‘Man of Steel’ Early Screening Reaction: A ‘Nolan Story with Snyder Action’

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Hanry Cavill Superman Man of Steel Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

The Man of Steel trailers released so far paint director Zack Snyder’s Superman movie reboot as a contemplative and morose take on the character. Costar Russell Crowe (who’s playing Jor-El) has been emphasizing the film’s scale and scope as something the previews cannot fully do justice. Meanwhile, his onscreen son Henry Cavill insists Snyder’s superhero flick is less dark and more action-packed than screenwriter David S. Goyer and producer Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Well, Warner Bros. has begun Man of Steel test audience screenings, and the initial consensus is positive so far (bear in mind, many responses are coming from fans). More interesting, however, is that initial descriptions very much align with what the cast and crew have been claiming, with regard to Snyder’s movie being realistic, but not overly-serious, in its approach to the fantastical comic book mythos.

JoBlo received the following Man of Steel early screening reaction/description from “a scooper (whom we know and trust 100%),” which arrives pre-packed in bullet-point form and covers several points of interest dealing with the film’s overall tone and style.

You can check it out below:

  • Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
  • It’s the best movie of the year.
  • There’s TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
  • The cape is CG’d most of the time so it can look awesome.
  • They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
  • It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
  • The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place.

Again, passing over the scooper’s “best movie of the year” claim (obviously, it’s just one response from an excited fan), their Man of Steel descriptions should help lay to rest misconceptions about this being more Nolan’s film than Snyder’s; not to mention, complaints that Snyder is abandoning his own trademark style in favor of grounded action and spectacle more on par with The Dark Knight Rises.

Superman Man of Steel Not a Comic Book Movie Man of Steel Early Screening Reaction: A Nolan Story with Snyder Action

Visually-expressive titles like Snyder’s Watchmen and 300 movies (as well as his less-popular Legend of the Guardians and Sucker Punch) demonstrate his strength as an action filmmaker, which is part of the reason I’ve long been interested to see how he brings Supes to life – especially, while making it seem believable that Kal-El could exist in the real-world. Content-wise, Goyer and Snyder are smart in drawing from modern comic storylines like Mark Waid’s “Superman: Birthright” and Geoff Johns’ “Superman: Secret Origin.”

Action and contemporary relevance are both departments where Man of Steel aims to dominate Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, in addition to overshadowing the now-outdated effects and battle sequences pitting Superman against General Zod and his troops in Superman II. As for everything else, well… that remains to be seen (though, the early signs are encouraging).


Man of Steel stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Laurence Fishburne and Ayelet Zurer.

Look for it in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


Source: JoBlo

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  1. The costume is too dark, why did they change it???..Sucks!.
    And Henry Cavil does not look like Superman!!..Will go see it, but………

    Test screenings for it already????..hmmm too cocky!.

    • Ummm, you know that the film releases this summer, right? How are screenings now (in February/March) too early?

    • Sounds good the movie so far. I know it be better than the original half hearted original Superman movies. Sorry but the original movies and superman suits were terrible. The new suit is much better and Superman is actually Superman.

      • How can u say its gonna be better than the originals yeah 3 and 4 were poor but 1 and 2 were the best of its kind in that era yeah I think it’s gonna be a gd film and really hope it’s going to leave me wanting more after I come out off the cinema Henry cavill will be a gd superman but will need a lot to beat Christopher reeves god rest he’s soul

        • It will easily be way better than the original…What the hell are you thinking? The suit alone beats Christopher Reeves in that horrible horrible LAME looking costume! Supermans costume looked bad in comics, and looks way more worse in real life. Snyder realized that and made The Man Of Steel. A real Superman movie!

          • “Way more worse” honestly I fear for the ENGLISH language.

          • Sorry but Man of Steel wasn’t even better than Superman Returns.

            • I have to agree. At least in Returns, Superman bothered to save people instead of being a cause of 30% of the death and mayhem.

        • Yeah. The first 2 were great. It’s always tough to beat the original films. They pretty much define the character for most. Add the late great Mr Reeves to the mix and you have pretty much made it impossible to forget. For me, and I hope many others, I’m not looking for a replacement of the original, just an all around good addition to the franchise. I’m a big fan of our iconic hero, so “almost” anything is a good thing for me. :) Cheers!

          • Okay they define character by making him nothing liking comic character? They overdo kryptonite for everything. Lex Luther was a fool and joke nothing like comic source. Superman 1 and 2 would be such a joke today.

        • some people get the movie and some people don’t.You my friend, do not get the movie. The movie does not resonate with you, therefore you’ll find this movie be poor.

    • Hmm, “does not look like Superman”? or “does not look like Christopher Reeve”? I think Henry looks a lot like Superman from the comics. Plus his costume is awesome.

      • + one for Henry looking like “Clark Kent”. Not so much for the dead costume. Looks ok at night, bad during the day.

    • Me, although I love Zach Snyder’s work and will see any future movies he directs, I will no longer pay any money for anything with Chris Nolan’s name attached to it.

      “The Dark Knight Rises” was PAINFULLY AWFUL.
      Stupid plot, stupid secondary characters, stupid main character, unrealistic plot twists, boring pacing, agonizingly bad scripting.

      Frankly Chris Nolan so burned his excellent reputation to smelly ashes with moronically awful “The Dark Knight Rises” that I will not see ANYTHING that he is attached to. Sorry, I endured all of the Superman movies since childhood (even the Slow-Bro last 2 movies), but I will not endure any more Chris Nolan as his name is equal to M. Night Sloppy-Floppy-Moron’s in my book, too much vain ego-fapping, zero good stories left any more from those two.

      • He was simply a Producer! He had NOTHING to do with the STORY! Everyone’s entitled to a screw up now and then. C’mon this is SUPERMAN we’re talking about.

        • He’s mentioned on IMDB as a story developer, which means he had, at the very least, insight into where ‘Man Of Steel’ was headed.

      • I’m sure losing your $10 will have him tossing and turning at night.

      • OMG!?!?!? YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SEE IT? I am sure that the loss of your presence at the movie will affect millions. Because clearly you have the best taste in films ever. oh wait, I got you confused with someone else…
        Nah, please do everyone who can enjoy a good movie a favor, and don’t come to the theater ever again.

        • For God’s sake stop being cattle for the movie industry. If one person has a good opinion about Nolan and someone else doesn’t (especially for good reason after the Dark Knight Rises) leave the alone. Don’t ridicule them for choosing not to go. They actually show autonomy unlike the mindless zombies that will pay for anything and everything that has a superhero logo attached to it. Dark Knight Rises was very, very bad. He’s lucky this is Superman – Nolan would be losing tickets on being attached alone after Knight if this wasn’t. The reason Hollywood makes so much is that good or bad – people will flock just b/c it’s Superman and they know it. I applaud those who use their brains and base decisions on the quality of the last effort by Nolan – he flopped there and can easily do it again.

          • …so you would be from the OTHER herd of cattle, then…right?

    • Just tell me which costume did they changed? Last 5 were f***ing different! It’s way better than Superman Returns’ pajamas.

    • man of steel looks awsome anybody that says other wise is just ignorent and doesnt know a good film!!!!!! MAN OF STEEL=INSPIRING

      • CHRISTOPHER NOLAN nailed it. And his suit looks way better then before depressing my a**…..Get over yourselfs this will be thee best superman movie to date!!!!!

      • Yeah!!! The best superman movie ever created and the best actor ever played that role… so if you didn’t enjoyed it, then your as ignorant as any other person who disliked this film..THUMBS UP FOR SUPERMAN!!!!!!

    • They changed it to match new 52 Superman same costume. Original costume was terrible anyway period. Sorry but the 39s Superman era is over. We don’t need terrible looking kiddie outfit for strongest hero.

      And yes original movies were plain terrible and unrelated to the source material.

    • The only thing more certain than death is change. If you liked Nolan’s Batman series which changed the suit and some of the base mythos then I’m sure you’ll like this. First see, second critique. Next lesson.

    • i think its better to change the superman costume sky blue colour is ok for comics but its too bad to see a real man in that costume…dark blue is makin it visually much better
      repetitive things really sucks……new costume new style new version are really needed to make it intresting.
      henry is lukin better n the movie is gonna rock the thetres…

    • u go and see a great superman movie and wine About the suit the movie is good may be the best in 40 years all u got to say is the suit sucks come on superman goes all out in this reboot its great

    • Suit to dark. Tty o much violence. … blah blah blah.

      You apparently are totally out of touch and uneducated about the purpose of this film. Also you have no understanding of why the film was edited upon what you saw.

  2. I can’t wait to see the new Superman movie. I like the actor very much.

  3. A little off topic, but I love the part in the newest trailer when Superman’s fist is in the ground and little rocks start to float up. It’s like he is displacing gravity to fly. Maybe this film will try to portray more scientific approaches to his abilities, thus, “grounding it in reality”

    • That would be nice…to see some science behind the “Man of Steel”. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. Sheesh I wish they’d bump up the release date! I’m really excited to see this new take on Supes

  5. I want a justice league movie after mos.not a good movie .I want a great movie. I think it is the right time for a JL movie .

    • If you want a “great” Justice League movie then DC would be VERY smart to LEAD UP TO IT like Marvel did with Avengers, but no….. Plans are (last time I checked anyways)that they’re going straight into Justice League after Man of Steel. Now Man of Steel ACTUALLY has promise compared to EVERY other DC movie, but rushing a Justice League movie would be idiotic

      • I agree. Ramp it up first or the jump won’t be as far.

    • I just wish they don’t include unnecessary eye candy characters like Scarjo’s Black Widow. I mean handguns against aliens? That movie could go on without her character, seriously.

    • RIGHT!! Can’t wait for that film to come!!Just hoping that they will not replace the original actors/actresses who played those solo films like what marvel did..


    however… theres a few reservations.. i was never one to cry over the change/update in uniform.. but how can supes go from wearing undies on the outside.. to wearing whats essentially a ONSIE?!!! WHAT was so wrong with a BELT? a simple red belt alignment to throwoff the boots &the cape instead hes wearing a onsie.. smh.. SO disappointed in that..

    but yeh seriously i hope this rocks cause if it does Justice League AKA WorldsFinest/Kingdom Come will get the positive green light they so deserve/need.. Bale will hop back on board if he knows Nolans overseeing things.. &the dumb money men at WB will finally loosen up the purse strings once they see the viability

    other elements im not sure of (cause they havent been shown) are the clar kent side of things..which have been (seemingly )intentionally left out.. i dont know if that should give cause to worry or if its cause that side will have very small portrayal. or even worse/better hes changed the entire dynamic of the Planet/Clark Kent setup &he wants us to be surprised either way i hope its more realistic than ALL previous iterations (something ill espouse in a seperate post)

  7. Why do they keep messing with the costume? It was fine the way it was.

    • Not really, He looked like he was developmentally challenged wearing red panties on the outside of his suit.

  8. The look is too dark and depressing. This doesn’t look or feel as a Superman film.

    • Yeah, the suit does look kinda depressing. While overall I am glad they got rid of the red briefs, the costume could still use a little bit of red around the waist to diffuse the all blue drab body suit. And while the suit looks good for a rainy day or pit fighting, it also makes Super Man look like a day time drunk anytime before the evening hours.

    • Dark? You mean realistic and grounded why does that mean dark and depressing? It doesn’t have to be bright as a bloody gushing rainbow to be Superman… Please seriously read between the lines of what’s been shown! You can do it! :)

  9. Hmmmm. They are already hedging on their “supposed” serious tone to the movie. Looks like they couldn’t keep the lie going, once a real screening took place.

    I’m hoping it is great. but I’m also hoping that it doesn’t turn out to be a Bay-esque lie-fest where little that was originally said about the movie is true, just to fill theater seats.

    One other things reviewers: KNOCK OFF the idiotic “best movie of the year” crap, said for dozens of movies each year. If I have to explain how stupid that is to say that repeatedly, then you shouldn’t be reviewing movies. I will pay to see a movie, AFTER I’ve seen evidence that it is worth it. You trying to over-hype different movies just to get butts into overpriced IMAX seats will not do it. Ever. It was bad enough with all sorts of people, with money changing hands, giving AVENGERS four stars, when all it did above average is special effects. Follow the money, everyone.

  10. i work with IGNnews and i sat down for an early screening for man of steel and i an certantly say that its no doubt film of the year worthy in my opinion. i cant give away any spoilers but i will say that micheal shannon gives the best performance in the movie along with russell crowe. henry cavill gives a great portrayal as superman and IGN concludes that this a great start and i personally give it 4 and a half out of 5 stars

  11. I hope they don’t change the story up so much that is becomes unrecognizable as to what a superman movie should be,
    a movie about standing for true justice in the American way, that leaves you in awe and wanting more not leaving you in depression about him being all depressed and lost trying to figure out what he is here to do. Some one that gives hope & honesty and integrity

  12. to all you who are wondering why the look is so dark its because they are making the origin story more like the earth one comic, as to why the suits so different… just look at the new 52 I’m honestly excited for this movie but to say its better than the originals?!? no just no nothing beats an original, but this will still be better then 75% of the hero movies that they’ve made in the last decade

  13. to all you who are wondering why the look is so dark its because they are making the origin story more like the earth one comic, as to why the suits so different… just look at the new 52 I’m honestly excited for this movie but to say its better than the original?!? no just no nothing beats an original, but this will still be better then 75% of the hero movies that they’ve made in the last decade.

  14. Superman was raised in Kansas as an AMERICAN. No Amercian ACTOR NOT a SUPERMAN MOVIE FOR ME. I’d rather see Dean Cain or Tom Welling doing this than a no name btt jawed Brit, who NEVER MET Christopher Reeves nor could EVER UNDERSTAND the American values mythos. CRAP. Bruce Wayne could be an immigrant raised thus Christian Bale worked okay for me and Batman wasn’t purely American image per say. Will not watch, just like the last Superman movie was to capitalize on comicbook movies coming out but no fore thought.

    • You might be little bit rascist.

    • Megan…

      This whole rant just sounded dumb. You know an ACTOR is in the suit, right? He looks the part and speaks with an American accent. As long as he ACTS the part, there should be no problem.


    • Megan,
      1. Superman is an IMMIGRANT. More than that, he’s an ALIEN. Plus it was an undocumented arrival, so he’s an ILLEGAL alien!
      2. If you think Dean Cain could do a better job simply because he’s American, you fail Basic Movie Review 101.
      2a. You also fail Openmindedness 101.
      3. If they could only use actors who’ve met Christopher Reeves, you’d never get another young Superman.
      4. As for understanding American values, it doesn’t take a genius.

      By the way if you call it ‘mythos’, you’re probably inferring that it doesn’t exist nowadays (=mythology), so you’re arguing against yourself.

      Your attitude in general, though, is exactly the problem that non-Americans (surprisingly, most of the world!) have with America. You do your country no favours when you put forward bigoted and non-sensical views whilst spouting your own self-aggrandising brand of nationalism. The world is not black and white. People in Kansas should know that after firsthand experience with the tornado that took Dorothy :)

      Please don’t see the movie honey, I don’t want them to have to subtitle it so you can understand a ‘Brit’.

      Take face, apply palm.

      • zpm…

        Excellent response.

      • Beautiful response! :)

    • And Bruce Wayne wasn’t an immigrant… have you even seen the Batman films?

    • Really? Very sad you are… SUPERMAN ISN’T FROM THE UNITED STATES! He’s from KRYPTON! RAISED HERE BY AN AMERICAN COUPLE WHO INSTILLED MID WESTERN VALUES INTO HIM! HE IS AN ILLEGAL ALIEN IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. GET OVER IT. So brilliant and appropriate is the idea they chose someone who isn’t American to play the part. It means they bring a different valuable perspective… Dean Cane is too old, Tom Welling is too Smallvilleish(also he never wanted to be Superman which is why originally almost didn’t play Clark in the show), just to HATE on A movie because it’s lead actor isn’t American is really freaking dumb. Even more so you let it get your undies in such a twist. You probably also hate the fact they made Perry White, black (Lawrence Fishburne). And the fact that Lois is a Red head. They aren’t Trying to capitalize on anything other than rebirthing the legend of Superman in the cinematic sense and get a Shared Universe going in order to lead to a JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE. Btw BRUCE WAYNE WAS BORN IN AMERICA…

    • Stupidest comment ever… and Superman was born on Krypton lol

    • an alien from another planet… but he just HAS to be portrayed by an american lol ..cool story babe

      • MAN OF STEEL, a/k/a Superman, is being portrayed by a Brit pretending to be a Kryptonian pretending to be an American. Sure, we can “laugh out loud” — but Warner Bros. will be laughing all the way to the bank.

        • @fredericklewis… It’s called acting isn’t it? Or did I miss something?

          • Apparently, you missed something.

            To pretend is to “role-play” by changing your behavior, to assume consciously an adopted role such as what the actor does.

            But why split hairs?

    • They are just trying to show you through Hollywood that Americans are not in charge of the world anymore. It is the British and the Jews in America controlling the world.

      • Maneesh…

        You realize how asinine you are with such a statement, right?

  15. Wow Megan zpm just pooped all over you

    • zpm, thank you. It’s always reassuring to see that there are sensical people still around. I would emphasize that being “raised as an American” is much too vague a statement. I’d hardly compare the values upheld in Kansas as exactly the same ones in Florida, New York or California. The US is a vast mix of very different people. That’s one of the most amazing thing about the US.

      In addition, Truth, Justice and everything that makes up the “American Way” (which by the way was purely a propaganda tool infused into the Superman universe during wartime and to fight communism) is not only universal, but deteriorating in the US itself.

      Sorry Megan, but you’re the one showing no forethought here!

  16. The only thing that concerns me is the stupid hex suit. Not the color, but the hex suit itself. That’s a convention of modern comic movies that needs to go the way of the dinosaur because of how appalling they look. It looks like someone screwed up photoshopping with the pixellation filter on the concept and the designers just went with it.

  17. This movie is going to bomb. Not only did they change some cosmetics, ie; his costume, lois’ hair, perry whites ethnicity, but in this movie.. Krypton never exploded. It’s still there. Zod comes to earth to get Kal El to come back to Krypton and abandon “his post as earth’s protector”. It just has Green Lantern v2 written all over it.

    • Don’t be silly Shawn

    • @Shawn

      Filmmakers change the mythology of “Django Uchained” and the outcome of slavery in the United States prior to the Civil War. The movie is a hit.

      They’ve changed the mythology of “MAN OF STEEL” and so the result is Zod has a planet for El-Kal to go back to. This movie, too, will probably be a hit, as well.

      The difference between the two movies is precisely what they both have in common: The average “demographic” knows little about 244 years of slavery in America…and the average comic-book fan knows EVERYTHING about the mythos of Superman.

      I’ll leave it to others to contemplate a generation who knows more about comic-book history than the history of their own country, but ignorance (DJANGO or MOS) will leave no impact upon the box office.

    • You are small minded and incorrect. Russel Crowe Tweeted that Krypton does most certainly Explode in the movie. Congrats on believing the rumors ill informed/naysayers are floating about on the web. You’re a genius.

  18. Where’s those DC references?

  19. I for one am STOKED for Man of Steel. The fact that Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan are tagged on to this film gives me high hopes. This is definately going to be one of the best films of the year!!!!!!!!!

  20. Can’t wait for this. After the Sea-Monkeys-powered garbage that was “Superman Returns”, we really need someone like Zack Snyder to come to our rescue. If this has anything of the style and flow of “Watchmen”, we’re in for the thrill of a lifetime, the kind of thrill only an American hero soaring faster than a speeding bullet can deliver. My only concern is that David S. Goyer’s script might come from the same mold as the Batman trilogy. You know, dark for the sake of being dark, or dark because it’s cool to be dark. As opposed to being based on real human emotions. Anyway, as mentioned in the article, test screenings are looking good, and the visuals obviously are a slam dunk into the awesome bin. Hurry on up and get here faster, June 14th.

    - rate this broadcast I wrote at puffsky.com

  21. I am bummed that its said it isn’t all that serious or dark……. I don’t want it to go to one extreme TOO much, but I loved what the serious and dark did to Batman that it could have done for Supes. I also worry about them going too CGI with the action and too Avengers action rather than something that……….. actually looks real.

    I know Nolan, Goyer, Snyder and the group are reportedly looking at fan pitches and all for ideas on where to go from here….. I just hope they will look at http://rmcmillen.hubpages.com/hub/Bringing-Cinematic-Justice-To-The-Justice-LeagueAnd-The-DC-Universe-As-a-Whole-Part-1 , http://rmcmillen.hubpages.com/hub/Bringing-Cinematic-Justice-To-The-Justice-LeagueAnd-The-DC-Universe-As-a-Whole-Part-2 , http://rmcmillen.hubpages.com/hub/Bringing-Cinematic-Justice-To-The-Justice-LeagueAnd-The-DC-Universe-As-a-Whole-Part-3 , or http://rmcmillen.hubpages.com/hub/Bringing-Cinematic-Justice-To-The-Justice-LeagueAnd-The-DC-Universe-As-a-Whole-Part-4 …….a 4 part pitch of what could very well be the greatest superhero saga EVER………….. if they do it right……. IF

  22. I consider myself a harsh critic of movies hell even tv shows but this movie has me with butterflies. I haven’t been to the movies since in 12 years i think its time to crack open the piggy bank and stand in line and i can only hope that snyder if this is your film you won’t pass on superman 2345

  23. To any of you who talk like Superman is pure American you might want to see this.


  24. The 3d aspect was minor so nothing special. The choppy back and forth with character development was just that. I liked the concept of the development just not impressed with how it was implemented. Starts fast and really drags on until the end. Which was a bigger scope twilight ending.

  25. I will Never forget First superman Film but this One is AWESOME, better than all other single superheroes Movies before. Action Level of Avengers, Less funny, but screening and Timing are Perfect.

  26. OMG peoples, the new superman film is the best superhero movie ever made.. you should see the movie first and come back here and talks..

  27. I was really sceptical about Man of Steel from the moment it was green lit. Let’s face it, Bryan Singer‘s Superman Returns sucked a big bag of dicks and I didn’t really think another reboot was going to save Superman’s image. (Seriously, Kryptonite is supposed to be Superman’s only weakness – how the f$%k did he lift an entire island of it and hurl it into space without dying?!!)

    But, credit where credit ‘s due, both Snyder and Henry Cavill did a great job of reinventing the character.

    I’ve got to be honest, I really don’t see the fascination with Superman. I just don’t see the appeal of a superhero who has no weaknesses and is a really just a pretty-boy, goody-two-shoes. I want a superhero with some balls and emotional hang-ups – which is probably why Batman is the only DC character to really translate on film.

    But I liked that they brought Superman into the real world, and more importantly, the same world where Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy also resides. They made Superman a real person, with personal conflicts. I sympathised with the fact that as a child he struggled to deal with his powers and that the Kent’s were the only reason he became a do-gooder.

    In addition to the story and characters, the film also ticked many other boxes. The casting was spot-on. I loved Rusty Crowe’s Jor-El and especially Michael Shannon’s General Zod. The only one who really lagged was Amy Adam’s Lois Lane. Adam’s is too much of a good-natured girl next door, and Lois Lane is basically supposed to be a confident and cut-throat reporter, who will stop at nothing for a good story.

    The action scenes were also beautifully choreographed. I was expecting a mess of special effects (a la Michael Bay‘s Transformers) but you could actually keep track of movement and feel yourself ducking and weaving in excitement of it all.

    All in all, I was thoroughly entertained while watching Man of Steel… it was just that after thinking about it, I realised how much of a mess it really was.

    I guess the thing that pissed me off the most is that on a very basic level, the plot is almost identical to that of the first Thor movie. In the comic book world a lot of people say Thor was originally Marvel’s answer to Superman, as a God who finds himself abandoned on Earth – but considering that Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor came out only two years ago, it seems strange that they would go with such a similar concept.

    Seriously, break the two movies down (and include what happens in The Avengers) to their core and you get something like this:

    It begins on an alien planet;
    A protective father sends his son to Earth so he can embrace humanity and learn good values;
    A curious, confident and beautiful woman attracts the hero’s attention and they fall in love;
    After “discovering” himself, the hero dons a new suit (complete with red cape);
    Trouble arrives from the hero’s home planet and causes chaos in a small town – but the hero defeats it;
    The fight goes out into space;
    Someone who shares a personal connection with the hero wants to take over Earth (The Avengers);
    The hero is victorious and everything is set up for a sequel… plus, subtle hints are dropped about a greater universe.

    See? Basically the same concept. It would have worked well, except DC are about 5 years too late.

    Marvel started setting up their universe back in 2008 with the first Iron Man, so the race between the two for Hollywood domination is now like a one-sided chess game – DC still have their King and Queen on the board (Superman and Batman), but Marvel have been effective with each of their main players and are now at the stage where they can move forward with smaller pieces like Falcon, Quicksilver and even Guardians of the Galaxy.

    I guess we’ll see if DC can ever reclaim the throne, but with garbage like Green Lantern they are making it hard for themselves. Man of Steel was OK, but in the scheme of things it won’t make a dent in Marvel’s current reign.