Henry Cavill Says ‘Man of Steel’ is ‘Zack Snyder’s Baby,’ Not Nolan’s

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Superman Man of Steel Arms Crossed Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Make no mistake, movie fans: Man of Steel is upon us. Warner Bros. is kicking marketing into full gear, and as excitement builds, so too do the chances of a rebooted Superman opening all kinds of doors for all involved. The question on everyone’s mind: will this be the movie that removes all question marks from director Zack Snyder’s future?

In case there are still some claiming that executive producer Chistopher Nolan – the man responsible for the reemergence of The Dark Knight – is the one ensuring that Man of Steel is just as successful, star Henry Cavill has once again explained that it was he and Snyder who created this new hero, for better or worse.

In a recent interview with F*** Magazine (via CBM), Henry Cavill was asked about the talent assembled behind the cameras for what is quickly shaping up to be the biggest movie of the summer - the implication being that Christopher Nolan’s presence is hard to ignore. The studio might encourage that, but where Nolan’s vision ends and Snyder’s begins has proven a hot topic.

Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Although many still see Nolan as the brains and guiding hand behind Superman’s reboot – despite Nolan himself denying that’s the case – Cavill insists it’s Snyder’s vision for Superman that fans will see this summer, and no one else’s:

“Chris Nolan wasn’t there during the production itself, although I’m not sure how much work was done behind the scenes. I’m sure Zack had a phone call or two with him, but this is definitely Zack’s baby. He was the man in charge, and we created the character together, as opposed to having too many outside influences.”

“It’s a collaborative process and Zack wants us to talk to him about stuff and work with him on his ideas. If you say, ‘how about I do this,’ he’ll say ‘I don’t know if I like it yet, but give it a shot.’”

Knowing just how strongly Snyder feels about the ‘purity’ of DC’s heroes, it’s nice to hear that he’s still open to some insights from his actors. Then again, given the actors and actresses that compose his cast – Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane – one might say that Snyder and Cavill are the only two with something to prove.

We occasionally have to pinch ourselves, and remember that the same genre that once risked ruining actors’ careers is now the ‘promised land’ of blockbusters; even before Man of Steel has been released, talk of sequels is already circulating, and Zack Snyder has become the frontrunner for directing Justice League. And that’s all before the public has gotten a chance to react to the changes being made by Snyder and co.

Man of Steel Easter Eggs Trivia List Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Fans are still divided on whether or not it’s a wise choice or sacrilege to keep Kryptonite out of Man of Steel, since many claim it’s one of the only things that can truly render Superman vulnerable. Cavill explains that Snyder and Goyer didn’t keep Kryptonite out of the story to make Superman invincible, but to show yet another way for audiences to relate to the most iconic hero in the world.

In this case, Superman’s greatest weakness is himself (and no, we’re not referring to the newer, more “violent” flight):

“Again, it comes back to the human element; because he’s alone and there’s no one like him. That must be incredibly scary and lonely, not to know who you are or what you are, and trying to find out what makes sense. Where’s your baseline? What do you draw from? Where do you draw a limit with the power you have? In itself, that’s an incredible weakness.”

Some might scoff at such an emotionally charged and angst-ridden description of Superman’s ‘true’ weakness, but the sentiment is encouraging for those hoping to see a new take on the character – and is perfectly in line with Goyer’s description of Man of Steel as essentially “a story of a man with two fathers.”

Kevin Costner Russell Crowe Robin Hood Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Superman’s two dads: Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe

Any comic book fan will tell you that for all his strength, Superman remains an orphan, the last of his people, living among a world that is not his own. With that in mind, depicting a character that isn’t the embodiment of loneliness is ignoring the obvious, and the theme that Nolan and Goyer fought for from the very beginning. Goyer recently explained that the reason for naming the movie ‘Man of Steel’ was to draw attention to the inhumanity of the character, so his weakness coming from inside makes perfect sense; this guy is not at peace.

Whether that theme will be one that mass audiences respond to remains to be seen. At least now we know who to credit should everything go according to plan. Or conversely, who’s to blame.

What do you think of Cavill’s take on Superman’s real weaknesses? Is that something you’ve been longing to see explored, or too melodramatic for your tastes? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Man of SteelĀ will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: F*** Magazine (via CBM)

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  1. good… i dont people saying s*** like this is good cause of nolan. nolan couldnt do a proper superhero movie. the reason batman was done as well cause he doesnt have powers.

    took us 3 movies till we got a great fight scene.

    • Oh shut it corey every post blah this blah that the dark knight is one of the most influancial films of this decade. You dont have to like the films but saying it only worked cause he had no powers makes no sense. He did inception which is complete sci fi like all superhero films. Hate all you want but he is widely known as one of the best directors of our decade. And the only credit he gets for this film is the story which coukd very well be phenomenal

      • And every time someone voices their opinion against Nolan’s Batman, you’re the one who has to defend it. No offense, but it’s getting annoying when you try to start something stupid like that

      • I actually agree with you, Nolan is one of the best directors of this decade but I also agree with corey to some extend. I don’t think that Nolan would have made such a great movie if he was working on Flash or WW.

        Also I think that if Nolan was directing this and not just producing I wouldn’t be so excited. Snyders action sequences are pretty cool.

        • Nolan doesn’t like superheroes. He said that himself.

      • Totally Agree with you Trey. :)

      • i have never said “dark knight is one of the most influancial films of this decade.”

        he wouldnt do superman justice. i guarantee you that. the only reason batman would be taken by the fans the way he was is cause they made it as realistic as they can. you could believe that was the real world.

        now, you try any of that with superman. you would be hated. batman is nothing like the comic and thats ok, it works but you cannot do that with superman.

      • The only thing Nolan achieved was making the best Batman seen on the silver screen; not the best Batman. When compared to Tim Burton’s version and then Batman with nipples on his suit, Nolan really didn’t acomplish anything. His Batman still pales in comparison to the animated show/movie/comic versions. Nolan’s Batman would be trounced by any film Superman especially Snyder’s and Batman has always been regarded as the one League member who can truly best Superman. Nolan’s Batman just isn’t on par with what he could have been and what is ultimately needed for a JLA movie.

        • Couldn’t have said it more perfectly myself.

          So I didn’t. ; )

        • Agree with this one!

        • I disagree. Bruce Wayne in the Dark Knight trilogy could have been an amazing member of the JLA. You mentioned the other incarnations of Batman and these incarnations show his mental capacity. Although Nolan’s Batman didn’t focus on that he still had those skills. In addition he was billionaire, strategist who could have paid money for Kryptonite.

          • Except that by the end of the trilogy, Nolan stripped him of all of this.

            • Yes, he did take all of this away. However Blake/Robin could have been put in charge of Wayne Enterprises by Alfred or Fox. Plus Blake appeared to be more of a detective and was constantly searching for clues. Alfred or Fox could even lie and say he is the last living blood relative to Bruce anyway. Thus allowing that Wayne name to be tossed around as a cameo and not destroying the Dark Knight Trilogy.

        • “Batman has always been regarded as the one League member who can truly best Superman.”

          That is so BS, the animated show/comic versions writers love to weaken Superman to make Batman great, it doesn’t make sense to me, Batman should never beat Superman, even Snyder Superman should be able to beat every version of Batman, and beating Supes with kryptonite is nothing special, even Schumacher’s Batman should be able to manage that.

          • Even I could manage that.

          • Actually scratch that. So Batman has a nice bar of solid Kryptonite, right? What’s to stop Superman from flying quickly away, picking up a pebble, and throwing it at supersonic speeds right through Batman’s cowl, eye hole, bat symbol, or even the dang underwear on the outside? Even through the dang Kryptonite itself so it shatters explosively and ironically kills Batman/the holder with its shrapnel?

    • They were still better than that abomination Iron man 3

      • **** off

        • Totally unnecessary, Corey. I also think IM3 was really bad.

          You gonna tell me to F off too?

        • LMAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!….

        • Iron man 3 was CRAP.

      • Batman and Robin was better than Ironman 3, I’ve got a serious problem with that movie!

        • WHOA! I would never go near the level of Batman & Robin with IM3, thats Last Airbender bad and while Iron Man 3 has it’s flaws, it remains a solid entry as an MCU film and a movie in general.

          • Iron man 3 is better than most products realeased each year

        • Yeah… and everyone else has other movie(s) they had problem with but didn’t say a word, because it’s completely UNNECESSARY

          • +1

          • It’s called ScreenRant for a reason.

        • What’s the matter with you… IM3 was flawed but you went way too far.

        • Yeah I wouldn’t go that far. Im3 wasn’t that good but not as bad as that hour mess.

        • Yeah I’ve got a serious problem with IM3 (absolutely hated it).

          IM3 is bad, but Batman and Robin is worse. Still, both films are in the bad category, which isn’t a good place to be in.

    • Nolan makes great movies, but I agree, he can’t make Superhero movies. When it comes to story, he’s got it, but when it comes to taking something that is precious to millions of people and adapting it to the big screen? Yeah, he screws it all up.

      • @Roguedork19

        Not really, no. He gave a different take on Batman that connected with billions worldwide and gave us story over ridiculousness, showing the inner turmoil of the character as well as the degradation of a corrupt city, like a lot of people worldwide experience in big cities like that with crime being an issue.

        The fact that Batman doesn’t have powers helped immensely so that it opened the door to a more character driven plot without superpowers getting in the way. He was a man on a mission, wanting to make a difference in the world.

        Everyone can relate to that.

        Besides, he must have been a success because even if we forget the huge amounts of money he made for WB, he made other studios and directors see that not every superhero movie has to be camp. They can be as realistic and relatable as possible and we’ve since seen some amazing movies because of it.

        As far as I see, Nolan’s connection to this movie starts and ends with convincing WB to make a Superman movie that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and can show the inner turmoil that only the truly great Superman writers have understood over the years in the comic books.

        Once WB gave the green light, Nolan could back away and possibly only return to the fold if Snyder needed more money or resources for a set piece. His credibility has helped Snyder’s vision become a reality because of Nolan’s own bankable and reliable movie making.

        • Nice write up, Dazz. +1.

        • Great articulation Dazz.

        • Agreed, very well constructed write up.

          I would add to this that not only has Nolan made the achievements you describe, but he also made superhero movies very popular again. Once upon a time, superhero movies were considered a geeky movie genre, but now it’s all the rage.

          Look at the success of the Marvel movies, it’s families and average viewers that are taken in, not just fans of the comics. And who in the world did not site The Dark Knight as one of their favorite movies?

        • what he said!!!!

      • Did you even watch the Dark Knight trilogy? Jesus, that statement makes no sense. If anything, Nolan’s Batman movies are the greatest superhero movies ever and you really can’t argue with that.

        • Oh, but I can. And if this site wasn’t handled so very well like it is now, you could bet your sweet ass I would gladly rant against Nolan’s Batman.

          So stick that in your dead girlfriend’s grave and hide for 8 years ;)

          • LOL. I’ll call Nolan’s Batman movies the greatest things ever so long as we don’t mention the third one. 1 and 2? HOORAY!!! 3? BOOOO!!!

            • yep

            • I agree with 1 and 2 but DKR I give Middling applause.

  2. I’d much rather it be Nolan’s baby.

    But when you put Snyder “on a leash” so to speak, you can get a great film like Watchmen and not a bad one like Sucker Punch. So I don’t mind.

    This film is going to be great.

  3. Nolan is just there for marketing. WB doesn’t have enough faith in Zack and is trying to make as much bank as possible by riding off the success of Batman by throwing Nolan’s name in there. I can almost guarantee it’ll bank $75-$100 million on Nolan’s name alone

    • Lol. True that

  4. Nic Cage for Luthor

    • HELLLLL NO!!! Cage could work for Brainiac maybe but not for Luthor

      • How about Hugo Weaving for Lex Luthor. I’m still rooting for Dicaprio for the new Joker.

        • How about James Marsters?

          Great, underappreciated character actor that could seem like a credible threat physically and mentally and provide a different approach to Luthor. Forget that he wa Brainiac-5 in Smallville, I think he could work well as Lex.

          • Nice to see someone suggest James Marsters! I also think he’s an underrated actor and really enjoyed his performance as Brainiac. He always had that edge to his performances that always made him a great villain. I think he voiced Luthor in that DC online game too, watched a couple of cinematics and thought he did a pretty good job.

          • Cool pic for Luthor, still he made such a good job in Smallville that I would still be thinking that he is Brainiac undercover.

    • nic cage for luthor bahahahahahahahah

      • Not the Bees!!!!

  5. AS long as this doesnt let me down like IM3 did I’ll be satisfied…idc who’s baby it is just give a good product

  6. I’m so sick of people hyping this up because of Nolan. I love Christopher Nolan and I love his movies but I hate it when people treat him like a god because of Dark Knight. Dark Knight Rises had a lot of problems so he is not a perfect director people.

  7. I don’t have a problem with no kryptonite in the Man of Steel. It would be cool to introduce it in a sequal and go from there. This movie may not make as much money as IM3 but I have a very strong feeling it will be WAAAAAY better than it. but I’m excited because I think Snyder was a great pic for director like Whedon was for the Avengers. He knows the comic book source material so he would seem more dedicated to presenting a good film that is not only true to the books but also have his own flare to it.
    Plus Nolan’s Batman were the s**t lol so I was anxious to see how they approach Superman cool to see DC kind of get in a groove

  8. Super baby.

  9. I’m glad people are starting to see it’s Snyder’s movie and his take instead of Nolan’s. I love Nolan and his Dark Knight trilogy but I always say, give credit where it’s due!

    • +1

      Simple, yet well said

  10. I think that’s just the thing with Nolan he can just provide the spark for a movie like this to happen. His movies tend to be good because he allows that input from other creative people, ultimately its his say on his own movies, but I think he let this movie go to Snyder.

    I don’t doubt that Synder has some creative ideas of his own, he has proven that in the past, but after Sucker Punch he just needed a little push in the right direction.

    They provided him a good script/idea, he adapted it the way he wanted to, and then he directed it in superb fashion (or at least I hope so). I don’t think many would doubt the notion that Synder has at least directed well in all his films.

    • Henry Cavill.

      Your Career thus far.

      Does not give you the right to be so arrogant.

      For all we know, you may have over played Superman.

      • i think you owe robert palmer a royalty check!

        • *palmar. sorry robert.

          • Thanks, jeffro, my friend. And no worries on the misspelling.
            Palmer with ER is far more common than my unusual AR.
            My name is also Italian in origin unlike the ER name.

        • :D

          • @Jeffro


            @Robert Palmer

            Check is in the mail.

            • :D Thanks, big guy.

  11. I still want Bradley cooper to play Luthor

    But I also want him to play flash soo idk. Lol

    I want Ian somerholder for batman thiugh

    • Yeah I know it is hard.

      For Luthor I really liked Lex’s attitude from Smallville but Rosenbaum won’t fit in here and besides he looks too young. Cooper is a good option and also Billy Zane but they don’t convince me yet. The Rock looks more like the animated version but I wouldn’t buy his Luthor.

      They messed up Flash, Reynolds would have been a pretty good option. I say bring Scott Porter.

      Bats… well that is the hardest there are a lot of Waynes out there (Boomer) and Batmans (Manganiello) but not both. We just need someone around 33-35 (young but still a few years older than Cavill), already established and not taller than Cavill… he is sups after all.

      • Yeah billy Zane possibly or is even buy Bruce Willis but I’m tired of Bruce Willis.

        Agreed on flash but cooper would be cool and I like Chris pine for lantern or idris Elba for lantern.

        I’m still rooting for lyndsy fonseca as Wonder Woman. She’s 26 so by the time they make ww or justice league happen shell he perfect age plus she’s a major babe and a total badass.

        And batman Ian somerholder or joe whatever his last name is from the blood.

      • @Chris Waltz

        The animated Luthor looks more like Kurt Angle to me.

        • Yeah I know! that rich man surely had a lot of fitness trainers behind him.

      • Armie hammer for batman he is young, suave and has massive shoulders that with a good workout routine could have the body type of a kevin conroy animated batman

        • Baby face

  12. I know that is going ot sound crazy but.. how about Scott Adkins for Batman?

    • Scott Adkins is awesome, maybe as black mask.

    • My pick is Fassbender, I know that he is over every fancast there and that he is with XMen but… man he would be awesome, he is perfect for the part. That would be a bigger shock than Bale returning, Fassbender taking the Bat!!

      Still I know that it is 0,1% likely to happen. (I can even imagine him by Cavill’s side)

      Adkins seems ok I guess.

      • @Chewbacca

        I’ve been banging the “Fassbender for Riddler” drum for years now and that ain’t gonna change so I’d rather see him play Nygma than Wayne.

        • David Tennant would make a better riddler

          • fassbender as riddler ftw!

            • Paul bettany as the riddler

              • Now that’s inspired. Great choice.

                • Bettany is great, Neal Patrick Harris would be cool also.

    • My favorite for a long, long for Batman has been Jim Caviezel.

  13. Man of Steel and Star Trek are my 2 most anticipated this summer. Cannot wait for this. Hope it’s the start of a new trilogy!

  14. I hope this film is truly Zack’s…since Nolan is a Hack when it comes to Superhero films. His Batman films will never beat Tim Burton’s. Ever. Don’t care how much money they made…he just got lucky with those films

    • Be careful. The Batman Trilogy/Nolan nuts will attempt to devour you for speaking such blasphemy!!! lmfao. Just kidding. I too feel they are overrated. And I HONESTLY don’t understand the overwhelming love for the films. They have almost ZERO rewatchability for me? Maybe that’s just me though? I dunno.

      And @Jeff W,
      How is Henry Cavill being “arrogant exactly?”

      • By Stating in fashion that makes Nolan look, rather irrevelant. Saying that Man of Steel is His and Zack Synder’s.

        To me, Henry Cavil is not one of the Elites, and he is not Christian Bale.

  15. The great check on Superman’s power is himself.
    A far greater limitation, or weakness, than Kryptonite.

    It is also his strength. Superman restricts his power
    to doing that which is right, deciding what is right for
    him to do is actually that which is right for everyone else.
    Which is why he is Superman. And a hero in the truest sense.

  16. This is good and bad.

    I’m not sold on Cavill as Superman. I think it’s iffy. I want him to be the best Superman ever, but I also thought B. Routh would do that. Oops!

    Less Nolan = better movie. Yes.
    More Snyder = better movie? Not so sure.

    This movie has so many unanswered questions, and just really hope it has more story direction than I’ve seen in the trailers. I don’t have a lot of faith in Snyder and certainly not in WB, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    • Agree with you on the B Routh punch, but what from the trailers gave it less story direction??? Really???

  17. BTW………..

    Why would anybody even give an interview to a magizine called F***? If those asterisks stand for what I think they do, that is a joke. Are they THAT despair ate for publicity, I mean seriously?

  18. Perfect Cast.

    H Cavill S
    M Fassbender B
    J Alexander WW
    S Porter F
    C Pine GL
    A Pettyfer A

    Realistic cast

    H Cavill S
    S Adkins B
    Rachel McInnes Wood WW
    S Porter F
    R Reynolds GL
    A Pettyfer A

  19. i think nolan is over hype the dark knight was great cuz of the joker the last batman really wasnt that good to be honest it was hyped an had more holes then swiss cheese jus sayn

  20. I’m getting more and more giddy for this. I never thought I’d be so invested in Supes before! I’m really beginning to admire this Snyder guy. I was NEVER a 300 fan, but I am truly fond of Watchmen. That was a very challenging comic to adapt to the screen, yet someone like me who has never read that comic or knew anything about it was able to understand and enjoy it. I genuinely hope my anticipation isn’t unfounded, but I’m confident that going to watch Man of Steel with an open mind will be a good payoff.
    Also, I really want to ask something in regards to all the Nolan backlash: WHY? This guy brought Batman back into the film spotlight after it was deemed impossible after Batman & Robin. He made Batman for adults. Comic book movies aren’t for just children anymore, which Nolan is heavily responsible for, and you can’t deny it. Fans no longer need to feel immature about liking comic books because guys like Nolan made it so mainstream. You now could discuss Batman on an adult level with nearly anyone including non-comic book fans because so many have seen and enjoyed The Dark Knight Trilogy. And I believe that the collaboration between Zach Snyder and Nolan is fecking awesome.
    I could understand some people getting annoyed at TDK Trilogy’s over-popularity, and that is fine. I could also understand people who may not agree with Nolan’s interpretation of Batman. Fine. But calling his movies “sh*t,” and “terrible” is a completely unrealistic way to handle your displeasure. You must take into account how much many, many people love those movies, and how they’ve positively impacted the comic book film genre. Comic book films are now being taken more seriously by studios. I’m not saying that Nolan is the sole cause of this, but their is no denying he helped A LOT. Now we have bigger, more ambitious films like the Avengers series and The Justice League to look forward to, something studios would never have taken so much time and consideration into before before Batman Begins. You don’t have to like Nolan’s take on Batman, but you could at least take into consideration that his films are, in reality, are not bad at all before posting something irrational. I just think people should pay more attention the good something inspires before obsessing and nitpicking over things they hate. Maybe show a little appreciation once in a while. After all, how is it really that fun to hate something?
    You’re free to dislike Nolan for whatever excuse you come up with. Just try to be more mature about it. Just remember that you don’t look cool hating on something possible, and you’re tastes don’t make you better than others, even if you do like TDK. Also, if you think hard on it, many of us could not have done what Nolan did to make Batman such a film success. Huh, maybe that’s why some people hate him.
    Apologies for the long comment. I hardly do that, and likely won’t ever again.

    • Brilliantly said, I agree completely. I dislike a few films, some of them being Watchmen and Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, but can totally understand why so many enjoy them and why they are great films. It’s all about not being a douchhe and just letting people enjoy something. It’s like a downer at a party, no one likes them.

      At you first comment, I was never much of a Supes fan myself, watched the series and animated movies only, but I am insanely stoked for this, as much as i was for Dark Knight Rises to be honest.

  21. that’s bad marketing mr. cavill

  22. Nolan’s BATMAN made me forget about the rest that came before his, so to me he’s done his job and he did it well. When they reboot batman and they can’t surpass Nolan’s version at the box office then that will tell you which Batman was the best.

  23. tells**

  24. Glad it’s Zack’s baby

  25. Support the movie so we can get JL. Glad it’s Zack’s baby!

  26. Just think of Nolan’s Batman as an elsworld’s tale. It keeps certain core elements while putting a unique spin on them. Did we get the quintessential Batman movie out of Nolan? I’d say no, but we still got some fine ones. Hopefully, moving forward, the type of Batman that can hang with Superman and Wonder Woman makes it to the big screen.

  27. First of all, I am not sure why half of these comments are arguing about whether Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was any good. That’s beside the point. The studio obviously feels it’s worth name-dropping him overall, regardless of our individual opinions of his work.

    As for Kryptonite, I don’t understand why that’s considered by some to be too silly for an alien that flies and has ice breath/heat vision and super strength and super speed. Lots of species are vulnerable to certain forms of radiation.

    Looking forward to seeing what Zack Snyder presents.

  28. BTW guys, do you think the promotional images and trailers have too many lens flare or is it just me?

  29. Good. Give credit where its due. We all know that Nolan is more of a brand in the CBM industry now given his TDK trilogy. But this isn’t his film. Not necessarily his influence either. Taking Watchmen into consideration and using the terms “dark and gritty” that get passed around here more often then a (insert dirty joke here), and that’s exactly Snyder’s feel in a CBM. This movie is going to do amazingly well at the BO despite bad reviews it may receive. Anyone remember the Transformers series? And that’s all I care because it will open new doors for DC characters.

    • @Leather Cheerio.

      I always stated. Synder works best when his movies are not big budget films.

      300 and Dawn of the Dead. Good movies, low budgets big returns.

      Watchmen and Sucker Punch, big budgets low returns.

      Now. I already know why WB Put Nolan in as Producer. WB already gave Synder big budget films, and got almost nothing for them. So do you think WB was going to give Synder 225 Million dollars and do like he did with Watchmen and Sucker Punch? Nolan was put in place to keep Man of Steel under budget. Directors are still limited by what the producer(s) will allow.

      • I agree with the history of Snyder’s movies. I only liked Watchmen anyways. I despised 300 and the DOTD remake was so so. It made me laugh more than anything. Never seen Sucker Punch. But I know how H Wood works. Nolan’s name is worth the 225 million dollar budget so they will get their money back LOL. The “S” should rake in the next 500 million.