Jon Hamm: Superman Man of Steel a ‘Young Man’s Game’ [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated May 22nd, 2011 at 8:03 pm,

jon hamm superman reboot Jon Hamm: Superman Man of Steel a Young Mans Game [Updated]

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

For months Superman fans have been speculating about the actor director Zack Snyder will cast as the Man of Steel.

Now, one of the would-be fan-favorite choices, Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, is clearing the air about the possibility he’ll be wearing the iconic Superman crest – claiming once again that, despite being the mild-mannered age of 39, he’s too old for the role.

Speaking with MTV, on the red carpet of last week’s Critic’s Choice Awards, Hamm (who also has a role in Snyder’s upcoming film Sucker Punch) once again dismissed rumors that he’s being courted by the director for the Man of Steel:

“No, and I have talked to Zack quite a bit. We had some looping and reshoots and stuff to do on Sucker Punch, but I think that’s a young man’s game. I think I’ve aged out of that one by now.”

Hamm was equally nonchalant about losing out to the “young men” of Hollywood:

“That’s fine with me. There are plenty of other people available to put on tights.”

This isn’t the first time Hamm has dismissed the possibility of a middle-aged Superman – but if you’re still holding out hope of a Superman film with Hamm’s name on top of the credits, make sure to check out the video interview (courtesy of MTV) below for yet another dose of reality:

Does this mean that Social Network star Armie Hammer could be back in the running – since the 6’5” actor was originally responsible for directing Superman speculation toward Hamm (by saying Snyder was looking for a 35-40 year old Superman)? Probably not.

While it may not be what some Superfans are hoping to hear, Hamm’s comments seem to lend further credence to the news we heard back in November – that the filmmakers would be looking for an unknown actor to put on the heroic blue tights. Since that time, most Man of Steel casting information falls into the dead-end category – i.e. haven’t received a call or consider themselves out of the running for a part in the film.

That said, while Superman Returns is hardly an example that filmmakers are likely interested in emulating with Superman: Man of Steel, the film’s unknown star, Brandon Routh, was one of the better aspects of the post-Christopher Reeve reboot – along with Kevin Spacey’s Lex Luthor.

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Superman: Man of Steel is tentatively set to hit theaters in 2012.

Source: MTV

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  1. Good I didnt want him to be Superman, still say that Jim Caviezel should be Superman/Clark Kent.

    • I wouldn’t mind seeing Jim Caviezel in that role, but it’s easier to picture him as Clark Kent than as Superman. Of course, he’s three years older than Jon Hamm, according to iMDb. :)

      • Does Jim Caviezel have people all around the internet trying to push his name into consideration all the time? He was even mentioned before BR got the role in ‘returns. Jim Caviezel would not make a good Superman, IMO. Doesn’t have the face for it. Kind of weak and undefined.

  2. As long as it’s not some kid who started on Disney or something I’ll be fine with whoever he gets.

    • Well Zac Efron said he passed on the role, but I’m more scared that apparently they offered it to Zac Efron. What The Hell??

      • In all fairness, have you seen Efron recently? The guy is really bulked up. Anyone but Armie Hammer!

  3. This is good news. He would not be a good Superman.

  4. i saw get someone new or continue with brandon routh. but plz dont let it be a origin story

  5. Matt Bomer.

  6. Who would be the best pick though? I can’t really think of anyone who has that Superman look…

    • Who has the look?

      Tom Welling.
      And depending on how you feel about certain subjects …
      (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, “say no more”) … Henry Cavill

      • yh agreed with ya

  7. Superman a young man’s game? Somebody should direct Jon Hamm to read KINGDOM COME…

    • Now that is a version of Superman I’d like to see…
      Strong , confident, and determined but also honest enough to admit he’s wrong.

      The thing I did not like about Superman returns is that Superman lacked confidence…like he had to ponder every decision he made.
      The same with this new movie, we get to see the journey of Clark becoming Superman…what?
      He is Superman, who later in live becomes Clark…
      He is an alien being who just looks like us and who has been raised by 2 families(Jor El and the Kents) with same moral beliefs…
      He becomes Super man when he learns where he’s from, who his father was and what his destiny is…and accept it.
      This is what separates Superman from all other hero’s.
      He will fight for humanity no matter the cost, with no concern for self and with an absolute confidence that it is the right thing to do.
      I’m getting really fed up with these inner turmoil suoerhero’s….

  8. Tom welling

    • Please no.

    • Please yes. My eyes deserve such sexiness.

  9. Its a pity there is still no movement on this.
    I hope they find somebody soon, butI am not holding my breath.

  10. Just give the role back to Brandon Routh and start worrying about not providing a rushed product, Snyder.

  11. That is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone cite Spacey’s slapstick Lex Luthor as one of the better aspects of the film! Maybe in a backhanded “everything else was so awful” kind of way. Most people hated the zany take on Lex. One of the top complaints I always hear is about his goofball performance.

  12. I agree with Moon Child,

    The should just give the role back to Brandon Routh since the majority of the fans didnt have a problem with him reprising his role for Superman: The Man of Steel Superman Returns came out in 2006 thats 7 years apart from when the new Superman comes out more than enough time in sure by then Brandon would have matured more for the role. Forget what happened in Superman Returns just bring the Actor back for this Role.

  13. I will go see any superhero movie they put out regardless of casting but if they cast a man named Armie Hammer as the Man of Steel. I believe I would pass. I think I would kill my parents and run over them a couple of times for naming me that.

    • He has a brother called Leggie Screwdriver.

      • LOL

  14. From what i read about script & part of the plot of the film, Tom Welling would be the best choice imo. If not him, than id like to see Brandon Routh have 2nd go around.

    • what did you read exactly about the script, cause nothing has come out other then speculation, there are few ideas being batted around but nothing is solid, I say just like Routh and Welling find some one new and get movieing,lol, but there should be , No whinning, no kid, no peeping tom,No Crying , and honestly no ORIGIN, PLEASE everybody on the planet knows Superman’s story he is one of the most recognized characters in the world, so please just move on to the story and get supes out there taking on a threat that only he can stop not something one of the guys from csi can stop.

      • Well, considering there have been numerous reports about the script being rushed into production due to the upcoming lawsuit, repeated mentions of it not being anywhere near ready to film, the fact that they hired Zack Snyder because he agreed not to make any waves about the issues with the script, whereas several other far superior directors such as Ben Affleck and Aronofsky decided against pursuing the project because their own ideas were not welcome…

        They have pretty much confirmed it will be an origin story, most likey using Birthright as a jumping off point.

        So perhaps you can now understand why many of us here feel some trepidation concerning this project, for some us Superman is the greatest hero the world will ever know, and don’t want to see it messed up.

      • @ Loco Lobo

        Ideas for the script have been Superman in his early years & traveling the world wondering if he can help people without his Superman persona. Villains however still up in the air as Brainiac & Lex are being considered. In a way, the film kinda seems like Superman Returns without our hero having a kid & being absent for awhile from earth.

  15. Armie Hammer was at no point ever ever ever in conisderation to play Superman, he was cast as Batman in George Miller’s aborted Justice League movie!!!

    Oh yeah, casting John Hamm was one of the few things that could have made this film good, casting a young star is motivated only by making money, but why the hell can’t a 40 year old actor play Superman? No reason at all, if anyone still reads Superman, he doesnt look like a 20 something, he doesnt even look Tom Welling’s age, Superman looks like he is about 40. The character ages. He doesnt have to be young.

  16. I’v said all I can say on this topic….my first choice is welling….second is Routh…and actually saw matthew bomer at the golden globes and I think his look is good and he is taller than I thought…

  17. Tom Welling no doubt

  18. There have been many actors since the 40′s who rocked the cape but what I’m becoming more interested in at this stage is; How does Superman returns fit into the movie continuity and will the plot points (which should drastically change a lot of things for Kent and Lane) from it be dealt with in this new version?

  19. I just want Jon Hamm to do a comedy skit on SNL being a middle aged Superman that would be funny as hell…

  20. The only way I’d want Tom Welling or Brandon Routh in this movie would be as a cameo of a couple of bystanders who get killed by the main villan. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Clark Kent/Kal-El = Billy Crudup
    Lois Lane = Lena Headey
    Martha Kent = Carla Gugino,
    Jonathan Kent = Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    Morgan Edge = Ty Burrell
    Emmet Vale = Vincent Regan
    John Corben = Michael Fassbender
    Perry White = Stephen Mchattie
    Jimmy Olson = Jim Sturgess
    Lex Luthor = Patrick Wilson
    Eve Teschmacher = Christina Hendricks
    Brainiac = Dominic West

    They’ve all got comic movie cred or have worked with Snyder…hmmm…

  21. I dont understand why this superhero stuff is just for young people. A young mans game? that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why cant we get a movie version of the punisher when he’s 60? (Steven Segal) Enough with trying to please these young kids who dont know what a good movie is. This industry is going to hell, and Snyder will take us there.

  22. Pretty sure Billy Crudup is shorter than me….oh, by the way I am 5ft 9inches…


  24. Zachary Levi for Clark Kent