Why Zod Is A Good Villain for Superman ‘Man of Steel’

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Superman vs  Zod by Weier1138 Why Zod Is A Good Villain for Superman Man of Steel

Now that Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon has been cast as General Zod in Man of Steel – Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot film – the Interwebs have been ablaze with the usual impassioned reactions, which encompass the typical range of “I hate it!” “I love it!” and “Meh.”

The biggest complaint – the one that has some fans making all sorts of dramatic/hyperbolic declarations -  is that the inclusion of Zod in Man of Steel essentially turns this reboot – which is supposed to offer a ‘different take on Superman‘ – into a rehash of Richard Donner/Richard Lester’s 1980 Superman II film, in which Zod was also the primary nemesis.

However, does the simple inclusion of Zod automatically mean that Man of Steel is somehow doomed to run circles around an already familiar track? Certainly not, and today we have a few ideas to offer about how this Superman reboot might employ the character to a much different effect than Donner’s film did.


Who Is Zod?

If you’re not familiar with the character of General Zod, he has a long history in the Superman comic book canon, dating back to the 1960s. His origins have been revised several times, and there many “alternate universe” versions of the character, but the latest incarnation (developed by famed DC scribe Geoff Johns and Richard Donner himself) paints Zod as a military general on Superman’s home planet of Krypton. Superman’s father, Jor-El, was working with another scientist named Non to uncover the planetary disturbance that would ultimately lead to Krypton’s destruction. When the Kryptonian government learned of Jor-El and Non’s doomsday theory, they sent Zod and his troops to shut down the research. Jor-El began working in secret on the rocket to save his son, Kal-El (Superman); Non, meanwhile, tried to spread word of Krypton’s impending doom and was punished by the government by having his brain tampered with, leaving him a mindless thug (as seen in Superman II).

When Zod and his lover Ursa (who we know is likely to be featured in Man of Steel) learned the truth of Non’s warnings and his unjust fate, they sided with the tortured scientist and tried to overthrow the Kryptonian government, earning all three rebels a death sentence. Not wanting to see the trio dead, Jor-El proposed they be exiled instead of executed, and so he trapped them in “The Phantom Zone,” a pocket dimension that Kryptonians used as a prison. Eventually the trio were set free on planet Earth, and gained their own Supermanesque powers from the planet’s yellow sun. Endowed with the strength of gods, Zod and his team seek to conquer Earth and get revenge on the son of Jor-El for their imprisonment.


Zod In Superman II

general zod2 Why Zod Is A Good Villain for Superman Man of Steel

In Superman II, General Zod was famously brought to life by actor Terence Stamp (see above) in a truly hammy performance that forever immortalized the saying “Kneel before Zod!” In Richard Donner/Richard Lester’s film, Superman/Clark Kent decided to give up his powers in order to reap the imagined rewards of a mortal life (read: marrying Lois Lane). When Zod and his cohorts showed up, Clark Kent realized that no matter what his heart may desire, there are certain threats in the universe that can only be stopped by Superman, forcing him to restore his powers in order to thwart Zod and ultimately serve the greater good.

This Superman II version of Zod was primarily used as an example of Superman’s own dark reflection – a suggestion that super-powered threats require a super-powered counter measure like Superman to deter them. Zod’s role in the film also reinforced a lot of the family themes that Donner and screenwriter Mario Puzo (The Godfather) started in Superman: The Movie – namely Superman’s father condemning Zod to prison in The Phantom Zone, and Zod’s subsequent views of Kal-El/Clark Kent based on his opinions of Jor-El, and what Jor-El stood for in the face of Krypton’s destruction.

General Zod in Man of Steel…

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  1. I totally agree.
    Zod is a perfect villain for the first film in a Reboot.

    • Nobody under 25 even knows who he is, so his one virtue “name value” doesn’t even exist for most of the target audience. So, they would have been better off with a more flashy and interesting villain.

      • …or, because of the very point YOU brought up (nobody under 25 knows him), Zod may, in fact, be the perfect villain to start the franchise for this generation…building up to even more epic conflicts in later films with other villains…

        • Or we would have better off skipping him, since he has no name value, and instead getting a more interesting villain.

          • …OR we could NOT skip him and make him the dangerous, REAL threat he’s been in recent comic book continuity and have a great Superman film.

            • Or we could save the effort and just replace him with a more interesting villain, since his name really has no value, and only drives people off at this point.

              • Not really. I had no idea who Zod was before reading this article. If he is really a villain who can match Superman blow for blow and make a great fight scene (FOR ONCE) I’m all for it. Bring on Zod and bring on the action for the “new generation” Superman!

                • So his name had no value to you, because you didn’t know who he was? Thanks for the confirmation.

                  • I think you mixed up the two comments above…

                    As for Zod, whether or not people know him, he has a great deal of potential in the first film in a new Superman franchise, so I’m all for him being in this.

      • People are going to see Superman, that is the only name the general public needs to be aware of, everything else is just part of the movie to them.

    • Thought you said, “first Reboot” LOL

  2. why bring up the TDK using the Joker. u forget TDK was a sequel to Batman Begins the first reboot and remember they used new villians that we never seen before. the reason why alot of people are upset is not because they dont want Zod but they dont want him just yet for the first reboot. alot of people wanted “Man of Steel” to have a fresh new villian and maybe introduce Zod in the future sequel.

    • The point was brought up at AICN. I’ll just quote that dude wholesale:

      People didn’t complain about Joker in TDK because we’d already seen Penguin, Catwoman, Two Face, The Riddler, Mr Freeze, Bane, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Ra’s Al Ghul and Zassz since the last time the clown prince was used.

      In Superman, we’ve seen Luthor and Zod. And we’ll be seeing Zod again in what is meant to be a fresh start. Even in the new Spider-Man we’re getting to see a villain we haven’t before. If Non and Ursula appear as well it will be truly deflating.

      • Don’t forget about the evil supercomputer and Superman sun clone! Oh wait, I guess those two are completely forgettable. :P

        But yes, that is my problem with using Zod and flunkies. Out of 5 superman movies all we have gotten (and will continue to get with the Man of Steel) is Lex and Zod. /Y A W N

        Superman is probably THE most widely known and venerable superhero on the planet and the best villains they can build a story around are these two??? Superman and the Franchise in general are better than that.

        Sure they might be able to make a visually superior and more action packed remake to Superman II but it is STILL a freaking remake! We want DIFFERENT dammit, not the same but improved.

  3. A battle between Zod and Superman could very well be epic, but the main thing holding that back? It’s a Hollywood studio behind it, but we’ll see if it lives up to its potential.

  4. Still not interested. =\ Maybe I’ll be more interested after seeing a trailer of some sort, but as of right now, Man of Steel isn’t on my radar.

    • Agreed. It is breaking my heart to be so blah about a Superman film.

  5. Zod should absolutely be the first villain (if not Lex). If anything, you use Zod to introduce the idea of Superman struggling with his human/Kryptonian identity in a grounded way like Zod, and THEN introduce more fantastical foes like Braniac and Doomsday or Darkseid once you’ve got the audience on board.

    Starting with a Space monsters or crazy computer villains with a bunch of sci-fi alien tech would NOT reconnect Superman to modern moviegoers. That’s more of a fanboy wish that I highly doubt the general public would support.

    • Very good stuff Kofi. I agree completely. People talk about Batman Begins with new foes opposite to Man of Steel reutilizing foes. I think it’s more about how you reach new audiences!

      Taking the Batman Begins example shows your point, you use a foe that tries to break the Bat’s purpose by showing him the opposite side of the coin (Gotham is doomed and nothing one man can do could change it).

      Put this on Superman and it gets a better and bigger scale: Humans are inferior in all ways to Krypton! They don’t deserve a kryptonian protecting them.

      So you have Zod showing him all the reasons why Kryptonians are far more advanced and evolved than earthlings! This makes a much more compelling story.

      If this turns out to be true we will have a very good movie!

      • Batman Begins had Scarecrow and Ra’s Al Ghul. Two new villains.
        Superman apparently doesn’t deserve that respect :(
        No, only reheated leftovers for you, Superman fans.

      • yah. you got a point. but i sure hope zack snyder would shut the doubters all up. i’m sick and tired of all the complaints.

        • i mean fito has a good point.

    • sci-fi alien tech would NOT reconnect Superman to modern moviegoers. so how the hell Transformers worked so well with the modern moviegoers they are sci-fi alien tech race

      • THAT story is ONLY about alien tech…two completely different ideas.

        • they still a alien tech race no matter if its a different story.

          • He means people went to transformers FOR the alien tech. But alien tech can’t work/isn’t appealing to the general public in just any movie.

            • Thank you, PortBlue90. :)


      • Mace just owned you all.

        Zod is a fantastical ridiculous villain. The most grounded and logical origin villains are giant robots. Military creates them. They grow sentience. Superman fights them. That’s a billion dollar idea. Zod is silly. And boring. Even Brainiac is more grounded than Zod and more connected to any origin story involving Krypton. Face it. This Zod decision was just a fail on all levels.

        • HiLo…

          I think you meant PWNed.

          No, he didn’t.

          Aw, how cute.

          • Why would he PWN you, when he already owned you?

            • You’re 12, aren’t you? Come on…admit it.

              • You’re the one posting like a 10 year old spazz. Makes me the mature one I guess.

                • Ummm, NO.

        • HiLo,

          Do you read what you write? The evil equivalent of Superman is “fantastical and ridiculous” but giant robots are “logical and grounded?”


          • Giant robots are the standard action movie “next generation tech”. Thus believable. Zod is silly, boring Superman copy. You know that Superman vs Transformers would make 10 times the amount of box office as boring Zod. Admit it.

            • LOL, HiLo, Transformers vs ANYTHING would make a ton of money.

              Transformers vs. Spider-Man

              Transformers vs. Zombies

              Transformers vs. Smurfs



            • im not against Zod i think his a alright character but i rather like to him in the Superman sequel. i do feel we need a fresh new villian in this reboot. look at Batman Begins we get new villians we have not seen before and even the new Spider-Man reboot using new villians. i do think Brainiac would be a interesting character to use since technology is our life.

            • hilo is totally a transformers addict (not fan). he is actually overrating transformers. making the franchise sound like it sucks. bad for you hilo.

            • and you mentioned something standard. goodness, we don’t want something “standard”.

    • We got the Kryptonian / Earth struggle for years on Smallville. Why can’t we have the Superman as the absolute symbol of hope and good in the world, the antithesis to which can be any villain? Unless Krypton itself stands as a symbol for something akin to the inner struggle of mankind, I don’t agree that we need an evil Kryptonian in this first chapter.

      • well, for a clark kent who has second thoughts about becoming superman, i think we do need a kryptonian villain. somehow, there is a connection to the story.

  6. Great article Kofi, some people really needed to read this.

    • Do you mean people like me? Because I read the article and my concerns remain.

      • I think you just answered your own question DSB.

        • How so?

          Unconvincing article remains unconvincing.

          • He answered his own question in the second sentence. It’s right there.

  7. Zod may have been able to carry a film back in the day. However, the only way I’ll be able to buy into this version of the character is if they do something else with him, i.e. the metallo/general lane rumors, and somehow integrate that into the superman/zod storyline and then set it up to have a muli-film arch for characters like brainiac/doomsday/darseid for a couple sequels. I know, tall order, but I think that is what Snyder should be shooting for.

    • SUPERMAN II plus INCREDIBLE HULK doesn’t feel fresh to me, just because they are pasting on the HULK part.

  8. Zod’s a good choice for the villain, especially given Snyder’s going for a dose of realism in this flick… I mean if audiences are prepared to believe one superpowered alien can exist… surely they can believe a second one. Plus it opens up the door for a bigger more sci-fi heavy villain like Brainiac for the sequel.

    The only problem I can think of is that it’ll be hard to convey the idea of a Phantom zone in this realistic film.

    • Giant robots are a billion times more realist than Zod. And cooler too. So this excuse just makes no sense.

      • “Giant robots are ONE BILLIONS times more realistic”

        Sure dude, whatever you say.

  9. Clearly they are using Zod only because it’s much cheaper to have a villain that looks human than say a CGI Doomsday, which is what everyone really wants to see. Screw this. I’m going to just watch the Superman/Doomsday animated.

  10. Kofi, did WB or Zack Snyder pay you to write that article? Something like that should show all sides, and it was so one sided, you think fanboys are deciding this is going to be bad without any evidence. But you’re doing exactly the same thing, you think it will be good without reason.

    Also, maybe a mention of Smallville’s Zod too? Considering it was the biggest exposure of the character yet.

    • Kofi gave his reasoning why he thinks that Zod will work in MOS which is fine, remember the personal opinion comments earlier ;). You really need to give it a rest DSB you’re going to give yourself a heart attack before any set photos are even released.

      • You do not tell me to give it a rest. How about you give your relentless optimism a rest? Last time checked, this site was a place people can voice an opinion without someone (you!) constantly getting on their case.

        • Haha, ok DSB, you should really talk. I think I’m going to take a break from this site now, wah wah wah.

          • Is your job on this site to piss me off? Seriously. You got a problem with me?

            • Nah, but check your blood pressure, jeez.

            • chill bro

          • Dude you are clearly trolling him. Maybe you think such harassment is cute or funny? Don’t know. Don’t care. Being an ass makes your opinion worthless to me.

            • Your opinion of “clearly” is clearly just that, an opinion.

              • No need to defend harassing trolls like Longbottom. I’m sure he relishes the attention.

                • Im not farmiliar with Longbottom’s posting history, I just agreed with his first response. Kofi did give all his reasons and explinations, and DrS seemed a little rude in his first comment,opinions of the movie aside.

          • Timothy,

            I don’t care if you agree with our article, you’re baiting another commenter and acting like a child. Don’t do it again.


            • No problem Vic, but please show others the same courtesy you have shown my comments.

              • Dude you’re not the only one Vic has to warn, trust me there, right Vic ;)

              • You must have missed my other comment regarding this thread.


                • I saw it, well done. I shall crawl back into my hole now.

    • DSM,

      The purpose of the article is to counterbalance all the negativity with some ideas on why Zod may NOT be a bad choice as villain. That’s the POINT of the editorial. And he did touch on the arguments against it early on.


    • 1. I wasn’t paid.
      2. This wasn’t “Is Zod a good villain?” it was “WHY Zod is a good villain”. So I don’t have to be “fair and balanced.” It’s clearly my opinion.
      3. I have reasons why I think it will be good. I state them in the post. Fanboys think it will be bad because “we’ve seen Zod before.” Which proves…what, exactly?
      4. There is no way Smallville’s Zod is more famous than Terrence Stamps Zod. Don’t even know how you came up with that idea…

      Your concerns are yours to have though, DSM. As always, thanks for reading.

      • I didn’t say more famous, I said had more exposure, Smallville’s Zod was in 20 hours of television compared to Stamp in a two hour movie. You could have at least mentioned Callum Blue’s excellent performance as Zod.
        And yes it is your opinion.

      • Non-Fanboys think Zod is a terrible idea too. So it’s unanimous.

        What a fail pile this movie is turning out to be.

        • HiLo…

          You should look up the definition of the word “unanimous”. You didn’t use it correctly.

      • I don’t think Sam said that Smallville’s Zod was more famous than Stamps, only that in Smallville he recieved more exposure.

  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Kofi Outlaw, I wonder if you even convinced yourself with that tripe.

    • Tripe to you, great to me…blah, blah, blah.

      • You must like your articles like you like your Superman movies, paid for by Warner Bros and Zack Snyder.

        • Nope. Just well-written and thoughtful.

          How about you?

        • Dante,

          This article was not “paid for by Warner Bros.”

          I’m starting to feel like I’m reading HuffPo instead of Screen Rant here…


          • LOL, HuffPO – good stuff. I know you guys are just comic book guys like me. If you were getting big bucks to talk up a movie I am sure it would be somewhere other than nerd central here at Screen Rant (love it btw). I know you just hope that everything written in the article turns out to be true. I simply do not share your optimism.

  12. I’m starting to think that many people just hate on these superhero films simply
    so they aren’t disappointed when they finally see them. like let’s face it half the people complaining about ‘man of steel’ are going to end up seeing it, they are just lowering their expectation

    • Or time and time again I have raised legitimate concerns that lots of people agreed with, will I end up seeing this film? Probably. But it’s not the film Superman deserves.

      • Lots of people agree. Lots of other people don’t. How do you know this isn’t the film Supes deserves? Literally nothing has come out about it (at least nothing solid) but story rumors and casting, which in my opinion, has been amazing so far. If seeing an actor of Michael Shannon’s ability play a maniacal super-powered alien with a God complex doesn’t get you excited…… well, nothing will. Also, SMALLVILLE DOES NOT MATTER! As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t exist (I admit I don’t watch it and I’m not a fan) even if it is a great show to some/many. Zod there should have no bearing on Zod in the movie. Great opinion article. Always love the possible story arch ideas; keep up the great work.

        • yah. thumbs up on smallville doesn’t matter. no reference to the show whatsoever. i’m a smallville fan, but only up to season 4. yet i don’t want this new superman film to refer to the smallville series.

      • People just agree with DSB. He’s telling the truth about the movie. There is no conspiracy. Truth is truth and recognized as such.

        • No…opinion is opinion. Neither side of this debate is TRUTH.

  13. I totally agree. I think this is the best choice for rehashing the franchise. Mr. Shannon is a very capable actor and should provide the character with depth. I think the key here, is to concentrate on the Idea that Clark Kent/Kal-EL has besides the recorded voice of his dead father, and a kryptonian fortress in the north pole no real conncection to his lineage, as I have always believed Clark Kent is superman, not superman is clark kent. However, Zod is Kryptonian through and through, and to a soldier to boot. I’ve never seen the character as a conquring dictator (not that i don’t love the campyness that is Terrence Stamp’s Zod) but a soldier who’s only concern is the survival of his people, it just so happens that humans happen to be in the way. If Snyder and Goyer go the route that Callum Blue did in Smallville (A role that Blue was amazing as) than the film should be excellent.

  14. When there IS a film,a FINISHED product, then we will know if it as bad as everbody seems to think that it will be.
    I am sorry,but negative reactions to choice of director and cast even villian do not a film make.

    • Sorry, I don’t buy that. Why can’t people have negative views on a director or villain choices? They are fundamental aspects of the film.

      • Because your sense annoys the paid interns dude.

  15. Friend of mine on Twitter (@silasnick) just posited this great idea for Zod in the film:

    “I’m almost certain we’ll get a human version of Zod in the first half of the film – a dictator who has taken over a small country and then Kent will have to deal with not being to interfere as a reporter.”


    • Interesting, sounds like Superman:Birthright a little. But won’t a human Zod make fanboys a little more pissed?

    • Human Zod?

      LOL on lord no…now we’re back into Superman-never-fights-anyone-Lex Luthor-creates-an-island-territory.

      • I think you are misinterpreting the idea. As I read it, the “human Zod” would be an analogous character, not Zod himself.

        • Hmmm yea I think so. But I don’t think thats the case here tho lol.

        • or a villain pretending to be a human but as it turns out, he is a kryptonian general named zod.

    • And Lex is secretly a Kryptonian and we’ve come full circle. Where is Nicolas Cage?

  16. I haven’t seen a pitch like this since I was convinced to buy a Toyota. The car got more mileage than this movie will.

    • I want to “like” this comment.

    • I want to marry this comment.

  17. Kofi…

    You have expressed wonderfully a number of things I too have considered but thought there was no point in saying (unfortunately, the people who have already deemed this film-to-be a failure are not going to change their minds because of this or any other article), as well as a couple of other interesting ideas. I believe this film is coming along nicely and am looking forward to it being completed and shown. I’ve liked the actor choices, the ideas Snyder has presented for his vision of the production, as well as of the character, himself, and the possible inspirations for the story (he said it’s not based on a SPECIFIC storyline, NOT that it doesn’t blend various interpretations and storylines).

    I know some people are disappointed with various aspects of this production:

    Zach Snyder (great director? NO…but I think he’s working hard to give us a great Superman film…and will succeed)

    various casting decisions (several of them are just great; several of them seem odd but still are interesting and involve actors who, I think, will do very well in their respective roles)

    plot points/storyline (see final parentheses in the above paragraph)

    theme(s) or “essence” of the Superman mythos (Snyder, in interviews, vague/perceived sniping at Thor aside, seems dedicated to the idea of maintaining the core of the character and his literary/idealogical environs)

    I know some people do not agree with me…or with you, Kofi…or with those of us who STILL believe “Man of Steel” CAN be a great, epic film. That’s fine; everyone is entitled to like or dislike what they will. For my part, however, I think Snyder, et al, have made great decisions. Plus, of course, we the Public don’t actually know much of anything (besides a few of the characters/their actors and some probable/possible plot-points).

    Thank you, again, Kofi, for giving the OTHER side’s views on this possibilities for this film…

    • UGH…

      …on THE possibilities for this film…

      Damnable butter fingers :P

      • I totally agree with you Archaeon, Kofi makes great points that I have been thinking about, just presents them better than I ever could. I don’t think it will hurt for people to just turn down the negative rhetoric on this film and allow the project time to gestate before people declare it a “masterpiece”, or that decisions made by the film-makers automatically make it “doomed from the start”. I think if the film-makers follow points made by Kofi’s article, it will make for an interesting, fresh take on this timeless franchise.

  18. Hmm, this does present a good case for why repeating a villain like Zod would be a good idea than perhaps immediately going with a new one like Braniac or just rehashing good old Lex.

    I think it might have been nice to mention the version depicted in Smallville since I thought the actor there did a nice job with the role as well as depicting him in an interesting light. Granted, I didn’t see every episode featuring him as I don’t follow the show regularly at all, but I liked it.

    I’m still not to interested in this though because of Snyder. He can do spectacle and such, but I’ve yet to see a movie from him that I thought did real well with characters. But that’s just me. Best of luck to him with it as it’d be great to have another good chapter in Superman’s history.

  19. I understand what you are saying about Joker/Batman Superman/Zod but the difference is that there really hasn’t been much variety at all with Superman Villians. Lex, Zod, Cigarettes, Lex, Lex, Zod.
    Batman: Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, Two-face, Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, Bane (Bane doesn’t really count I guess) Ra’s Al Ghul, Scarecrow, Joker, Twoface, Bane, Talia/Ra’s catwoman?
    I don’t really care as long as they have some kind of Doomsday ark.

  20. Ok good article, However I disagree with some of it first I do have a problem, with Zod being used and that because it doesnt allow for a scale of the strength of Superman, My other problem is this To use Zod in the first movie where Supes is just debuting is problematic from a stories stand point, for this reason alone, Superman is strong but he is not a fighter or a warrior and absolutely not a solider, he has no fighting skills, So he is going to take on a General whom killed people with out super powers and is now given those powers to augment his already militaristic mind and is going to win. Sorry big problemo with that story. That storyline works in the 80′s not today. So there is my problem with Zod , that being said here is how Man of steel will more than likely go down, Clark is going to be pressed into to wearing the Suit when Aliens from Krypton arrive on Earth and try to take over after they destroy the military and show their superior strength and power. After struggling with what to do Clark comes to terms that this is home and he must protect it at any cost and he is the only one able to stand up to Zod. Throwing himself into battle against Zod and his followers Clark will have to find a way to defeat his powerful equals, im pretty sure he will enlist Luthor and use Kryptonite to stop them

    • Zod does have the military knowledge but Clark has the knowledge of his powers. One thing that bothered me in Supes 2 was Zod knew how to use his powers when he got to earth. That seemed odd, especially when Ursa was surprised that she had laser vision.

      • even then the experience will far out weigh the knowledge to us it and if this is his first time donning the suit then he may have experience with his powers but not in battle which negates Clark’s experience in using them. The other side of that is an experienced warrior doesnt take long to learn new ways to use a weapon, and Zod wont be worried about control only power

  21. As usual, a well thought out and written article, Kofi. I hope the movie will be great, as I hope all the comic book movies this year and next will be great. Your analysis of what Zod could be is very interesting and I hope he is written this way. My only problem I have is the director; Snyder is a great visual artist, and I have no doubt I will finally see some epic battles, but Snyder has shown time and again that he is good at dark, gritty film-making, something that should not be done for Superman. Am I saying that this will be a failure? No, but I do have my doubts.

  22. I’m starting to wish Superman Lives was put into development instead, can some get Nic Cage on the phone, and Tim Burton?

    • You really have lost it, sarcastic sarcasm.

      • Actually was a joke, did not mean any offense.

    • Tim Burton’s Superman. Now that I’d pay to see. It would be just as much of a misfire as Snyder’s movie … but actually entertaining also. I’m sure we’d get some mind bending set design.

      • and surely a very head aching costume. i’ve seen it. it was BAD.

    • * Singer’s SR sequel *

  23. Kofi, I liked how thoughful your possibilites where in regards to why zod has the potential to be a good villian for the new superman movie.

    I certianly hope david goyer has put this much thought into the possible themes in this movie (unfortunately, probably not)

    If the movie fails it will not be because zod was the villian. It will be in part because the team behind the movie didn’t utilize him to his full potential. If only others could ease off of their hatred of this idea, and remember it is a fictional universe we are discussing here.

  24. Hammy Hammy Hammy

    Have some mustard with your hammy

    Terrance Stamp was brilliant!!

    And Jim Lee is the most over rated comic artist of all time (what’s wi Zod’s Loincloth?) God I can’t stand Jim Lee

    • No most overrated is clearly the hack job and blatant plagiarist Rob Liefeld.

  25. KNEEL!!!

  26. Since they both have super speed and super strength, I think it’d be pretty awesome to have a Matrix Revolutions meets Dragonball Z style aerial fight.

    • Except since they both have the exact same powers, it becomes a bit of boring stalemate. Now Giant robots. That would have been an interesting fight and Superman wouldn’t have to hold back the destructive mayhem like he will with any “human” type foe. No pulled punches or worrying about killing there.

      • Not really if Clark is aware of the effects of Green K, he would have the upper hand and that will be his chance

        • Also that would be a great way of handling the story as well have the movie start with superman stopping Metallo who was sent by luthor to steal something. Superman flys in to stop him and discovers the effect of Green K on him but is still able to stop Metallo by shielding the Green K with lead. Supes tales the green k back to the Fortress and stores it there. In stopping metallo, the people celebrate their new hero Superman, later on Zod and Comp. show up and try to take over the world while trying to recruit Supes as well, Supes is attacked by the military along with the other Krpytonians , but decides that even though the people of earth may hate him right now , he is still one of them and he must protect his home earth. In fighting with Zod he is eventually overpowered and defeated , but he escapes and heads to the Fortress where he recovers the Green K, in which he uses to defeat the kryptonians, Then using a device that Jor- El created sends them back to the Phantom Zone.

      • …If Superman has to fight and defeat a living being (and one who is at least his physical/superpowered equal and very likely his intellectual–definitely, experiential–equal, that provides infinitely more options and potential for character depth and development, which is CERTAINLY as important to the Superman mythos as the epic coolness and macho-factor (and property damage) of his fights with opponents.

        Layer in the compassion and consideration for life (even bad guys’ lives) and Clark’s continuing hope in the power of reason and rationality to win a battle, and you’ve given yourself the keys to a TRULY epic Superman movie.

        Yes, I want the incredible fisticuffs, BUT I also want to see the mental prowess guiding those fists…on BOTH sides.

        • Also, think of the strategy involved in such a match-up; it could be utterly stunning.

      • yo hilo. i have a suggestion for you. buy a megatron and superman action figure. play with it because your idea will ever happen. oh, make sure the megatron toy is taller than the superman one.

  27. And kofi, I totally agree with your point in showcasing how that scene in matrix: revolutions could give you an idea of how epic a fight between two superpowered men could be.

    I totally wish that the dragonball movie could’ve had even 5 mins of a fight that compared to that fight in matrix: revolutions. I guess that scene is the closest I’ll ever get to seeing a live-action smackdown between goku and vegeta.

    • Its amazing how most Dragonball Z fans, myself included, always quote the final Neo vs Smith battle in revolutions as what they were hoping for in the live action movie. Makes it even more depressing when you consider the travesty we did end up with which effectively killed any chances of a decent Dragonball franchise.
      The one good thing about Snyder directing this is that we are pretty much guaranteed at least one amazingly realised super fight. At least, I really hope we are.