‘Man of Steel 2′ Script Already in the Works?

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Superman logo S Man of Steel 2 Script Already in the Works?

Former Screen Rant writer Jamie Williams is dropping a big exclusive over at his site Think McFly Think. Word is that Warner Bros. is so impressed with the early results of Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, that they’re already looking ahead toward getting the balling rolling on a sequel.

Specifically, the studio is said to have commissioned some high-profile writers to begin scripting the story to Man of Steel 2, and we’ve got word on who is doing the job.

This news will surely come as a surprise to some (and a promising omen to others); there has been a lot of debate raging about the approach that Snyder and Co. are taking with Man of Steel. It looks more and more like the film will deliver a slightly tweaked version of Superman – possibly (read: very likely) reflecting the recent changes to the character that have been made during DC Comics’ “New 52″ launch, a recent reboot of its comic book universe in which classic superheroes have been retooled for modern times (and better aligned with the multimedia agenda of DC Entertainment).

As for the writers who have been tapped to pen the early draft of the Man of Steel sequel: we’ve posted a list of names below (courtesy of TMT), with a few of their writing credits:

A talented pool of writers who will each have a chance to show their stuff in some upcoming blockbuster films.

Man of Steel will be in production until early next year, and will then undergo another year’s worth of post-production effects work and marketing before it finally lands in theaters in the summer of 2013. The script for the film was concocted by David S. Goyer and Chris Nolan, so needless to say, expectations are high for this one. If TMT‘s sources inside Warner Bros. are right, then it sounds like Zack Snyder and his cast of talented actors – including Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane – have met those expectations.

Henry Cavill Compares Man of Steel to The New 52 Superman Man of Steel 2 Script Already in the Works?

Cavill as Superman & the "New 52" version of Supes.

Of course, most of the weight of the film will rest on the shoulders of Henry Cavill, who plays Superman/Clark Kent. Cavill’s off to a go start, though, as his Greek Myth epic Immortals came in number one at the box office during its opening weekend. Out of many criticisms some people leveled at that film, Cavill’s acting wasn’t really one of the more echoed complaints. Good sign?

We’ll find out for sure once Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013

No word on when, specifically, Warner Bros. hopes to get Man of Steel 2 in theaters.

Be sure to check out our Man of Steel Image Gallery for a look at how production on the film is coming along.

Source: TMT

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  1. …Very good indeed

  2. Take note JJ and Star Trek producers

  3. Now, can a Wonder Woman movie catch up now….

  4. This reminds me a lot of Green Lantern when WB was so impressed with the movie that they were moving ahead with the sequel before the movie arrived… look how that turned out!

    • I have to agree with aAa. I’ve heard this story before. The only difference is that I trust the talents of Nolan and Goyer when they join forces. Having just seen Immortals, I think Cavill will be a great Superman. Having said that, just because WB execs like what they see doesn’t necessarily mean I will. I have enormously high hopes though!!!

      • Man of Steel actors > Green Lantern actors

    • This is pretty much exactly what I was going to say. -Even though I am one of those rare individuals who still enjoyed Green Lantern. I thought it was GREAT! -Flawed, yes, but not terrible.

      • Agreed. GL was flawed, but no where near as terrible as everyone says on message boards.

    • Yeah it didn’t turn out too good did it? But Green Lantern didn’t have Nolan or Snyder’s talents associated with it either. So you’re kinda sunk there with that reasoning my friend.

      • Don’t get me wrong I’m in no way judging how MOS is going to turn out… It does have Nolan involved which is something GL didn’t! But still I’m not going to fall into the hype that the movie is going to be awesome just because they are already planning a sequel. I’ll wait for the film before I reserve judgment!

  5. Warner Bros. is just not talking up sequel plans in this case.
    If in fact they are hiring writers of this caliber at this
    stage that proves they like what they are seeing
    and that indeed bodes well for Man Of Steel.

  6. June 2013. Man that’s a long way off…

    • Must ppl keep reminding us every time lol -__-

      • Sorry, I can’t help it. :)

  7. Let’s not forget that Warner Bros. has a terrible track record of initiating sequels based on being “impressed with the early results” of dailies and rough-cuts. This is from wikipedia’s entry on the production of BATMAN & ROBIN:

    “During the filming of “Batman & Robin”, Warner Bros. was impressed with the dailies, prompting them to immediately hire Joel Schumacher to return as director for a sequel…In late 1996, Warner Bros. and Schumacher hired Mark Protosevich to write the script for a fifth Batman film. A projected mid-1999 release date was announced. Titled “Batman Triumphant,” Protosevich’s script had the Scarecrow as the main villain. Through the use of his fear toxin, he resurrects the Joker as a hallucination in Batman’s mind. Harley Quinn appeared as a supporting character, written as the Joker’s daughter. George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell were set to reprise the roles of “Batman and Robin.” ”

    Perhaps WB should wait until, at the least, a test screening or two of “Man of Steel” before throwing money at a sequel.

    Of course, entering pre-production on ‘Man of Steel 2′ could simply be the same thing DC Comic’s ‘New 52′ and the remaking of ‘Action Comics’ and ‘Superman’ was all about – Strengthening Time Warner’s legal position against and apply more pressure to the Seigel & Shuster Estates to end the current lawsuits all parties are still entangled in. A movie and comic book continuity that can be undone is peanuts when a trillion dollar global asset is being held-up in court.

    • Good stuff.

  8. How can Steve Kloves be a good idea ? He destroyed the HP trademark…

  9. They did the same thing for Green Lantern. Look how that ended up.

  10. The only company that has the right to plan sequels is MARVEL….

    • See The Dark Knight, Superman 2

      See Spider-man 3, Iron Man 2, Fantastic Four 2, Punisher War Zone, X-Men Last Stand.

      • Don’t forget Blade: Trinity and Elektra

      • Al the movies you mentioned were not produced by marvel,except for Iron Man 2….
        Iron Man 1/2, the incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America and the upcoming Avengers movie were produced by Marvel.
        These movies have been extremely successful, while DC currently has only 1 character (Batman) that has success on the big screen.

        • I’m so tired of that response. When the movie starts, what is the logo that flashes? Marvel. Don’t be naive. They still are involved with the project, so “not being produced by Marvel” does not absolve them.

          • lol, it has NOTHING to do with being naive and I would suggest doing your research. They sold the rights to those characters lock stock and barrel. This gives the owners leeway to do WHATEVER they want with the characters, good or bad (mostly bad). Marvel sadly has absolutely no input or creative control in the projects.

            Marvel doesn’t even get a “cut” of the profits because they were already paid off. They are based on Marvel characters however so the producers are obligated to use the Marvel logo and probably want it for the name recognition.

            So yes, Marvel is absolved of anything not produced by Marvel.

            • ^What Mongoose said (Couldn’t have said it better myself)

              Although… Mongoose, you are wrong on on account: Marvel did actually have some input with ONE of Fox’s movies… (guess which one it was)… X-Men First Class (the most successful X-Men movie so far) — guess they should get Marvel to have some input more often ;)

              • this wrong Marvel studio was not involved with X-Men First Class only FOX Studio

                • Er… no ;)
                  They WERE creatively involved in the making of X-Men: First Class, and they are also involved with Amazing Spider-Man, but other than those two movies, Marvel has NEVER had any creative input into the X-Men movies, the FF movies, the Blade movies, the Daredevil movie, etc.

            • Do some research? What exactly did I say that was incorrect? Marvel has input in the movies. Marvel guys are listed as producers. What am I missing?

              • Just because there’s a Marvel logo doesn’t mean they had any input into the film.
                Paramount has it’s name listed as producer in The Avengers, yet it’s being produced by Disney, no?

                Just because you’re a producer, doesn’t mean you get to control the movie, or have ANY input into the making of it.

                Just curious: in which specific movie did you see Marvel’s name listed as producer?

                  • What does it matter at this point? XMFC was awesome no matter who had “creative input”.

        • but Batman beats all of marvel movies

    • The Dark Knight was a pretty awesome sequel. (Can’t think of another awesome DC sequel though…)
      So yeah, other than TDK, your statement does seem pretty bulletproof ;)

      • Superman 2

  11. you know what I’d like to see in Man of Steel 2? Brainiac as the main villain (and the final fight is the Lex-Brainiac fusion from the season finale of JLU season 1). I’d also like to see bizarro, but they’d really have to change him up. they’d probably go with a switched up version of Red Son Bizarro, just a deformed superman clone.

  12. Green Lantern… Nuff said.

  13. GL was my first thought too.
    Is Suckerpuch also getting a sequel?

  14. I think there are 2 failry safe assumptions with comic movies going forward:
    (1) they will be in 3D
    (2) they will have discussions of sequels before the first movie gets to post-production

  15. Here’s an idea. How about Warner Brothers NOT counting their Chickens BEFORE they are hatched. Just saying.

  16. Never hurts to get something started in case but from what I’ve seen/heard about MoS thus far, I’m not personally impressed.

  17. What’s with all these studios making plans for sequels BEFORE the actual movie is released???

    We all know the Green Lantern thing pretty much bombed, I’m still on the fence about the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, but now Man Of Steel as well? — that movie is still more than a year and a half away form release! – and they already have plans for a sequel! *Sigh*

    On the other hand, I guess it is good to plan ahead… (Something which marvel unfortunately didn’t do with Iron Man: they stared with IM2′s script in 2009 and on top of that, it had a very short pre-production as well… and that, among other things, is why it failed — they only had about 5 months to write AND plan the movie before they started filming! :()

    Guess now we’ll just have to hold thumbs and hope ASM(1) and MoS(1) doesn’t fall flat on their faces in 2012 and 2013.
    If it does, both studios lose quite a lot of money…

  18. Well with GL wasn’t the early sequel plans just that? Early plans that should they decide to make a sequel things would already be laid out for it.

    Here they are saying they like the early footage, footage I hope we get to see for Comic con 2012. With the exception of Travis Beacham they are eyeing some good writers.

    It’s time for DC Entertainment to get serious with their movies and bring the fight to Marvel, starting with MOS and then trying again after with another lesser known DC hero (The Flash maybe).

    • The Flash? Pass. He makes as much sense as Aquaman having his own show.

      • If they do it right it can work. It’s either him or Wonder Woman.

  19. The comic book movie BUBBLE has to burst sometime…..

    • ^
      Pessimist alert!
      Pessimist alert!
      - JK ;)

      But seriously, come on dude, instead of waiting for this wonderful genre (comic book movies) to fail, we should all support it and keep our hopes high.

      If they continue to make good/great comic book movies, why would the “bubble burst”?
      People love these movies (in moderation), they are financially viable, it is a way of introducing comic books (and characters) to the new generation, and they’re all-in-all just plain GREAT entertainment.

      Comic book movies have been holding strong for more than 12 years! (I don’t think they’ll stop making them anytime soon my friend ;))

      • I’m not sure how financially viable they are, given the massive budgets, and that most would have to make $600 million to be considered a true success.

        I think the bubble will burst, your average movie fan doesn’t watch comic book movies, most of my friends wouldn’t dream of it. Although they did all enjoy First Class, that’s because it was the best CBM of the past 10 years.

        • Er? What?
          How was The Dark Knight, Iron Man or Batman Begins WORSE than X-Men First Class? — all three of them were MUCH better (IMO and in the opinion of critics, fans AND the general movie goers).

          MOST comic book movies have a budget of about $150 million – and considering the fact that most of em’ make about $300mil to $500mil in the box-office alone, I would wager they are pretty financially viable ;)

          Also, Iron Man 1 made less than $600 million, yet still, it’s considered to be one of the most successful movies of recent times…

          Maybe your friends don’t watch comic book movies (maybe they think they’re too ‘cool’ for that or whatever)… but I can ASSURE you, AT LEAST 65% of the audiences who watch these movie aren’t comic book fans. They are ordinary people who want some entertainment (and that’s exactly what they get).

          I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but wherever you got your information from… I think you should do some serious rethinking, because most of what you just said is completely untrue.

          Once again, no disrespect meant.

          • You’re also forgetting marketing, so add another 100 mil to you 150 – 200 mil budget and you’re almost at to 300. I would also disagree with the 65%, most of all my friends who are movie buffs don’t really care for comic films, and that’s not cause they’re “too cool” they just like different style films.

            • When I said a budget of $150mil, it included everything (even marketing). Of course, I did say “a budget of about $150mil”, so sure, there is some variation (i.e. I’m sure there are a few CMB with a budget of $200mil).
              But like “avatar_popco” said, if the movies weren’t making money, do you really think they would continue to make them?
              Plus, I said “box-office alone”, which means, in addition to the +/- $400mil, they also get loads of money from the DVD releases, toys, etc. Which could very likely add another $200mil to their profit.

              And still, even if YOUR friends or ‘DrSamBeckett’s’ friends don’t watch CBM, doesn’t mean that ordinary movie goers don’t ;) — there is a reason these movies tend to dominate the box-office: people go to see them, and I’m sure there aren’t enough comic-book fans in the world to fill up cinemas every week.

              I present you with this question: if normal people don’t go to see these movies, do you think they would continue to make them?

          • I know when I go, it’s 50/50 split. I’m a fan…my wife isn’t. But she usually always enjoys the movies. Most the time, she likes them more since I’m nitpicking at every little detail.

          • Maybe Iron Man and The Dark Knight were better, but all the sites I’ve read, First Class is more well recieved and better liked than Batman Begins. And while Iron Man was clearly more financially succesfull, most of the reviews, critical and everyman, found First Class a better film as far as story went. At least the ones Ive read.

            Plus if most CBMs were not making money for the studios, I am fairly certain the studios would stop making them. It wouldnt take long for a studio to go broke if they kept pumping out movies which cost in the hundreds of millions to make and they werent making any returns.

    • I hope you are partially right; I hope BAD comic book movies (Elektra, Cat Woman, etc…) will go away and good comic book movies (X-Men: FC, Iron Man, Batman Begins, etc…) will continue to be made.

      On MoS sequel, I have been on of the ones who had trepidation about MoS, and I still do. Hopefully WB doing this means the film will actually be the epic Supes movie we’ve been wanting for some time, but until I can see footage, my worry-meter is still ringing.

  20. Bad movies need to get made in order for the good ones to shine. You can appreciate a good movie way more when it stands out from all the crap. Bad movies have and always will be made, it’s the good ones that stand the test of time.

  21. Considering the many concerns over Man Of Steel and the 50-50 chances of it being a substantial success, i think it’s best put any expectations for a sequel on hold.

    Superman2, Batman Returns and Blade 2 were all equally as good comic book sequels as Dark Knight was, perhaps even better.

    • Are you serious with that nonsense? How does Blade 2 or Returns even come close to TDK?

      • I agree with lebsta. TDK is very dark and brooding while Blade 2 and Batman Returns had tons of action. For me, at least, TDK was not very rewatchable.

  22. I think it is a bad idea to start working on the script for the sequel before the first movie is even finished. I’m a fan of the anticipation. I do hate waiting, but the longer I wait for a film, the more excited I get. The more the excitement builds and builds, the more I want to see the film. When opening day comes, if I have the urge to stab someone for tickets, then the studio built the anticipation for that film correctly. If I actually stab someone, the studio perfected the process (this has not yet happened). As much as I lack patience, I’d always prefer waiting for a superb sequel than getting a hurried mediocre film.

  23. LUTHOR!!

  24. Just what I wanted to hear. AWESOME!!! Seriously can’t wait! :)

  25. If they’re already planning a sequel to MOS, I guess we can assume that Superman survives Zod’s attack in the first film. Talk about a spoiler!

  26. its a good time to be a superman fan right now .. i liked green lantern my gf loved it and she use to hate watching comic book movies .. but after i showed her bb,tdk,iron man she has been more open minded on the super hero genre …was saw green lantern and xmen fc the same night and she did not like xmen … i thought it was ok but better then the ratner,singer movies … i hated superman returns but she liked it .. the only reason i own that movie is because i love superman and the oldones while they may be classis are pretty much un watcable now to me … i think snyder,goyer,nolan and the all star cast they have put together will finally do us superman fans right .. i do wish the superman suit was red on the side instead of yellow .. but well see how it looks on screen ..

  27. MoS looks interesting but already hiring people to make the sequel is silly for a movie that’s still a year & a half away.

  28. I still have very high hopes for this movie. Snyder showed me in Watchmen that he could direct a super hero movie and do it justice. He showed me in Sucker Punch that he can handle the special effects that will be needed to show the strength of Superman. If the story and acting are there this movie will be a homerun.

  29. WOW ! …that was fast sequel for Man of Steel, hopefully we see new villains.