‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Analysis, Part 2 – New Revelations Spark New Questions

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Man of Steel Trailer DiscussionThe minds behind Zack Snyder's Man of Steel previously promised that fans had only seen "the tip of the iceberg" so far; and after seeing the action-packed trailer #3, we're inclined to agree. Showing a much longer look at the world of Krypton, a fully-suited Superman (Henry Cavill) and more, there's a good chance the trailer will be repeat viewing for the foreseeable future.As we did with the first Man of Steel trailer analysis, it seems time to take a closer look at the new trailer, and highlight the most promising or refreshing twists to one of the oldest and most beloved hero stories in modern mythology.Given the trailer's timing - following hot on the heels of numerous spoilery details and interviews, we warn that even more potential spoilers await in the following pages. Of course, given how production has fared so far, fans likely still have no idea what Snyder has been up to.

The Fall (?) of Krypton

Man of Steel Trailer Jor-El Krypton War

The best trailers start with a bang, and the full-blown carnage shown scarring the skies and surface of Krypton is certainly that. Russel Crowe, who plays Superman's biological father Jor-El, had previously spoken about the surprisingly "massive" scale of the Krypton scenes, and the new footage proves he wasn't exaggerating.But as impressive as the spectacle is, the destruction doesn't seem to be a result of Krypton's red star going supernova; in fact, the violence appears to be man-made. It's too early to tell who the flying ships are firing upon - or bombing on the surface - but the military unrest surrounding General Zod (Michael Shannon) likely has something to do with it.It's still possible that Krypton will be destroyed completely (a later shot shows what could be a planet splitting in half), but these shots prove the fall of Krypton is not a tragic accident. And if the military is firing on its own citizens, that brings the idea of Zod not really being a villain into question.

Krypton's Last Hope

Man of Steel Trailer Baby Kal-El

For those who may not be keeping up with Man of Steel spoilers of late, it's important to know just how important Superman/Kal-El's parentage will be to the film's themes. Not only because of who they are, but because of how he is born. On Krypton, children are no longer conceived, but rather engineered with future strengths and talents (science, military, etc.) in mind.But not Kal-EL: he is born naturally, and without a preordained path. Besides adding a genetic angle to the question posed in the first Man of Steel teaser - "what kind of man do you want to be?" - this 'illegal birth' seems destined to set the film's main conflicts into motion.As such, the reason for Jor-El and Lara (Ayalet Zurer) placing newborn Kal-El into his rocket ship - emblazoned with the Kryptonian symbol for 'hope' - may be due to more than just Krypton's imminent destruction; depending largely on where this scene is placed in relation to the earlier scenes of war.

All Part of the Plan?

Man of Steel Trailer Rocket Earth

Over the years, the Superman mythology has varied in the relationship between Krypton and Earth; over the years, Jor-El's decision to send his son to our planet has ranged from a stroke of luck, a precise plan, or a last-second best guess. We've known for some time that screenwriter David S. Goyer was going to be modifying Superman's origin story, but for now it seems Jor-El knows of Earth, and what effect its yellow sun will have on his offspring.But when Jor-El is characterized as specifically sending his son to act as a guiding light for mankind, it's typically set within a story where Krypton has turned to dust. With Man of Steel, Superman is nowhere near the last of his people; so how does that change the game?How well does Zod know Earth and its people? What plans did Krypton have for us? And why did Jor-El think his son would be safe on Earth at all (since those pursuing him would be just as super-powered)? We're more than curious.

A Son of Two Fathers

Man of Steel Trailer Pa KentAny Superman fan knows that a Superman origin story must rely on Jonathan Kent for more than just a father figure. In many ways, it was Pa Kent's stern lessons that helped shape Clark Kent into a man deserving of the rank 'king-daddy of superheroes.' In the second look at Kevin Costner's take on Pa Kent, the idea of adoption is brought to the forefront.Get used to the themes of fatherhood, as Goyer claims that for everything Man of Steel is, at its core it is "a story of a man with two fathers." In this twist, the adopted father claims Clark must choose the man he will be, while his birth father ensured the choice was possible on a genetic level.While we could argue that a boy with two fathers who are both Robin Hood (film school reference) is bound for greatness, Costner continues to stand out. With his brief scene in the film's first trailer getting much attention, and this scene yet again hitting the mark, our hopes are high.

The Frozen Fortress

Man of Steel Trailer Fortress Solitude

The first trailer for Man of Steel hinted that Clark would once again be discovering a treasure trove of Kryptonian wisdom in the frozen arctic. Yet with each new Fortress of Solitude comes a new explanation for how it got there. Bryan Singer's Superman Returns (2006) seemed to stick with Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie (1978) notion of the entire structure spawning from a single crystal.Given Zack Snyder's usual tendency to make things bigger and better, and the need to start a new Superman story with stronger ties to the present day, a 'magical crystal' growing into a a stronghold seems far-fetched. It's still possible (is that the black 'S'-emblazoned object Clark is seen holding?) but given this shot, and that of what appears to be the Fortress' interior, we'd almost think the structure resembles some kind of Kryptonian ship encased in the ice.Could it have arrived on Earth before he did? Does the Krypton/Earth relationship go farther than we thought?

Lois the Investigator

Man of Steel Trailer Lois InvestigatingSince no footage of Clark Kent in his 'reporter' disguise has yet been seen, it's too early to tell if Snyder has come up with an explanation for how Lois Lane - an award-winning journalist - can't tell that Metropolis' guardian works in her office. But what is clear is that Lois knows that the times are changing.In recent years, comic book writers have changed the circumstances of Lois and Clark's meeting from the simple rescue of a damsel in distress, to something more inevitable: Clark's heroic actions around the globe lead Lois to investigate what other people disregard as crackpot theories, ultimately making her the person Clark first speaks to publicly.Whether that investigative work is precisely what Lois is up to in this shot or not, it's nice to see her doing more than just playing 'Superman-bait.'

Superman Revealed

Man of Steel Trailer Suit Reveal

Snyder doesn't downplay the first reveal of Superman in full costume; he depicts the titular Man of Steel emerging from pure white light out of a set of automatic, ornately-designed doors (again leading us to believe his Fortress may be an extraterrestrial ship).While Superman's first flight has been heavily used in marketing, the exact circumstances are still a mystery. Was the suit stored in the Fortress? Was it sent in his rocket and moved there later? How does the cape fit into the under-layers of Kryptonian armor?While these questions nag at us, the shot gives another look at the digital effects team's cape-work (for most of the scenes, Cavill performs without a cape, added in digitally to maximize heroic fluttering). A controversial direction, but looks to be paying off thus far.

Deep Sea Flying

Man of Steel Trailer Underwater FightGiven director Zack Snyder's penchant for including stunning or grotesque creatures in his grander action sequences (look to 300 or Sucker Punch for evidence), perhaps we should have expected that Kryptonian soldiers wouldn't be the only foes Superman would tangle with.We don't know what kind of beast the writhing mass of underwater tentacles happens to be - whether it's even a living thing, or a mechanized leviathan brought to supplement Zod's forces. But it proves plenty of surprises lie in store.Strangely enough, the construct wasn't featured alongside the rest of Zod's 'Black Zero' forces in either the Man of Steel LEGO sets or accompanying toy lines. Could Kryptonian warfare be even more advanced than we might think?

A Flying Leap

Man of Steel Trailer Leaping ExplosionFlying is one thing, but falling from a massive height is harder to pull off gracefully. Yet that's exactly what this mystery figure does in one of the quicker clips seen in the new trailer. Unfortunately, it's impossible to discern exactly who the man is, but the surrounding evidence provides some clues.For starters, the alien architecture (and the flying beast that breaks his fall) points to Krypton as a setting, and the explosion above certainly makes the leap seem like that of a man escaping death. But there's only one character seen so far with matching hair; and that's Jor-El, seen here minus his refined and elaborate robes.If that's the case, what would make the man shed all but his under-layer of clothing, and plunge from an exploding tower into the waiting arms of an alien creature? We have theories, but for now let's just say we suspect more of the film will be based on Superman's home world than estimated.

Lex Is In The Building

Man of Steel Trailer LexCorp BuildingIt is shown for a brief moment, but our eyes did not deceive us: that's LexCorp headquarters beneath that raining debris. Despite months of Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer dodging questions about Superman's arch-nemesis and emphasizing that General Zod, not Lex Luthor, would be the villain, evidence to the contrary is put front and center.Following comments from Goyer reminding fans that no one had explicitly said Luthor wouldn't be in the movie at all, more rumors teased that Smallville alum Mackenzie Gray would be reprising his role as an adult Lex Luthor.The most popular theory so far is that LexCorp will simply be name-dropped in the course of the film, or perhaps alluded to as a power player behind the scenes, with a full reveal in the sequel, if at all. The inclusion in the trailer doesn't tip the scale one way or the other, but is a nice Easter-egg, regardless.

On My World, It Means 'Hope'

Man of Steel Trailer Jor-El Armor LaraBy now we've shown that there will be more than enough opportunities for Jor-El to put his battle armor and weaponry to use on Krypton; but the reason for Lara's meaningful touch on the breastplate is more curious. Explanation comes later from Superman himself: what humans see as an 'S,' Kryptonians see as a symbol for 'hope.' Considering she is about to send her child off into the blackness of space, reaching out to that kind of symbol makes sense.But it's the under-layer of Jor-El's armor (also visible through his fancier clothing) that we're interested in; namely, it's rather blueish hue. In the comic books, it is typically a Kryptonian flag/blanket/fabric that is placed alongside baby Kal-El in his rocket as a means of remembering where he comes from. Could Superman's suit be none other than the same armor worn by his father, minus the plating?With such emphasis placed on fatherhood, carrying on Jor-El's fight in his very clothing would be more than poetic. Even removing the armor's plating would make sense: people tend to get nervous around armor-encased aliens.


Man of Steel Trailer DiscussionThose are the moments from the newest trailer that most stood out to us, as much for the promise they hold as the mysterious plot developments they imply.We welcome any insights or theories you may have about these or other scenes glimpsed in the trailer, so be sure to leave them in the comments.———Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. Let me be the first to say im honestly intrigued now.

    • ditto

  2. I haven’t been this excited for something Superman related since… Ever.

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            This dude thinks slide shows are about boosting ad numbers, when it’s really about presenting a narrative in an effective way. When being told the reality of it, he rejects it because it doesn’t match with what he’s already decided. The goal in life is to learn what is true, not to force your personal nonsense onto other people. Swallow your pride and just learn something new.

          • Yea Kofi

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          • Get ‘em Kofi!!

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            I like your site, but I would also agree that clicking thru pages is a bit annoying. Might I suggest asking the fans of the site what they like? I’m pretty sure I see this same comment every time you post a click thru posting such as this.
            Keep up the good work on the site though, I usually check it at least twice a day!

            • lol, no way. Screen Rant is about directly discussing stuff. Screen Rant has a long tradition of talking directly to readers, this isn’t new or unwarranted.

            • Always wondered what the deal with slideshows was about. Im not a big fan of them but since they’re done here just when it’s a “countdown” or “top ten” type of thing it seems to work ok. Some sites have that one sentence per picture format then you have to click to for a new page to keep going which I think more of what the guy complaining has more in mind. There’s enough content on each slide here to justify the format – and it’s used sparingly at Screenrant where the context of the material works with it. I end up skimming too fast or skipping much of “top tens” or numbered lists if it’s all in one page, I scroll through quick just trying to pick up on what I think might be interesting without reading each point.

            • Brandon…

              You are correct that you see this comment quite often when this format is used.

              Etrigan is the one commenting at those points too.

              I agree with Ken that Kofi’s particular way of responding to repetitive bellyaching has been established on the site. Now, the authors/thread-runners (Kofi and Paul come to mind as illustrations of this point) DO indeed have differently aggressive levels of responding…one may have more snark while another may remain a bit more straight-laced, but they ALL respond directly to the participants. THAT is one aspect of the site that keeps it (usually) from devolving into idiotic back-biting and immature verbal slapping. Thus, THAT is one aspect of the site that keeps us coming back.

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          I agree that other sites misuse slideshows to boost SEO, pageviews and even ad clicks (I hate the ones that go to an entirely different page every slide) but the way SR does it is better because only the content box changes instead of refreshing the whole page (maybe they can use that tech for the comments).

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        • Entrigan.

          With all due respect, we come to Screen Rant to enjoy the banter, the dialogue, the movies in question. We agree on most, disagree on some and agree to disagree on others. (Me, I am not keen on Man of Steel as my Screen Rant Brethren.) We speak out minds, but.

          When you go around insulting a section of Screen Rant, you pretty much are going to risk the ire of all of us.


          • But deep down you want to see MOS more than the rest of us…

            I will not stop! LOL =0)

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        • As a technical point – actually the number do show how many people don’t click through them. Now they don’t necessarily show motivation for not clicking through, however you can probably infer a number of things from them. Ultimately the only numbers that matter that is the ones that show more people clicking through than those that do not.

          Personally I’m indifferent about slideshows, although I do like the new trend where you are given link to just list them. It is nice compromise to be give the choice (and would probably be interesting to see what choices people make)

  4. I think they are going on the original premise that Zod made an attempt to overthrow the government but was caught…which would explain the later scenes in the trailer of Zod yelling that he will find ‘your son’.

    Remember, Zod was also thrown into the Phantom Zod by Jor-el.

    • Make that Phantom ‘Zone’. Sorry for the type-o.

      My response is in reference to the first picture of Jor-el watching the battle before him. Just for clarification.

      • I hear you. Especially if Man of Steel really is sticking with the ‘Kryptonian Prince’ route. An heir to the throne couldn’t really stick around if Zod plans on ruling.

  5. I admit that during the moment between Clark and Jonathan, I was sorta kinda holding back tears. Not really. ok sort of.

    • You weren’t the only one. Very emotional an well done even from a trailer. This may be the first superhero to make me cry openly…or at least pretend there’s something in my eye.

      • I’m with you. Frankly, any Superman movie that has its Jonathan Kent moments stick out in each trailer seems poised to explore parts of the story that haven’t been before.

        • We can tease Costner for Robin Hood, Waterworld, Hats & Macs, and even (the classic) Dances With Wolves.
          when his voice quivers and breaks as he says, “…you ARE my son…”
          Great Maker, I’m about to tear-up right now.

        • We can tease Costner for Robin Hood, Waterworld, Hats & Macs, and even (the classic) Dances With Wolves.
          HOWEVER, when his voice quivers and breaks as he says, “…you ARE my son…”

          Great Maker, I’m about to tear-up right now.

        • We can tease Costner for Robin Hood, Waterworld, Hats & Macs, and even (the classic) Dances With Wolves.
          HOWEVER, when his voice quivers and breaks as he says, “…you ARE my son…” Great Maker, I’m about to tear-up right now.

        • We can tease Costner for Robin Hood, Waterworld, Hats & Macs, and even (the classic) Dances With Wolves. HOWEVER, when his voice quivers and breaks as he says, “…you ARE my son…” Great Maker, I’m about to tear-up right now.

          • Oops. Stupid mobile phone “posting error.” :-/

  6. Someone said that ironman3 would do better due to marketing early and frequently as opposed to man of steel which has been reserved but I argue that some parts of IM3 have been ruined due to over saturation of marketing and might actually be a turnoff, whereas this still holds major amounts of mystery and speculation even if its an origin tale.

    • People said the same thing about The Avengers and look how that turned out

      • Exactly, look how Avengers turned out. Stale predictable plot, with the lamest/weakest villain put on the big screen.

        • @ DJ Scurvy & Jenny

          Yea, The Avengers turned out to be one of the greatest CBM of all time. #1 Movie of 2012 Which was won for best Fight Scene, Best Villain.

          So Jenny, your comment about Loki is sorely invalid. Of-course you’d say it had a stale predicatable plot when it 5 solo films leading up to it in a shared universe,lol. Each time i went it was packed & people were took by surprised one scene or another.

          • I understand why you want to defend the avengers but don’t pretend an MTV awards is important. Calling Loki a great villain is Insane. Great acting but all he did was get beat up. Bane and the lizard atleast achieved something.

            • Loki is a pretty underwhelming villain, but I guess Tom Hiddleston did what he could with the role (and even went a little overvboard at times), but the fact of the matter is that Loki is the Avengers original villain and the reason they joined up in the first place, and having them fight him in the first phase leaves the door open for more impressive and challenging villains down the line (Thanos, Ultron, etc.)

            • Word.

          • She’s stating an opinion, an opinion I (and I’m sure others) share.

            I don’t care about box office results, or popularity. If a film doesn’t work for you, then it just doesn’t.

            • While I agree that opinion is opinion it doesn’t change objective fact. The fact is that is that Avengers was the biggest box office draw of 2012. Part of that success can be attibuted to the marketing which some people thought revealed to much. So, since it worked for Avengers why not do it for IM3.

              These are facts and have nothing to do with any individual opinion of whether Avengers is any good or not. Nor does the marketing have anything do with the actual production choices for Avengers.

            • i am part of everyone, and i know no such thing. for me , TDKR was the weakest film in the trilogy, and i thought the story was weak. it all seemed rushed, yet the film is too long. nolan ruined batman, and now (most) everybody wants the shared dc universe to include that version of batman, but i hope that don’t happen.
              why does EVERY article have to devolve into a batman vs avengers/marvel vs dc debate? cant we just enjoy man of steel, or iron man 3, or whatever the hell it is we want to watch without it all coming down to “this film is better because i say so”?
              cant we all just get along???

        • The only thing I DIDN”T like about the Avengers was the marketing. I don’t like seeing every single action sequence in the trailer. I loved the Avengers, but I was a little ticked off when there wasn’t one action sequence that took me by surprise.

        • Umm, Jim Carey as Edward Nigma….

      • I’d take a good plot for Man of Steel over it being mainstream. Avengers was built up so much that it was slightly disappointing to watch.

      • Avengers was fanservice, just seeing the different characters together was enjoyment, but for singular films, especially one such as ironman which has two previous installments(and avengers) to live up to and I feel as the luster of just seeing the character gos down the surprise and intrigue of the story should go up.

        • I think people who think Iron Man 3 is going to win the fight through marketing (including a few at our own site) are grossly, *grossly* underestimating how much Superman means to the world, not just comic book fans.

            • Gatsby and star trek will affect ironman just as much as any film will superman

          • @Andrew Dyce
            I totally agree! Iron man 3 will have NOTHING on MOS. I dont care how much marvel fangirls brag. blah blah blah. Iron man 3 will be good no doubt. Even with all the scenes they revealed to the public BUT MOS stands for something else, it will have an amazing story and great twists and turns, no doubt about that! I am sure its plot will have an important meaning to it. Superman represents hope during the darkest of times and he is the good in all of us embodied in a superhero!

  7. I wonder if those “beasts” have something to do with the fall of Krypton.

  8. I was excited as soon as I heard Nolan and Snyder were working on this film.

    That last trailer has raised my expectations even more now.

    • I’m almost seriously contemplating just avoiding trailers from here on out after this last one. I’d like to hope that WB’s track record so far implies that they wont’ be pushing too many spoilers anyway, but….I’m more than sold!

      • “I’d like to hope that WB’s track record so far implies that they wont’ be pushing too many spoilers anyway…”

        I agree. I do think that is why trailers tend to show “scenes” in them that are not really in the movie. Nevertheless, I don’t want any spoilers shown.

  9. I was thinking the same thing about Lois. Every time something happens and Clark has to use his powers to save people, Lois will probably appear on the scene after he disappears. Maybe the government brings her in because she is the only known “expert” on this alien?

    Maybe Clark gets his glasses from the Doctor and they have a perception filter ;)

    • I was thinking the same thing about the glasses, maybe they have some kryptonian tech to alter the face of the person wearing them or something…

      • Haha that could work. Although, I’ve always thought the whole ‘Lois should notice’ theory is kind of flawed. It’s like someone in my office looking like Ryan Reynolds and me saying “…wait a minute…ARE YOU RYAN REYNOLDS??”

        • But the thing about lois is that she actually has feelings for superman/clark, therefore she should know. She looks at superman in his eyes, checks out the structure/features of his face, and for some odd reason she doesn’t notice that same structure and those same features in clark’s face, and yet the two are reporter collegues (which means she’s usually with clark)? Then there is the fact that superman is a muscular and imposing figure at 6’4. Clark has the same built and lois doesn’t notice? Fourth, where is lois’ feminine intuition to say…”WAIT A MINUTE, SOMETHING IS UP,” combined with the fact that everytime something happens in metropolis, clark disappears and superman appears, which she is very much aware of. All of these clues are far more better than clues for her to not know that clark kent is superman.

          • I think Lois is going to know full well that Clark is Superman. I think she will keep it to herself and enjoy watching Clark squirm. If she loves him she will keep his secret even though it would be like the biggest news story of her career.

            • A plausible theory.

              This whole idea that Lois doesn’t recognize that Clark/Superman are “one in the same” will have to change. If Lois ALREADY knew this fact, it could work.

              • @chetc

                “If Lois ALREADY knew this fact, it could work.”

                I do to.

              • I’m with you on this. If Lois knows figures it out, and keeps it to herself, it could work. She’s the only regular person who’s been around Superman up close enough to know.

            • @ motoko

              Hmmm, excellently stated by you. I never thought of that. If I am correct you are suggesting that lois actually knows, but pretends to not know, which in a sense is actually one-uping superman/clark, who believes that lois doesn’t know his true identity (which is his intent) when it is he who doesn’t know that lois knows his true identity. Clever.

              This actually reminds of the masters of the universe. adam is like superman, while teela is like lois lane. The same events take place…trouble happens, adam must find a secure place where he can transform into he-man without anyone knowing, and although he looks like he-man (at least in the 1983 toon, except for the tan he-man has) no one seems to notice that he is actually he-man. It’s the same premise. However, there is an episode in the 1983 toon (i believe) where adam’s mother subtly informs adam that she knows that he is he-man, without saying I KNOW YOU ARE HE-MAN. There is also an episode where she tells adam to go with his father (the king) to keep him safe on a journey, which is very dangerous, despite the fact that adam is seen as a prince lacking courage and smarts. Why send him on this dangerous quest when he supposedly lacks the courage and intellect to handle the dangers of the quest and to keep his father safe, if you already did not know that he was a superhero with amazing powers? In other words, his mother, the queen, knows that he is he-man, but won’t inform him directly that she knows.

              I felt the same way in raimi’s spiderman movie when peter gives up being spiderman, but aunt may convinces him (indirectly) to put back on the red and blue suit and fight crime by saying…I BELIEVE THERE IS A HERO IN ALL US; and the look on her face when she says it reads…PETE I KNOW YOU ARE SPIDERMAN, AND ALTHOUGH I THINK WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS DANGEROUS, I HAVE ALWAYS AGREED WITH YOUR UNCLE BEN THAT…WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. The fact that she actually raised him, would suggest that she would know, the same for marlena (adam’s mother), and lois lane as a result of her being in love with superman/clark.

              One thing though, how does that not work for everyone else? Maybe everyone won’t know, but lois can’t be the only person in clark’s circle of friends who does know. There are still physical characteristic that superman and clark share that others would easily use to connect that he is superman, especially those who work with clark at the bugle.

              • > One thing though, how does that not work for everyone else?
                > Maybe everyone won’t know, but lois can’t be the only person
                > in clark’s circle of friends who does know. There are still
                > physical characteristic that superman and clark share that
                > others would easily use to connect that he is superman,
                > especially those who work with clark at the bugle.

                It can’t. Basically, I question the conceit of Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter at the Planet. Lois and others would just KNOW that he is Superman. Now, you could introduce some deus ex machina (ie. facial holograms, etc.) to resolve the problem, but that seems cheesy. A rather bold move would be NOT to have Clark Kent be a reporter at all; rather, Lois would get in touch with Clark/Superman whenever something urgent requires his attention.

                Doubtful, though, that this happens. Someone said that there were photos of Clark Kent wearing glasses in the film, so it looks like they might be going with the bumbling reporter approach. Sadly, this doesn’t fit with a “realistic” take on the character, and more of a holdover from the comic books.

                • Yes, I think you are right. I too read someone else’s rant where it was suggested that part of the more advanced krytonian tech would allow him to change his facial features. I thought that was an interesting take myself, but i think it was just a rumor. I wouldn’t want the bumbling, clumsy clark, but as you say…a more “realistic take on the character.”

                  “A rather bold move would be NOT to have Clark Kent be a reporter at all; rather, Lois would get in touch with Clark/Superman whenever something urgent requires his attention.”

                  As one who prefers that a comic book movie follow the source material, I have to say the above idea is one that I would go for, despite the fact that it would not be following the books. It’s just that the dual identity thing with clark being superman and how many folks can’t seem to catch on, particularly clark’s circle of friends and his co-workers, seems to be the itch that’s unscratchable. It just doesn’t make sense.

                  I just think this is DC’s time to really look inward, particulary at the crop of characters they have and really/seriously decide which characters need a serious overhaul. I do think that superman is one of their characters that really need that serious overhaul. Wonder Woman and Aquaman would definitely be others, including more.

                • I agree that this conceit needs to be reworked (somehow). However, you guys are missing the REAL disguise—it is mannerisms. THAT is one thing that Christopher Reeve did so well. Clark was a bumbling nerd, a dweeb, a nervous weakling who shuffled his step, and lacked all sense of power and/or regalia. Reeve would take off the glasses, straighten the spine, deepen the voice and -wow!- it’s Superman standing there in Clark’s business suit. OR, in a very concrete example:
                  how come we all see Amy Adams as Lois Lane and not as the ditzy princess “Jazelle” from Enchanted ? It’s *exactly* the same person. But her mannerisms make you “see” someone else….

                  (Again, I’m not disagreeing about a “re-telling” but it’s always been more than just the glasses!)

  10. That “monster” is Black Zero. Zod’s ship.

  11. I think the one assumption everyone is making is that Clark Kent the reporter is going to make an appearance during the meat of the movie. Based on what I have seen, I don’t think this is going to happen. My guess is that his mild mannered alter ego isn’t going to show until after the main conflict is resolved.

    • Yes! I think you’re completely right here. He doesn’t go straight from Smallville to Metropolis. He appears to go on this soul-searching journey first, which ends with him “becoming” Superman at the FOS. Perhaps Lois is the one who convinces him to have an identity and harbors him at the Daily Planet.

      • An interesting take.

        For the film to have a “realistic” approach, Clark Kent can’t be the same old bumbling reporter we’ve seen in the comic books. Lois would simply KNOW that Clark is really Superman.

        I suspect that the “concept” of Clark Kent will also be rebooted.

  12. YOU MISSED one. the actor Michael Shannon who plays zod is from Lexington. coincidence i think so!

  13. I’m still not excited for this movie. I’m going to see it when it comes out, but I’m not excited for it. I guess it’s my non-interest in Superman is why I’m not excited. I hope DC succeeds though.

    • Why would you watch a movie you have no interest in?

      • I’m still not excited for Tay. I might say “Hey” if I saw Tey in the street, but I’m not excited for it. I guess it’s my non-interest in Tay is why I’m not excited. I hope Tay succeeds though.


        • LOL. You bad.

      • Well, I’m not “excited” for Pacific Rim, but I’m still going to see it.

        He’s probably interested in the genre, but not “excited” by the trailers for it. That’s cool.

  14. Ehem.. Man-made? Shouldn’t it be “kryptonian-made” for the possible and deliberate fall of Krypton? Hehe

    I really like where this movie is going. It makes perfect sense to me that a highly advanced race such gound on krypton would be keenly aware of earth. Esp since we just happen to look exactly like them. Superman being born “naturally” may be the source of his abilities hete on earth. Possible that kryptonian as stated are “engeneered/predestined” from birth to fullfil a certain niche within their society, what if they have long ago realised the inherent issue with having an entire race of super powered being and so (to a certain degree) gimp there abilities in-vitro. Superman being born naturally would have untampered genetic and thus possibly be naturally much more powerful than the average kryptonian.

    • the inhabitants of krypton appear to be Homo sapiens, so man-made would be correct. if i make something, it’s not “earthling” made.

  15. My guess would be that Zod & his folks won’t be superpowered in the same way Superman is. Kal-El has been soaking in the yellow sun for 30+ years, Zod has just shown up. I’d guess that Zod and his soldiers are relying on their powered armor, ships, and weapons, and Superman has his powers. What would be great is if with all that tech and sheer numbers, Superman is outmatched and really has to struggle to win.

  16. I just want to know who made the Superman suit? (Not the real designer I mean in the movie) It looks alien made but the other Kryptonians appear to wear a different shade which kind of looks grey. If Superman is their symbol of “hope” did they make the suit hoping he would grow into it? Did he make it himself and use similar methods that other Kryptonians use? Oh well… I probably won’t know until the movie anyway.

    • I’d imagine the suit is within his ship, as for the coloration I bet there’s equipment inside that can alter it however he wants. Maybe he changed it to match the colors of his “home” country? Can’t wait to find out! Ugh. 2 months? DAMMAT!

      • Im thinking the ship in the arctic was initially destined to be his parents/family’s. it’s what actually got him to earth (his pod in the kent farm being tatamount to a drop ship from the larger vessel). The suit he wears would thus possibly be his dad’s Jor-el’s suit (the one under the armor). Possible the grey suit are military, blue for scientists? Or colors are specific to the kryptonian lineages/families or usually only worn for formal stuff? Just throwing out stuff out there.

      • I want to know as well. I hope it doesn’t come off as goofy.

        • @ Bellcure: I think you’re onto something with the different sects. As much as ‘blue means science’ may be taken from Star Trek, it’s pretty clear from Jor-El’s armor that his clothing is a bit higher grade than the military’s.

    • Maybe his suit is not ‘standard infantry / soldier uniform’ but is the ‘princely’ battle armor.

  17. Snider.. Please don’t ‘Singer’ this movie!! Make it that you at least keep the nature of the man… The change in how or why Krypton explodes is forcibly ok since it essentially needs to blow up.. but if Superman suddenly becomes a Peeping Tom or able to lift a continent of Kryptonite above the earth (when a shard renders him unconscious) I’m gonna shred that screen and b**** like a fruit pie on all the blogs I can find!!… I don’t know what that last part means, but damnit I will do it!!

    • ps. I have to admit that if the fortress is a Kryptonian ship that crashed I’ll kind of like this arc as it would bring some good “updating” to the story.

      Also making Jor-El know about Earth links the storyline somewhat to Smallville;

      The Genetics part also ties in my favorite Origin story from J. Byrne’s “Man of Steel” series where Kal-El was actually genetically engineered (while in the movie he’s not the others are);

      Flight sequence also seems taken right out of Smallville’s effects where Clark summons his powers from a source within. Byrne’s series also touched on this by having Superman hint that he can fly by “willing himself” to do so which was for the most part a “power” of the mind instead of a power that defied laws of gravity .. in a way…

      Anyhow.. I’ll see this movie anyway … Just hope that they don’t mess it up again..

    • Its been said there isnt any kryptonite in the movie, so at least we are safe from the whole continent lifting fiasco lol

      • Yeah I know.. damn that was one of the most stupidest scene ever from all Superhero movies ever made.. And I’m even talking about Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher!!

      • @Bellcure

        If there is no kryptonite in this movie, that is a big plus. It’s one of the reason’s why I disliked superman returns, because although lex luthor (a boring and overly used character in my opinion) was the main villain, to me the other main villain was a chunk of rock that did nothing except glow green. BOOOOOOORRRRRRRING!

        • While I do like Kryptonite stories, I find it’s overdone. If or when they include Kryptonite in the film, I really hope they do a fresh take on it.

          • I don’t know how fresher they can go with the kryptonite. I mean, it has been used and crafted in the form of a bullet against superman. Metallo, has it as a heart in the middle of his chest whenever he fights supes, and wasn’t the glowing energy it gives off harnessed to fire kryptonite lasers? I hope they leave out the kryptonite and lex luthor. These 2 are the most overly used in superman’s gallery. What they need is a whole new fresh take on superman himself. Maybe this movie will bring that.

  18. All this about genetic engenring of Krypton’s children. I’m wondering about Kal-els cousin Kara-Zor el. Does she even exist in this universe? This is A question I would like awsered.

    • That would be cool if she is in this universe. I would watch a movie that had Super Girl as a character but not necessarily the main character. The Man Of Steel is supposed to launch the combined universe thing so lets hop it works.

      • Well, if Darkseid is introduced in the Justice League film, and a new Batman is cast, I’d say the stage is set for a ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’ adaptation…

        • superman/batman: apocalypse is one of the best superhero dvd toons. DC just does it waaaay better than marvel when it comes to toons. I do give DC cedit. I also applaud the artists they used to draw their characters for their toons. They beat marvel in those areas, but also in the video game departments as well.

  19. Wow, what an awesome trailer! Unlike one of the grumpy posters, I’m glad about the slideshow and always am.

    I was seriously choked up by the scene of Clark and Kevin Costner and have always thought that there were all sorts of angles one could take with a “father” storyline/theme.

    June can’t come here fast enough.

  20. Fathers and fatherhood is a major theme for Man Of Steel.
    And my sense is it culminates in a seminal moment for
    Superman which unleashes his righteous anger.

    Jonathan is the anchor that makes Kal-El
    believe he is indeed part of his new world
    preventing him from feeling alone and lost.

    Zod alienates the alien once again.
    I believe that Zod kills Jonathan.

    • No Robert I’m fine, thanks for asking, “tis but a scratch, come back here and I’ll bit your legs off”

      Sorry couldn’t resist… lol

      • bugger, missed the “e” it’s “bite” everyone not “bit”… i know i know.

        • Haha I posed that theory a while ago too. Noticed Pa isn’t visible in the shots of an adult Clark though, but Ma is. Considering what’s been shown of Jonathan’s father as opposed to that on Smallville, I’m convinced it will at least be something new.

          • I missed that, Andrew. I was MIA for a time.
            Yes, something new at least for sure and Zod
            killing Jonathan would be quite the turn of events.

            Great job on this trailer forensics series, by the way.
            I enjoyed reading it all including the slide show_:)

  21. The battle is going to be a coup by zod and forces loyal to him (which will fail) Hence Zod’s capture and the “i will find your son” stick.

    As for Kryptons destruction, maybe Zod has a doomsday weapon that destroys Krypton/Krypton’s Sun

    Not sure on the genetic engineering angle, dunno where that’s come from maybe set leaks or something, if that is indeed the case then births (and populations) would be controlled by the government with selected parents and genetic manipulation for that child to fit a need of society, bet these peeps don’t have no X-Factor or Britains Got Talent on there TV’s, so a NATURAL birth would be high up there on the criminal scale/sedition against the laws of Krypton etc.

    Maybe that’s why Supes can do what he does in the radiation of a yellow sun, all that limitless genetic potential instead of having one’s very being focused in a certain direction.

    Does that mean “normal” Kryptonians are not empowered by our yellow sun as Kal-el is so have to rely on there armour and tech???

    Is there a huge backlash coming for braking with cannon???

    Dunno, one thing i do know THIS MOIVE IS GONNA ROCK.

  22. this slide show had some interesting ideas particularly the one about Lois it would be quite refreshing for her to actually BE an investigative reporter for once and the fact that she finds him and not the other way around is very intriguing. you would think that with all that Kryptonian tech in the FOS you could find something that would mask or morph your face, but maybe they’ll go a completely different route, that is definitely on my list of things I’m most interested to see what the do with, because the glasses and the goofiness needs to be at least updated. I’m so excited for this movie.

  23. Interesting g breakdown of scences. The Lex Corp building was what I was hoping for, the seen but not seen reference to another character, like Thor’s hammer or Cap shield in the Iron Man movies. Interesting.

  24. I’m not up to date on what’s happening in the comic books but I really like the fact that Lois seems to be an actual “reporter” and not some dim-wit damsel in distress.
    For me that means she will be an actual interesting character. I’d much rather see a strong, confident female than someone who’s just there as eye candy.
    I’ll end my rant bye saying again how impressed I’ve been with these trailers. Part of me is still a bit cautious because last year I thought the trailers for Prometheus were fantastic but sadly they ended up being a poor representation of the actual film but I’m still extremely excited and think MoS has the potential to be the new gold standard for Comic Book / SuperHero films.

    • Prometheus had to be the biggest letdown in a long time.
      Expectations were sky high and its trailers played a role
      in raising them along with Ridley’s legend, of course.

      I don’t think we are running the same course here
      and I too think Man Of Steel has the potential
      to set the new gold standard as you put it.

      Which would be sweet seeing how
      Donner’s Superman did the same.
      Everything old made new again.

  25. The more I see of this, the more it seems the film draws most of it’s inspiration from the Superman: Earth One graphic novel with maybe Zod’s rebel army replacing Tyrell and the Dheronians. Or maybe that war that we see is between the Kryptonians and the Dheronians or another similar race and the fact that Kal-El was sent off the planet was a big no-no and Zod is tasked with finding him. That would fit in with him yelling in the trailer, “I will find him!”. Also, it would explain why Zod and his cadre are off planet as it is destroyed as well as Shannon’s claims that he is not a villain per se, but just a military man following his orders.

  26. Just gonna throw this out there regarding Krypton being attacked…

    Braniac ? ? ?

    • Yes, I hope so. Maybe, would they…?
      A quick sequence of the City of Kandor being sealed off/attacked (another *Last Days of Krypton* inspiration?). If that pushes the FX budget too high, then just a line of dialogue? Files, photos, holographs, given to the Kryptonian military?

  27. Anyone else sort of think Lex Luthor might still make some sort of appearance?

    • @ Ronnie

      I think Lex will show up, at least in passing. Possible mentioned on a news cast, possible on a newspaper headline. I don’t think the actual character will show though. If there a sequel, I say he shows up there in person.

  28. About the suit, I think that it will comprise of the sort of “under armor” that Jor-el wears underneath his krypton suit. Notice how Zod is also wearing a dark skin like material when he is yelling “I WILL FIND HIM”.

    The cape…well like the slide show said, Ka-el was sent to earth with a flag of krypton in the comics, maybe thats what the cape is but with some modifications to it.

    • sorry Kal-el

  29. Excited about this year’s spring/summer movies!