‘Man of Steel’: Don’t Expect Zod’s Famous ‘Kneel’ Line

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Terrence Stamp Kneel Before Zod Superman II Man of Steel: Dont Expect Zods Famous Kneel Line

There is still so much question surrounding Man of Steel, Warner Bros.’ upcoming reboot of the Superman movie franchise. 300 and Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder is helming the film, Immortals star Henry Cavill is playing Superman, and he’ll be facing off against Academy Award-nominated actor Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire), who plays General Zod.

Aside from two Man of Steel teaser trailers – which admittedly managed to generate some positive attention – the plot details, footage, images, posters – even behind-the-scenes footage – have been scarce. But while we can’t offer you any new juicy promo materials, we can offer a nice little tidbit for fans of Richard Donner’s 1980 film, Superman II, who worry that Man of Steel is treading a little too close to that classic.

Michael Shannon was sitting down with VH1 for an interview (Watch the video here); however, conversation with host Carrie Keagan wasn’t just awkward (codpiece size came up), it managed to also be somewhat revelatory.

When prompted by Keagan to (awkwardly) fit the line “Kneel before Zod!” into a WrestleMania reference, Shannon blurted out what was eventually confirmed to be the news that he doesn’t actually say Terrence Stamp’s famous line from Superman II in Man of Steel. Cue fanboy reaction.

There will likely be two main schools of thought on this:

  1. Lame, Zod should say his best line!”
  2. Good. Some things should remain sacred.

And of course, some will also point out that Smallville already played that game with its own iteration of Zod. How many times can the line get spun?

Again, we know very little about Shannon’s portrayal of Zod at this point. What we DO know is that he will be a Kryptonian general who comes to Earth, he will be aided by Faora (Antje Traue), his lieutenant who is a variation on Sarah Douglas’ Ursa character from Superman II. Considerable evidence points to this version of Zod and Faora sticking close to some recent comic interpretations, which includes their elite military unit Black Zero – a name that not so concidentally popped up in some recent test commercials for the Man of Steel toy line. Not very much to go on.

Man of Steel Movie Spoilers Man of Steel: Dont Expect Zods Famous Kneel Line

Even though there’s still more than half a year to go before Man of Steel hits theaters, the reserved nature of the promo campaign is bordering on the line of suspicious. One would think if the film was all the studio had hoped for there would be at least one major set of images or promo footage that would be released to set the Internet abuzz again…

That’s not to say that Snyder hasn’t crafted a truly re-inventive approach to Superman movie making – in fact, there is still prime opportunity for new Man of Steel footage to blow us all away around the  time the studio’s big holiday release, The Hobbit, hits theaters this Christmas.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

The Hobbit will be in theaters on December 14, 2012.

Source: VH1

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  1. Perhaps it’s best they try and make the movie it’s own thing

  2. I fall more into the “Lame, Zod should say his best line!” group. I also thought that Uncle Ben should have said, “With great power comes great responsibility” in the new Spiderman movie.

    • And Thor should have called Hulk a troll in the Avengers.

    • In the comics, Uncle Ben never said that line. It merely floated in a text bubble over his head when he was already dead. I didn’t mind they didn’t use it in the new spiderman movie!

    • What’s next, changing the name of iconic things because they are over used? So the Fortress of Solitude will become the Bastion of Isolation, the Bat Cave will now be referred to as the Dark Hollow and Oscorp will now be OOI (Osborn Operations Inc.)

      when it’s your iconic line (or thing), I think it should be used.

  3. Bill Cosby! HAHA

    • Yeah, what’s with that?!?

  4. you know, just because he doesnt say it doesnt mean its not present. in amazing spiderman uncle ben never said the great power line, but it was still there. perhaps instead of him saying “kneel before zod” we’ll actually see people kneeling before zod.

  5. Meh honestly that doesn’t matter to me and I am a lifelong supes fan. I just wanna see the eat superman movie I can see and tey can make and if that means zod doesn’t say a line I’m fine with that.

  6. thor should say “have at thee” “for midgard” and zod should say “KNEEL!!!!”

  7. I met Michael Shannon at ebertfest and though a really nice you he is super awkward. he never looks at the person asking questions and talks while looking at the ground. kinda scary.

    • You do certainly get that impression with Michael Shannon,you wonder if he might snap like Nelson Van Alden in Boardwalk Empire.

  8. If he were to say “Kneel before Zod” then we would all would have that much more reason to compare this movie to the second superman.

    Everyone in this movie knows that unless the movie is PERFECT, then any comparison to Superman 2 would make the new movie look bad.

    A good move for the people in charge of this movie (IMO), but as a fan boy, kinda bittersweet.

  9. Hey @screenrant you guys made an error, the Hobbit comes out this December, you mixed up the year of The Desolation of Smaug which releases December 13, 2013.

    • No they said this december

  10. Faora is the new guy Faora gets to say the new line “By Zod it’s alive!”

  11. But while we can’t offer you any new juicy promo materials, we can offer a nice little tidbit for fans of Richard Donner’s 1980 film, Superman II, who worry that Man of Steel is treading a little too close to that classic.

  12. This is the film Im hanging out for the most, I cant wait, I have a feeling this will be epic, hopefully a proper Superman movie at last, I like how their not showing anything either, keeps everyone guessing, we should start to see more stuff soon though.. bring on Superman.

  13. I liked Cavill in The Tudors, loved Shannon in Take Shelter, and loved Watchmen. I even like amy adams. I’m looking forward to this.

    But Supes hitch-hiking in the teaser? curious.

    • “The Incredible Hulk” tv show, anyone? Where was The Lonely Man music?!?!

  14. Heaven forbid the writer invent a new iconic one liner instead of recycling old content like every other movie currently being released.

  15. After ‘Mallrats’ this is probably for the best.

  16. I’m fine with that line being absent…new film, new Zod, new attitude, new lines.

    Works for me…

    As for not that much being released yet…okay, and…? If they want to catch everyone in the net of the(hopefully) epic nature of the upcoming film, I think it’s in their best interests to hold off with anything major (or even more than vaguely revelatory) until “The Hobbit” or some other huge end-of-year/tentpole film. At that point, a proper trailer will (if good) get the excitement rolling.

  17. No… No ….

    The line now will be…

    Kneel before Disney..

  18. @Couch you do realize that post was from 11 hours ago right? That’s when the error was there and then they went back and fixed it.

  19. it is fine without that line, good for them not to make comparison to superman II, can’t wait to see SUPERMAN- MAN OF STEEL which is my favorite super hero, also can’t wait to see HENRY CAVILL on big screen.

  20. And the hits keep on coming. More for me dislike. General Zod’s calling card being absent. Im gonna laugh my butt off if Snyder has Cavill say ” Im Superman” in the film somewhat like Keaton & Bale did in Batman & Batman Begins,lol. Doesn’t matter what Snyder tries to do different in his film, im betting it’s been done before one way or another whether this or that was similiar to what was seen in Superman 2, Lois & Clark or Smallville. Even looks like Batman Begins goin by one of the teasers, Nolan’s cue probly.

    • Wally West

      Why would you want to rehash the same line? That’s like re-using John Williams score in this new film. The point is to create a fresh reinterpretation not rehash. If you want Superman 2 so badly, go watch Superman 2.

      • @ Ignur Rantington

        Why you ask? Ive said once already, the words are like his calling card that fans love about the character. Everyone i know in person that ive talked to already betting MOS’s theme won’t beat John William’s theme, especially the part of the big S comes up onto the screen. It was a shame Superman Returns kinda disappointed. Sorry to say from what i learned about the film so far, that theres nothin really new of a reinterpretation that Superman 2 or the television shows havn’t done in their own way.

  21. I`m glad its not happening, MOS is going on the right direction

  22. Well, maybe it is for the better. I can’t imagine Michael Shannon saying the famous line that great anyways.

    • First you complain that he should say it. Now you’re saying that Shannon couldn’t pull it off even though he is phenomenal actor. There is just no pleasing you lol such a Debbie Downer.

      • everyone in entilted to their opinion are they not? Maybe some are so easy to please but who am i to say right?

  23. We REAL Superman fans should let General Zod say his best line we all know and love regardless of the actor who plays him. If he cannot say “Kneel before Zod”, then how in the world would anyone take him seriously?!

    • I am a real Superman fan and am HAPPY he’s not saying it. It would seem cheesy.

      Don’t presume to speak for all “real” Superman fans.