Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Has Found Its Female Villain

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superman man of steel faora ursa Superman Man of Steel Has Found Its Female Villain

It’s been rumored for a while now that Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel would feature a second female lead role in addition to that of Clark Kent’s beloved Lois Lane (Amy Adams). Recently that part was pegged as being that of Faora, a villain from the original Superman comics books who served as the basis for evil Kryptonian Ursa in Superman and Superman II.

Now the latest report on the matter indicates we’ll be seeing Faora, not Ursa, in Man of Steel, and that Snyder has his eye on an actress for the part. The twist, however, is that it’s not one of the bigger names previously said to be in contention to play the female minion of General Zod (Michael Shannon).

Deadline says that German actress Antje Traue has emerged as the frontrunner to sign on as Faora in Snyder’s Superman reboot, while Variety is confirming the claim. The young starlet – whose only significant Hollywood role to date was a part in the 2009 sci-fi/horror flick Pandorum – apparently came close to landing a significant role in the exorcism film The Rite, and was also a contender to sign on for the in-development World War Z adaptation as well.

Sarah Douglas famously played Ursa in the first two Superman movies – though Traue’s thin resume makes it kind of impossible to say how her performance might differ or be similar to that of Douglas’. To be fair, it’s not really that complex a role – basically, Traue has to play a menacing and cruel beauty – so who’s to say that she won’t be perfect for the part?

Here is a bit of history (courtesy of Screen Rant‘s Chris Schrader) about the Ursa/Faora character:

Ursa’s depiction in ‘Superman’ and ‘Superman II’ was based on the character of Faora from the comics. Created during the Silver Age by Cary Bates & Curt Swan, Faora ran a concentration camp for men where she tormented and tortured her prisoners before sentencing them to death. In Post-Crisis DC Comics continuity, she became a follower of Zod’s but was renamed Zaora. The character has gone through several other permutations (and names) since then, but the fundamental aspects of her personality have remained largely the same.

So Faora definitely has a thing for power and control – and her disdain for humankind makes her a prime candidate to play an effective villain alongside Zod in Man of Steel. Obviously, not everyone is sold on the idea of seeing this pair of criminal Kryptonians (that’s assuming this incarnation of Faora isn’t a regular human) on the big screen again, but the two could definitely serve as worthy adversaries for Superman in Snyder’s reboot.

How do you feel about Faora/Ursa being included in Man of Steel - is the film starting to feel too close to Superman II?

Source: Deadline

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  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. So far, I don’t like the cast lineup for this movie. And worse yet, you got an Englishman playing the man of steel. Meaning no insult to them. I mean, Christian Bale did great as Batman and it worked out good because Batman is an anti-hero. But having a Brit playing the greatest DC American icon is crossing the line, I’m sorry. Superman is suppose to fight for truth, justice and the American way. NOT for truth, justice and the queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am surely not going to see it. I’m looking forward to the JLA movie more. and hopefully, if this movie flops, perhaps WB would finally come to their sesnes and finally cast Tom Welling for the part and am glad knowing the movie would have nothing to do with Snyder. Now, if the WB would finally give what the fans want more, that JLA should a success more than this disappoint upcoming film.

    • Well, the latest comics make that irrelevant. Besides, who cares about nationality anyway? Patrick Stewart played Charles Xavier and no one seemed to have a problem with that. Heck, McKellen is British and Gay but almost everyone loves him as Magneto. Who cares as long as they capture the essence of the character.

    • All the fans want Welling as Superman? Really? Many do, but not all. I could honestly tell you that if they had cast Welling in this film I would automatically not see it.

    • u do know that Tom Welling is Canadian right? how is that any different than casting someone that is british? like Ghost said Patrick Stewart is british and play a kick-ass Professor X and no-one was b*tching about that as well Ian Mckellan who is Gay and no-one was whining about that..not to mention that Hugh Jackman is Australian and he play a Canadian Canuck…for whatever reason the producers just decided to add(this my OPINION) American way to satisfy the “Americans” especially way back in the 50′s..hell the Lois & Clark version Superman said that he stood for Truth and Justice and left out “American way”…anyway thats my beef..i personally am getting a bit tired of Superman Movie(Reboot) so..and until i see a final product i will reserve judgement on this and most of you should do the same

    • Take it easy. He’s just a comic book character. Besides Henry Cavill’s a good actor, and can do a proper american accent.

    • Batmn an anti-hero? Do you even know what an anto-hero is? You obviously don’t. An anti-hero is someone who borders of both the good and evil lines. Batman is far from that. Robin (Jason Todd/Red Hood) is what you should consider an anti-hero, because he kills for whatever reason he so pleases just as long as he felt the person did something wrong…. At least it was like that in Under the Red Hood. On the case of Superman being played by a brit…. you do know that Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman isn’t even human or from Earth… right? What does the actor being American have to do with ANYTHING? He still isn’t a true American, because he isn’t at least from Earth.

  2. superman flicks never really get me all that hype. and the preview is as far as i get till the dvd is available to rent but i guess now it would be netflix right? and after the biggest let down ever in superman history with the last movie i think i will skip out completely unless there is something impressive added to this one before its release.

  3. this is turning out too much like the Donner film I really wanna see Brainiac

  4. How Superman Got Raped Not once, not twice, not 3X, but 4X in a row.

    Story by Lois Lane.

  5. This movie will be a waste of one’s time.
    Just another rehash of things of the past.


  7. Hey, anything is worth a shot. She seems like she would be good even though her resume isn’t too long, but who knows.
    All I do know is… is that Superman needs to be legendary!
    Christopher Reeve made it legendary for several generations of fans (despite how I feel about Superman 4 and Richard Pryor in 3, but I digress… lol)

    Every Superman reprise, reboot, remake, re imagination(whatever you wish to call it) up until now stunk!
    From the script with Nicholas Cage (thank god that was scraped), Superboy TV show in the 90′s, Dean Cain in Lois & Clark & especially Superman Returns!

    The best and most interesting thing to the legacy of Superman has been Smallville the TV show which is a sort of coming of age of Superman based off of the character in Superman 1 in his Teen Age Years played by Jeff East. (despite how Smallville has handled certain instances) but nonetheless it has been the best thing since. Fans have kept it on the air for 10 years! The warner brothers studio has invested so much time and money into that show and characters. They just need to pay those guys enough money to commit. If they make it worth their while there is no way Tom Welling can say no..

    Tom Welling had the torch passed to him by Christopher Reeve, it’s only right. Plus, so many other Superman originals have pretty much showed their support as well.
    I know there are rumors of him saying he doesn’t want to do it… but really? It’s kind of late for that my man. You invested 10 years as Clark. Don’t you think you owe it to fans? That would be a fans wet dream, lol.

    Take the Cast of Smallville & fast forward a bit to make a movie.
    Such as the death with the 4 Supermen(Steel, Superboy etc) as previously discussed. Plus make doomsday better, pleaseeee. Cus he sucked on the show (also as previously mentioned)

    Give the fans something legendary to remember.
    Because so far the only Man of Steel I know would be Iron Man !!!!

    • “Smallville” had the best story line since Superman II. I was so charged up after every episode, that I was salivating for the next show. I started re-watching “Lois and Clark” after”Smallville” was over. It was not as good the second time around. So “Smallville” was the most exciting T.V. show I have ever seen.

  8. i knew there’s something SPECIAL bout her, when i saw that stinker, Pandorum. Antje’s the ONLY thing that kept me watching that sci-fi crapozolla. she’s just got that certain OOMPH factor that makes her stood out. glad that a hollywood big shot like Snyder sees the same thing i did.

  9. Superman Returns was a remake of the first Superman movie with the same plot (Lex wants land and will kill millions to get it) and now this is going to be a remake of Superman II???

    Can this get any worse?

    • Actually Superman Returns was a sequel, hence the name, “Superman Returns”. They speak of him leaving for an unknown reason and there are Easter Eggs such as Christopher Reeve on a newspaper framed in a hallway that says something like “Where is Superman?”

      Don’t forget that Lois has a kid as well, who ends up being Superman’s son. This movie is going to be awesome!

  10. Antje Traue is great! She deserves to get more space on the big screen!

  11. dear whining nerds,
    shut up.
    did you forget nolan is involved? obviously he’s going to make a movie that isn’t a live-action cartoon, as it would be with doomsday or whoever else as villain. if you want to see doomsday, watch one of those dumb DC cartoons…

    • garyshindling: Doomsday is a BIG part of the comics, he’s voted by IGN to be one of the best comic book villains of all time, and he’s one of the longest-serving rogues in the comics. And Brainiac, Metallo, Bizarro, Darkseid, Doomsday, Parasite, Mxyzptlk, Livewire, Prankster, Toyman, Eradicator are MUCH better villains than Zod, and have NOT been used in a single live-action movie.

      And Nolan is only involved as producer. The director, Jack Snyder, has the final say in what goes in. And did you forget he did the movie 300, which is as much a live-action cartoon as you could ever see….

      And I can’t say I care for Nolan’s take on Batman. Yes, the movies were entertaining, but because of his stance on 100% realism, we can’t have many of the better Batman villains like Clayface even though he could easily be made “realistic”. Catwoman just will not do it for me, and Bane looks more like he’s ready for S&M than to kill Batman while doped up on Venom. And Penguin & Riddler are better than Catwoman too, and are actually real villains!

      • “Live action cartoon” really? Garyshinding, this movie is going to blow. You say “Nolan is involved” like nothing could go wrong. Who wouldn’t want to see Supes fight an actual super villain? What would you have Nolan do, have him fight drug dealers and mobsters? The guy can fly and shoot lasers from his eyes.

      • There’s no need to start spewing acid on everyone because they disagree on a take of a hero or any other main character.

        They (Bane and Catwoman) are actually more legendary in the eyes of most Batman fans than Riddler or Penguin. Bane is his equal or greater in terms of strength and intelligence). Catwoman’s history with Batman speaks for itself. Even the creators of Bane gave their blessing on the Dark Knight Rises version of him.

        Those other villains like Darkseid and Doomsday are indeed very important to the Superman lore but you can back off of the reality sucks mantra. It makes for a better movie and more memorable take on the series. Seriously, didn’t you see Schumacher’s disaster trying to make it as you want it to be?

  12. I don’t know why people are so critical of this movie. Seriously, go learn how to make your own films then. Also, I’d rather watch a darker or more gritty perspective on heroes like Keaton’s Batman, Nolan’s Batman, the Punisher, Captain America, and so on. These bubblegum movies are okay for the kids but I want something deeper.

    As for the choice of the actress for Faora, I like it alot! There doesn’t have to be these onslaughts of “A-list ” talent for it be a great movie. The Avengers wasn’t that great to me. The villain was weak as he got his ass handed to him by every hero in the movie and these all-out action movies (Transfortmers, Expendables, Star Trek) that feature more humor than acting and story-telling are getting old.