More Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Characters Revealed?

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non zod and ursa superman More Superman Man of Steel Characters Revealed?

The decision to feature General Zod as the villain in Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot Man of Steel is the latest development to divide fans over the direction of the film. Coupled with the news that Superman’s origin story will be revisited to some degree, many have declared that Snyder should be more concerned with breaking new ground, rather than revisiting elements we’ve already seen explored in previous cinematic outings.

I was also hoping for a villain we’d never seen on screen before, but I really don’t think  we have to worry about Superman: Man of Steel resembling past Superman adaptations – or Snyder utilizing the character of Zod the same way that Richard Donner did. Regardless, Snyder once dismissed Zod’s involvement as nothing more than hearsay – so does the Kryptonian outlaw’s inclusion in the film lend some credibility to a few other rumors as well?

Latino Review certainly thinks so. They’ve been in touch with a trusted source (the same one who told them that Kevin Costner was going to play Jonathan Kent, and that Zod was definitely the villain), who shared a few more notable details on Man of Steel. Back in February, it was suggested that Zod’s cohort Ursa would also appear in Superman: Man of Steel. As it turns out, there might be some truth to that report – there will be a female Kryptonian villain, but she’ll be called Faora and not Ursa.

Ursa’s depiction in Superman and Superman II was based on the character of Faora from the comics. Created during the Silver Age by Cary Bates & Curt Swan, Faora ran a concentration camp for men where she tormented and tortured her prisoners before sentencing them to death. In Post-Crisis DC Comics continuity, she became a follower of Zod’s but was renamed Zaora. The character has gone through several other permutations (and names) since then, but the fundamental aspects of her personality have remained largely the same.

When Edgar Ramirez was rumored for a villainous role in Superman: Man of Steel, I speculated that a character resembling the brutish “Non” might turn up as well. Personally, I’d be rather surprised if Zod didn’t have at least one other accomplice in the film in addition to Faora. superman man of steel faora ursa More Superman Man of Steel Characters Revealed?

LR‘s source also reveals that Jor-El and Lara will definitely be making appearances in Man of Steel and that the planet Krypton will be reminiscent of the Coruscant skyline from Star Wars. They also mention that Daniel Day-Lewis was considered for the role of Jor-El and not Zod.

I know that there are some of you out there who are going to think that Man of Steel is sounding more and more like a remake of the first two Superman movies, but like I said earlier – I think this might wind up being like a comparison between Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Heath Ledger’s. It may contain a copious amount of familiar aspects, but I’m confident that (for better or worse) Snyder will present them in a brand new way.

To me, Kryptonian villains do make a lot of sense for an origin story – thematically speaking, that is. I understand the “been there, done that” attitude that many fans have expressed – and there’s definitely no shortage of other compelling Superman adversaries. For now, I suppose we just have to trust that this wasn’t an arbitrary decision and that Snyder and co. picked the antagonists that best complimented Clark Kent”s character arc in the film.

Superman: Man of Steel is scheduled to hit theaters in December 2012

Source: Latino Review.

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  1. This is soundling more and more like a remake of Superman II all the time.

    • When they said that there may be another krypton villian, I was seriously holding my breath for doomsday… hopefully the second movie… hopefully soon, along with metallo and brainiac and bizarro one in the next movie, then the next, they all deserve their shot at superman in a live action movie… not so much lex, he was in everymovie, (except the third movie, but as far as im concerned, that movie never really happend and i just woke up from a bad dream…) so no lex, unless he becomes president like in the comics, then a live action all star superman movie!!!

      • Lex as president in the upcoming movies would be a stretch, so if he is the bad guy, and not president, i wont see it, ild rather see superman use his fists on doomsday, and go toe to toe with metallo…

    • yup

  2. its bulls*it. I was hoping for a good story and good characters, but I was wrong

    • Yes. The sinking feeling just keeps growing.

    • Please, tell all of the rest of us the story they’re going to have in this film, since NO ONE ELSE knows the plot, yet you obviously do.

  3. Snyder has already proven to us that his word can’t be trusted. It’s superman 1 & 2 and he knows it. He should at least own it.

    but it is what it is, big name for cameo jor-el (brando/day-lewis), Krypton’s emminant destruction, man & pa kent, Zod and ursa/zaora, likely a Non, a good actress for lois (adams like kidder instead of bosworth).

    It’s supe 1 & 2. I’m just waiting for a casting announcement on luthor. Is Ned Beatty gonna have an otis cameo too?

    • Oh please. This could be a completely different movie.

      Guess we have to wait for a script report or a trailer for the naysayers to chill out.

      • You can still have a different story with the same villains we’ve already seen and comparisons will still be drawn.

        There has been no mention of other villains, yet every principal character from the first two Donner movies appear to be cast for this next version.

        I think there would be less “naysaying” if it was know there would be another villain that was not already featured in a previous movie.

        But, I am sure you have heard the saying, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

        I think all evidence thus far is showing this to merely be a reboot of the first two movies despite the writers of SR suggesting otherwise.

        • There was that rumor with the rehashed Incredible Hulk storyline, using Metallo. So, SUPERMAN II plus INCREDIBLE HULK smushed together. Meh. Still hate it.

      • I agree completely with Kofi Outlaw… Good god. Some fan boys really grind my gears. I think it’s a GREAT idea to have Zod for the ‘reimagining’ or reboot, or whatever they are calling it. You don’t wanna have a Brainiac or a Darkseid until a 2nd or 3rd movie… Just wait guys, we’ll get the Superman movie we all want.. and it will be far better than what we’ve seen before.. Remember, people cried heresay over having the Joker appear again in The Dark Knight, but look how awesome THAT turned out

        • I’d like to know who cried heresy about the Joker. I think the only concern at the time was the selection of actor. And that, thankfully, worked out very well in the end.

          Who knows, TMoS may turn out to be a fantastic movie. But this premise is just another reboot in a LONG line of them.

          I don’t think it’s just the fanboys crying foul. It’s the movie goers who have seen this all before. Hollywood is becoming less and less creative. The frustration comes from the fact that you have a universe full of as good, if not better, villains to choose from for the next Superman movie and they are choosing to, once again, tell the same story we’ve already seen. Even if it’s in a different way.

          • Exactly right. People were thrilled at the hint of Joker returning. To say otherwise is a huge lie, told only to prop up this Zod decision. But unlike the Joker, people are pissed at Zod returning. Contrary to the belief of fanboys and comic book readers, Zod is perceived as a lame villain. He had one great hilarious (and kind of gay) line. That’s it. TPTB have mistaken that fact that people repeat that one line, as people thinking Zod is cool. Nope. Zod is still lame in their minds, but it’s a funny line.

            • Actually, no. Many, MANY people, in quite a few discussion threads across the digital world, cried foul when the Joker was announced as the villain (oddly, most people seemed excited, before that, when the Joker card was shown at the end of “Begins”). Some seemed perturbed at the choice of actor, true, but there were a lot who also seemed to feel genuinely insulted that this upstart director, with not too many films on his resume’, was going to challenge the excellent Nicholson Joker presented years earlier. It was the comparisons thathat riled these people up (how can he? how will he do…? why change…? etc.).

              Also, Zod, if done as his current incarnation in the comics and NOT the Terence Stamp version (which, btw, I loved), is extremely dangerous and an excellent villain to help introduce a whole new generation to the Superman mythos.

              You can insult people as much as you like, but all that does is make you seem low-brow and none too credible…and it’s just sad.

              • How are you insulted to have this lie called out? Is it your lie? Then stop with the lies. LOL. Talk about a non sequitur. People were excited for the return of the Joker. They didn’t like the choice of the actor, but were looking forward to the character. And when will you learn that the public doesn’t care about the comic books? Zod is known as a very lame villain, with one hilarious line that people quote. Why would anyone expect people to look forward to a villain they all think is lame?

                • It’s insulting to call people liars when they are not. As for people being excited for the character, I never said EVERYONE was upset or concerned; I simply said there WERE people who were upset…for both reasons…and there were.
                  THAT part of your rant was actually more insulting–after all, you did not interview 6+ billion people to know what every person actually thought, and speaking for all others is just pure arrogance…and annoying.

                  Whether or not you think Zod is lame matters not one whit when considering how the public considers comic books. The movie-watching public, at large, might not have the slightest clue who Zod is, but if the character is done right in the film, audiences will enjoy seeing him in action.

                  Believe it or not, your opinion is no more important than ANYONE else’s.

          • You can’t just bring out a BIG baddie like Darkseid or Metallo or anything like that without starting small. I, for one, am grateful that they are taking it back a bit and going for a slow burn with this one. After the letdown(of sorts) that was Superman Returns, this SHOULD be great news, hopefully since we’ll have a Zod in this movie, the Lex in this movie should be more menacing and antagonistic and not campy.. If you guys have a way to ‘realistically’ bring in ANY of Superman’s other nemesis into the story that Snyder & Co. are trying to tell, please, write a screenplay tonight and overnight it to Warner’s post haste, as I am sure they would be more than happy to consider it. If not, relax guys and wait.. It will be worth it, I’m sure of it

            • @ terence: regarding the mailing in a script, I hope you were joking. WB has 50 years of comics they could have culled scripts and storyboards from… the freaking comics.

              We have had 4 superman movies. unless the film going public is a bunch of idiots, I think they can handle a “BIG baddie” after 30+ years of Superman movies being made.

              • @Santa

                I’d like a brand new Burgundy Camaro SS for Christmas.

                I’ve been very good this year.

                Thanks, Nautius

          • I agree. I don’t remember anyone complaining about the joker being in Bale’s Batman, I know I didn’t. I think the issue here is that with Supes, there has been so many superman movies that have been made, beginning with christopher reeve (I think from 1978 to 1986) and ending with Brandon Routh, that the question has to be asked…why another origin story? I prefer the flaskback sequences to tell Supe’s origin rather than making the whole film about how Kal-EL became superman/clark kent. Secondly, Superman was probably the first superhero everyone heard off when they were kids, that even non comic book fans know his origin. Therefore, again, the question has to be asked…why another origin movie about Superman?

            The probable problem with reboots is that some mistake the word to mean remake.

        • You’re I do as well think it’s a good idea to have Zod and other ‘evil’ kryptonians. Especially if its about having superman held up in a modern context. Thematically, it work very well with today’s geo-political situation… he’s an aliens with demi-god powers can he truly be trusted etc. I’m thinking this is the direction they will be taking, and it seems many people have commented as much on these boards.

        • no one never cried about The Joker been in TDK people only complain about Heath Ledger was casted as The Joker in TDK i remember the reaction about that.

          also this Superman is a reboot they should bring a new villian in the first movie and let Zod been in the sequel. look at Batman Begins and Spider-Man Reboot they all have fresh new villians.

      • I am dumbfounded by the negativity concerning this movie. I used to think I was a “fanboy,” but I guess I must be just a fan…

        • You and me both. Ppl are really just complaining based off what THEY think the movie will be like. Truth is none of us except the ppl involved with the production knows. Also he did say they are approaching this in a different way from the other movies.

          • How is that any different than those who are defending the film? Those defending the movie are just saying what they think the movie will be as well.

            • Yea I overlooked that fact but what Im trying to say is we shouldn’t be claiming that its gonna be “this way” or “that way” and just wait and see.

            • There’s WAAAAY more negativity here from commenters than positive talk. I’m neutral – after Sucker Punch I’m not sure what to expect from Snyder, but I really do not see the problem with Zod as villain and other things mentioned so far in regards to the film.


              • people are upset cause they wanted to see something new in the reboot. both Batman Begins and The Amazing Spider-Man are the 1st reboot movies that uses new villians.

                • You make it sound as though that’s a bad thing. What’s the point of this reboot if they’re just gonna do the same dang thing over again?

                  • to keep the rights to the character lol

                    i personally wanted to see new villians and let Zod be in the future sequel. like what they did with Batman Begins and TDK. new villian was in Batman Begins and the villians we know in TDK.

                    • Good point!

        • Why wouldn’t people be negative? All the info released says they are getting a boring rehash. It would make anybody pissed.

          • Actually, it wouldnt. Im not pissed.

          • Fozzy…

            AGAIN, you seem to think it’s alright to speak for everyone. It’s not. Stop.

      • EXACTLY. How is it a bad movie when it has not been released. We have all seen how the haters can jump on the bandwagon after the new GL footage. So everyone should just relax and wait for either a trailer or **GASP** the FILM ITSELF.

      • Or it couldn’t be?

      • dude I agree Kofi! naysayers suck! bleh!

    • What did just say. I mean really would typing the extra 30 letters you left have taken that long. Is this some new language.

  4. Isn’t this pretty much old old news? The villain casting rumors STARTED with Ursa supposedly being cast. A Zod lock just confirms that those original rumors were most likely correct.

    • I know, right? I get thrown off sometimes cause I’ll read about something and think it’s confirmed then two weeks later I see the same news being released as new :P

  5. Faora is Zod’s wife/lover in some incarnations. It was obvious either she or Ursa would appear, and I’m sure Nom will follow.

    • Non* That was a typo right dude? :)

      • Very much so. Hangs head in shame.

        • Sam, no need to do that. I mean the N and M key are right next to one another…

          • So his eyes dont work? Lol, sorry, I had too :)

            • “I had to

              Sorry, I had to.

    • Also who’s to say Brainiac can’t show up at the end setting up a sequel? Again, Im just giving an idea.

  6. Personally, all this news has INCREASED my anticipation for this film. I always thought that Zod would be a great pick, especially since we haven’t seen him in a movie adaptation in decades. Superman needs a villain with a human face, and I need a break from Luthor.

    The casting is great, the director is excited about the property, the writers came off The Dark Knight- Which part of this is bad news?

    • I agree 100%. Everything is great about this movie so far. I seriously can’t wait!

    • The bad news is mostly the bordom factor of it all and the wasted opportunity. And of course Zack Snyder is still hung around its neck like an anvil. And the property will be rebooted again before we get to any of the really cool villains. And the origin was an ideal opportunity to use Braniac. Wasted.

      • They haven’t said they won’t use Brainiac (or some other villain), as well. They’ve only said they WILL use Zod (with Faora). If you’re going to be pessimistic, AT LEAST stop repeating the same rumor-mongering / speculation that’s been going on ENDLESSLY and BACK IT UP.


  7. @ John – I’m glad to hear that I am not the only fan who is excited about the movie, and I used to consider myself a fangirl but the freaks who want to complain about everything have me thinking I maybe never was (I have to break that to my comics still).

    @ the fanboys –
    You want a completely different story than has ever been told, right? How do you get that with a character who has been around longer than any of you have been alive? Every story in movies; books; television has been told in some way/shape/form but the key is to give it a new spin and I think that the way they are going can (and will) do that.

    Having Superman fight Parasite, Mxy, Bizarro is a one-off and plays out like a cartoon.

    Having Superman fight Metallo requires someone to create Metallo, like Lex, and that pisses you all off again.

    Having Superman fight Braniac, without the origin, pulls everyone out of the suspension of disbelief.

    Having Superman fight Darkseid is just too out there in a comic book sense for people like my neighbor, who may want to see the movie but find that it has no grounding in reality.

    • Amen!

    • Oh he can fight Darkseid once they have a proper build up for it.

    • Hahahaha, thats funny cause a very respectable Writer just said that same thing in fact here is his Quote : “Anyone who says that every story has been told, shouldn’t be a writer”

    • lol anyone who goes to see a comic book movie to see how much they ground it in reality, one is probably going to be disappointed , it is a movie about an alien that looks human and has super powers, lol. Two your reasoning for the other villains is a lame excuse considering other movie have extraordinary creatures in them all the time, what make this movie any different.

      Listen, dont come down on the fanboys because they dont like whats going on, if no one had said anything and this casting list came out people would assume this was a remake instead of a reboot, so far the only major changes have come from the age of the Kents, everything else from a casting stand point is the same. The “FANBOYS” are also pissed off because the director of the project came out and said x,y, and z and the z was no Zod. So they feel that they where mislead, and they where.
      At this point I could care less which way this movie goes cause heaven knows it could only be half as bad as Singers version. The other thing about the complaining and that you people keep bring Batman and Dark Night up. DFirst off they are completely different casting so they are not comparable to this project where pretty much the cast is identical character wise.
      Oh and by the way if Ms Tessmaucher is in this movie it is hands down just WRONG cause that is a direct connection to Donner’s franchise.

  8. Everyone just wants to find something to gripe about with this movie. As long as Superman is fighting an actual supervillain and not Lex I see no reason to be hating on a film that hasn’t even released a set photo, much less a trailer. Just because a villain has been used in a movie that’s over 30 years old is being used again for a movie doesn’t automatically make it a bad movie. And how does the fact that the villain being used is from the best Superman movie made to this date makes him a bad choice to start off this series of Superman movies? If people would stop whining and think for one second they would be able to figure out that THERE WILL BE SEQUELS! If you throw Darkseid and Brainiac at him in the first movie, what are you going to do next to top that? Toyman? I’m just saying think of the bigger picture. We could have one big Superman slug fest where he spends two hous fighting Brainiac, Darkside and Bizzaro for the first film to shut all the people who are complaining about not seeing a new villain or we could have a good FIRST film that digs deeper into who the character of Superman is so he can be properly reentroduced to a new generation and tip off an epic trilogy…

    All I’m saying, guys, is wait til you actually see a trailer or something before you go into hate mode over this movie, cause hating a movie just because they are reusing a good villain(that’s been used ONCE) is ridiculous…

    • Hate is a strong word. Skepticism would probably be more accurate.

      I find it amusing that if people in have a dissenting view of a movie reboot, they are labeled as whiners or angry fanboys.

      I am approaching this from a movie lover who is tired of the lack of originality that Hollywood is force feeding us. This movie is merely another example of the factory like movie making that seems to be prevalent in the studios these days.

      What made the original 2 Donner Supermans so spectacular, is that no one had done it to that scale yet. It was truly something wonderful. I remember the ridiculously long lines to get into the first one when I was a kid.

      Let be clear on one thing: I am mot suggesting this movie is going to flop or that I will not see it.

      What I AM saying (strictly as a movie goer) is that I don’t think this movie will bring anything new and engaging and challenging.

      • I totally agree with what you are saying and feelt he same way.

      • Well said.

        I personally believe that this film can be presented in an original way that separates itself from the Donner films, much like how Nolan was able to bring the Joker back and clearly make him different and stand out from Burton’s take on him.

        In the original films you really didn’t get to know the character Zod. The only thing I could say I learned about him was that he was Kryptonian, he hated Jor-El, and he wanted to take over the world. It didn’t go too deep into WHO he was. And I see a lot of potential for them to develope his character.

        But yeah, just because they are using the same character doesn’t mean they can’t be original with it. If you use the point of view that “I’ve seen him before, thus it will be the same,” then they might as well not make any new Superman movies because we have already seen him once before and it’s not original.

        Everyone is free to have their opinions, but it just seems like a lot of people are looking for the film to be bad without giving it a shot first.

        • That last comment was for Nautilus btw

      • Nautius…

        I’m not judging you, because you have, in fact, tried to remain reasonable and civil in all of these discussions, but MANY people have used the word HATE with much vehemence. THAT is just silly.

      • really was there a sequel to Superman Returns , hmmmmm , no cause it sucked, which this may be also

      • @Mongoose

        Well I apologize for using the term whining… Complaining, arguing, ranting, being negative from the start before we’ve seen anything is what I meant..

        As for Superman returns…

        1) As I mentioned before “As long as Superman is fighting an actual supervillain and not Lex”… They made the mistake of using the Kryptonite continent and plane instead of an actual supervillain… MoS hasn’t made that mistake…

        2) They gave him an illegitimate asthmatic son!… MoS/anyone will never make that mistake again…

        3) They didn’t have anywhere to go after that movie. Lois was married or engaged(i dont care to look it up) to Cyclops and her kid’s father was Superman… If anyone can work that into a sequel they deserve a metal lol :P

        So anyway, that movie had no chance of a sequel. And all the news that has been released so far for MoS has not done anything to imply it will be a bad movie that won’t be good enough to get a sequel.

        I’m not saying that everyone can’t have different opinions than me, I’m just saying that IMHO the movie shouldn’t be looked so negatively at this early on just because of picking Zod as the main bad guy…

        • About the “whine”……yeah I know you most likely didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that I have been an avid forum frequenter for years and both “whine” and “QQing” seem to have creeped into the internet vernacular as acceptable and it bugs he hell out of me because they are both rude blatantly condescending.

          Sorry, they are a pet peeve of mine and my rant was not really directed at you since there are plenty of others who use those terms. You just happened to be my scapegoat ;)

          • buahahah, I screwed up the HTML tag in my post above and everything below my post appears bold! Sorry? :D

            Vic, would you be so kind as to fix my little mistake?

            • Fixed. :)


        • @DarkHorse

          Though I can’t give you an entire script, I can give you some general ideas for where a SR sequel could have gone.

          1) Though it’s true that the biggest complaint on the internet is that SR sucked because Luthor was the only villain and that there wasn’t enough action, most of the general public in the US disliked the film for one of a few other reasons. These included the fact that Christopher Reeve wasn’t playing Superman (the complaint of about 75% of fans of the old films), the fact that Perry said “Truth, Justice, all that stuff” instead of “The American Way” (conservative talk radio pushing for a boycott of the film which offered a pre-curser to what would eventually happen with “The Golden Compass”), the lack of “comedy” (the campy comedy of three and four which few here would admit that they enjoyed) or that they didn’t like Kate Bosworth (wasn’t really a fan of her either, but she didn’t really do too much damage to the film imo). With all this said, it was a guarantee that Superman was going to face off against an otherworldly villain in the next film. Given that the movie was dealing heavily with themes of divinity as well as many Christ parralels it seemed that either a serious interpretation of Bizzaro or Doomsday were going to be used as an anti-christ symbol. Honestly, I think it would have worked, too.

          2) I actually liked the kid; thought he was cute and I would have liked to see where they took the story of Supes trying to determine how much of a part of his kid’s life he should be. Standard stuff for family dramas, but it is certainly different for a superhero movie which often seem more content to rehash romance subplots again and again.

          3)As I said, Supes relationship with Lois in a romantic sense was finished, but at this point he now had a father-son relationship which not only mixed up the the usual superhero formula, but, personally, provides more engaging family drama than the usual romantic subplot tumor.

          I honestly loved Superman Returns as it really tried to do something different with a superhero movie. Bryan Singer and Michael Dougherty were ahead of their time as they realized that the superhero movie didn’t have to do the same things. However, plenty of people didn’t like this new direction. SR was a character drama, not an action movie. I appreciated it, but I admit that not everyone felt so.

          In the years since SR though, I began hearing a disconcerting response as to why so many people disliked the movie; “I just don’t like Superman, he can do anything so he’s boring.” In our current cultural zeitgeist, Superman is perceived as a boring gary stu who is overpowered. This is especially curious considering that Batman is just as super capable, and he doesn’t even have superpowers (personally this makes him even more of a gary stu. I’m a Batman fan and I can admit this) I digress. The reason no sequel was made for SR was because it didn’t make enough money. It made a profit, but not nearly enough of one. I speculate that the only way for this new film to make the amount of money that WB will demand to warrant a sequel is for it to go “darker” (and thus destroy Supes as a character) or make it the Superhero equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. Personally, I think even then it could be a long shot as I have a sad feeling that Supes can’t outrun his stereotype.

          TL:DR Version: Superman Returns had plenty of potential to generate a great sequel, but the studio didn’t have faith that Singer could generate another blockbuster of the caliber of Batman Begins. However, though the studio is looking for this, it just may not be possible. Even people who hate superheroes LOVE Batman. Warner Brothers is looking for something of this caliber from Man of Steel, but it is not likely to be The Dark Knight. This being said, the biases against Superman which we currently hold may ultimately doom us to another reboot of the franchise in 5 or 6 years. See: Hulk

  9. Re: “You want a completely different story than has ever been told, right?”

    No they don’t. They want a retelling of a comic book story in movie form, so a lot of those haven’t been done (and never will be). A “completely different story” would really rattle their cages.

    I agree with you though. This movie will have a lot of familiar elements, which is a good way to move Superman in a different direction (“Something old, something new”). A lot of these fans suggest that it’s so easy for people to look up stuff on line, watch the Donner movies, watch Smallville, or read comics. Maybe some of them could offer a helpful list of prereqisites for this advanced course.

    This movie could wind up being awful for all sorts of reasons, but none that I’ve heard so far. I think it’s a great direction.

    • “A lot of these fans suggest that it’s so easy for people to look up stuff on line, watch the Donner movies, watch Smallville, or read comics. Maybe some of them could offer a helpful list of prereqisites for this advanced course.”

      AMEN to you MR! Best comment I’ve seen so far! :D

    • Actually, I don’t want a re-telling of the comic book, I want something DIFFERENT. No Zod, no Lex, no origin. Something that hasn’t been done before.

      • Can’t it be both?

  10. I’m not sure who they expect to pay to see this boring rehash. What demographic do they imagine this appealing to? Even Singer’s misfire at least had a definable target: Females over 25, with the faulty assumption that young males would just show up, “just because”. This time they seem to be operating from the faulty assumption that EVERY demo will show up “just because”.

    • Unless you have some foresight into the future the comment that this movie will be ‘boring’ or a rehash is just blatantly ridiculous..
      The idea that the studio thinks people will just ‘show up’ is also unfounded as well. I challenge anyone who has any bright ideas to again, write an outline, craft a screenplay and then go from there

      • The studio thought young males would show up to the last movie “just because” and the studio president admitted it! They seem to be repeating that mistake on a vaster scale this time. At least Singer had women over 25 in his pocket. Nobody is in the pocket for this one.

      • The studio KNOWS Superman is a big name, and that people will show up to watch it regardless of how much effort they put into it. Just like with the upcoming X-men movies.

    • Maybe if they borrow some stuff not the entire story lol, cuz the last time Supes had a son onscreen that didn’t go so well ;)

      • Correction, remember it was actually Zod’s child but still no “super” children plz lol. They could use Supes’ appearance though.

  11. Thanks to everyone who has been positive about this movie. It’s nice to see some fans are actually looking forward to this movie. To judge a movie before you’ve even seen a trailer is just stupid. Certain “fans” simply have expectations that can’t be met, they live in a world where there comics are the bible and anything outside of them is met with hate. They will find anything to nitpick and complain about and nothing will make them happy. I honestly don’t know how this movie will turn out but I’ll wait to judge it when I’ve seen it. That sounds weird right, others should try it as well.

    • Agreed 100%

    • The complaint about originality is what is being argued for the most part here. It could turn out to be a great movie, and there is a good chance of that happening but they are showing them a lot of stuff they have seen before.
      Showing it in a new light is cool, but they are still showing the same thing they have already seen. I get their gripes, and I feel for them. I am lucky enough to have always been more of a Batman guy, and while not all of his on screen appearances have been great, there has been a lot of variety.

      • THIS. Exactly this. Wish other people could get it through their heads.

  12. i would like to see parasite in the films.

  13. Perhaps [in a most naive yet jaded way] this could be a deliberate misinformation campaign?!

    • If it is……peoples heads will explode lol. Like seriously.

      • LOL seriously

        • Yea, seriously lol.

          • That would be hilarious. Would have been cool if that was the case with Heath Ledger… =(

  14. Some of you guys give way to much judgement way to early. If Snyder and company made a movie that had no origin scenes and made the super villian Doomsday you guys would complain that a reboot needs some origin material. I really dont understand some of the negative comments on this thread. I really hope this movie proves all the doubters are wrong.

    • All doubters undoubtedly hope they are proven wrong too. I am praying for Doomsday in this “franchise” but not till later lol. It is a punch-a-thon but the first time I read the death of Superman I can teary eyed. It’s the only Superman comic I own.

  15. I have been a Superman fan since I could remember, as most of you have. I share your passion for wanting this film to be spectacular. This is SUPERMAN for crying out loud.. I share a measure of anxiety and elation at the casting news.. I now just want to know who will round out the supporting cast(perry White, Jimmy,etc) and most importantly, I want to see the suit

  16. This is the best way to reboot Superman. If they skipped or truncated the origin and had a whole new villain, people might not be confused, but they would still be connecting this with Donner movies. With a familiar villian and a whole different look to Krypton, they can clearly establish this as a different Superman. As I expected, they are now saying that Krypton won’t be crystals, but rather a futuristic city like in Star Wars.

    • Agreed, I was hoping for Brainiac though, he was like Superman’s Joker for me, I loved and hated him. Coulda done a fresh take on Krypton with him, no? Just throwing that out there.

      • I was thinking the same thing about Brainiac. But since they are doing the origin story it seems best to do Zod early on, rather than later. It’s a great story with lots of potential, and coming back to it later would be awkward.

        Who knows, they could be using Zod only for the beginning on Krypton, like in Donner’s version. But that seemed like a wierd loose end when I saw it in the theatre. I think this will be a more integrated storywith the origin will expect the “origin

        And frankly I thing Brainiac could be a really huge challenging villian that would work best once they have the origin out of the way.

        • Yeah, I can see that, starting off a heavy Villain like Brainiac would but difficult, so hopefully they are setting up for the whole entire story during the stretch of the movies. I like Henry Cavil as Superman, so I hope no matter what this movie is good so we can see the juicier villains. Snyder though >.> I will keep my defenses up just in case.

          • I’m dubious about Snyder too. I keep telling myself that he’ll do okay with other people’s material, but I’m not a fan of anything he’s done. Plus, I think the director has to really have a feeling for the material, not just be a puppet on a string.

  17. The comments section here is getting tiresome.

    I need a break.

  18. For what it’s worth, the reason I brought up Nicholson & Ledger’s versions of the Joker in the article was not to say that fans had an adverse reaction to the character being used again in TDK. Because the majority of them did not. In fact, even though Nolan claims that the ending to Batman Begins was not intended to tease a sequel, we were all basically expecting the Joker to be the villain after Gordon flipped over that card. No one was surprised by that decision (I don’t think). I think some other comments have suggested the Zod situation parallels that and maybe there’s been some confusion on that point.

    I was only using the two versions of the Joker as an example of a familiar aspect of an established franchise with two radically different but valid interpretations – not to try and support a point that isn’t particularly valid.

    • I get where you were going. What worked for “The Dark Knight” was that Nolan proved himself with “Batman: Begins”. As a result of not using older movie characters, (Joker, Riddler, Catwomen, etc…), Nolan was able to show everyone can can do something different.

      When it comes to the “Superman” movie franchise, only one out of five movies didn’t have Lex Luther. Not only that. Lex Luther and Zod’s origins have been covered in “Smallville”, comic books, graphic novels, and novels over a billion times. Regardless about how they will be reinvented for “The Man of Steel”, the underlying problem is that its just another rehashed origin story. Superman’s origin, Zod’s origins, Jor-El’s origins, Lex Luther’s origins, and Supergirl’s origins have been told countless of times in different variations. Sure, it would be interesting to see them being portrayed with more realism; however, the notion of making Superman realistic is on the moronic side.

      Superman, unlike Batman, is an unrealistic character, which has only one particular vulnerability. Kryptonite. Regardless about who the villain ends up being, kryptonite will somehow be involved with the battle. Its a predictable nuance of repetitive crap, which has been killing the “Superman” franchise since the 1980s.

      Doomsday and Darkseid were a breath of fresh, but look at what happened to the “Doomsday” dvd movie. Instead of following the original comic book, DC Comics found it was necessary to inject Lex Luther into the story. Even though Lex Luther was never involved within the original “Death of Superman” series in the 90s, the writers and producers changed the story to accommodate the character. If you watch the commentary and documentary on the dvd, the folks over at DC comics said, “Out of all the Superman villains to exist, the fans consider Lex Luther as his only true adversary.” I call that a serious disconnect between the fans and studio. I took that comment as, “We don’t have any other ideas, so we are going to recycle an older character. Fans are fools.”

      Something is seriously wrong with the folks running the “Superman” franchise. Serious lack of creativity.

      • Its like NASA’s 40 years of history.

        “So, what have you guys been up to?”

        “Low Earth orbit”

        “Uh… Are you saying we stayed in low Earth orbit for 40 years?”


        “What the…”

    • Tom Welling has spent 10n years playing Clark Kent…(He was 23 when he got the role) He probably was asked, but declined.. If you guys who keep clamoring for Tom Welling to play Superman would remember, he MET with the WARNER’S and producers very early on. He doesn’t want to do it beyond Smallville.. As for the comment that the director should stick to obituaries.. That’s not fair.. Have you directed a movie before? All of this crazy talk about what the director should and should not do CLEARLY have no idea how the industry works.. Let Zack Snyder do his job and deliver a film that we can be proud of

      • I really hate it when people ask “have you ever directed a movie before?”
        It’s a tired and worn out point that makes everyone’s opinion void if taken seriously. You don’t need to be a politician to see that most politicians suck.

        • I really liked the first several seasons of Smallville a lot. They really did a lot of fun things with the Superman story. To me, it was a lot like I’d imagine a Spider-man drama could be. But it was a cheesy TV show, and that’s how I enjoyed it.

          That said, I don’t want this movie to have any connection to that show. If they want to take a few influences from that show like: I wouldn’t mind a Lex who is closer in age to Superman and more ambiguously motivated. I liked that there had been a lot more kryptonite around. I liked the Kents.

          But again, this movie has to make a clean break with the past. Even though they have the same characters, they will be very different from before.

    • Are you serious? The CW? get off it. If I wanted Superman to be Buffy I would concede to that argument, and believe me, I love Buffy, Smallville is not even close to that little gem but that is the worst idea ever.

      You say “start fresh,” I am pretty sure Smallville started with an origin story too, so your argument against Snyder and co. makes no sense at all. I for one agree with Chris that “a copious amount of familiar aspects, but I’m confident that (for better or worse) Snyder will present them in a brand new way.”

      In my opinion Superman has never been interesting on the big screen and was barely interesting on the small screen and if Nolan/Goyer need to use the span of Kal-El’s birth, Krypton, Zod and all those things to make a Superman character more interesting thematically while serving up all the action we want, then by all means let them. That is why I am glad Sony is doing The Amazing Spider-man, that is why I loved Batman Begins and that is why I loved Star Trek. All superior concepts using an origin to tell a more interesting story to then allow for the sequels to be more powerful and more interesting.

      That is what I call starting fresh. You have fun watching you ill conceived, alternate reality, bubble gum CW version of Superman I will gladly take something more sophisticated, Superman Begins or not.

      and that goes for everyone on this thread.

      • @Kevin

        “and that goes for everyone on this thread.”

        So, you’re scolding everyone in the thread?

        I’m sorry… who are you??

        We’re a pretty vocal group and share a wide variety of opinions. We usually don’t lambaste each other (too badly).

        You’re opinion is not superior to anyone else’s here. So, in the interest of you staying and sharing further opinions, I’d suggest you not come right out and “put us in our places”.

        • you are right man my apologies. I shouldn’t have said that. Sometimes the keys get away from me as well as the mouth.

          Will work on that sir. I am just very passionate sometimes too much. Nice word by the way “lambaste” can I use that? (not being sarcastic either).

          • Most people on Screenrant are passionate lol so you will fit in.

          • Kevin, if you like the word “lambaste”, youshould read JLA\Avengers. Lol :) Enjoy.

    • the should pick tom welling…he’ll fit right in with the garbage director.

    • So do I :-D

    • *sigh* There’s always someone who tries (but fails) to use the “you can’t do any better” speech as a legitment arguement. Sersiously, it’s soo weak.

    • Um actually no they didnt , the first batman from Burton, was not an origin film , they used a flash back sequence that showed the death of his parents, not him becoming Batman. So no , Nolan is the first to tell Batmans origins on film

      • yup, correct. have had this pointless argument myself. burton’s batman was a joker origin not batman. really surprised people get that easily confused. also, batman was played by mr. mom. i know i saw it 4 times in the theater. sorry, mr. mom joke may be too old for this crowd. i’ll go away now.

  19. I think this will end up being Superman: Earth One just with Zod as the villain and more of the Kents. Read the book(Graphic Novel) this is shaping up to be just like it.

    • I wouldn’t mind, that book was great.

      • Superman: Earth One is one of the worst Superman stories that i have ever read. It has no sense and that Clark Kent is really depressing

        • Well I might be depressed too if I knew I had all this power and couldn’t use it to my own advantage. And do you mean it made no sense?

          • Come on! It´s an obious story, so full of pathetic epic storys cliches. And using the Kryptonian ship as a weapon??? is too much stupid, he is Superman, he should resolve the problems by himself. Besides,when you read it you realize how obious is the intention of the writer to make an Epic story and it became sooooo predictable. And the invaders??? don´t even remind of their name, they are so lame, poor and pathetic that i don´t even want to remember them, the secondary characters aro also very stupid, not to mention the ridiculous that this new Kent are. Perry white is kind of OK. And Yes the story has no sense and is stupid. Straczynski Superman is too much for you!

            • sanpauli…

              You might want to read it again. It’s actually full of hope and makes a great deal of sense. As for the Kents, they are updated beautifully.

              Oh, and one of Superman’s most important qualities…one of the things that MAKES him Superman…is his understanding that he CANNOT do everything by himself; he DOES sometimes need help, even with his godlike powers.

              Maybe, just maybe, Straczynski’s Superman proved to be too much for YOU.

              Think about it.

              • NO, I´ve allready read it once and i dont want to repeat the experience, no thanks. i allready know all those things that you wrote about Superman up there, i know the character pritty well, he is my favourite one. And about how the story shows the character, i think that are better ways to tell the story without damaging the character and his escence so much. Straczynski it was fine with Spiderman, but Superman doesn’t fit him, and you know that when you read the Superman´s storys of from writers like Jhon Byrne, Paul Dini, Alan Moore, Geoff Jhons, Grant Morrison, Jhon Bogdanove, Louise Simonson, etc.
                Oh, and about the movie, i think some of the people that write this coments are taking this too much seriously when they havent seen an image yet. This is not going to be a remake, it can have the same elements than previous movies but they are going to be really diferent movies, trust me.

      • I just think most of us are dissapointed that this is not a fresh new take on Superman like the director stated in the begining. This is starting to look like a remake.

    • heard the same thing from co-worker. not familiar with it. just really iffy bout this flick. mostly snyder though.

  20. Within the book “Last Days of Krypton”, Non is a friend of Laura, rebellious artists, and becomes wife of Zod. It only makes sense that they will appear together. She goes by a different name in the novel.

    • Ursa not Non. Lol..

  21. the addition of Faora isnt a bad thing as its been mentioned theres many versions of her and the most recent version was in smallville where she ends up betraying Zod and helping CK and im pretty sure that storyline was used in the comics as well so it wouldnt surprise me if she ends up doing the same in the movie.
    the cpl things im not liking about this film is that Snyder is directing and that Shannon is Zod, dont get me wrong Shannon is a decent actor but i dont think he suits the role of Zod, i wldve went with Viggo for the role.
    and also im not to sure about Cavill yet but once i see him in an actual superman suit and in a CK get up i may change my mind but he does have the face for superman really.
    me personally i wldve went with using brainiac seeing as he’s more a world threat then Zod and maybe chuck in doomsdays as his minion with lex in the background as a gd guy but due to the events of the film feels that his gd nature and hunger for world peace isnt being taken any notice of due to the rise of superman so he becomes obsessed with bringing down superman and in the sequel if there is one they cld make him more of a prominent character but not the main villain by us seeing him become more crazed with ending superman and in the 3rd film have him the main villain and have him give superman a mental challenge rather then a physical challenge and lex cld be the one to create Metallo in his attempt to bring down superman

  22. I think it should be decent if he keeps it grimy like he says he is going to do. One of the reasons Superman 2 (non donner cut) was my favorite was because of the fight scene in the end. One because of the gravity of the situation when they finally fought, and two because he was fighting folks that were his equal.

    The animated version of Death of Superman with Doomsday kicked ass too because of the battle scene between Doomsday and Sup.

    If you really think about it, none of the Superman movies had consistent action and I always felt the movies suffered because of it. I personally like Snider’s approach especially if they keep it dark.

  23. I’m all for giving this movie a chance. It’s on my “to see” list for 2012 along with Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek 2, and the Hobbit. It will remain there until I make further judgment from trailers, clips, and production photos.

    I understand some people’s concerns with the choice of Snyder as director and after the mess that was Sucker Punch, that’s totally understandable. Even before Sucker Punch came out, I was skeptical of WB hiring Snyder because 300 didn’t leave much of an impression on me. I never got around to seeing Watchmen or Legend of the Guardians, so I’ll admit I’m no Synder expert.

    However, when I was thinking about this the other day I realized that Nolan had to have talked with Snyder about the possibility of directing and decided out of all the candidates for the job, Snyder was the one. I know Nolan’s involvement has steadily decreased since the movie was first announced, but he still wrote the story with Goyer. I trust Nolan’s judgment that Snyder is the proper choice to handle his take on Superman. There’s a reason he picked him over the others. I have a feeling that this movie will be a combination of Snyder’s awesome visuals (the one thing that he does have a knack for, I’ll give him that) and Nolan’s ability to tell a compelling story. If that’s the case I think this movie will be awesome.

    As for the arguments that this movie will be a rehash of the older Superman movies, there are some reasons for this. As much as we would like to deny this fact, the movie industry is a business first. They’re looking for ways to make money. This is why there are so many remakes, sequels, prequels, adaptations, reboots, etc. Since Zod was featured in Superman II, the general moviegoing public is aware of him. It’s all in brand recognition. I know that Superman himself should be able to draw audiences in and that’s true, but every little bit helps. Putting in a villain that audiences are familiar with might increase ticket sales. I don’t know, I’m just trying to think like an executive. And besides, we’ve seen villains reused in reboots before. Heath Ledger won an Oscar for playing the Joker, a villain used in the 1989 Batman movie. Also, Kofi wrote a great editorial about how Zod could be used in this movie. He could give the movie some depth, which is what we want. I’m sure when Nolan was in his secret lab constructing the story, he thought long and hard about who Superman should fight. If Zod can give Superman identity issues throughout the course of Man of Steel, it just might work and it’d be a great way to start the new Superman film series. Then the sequels can deal with adversaries like Metallo, Bizzaro, etc. I do say that Lex has to be in this movie because he is a vital part of Superman lore. Even if it’s just in a supporting role.

    I honestly don’t mind that the movie will “cover” his origins. I know everybody (or mostly everybody) knows how Superman came to be. But the article said it will “cover” that aspect. Nowhere did it say that half of the movie will be Clark and Pa Kent talking about American values. Like Kofi wrote in another good article, the handling of the origins can be shown in flashbacks. For those who think Costner and Lane are too high-profile for minor roles, Nolan cast Caine and Freeman in minor, yet important roles for his Batman movies. Just because these are well known actors doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be featured for large sections of the movie.

    I’ll end the rant with this. I’m going to have an open mind about this film until something convinces me otherwise. I’m not the biggest fan of Snyder’s but every director has that one breakout picture. Look at Peter Jackson’s pre-LOTR filmography. Meet the Feebles? Bad Taste? That doesn’t necessarily scream “FUTURE OSCAR WINNING DIRECTOR” at first glance. I’m very interested to see what Nolan and Snyder do with the character and hopefully it’s a great movie.

    • gotta say though man, jonathan nolan (c. nolan’s bro) wrote the script with goyer, not chris nolan. c. nolan didn’t choose snyder, warner bros. did. snyder said in an interview that c. nolan and his wife had lunch with him to discuss what the character should be. that is the extent of his producing credit. work has begun on dark knight and nolan only does one flick at a time. permantly off superman from her on out. not trying to b a d*ck cause i appreciated the things you brought up, just sharing info. also rumored more than 2 years ago that jonathan nolan could make his directing debut with superman with recommendation of brother chris. interesting i thought anyway.

  24. you guys are a bunch of nerds just enjoy the movie and go on with your life. it isnt the end of the world. if you dont like it complain on the inter…oh wait

  25. Didn’t you Trolls know? This Supes film is going to be a rehash and carbon copy of Superman 2 from over 30 freakin years ago!

    Nolan and Goyer did the exact the same thing with Batman Begins. It was a rehash of Batman 1989. Didn’t you know? Don’t you remember?

    Dammit remember?!

      • I love when people start throwing around the term “Troll” it’s really funny to just start calling people that instead of offering an intelligent opinion.