‘Man of Steel’ Figures Reveal Zod, Faora, & Jor-El Armors

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It seems fitting that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel should be as shrouded in secrecy as Superman himself, but for fans, the wait has been excruciating.

Luckily, DC rolled out their new line of Man of Steel figures at Toy Fair 2013, giving surprisingly detailed looks at the new Superman suit, as well as the combat armor of General Zod (Michael Shannon), his right-hand-woman Faora (Antje Traue), and most surprisingly, Jor-El (Russell Crowe) himself.

Besides capturing the likenesses of the cast, the 12″ figures prove that Zod’s battle armor will be as intimidating as one might hope (and Faora’s is a perfect match), while hinting at even more intrigue and strife in the days leading up to Krypton’s destruction.

The images come courtesy of ToyArk (thanks to Colin for the tip) and seem to confirm that the hulking mass seen in the Man of Steel trailer is, in fact, Zod in his Kryptonian battle dress. We still don’t know if the black version of the supersuit seen on set is merely an undergarment or something else entirely, but there’s no denying that the film’s costume department has taken the task seriously.

Have a look:

Zod’s armor exists well within the usual category of ‘sci-fi soldier,’ but lacks the spikes or horns that constitute so many ‘villain’ looks (as seen in the more modern takes on Zod’s armor). That might seem negligible in such a grand and fantastic adventure, but reinforces previous claims that this version of Zod isn’t a typical bad guy.

Shannon has spoken at length about his take on Zod not as a villain, but a general simply doing his job. How ‘his job’ means coming to Earth and leveling an entire city block remains to be seen, but perhaps some speculating can be done given the more surprising aspects of Jor-El’s statue. Specifically, the rifle he’s carrying.

So far all we’ve seen of Russell Crowe’s Jor-El continues the classic version of the character as a brilliant scientist of Krypton, with striking ceremonial clothing befitting one of the planet’s elite. Needless to say, this new bone-colored battle armor doesn’t exactly fit that description. Perhaps there’s more to Jor-El than meets the eye?

Russell Crowe Talks Man of Steel Man of Steel Figures Reveal Zod, Faora, & Jor El Armors

With so much emphasis being placed on Zod as a soldier following orders, and Jor-El’s traditional preference for scientific, non-violent solutions, it’s becoming more likely that the two will be crossing paths in a major way before Krypton is reduced to rubble. We don’t know what would cause Superman’s father to put on armor and grab a firearm, but the first teaser trailers make it clear that he knew of Earth and human beings before his death - the same Earth Zod now intends to invade and subjugate.

We’re just spit-balling, but that seems to be enough cause for Jor-El to, say, stall the military’s plans and send his son to inspire Earth’s people instead. If Zod’s military solution to Krypton’s looming destruction is to conquer Earth, it’s hard not to sympathize with him as well (since we know how Krypton’s story ends). If nothing else, this feud would give Shannon the chance to deliver one of those speeches he’s been talking about. Plus, it would give Superman a legacy to defend, not just a super-powered soldier to fight.

We won’t know the significance of Jor-El’s gear and weapon until the film is released, but we’d bet Russell Crowe will be doing more than just calculations in Krypton’s final hours. What do you think of the character designs and armor sets? Are we reading too much into collectible figures, or are we asking the same questions you are?

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th, 2013.


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Source: ToyArk

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  1. Pretty spiffy suits! I like it :)

    • Couldn’t agree more! Will need to get the Zod figure it screams Badass!

    • Me too.

      Zod’s suit alone is better than anything the X-Men franchise has done to date. Fox, you need to hire those guys!

      • While I like the look to the suits, the first thing I thought was …”Why is General Zod wearing Wesley Snipes’ tire-built battle suit from Demolition Man???”

      • There’s nothing wrong with the X-men franchise, the problem is that you are a bandwagon fan, your in for whatever is hot at the moment. 3 year from know you’ll be criticizing the Dark Knight trilogy.

  2. Finally a good live superman movie

    • Have you seen it?

      • We don’t need to see it yet, all other Superman movies are cheese!

  3. LOVE Faora’s entire look! She looks ready for battle and kicking some ass.

    My kind of woman.

    I’m gonna get me one of them Faora figures as soon as they are available.

    If anyone has seen Pandorum, them you know that not only is she a beauty but she’s tough as Kryptonite.

    I’m signed up and ready for MOS.

    • * Antje Traue

  4. Looks friggin awesome, Zod looks like he`s gonna destroy everything around him

  5. Bad ass!

  6. Definetly gonna kick up some of these for my collection. Superman and zod for sure!

  7. Obviously the movie will be a massive success. This won’t be Snyder’s last Superman movie, i reckon. And unlike with Batman, they’ll probably go further than 3 movies.

  8. The designs are most likely accurate, but not sure how different the coloring will be. The Superman suit, for example, is the same design, but it’s much brighter here. And we’ve already seen a good look at Jor-el in set photos. Same design on the figure, but the coloring is very different. It’s a safe bet these are the designs we’ll be seeing in the film, but not sure how different the coloring and “tone” will be. But, the designs look great.

    Also, I was very impressed with how good the face designs are. Definately impressive sculpting, the figures look just like the actors :)

    • well that’s probably due to the dye’s and plastics used to make the toys as well the color correction of the film, it’s not surprising that there is that discrepancy especially in a toy

      • I heard the Superman Suit looked brighter in the film than what we can see in the trailer, it is not confirmed if they used CGI effect or something else to get it done.

        • Pardon… that reply was for Robert W.

      • Just like atomic suggested, color correction in post can dull/subdue the colors in the final film. Thats why set pic etc can sometimes reveal suits with brighter than expected colors. Some example would be spiderman’s suit from the set pics vs how it looked in the final film as well as some of thor’s pic. Though to be fair (and esp in the marvel films) they tend to go with warmer/brighter colors.

  9. YES!!! The costumes are awesome. This breathes Krypton. MAN OF STEEL IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!! happy 75th birthday superman

  10. I am hoping that a good chunk of the film is on Krypton setting up their world and it’s politics.

  11. FYI, the suits will shift in colour in the movie. The more power Superman gets, the suit will shine brighter.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  12. Zod is standing on that platform looks exactly like the pic SR had a couple of days up here,even the texture !

  13. Those suits look friken awesome, And yes the wait for MOS is excruciating! Cant remember the last time I was so excited to see a film..

  14. Jor El with a rifle?? Hmm…I didn’t expect that.

    • I know, right?

      That was gonna be my comment.

  15. Is this the version of Zods armor that will be CGI? Or does he wear something else thats more massive and bulky?

  16. I suppose it’s inevitable given the success but it would be nice to see something new.
    What am I babbling about, well General Zod seems to have a Wayne Enterprises trade account and has been buying up spare Batsuit’s now Bruce is off getting laid.
    Yes it looks good, it’s an inherently cool design but it aint new or unique which is a shame.

  17. theres a new crest under Faora

  18. One word for the new costumes:


    Except for Faora’s outfit of course.

    What is it with Snyder and male genitalia anyway? Remember Dr. Manhattan’s blue wiener?

    • The comics (Watchmen) had it hanging out, that or he was wearing a thong… So having him naked was accurate.

      This however… I don’t remember Superman looking quite like this. Having said that, I haven’t been keeping up with the New 52, so, maybe he is hung like a moose?

  19. Box Office hit of the year?!

  20. Jor-El looks bad a$$!


    PM #1
    The cut he was shown was 2 hours and 24 minutes in length.

    All Superman’s powers are on full display, although no freeze breath was mentioned.

    Krypton is destroyed. Zod kills Jor-El; however, Zod is not killed in the planet’s destruction.

    Lois knows Clark’s secret pretty early on in the movie.

    Kryptonite is not used, but it has been discovered and is being studied.

    Three main battles take place with the last being in Metropolis and a significant amount of the city is destroyed between the gravity ray that Zod uses on the city and the final battle with Superman and the robot space force.

    Faora is killed, with Zod taken to a prison planet…now left for Superman to manage (I guess it’s where he will take future super villains) as that is what is implied in the movie.

    Lex is mentioned twice, but never shown.

    No cameos from other heroes.

    Brainiac is mentioned, but never shown.

    Krypton is described as more of a futuristic city with no ice crystals at all, although he said most of Kryptons effects were unfinished.

    There is a robot army that Zod brings to earth. They were with him on the prison vessel and he reprograms them to serve him. They were originally designed to be guards on the prison planet (phantom zone) where Zod was being taken.

    I believe my brother said there were around 30 or so with one being bigger and stronger than the others; I guess like the lead robot. When it’s destroyed by Superman, Zod takes the armor and designs a suit with it to aid him in battle with Superman.

    That’s all I can think of right off the top my head. I’ll talk with him tomorrow and get some more info. Thanks for being positive and you can share what you like.

    PM #2
    I just spoke with my brother for a few minutes over the phone. It seems Snyder is busy cutting another trailer – I don’t know when it will come out – but that’s what they’re working on at the moment.

    He claims Shannon’s Zod is probably going to end up being one of the greatest movie villains on screen.

    He says that Zod is amazingly well written.

    Shannon gives the best performance of the movie, and he has just as much screen time as Cavill.

    Cavill looks really good in the suit. He’s a massive presence on screen and he looks like Superman straight out of a comic book.

    The colors look different on the suit than what we’ve seen. I’m not sure if it’s cgi enhanced or just the lighting, but its a lot brighter and vibrant looking in the actual movie footage.

    Zod wears a similar suit, but basically all black. He does have a cape when he’s first shown wearing his suit, but mostly he’s shown without it.

    The quick shot of Superman flying down the building towards Zod to do battle is from the final fight scene, and there’s an epic collision that shatters windows and shakes buildings when they clash.

    He used the words epic every time he described an action sequence.

    The movie goes pretty deep into trying to understand how it would go if these aliens just showed up one day out of nowhere.

    There is definitely a Nolan feel to the movie.

    The military plays a large role in the movie; there are experiments going on behind the scenes.

    Metallo is never mentioned or shown, but there is a scene with an injured Air Force pilot where they talk about using him for a secret project and the kryptonite is mentioned – although never referred to as such – it’s called “the meteorite.”

    PM #3
    I had a conversation with him just now and I tried to get all your questions answered.

    The budget was initially $185 million but later increased to $215 million after Snyder showed higher ups his quick story boards ideas of some of the action sequences he had planned for the film. It was later increased to $235 million to account for extra cgi cost and the added 3D.

    The movie is more massive than you can imagine with huge sets built and amazingly shot action sequences. Snyder makes great use of every penny in the budget. The only thing he can compare this to is the action in The Avengers, although he claims this is better shot and feels more real.

    The original script only had two main battles; the third was added by Snyder himself.

    Jonathan Kent dies, Clark is fully grown at the time, but not yet Superman. Zod does not kill Jonathan, although in the original script he did. Zod does kill several military personnel and civilians in the movie. The loss of life gravely effects Superman.

    The robots, except for the main guard, are disposed of very easily. If you’re expecting a huge scene with Superman fighting all these robots you will not get it. They’re all taken care of at one time – and very easily – using his heat vision.

    He is called Superman in the movie, but not at first, he’s called “the alien” originally.

    Lois is the first to call him Superman, and the name catches on.

    He learns of his origins in different ways. Jonathan is the first to tell him where he came from after his powers start to show up. After discovering his hidden ship, Jonathan tells Clark more about his origins and gives him the key that was found with it. Clark also triggers a hologram message from Jor-El using the key that explains details about his home world. Later in the film after Clark opens up the fortress, he talks with another hologram of Jor-El and discovers the suit and how it works and the source of his powers on earth.

    Faora is killed by Zod.

    The prison planet is an actual planet. It’s smaller though and described as something like a moon to another planet, although very far away from Krypton itself.

    A scientific explanation is given for all Superman’s powers, and it grounds this movie and makes it feel even more real, or as real as a movie about a super powered alien can be.

    There’s a huge twist at the end of the movie that I’m trying to get out of him now.

    Will update you later.

    Lastly, the suit will be nano-tech like the New 52 DC Comics.

    • If all this is true I’m gonna wish I hadn’t read it.

      But, if it is it does sound very good.

    • A Scientific Explanation for Superman’s powers? I was hoping for a more “Phoenix – Dark Phoenix” approach to his powers in MOS. Top of the Evolutionary scale, Telekinesis, etc…

      What is the source of his powers? What does your source say?

      Are his powers limited to Earth only? Hope they’re not going with the ‘ole radiation of our yellow sun storyline again.

      Even though Pandora’s Box may have been opened here, please do not post the twist at the end.


  22. Is it just me or does Zod look like he’s wearing a keffiyeh?

  23. Damn diggy dawg, The suits look firkiiiiiiiin awesome, The wait for MOS is excruciating! The movie got me high, Can’t remember the last time I was so excited to see a film, even if it don’t meet everyone’s expectations i still think this will be one of the best comic book movie of recent times! Lets hope Superman don’t hold back

  24. I’m gonna guess that Jor-El is a military scientist on Krypton and takes up a gun to help protect his family as well as his fellow Kryptonians as the planet starts to go awry, sacrificing himself so that his family can escape.

    Pretty much similar to the usual movie versions of Kal-El’s escape to Earth except this time, Jor-El goes down fighting instead of doing a Moses-esque “sending the baby to safety in secret then sneaking away” act.

  25. …Ugly And Lame!

  26. How come every figure has a cool, detailed cape except the Man of Steel himself? His cape reminds me of the old cheap batman action figure capes in the 90s.

  27. Pfft, I thought this was Superman, not knights in space.

    • If any franchise or character needed a fresh start. Its definitely superman. I have high hopes. Snyder’s film haven’t always had the most compelling material. But of any type of character can benefit from Snyder’s awesome style an visual sense Superman is a good one. We will see in June I guess. Here’s hoping it rules all comic films.

  28. How come every figure has a cool, detailed cape except the Man of Steel himself? His cape reminds me of the old cheap batman action figure capes in the 90s.