More Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Characters Revealed?

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non zod and ursa superman More Superman Man of Steel Characters Revealed?

The decision to feature General Zod as the villain in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel is the latest development to divide fans over the direction of the film. Coupled with the news that Superman’s origin story will be revisited to some degree, many have declared that Snyder should be more concerned with breaking new ground, rather than revisiting elements we’ve already seen explored in previous cinematic outings.

I was also hoping for a villain we’d never seen on screen before, but I really don’t think  we have to worry about Superman: Man of Steel resembling past Superman adaptations – or Snyder utilizing the character of Zod the same way that Richard Donner did. Regardless, Snyder once dismissed Zod’s involvement as nothing more than hearsay – so does the Kryptonian outlaw’s inclusion in the film lend some credibility to a few other rumors as well?

Latino Review certainly thinks so. They’ve been in touch with a trusted source (the same one who told them that Kevin Costner was going to play Jonathan Kent, and that Zod was definitely the villain), who shared a few more notable details on Man of Steel. Back in February, it was suggested that Zod’s cohort Ursa would also appear in Superman: Man of Steel. As it turns out, there might be some truth to that report – there will be a female Kryptonian villain, but she’ll be called Faora and not Ursa.

Ursa’s depiction in Superman and Superman II was based on the character of Faora from the comics. Created during the Silver Age by Cary Bates & Curt Swan, Faora ran a concentration camp for men where she tormented and tortured her prisoners before sentencing them to death. In Post-Crisis DC Comics continuity, she became a follower of Zod’s but was renamed Zaora. The character has gone through several other permutations (and names) since then, but the fundamental aspects of her personality have remained largely the same.

When Edgar Ramirez was rumored for a villainous role in Superman: Man of Steel, I speculated that a character resembling the brutish “Non” might turn up as well. Personally, I’d be rather surprised if Zod didn’t have at least one other accomplice in the film in addition to Faora. superman man of steel faora ursa More Superman Man of Steel Characters Revealed?

LR‘s source also reveals that Jor-El and Lara will definitely be making appearances in Man of Steel and that the planet Krypton will be reminiscent of the Coruscant skyline from Star Wars. They also mention that Daniel Day-Lewis was considered for the role of Jor-El and not Zod.

I know that there are some of you out there who are going to think that Man of Steel is sounding more and more like a remake of the first two Superman movies, but like I said earlier – I think this might wind up being like a comparison between Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Heath Ledger’s. It may contain a copious amount of familiar aspects, but I’m confident that (for better or worse) Snyder will present them in a brand new way.

To me, Kryptonian villains do make a lot of sense for an origin story – thematically speaking, that is. I understand the “been there, done that” attitude that many fans have expressed – and there’s definitely no shortage of other compelling Superman adversaries. For now, I suppose we just have to trust that this wasn’t an arbitrary decision and that Snyder and co. picked the antagonists that best complimented Clark Kent”s character arc in the film.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2012

Source: Latino Review.

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  1. Author, why are you such an apologist?

    • Wepz,

      I believe that was explained in the article. As a counterpoint to the almost universal negativity displayed in comments on recent Superman movie articles.


  2. This next Superman film written and produced by Chris Nolan, writtern by David Goyer and directed by Snyder is going to be the best Superman live action film of them all! We are finally going to get see a kick ass REAL Superman film after over 30 years of waiting!

    I agree though, the Marvel trolls are scared. Thor looks like crap, the Cap film looks cheap and The Avengers is going to terrible with Joss “living off Buffy and Serenity fame” Whedon at the helm of a big time film?

    Riiiiiiiight….Whedon sucks!

    • What you have to say now?

  3. Marvel is waaaay better than DC. It’s true! It’s true!

    • Say it all you want; it doesn’t make it true.

  4. I agree. I don’t remember anyone complaining about the joker being in Bale’s Batman, I know I didn’t. I think the issue here is that with Supes, there has been so many superman movies that have been made, beginning with christopher reeve (I think from 1978 to 1986) and ending with Brandon Routh, that the question has to be asked…why another origin story? I prefer the flaskback sequences to tell Supe’s origin rather than making the whole film about how Kal-EL became superman/clark kent. Secondly, Superman was probably the first superhero everyone heard off when they were kids, that even non comic book fans know his origin. Therefore, again, the question has to be asked…why another origin movie about Superman?

    The probable problem with reboots is that some mistake the word to mean remake.

  5. @Marcus

    And thaty is why Marvel is waaaay better than DC.

  6. Yawns…blinks eyes and stretches.

    “Okay, what did I miss?”

    “The Superman threads are going off, yo!”

    “So…what you’re saying is…’Not much’?”


  7. Faora huh? Well, it may not be Ursa, but it’s someone i remember seeing on Smallville’s 9th season despite how she was portrayed like & of-course her fate. And Krypton kinda be like the skyline of Coruscant in Star Wars?. I figured Krypton would look more like the planet of Naboo,peaceful like.

  8. Bruce Greenwood can make a perfect casting role playing General Sam Lane (as Lois’s father) stationed at Metropolis AFB as Father to Lois Lane and also The Mother of Lois Lane “Ellen Lane” will be played by Linda Firontino who was screen tested by Tim Burton back in 1998 for the Lois Lane role in the SUPERMAN REBORN.

    Michael Cera can make a perfect Jimmy Olsen (as Superman’s Buddy) and also Logan Lerman can play Young Clark (In His Childhood years)

    • I don’t know whether to call you insane or a genius for sugggesting Michael Cera as Jimmy Olsen…


  10. ^
    Has Plenty of Kryptonite & will won’t kneel before Zod. Zod will kneel before me,lol.

  11. Getting tired here,lol, added will didn’t i.

  12. when are these holly hood people going to leave the old and move on to the new? it’s sad to read about the same superman movie plot over and over then wait forever to see it. can you say DVD in 2020………

  13. No more origin plots…..everyone knows the origins of Kal-El…….

  14. Again, I have full confidence this will be one of the best Superman film to date. I like Snyder’s films. Solid stories(not great)with great action.

    I am pleased of the fact the Nolan’s have some type of invovlement in the project. Truth be told, I love Nolan’s great story based films but they lack great action in my opinion. Do not get me wrong when he adds action in the film, it is implemented well. It works for the likes of Batman who is a more of a silent hero, who deals in stealth(for the most part).

    This is Superman, a character who does the most over the top amazing things. Great action will be needed for this film. Almost groundbreaking.

    It is also Clark Kent, who is more complex of character that most would think he is. So a great story has to be told as well.

    I am simply saying that I think the right people are involved in this film to at least give it a chance. To at the very least, give it some type of a glimpse of a trailer.

    • @ d-man

      I hope so for Snyder’s sake. I’ll wait for reviews before i see it, but im not hyped up over it with cause another origin story, so far same villains, among other things. If it flops, im sure people put all the blame on Snyder & not Nolan despite his involvement.

      • True. I have also previously stated that I would rather not have another origin story and Zod as the villian.

        Still, this is suppose to be a some what different take on the character, so maybe it will have some different details about his origins. You know, a fresh beginning to Superman unlike anything we have ever experience.

        All I can say is I will give it chance. I do hope Snyder gets this right. Though you make a good point, if it flops, it will be all Snyder’s fault. So I am quessing if it does well, it will be because of Nolan’s invovlement.

  15. I feel the new Man Of Steel movie will top all the previous superman movies. As for “up dating” – Superman is Superman and lets leave it at that. No change in costume needed – the costume is a big part of who Superman is! Can’t wait until this movie comes out but no 3D please!

  16. I’m still curious as to what the suit will look like. I doubt they make it look too different, but I’m sure they’ll make it look updated. They did an amazing job with the “Watchmen” costumes.

  17. First of all they should change the title to “SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL” NOT JUST “MAN OF STEEL” the title itself doesn’t suggest it’s Superman film, but we all know it is due to his nickname.

    Second I hope and pray this reboot does not turn out to be a Superman III let down.

  18. I think its stupid that they are not using the Superman theme from john Williams, I mean that is iconic. It just won’t feel like ‘Superman’ without that. And calling the movie ‘Man of Steel’ is dumb as well. Just call it ‘Superman 2′ because that’s what this movie basically sounds like.

    From seeing Sucker Punch , I think they got the wrong director.

  19. What if the female Villain got Pregnant buy superman using some type of drug. Or some Super Female cent or something of that sort. She raises he child to hate superman an later he or she returns to destroy there father on the mothers behalf.

  20. I am a massive fan of the original Superman movies and no one can ever replace Christopher Reeve as Superman. However if the new Superman movie is like Batman begins we are in for a treat. I think the dark elements of Batman and explaining how he became the super hero would just work brilliant. The last film… hhhmmmm…. oh dear…
    I am very excited about Man of Steel, if it’s well thought out and on par with Batman Begins it could rival the first two original films…. Fingers crossed!

  21. I’m sure this wont be published, just like my others have not either, due to my differences toward Hollywood. All Hollywood wants is to publish information from those that think they are doing a swell job. Ah, not here. Hollywood needs to start going for what the fans want, not just a more lazy way to make movies and make money. I will “NOT” watch the new Superman movie at all. It sounds like a waste of time to me. look at whom they are having to play as Clark’s parents in the first place and the fact that they showing Zod again. Total overkill and what is with calling it a reboot, may as well just call it for what it is… a simple crap “Remake” of Superman II. Hollywood has got so lazy and greedy for more money, that even the effect has sometimes gone down hill. which is why they came up with having them in 3D. WHO CARES!

  22. I just wish that they would stop trying to make remakes on movies and make the storyline better. for example, Superman: man of Steel… prob wont go see it, as much as I am a fan of Superman. Rather see a movie version of Superman that deals with after Smallville. But in the Man of Steel, it seems that they are rebooting the story of Superman II, which of course deals with Zod and his minions. I comics now, since they got big in movies, they don’t care about not only making good comics anymore but some of them go to crap. Except, Iron Man series, The Incrediable Hulk, Thor, and from what it seems as of so far, Green Lantern and Captain America. Spider-man, the X-Men series with the Wolverine version also, DareDevil, Fantastic Four series, and a few others did suck ass. Sorry, just very pickie on movies, when it comes to the storyline. Oh also, Dragon Ball Evolution sucked also and Res Evil. i focus on how it should be, more than the effect. if effects were in play, most of them would have been great.

  23. I have no problem with the film makers going through another origin story with Superman. It is well overdue and I also like the idea of using general Zod and his cronies. Being an upto date version, I expect it would be a little darker in tone. Thats alright as the film will have to match todays attitudes, sensibilites and cynicisms. Superman flying will have to be something special as most films nowadays can show brilliant flying effects. Make the film at least 2.5 hours long, with plenty of story, wholesome characters and great adventure and also make sure superman can be in great peril so that it gives the film an edge.
    I also do not want 3D as its just a gimmick and always will be. I would expect the female villian to be as hard as nails as Zod and staturesque.
    Nuff said.

  24. I don’t have problems with General Zod. In Batman, The Joker keeps reappearing all the time, and nobody says a thing about it.

    Zack Snyder had ’300′ and ‘Watchmen’. Agreed that those are not the best movies in the whole world, but they were well displayed and had great performances. I’m really looking forward for ‘Man of Steel’.

    Although, I have had several deceptions with some 2011 movies…

  25. Sounds like another remake to me but I hope I’m wrong!

  26. As long as Lex Luthor isn’t the main villain. He’s boring, and just a stupid villain. Honestly they should have Doomsday in it and just have an epic earth shattering Kryptonian battle. No more stupid “ingenious” plots with Lex Luthor. It’s old, boring. They put Lex In it for some type of in depth story line for him to make some “amazing plan” that fails every time. Metallo? Zod? Parasite? Darkseid? Brainiac? They can do a whole lot better then Lex.


  28. So happy the chose general zod and I think it would be unreal if non and ursa were also involved

  29. So happy they chose general zod and I think it would be unreal if non and ursa were also involved