‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Analysis: What Did We Learn?

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Man of Steel Trailer Army StandoffWe've been holding our breath for the first full-length trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, and boy was it worth the suspense. The trailer may have shown Kal-El's new Superman suit in greater detail, the level of special effects fans have to look forward to, and the kinds of carnage General Zod will unleash on Earth. Still, for many, the trailer will be too brief.We thought we'd slow things down and point out a few interesting details that some giddy viewers may have missed, and the apparent plot hints that stand out to our viewing eyes. Needless to say, those not interested in potential SPOILERS should cease reading now.Man of Steel could - and will - still surprise us, but we can nonetheless guess how some of these scenes and action set pieces play out in the movie.

Burning, Bearded Superman

Man of Steel Trailer Superman On Fire

There's no questioning that Kal-El could survive long underwater, and the first Man of Steel teaser trailers showed he'd be spending some time seaward, bearded, and stinking of crab before becoming the hero we know him to be.The trailer's footage of Clark bathed in fire, sporting Hulk-pants, and flying off into the sunset (alight?) confirms that a catastrophe in his wandering life will force him to accept his gifts - not hide them. The passing school bus in the maritime setting is also a nice callback to what looks to be Clark's first heroic rescue.For those fans who were a little turned off by the idea of Superman wasting some time aboard a fishing vessel before becoming a full-blown Man of Steel, it seems there is at least a sizable action sequence to look forward to. And for hardcore fans, the look of actual effort and pain on Cavill's face promises a Superman who actually has to put his back into his super-strength.

A Gift and a Curse

Man of Steel Trailer Young Clark Crying

It's the downside of Superman's superpowers that rarely get explored with a truly dark, or serious approach. Smallville built a story around Clark Kent slowly realizing his powers throughout adolescence, but for Man of Steel, it seems Snyder is starting earlier, and not pulling any punches.A panicked Clark - granted the ability to hear (depending on who you ask) some or all human voices on the planet at once - portrays a darker direction. The gifts can be a curse, but it's Clark's mother, Martha Kent (Diane Lane), who acts as his anchor.The dynamic between the Kents and Kal-El has changed dramatically over the years, depending largely on their age. By casting Lane and Kevin Costner, the assumption was that they would adopt more traditional parenting roles. This scene alone implies a more meaningful and relatable connection between mother and son, which evidences writer David S. Goyer being influenced by Geoff Johns' seminal storyline, Superman: Secret Origin.

The Fortress of Solitude?

Man of Steel Trailer Fortress Solitude

When Clark finally gets around to realizing that his gifts should be shared with humanity, a trip to the Fortress of Solitude gets things moving. Traditionally it is here that Kal-El speaks with the memories of his father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe), about his destiny, Krypton's fate, and the suit he will wear in his new persona.The alien architecture hints strongly that this is such a place, and the new Superman suit rotating into view seems to imply that it has been prepared for him ahead of time. Clark's statement that he "has so many questions" seems directed at someone in particular; whether this means that a projection of Jor-El is present in the Fortress (or not) isn't clear.However, the new incarnation of Jor-El certainly has a flare for fashion, so it wouldn't surprise us if he's there to unveil the new uniform. It would also greatly reinforce the claim that the new Kal-El isn't just a survivor, but a prince of Krypton.

Preparing For Lift-off

Man of Steel Trailer Liftoff

The shots of Superman walking through the arctic landscape in his new suit and fluttering cape (due to its thinner construction) certainly backs up the Fortress of Solitude assumption. Especially if Kal-El's education about Krypton, his first walk into the sunlight wearing his destined uniform, and first flight occur in sequence. But it's those pebbles we're interested in.A close look shows that as Superman prepares to take flight, a stirring of snow, rocks, and even small boulders behind him rise off the ground in anticipation of his takeoff. The effect in itself isn't a game-changer, and some might claim it's just an artistic flourish, but it's clear Snyder's Superman has some element to his powers that fans haven't seen before.We doubt this means Superman will go the 'Neo' or 'Phoenix' route and use telekinesis, but it lays the groundwork for some new effects, and potentially striking ways of Kal-El interacting with Earth's environment.

Zod's Got a Beam

Man of Steel Trailer Zod Gravity Beam

The shot of an urban center being decimated by a blue energy beam is a strong turning point in the Man of Steel trailer, and Superman's inability to protect the city (presumably Metropolis) from such an attack has serious ramification for the plot. But those who've been keeping up on Man of Steel news and rumors know exactly what we're looking at.Previously released tie-in toy commercials were suspected of spoiling General Zod's military force and weaponry ahead of the film, and these action scenes reflect those same powers possibly at work. The impact and surrounding cars being not incinerated, but lifted upward certainly provide what we'd expect from a 'Gravity Beam,' although Zod's greater goal is still a mystery.Whatever the case, Superman pulling an Independence Day and flying directly up into the beam itself later in the trailer implies the weapon has a limited lifespan.

War Comes to the Kents

Man of Steel Trailer Kent Farm AttackAdding serious credit to the claim that General Zod would make a trip to the Kent farm, the brief shot of alien aircraft descending on the farm setting is telling - and may be a sign of how dark the film will get. If nothing else, the multiple space craft shown prove that Zod is not alone, and it's unlikely he and Faora are each piloting an entire ship to themselves.Whether or not that means it is, in fact, Black Zero in army form that will be accompanying their military leader in a conquest of Earth (or if it's some other force), Ma Kent looks to be in danger. One might immediately ask: why do Zod and Faora even needs ships to travel? And the answer could be telling.Firstly, this shot might be of Black Zero arriving to either attack or kidnap Kal-El's family. Then again, if Kal-El's time on Earth allows him to fly while Zod and Faora cannot, we'd have to credit Snyder with a clever (and completely plausible) way of differentiating their powers.

The General Himself

Man of Steel Trailer General Zod RevealThis is one that has us puzzled. Since the revealing shot of General Zod (Michael Shannon) sports the horizon of a planet in the background, this scene could be taken from his approach to Earth, or from Krypton prior to its decimation. Shannon has already commented on the amount of time he's spent among the "massive" sets and green screens of Krypton, and the number of speeches he gets to recite.If Zack Snyder really wanted to distinguish Man of Steel from the previous Superman movies, he'd do more with Krypton than relegate it to the opening minutes of the film. Shannon's comments - and Russell Crowe's casting - imply just that. The arrival of actual space craft and an apparent army mean David S. Goyer's script has passed on the 'Phantom Zone' angle, which puts Zod's arrival on Earth in new context.Is 'the General' invading Earth as part of a speech-laden rivalry with Jor-El? Was Kal-El, a prince of Krypton, sent to stop him? Who knows. But that hulking costume looks like it means business.

The Fall of Krypton?

Man of Steel Trailer Krypton DestroyedNot much to go on with this shot, besides a massive explosion and cinematography that would make Christoper Nolan shiver with delight. Yet the odd architecture (apparently Kryptonians were into their ovals) has us thinking that this, too, is a look at the crumbling of Krypton.Since the fiery explosion doesn't quite match up with the all-out devastation and hovering debris seen in Metropolis, and the female silhouette doesn't resemble Faora's battle wear, we'd bet on it. Those assumptions would make Kal-El's mother, Lara Lor-Van (Ayalet Zurer) the most likely candidate for the shadowy figure. But then, where's her husband?General Zod taking advantage of the planet-wide devastation to kill Jor-El, for instance, would make him an even greater enemy to Superman. That's a long shot, but we'd love to hear the debate that a change to canon like that would spark.

Kryptonian Showdown

Man of Steel Trailer Superman Zod FightIf this shot is of General Zod and Superman going head-to-head, then it seems a few things are possible. With Superman striking his familiar flight pose, and Zod looking more like a leaping man than one taking flight, is this further evidence that Kal-El's maturation on Earth is what grants him the ability to defy gravity entirely, not merely test it?Since General Zod (if that is who we're seeing) looks far bulkier than his skintight Kryptonian suit would allow, what significance can we put into his change of costume? Is this the 'badass' CGI costume that Snyder promised?And perhaps most importantly, what happens when these two super-powered individuals make contact? Could they be partly to blame for the collapsing buildings that Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) and other citizens are running from? That's just an idea, but it would explain why the two soon take the fight elsewhere...

The Battle of Kansas

Man of Steel Trailer Kansas Bank VaultThe pastoral shots of Kansas being struck by a mysterious storm lend credence to the insider accounts of Clark protecting civilians from a tornado, but it's this shot that most delights us. A lighting-fast peek at the set of doors Superman is thrown through reveals that the building is a 'Kansas State Bank,' confirming that Zod and his forces end up near Kal-El's adoptive family.Presumably, either Zod or Faora are the ones throwing him through the bank with enough violence to stagger the Man of Steel. When he comes to rest against the bank vault door, we realize we've witnessed this scene before.The very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman depicted him recovering from this very impact, though the setting couldn't be known at the time. Clearly the showdown in Kansas was on the filmmakers minds' from early on - how early on and what that means for their commitment and enthusiasm for Goyer's script could be a good sign.

End of the Road

Man of Steel Trailer Desert SceneWe don't know exactly what message Snyder is trying to communicate by placing Superman and the US army at the apparent edges of desert, but one thing's clear: these soldiers aren't trying to arrest him. Their bent knees imply that Superman may now have their trust, which places this scene near the end of the film, since it's hard to believe anything but 'saving humanity from destruction' would assuage their fears.If that's the case, then Lois Lane's presence and the setting are all up for debate. Amy Adams has explained that she is not yet confirming a return in the inevitable Superman sequel, or Justice League for that matter. As this scene reminds us, Snyder and Goyer are keeping tight-lipped on how Lois and Kal-El will be developed over the course of the film.The remote setting and lack of tension or violence is certainly enough to get the imagination churning, so we're open to wild theories.


Man of Steel Trailer Army StandoffConsidering how cagey Snyder, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are all being about Man of Steel's intricacies, there are likely more surprises in store and some of our predictions will be proven false. But speculation will need to fuel things for a while, since this trailer isn't likely to mark a torrent of new details and spoilers.Exactly how Cavill will perform both as Kal-El and Clark Kent, what chemistry will or will not exist between he and Lois Lane (Amy Adams), and what ways Zack Snyder and the film's producers have come up with for planting seeds of the upcoming Justice League movie are all still up in the air (pardon the pun).That's our take on what questions (and answers) the first trailer brought into the open, but we'd love to hear your insights. What stood out the most for you? Think there is an aspect of the trailer that's been overlooked? Sound off in the comments.Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.-Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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    • I respect your comment shuperman. WELL SAID.

      By the way, though i do like reeve’s rendition of superman, i am ready to move onto something new. lol

  1. Yea guys, Aquaman, the ruler of Atlantis kicks it in lakes in Kansas all the time.

    • Who says he’s in a lake. It looks more like he’s in the great northwest.

      • I’m iffy on Aquaman having some part in this. Great northwest area of water = somewhere off the coast of Canada or the edge of the northern part of the Atlantic.

        I mean, I guess it’s possible to an extent if Aquaman lurks near the shores of the East Coast.

        • i bet they have the “old fisherman” guy on Clark’s boat say something like “one time when i was younger…after a huge storm that we barely survived…we came upon Atlantis…and just like that it was gone” to reference Aquaman etc.
          just imo

        • I’m thinking clark probably leaves the kansas farm to somehow find himself (intrapersonally), and in doing so he finds himself (physically) on a boat being a part of the ship’s crew. The scene with him on the boat looks more like the north eastern coast to me (like MAINE or MASSACHUSETTS). Also, I do choose to think that they have an aquaman tie-in in this movie, because DC had been watching what marvel was doing with their characters and the tie-ins from solo flicks to lead up to the avengers.

          I will even go as far as to say that Pa Kent will be reading his newspaper and there will be some snippet in there about a “dark vigilante” cleaning up the streets of Gotham City and Pa Kent using that as a teaching lesson (very briefly) at the breakfast table (while Ma Kent is standing pouring the orange juice and placing it on the table) to teach clark why he should not be like that dark vigilante.

          You never know, but that’s the beauty of DC owning all the rights to their characters.

          • That would be awesome. Not only that, but it would bring in that small tension between Superman and Batman in “Justice League” that is always shown

            • @ ACWt will

              I do believe we will see a few tie-ins in this film. It will be cool to hear something about batman, and even aquaman. I am also wondering if there will be something after the ending credits, like we normally see in marvel films. A wonder woman tie-in would be nice, but i don’t know how they would do that. I think in one of the comics a sailor landed on themyscira. It could be possible in this film to have one of Clark’s sailor buddies, or maybe even the captain tell of…THE TALE OF THE SOLDIER WHO WAS SAID TO HAVE LANDED ON THE LEGENDARY ISLAND. Now that I think about it, a ww tie-in could happen any numb er of ways.


              I may be stretching it a bit, but i am hoping for it. I do want this movie to be big, and I want a JL film to be better than epic.

    • Some people have a vacation home on the lake, Aquaman has a lake as a vacation home.

  2. David goyer is going to be WB’s Josh Whedon. IMO. I also believe that they’ve already made the decision to incorporate the Nolan continuity. Man of steel will be the intro of sci-fi elements intro that grounded, hyper-reality much in the same way that Thor introduced magic to marvels previously science based universe.
    Green lantern will be mostly ignored but softly rebooted ala the Incredible Hulk wia the justice league movie.
    It might not be what you want, it might not be the long-term fans vision of what the justice league should be like. But, the pieces are in place, it offers a genuine differentiation from marvel studios and is simply less work for general audience buy-in than a hard reboot.
    We’re in the middle of DC phase 1 already but it hasnt been announced yet.
    Watch it happen

  3. Why are so many people complaining about the colors of the film or the tone or it being too dark or not too dark? Wait until you actually see the movie to critique the strengths and flaws. You already bad-mouthing a movie based off of a few minutes of early production material. It shouldn’t be compared to anything because I’m pretty sure their aim is to seperate this from all other Superman movies and all other superhero movies in a whole which so far they are on the right track. One thing I can say is that I am looking forward to seeing some epic fight sequences with an actual villian……something that is severly missing from the Supes movies.

    Not sure where they plan to take this franchise for future sequels, but a Doomsday storyline should definitely be considered as a grand finale or even a part 1 of 2 (ala Harry Potter/Twilight) showing the Death and “Rise” (lol it had to be done)of Superman. Also, introducing Darkseid somewhere into the franchise could help get the Justice League movie rolling altogether. Snyder’s has the visual style with Nolan backing him up. There’s no reason (other than Hollywood themselves) why they can’t release great stories.

    • Why ? Have you seen the trailer ? The color and tone is that of Nolan’s Batman. It pretty much have the same pastel/washed out color of the dreadful Superman Returns. I’m not saying they had to give us Donner’s Superman all over ( Will always remain the standard ) but they could’ve given us a similar color palette. The Trailer sets the mood and look of the entire film. Superman Returns was the same way…from trailer to full film.

      • Are you really going to give final judgement based off of tones and hues? Are you an interior decorator or something? LOL. That does play into the feel of the movie to keep you locked in but there are many other factors that are on a higher priority list. Maybe they have a reason for having it this way, like sticking with a certain look so the audience can familiarize themself with the DC Universe they are looking to create or to make the special effects blend seemlessly well. You can’t be quick to judge until the final product is released and the watching experience has been made.

  4. Baffles me everyone thinks CBM should be gritty & realistic as possible as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to be successful because his Batman films were. Superman is flipside of Batman as he’s not a dark character. You can have dark stories to where Superman could be involved in but that’s as far as it can go. Just look at his costume as being darker, imo those would be Bizarro’s red & blue darked colored costume. Let’s not forget how other heroes in DC Comics will/how get Nolan’s gritty treatment. Not to mention how many of them have villains don’t match the realistic tone they’re goin for. Villains like Grodd. That’s one Flash villain id be impressed if they could pull off to bring onto the big screen.

    • This is a lot lighter than Nolan’s Batman IMO, I feel like a great weight has been lifted after this trailer. He’s dedicated to finding his purpose and determining if he should embrace the Superman persona as a gift or try to outrun it as a curse. We obviously know what he’ll choose in the end, but the fact that we do have a really good thought process going on in his mind.

      Right now, there has to be some seriousness to it. This will set the bar for his future as the Man of Steel. It’s working into a lifestyle you base off of morals, what you feel is right and wrong. Once he settles in, I have no doubt these films will lighten up in the future.

      But there isn’t an intense sense of dark and gritty, I do feel like we’ll be along with Superman for the ride where we really don’t know what to make of the world and how Superman will work his way into it. A more extreme version of being the new kid in school, I should say.

      • +1

      • Not sure how it’s seen as alot lighter than Nolan’s Batman. Imo there is a sense of dark & gritty of Superman within the film itself that’s simliar on the lines of Nolan’s Batman films.

        • It’s there, but not near as intense. If you seriously see the exact same amount, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s as if the world is in danger and when Superman arrives, there is a sense of…peace.

        • This is true. It looks like Batman begins.

          • Yes, but it sounds like Gladiator. By the character’s nature, no Superman film will be as “dark and gritty” as a Batman film; similar in style however…

    • perosnally, I like the color of the suit in this film. the dark pallet is remeniscent of the golden age of superman comics. Remember, when supes started out he had a dark pallet suit. So probably as time goes by (maybe not in this film, but in other superman solo flicks to follow), he will end of having a ligthly colored suit. Furthermore, dark and serious are not the same thing. Dark movies and serious movies are both serious (unless it is stated otherwise with regards to a particular film). With that said a movie being dark is merely a condiment to an already serious movie. It doesn’t have to be dark, but it has to be serious.

    • Amen. Someone that knows how Superman should look. Granted, I can understand if the kryptonian scenes have that dismal look…but the rest of the entire film? No thanks.

  5. Only thing I am not liking is the fact that even w/ Chris Nolan as producer, no imax camera was used… If anyone deserved imax camera, it would have been this movie.

    • If this is true, I will be one disappointed viewer. :(

  6. This movie is based on the Current version ? Iam glad they got Superman off the ground and I hope if they make sequels and that includes The Supergirl spin-off remake

    • I’m happier they got rid of his outer-underwear…

  7. Not bad.

  8. I Think Henry Cavill Is Going To Be A Better Superman Than Brandon Routh,Just Hoping That Nolan and Goyer really Do Justice To Superman

    • And Snyder. Kind of a big deal in this

    • As justice hasn’t already been done to Superman?

    • @Uriah

      You think Cavill will be abetter superman than routh? Dude, I am in agreement? I did not like Routh’s take on superman.

    • @ mace

      Kinda explains Superman having telekinesis in Superman 4 just by lookin at things or people despite Zod using his hand in Superman 2.

    • True, although exactly how that will be shown in the movie so as not to weird people out is the question. In all honesty, saying Superman can fly and is strong enough to lift heavy things, and that he ‘lifts himself with his mind and does the same to objects he touches’ is basically saying the exact same thing, just using different words, practically speaking.

      • @Andrew Dyce: You speak like Dr. Manhattan — I like that. :D

    • @Andrew Dyce.


      Telekinesis from a person is the same as self telekinesis. I looked at this way.

      Superman Flies by creating a reverse magnetic field, powerful enough to repel him from the planet.

      Or, as my Grandfather once said ” Superman loads up on baked beans for breakfast, Sauerkraut for Lunch and Broccoli and asparagus for dinner.”

      When I was old enough to figure it out, I laughed so hard, my Parents thought I was going to hyper ventilate.

  9. I’m thinking that in this film Superman’s suit may actually be a piece of tech that will enhance the powers he receives from the Yellow Sun on Earth, similar to the black suit he wore in the death of Superman comics and cartoons. Maybe in Snyder’s version the primary suit was designed by Jor-El as a type of Kryptonian armor that he created in anticipation of sending his son to Earth. Maybe the suit is what gives Superman the ability to fly, which could explain why we don’t see Zod with the exact same abilities as Superman?
    Also, the power that Krptonians have on Earth may be why Zod has arrived. We already know that’s why Jor-El sent his son to Earth. Maybe Jor-El kept that knowledge a secret and Zod had been searching for Earth during the time Kal-El was growing up??

  10. It the costume, as it’s not tech. Except for his solar suit from the comics. But his primary costume isn’t indestrucable. The costume can mostly withstand almost anything only when Superman is wearing it. Imo, id like to see Superman wear a anti-krytonite suit as seen in Superman:TAS at the beginning of a fight where he has the upper hand at first but loses it when his suit gets destroyed.

    • the suit has already been described as Kryptonian armor by some of the cast and crew. Zod has a similar suit that is all black but also a “power suit” which we have yet to see…should be an interesting to see how these function.

      i bet the next trailer focus more on Zod and his reasons for coming to Earth.

      • Agreed. This film is a complete reinterpretation of Superman. It may reference and pay homage to the Comics, Cartoons and original Films, but Snyder, Nolan and company have re-imagined the character and his abilities. Superman’s suit in this film was obviously not made by Martha Kent using Kal-El’s swaddling clothes found in the ship that brought him here. The suit in this film appears to be a high tech, “purpose built” suit of armor that has an intended function…

  11. I dont understand the people that dont like the trailer, I dont know are we watching the same thing here because I was blown away, and I cant stand it when people moan about the colours, I mean give me a break! then their are some that complain its not “cheesy enough”! are they for real? You want a bit of cheese go watch Superman 77, Ive read Superman comics for years and I cant wait to see the new take on Supes, I love the suit, the beautiful long cape, everthing!

    • I like this reinterpretation of Superman and his suit. From what I’ve seen in the Trailer, I think it makes the character and story more believable and realistic by today’s standards, without going too “Nolan-Batman” with it.

  12. I liked the trailer a lot. However, that shot of the military kneeling has me slightly disturbed.

  13. Goyer and Nolan are such hacks. Once again they’re ripping off Frank Miller and from the wrong source material. This is what Frank Miller did with Daredevil, having his senses, particularly hearing, be too overwhelming. I will not be seeing this film.

    • I agree with you here. People think we are griping at nothing, but the fact is Nolan and Goyer are indeed hacks when it comes to comic book material. Nolan’s other films are fine, but he gave us a batman that was not batman. The color tone and the moodyness is all wrong for Man of Steel. What the hell was they thinking? I will see the film, but I won’t pay to see it in the theathers.

    • couldnt agree more

  14. Comment on slide 11: Soldiers take a knee once they have halted their movement. My guess is that despite the incorrect spacing of the “formations” that are in the shot (which is likely done by the studio for the sake of the audience) the unit is escorting Superman away OR approaching Superman as if he were the enemy.

  15. I swear people always over-hype trailers. There was nothing all that great in this that we didn’t expect, except the fact that he’s being taken into custody. I mean the action seems like it’s going to look fantastic, but other than that this trailer does nothing for me.

  16. Wow.

  17. The only thing I learned from The Man of Steel trailer is that I won’t be seeing Nolan’s Batman part 4 !

    • @al

      Well, nobody will be seeing Nolan’s Batman 4, because it doesn’t exist. There is no such movie. However, I just saw a trailer for the new Superman movie. Wow, you have pretty poor perception skills.

      In all seriousness though, al, I get what you’re saying. You don’t like the tone of this new Superman film. And that’s fine. You’re totally entitled to your opinion. And you’re clearly very passionate about it, as you have posted many comments on this article.

      But in all honesty, I am at a loss for words as to why you feel this way. I posted a long response on the trailer article, but if you didn’t see it, what I essentially said was we have had different interpretations of Batman and Bond, so what’s wrong with a different interpretation of Superman? The only possible answer I can think of is an intense and fierce nostalgia for the original series.

      I am very curious as to why you feel this way. I really want to get down to the crux of the issue.

        • Yeah, that’s exactly what I think is happening. It’s just human nature, I guess. People don’t like change. But I’ll wait for al to respond.

  18. what about the Superman flyover of Earth that looks similar to the endings of all the other Superman movies?

    • @fromero

      Yeah, I caught that too! I’m liking the nice shoutouts to the original series.

  19. This whole obsession with making superheroes more ‘realistic’/human and reinterpreting Clark’s strength to be based on telekinesis and not brute force is just unfortunate IMO. If we want things so humanly relatable and explainable ‘pseudo-scientifically’ perhaps we should just stick to drama and reality shows and stop spoiling it for the rest of us. That’s why Avengers was quite successful and bold…it stuck to the essence of the characters that transcend one generation.

    Superman isn’t human so why try and humanize him and constrain him to our scientific principles. Ah well. Just sayin’

  20. @Claude

    I agree with your views.

    The problem here is that the producers seem too scared to show Superman as he truly is, a truly powerful, awesome superhero. They perhaps feel that there’s no dramatic tension to he had from an almost invincible superhero.

    As we know, flawed , damaged heroes are all the rage in blockbusters right now and there’s such an attempt to make Clark as rugged and rough as possible – notice how there hasn’t been one scene yet showing Clark Kent the news reporter.

    Just like Superman Returns, they’re trying to make a fractured, conflicted more vulnerable Superman (indeed humanize) to try and make him more interesting or appealing to audiences. The downside is that it makes the hero seem lifeless and void of any personality.

    I agree with Claude that one of the reasons why Avengers was successful is because the heroes were more positive and pro-active and much less introspective. Their look was a lot brighter and colorful yet still the tone was serious.

    Which is exactly the same as both Superman 1 and 2. The sense of epic scope and mythology was there but there was also plenty of humour and personality. Part of Christopher Reeve’s genius was to create individual characters for both Clark Kent and Superman making both equally root able and exhibit a positive energy.

    It just seems today that all we want is for heroes to try as hard as possible not to be heroes. They all have to be so angst-ridden suffering from childhood tragedies, alcoholism or lack of self confidence. That may fit for Batman but it definitely doesn’t suit Superman.

    • The tone of Avengers was not serious…

  21. To be honest Shuperman, I wasn’t too taken by the batman trilogies (especially the last one-which had some weak dialogue- ‘Have you come to die with your city?’smh). To each his own as you say.

    Funny you mention enjoying Avengers if you were 13, well I’m in my late 30s. I’m not against change and innovation. On the contrary, I welcome it. However, I am old enough not to welcome change just for the sake of change. I leave that for the fadsters. There must be a basis.

    For me, there are certain characters that they shouldn’t try so hard to make humanly relatable because they’d fail woefully- Thor, Hulk, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, Superman, Martian Manhunter etc. Characters like Daredevil, Green Arrow, Batman, Luke Cage, Iron Man- now that’s a whole different story. You stand the risk of creating a whole new character when tinkering with the first bunch and by so doing raise certain fundamental questions like Why isn’t Banner stark naked when he turns to the Hulk if we wanna be realistic? The Superman special suit and telekinesis for strength is a whole new character in my opinion.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t want a mature take on the character. But maturity doesn’t mean making a character humanly relatable (unless you’re 13 and believe that anything you can’t understand/explain is therefore ridiculous)rather it means giving the character a more mature story/setting/dialogue/personality. The Batman trilogy had a mature setting that suited the character in question-who is basically human. However, the over-emphasis on the ‘realism’ in TDK trilogies made some of us even more critical than we should have been of the movies. Case in point: when the explosions went off in the football stadium with Bane, we see players still running after a baller who was still trying to make a touchdown as the field was caving in right behind them and closing in on them. Highly unrealistic I must say (inserted for humour no doubt)but that would be over-analyzing a superhero movie. As much as we want to steep our superhero movies in reality and make them mature, let us realize that there is only as far as we can go without completely losing the character in our quest for humanization. Like I said before, some characters just wont fit and if they do, they become whole new characters altogether.

  22. Although it is just one image, I don’t feel that Mike Shannon is as intimidating as I expect Zod to be. And could that perhaps be a red flag to the film’s possible weakness? Both Iron Man 3 and Star Trek into Darkness focused their first trailers on the villains, and both appear much more threatening than Shannon’s Zod.

    But I’m also willing to field opinions that A)There is still too little to judge on Zod and B)Both IM3′s and STiD’s focus on their villains is a marketing move to make their villains more appealing.

    I just don’t want to be disappointed by any of these three films that I’m anticipating. For me, the antagonist contributes to more than half of a film’s success.

  23. One more thing. I’m also willing to admit that ‘Man of Steel’ isn’t so much about getting Zod or any villain some screen time. It’s about making Superman a respected film property again. So I retract my complaint and understand why these trailers have been focused on Kal-El.

  24. @Claude…The Avengers was crap mate, THE most overated film of all time! the only reason this kiddies flick brought in so much cash was good marketing, I wanted to walk out I was that bored, my Girlfriend was asleep 40mins into it, maybe Its because I cant stand Marvel charactors is the reason I was bored I dont know? but I hated it, The Dark Knight Trilogy absolutly smashes it, and Man of Steel will do the same, I like what DC/WB are doing with there charactors, This new Superman movie will be massive, Ironman who? and Nolans Batman is closer to the comics than some idiots bang on about, they obviously havent read comics like “Year one”,”No Mans Land”,”Nightfall”,”The Dark Knight Returns” or “The long Halloween” before, his films are much closer to the comics than Burtons Batman thats for sure, Anyway I thought the Superman trailer was stunning, if you dont like it, go watch Ironman..

    • Funny, seems like a list of crap personal problems than actual problems with any of these movies.