Three Actresses in Talks for Superman: Man of Steel Lead; Not Lois Lane [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 23rd, 2013 at 4:03 pm,

[Update: The character Pike, Kruger and Eve are vying for is none other than Ursa, the Kryptonian villainess.]

Casting rumors for Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Superman: Man of Steel continue to roll out of Hollywood.

Today we’re getting word that Snyder has narrowed down his list of potential actresses for the female lead in Man of Steel – a female lead that is not Lois Lane.

Despite rumors and speculation surrounding a-list actresses, such as Olivia Wilde and Rachel McAdams, Variety is reporting that Warner Bros. is looking to cast lesser-known talent for the part – so as to not overshadow there new Superman, Henry Cavill.

While it’s still unknown what character (either old or new) the leading lady will play, the studio has reportedly narrowed the field down to three actresses – Diane Kruger, Rosamund Pike, and Alice Eve.

Check out the candidates below:

Diane Kruger is probably the most well known of the three, though she’s hardly a household name. Fans will recognize Kruger as Bridget von Hammersmark in Inglourious Basterds, leading lady Abigail Chase in both National Treasure films, as well as Helen of/in Troy.

Similarly, Rosamund Pike has had significant parts in a number of well known films including Maggie (Bruce Willis’ wife) in Surrogates and Bond Girl Miranda Frost in Die Another Day.

Alice Eve is likely the least familiar of the potential leading ladies with only a starring turn as Molly in the recent comedy She’s Out of My League to put her on moviegoers’ radar. That said, audiences will be seeing her soon as Emily in the Edgar Allan Poe/Detective mash-up The Raven starring John Cusack.

All three actresses have proven they’ve got what it takes to take the lead in a high-profile film but Diane Kruger is certainly the easiest to see headlining an enormous, high-stakes production like Superman: Man of Steel but, given the studio’s interest in a starlet that doesn’t outshine Cavill, could her resume actually hurt her chances?

Of course the biggest question remains: who will the winner play? Since the upcoming Superman film will focus on “the early days of Superman” it’s certainly possible we could see high school sweetheart Lana Lang – who was featured prominently in both Superman III as well as the CW’s Smallville. That said, since the filmmakers seem to be taking a fresh approach to the film franchise it’s hard to imagine they’d rely on the same plot line as the recent TV series – with Lois inevitably overtaking Lana.

There’s always Lori Lemaris but working in the whole mermaid angle might be a bit convoluted for a franchise reboot – especially one executive produced by Christopher Nolan. Could Snyder take Nolan’s cue and create a non-canon love interest for the Man of Steel, similar to Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins? Whatever lady-character Snyder is casting, choosing to focus on a pre-Lois Lane female lead is a smart move on Snyder’s part – similar to what Marc Webb and Nolan did with their superhero love interests. Not only will it help differentiate this Superman picture from the Reeve and Routh projects, it’ll also give the filmmakers somewhere to go in future films.

Of course, it’s also possible that the female lead won’t be a love interest at all. Maybe Snyder will choose to follow in Bryan Singer’s footsteps and cast the leading lady as Superman’s daughter… from the future… or something.

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Superman: Man of Steel is targeting a December 2012 release date.

Source: Variety

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  1. get a latino or a black chick that would stir up some chaos ha!

    • Ha ha! Ain’t that the truth!!!

      • that’s kinda racist guys

        • Actually (and I hope I’m not mistaken) my impression is that their point is that there would be outcry over doing that sort of casting.


  2. Superman falling in love with Gabrielle union? oh sp&*!

  3. It has to be Lana, I mean who else could it be then?
    So far they are following the same path as Spider-Man.
    British actor playing the hero and not the main love intrest of the character’s storyline. hmmmm

    If not Lana theneven more people will be upset I believe. and I really hope its not any of the three above.
    So far I dont like the casting.

    • I don’t mean to sound insulting, but you do know superman is an alien, right? If you’re grip is with a British actor portraying an American Icon, I’d concede your point, and consider it selfish. Is it wrong for a capable American actor to be denied a role based on a British character?
      If your grip has nothing to do with what I’ve mentioned, and is purely based on a dislike for the actors chosen, that is your right, and it will be respected.

      • agree. besides, sherlock holmes is being played by the very American Mr Downy Jr

  4. What tha hell?

  5. If this is early Superman than Lana makes sense. As long as they make her less whiney than Kristen Kreuk’s Lana ;)

  6. The only actress out of the three that I wouldn’t mind would be Diane Kruger, I only know her from Troy, but I’m really just going by looks. As long as none of them are playing Lois i really couldn’t care less.

    Now as a die hard Superman fan I really don’t want to see another love interest. That would infuriate me. I want Lois, she has to appear in this film. Lois and Clark go along better than peanut butter and jelly. This movie will be ruined if they create another love interest. Doing that with Batman is fine since Bruce is a playboy. Clark is a farm boy with morals. I really can’t see him with anyone other than Lois and not feel like its just completely wrong.

    But they never said anything about being another love interest. Maybe she works at the Daily Planet along with Lois and Clark. This leading lady could play Cat Grant or maybe a villain, maybe Lex’s secretary/sidekick like in Superman: The Animated Series. The possibilities are endless. These would bring something new in the Superman films.

    I don’t know, I am just hoping it’s not a love interest because then this would start to lessen my interest in this film. They’ve made all the right moves so far so I hope they don’t let me and the other fans down now.


  7. Rosamund Pike was my thought for Lois after Henry was cast.
    After seeing her in Pride And Prejudice I imagined her
    for many roles she was never considered for
    and I did not expect to see this.

    While not Lois, maybe Lana, she would
    be a great casting for a love interest
    for Henry Cavill’s Superman.

    Rosamund is a fine actress, quite lovely, and
    curiously more unknown than she deserves.

  8. I’m not going to assume they aren’t casting Lois Lane. However it would be bold, and might mean Snyder will have the balls to NOT put Lex Luthor in the movie (which I’d be happy about).


    • No Lois? No Lex? Why even bother? It isn’t Superman without them. It would be like having Batman without Gorden or Alfred.

      • No lex would be fantastic. Unfortunately if its an early superman I thinkt theyll go with him. You dont need lex, there are far worse villains for him to fight. A big screen doomsday maybe? Take those three books and make em a trilogy! Death, world without, and return

        • Lex was part of the doomsday/death of Superman story.
          I’m not saying he should be as portrayed as the other films. Really mix it up, make Lex President of The United states.

  9. Supergirl? They are all blonde.

  10. She’s a newby; the character, that is. As I recall, Snyder originally spoke of a Superman who basically globetrotted while he tried to decide whether he truly was a hero, let alone a superhero. And since we know Nolan likes to shake things up, blaze his own path with the comics (as only he could get away with doing), this is a completely new character who takes him a completely (for the moment) non-canonical romantic adventure in Africa or the Amazon or something.

    Unless it’s Chloe.

    • That would be kind of cool if one of them turned out to be Chloe but since she is not in Superman stuff except for Smallville that probably wont happen. Still a cool idea, but the Lana instead of Lois is also a good idea. Favorite outta these 3 is Alice Eve.

  11. Any chance we will see Supergirl in the movie – I could see Alice Eve as pretty good choice for her.

  12. “choosing to focus on a pre-Lois Lane female lead is a smart move on Snyder’s part … Not only will it help differentiate this Superman picture from the Reeves and Routh projects, it’ll also give the filmmakers somewhere to go in future films.”

    Um, unfortunately this doesn’t differentiate it from Smallville. I can’t imagine even Smallville fans would be happy with that. In fact, I think they would be the angriest at the movie retreading Smallville ground.

    Head desk.

    All I wanted. All I ever wanted from this movie, was to finally MOVE ON. That’s why I supported the “old guys” Jon Hamm and Joe M.

    I am already unhappy with the word that Lex Luthor will be back. I really don’t need to see Clark’s Smallville romantic smoozing days. And I don’t want to sit through a future movie with the triangle of Clark pining for Lois, who is pining for Superman. That ceased to be interesting 20 years ago. It is painfully dumb. Just start Clark and Lois as a couple and MOVE ON.

  13. It’s Lana, for sure is her. Who els it would be?… Right? It’s looking more like spider man reboot, and Im loving it :) this SUPERMAN movie is going to be awsome!.

    • But that describes a Smallville remake. I will be seriously angry if this movie is a Smallville remake.

  14. Its gonna be Cat Grant, Chloe, or Supergirl…I mean those r the only blondes in Superman, most likely Cat. I kind of hope it turns out to be Chloe even though she’s only in Smallville

    • Is Kate Bosworth who played lois in superman returns blonde, she just dyed it dark for the movie

      • Chole isnt actually Dc cannon, its smallville cannon and she was only recently introduced into the comicsso , Id say a big no way on Chole.
        Now i could see Lana and there is no way she is Supergirl, thats just dumb, this is the first movie in the new franchise and there is now way taht they would take the spot light off the main Character to have Supergirl.

        I cant see Cat Grant either she doesn’t enter Clarks like until much later and its after Lois and Clark meet.

        I think we will be seeing a unique character ala Rachel Dawes or Lana Lang

        • Lana isnt a unique character though, not like Rachel, who was just created for the movies.

  15. I just read Clint Morris’ article (click my name), where he says:

    “Things are changing every day on that movie – things changed a lot when a British Superman was cast. What’s happening here is the filming location may be dictating the casting. Did you notice none of those girls you just mentioned are Americans? I don’t think it’s got as much to do with them not wanting to overshadow Superman,

    So, right now, here’s what we know :

    - There’s a female lead up for grabs.
    - A number of actresses, both known (Rachel McAdams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kristen Stewart) and unknown (Dianna Agron, Kristina Anapau) have tested/met about the film at one point over the past few weeks.
    - The fact that a British actor has been cast as Superman, and further, that the movie mightn’t be filming in the U.S, is starting to dictate the casting of the female lead.

    • d’oh forgot the link:

    • And this is from Moviehole:

      A contact at Warner Bros says that although they “haven’t read the script” they are aware that “Things are changing every day on that movie – things changed a lot when a British Superman was cast. What’s happening here is the filming location may be dictating the casting. Did you notice none of those girls you just mentioned are Americans?”.

      That’s right. Good point. Could it mean that tax incentives and Cavill’s casting have persuaded Snyder and the studio to both do the film in the UK with a British or European actress?”

      Did anyone here follow the news / development of the Justice League movie that was going to be made in Australia? These stories send chills up my spine, because they are EXACTLY like the stories we got before the Justice League movie imploded. Remember Superman Lives? That movie spent like $60 million in development before it imploded. Both films had cast, costumes, tons of pre-production work done. Even Superman : Flyby came close to being made, and imploded when they moved the filming from Canada to Australia.

      I have a serious feeling in my gut that this movie may not happen.

  16. Cat Grant would be a great choice to add to this movie. Think about you you have a young Clark Kent showing up in Metropolis, he goes to his first day a the Daily Planet and meets 2 strong women who couldn’t be more different. Lois being deep and cares about right and wrong. Then there’s Cat who is shallow and only cares about herself. What would really set this movie apart would be to show what Superman does for a failing Daily Planet so casting the workers of the Planet would be great.
    Anton Yelchin for Jimmy Olsen I mean look at him he’s perfect for it.

  17. So it will be Lana Lang.

    This is ridiculous. It’s just going to be Smallville the Movie, and I love that show but I’ve spent a decade watching it and don’t want to see it repeated in a new film.

    What next? No Daily Planet? No Jimmy Olsen? No Cape?

    • totally agree with you. i’ve watched smallville from the start and i was sick of Lana by the end of season 2 and rejoiced when she could never be around clark in season 8. Sure she might be his first love, but, I was really looking forward to some actually doing a good job of Lois Lane in a super-man film. As I don’t feel anyone has really portrayed her very well (that doesn’t mean some have done a good job just not up to par) both in films and tv.

      I think its crap that they think a new Lois would overshadow the new superman. that’s just a lame excuse. Snyder is not my favourite director by far…and he’s starting to live up to my expectations with this crapy move to cut Lois Lane out of the film.

  18. I think it would be great if it was Lana Lang. Look it doesn’t have to be Smallville: The Movie. Back in Pre-Crisis Superman Lana and Lois were both fighting over Superman’s affections. If this film portrays a young Superman, Lana would be the logical choice to me.

  19. If the story is really “the early days of Supes as he wanders the world, learning about himself, his powers and helping people” then the girl could be anyone.

    A new worldly character of non-caucasian origin would be more fitting. My question is: If this isn’t an origin pic., will Smallville exist at all?

  20. They keep saying it isnt based on any comic (which is a bad idea considering the thousands of Superman stories they could have adapted, because of course Hollywood script writers always know best, throwing out nearly a century worth of stories in favour of something they cooked up on a weekend), but everything I have heard sounds remarkably like the Birthright storyline.

    • I wish they would have done THE Earth ONE storyline its a great story , Birthright is good as well, I think we will be seeing another “NOLAN MADE FOR THE MOVIE GIRLFRIEND”

      However I’ll say this they are scaring the CRAP out of me, this is sounding like a ship with out a rudder, I honestly dont understand what the hell is going on, maybe the franchise is cursed, cause if its me I would have said this “look we havent had a successful Superman movie since the 80′s, what we need is a sure fire hit so this is what i purpose, 1st we get Zack Synder who is the best at translating comics to film and then lets pick one of his best selling stories “BIRTHRIGHT or EARTH ONE ” (earth one is currently on the best sellers list)and have him make that movie for us !!!! Fans Happy CHECK, Studio makes money CHECK , A GREAT SUPER MOVIE : CHECK CHECK CHECK !!!!!!

      • I would have been happy with Earth One, at least it is a slightly different origin story, these people have no idea what they are doing, I’m not aa huige fan of Snyder’s style but at least he knows how to adapt a comic straight onto the screen. They need to pick one and just use that, not go making up stories and possibly characters.

  21. Even though at this point its unlikely i’ll see this reboot, but Maybe Synder should cast someone to play Maxima the Warrior Queen. Just a idea.

  22. If their’s no Lois there will be gallons of blood at the WB studio. . .

    • naaaa

  23. Does the “leading lady” term have to imply a romantic tie-in? The actress chosen could wind up being his cousin Supergirl, and there could be a more sisterly approach to the relationship.

    • I was thinking the same when I saw that they were all blond. They could also be looking for some one to play Lara.

    • But for Lois Lane I like to see Jennifer Love Hewitt playing Clark’s fiance.

      • I dont think this is the first time that you have brought up Jennifer Love Hewitt. I may be wrong but I could swear you commented on a similar article and you answered with JLH. Either way, stop it. Please.

    • That hadn’t occurred to me at all. But it makes sense.

      And Kruger would make an awesome Supergirl!

  24. I just don’t care anymore how about another Brit.How about Zoe Saldana as Lois this movie is already going to be CRAP!

    • What justifies that statement? Have you seen the movie yet? I didn’t think so…

      • I’m curious as to why there would be an issue with a brit playing Superman or another character. Do the same people who have this issue have an issue with Bale (Walesh) playing Batman/Bruce Wayne?

        • I know I may shock some who have seen my other arguments and stances on race in casting, but I’m not as big on ethnicity. Ethnicity and race are two separate issues, even though they are often related.
          If a character’s American, I don’t care if the actor playing him/her isn’t American, so long as they do a good job and fit the role.
          It doesn’t bother me if Captain America isn’t played by an American actor.
          It doesn’t bother me that Bale’s Welsh and playing Batman.
          If the filmmakers want to cast American for an American character, that’s fine by me, too, if — again — they choose the right actor. I wouldn’t want them saying No to a guy who’s not American just because he’s not American.

          • Superman isn’t even from Earth so I don’t see why he needs to be American. Look at the current Spider-Man and Batman. I say go for the actor who can pull off the role.

            • @ Jennifer Joseph

              For years people viewed Superman as american & we all know how he was raised and knows about more about american values. Even though he’s the ultimate immigrate, he’s mostly known to be more american known.

  25. This could be an interesting twist — it could also be just a rumor or intentionally misleading information.

    Not sure why everyone automatically thinks it will be a Smallville remake if the lead is Lana — kind of an absurd conclusion.

    I’m hoping that perhaps she ties in to the villian role.

    • Maybe because they will be covering ground already done to death in Smallville, we all know Clark Kent will never end up with Lana Lang, he is destined to be with Lois Lane, bring the character of Lana into the movie is going to make it seem like Smallville, especially as this is going to be an origin story.

      • And yet, if they did decide to put Lois Lane in this, regardless of the fact that every screen version of Superman has had Lois, I believe it could easily be done in a fresh way — now Lana only truly has the stigma of Smallville (generally only small parts in other stories)– wouldn’t take much to break away from one interpretation of a character, especially one portrayed largely as a teenager on a series full of angsty CW schtick. I believe this movie will have a much more grown-up approach which will already differentiate any characters from Smallville.

        • Grown up? Snyder? I doubt that very much.

          • Keep doubting but Snyder doesnt really spell “kids movie” or “chic flick”. Not sure where your going here Sam. With movies like 300 and Watchmen under his belt Snyder is on his way to a big hit with Superman. And, yes, in case you are not sure, those are “grown up” movies. :)

  26. If its a female lead and it os not Lois than you can bet that it is Lana. Superman is probably trying to take on the same path as the Spiderman reboot by not casting the the Superhero’s primamry love interest in the first film. Fresh approach I guess, but with Superman you kind of need Lois, so I still think that she should be introduced in the film (assuming that they do go the Lana route).

    Of the 3 actresses though go with Diane Kruger. She has proven her talents and is drop dead gorgeous this to me is a no brainer

    • “similar to what Marc Webb and Nolan did with their superhero
      love interests.”

      Wait, did I read that right? Are you say Gwen Stacy is NOT the primary love interest for Spidey?

    • Ummm, wrong buddy. Why would they have three blond actresses up for the Lana role? She’s not a shoo-in..she’s just one of the two more popular women in Superman. I’m thinking more like Supergirl or a villain. Seeing Diane Kruger play a villain would be badass.

  27. Just my two cents, I’d enjoy seeing an actress cast as Lois who would outshine Cavill. Lois should be daunting and bold while Clark is more subdued and, well, farmboy-ish. It doesn’t mean Cavill won’t hold his own, just that it should be a true challenge, not a waif he’ll run right over the top of. (Sorry Kate.)

    I’m guessing whoever the actress is, she’ll play a lead and not *the* lead?

    • Lois should be an intimidating character, certainly to Clark, she is a powerful and forceful woman, unlike anyone he has ever met, which I’m sure is part of why he fell in love with her.

      • That’s what makes her legendary…

  28. Ok this is just a thought, but Couldn’t the story have something to do with Supergirl or perhaps Supermans Mother. Both have/had Blonde hair, Diane Kruger & Rosamund Pike could play The Mother Role, and Alice Eve would be a Beautiful Supergirl.

  29. If there is no Lois Lane then I won’t be going to see this reboot.

    • Good, more room for me!