Henry Cavill Says ‘Man of Steel’ is ‘Zack Snyder’s Baby,’ Not Nolan’s

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Superman Man of Steel Arms Crossed Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Make no mistake, movie fans: Man of Steel is upon us. Warner Bros. is kicking marketing into full gear, and as excitement builds, so too do the chances of a rebooted Superman opening all kinds of doors for all involved. The question on everyone’s mind: will this be the movie that removes all question marks from director Zack Snyder’s future?

In case there are still some claiming that executive producer Chistopher Nolan – the man responsible for the reemergence of The Dark Knight – is the one ensuring that Man of Steel is just as successful, star Henry Cavill has once again explained that it was he and Snyder who created this new hero, for better or worse.

In a recent interview with F*** Magazine (via CBM), Henry Cavill was asked about the talent assembled behind the cameras for what is quickly shaping up to be the biggest movie of the summer – the implication being that Christopher Nolan’s presence is hard to ignore. The studio might encourage that, but where Nolan’s vision ends and Snyder’s begins has proven a hot topic.

Superman Man of Steel Zack Snyder Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Although many still see Nolan as the brains and guiding hand behind Superman’s reboot – despite Nolan himself denying that’s the case – Cavill insists it’s Snyder’s vision for Superman that fans will see this summer, and no one else’s:

“Chris Nolan wasn’t there during the production itself, although I’m not sure how much work was done behind the scenes. I’m sure Zack had a phone call or two with him, but this is definitely Zack’s baby. He was the man in charge, and we created the character together, as opposed to having too many outside influences.”

“It’s a collaborative process and Zack wants us to talk to him about stuff and work with him on his ideas. If you say, ‘how about I do this,’ he’ll say ‘I don’t know if I like it yet, but give it a shot.'”

Knowing just how strongly Snyder feels about the ‘purity’ of DC’s heroes, it’s nice to hear that he’s still open to some insights from his actors. Then again, given the actors and actresses that compose his cast – Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane – one might say that Snyder and Cavill are the only two with something to prove.

We occasionally have to pinch ourselves, and remember that the same genre that once risked ruining actors’ careers is now the ‘promised land’ of blockbusters; even before Man of Steel has been released, talk of sequels is already circulating, and Zack Snyder has become the frontrunner for directing Justice League. And that’s all before the public has gotten a chance to react to the changes being made by Snyder and co.

Man of Steel Easter Eggs Trivia List Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Fans are still divided on whether or not it’s a wise choice or sacrilege to keep Kryptonite out of Man of Steel, since many claim it’s one of the only things that can truly render Superman vulnerable. Cavill explains that Snyder and Goyer didn’t keep Kryptonite out of the story to make Superman invincible, but to show yet another way for audiences to relate to the most iconic hero in the world.

In this case, Superman’s greatest weakness is himself (and no, we’re not referring to the newer, more “violent” flight):

“Again, it comes back to the human element; because he’s alone and there’s no one like him. That must be incredibly scary and lonely, not to know who you are or what you are, and trying to find out what makes sense. Where’s your baseline? What do you draw from? Where do you draw a limit with the power you have? In itself, that’s an incredible weakness.”

Some might scoff at such an emotionally charged and angst-ridden description of Superman’s ‘true’ weakness, but the sentiment is encouraging for those hoping to see a new take on the character – and is perfectly in line with Goyer’s description of Man of Steel as essentially “a story of a man with two fathers.”

Kevin Costner Russell Crowe Robin Hood Henry Cavill Says Man of Steel is Zack Snyders Baby, Not Nolans

Superman’s two dads: Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe

Any comic book fan will tell you that for all his strength, Superman remains an orphan, the last of his people, living among a world that is not his own. With that in mind, depicting a character that isn’t the embodiment of loneliness is ignoring the obvious, and the theme that Nolan and Goyer fought for from the very beginning. Goyer recently explained that the reason for naming the movie ‘Man of Steel’ was to draw attention to the inhumanity of the character, so his weakness coming from inside makes perfect sense; this guy is not at peace.

Whether that theme will be one that mass audiences respond to remains to be seen. At least now we know who to credit should everything go according to plan. Or conversely, who’s to blame.

What do you think of Cavill’s take on Superman’s real weaknesses? Is that something you’ve been longing to see explored, or too melodramatic for your tastes? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Man of SteelĀ will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: F*** Magazine (via CBM)

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  1. Watchmen was a good film

    Did not do as well as people would have like.

    Sucker Punch was a good visual movie…lacked any cohesion.

    Man of Steel. I have a feeling, if this does not break Zack Synders Big Budget Curse, he wont get another shot.

    Watchmen had a 130 Million dollar budget, and grossed 185 Million world wide. That is not a good return. 55 Million dollar return on a 130 Million dollar investment?

    Sucker Punch 82 Million dollar budget. 89 Million dollar world wide gross.

    What does that tell you. Synder’s movies have not done well with big budgets, because he seems to put way to much stuff that is not needed.

    • I don’t think its Snyder’s curse, Jeff. His track record says something. But this says something even further. It’s the lesser known CBM’s that fail.


      Budget $130 million
      Box office $185,258,983


      Budget $100.000.000
      Box office $230.884.728

      A History of Violence

      Budget $32 million
      Box office $60,740,827

      The Punisher

      Budget $33 million
      Box office $54,700,105

      This is just a few. But worth the thought. Don’t blame Snyder.

    • The Losers

      Budget $25 million
      Box office $29,379,723

      I could look for more, but I don’t want to lol. I’m sure you get my point.

      • I get your point.

        I am not a dunder head!

        I am talking Zack Synder works better with less.

    • I think this this is one area where Nolan makes a big difference.
      The Umbrella of his producing has provided a structure that
      effectively prevents Snyder from running too far away.

    • Man of Steel will almost definitely make more money than either Sucker Punch or Watchmen. Frankly, it’s a much more commercial film. The numbers speak for themselves.

      300: A mindless action movie – unqualified financial success.

      Watchmen: A complex, morally ambiguous political thriller- moderate financial success.

      Sucker Punch: A challenging, ambiguous mind-bender that confronts the movie-going audience with its own complicity in the sexual objectification of the female protagonists- complete box office failure.

      Man Of Steel: A mindless action movie – ?????

      Yup. I think Warner Brothers will get a good return on its investment with this one.

    • 300?

    • I think it tells you he’s bad at writing stories…..but Goyer wrote it with some help from Nolan,so lets just see how it turns out because I don’t think anyone can deny that visually Snyder is really talented.

    • What about 300? 300 was probably the toughest sell of all these movies and grossed the most. Like 300 he is working from someone else’s script and giving the vision life. I don’t think Watchmen’s problem was Zach. The guy can direct. Would love to see him bring Transformers to the big screen. Could you imagine.

  2. All, I know. 148 Minutes running time.

    It better be good.

    • I can sit through the movie without peeing myself.

      • NOTE TO SELF

        Do not attend a movie over 2 hours with Leather Cheerio.

        His son has a bigger bladder.

        Just saying


    • Of late longer running times point to better movies. There is plenty of good material.
      Movies cut shorter can be an indication of a lack of confidence in the movie and
      the studio wants to maximize the number of viewings per screen per day when
      the movie first comes out before word of mouth kicks in affecting tickets.

  3. I must say, Snyder’s concept of a lonely confused Superman isn’t new or revolutionary. It’s the essence behind the Smallville TV series. It got so much at a time though, it became excruciating. I started wondering if this was Peter Parker and not Clark Kent, I was watching. The self-pity was over-bearing. So, as interesting as this angle may be, it’s not exactly novel to the Supes character.

    True, some may say that Smallville was a series and this is a movie, but our minds do not make such delineation when the same superhero is involved -especially one so iconic.

    The whole disturbed individual thingy contradicts the purist theory Snyder raises of DC heroes. By purist, such human intricacies are never emphasized. It goes well with Batman’s persona but stretching it to Supes (who should be a symbol of confidence and security) might be tainting his ‘purist’ image. Being an origin movie, this is acceptable (as the man discovers himself)but it should not end with such doubts and confusion still lingering in Kal el’s mind. That was the problem with Smallville, Clark’s insecurity was soo protracted it became annoying.

    Superman, in full flight, should be comfortable in his skin, confident and reassuring to others. His smile (like Reeve’s) should say to you: “Relax, everything will be okay.” Let’s hope the movie ends that way.

    • I want a complex ending of MOS. Supes know his role on earth and fully confident. Some people see him as savior, some people afraid of him and some blame him for all destruction.

      I love concept of violent flight. It make him more like soldiers or savior. Flight like breathing is so annoying.

    • Who said it ends this way? I don’t think it’s about him stumbling about lost all the way through; I think it’s going to wind up being about him finding himself and truly becoming the “Man of Steel” (and not just physically)

  4. Holy Crap! I never realized Superman’s Dads were Robin Hoods!

  5. Cavill shouldn’t say that; Nolan’s placebo effect would make the film more enjoyable as well as marketable. Anyways I’m sure it’ll be better than the joke IM3.

    • ^LOL……that is all

  6. So, it’s Scott Snyder’s baby, huh? How come they are marketing it like it’s Christopher Nolan’s? False advertisement? Maybe. They are riding in the coattails of the Dark Knight trilogy, and it’s a little bit annoying. I loved Batman Begins and Dark Knight… but I doubt if Batman’s edgy themes are applicable to Superman. I prefer Superman to be like Christopher Reeve’s interpretation fo the character… confident, self-assured, a symbol of everything ideal. Not someone who is questioning “oh where do I fit in?” “where did I come from?” “oh, no one is like me…poor me…I can fly, super strong, built like a god..but I don’t know where I came from..oh whoa is me…” Sheesh! Superman is the Man of Steel, he has accepted that his home planet blew up and has adopted Earth as his new home…he is not alone, he has 2 loving parents who adopted him, his friends and co-workers…he knows who he is. And Clark first met Lois, not Superman. I am all for updating an old story…but Superman do not have Peter Parker problems.