‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Analysis: What Did We Learn?

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Man of Steel Trailer Army StandoffWe've been holding our breath for the first full-length trailer for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, and boy was it worth the suspense. The trailer may have shown Kal-El's new Superman suit in greater detail, the level of special effects fans have to look forward to, and the kinds of carnage General Zod will unleash on Earth. Still, for many, the trailer will be too brief.We thought we'd slow things down and point out a few interesting details that some giddy viewers may have missed, and the apparent plot hints that stand out to our viewing eyes. Needless to say, those not interested in potential SPOILERS should cease reading now.Man of Steel could - and will - still surprise us, but we can nonetheless guess how some of these scenes and action set pieces play out in the movie.

Burning, Bearded Superman

Man of Steel Trailer Superman On Fire

There's no questioning that Kal-El could survive long underwater, and the first Man of Steel teaser trailers showed he'd be spending some time seaward, bearded, and stinking of crab before becoming the hero we know him to be.The trailer's footage of Clark bathed in fire, sporting Hulk-pants, and flying off into the sunset (alight?) confirms that a catastrophe in his wandering life will force him to accept his gifts - not hide them. The passing school bus in the maritime setting is also a nice callback to what looks to be Clark's first heroic rescue.For those fans who were a little turned off by the idea of Superman wasting some time aboard a fishing vessel before becoming a full-blown Man of Steel, it seems there is at least a sizable action sequence to look forward to. And for hardcore fans, the look of actual effort and pain on Cavill's face promises a Superman who actually has to put his back into his super-strength.

A Gift and a Curse

Man of Steel Trailer Young Clark Crying

It's the downside of Superman's superpowers that rarely get explored with a truly dark, or serious approach. Smallville built a story around Clark Kent slowly realizing his powers throughout adolescence, but for Man of Steel, it seems Snyder is starting earlier, and not pulling any punches.A panicked Clark - granted the ability to hear (depending on who you ask) some or all human voices on the planet at once - portrays a darker direction. The gifts can be a curse, but it's Clark's mother, Martha Kent (Diane Lane), who acts as his anchor.The dynamic between the Kents and Kal-El has changed dramatically over the years, depending largely on their age. By casting Lane and Kevin Costner, the assumption was that they would adopt more traditional parenting roles. This scene alone implies a more meaningful and relatable connection between mother and son, which evidences writer David S. Goyer being influenced by Geoff Johns' seminal storyline, Superman: Secret Origin.

The Fortress of Solitude?

Man of Steel Trailer Fortress Solitude

When Clark finally gets around to realizing that his gifts should be shared with humanity, a trip to the Fortress of Solitude gets things moving. Traditionally it is here that Kal-El speaks with the memories of his father, Jor-El (Russell Crowe), about his destiny, Krypton's fate, and the suit he will wear in his new persona.The alien architecture hints strongly that this is such a place, and the new Superman suit rotating into view seems to imply that it has been prepared for him ahead of time. Clark's statement that he "has so many questions" seems directed at someone in particular; whether this means that a projection of Jor-El is present in the Fortress (or not) isn't clear.However, the new incarnation of Jor-El certainly has a flare for fashion, so it wouldn't surprise us if he's there to unveil the new uniform. It would also greatly reinforce the claim that the new Kal-El isn't just a survivor, but a prince of Krypton.

Preparing For Lift-off

Man of Steel Trailer Liftoff

The shots of Superman walking through the arctic landscape in his new suit and fluttering cape (due to its thinner construction) certainly backs up the Fortress of Solitude assumption. Especially if Kal-El's education about Krypton, his first walk into the sunlight wearing his destined uniform, and first flight occur in sequence. But it's those pebbles we're interested in.A close look shows that as Superman prepares to take flight, a stirring of snow, rocks, and even small boulders behind him rise off the ground in anticipation of his takeoff. The effect in itself isn't a game-changer, and some might claim it's just an artistic flourish, but it's clear Snyder's Superman has some element to his powers that fans haven't seen before.We doubt this means Superman will go the 'Neo' or 'Phoenix' route and use telekinesis, but it lays the groundwork for some new effects, and potentially striking ways of Kal-El interacting with Earth's environment.

Zod's Got a Beam

Man of Steel Trailer Zod Gravity Beam

The shot of an urban center being decimated by a blue energy beam is a strong turning point in the Man of Steel trailer, and Superman's inability to protect the city (presumably Metropolis) from such an attack has serious ramification for the plot. But those who've been keeping up on Man of Steel news and rumors know exactly what we're looking at.Previously released tie-in toy commercials were suspected of spoiling General Zod's military force and weaponry ahead of the film, and these action scenes reflect those same powers possibly at work. The impact and surrounding cars being not incinerated, but lifted upward certainly provide what we'd expect from a 'Gravity Beam,' although Zod's greater goal is still a mystery.Whatever the case, Superman pulling an Independence Day and flying directly up into the beam itself later in the trailer implies the weapon has a limited lifespan.

War Comes to the Kents

Man of Steel Trailer Kent Farm AttackAdding serious credit to the claim that General Zod would make a trip to the Kent farm, the brief shot of alien aircraft descending on the farm setting is telling - and may be a sign of how dark the film will get. If nothing else, the multiple space craft shown prove that Zod is not alone, and it's unlikely he and Faora are each piloting an entire ship to themselves.Whether or not that means it is, in fact, Black Zero in army form that will be accompanying their military leader in a conquest of Earth (or if it's some other force), Ma Kent looks to be in danger. One might immediately ask: why do Zod and Faora even needs ships to travel? And the answer could be telling.Firstly, this shot might be of Black Zero arriving to either attack or kidnap Kal-El's family. Then again, if Kal-El's time on Earth allows him to fly while Zod and Faora cannot, we'd have to credit Snyder with a clever (and completely plausible) way of differentiating their powers.

The General Himself

Man of Steel Trailer General Zod RevealThis is one that has us puzzled. Since the revealing shot of General Zod (Michael Shannon) sports the horizon of a planet in the background, this scene could be taken from his approach to Earth, or from Krypton prior to its decimation. Shannon has already commented on the amount of time he's spent among the "massive" sets and green screens of Krypton, and the number of speeches he gets to recite.If Zack Snyder really wanted to distinguish Man of Steel from the previous Superman movies, he'd do more with Krypton than relegate it to the opening minutes of the film. Shannon's comments - and Russell Crowe's casting - imply just that. The arrival of actual space craft and an apparent army mean David S. Goyer's script has passed on the 'Phantom Zone' angle, which puts Zod's arrival on Earth in new context.Is 'the General' invading Earth as part of a speech-laden rivalry with Jor-El? Was Kal-El, a prince of Krypton, sent to stop him? Who knows. But that hulking costume looks like it means business.

The Fall of Krypton?

Man of Steel Trailer Krypton DestroyedNot much to go on with this shot, besides a massive explosion and cinematography that would make Christoper Nolan shiver with delight. Yet the odd architecture (apparently Kryptonians were into their ovals) has us thinking that this, too, is a look at the crumbling of Krypton.Since the fiery explosion doesn't quite match up with the all-out devastation and hovering debris seen in Metropolis, and the female silhouette doesn't resemble Faora's battle wear, we'd bet on it. Those assumptions would make Kal-El's mother, Lara Lor-Van (Ayalet Zurer) the most likely candidate for the shadowy figure. But then, where's her husband?General Zod taking advantage of the planet-wide devastation to kill Jor-El, for instance, would make him an even greater enemy to Superman. That's a long shot, but we'd love to hear the debate that a change to canon like that would spark.

Kryptonian Showdown

Man of Steel Trailer Superman Zod FightIf this shot is of General Zod and Superman going head-to-head, then it seems a few things are possible. With Superman striking his familiar flight pose, and Zod looking more like a leaping man than one taking flight, is this further evidence that Kal-El's maturation on Earth is what grants him the ability to defy gravity entirely, not merely test it?Since General Zod (if that is who we're seeing) looks far bulkier than his skintight Kryptonian suit would allow, what significance can we put into his change of costume? Is this the 'badass' CGI costume that Snyder promised?And perhaps most importantly, what happens when these two super-powered individuals make contact? Could they be partly to blame for the collapsing buildings that Perry White (Lawrence Fishburne) and other citizens are running from? That's just an idea, but it would explain why the two soon take the fight elsewhere...

The Battle of Kansas

Man of Steel Trailer Kansas Bank VaultThe pastoral shots of Kansas being struck by a mysterious storm lend credence to the insider accounts of Clark protecting civilians from a tornado, but it's this shot that most delights us. A lighting-fast peek at the set of doors Superman is thrown through reveals that the building is a 'Kansas State Bank,' confirming that Zod and his forces end up near Kal-El's adoptive family.Presumably, either Zod or Faora are the ones throwing him through the bank with enough violence to stagger the Man of Steel. When he comes to rest against the bank vault door, we realize we've witnessed this scene before.The very first image of Henry Cavill as Superman depicted him recovering from this very impact, though the setting couldn't be known at the time. Clearly the showdown in Kansas was on the filmmakers minds' from early on - how early on and what that means for their commitment and enthusiasm for Goyer's script could be a good sign.

End of the Road

Man of Steel Trailer Desert SceneWe don't know exactly what message Snyder is trying to communicate by placing Superman and the US army at the apparent edges of desert, but one thing's clear: these soldiers aren't trying to arrest him. Their bent knees imply that Superman may now have their trust, which places this scene near the end of the film, since it's hard to believe anything but 'saving humanity from destruction' would assuage their fears.If that's the case, then Lois Lane's presence and the setting are all up for debate. Amy Adams has explained that she is not yet confirming a return in the inevitable Superman sequel, or Justice League for that matter. As this scene reminds us, Snyder and Goyer are keeping tight-lipped on how Lois and Kal-El will be developed over the course of the film.The remote setting and lack of tension or violence is certainly enough to get the imagination churning, so we're open to wild theories.


Man of Steel Trailer Army StandoffConsidering how cagey Snyder, Warner Bros. and DC Comics are all being about Man of Steel's intricacies, there are likely more surprises in store and some of our predictions will be proven false. But speculation will need to fuel things for a while, since this trailer isn't likely to mark a torrent of new details and spoilers.Exactly how Cavill will perform both as Kal-El and Clark Kent, what chemistry will or will not exist between he and Lois Lane (Amy Adams), and what ways Zack Snyder and the film's producers have come up with for planting seeds of the upcoming Justice League movie are all still up in the air (pardon the pun).That's our take on what questions (and answers) the first trailer brought into the open, but we'd love to hear your insights. What stood out the most for you? Think there is an aspect of the trailer that's been overlooked? Sound off in the comments.Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.-Follow me on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Any and all hope I had for this movie faded with this trailer. Also, would it kill them to up the saturation on the costume a bit? I know we’ve known about the costume for ages, but it is WAY too dark.

    • Worst comment ever

      • Witty retort, chap.

        • I’m guessing you weren’t sold on the movie for a while now…?

          • I wasn’t, but I chalked it up to the little teaser (and blurry Comic-Con footage) just not being interesting enough. My big problem with this movie is that it feels way too much like they’re trying to cater to Batfans and not inspiring hope, which is what Superman is all about. This isn’t just in the movies, mind you, the Nu52 from DC has been about as disastrous for the legacy of characters as any movie could be.

            I know I’m judging a movie by its trailer (though that’s kind of what trailers are supposed to do – give you a taste of the movie), but given that I disliked the Nolan films, I think I’m pretty safe in saying I won’t like this movie.

            • I think lines like ‘You have to decide what kind of man you’re going to grow up to be. Because he’ll change the world’ sound exactly like the kind of small decisions, big impact that an origin story needs.

              Batman was all about thinking the worst of people at times, but even Clark’s final words in the trailer about his father thinking the world isn’t ready shows that’s not the only way.

              I think the kind of hope and optimism you need to show can’t be cartoony or fantasy, because then Superman has no relevance to the real world. Honestly, this movie feels like the film answer to Mark Waid’s pitch for ‘Superman: Birthright’ published in the trade paperback.

              • I can see elements of good things in this trailer, like the things you mentioned. I just cannot get over the tone and the overall look of the movie. I feel like Superman had plenty of relevance to the real world, even at his most weird and fantastic. It was exactly that sort of thing that made Superman popular in the 30s and 40s. People needed a hero, however fictional, in those dark times. I’m not quite so sure that things have changed enough in the world that we still don’t need these things. There’s always going to be a level of cheese when dealing with Superman. I don’t see why it has to be a bad thing.

                • I apologize for the lack of line breaks there in that last one. I can get long-winded about subjects I’m passionate about and I know it can strain vision after looking at white on black text after awhile. 😛

            • Weird, I derived a whole mess of inspiration and hope from the footage released so far. I couldn’t tell you why you’re not picking up on it. Maybe you’re so hung up on visuals that are darker than most other Superman interpretations? Maybe that’s overly influencing your perception of the themes being presented?

              More realistic atmospherics and visuals don’t mean “aw crap they’re cloning Nolan’s Batman movies!” You can’t just dismiss everything going on in these trailers only because it’s different than Superman I or other interpretations.

              • If you watch the old WWII era Superman cartoon, I watch them with my son on Netflix, you will see that the tone and colors are also very dark. I would even say darker than this trailer. That’s one of the best things about those cartoons, and that they are quick at ten minutes an episode. I completely get the gravitas from this trailer that he is becoming the man and symbol of Superman. And I for one love the color palette.

                • Agreed. I still have my old VHS tapes of those cartoons, although I don’t have a tape player anymore. I used to really love the different look his costume had.

            • So you didn’t enjoy Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, or the New 52 which reinvigorated Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batgirl, Batwoman, and The Flash among others, as well as giving us great story arcs for Batman, several Green Lantern teams, the Justice League, and Justice League Dark, and now you don’t like the atmosphere of this trailer?

              I’m kind of interested to hear what you DO like…

    • Hate-uh.

    • Hahahaha

      Ur in the minority here

    • I feel ya man; I hate awesome trailers as well. Nothing kills my hope for a movie like a preview that’s incredibly bada$$.

    • Are you flipping crazy? I had no hopes UNTIL i saw this trailer

  2. For some reason the shots with Amy Adams and the military have a very end of the film / saying goodbye feel to me…
    We’ve seen this scene more than a few times in Superhero Movies before where she’s accepting who he is but for her safety they can’t be together.
    But I’m obviously guessing and will probably be wrong. 😉

    • Heh, I got the same sense. Maybe it’s the somber music in the background, but I can see that army shot being one of, if not THE last shot of the movie a she takes off. Still not sure what to make of the army though…

  3. anticipating this movie more than any other in 2013. i normally don’t do midnight showings but you better believe i will for this one

  4. You mention Neo and Phoenix when talking about Superman taking off in the arctic, but to me that scene screams Dragonball Z. It gives me high hopes, at least visually, when it comes to the final battle between Supes and Zod.

    • Awwwww c’mon, my brains just exploded all over my keyboard.

      • @ Andrew Dyce.

        Sending you a new one.

        Keyboard that is.

        Unless you want a new brain?

        Cant promise it will be a human brain…but hey.

    • I think that this was mentioned somewhere in a comic. Where they are trying to explain why a plane or other object supes catches or saves doesn’t fall apart or break up. It has something to do with his aura enveloping it. And explains why, in the first superman how lois lane wasn’t being dragged when flying with supes.

  5. Also though DBZ with the flight take off…looked pretty sick. Also that scene with the Army on one knee and Lois Lane looks awesome

  6. OMG!

    after the zod face shot superman is on his knees and BLOOD comes out his mouth. around 1:53 of the trailer

  7. I learned this movie may be better than I thought it would. Not the biggest Superman fan but this does look awesome.

  8. I wonder how long it’s going to be. I hope pretty lengthy!

    • Right now, I am thinking 458 minutes running time.

      • EXACTLY my thought.

      • Anything less would, now, be disappointing.

        • Warner Brothes, how may I help you?

          ME: Hi, anyway you can extend Man of Steel to say 458 Minutes?
          WB: Pardon me sir, are you saying you want one move to be over 7 Hours long?
          ME: Yep, I have a few fellow posters on Screen Rant that would like a lengthy Movie? Our Wives and Girlfriends are going to go shopping on that day………sooooooooooooooooo we got time to kill.
          WB: Ok Sir, I will alert the director to add 5 more hours to the film, would you simply like mindless violence added to it?
          ME: YES WE WOULD!
          WB: Well sir, you have a good day.
          ME: You do the same.

          So is that how you want me to call WB Tomorrow?

          • AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dude, I hope this movie is a big hit and very long, too.

          • Yes! Very much appreciated, Jeff.

          • Mindless Violence… that would be terrible.
            If that actually were the case, then I wouldn’t see it. Luckily, it’s not.
            I can Stand Long Films, but only if it’s worth it and not full of crap.

            • buzzkill on a joke…

              • @JoeC

                Yeah, I know.

  9. I don’t think the kneeling army is the end.
    Looks to me like Zod is a force they can’t handle and realize Superman is their one & only hope…and he realizes this is a fight he may not come back from.
    Remember, Lois is an army brat, so she probably had something to do with his release. The army’s position doesn’t look like trust, but accepting he’s their only option.

    • Ahhh, that could also be the case. Which I’d still be on board with.

  10. I do hope this movie is loooong! I’m hoping for a Superhero Opera with this one.

  11. That fist on the ground, pre-first flight shot was the load blower for me. Its what truly set this Dupes tale apart from the others. And Pa Kent suggesting maybe he shouldn’t have saved those kids was fantastic. A father knowing his son is not only capable, but should save others wants to protect his son by telling him to not be a hero, but knows darn well that he’s raising one. No black & white good vs bad, but that turmoil that comes with parenting; that realism struck home with me.

    • Well said. Love that hint at Pa Kent and Ma, for that matter, being the type of parents that the movie-going crowd likely is these days (even if parents loving Superman is ‘so lame’)

  12. Things i noticed-
    Lots of blue(and white).

    Lots of water for superman(aquamans thing) and hes a fisherman…

    And pa kent saying that he should keep his secret and let people die, now that is very different from past kents who always encourages him to aid others.
    Maybe the message of the film is that people dont want a superhero/human(or at least pa kent doesnt) and this is in contrast to zod who believes the strongest should rule and be upheld by people.
    Very very interesting stuff.

    Also i want kid superman to hurt someone with his powers(yknow by accident) and that induces the fear of them and make him feel estranged from others.

    With all Ive seen though the only thing left is for me to know how good a villain zod is and how good theeir confrontation/battle is and how that will balance with the pseudo-origin piece.

    • That’d be so awesome if they had a Aquaman reference. Or maybe have Black Mantas father on Clarks boat before he’s killed by Aquaman.

      • i bet they have the “old fisherman” guy on Clark’s boat say something like “one time when i was younger…after a huge storm that we barely survived…we came upon Atlantis…and just like that it was gone” to reference Aquaman etc.

  13. really hoping for this to be epic

  14. The final shot may not be all it seems. Those tanks are pointed AT HIM. The soldiers may be standing down because of Louis. If you remember, she is the daughter of Gen. Lane. Could she have ran out there to stop them from opening fire? Not that it would matter, but if Snyder is going classic Supes, we must all know that he can be hurt. He is not indestructible, In Action Comics, Lane almost killed him by hurling a train at him. It stunned him enough that it allowed the military to take him into custody (sound familiar?).

    That’s just my two cents.

  15. Zod has a Army and a Space Ship…..The future of this movie look Bleak Indeed !!

  16. They need ships because they don’t know that they have super powers yet?

    Pa Kent telling Clark that he should’ve let them die in the bus was disturbingly awesome.

  17. Great breakdown of the trailer Andrew. Good job.
    I loved the trailer. Super Psyched to see it.

    • Thanks alot! And glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this trailer did a great job of building some interest, not spoiling too much.

  18. I just dont get why the need to change elements of Superman…Like what has been said before this movie is a Batman Clone..

    If the creators wanted to do something Orginal..I’d be Happy…but they are changing the material too much…Which is unfair to those of us that like the “Truth,Justice and American Way” Character…

    • What the f*ck are you talking about? “I want them to do something original but don’t change anything from the source material.” Being original would involve changing EVERYTHING from the source, and not calling it Superman. If you want them to do an original take on something we’re familiar with, you will accept that there will be changes from the source. lf you don’t want them to change anything, then you will accept that it’s not going to be original.

    • Isn’t changing the material doing something original?

    • @ Mr G

      this movie is about the earlier beginnings of clark kent/superman being and accepting who he is as superman. I think somewhere along the way they will have supes take on the “truth, justice, and american” type character, as you put it. I think seeing the military in those shots may help supes somewhere along the way to take on that type of persona…The military fears this guy because of the amazing things he can do, so to calm their fears superman decides to fight for TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND THE AMERICAN WAY.

      Every superhero has their beginnings. Honestly, superman coming to terms with who he is and what he can actually do, and struggling in his decision to accept his gifts or not is actually the MARVEL COMICS way of telling their character’s origins. From the x-men to just about every mutant that is not an x-man, to spiderman, and the Incredible Hulk, just to name a few.

    • They are treating supes as more than just a personification of truth bla bla bla. They are treating this film as a high concept science fiction “first contact” story: supes is proof that WE ARE NOT ALONE as sentient life in the universe. That sort of revelation would change human history forever. I for one love this angle, the fact that supes is an ALIEN from a planet thousands if not millions of light years away is always glossed over in favor of his superpowers. I think this film will finally live up to the potential of such a character

  19. I am hoping this film does very well. With that said, I am on the fence with this movie. This new trailer has doné nothing to convince me that it will be stellar. Nevertheless, that’s not to say that it won’t be. I am hoping that it is though. I agree with many about amy adams…she is not lois lane. IMO, throughout all the superman flicks that have been, they have yet to pick the right actress to play lois lane. Believe it or not terry hatcher’s take on lois lane from LOIS AND CLARK is probably my favorite.

    Secondly, just knowing that it is another superman flick with Zod as the bad guy, again…is turning down whatever enthusiasm I had for this movie. Using Zod, AGAIN, comes off as a lack of creativity or simply not wanting to deal with having to put in the extra work it would take to have superman fight someone who, although has powers, doesn’t have the same powers as him. That is one of the reasons why I disliked SUPERMAN RETURNS. Using lex luthor as the villain came off as a cop-out to me. Nevertheless, I thought the main villain in the entire film wasn’t lex luthor, but a green glowing rock that hurt supes everytime it glowed. what’s it called again…oh yeah, kryptonite. Boring.

    • “Using Zod again turns me off. Superman Returns using Luthor turned me off.” I never understood this line of bitching. If you’re going to have a film about superman, you’re going to start off with one of the main, famous villains, one of the villains that was important in Superman’s history.

      This is film #1, you really want them to go with someone obscure like Dr. Chaos or Effron the Sorcerer? I didn’t think so.

      • “This is film #1, you really want them to go with someone obscure like Dr. Chaos or Effron the Sorcerer? I didn’t think so.”

        I never said that at all. However, you implied it. Nevertheless, because of what I think is your rush to judgement on my comment, you seemed to have overlooked that the word I used when referring to Zod was the word AGAIN, which means that zod was already used.

        “This is film #1, you really want them to go with someone obscure like Dr. Chaos or Effron the Sorcerer? I didn’t think so.”

        Wrong. Superman 1 was with Christopher Reeve as superman and terence stamp as Zod in 1978. That was superman 1, and this movie could have continued on from there with something new. However, as I stated before, I am on the fence with this movie.

        • Isn’t that what Superman Returns did. Th continued the story and it failed

          • that’s why it is a reboot. singer’s verion was not really good. therefore, reboot it, do it over, and get it right this time.

        • When there’s a reboot like this, it’s a pretty standard understanding out in the general populace that the other films aren’t related. This is indeed film #1. Superman 1 & 2 with Christopher Reed were their own thing, Superman Returns broke away from standard practice and continued on from Reeve’s series.

          Man of Steel is the start of this continuity. I assumed you knew that only because that’s how it is with superhero films.

          • BTW, before anyone tries to jump on me with a “ITS REEVE NOT REED” I was just recently discussing Reed Richards with a friend and mistyped it just now. Screen Rant still hasn’t added an “edit” function so don’t jump on me too hard :)

        • Zod was actually in Superman 2. Superman 1 used Lex as the villain, who they probably wanted to avoid because of what happened with Returns. As for another villain, I agree with Ken that there’s not that many options. Outside Zod and Lex, I’d say Braniac is probably his most well-known, but that’d be the hardest to thematically link into the origin story. That said, I think Zod would be the best bet. It gives a physical foil for Superman to show what he’s all about.

      • Darkseid and Doomsday… Would have been pretty awesome. But I still completely agree with you.

        • DOOMSDAY?! I don’t want “The Death of Superman” before Justice League, let alone the very first Superman of this series!

    • @Mr. Day

      Come on. By the time this movie will come out, it will have been 33 years since Zod last appeared in a movie. 33 years! Nobody seemed to mind the mere 19 years between the Joker incarnations. :)

      • I hear ya, ezra. However, I was a little tired of seeing the various joker characters in the batman flicks. Don’t get me wrong I liked the batman movies, except clooney and kilmer’s batman movies. However, I always wanted them to use bat’s other villains. Clooney and kilmer’s bat movies messed up the riddler, two-face, and, bane, and poison ivy.

        • Various Joker characters? There were two. Sometimes when there’s a villain spanning 2 movies it’s the same thing. Do you get tired of them then?

          • Various Joker Characters:

            Live Action
            Heath Ledger
            Jack Nicholson
            Cesar Romero

            Mark Hammill
            Frank Welker
            John DiMaggio
            …so many more

      • @ ezra, don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for this movie to be a true blockbuster. I just thought they could have introduced zod in a sequel or even after the JL movie in another solo superman film.

        • As am I.

          The thing about Zod is, hopefully they will tie him in nicely with the themes of the film. A movie’s villain shouldn’t JUST be a cool and powerful villain who poses a major and viable threat to our hero (that goes without saying), but I believe it should also fit with the overall tone and message of the movie.

          Example: Batman Begins.

          Scarecrow was perfect as one of the main villains, because a big motif of the movie was fear. It was all about Bruce conquering his fear, and at the same time, striking fear in the hearts of criminals. So, it makes perfect sense that the villain is one who causes fear in people.

          Similarly, Ra’s al Ghul was the father figure role in the film. His war on Gotham at the end, which was fueled by his twisted philosophy of society, was a great foil to Bruce’s adapted philosophy, which was built off of Ra’s himself.

          You see what I mean? The villain should be related to the overall feel of the movie. Of course, he should be kickass, but he shouldn’t just be there to make cool CGI explosions.

          So, I would hope that there is some greater reason as to why Zod is the villain in this film. Of course, I might be wrong. Snyder has sometimes put stuff in movies just to look flashy and cool (see: Sucker Punch), but I’m hoping that Nolan will set him straight.

          • @ ezra

            I agree.

            • Well then, I guess we’re on the same page here.

          • I like that you mention Sucker Punch, because the flashy throw away parts were basically all the shot between the opening and closing credits. Why did he put that stuff in there? But also I agree completely about the villain. He should reflect something in the hero; like the way the Joker emphasized the line that Batman couldn’t cross. Or the way in the Avengers, Loki…..never mind.

            • Haha. Loki kinda worked, actually. He’s big on mind games, so his plan to turn the heroes against each other was kinda cool. And I liked how he played mind games with almost every single one individually.

              But other than that, he was kinda… there. Sure, he was badass, but he was revealed to be a pawn in literally the opening scene.

          • @ezra Well said.

            • Thanks Dyce! Big fan of your work, especially that Justice League article from a few weeks back. I meant to leave a long comment on that, but I never got around to it. I think you might be quickly approaching Kofi as my favorite SR writer.

              • Haha Don’t let Kofi read that 😉

                I’ll probably just start screwing up sentences and source comic books incorrectly from here on out. Just to be safe.

          • I’m sure Zod will be related to the theme of the movie. Man of Steel is all about Clark figuring out who he is in relation to his Kryptonian and Human sides. Zod forces him to literally face his Kryptonian past and will push him to evolve his attachment to Earth and its people.

            • Well, there you go! I won’t be surprised if that’s the case.

          • best comment of villian choices ever…i totally agree

    • You act like they’ve been using Zod for half the movies now. He was used once in a movie from decades ago and this interpretation of the characters seems to have a large amount of variation from the one used before. Did he have any of the space ships or lazers or any of that stuff we see here in the last movie? I think that would make things seem partially or largely different this time around.

      Sorry if I seem a bit blunt but you sound like because Zod is in it its gonna be a carbon copy of Superman 2. What villian did you expect in a retelling of his origin story? Mr. Mxyzptlk? That’d seem a bit out of place. Doomesday? WAY too early. Atomic Skull? Metallo?… Actually those last two don’t sound so bad at all. But still.

      Again, sorry for seeming a bit blunt.

      • Forward apology: Sorry I hadn’t reloaded the page in a while and didn’t see the other responders else I might not have added anything. But I stand by what I said in response.

        • not a problem, Gambit. I respect your comment. However, I did say in another comment when responding to someone else, but was put up after yours, that I think they could have continued on from where the 1978 supes was with zod. Someone said in another thread about superman, that everyone on the planet (in real life) knows his origin and who he is, and this is true. With that said, they could have fast forward a few years and introduced someone like metallo, who is one of my favorite supes villain. Zod having ships and lasers does seem interesting to me, but that is why I am on the fence with the movie. I’m not saying it will be a bad movie. I am hoping it is a…super movie (lol, sorry I had to do that, I know it was corny irony, but i had to do it, lol).

  20. I think this Man of Steel film has carried the modern version of Kal-El’s home planet to be realistic than the original versions.

  21. This movie looks like it will be great. Big fan of Nolan and im glad he was a part of it because it sure shows in the trailer. cant wait. Hope it turns out better then The Dark knight trilogy, but i doubt it. But maybe it comes close.

  22. Why Amy Adams? Why Why Why????


    • Because she is a fantastic actress who has been nominated for an Academy Award 3 times (with a probable 4th nomination and possible win this year for The Master), and she can easily play the role of the strong female lead, who is a love interest for the protagonist (and his alter ego), will provide yet another moral compass, and who may also sometimes be the damsel distress.

      That was easy. Anything else?

      • YES! Brilliant response! Bravo…

        I have a list of things I’m gonna cover here, so bear with me…

        1) The serious tone around the film has not been done for Superman because the films and even the shows have been more fantastical in nature, focusing on the lighter side of things. This is going to be as if HE REALLY EXISTED and not just that, but in OUR world today! It’s this kind of approach that is going to ground the story and make HIM relatable. I don’t think it’s dark at all (dark is Donnie Darko), but consider this: If there is no darkness around him, how can he be the light?

        2) Lois Lane doesn’t have brown hair and isn’t smoking hot! What will we ever do? The fact that they didn’t go for eye candy (not that Amy Adams isn’t attractive) is a PLUS for this film. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda tired of seeing the leading male always end up with some hot babe just because he’s the lead! It’s just overdone like nothing else.
        — I also want to see how Lois and Superman’s relationship grows into what we know it is. I don’t want the whole “high school crush” thing or love at first site. I want it to build like a REAL and strong relationship does.
        — These films are going with talent over the aesthetically pleasing, which can only mean good things for the movie, especially with Lois Lane. Like I said, it’s not that Amy Adams is bad looking, but I feel like I can take her more seriously than I can say, I Megan Fox-ish type player the character. Adams is a VERY good actress, so I’m excited to see what she does with this opportunity.

        3) Michael Shannon as Zod! An amazing casting choice in my opinion. If you haven’t seen ‘Bug’ or ‘Take Shelter,’ I strongly recommend that you do if you want to get a feel for this guy’s presence and chops as an actor. He is simply terrific in “Take Shelter!” I look for this to be a game changer in the villain department. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Nolan/Goyer written stories, it’s that they write good villains. With Shannon’s chops, it’s gonna be something special!

        In closing, I really like the trailer and cannot wait for the movie to come out. I’ll be there opening night (even if I have a million one night only offers to get laid). Yeah, I said it! lol

  23. Superman is back, the trailer is one of the best ive ever seen, I want to see this film so much it hurts, I cant stand the people already hating it before they even seen it! they must have sad pathetic lives, just hate, hate, hate..

  24. This trailer didn’t excite me whatsoever about the movie. I’ll watch it nonetheless, but not happy at all.

  25. I actually think that the scene with lois and the military is in the middle. Also I think that it is a tank that shoots supes into the bank vault, and the final scene in the trailer is the army entering the damaged bank. I think supes is not weakened, but lets them take him in. Zod arrives and the army realizes they need supes. Zod looks like the guy from gears of war. I also like the smallville type upbringing

    • Hmmmm

  26. @cody, you think there is an actual aquaman tie in? I hope so. That would be very nice. I might be stretching it a bit, but is there a possibility that the school bus being under water may have somewhat of an aquaman tie-in too, if there are any to begin with at all? Again, I hope so.

    • i bet they have the “old fisherman” guy on Clark’s boat say something like “one time when i was younger…after a huge storm that we barely survived…we came upon Atlantis…and just like that it was gone” to reference Aquaman etc.

  27. Remakes and reboots are starting to grow on me now.

    I had no interest in “Star Trek” until I watched the 2009 remake and now I’m dying to see “Star Trek Into Darkness”

    I never really cared for Superman until this “Man of Steel” trailer showed up and now I’m recovering from a joygasm.

  28. Looks so awesome! I don’t want to wait 6+ months! This is the most anticipation I’ve had for a superhero movie in a LONG time! Can’t wait! Looks like they got it right!

  29. I particularly like the take and actor for Jonathan Kent. Costner plays a protective father who’s ultimate fear is the rejection and fear his son may face.

    • Perfectly put – an element you just don’t get when Pa is played as the old sage, handing out wisdom without wanting selfish things for his son like any dad would.

    • I’m suddenly reminded of willie making alf hide out in the garage….