Rumor Patrol: ‘Superman: Man of Steel’ Villains are General Lane & Metallo

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superman versus metallo in secret origin Rumor Patrol: Superman: Man of Steel Villains are General Lane & Metallo

The closest to official news regarding Superman: Man of Steel’s plot has been a foreword written by screenwriter David Goyer for the hardcover edition of Superman: Secret Origin. In that foreword, Goyer stated that he was directly influenced by Geoff John’s acclaimed comic book, which detailed Superman’s origin from junior high to being hired by The Daily Planet.

Now, there’s a rumor going around the Internet – insert bitter skepticism here – that Man of Steel’s villains will be General Lane (Lois Lane’s father) and the cybernetic Metallo, whose secret weapon is his heart: A big piece of kryptonite that powers his suit, keeps his barely human body alive, and renders Superman pained and useless.

According to Movienewz’s source:

General Sam Lane, the father of Lois Lane, is a central figure in director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot. This really is, as Zack described in several interviews about the film, a “real world” Superman. I’m told that when Superman arrives on the scene, people don’t know what to think. He’s an alien from another planet. What are his real intentions? He’s not human and that scares a lot of people. Here’s a guy who can fly, see through walls, is bullet proof, and can lift a tank. The military views him as a potential threat to national security. They find kryptonite, pieces of his home planet, and discover its radioactive elements can be harnessed as a near unlimited source of power, both literally and figuratively. It’s a brand new form of energy that is secretly developed by the government. The military, under the direction of General Sam Lane, uses kryptonite to power an experimental cyborg super soldier named Metallo. He’s ultimately exploited as a weapon against Superman.

Save for the lack of Lex Luthor, this actually sounds exactly like Superman: Secret Origin. In that story, Lois Lane’s father, General Lane, hates and wants to stop Superman because of his super alien powers or something. (If you’ve seen either of the Hulk movies, he’s a lot like General Ross played by Sam Elliot and William Hurt, respectively.) Metallo has had many an origin throughout comic book history, but only in Secret Origin was he Sergeant John Corben, an unpleasant soldier in Lane’s army – and Lane’s surrogate son – who has long had the hots for Lois Lane.

superman versus metallo in geoff johns secret origin Rumor Patrol: Superman: Man of Steel Villains are General Lane & Metallo

Does this so-called plot revelation’s uncanny resemblance to Secret Origin – an admitted inspiration for the Superman: Man of Steel – lend credence to it being the genuine article? Or is it the other way around – did this so-called “source” for this story know about the aforementioned inspiration and concoct a story based around it? Alas, we’ll have to wait for more official info before we know one way or the other.

Truth be told, Geoff John’s Superman: Secret Origin was a great book, so Zack Snyder and company could do far worse with regard to source material. That said, while Metallo is a fairly formidable foe for Superman (you know, twenty or so minutes of formidability), as the main villain for the entirety of a Superman film, I can’t help but assume he’d be weak sauce.

What do you guys think? Would you be satisfied with General Lane and Metallo as the villains in Man of Steel or would you prefer to see some heavier hitters?

Superman: Man of Steel hits theaters December 2012.

Source: Movienewz

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  1. Sounds like a decent story but I want a bigger threat for the movie, like Brainiac.

  2. Honestly, this sounds better than rehashing Zod or Zex.

    • Zex? Is that the love child of Lex and Zod? :-)

  3. Intresting, but now we have a whole lot of Lois and Daddy issues, That im sure will have to be dealt with in the Movie. So we have Supes dealing with, his coming out to the world, Lois and Clark issues, Lois and Dad issues, Supes and General issues, Supes and Metallo issues. Whole lot of issues. What I still dont understand is why every movie has to have an origin to it, If you watch an animated feature, they dont go into qrigins for most parts cause most people are aware for most parts as to where our heroes come from, so why must we have to go through this every time we have a reboot.

    • That’s what I’m thinking. Donner did a fantastic job of telling Superman’s origin, and you there really isn’t any other way you can tell it. Just like with the new Spider-man. All you need to know is that he got bit by a radiactive spider and got powers.

    • Agreed. You would have to be living under a rock not to know the Superman origin story.

      By and large, the animated features do not rehash what is already known and accepted.

      I hope this version does not do the same and skips right to the action… with the British Superman…. :/

    • With the exception of the 89 Batman, every superhero film has been an origin film, and it isnt necessary. We always have to sit through 40 minutes to an hour to actually see the title character.

  4. well, this plot did work when they revamped “Incredible Hulk”

    • Exactly what I was thinking. It’s like they took the script from TIH and substituted names. Or TIH took secret origins and used it. Either way this seems like a rehash.

  5. BTW, I prefer the Metallo from the Superman ANimated Series than this Ironman enemy “clone.”

    • Smallville did a great job with Metallo.

    • I agree. Most of the villains from STAS were better represented than there comic counterparts, Metallic especially. If Snyder and Co. can bring that interpretation to the big screen,

      • I think it could make an awesome movie. If I am extremely excited.

    • This is just how he looks to start in Secret Origin. By the end, he looks more like the guy you’ve seen in The Animated Series.

      • Awe. If so, then good.

  6. No thanks. Sounds poor.

    Plus, Secret Origin has a lot more going on in it than just Metallo. Didnt Snyder say that the film wasnt based on any paticular comic? I call BS on this rumour.
    And Metallo would only work as a secondary villain, on his own his isnt a huge threat.

    • actually , I dont hold Snyder’s word in the same regard as I do Nolans. I think that Snyder might have thought that was the way they were going o go but it changed. i dont think the script was a finished work when he made that comment, he was probally told that, so he said that.

  7. Eh, I’ll take Zod over these 2 anyday, but I’m fine with these 2 if they fo end up being the villans. Guess that means is Luther is a lock for the (potential) sequel.

  8. Looks like they’re borrowing an idea out of the incredible Hulk movie a aka general Ross, can’t they try to give us something fresh.

  9. And i will say again, not having Lex in the movie at all is a mistake.

    • Agreed. Lex is THE Superman villian. He doesn’t have to be the star villian in every movie, but he should be present. He’s always present in Superman’s life…

      • No Lex in the next movie = me 30% happier about the prospects for the film.

        I’d only like to see Lex in it if Synder dumps the previous incarnations of Lex from the movies COMPLETELY.



        • I totally agree with you Vic.

          I would prefer the Kevin Smith script be used than another Lex Luthor rehash.

          This “leak” seems very TIH. I hope they go in a different direction. I did not like the last Superman soap opera that was the Bryan Singer debacle.

    • Lex has been overdone, we need some new villains for this reboot.

      • Lex hasnt been overdone at all, he has never been done properly, as much as i liked Hackman and Spacey in the role, they were not playing Lex Luthor.

        • Really? Then who is Lex Luthor, in your opinion?

          • Lex Luthor the scientist, the man who despises Superman more than anything, and genius fuelled by hatred. That’s the Lex we need to see. Closer in tone to the version in Smallville (easily the best so far) but make him a scientist, make him a threat.

            • na Lex had his shot with being transitioned to the big screen. Even if he hasnt been done right doesnt mean that he has to be in the movie. I want a superman movie with action on a big scale, not matching wits with a charismatic angry scientist. I want “epic” to be too small of a word for this movie. Give me Bizarro, Doomsday, Darkseid or Brainiac. Leave Lex off screen this time.

              • Bingo Deadshot99!

              • I agree with epic battles but I think Lex has to be part of the movie. Of course, Lex shouldn’t be part of the epic battle but Lex needs to be the one behind the strings, the one who put Superman in the dire situation.

        • I agree . The real Lex has nt even made into the movies, yet so Im not sure what people are complaining about. No more stupid petty teft, real state scamming retards. We want brilliant, meglo maniac, Lex. Give him Power , give him strength give him intelligence, and let him take the Kryptoian out!!!!!! There is a reason that LEX LUTHOR is one of the best villians and it wasnt because he had cool wigs

          • They should have this movie start out with Lex ALREADY President. I, like most people here, would love to see Brainiac as the main villain. Then have them lead into Darkseid in the next film. Metallo WOULD make a very good ancillary villain in the movie, though.

    • absolutely agree…

    • How so? Oh, please do tell.

  10. @INK – Agreed!

  11. I can’t wait for this to NOT be followed-up with a Justice League movie… I dunno…The story does sound like the Hulk but it could be an interesting take on Superman. I just think it’s crap-tastic that DC is not going to build a cohesive universe, and instead actively work to create seperate film universes…

  12. Personally, I loved Secret Origins. I think adapting that to a film would make a great idea. What would make sense to me is to use a mixture of the plot from Secret Origins and the newer Earth One graphic novel.

    What they could do is show Clark’s reluctant arrival as a hero and then focus on General Lane and Lex’s hatred for him. Show General Lane comissioning Metallo’s creation that is then handled by Lex and the two could be Sup’s main enemies until the finale where they unleash Metallo for the big fight scene everyone wants to see.

    I think focusing more on General Lane and Metallo would be great, but show a scene or two of Lex’s hatred for Superman and then at the end of the film, after the dust clears, have Lex recover the broken Metallo (or the schematics or whatever) and show that this will be the template for his superior armor that he will then use in the next movie.

    • That is a cool idea. I really have to check out this origins title. Sounds fantastic and more modern.

  13. I like the story. Sounds like how the modern world would go at it. Governments would be going crazy with a being who has such power no matter how good his intentions are. I mean in all reality, he would be considered a potential threat.

    The General Lane things is too close to the Hulk story, but I like how the military is involved in it. I do not agree with Metallo, he’s just not on Superman’s level. I need a more superior threat.

    Something that will make the people realize that Superman is exactly what they need against threats that can not be handled by humans and human technology.

  14. This is not a good storyline. It’s the same as the Incredible Hulk Movie. Can’t Goyer think of something more original? Is this the best he can do?

  15. Hopefully this is just a rumor and not truth, honestly I wouldn’t mind Metallo as the secondary villain especially if the major villain is Brainiac.

  16. I can see something like this happening in the real world. I can see religious debates about alien life, aliens with powers that rival mythological gods. I can see governments, the UN, getting involved, trying to figure out if this new alien is friend or foe. I can see corporations trying to figure out how to capitalize on this new discovery. But it’s hard for me to see Synder doing this story justice; he just may surprise me but his previous films just don’t inspire me for Superman.

  17. if they intend on building this into a franchise, then Metallo is a great choice for a Man of Steel 1 villian. Better than Zod/Ursa.

    Steel, Metallo… there are thematic and metaphoric connections to be made here as well.

    I hope this is more than a rumor.

  18. I dont know about The Metallo stuff,But I like the hostile reaction to Superman.
    We shall see if its true.

  19. No Lex = Big mistake.

    On the other hand, if these guys turn out to be the main villains I don’t want everybody moaning, cause these characters haven’t been used in film before.

  20. Im baffled by the enthusiasm for Metallo, he is a great secondary villain, but as the primary threat to Superman? No, can’t see it. Superman may not be able to have close combat with Corben but he can attack him from a distance, or cover the kryptonite heart with lead like Clark does in Smallville.
    As for the whole Government seeing him as threat, yeah that could work but it doesnt sound very epic at all. It also confirms this will be an origin story. And Lois having daddy issues? That’s an exciting basis for a film, thats never been done before. The General Lane aspect seems to corrobarate the need for military helicopters, planes and battleships that were mentioned in an earlier report.
    Superman:Secret Origin is a great comic, but it isnt very cinematic, and Lex is at the core of it, as he should be.

    Whatever, I’ve given up on this film. I don’t like the director, I don’t like the writer, I like the actors but not the casting.

    • Seems a little earlier to give up on it, doesn’t it? Give it a chance before you jump to all of these conclusions on just speculation.

    • Sam, that is EXACTLY how I feel about the new Spider-Man movie.

      Of course I am probably going to go see it just to see if my misgivings about the movie have panned out. I think they will.

  21. I hope this is for real! You know what this means… Fist fights :) And it’s ok because it’s necessary

    • Foopher, have you been watching Smallville all these years because you like fist fights?

      • No. Haha. I’m sure you of all people understand why Smallville is good ;)

        But I think if Snyder is directing than Metallo’s the way to go. Superman will be doing some fighting so why not have a villain where hitting him is necessary?

        • Actually, in all fairness, one of the few villains Superman can’t really have a one on one fight with is metallo, that good ole kryptonite heart…

          • @ Dr.SamBeckett

            Im just spit-balling here, but they could always go the Superman:TAS route with Superman makin anti-kryptonite suit which would later get destroyed somehow & has to use his head on how to beat Metallo by other means. But you alot of people probly wouldn’t go for that.

            • My own preferred fanfic solution, and one I’m exploring here…


              Is to change the relationship between Superman and K-Metal, I mean Kryptonite.

              The whole on / off switch thing is a bit lame IMO. Tying that in with the older Superman becoming immune to K ( many times ) it seems sensible to have his resistance grow. So Superman vs K & in this case Metallo would take on a more Reece Vs the Terminator feel.

              Tied into Superman’s metabolism Kryptonite & K weapons could = Wolverine, where K blades, bullets could injure and put him down, but not automatically stop him. IE K becomes a means to level the playing field not an on / off switch.

              Don’t get me started on ‘red sun radiation’

  22. A little leaning towards Incredible Hulk’s premise, but including Metallo as a villain is good choice. May have to include another villain since Metallo isn’t that big of a villain unless they changed him up into say a giant robot or something, like maybe Parasite or Brainiac.

    • Similar to the Hulk…

      Betty Ross/Lois Lane’s dad General Ross/General Lane distrusts the Hero/Hulk/Superman using Krypton/Gamma magic General Ross/General Lane makes a anti-hero Abomination/Metallo to defeat the hero Hulk/Superman.

      I *really* hope this is BS. The golden age Metalo one l is more interesting – if your going to do Superman vs the terminator then you should use Brainiac

  23. hmmm, idk. Metallo/Lane as the main baddies. What happened to Ursula? Where does her character fit into the mix? Also, Metallo/Lane story line sounds too similar to Hulk. I am still not sold on this. Mainly because of Snyder and some of the casting choices. I just have a weird feeling about this story. It doesn’t seem like my kind of thing.

    • The squid lady from the Little Mermaid?

  24. And I suppose they’ll have Lucy Lane as Superwoman in this movie too. That aside, I don’t mind General Lane in the movie, I’d say Micheal Ironside but he’s played a different version of General Sam Lane on Smallville, Still Wouldn’t mind him in the role again. Like the idea of Metallo, but would prefer a WORLD threat like Brainiac, Darkseid(Which I know is being used on SMALLVILLE) Mongul, and Lex should be in the movie somewhere, but not as THE main villain. Could also introduce Hank Henshaw in the movie, set the stage for cyborg-Superman, also a WORLD threat, not just Metropolis.

  25. I knew it! :D it was going to be metallo or zod (lex maybe will appear as a side villain or in the end) This is going to be a good movie. I should get my self in the movie industry. metallo sound great. I’m ok with this pick of villain.

  26. Bruce Greenwood can make an awesome General Sam Lane (Not just a villain) like a Father to Lois Lane

  27. Im not sold on this idea. Even though this is a reboot, i would expect heavier hitter villains than Metallo. What i mean by that is we’ve already seen Kryptonite used already in 3 outta 5 previous films that been made. And the tone would just seem like a Hulk movie if Snyder makes Superman a threat as soon he arrives on earth. Even on Superman:TAS, Darkseid had Superman brainwashed before he sent him loose to attack Earth & be took down by Luthor & Military and having his trust of people ruined for years. Heck that would make a good beginning for a trilogy imo if Superman arrived on Earth w/amnesia & wants to find out who set him loose to attack Earth. But it would be too much like Superman:TAS finale i guess.

  28. Martian man-hunter is gonna pop in

  29. Good! We’ve seen Zod, We’ve seen Lex Luthor. I hope this is true.