‘Man of Steel’ Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

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Superman Man of Steel Trailer Discussion Man of Steel Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

[If you’ve seen the film, head on over to our Man of Steel Spoilers Discussion!]

The excitement over the new action-packed trailer for Man of Steel has yet to die down, but more plot information and spoilers have already arrived. We went into some speculation and theorizing with our own Man of Steel trailer analysis, and new comments from director Zack Snyder and others in the crew confirm our suspicions are accurate.

From Kryptonian wildlife to General Zod’s machines of war, the newest details fall squarely in the SPOILER category, so read no farther if the finer points of the trailer are mysteries you’d rather leave unsolved.

Besides proving that Zack Snyder had been keeping the more fantastic action of Man of Steel under wraps, the most recent trailer raised plenty of eyebrows concerning Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, Zod’s mechanized leviathan, civil war on Krypton, and even a quick confirmation that LexCorp – the company led by Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor – would be referenced in the film.

Man of Steel Trailer Kryptonian Ship Man of Steel Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

Speaking in an interview with EW, Snyder, screenwriter David S. Goyer and other crew members were willing to put a few of the more pertinent questions to rest. They won’t come as a massive surprise to anyone who read through our theories though, since we hit fairly close to the mark with the evidence supplied so far.

First things first: yes, the Fortress of Solitude seen encased in ice is a long-dormant Kryptonian spaceship. As part of David S. Goyer’s intentions of writing Man of Steel as if it were a real tale of mankind’s first alien contact, Kal-El (Henry Cavill) isn’t the first individual ever to make the journey from Krypton to Earth. It was clear from the first teaser trailers that Jor-El (Russell Crowe) knew plenty about Earth and its people, which is now confirmed.

Goyer goes on to explain why he felt this story, preceding the events of Superman’s arrival, and a realistic reaction to irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life, needed to be shown on screen:

“Even if he didn’t have superpowers it would literally be the biggest story that ever happened in human history. It would change the face of the Earth forever. Just his existence would…I think it was in one of the Donner films — which I adore — but I think there’s a moment where Lois Lane is interviewing Clark and says, ‘So you’re from Krypton, huh?’ and he says ‘Yeah,’ and then they just kind of drop it. He just said he’s from an alien world! And everybody just accepts it. I just thought the idea that we would treat [Man of Steel] as a first contact story was in a strange way it was kind of a big idea because everything sort of follows from that. So that was one of the Eureka Moments.”

Man of Steel Trailer Black Zero Ship Man of Steel Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

As further proof of Kryptonian ingenuity, producer Deborah Snyder explains that the long-legged, organic/mechanical construct seen snapping at an underwater Superman isn’t a living creature, but General Zod’s ship, Black Zero. Described as a retro-fitted prison ship, it seems to be the same machine unleashing a beam of destruction in downtown Metropolis – we have to wonder: what else can it do?

Besides promising some impressive special effects across vast spaces (how did Superman move it from Metropolis to water?) the description of Black Zero as a former prison ship may help explain Zod (Michael Shannon) surviving Krypton’s destruction. The trailer also shows he and his fellow soldiers in chains, meaning he may have been one of the few to survive in an off-planet penitentiary, and therefore one of the few remaining authority figures. That doesn’t quite explain his vow of destroying Kal-El, but it’s a start.

Man of Steel Full Trailer Spoilers Man of Steel Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

If the rocky, barren landscape of Krypton seemed less than thriving even before explosions and bombs began scarring its surface, that’s not an accident either. Apparently, the majority of Krypton’s population lives beneath the surface, only returning to ground level to travel – or attack one another, it would seem.

Getting around isn’t easy, which is where the multi-winged flying creatures seen in the trailer come in. The flying animal featured most prominently is Jor-El’s, named ‘Herocka’ (spelling not confirmed), and presumably rescues Jor-El from an incredibly high fall seen in the trailer’s climax. How that fits into the events preceding Krypton’s destruction is still being kept close to the filmmakers’ vests, but animal lovers have another character to look forward to meeting.

The biggest question, though, has got to be the inclusion of the LexCorp building. After Goyer kept hopes of seeing Lex Luthor in Man of Steel alive, and rumors arose of the role already being cast, Snyder still hints that if Lex will be making an appearance, the sequel is the safest bet:

“I really enjoy the character and I really loved shooting this movie about him. And whatever happens as we go ahead, I’m not exhausted by Superman. I’m knocking on wood. I’m not going to try to say, ‘Yeah, we’re going to make another movie!’ because I don’t want to jinx anything.”

We can understand Snyder’s hesitance, but given the excitement already building over Man of Steel – and the claims that it will set up a DC shared universe – we’d bet a sequel is already in the early stages of development.

In other news, Yahoo has released a brand new still from the film in honor of Superman’s 75th birthday. It isn’t too dissimilar from the image previously released, but isn’t any less impressive. Have a look:


Superman Man of Steel Birthday Still 570x368 Man of Steel Plot Spoilers Revealed; New Still Image Released

Which of these confirmed plot twists seems most intriguing to you? Do you agree that a ‘first contact’ story should serve as the backbone to the film, or are there some elements of the mythology that you’re upset to see modified?

Make sure to check out our Man of Steel Trailer Analysis, Part 2 for potential answers to questions that Snyder and company did not address in the EW interview.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: EW, Yahoo

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  1. What interests me is how are they going to go as far as Reporter Clark.I have a feeling he won’t be working there yet.

    • Thinking the same. More like he’ll start working there at the conclusion of the film.

      • I’d be down with that

      • yeah that’s the impression i got, they’ll have him as a solo sort of journalist the whole time and build up to the complete cover identity and have everything become familiar in the last ten minutes or so, like Batman Begins did.

  2. Amongst all else I am really pulling for Zack with this project.
    Zack is an enormous talent and visual virtuoso like no other.

    I think he needed a little structure to best harness what he
    was capable of and I think that the Nolan producer umbrella
    provided just that and at just the right time in his career.

    So when Zack says “I’m not exhausted by Superman” he
    reveals he has no intention of moving on to other things
    and looks with excitement at what he might later on do.
    And that was the most reassuring thing he could say.

    • I agree, while I don’t think he’s much of a great writer, he’s a great director and very visionary. Reason why I like him so much, he knows how to present a script in a beautiful manner.

    • Well said.

  3. Looks good. Great action scenes. FX…… and the story is intriguing. Definitely a different take than the Donner movies.

    The only possible problem is the Goyer effect. Terrible clunky dialog. So far we haven’t got much talking in the trailers, except for the voiceover exposition dump. I’m crossing my fingers that Snyder will counterbalance the Goyer problem and we’ll get a good Superman movie.

    Come on June!

    • I share the same worry. Some of the more cringe-worthy moments in TDKR were due to that kinda dialogue…

      But from what I read here, props to him for rethinking the Superman story as a first contact-type piece, it’s a pretty innovative way to look at it. Hope Nolan brushed up on the dialogue and the tone, that should do it.

      As for Snyder, based on the trailers alone I’d say we have nothing to be worried about in terms of direction – film looks beautiful, VFX is fantastic, action seems to be everything we’ve been asking for. Honestly, I think all Snyder needs is good writing and a great script. June can’t be here fast enough!

      • It’s the other way around fella. Goyer not responsible for DK or DKR dialogue, that’s Nolan and Jonah. In this, it’s David who wrote the screenplay, he would have to brush up on it.

        • My bad, mixed up the story idea credits with the screenplay credits. Still a small worry then, just the other way around, but the trailer’s still pretty reassuring.

  4. I’m guessing that the Fortress of Solitude was found about a mile from the crash site of NBE-1…

    • AKA Megatron, thats what they call him.

      • Calvin Johnson IS THE REAL MEGATRON!!! Get it right!

  5. Great information here. I’m very please and happy with this trailer.

  6. Speaking of spoilers and Lex Luthor. Has anyone looked close at the bald guy in the suit at 2:19 in the trailer?? It’s blurry but looks like a similar silhouette to Mackenzie Gray to me. I just haven’t seen anyone bring this up yet. I’m not saying it is but..

    Wonder what you all think?

    • It’s one of Zod’s men.

      • And you know this for sure?

        • It’s either Zod or one of his men because the armour in that shot is the same as Zod’s battle armour.

          • I am not so sure. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that they show a bald guy that resembles Lex in the trailer? It probably is a mind blow but maybe not since there has been some mystery involving Lex in the movie.

            Also, I strike your response for spelling armor like amour. This is a sign that you are either Canadian or British which makes your speculation null and void!! lol.

            • armour*

                • During the third MoS trailer you can see a bald Kryptonian standing behind Zod at 2:15. It’s most likely him in that scene if not Zod.

                  I really can’t see why Lex would be wearing Kryptonian armour.

                • Hm, you’re using a moment where the Kryptonian is getting blasted, where the head forcefield is flaring up to defend against it, and saying “see he looks white and bald!” The force field has a smooth, rounded shape to it to begin with (could make anyone look bald, even Zod) and it’s turning more whitish & opaque in that moment because it’s reacting to the shapnel and blast of the missiles or whatever it is that’s hitting him.

                  If you take a second to look carefully, there are dark areas on top of the head and at the lower face underneath the semi-opaque layer of the forcefield, which would indicate zod’s distinctive look. That face as it is doesn’t look human or Kryptonian at all, certainly doesn’t look like Lex, it looks like some white ghostly alien thing. If you think “oh maybe that’s something covering a face” then it makes sense.

                  It COULD be a soldier other than Zod, it even could be Lex in a suit he stole or acquired, but not based on the visuals of that scene. Only based on the concept of “what if this or that happened at some point in the movie?”

            • It’s Armour, Colour, Honour and a British Billion is a real Billion.

              Just deal with it! (^-^)

            • armour is the way it is spelt in the rest of the english speaking world.

              american’s are the only ones who spell it incorrectly.

              also, he isn’t bald. it is zod wearing his helmet.

  7. Add- It’s not like in the comics Lex never had a warsuit?

    • He eventually gets a warsuit. We wouldn’t meet War-suit Lex right off the bat, especially when the war-suit is in direct response to Superman and Superman in this movie has JUST shown up.

  8. Actually, years ago when DC Comics published a title called DC Presents it was Hawkman and Hawkgirl who found an ancient Kryptonian machine and then contacted Superman to look into it. Superman found out that, I believe, that his grandfather had told his father Jor-el about Earth and from there Jor-el turned his attention to earth and years later when Krypton began it’s death throes that construction on the ship that would transport baby Kal-el to earth and in later years became Superman!!!

    • Aaahhh, Hawkman reference, I like that.

  9. I cant read any of this!!!!!

    • but I kinda want to, do you think I can avoid spoilers for a whole month?

      • It’s not that spoilerish in my opinion,

      • Kal-El is Superman. Oops! Sorry, I spoiled it for you. 😀

  10. Man, June can’t come soon enough!

  11. Warner Bros. really hopes that Man of Steel is their Iron Man 2008. If it is, we’ll get a DC Cinematic Universe to compete with Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this flops a la Superman Returns, back to the drawing board and no Justice League movie for a long time, if not ever.

  12. If Zack pulls this off, like I think he will, Superman can have a serious shot at outdoing Nolan’s Batman franchise. Lets pull this off, and then do Doomsday for the sequel.

    • Do you think it’ll out do the Avengers?

      • One it’s own? Maybe. I promise you however, Bale returning as Batman and teaming up with Cavil’s Superman will beat each and every single thing it’s up against. That includes Avengers 2 and Star Wars 7.

  13. Unfortunately for me it is getting further and further from the superman I know the more I see. Now it’s first contact, deadly spaceships, and no reporter Clark, with a pinch of Nancy Drew thrown in.

    • But the main concern is “will it be good?” A film that sticks 100% to the source but sucks to watch is not a success.

    • IMO Superman has always lacked that “First Contact” storyline. In the Donner film it was like…..

      “Wow, your’re an alien, the whole world loves you! Can you get my cat out of that small tree?”

  14. Green Lantern #2, that is what I want to see.

    • And The Flash.

      • And perhaps a Dr. Fate (kent nelson) & Hourman (Rex Tyler) team-up flick.

        • And also a mini-team-up flick of Martian Manhunter, The Atom, and hawkman prior to a JLA flick.

          • Oh yes, and this Superman flick might be OK, too.

            • Phase 1:

              Man of Steel
              New Batman reboot(Get Darren Arrenofsky or Sam Raimi: They’ve both wanted this for a long time)
              The Flash
              Green Lantern reboot(They should get JMS to write the script: He really understands how to make the sci-fi/space stuff appeal to an audience)
              Wonder Woman(Sam Raimi again, if anyone would know how to depict a strong female heroine it’s him)

              Phase II:
              Batman/Superman/World’s Finest movie: Prelude to Justice League
              Justice League
              Spinoffs for minor JL members like Green Arrow, Black Lightning and Atom

              Phase III:
              Teen Titans(JL sidekicks get to shine!)
              Static Shock(Arguably the most marketable teenage hero)
              JSA movie set in World War II(The Justice League’s predecessors)
              Legion of Superheroes movie set in the 31st century(The League’s successors, make it Star Trek-ish)

              And this is just for DC itself, not counting Vertigo and Wildstorm series. The possibilities are limitless! Unfortunately, so is the incompetence and ignorance of Warner Bros.

              Thomas Tull, just admit you and your buddy Jon Peters don’t have a g****** clue what to do with DC Comics and sell it to Disney or Fox or Sony. Please.

  15. I know this is off topic but what if Aquaman made a cameo.

    • cleaning Lois’ fish tank.

    • @ j The end of Man of Steel will echo the end of Batman Begins in that regard. Lois hands Superman a fish… he looks up and says “I’ll look into it.”

      • That part with Superman escaping what looked like a giant tentacle monster underwater made me wish Aquaman(or at least Atlantis) had a cameo here.

  16. intrigued by these details.

  17. I’m going to guess that the conflict between Superman & Zod inadvertantly causes Lex Luthor grief thus instigating his animosity towards him, and building towards future sequels.

  18. I’d like to know if they explain why Kryptonians look human. Also, do they speak their own language in the film (subtitled maybe)?

  19. Goyer is such a hack. So is Snyder. I’m not impressed by this trailer. No thanks. Green Lantern and Superman Returns were enough.

    • …and yet you’re here.

      • Lol, haters gonna hate.

    • May I ask: What was wrong with the trailer?

  20. Move over Avengers, for the new best superhero movie.

    • I’m hoping that’s the case. If there is ever a “best” superhero movie, Superman certainly deserves that title. More like “move over Dark Knight” for best DC property film.

      • I wouldn’t think Avengers should be mentioned in a “best superhero movie” as said in an above comment. If you said “biggest box office taking superhero movie” then I might have been right alongside you but IMO, Avengers just wasn’t that good and people confuse a movie earning lots of money with it being a great movie when actually, the hype drew people in and that’s where the money came from.

        Same with Call Of Duty, people hype and overhype the series and critics say it’s the greatest thing ever so then it does huge numbers every year because people get drawn into that hype and overhype.

  21. ^stupid

    • Now, now. No profanity or personal attacks. They’re for the feeble minded.

  22. I wished the added red lines on the lines w/ the yellow to help the costume look little more better.

  23. Now, now. No profanity or personal attacks. They’re for the feeble minded.

    • Now, now. No duplicate posts or fun predictions. They’re are for… um… for ah… um… damn it. I had something…

  24. Cavill still is working for me as Superman. Everything else looks awesome.

  25. If Zod has an army, and they are from krypton…Are they powered as Zod and Superman?

    • Zod doesn’t have an army. Just a handful of fellow criminals imprisoned with him. Maybe as few as three.

      I really hope they find some way to bring him back for Justice League, maybe with dozens of Kryponian soldiers from the Phanton Zone to fight the Justice League.

    • that is a 2 year old confirmed photoshop.

  26. I think it would be great if Lex has a slightly larger part than it seems so far. Right now it’s seeming like he’ll just be introduced & used in a later film, but how great would it be if he is a background player that shows up in various scenes. The idea of him stealing some Kryptonian tech totally fits with his character.

  27. lois was not interviewing “clark”. Clark is the made up persona.