director needs or asks for, some producers are involved in the writing and hands-on production, etc.

      • Exactly nolan pitched the idea and chose snyder, while co writing the story that is all

  18. I’ve never seen more people more excited for a movie they’ve never seen. Don’t you guys know that studio pre-screening are always positive.
    I’m just waiting for the critics to see it

  19. LOL @ Nolan haters.

  20. Good to hear that movie looks great, but why would people get their hopes so high after what happened with TDKR?

    • Because TDKR was a great movie? That’s why I’m getting my hopes up for MOS.

    • In my opinon TDKR was an amazing movie, so I find your comment very confusing…

      • Mine or the one I was replying to?

        Because I thought TDKR was amazing too, seen it a few times and still don’t see what people thought was so bad about it.

        • Ohh man I am so tired of TDKR nit pickers. Get over yourselves. No one will be totally pleased with every movie all the time

        • @Dazz, I was replying to Marvin.

      • Because TDKR had some major plot holes & fragments that any Screenwriting 101 student was be up in arms about. TKDR has some great parts but Nolan let it get a little out of hand and it’s not tight like his other work.

        • Well I’m not sure what those Screenwriting 101 students are being taught then because aside from the few plot holes like the dislocated back healing so fast and getting from The Pit to Gotham so fast, I can’t recall many others.

        • Here’s why I’m not nuts about TDKR
          – Talia al Ghul is only Talia al Ghul for 10 min of a 3 hour movie. That sucks. She supposed to be an uber-ninja bad-ass that can rival Batman’s hand to hand skills… and that is what we got. Ugh.
          -the herpa derpa “his name is robin” moment
          – Bale’s retarded Batman voice. He didn’t do that voice in Begins, when he started doing it in TDK we had Heath Ledger’s legendary performance to distract us from it and give him a pass… but without that kind of distraction in this movie to me Bale’s Batman became, well… silly.

          Anywho… I’m hoping Man of Steel will finally be the Superman movie I have been waiting for.

          • So basically you are complaining because the movie didnt live up to a point on the details in the comic? And if batman were real how would you propose he disquise his voice? Sad that nobody agrees with you but then again you are probably just a Marvel fanboy. LOL get over it the movie kicked ass and only had 1 here to avengers 6 lol

            • totally agree

          • Dont forget that The League of Shadows spent years and millions of dollars to develop a nuclear bomb that they could have gotten off the black market in Iran instead of waiting EIGHT YEARS!!!

            Might as well have one of the guys (the guy who sacrificed himself on the plane perhaps?) carry the bomb in the middle of Gotham and BOOOOMMM!!!

            Lets not forget that in the comics, Batman is Batman JUST ABOUT EVERY NIGHT, not just when you mess with his woman (Rachel and Kyle).

            On a side note, the mini endings (Robin is his real name, the bat’s auto pilot is fixed, Alfred sees Bruce and Catwoman, and Robin become Batman WITHOUT any training or mentoring.) all that, in five minutes… I dont know about you, but I think that is alot to bite off when you just sat through a 3 hour movie that ends with such a downer.

            Batman is Bruce Wayne, not some guy named Robin. Robin was an alias.


            The Man of Steel better not end the trilogy (assuming it is one) with Jimmy Olsen becoming Super Boy.

            • A) They wanted Bruce to be the creator of his own city’s destruction.
              B.) In the comics, Batman has retired for various reasons. In the Earth-2 Universe, the original DC Universe, Bruce retires to italy with Catwoman and has a daughter who grows up to be The Huntress.
              C) In the comics, Dick Grayson has been groomed to take over the mantle.
              D) We dont knowcwhat kinda training Robin will have. Maye he will go on his own journey like Bruce did.

          • Yeah, Bale’s voice as Batman was atrocious…if they had done something like what Green Arrow uses on the tv show( I think some kind of voice modulation device) it could’ve been understandable from a tech point.

        • Not plot holes…. it fit 9 months of time into 3 hours and it didnt do a good job juggling that time jump and its is biggest flaw. Everything else is either an coincidental moment or can be explained with someones dialouge or your own mind

    • Personally I liked The Dark Knight Rises but with much reservation. I think this the first good Comic book trilogy and a good trilogy on its own terms- which I say is success enough considering the amount of actual good trilogies are out there.

      There is good in the film but there is what I consider some flaws in the writing between the good parts. Things like Bruce not being Batman for eight years and the returning to Gotham are actually to me not plot holes or flaws. Things that did bother me was like the fact that Talia allowed Bruce to leave with Lucious. Why would she do such thing. Personally I thought the dirt two films were near perfect in their own ways. The film tried to be a hybrid of the first two films with added scale and fantasy yet based on Tale of Two Cities and The World is Not Enough than an original take. There is certain flawsand the writing could have been improved to make the structure and pacing better such as having Bruce know and be in a relationship (or was) with Miranda/ Talia, Bane’s take over should have more extreme ends such as using Gotham as a source for his plans which causes an internal conflict within the country. Bruce could have shown more Batman mental talents within the film and lead his bat army more strategically maybe get his faith rewarded when Gotham joins him in the fight…etc.

      I feel it’s a step down but I would not say its totally worthless. Maybe another director would make such film again yet reimagined. The faults in the films that are too many to list would have been more noticeable under a different director, crew and cast. What made this average film successful was the film makers behind it. That is what talent is: even something that may be inherently flawed still not coming out as such and can still be seen a great by some if not all.

      That is why Man of Steel have people excited. Because the film makers behind the film all have their strengths and compliment each other quite nicely. so Tdkr may have its faults but imagine how obvious and less successful it would have been in the hands of someone else

      • “The film tried to be a hybrid of the first two films with added scale and fantasy yet based on Tale of Two Cities and The World is Not Enough than an original take.”
        Possibly the best description of TDKR I’ve read anywhere to date.

        I hate whenever you bring up how TDKR falls flat compared to the first two films you are “probably just a marvel fanboy.” Umm, no. I just loved the first two movies so much and feel like the third didn’t live up to them.

  21. Don’t know how serious I can take a response from a guy who also said “it’s the best movie of the year”, without having seen 80% of the movies coming out this year… but I hope he’s right all the same!

    Nolan story with Snyder action sounds amazing. As long as they keep it more comic book-ey than Nolan’s Batman, I’m sure this’ll end up being one of the best CBMs ever made.

    • I think that was said out of excitement lol

      • But if the “best movie of the year” was said out of excitement, it makes me wonder what ELSE he said out of excitement as well… see my point?

  22. So Lois Lane and Not-Ursa are going to be the weakest characters. Huh.

  23. The only thing I dont like so far is that hes a fisherman.
    I mean……why?

    • why not?

    • Cody, Can’t you tell MOS is starting off similiar to Batman Begins? Clark traveling around to find himself,especially being a fisherman at one time. Just as Bruce was kinda posing as a criminal while he travel the globe?

      • but the water is aquamans thing and theres seems to be a lot of it this film.
        -the bus crash into the water
        -being a fisherman
        -lots of ice and snow

        they make great visual but I feel itll take away some feel of the eventual aquaman film.
        And it just seems so weird for him to be a fisherman, Im sure there are more hard blue collar solitary jobs they couldve picked.

          • That 2.5 trailer probably going to equate to the first 30 to 60 minutes of the film.
            His past to donning the outfit

        • @ Cody

          Of-course. you got a point there. I mean him having a beard clearly makes it simliar to Batman Begins imo.

          • And how is he going to shave that beard? :-)

      • also batman didnt technically become a “criminal”.
        He pilfered some food and joined in theft of his own stuff but that was to study mentality of it.

        • I know that.

  24. If anybody who actually saw it could comment that would be nice. And does anybody know if there is some truth to there being a camrip copy online? After reading that there was a cameo at the end I cannot wait for this movie until it comes out I need to see it now lol

    • Yuck, who the hell wants to see a cam screen version? DVDrip only or see it in the theatre.

    • Cam versions of movies are hideous and an insult to the people who spend countless hours tweaking and perfecting the films.
      If you really want to see the movie, then I doubt you’ll want to see it in a blurry, slightly out of focus, low-res mpeg format with muffled sound.

      Wait like the rest of the world and see it properly, please. And don’t forget to pay for a ticket… like the rest of the world. That’s what a real fan would do imo.

      I get that you’re excited but trust me, if you’re going to search the internet for spoilers and bootleg footage, the experience of watching the movie on the big screen won’t be as amazing as watching it, and discovering it, at the same time.

  25. I love that he is a fisherman! Its biblical! everyone knows jesus was into fish and could fly! this movie is gonna rock! I cant wait to see it!

    • Jesus was into fish? Like Troy McClure. 😀
      Now I hate the fisherman thing even more.
      Shouldve been a coal miner or factory worker.
      Or yknow a farmer, like his dad.

      • Maybe he hated being around the farm after his dad died and decided to get as far away as he could while also working in a tough environment doing a tough job?

        • then definetly a miner.
          or truck driver.
          or a mechanic woulve been cool.

          • Heck yeah it would have been cool if he was a mechanic like Anakin Skywalker yo! He likes to fix things!!!! Or what about a Gyno? What the hell is everyones issue with him fishing?

  26. Can’t wait to see it!

  27. If the Man of Steel is Nolan’s version of the character, then Jimmy Olsen becomes Super Boy…

    Here’s hoping that Nolan has no input with the story.

    • lol your a richard

      • Agree with zod

      • A richard?

        • Ha, you don’t get it

          • It is meant for a way to say “dick” without the use of actually writing it. So why don’t you stop being a “rainbow” and stfu (notice what I did there?). My opinion is that Nolan destroyed Batman, and if he is given the chance to work on Superman’s story, he will surely do the same to Batman.

            If you do not agree with me, so what? If you do not, then keep scrolling. Maybe you will find someone out there that agrees with you and maybe you will live happily ever after with that person in your parents basements while eating Pizza Rolls that your mother made and playing D&D?

            • *Same to Superman, I mean.

            • Sheesh. Calm down, man. All he said was an underhanded insult. Sure, it was unnecessary, but there’s no need to start a flame war. This is Screenrant, not reddit.

      • Why? Because I am not on the Nolan bandwagon? Because I hated the way that the Batman trilogy ended? Tell me, why?

      • y? because he doesnt like the DK trilogy? or because you are still on the bandwagon because it gives you free rides to the bus stop?

    • & Big

      You mean You hope Jimmy Olson doesn’t become Jenny Olson,lol. Now a idea like that would damper the franchise for me.

      • “If the Man of Steel is Nolan’s version of the character, then Jimmy Olsen becomes Super Boy… Here’s hoping that Nolan has NO input with the story.”

        In other words, I hope that Nolan has no say in the Man of Steel story. Read it again. I thought that was clear, obviously I was wrong.

    • I get that you don’t like Nolan’s stuff.
      That totally aside, what’s your logic for “If the Man of Steel is Nolan’s version of the character, then Jimmy Olsen becomes Super Boy”

      How does that even make sense?

      • John Blake becomes Batman in TDKR, doesn’t he?

        It is meant to be a slap in the face to the logic behind the ending of TDKR.

        • No, it is meant to suggest that Batman is a symbol, and that that symbol can be anyone who’s willing and able to fight against the evil and corrupt.
          Batman being said symbol was a huge underlying theme for the entire trilogy.

          As a fan of comic books I know that that totally goes against the books, but as a movie fan, and keeping in mind that TDK trilogy was never really a “comic book movie” (it was really a movie adaption of a comic book character), I find that that theme is incredibly well thought out and works very well for the story Nolan wanted to tell.

          I guess it depends on where your priorities lie… if you’re more into comics than movies, you’ll most likely dislike TDK trilgy, but if you’re more of a movie geek, you’ll appreciate TDK trilogy for what it really is.

          • Meh, I still felt the pacing and over-all feel of TDKR was awkward. The first two, (especially TDK) are near perfection. I just don’t feel that way for TDKR.

      • +1