‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Analysis, Part 2 – New Revelations Spark New Questions

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Man of Steel Trailer DiscussionThe minds behind Zack Snyder's Man of Steel previously promised that fans had only seen "the tip of the iceberg" so far; and after seeing the action-packed trailer #3, we're inclined to agree. Showing a much longer look at the world of Krypton, a fully-suited Superman (Henry Cavill) and more, there's a good chance the trailer will be repeat viewing for the foreseeable future.As we did with the first Man of Steel trailer analysis, it seems time to take a closer look at the new trailer, and highlight the most promising or refreshing twists to one of the oldest and most beloved hero stories in modern mythology.Given the trailer's timing - following hot on the heels of numerous spoilery details and interviews, we warn that even more potential spoilers await in the following pages. Of course, given how production has fared so far, fans likely still have no idea what Snyder has been up to.

The Fall (?) of Krypton

Man of Steel Trailer Jor-El Krypton War

The best trailers start with a bang, and the full-blown carnage shown scarring the skies and surface of Krypton is certainly that. Russel Crowe, who plays Superman's biological father Jor-El, had previously spoken about the surprisingly "massive" scale of the Krypton scenes, and the new footage proves he wasn't exaggerating.But as impressive as the spectacle is, the destruction doesn't seem to be a result of Krypton's red star going supernova; in fact, the violence appears to be man-made. It's too early to tell who the flying ships are firing upon - or bombing on the surface - but the military unrest surrounding General Zod (Michael Shannon) likely has something to do with it.It's still possible that Krypton will be destroyed completely (a later shot shows what could be a planet splitting in half), but these shots prove the fall of Krypton is not a tragic accident. And if the military is firing on its own citizens, that brings the idea of Zod not really being a villain into question.

Krypton's Last Hope

Man of Steel Trailer Baby Kal-El

For those who may not be keeping up with Man of Steel spoilers of late, it's important to know just how important Superman/Kal-El's parentage will be to the film's themes. Not only because of who they are, but because of how he is born. On Krypton, children are no longer conceived, but rather engineered with future strengths and talents (science, military, etc.) in mind.But not Kal-EL: he is born naturally, and without a preordained path. Besides adding a genetic angle to the question posed in the first Man of Steel teaser - "what kind of man do you want to be?" - this 'illegal birth' seems destined to set the film's main conflicts into motion.As such, the reason for Jor-El and Lara (Ayalet Zurer) placing newborn Kal-El into his rocket ship - emblazoned with the Kryptonian symbol for 'hope' - may be due to more than just Krypton's imminent destruction; depending largely on where this scene is placed in relation to the earlier scenes of war.

All Part of the Plan?

Man of Steel Trailer Rocket Earth

Over the years, the Superman mythology has varied in the relationship between Krypton and Earth; over the years, Jor-El's decision to send his son to our planet has ranged from a stroke of luck, a precise plan, or a last-second best guess. We've known for some time that screenwriter David S. Goyer was going to be modifying Superman's origin story, but for now it seems Jor-El knows of Earth, and what effect its yellow sun will have on his offspring.But when Jor-El is characterized as specifically sending his son to act as a guiding light for mankind, it's typically set within a story where Krypton has turned to dust. With Man of Steel, Superman is nowhere near the last of his people; so how does that change the game?How well does Zod know Earth and its people? What plans did Krypton have for us? And why did Jor-El think his son would be safe on Earth at all (since those pursuing him would be just as super-powered)? We're more than curious.

A Son of Two Fathers

Man of Steel Trailer Pa KentAny Superman fan knows that a Superman origin story must rely on Jonathan Kent for more than just a father figure. In many ways, it was Pa Kent's stern lessons that helped shape Clark Kent into a man deserving of the rank 'king-daddy of superheroes.' In the second look at Kevin Costner's take on Pa Kent, the idea of adoption is brought to the forefront.Get used to the themes of fatherhood, as Goyer claims that for everything Man of Steel is, at its core it is "a story of a man with two fathers." In this twist, the adopted father claims Clark must choose the man he will be, while his birth father ensured the choice was possible on a genetic level.While we could argue that a boy with two fathers who are both Robin Hood (film school reference) is bound for greatness, Costner continues to stand out. With his brief scene in the film's first trailer getting much attention, and this scene yet again hitting the mark, our hopes are high.

The Frozen Fortress

Man of Steel Trailer Fortress Solitude

The first trailer for Man of Steel hinted that Clark would once again be discovering a treasure trove of Kryptonian wisdom in the frozen arctic. Yet with each new Fortress of Solitude comes a new explanation for how it got there. Bryan Singer's Superman Returns (2006) seemed to stick with Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie (1978) notion of the entire structure spawning from a single crystal.Given Zack Snyder's usual tendency to make things bigger and better, and the need to start a new Superman story with stronger ties to the present day, a 'magical crystal' growing into a a stronghold seems far-fetched. It's still possible (is that the black 'S'-emblazoned object Clark is seen holding?) but given this shot, and that of what appears to be the Fortress' interior, we'd almost think the structure resembles some kind of Kryptonian ship encased in the ice.Could it have arrived on Earth before he did? Does the Krypton/Earth relationship go farther than we thought?

Lois the Investigator

Man of Steel Trailer Lois InvestigatingSince no footage of Clark Kent in his 'reporter' disguise has yet been seen, it's too early to tell if Snyder has come up with an explanation for how Lois Lane - an award-winning journalist - can't tell that Metropolis' guardian works in her office. But what is clear is that Lois knows that the times are changing.In recent years, comic book writers have changed the circumstances of Lois and Clark's meeting from the simple rescue of a damsel in distress, to something more inevitable: Clark's heroic actions around the globe lead Lois to investigate what other people disregard as crackpot theories, ultimately making her the person Clark first speaks to publicly.Whether that investigative work is precisely what Lois is up to in this shot or not, it's nice to see her doing more than just playing 'Superman-bait.'

Superman Revealed

Man of Steel Trailer Suit Reveal

Snyder doesn't downplay the first reveal of Superman in full costume; he depicts the titular Man of Steel emerging from pure white light out of a set of automatic, ornately-designed doors (again leading us to believe his Fortress may be an extraterrestrial ship).While Superman's first flight has been heavily used in marketing, the exact circumstances are still a mystery. Was the suit stored in the Fortress? Was it sent in his rocket and moved there later? How does the cape fit into the under-layers of Kryptonian armor?While these questions nag at us, the shot gives another look at the digital effects team's cape-work (for most of the scenes, Cavill performs without a cape, added in digitally to maximize heroic fluttering). A controversial direction, but looks to be paying off thus far.

Deep Sea Flying

Man of Steel Trailer Underwater FightGiven director Zack Snyder's penchant for including stunning or grotesque creatures in his grander action sequences (look to 300 or Sucker Punch for evidence), perhaps we should have expected that Kryptonian soldiers wouldn't be the only foes Superman would tangle with.We don't know what kind of beast the writhing mass of underwater tentacles happens to be - whether it's even a living thing, or a mechanized leviathan brought to supplement Zod's forces. But it proves plenty of surprises lie in store.Strangely enough, the construct wasn't featured alongside the rest of Zod's 'Black Zero' forces in either the Man of Steel LEGO sets or accompanying toy lines. Could Kryptonian warfare be even more advanced than we might think?

A Flying Leap

Man of Steel Trailer Leaping ExplosionFlying is one thing, but falling from a massive height is harder to pull off gracefully. Yet that's exactly what this mystery figure does in one of the quicker clips seen in the new trailer. Unfortunately, it's impossible to discern exactly who the man is, but the surrounding evidence provides some clues.For starters, the alien architecture (and the flying beast that breaks his fall) points to Krypton as a setting, and the explosion above certainly makes the leap seem like that of a man escaping death. But there's only one character seen so far with matching hair; and that's Jor-El, seen here minus his refined and elaborate robes.If that's the case, what would make the man shed all but his under-layer of clothing, and plunge from an exploding tower into the waiting arms of an alien creature? We have theories, but for now let's just say we suspect more of the film will be based on Superman's home world than estimated.

Lex Is In The Building

Man of Steel Trailer LexCorp BuildingIt is shown for a brief moment, but our eyes did not deceive us: that's LexCorp headquarters beneath that raining debris. Despite months of Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer dodging questions about Superman's arch-nemesis and emphasizing that General Zod, not Lex Luthor, would be the villain, evidence to the contrary is put front and center.Following comments from Goyer reminding fans that no one had explicitly said Luthor wouldn't be in the movie at all, more rumors teased that Smallville alum Mackenzie Gray would be reprising his role as an adult Lex Luthor.The most popular theory so far is that LexCorp will simply be name-dropped in the course of the film, or perhaps alluded to as a power player behind the scenes, with a full reveal in the sequel, if at all. The inclusion in the trailer doesn't tip the scale one way or the other, but is a nice Easter-egg, regardless.

On My World, It Means 'Hope'

Man of Steel Trailer Jor-El Armor LaraBy now we've shown that there will be more than enough opportunities for Jor-El to put his battle armor and weaponry to use on Krypton; but the reason for Lara's meaningful touch on the breastplate is more curious. Explanation comes later from Superman himself: what humans see as an 'S,' Kryptonians see as a symbol for 'hope.' Considering she is about to send her child off into the blackness of space, reaching out to that kind of symbol makes sense.But it's the under-layer of Jor-El's armor (also visible through his fancier clothing) that we're interested in; namely, it's rather blueish hue. In the comic books, it is typically a Kryptonian flag/blanket/fabric that is placed alongside baby Kal-El in his rocket as a means of remembering where he comes from. Could Superman's suit be none other than the same armor worn by his father, minus the plating?With such emphasis placed on fatherhood, carrying on Jor-El's fight in his very clothing would be more than poetic. Even removing the armor's plating would make sense: people tend to get nervous around armor-encased aliens.


Man of Steel Trailer DiscussionThose are the moments from the newest trailer that most stood out to us, as much for the promise they hold as the mysterious plot developments they imply.We welcome any insights or theories you may have about these or other scenes glimpsed in the trailer, so be sure to leave them in the comments.———Man of Steel hits theaters on June 14, 2013.Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. I don’t recall seeing any scenes or photos of Cavill as Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter.

    Is that going to be the last scene? Clark Kent showing up for work at the Daily Planet getting introduced to Lois Lane?

    The two fathers were Robin Hood comment was funny.

    • Honestly, I dunno. It certainly doesn’t look like it, although I’m certain that Nolan/Snyder are holding back even more material to keep the interest level up.

      I said this in other posts, but I suspect that this conceit of Clark Kent “mild mannered reporter” will be changed in the movie. Lois is simply too smart NOT to notice that Clark, the reporter, and Superman are one in the same.

      • In the comic con footage they showed last year Cavill is shown with glasses entering a elevator. That’s a clue that he will show up at the daily planet at some point in the movie.

        • Interesting. Did not know that.

          I’m hoping that there’s more to it than that, because if not, I’d be slightly disappointed.

          • I’ve been wondering if Clark might have a group of people who know his secret, like Lois and Perry White. One of the themes we’ve seen in this movie is whether or not people would reject him if they knew about him. But how does that theme mesh against a crack reporter like Lois, and a realistic depiction of a news man in the modern era, both who *must* know the identity, yet choose to hold back the biggest story ever? (“Who is Superman?”)I would think that’s an angle worth exploring as it’s one that could reaffirm a positive sense of humanity, which is what Superman is all about.

            • Sorry–that’s assuming that comicon footage of him in the glasses means the film ends with Clark taking a gig at the Daily Planet–hidden in plain sight.

            • That would be perfect, They couldn’t create it better than what you said!

              • Lois: You know, they say it’s all down hill after the first kiss.
                Superman: I think that only counts if you’re kissing a human.

                (Possibly the lamest dialogue in the movie.)

        • @Jish0909 Yup I saw that too…

      • Oldschool Superman comics explained it eitehr as facial reconstruction, or as hypnotism.

        Originally he could push his face around to disguise himself. That was eventually dropped.

        Writers later explained that Supes’ glasses were of Kryptonian material that amplified his mental prowess and allowed him to disguise himself via mesmerism. That was dropped too, in favor of a non-explanation.

    • My guess is that in this film they may just focus on Superman, Krypton and people’s reaction to him and maybe in the end of this film or the next one Clark Kent dons the suit and tie. I don’t think he’s going to fully be Clark Kent and Superman in most of the movie, it’s just going to be the adventure there. Similar to Batman Begins, it took the whole movie for Bruce Wayne to finally become Batman and having Bruce Wayne integrated back into society. Than again, they’re both origin stories, so it makes sense.

    • there were on set photos of clark riding a bike to the daily planet.

      also, the already mentioned comic con trailer footage.

  2. Forgive me as I don’t follow the lore, but is the sign for ‘LexCorp’ always red, white and blue?

    Or a hint at a President Lex storyline to come?

    Or indeed, both?

    • Anything is possible.

    • I’ve never seen the Lexcorp sign red, white and blue before. That could be a hint to his future presidency.

    • I kinda hope it is foreshadowing him becoming president, and using the “alien invasion” to scare people enough to vote for him because he promises that he, a human, and not an alien, is better suited to protect HIS world and not a “visitor” like Superman.

    • I see him as some sort of massive business man turned president in the next movie. Having Lex as president gives him some sort of much needed immunity in the face of someone like Superman.

  3. I believe the black superman symbol is a key to the fortress/ ship.

  4. This does not look good, I am more excited about Iron Man and Star Trek

    • You seem to be in the minority.

      • I guess at least there’s another person in the minority then… since I have the same vibe with Andy eventhough the first trailer actually made me curious, this one… idk, just another Superman?

        • Will be the best Superman yet! Can’t wait.

        • Yeah, another Superman film. I mean, it’s like there’s one every other year. *sarcasm*

          • Iron Man 3 DID suck!!! Pissed about that, a fake mandarin with no rings story!!! WTF was that, If I was RDJ I wouldn’t wanna make another Iron Man either!

        • Iron Man 3 DID suck!!! Pissed about that, a fake mandarin with no rings story!!! WTF was that, If I was RDJ I wouldn’t wanna make another Iron Man either!

    • And so Iron Man 3 was disappointing…GO SUPERMAN!!!!!!

    • Iron Man 3 DID suck!!! Pissed about that, a fake mandarin with no rings story!!! WTF was that, If I was RDJ I wouldn’t wanna make another Iron Man either!

  5. cant wait!!

  6. I am new to this site but I did catch the first trailer analysis written by Andrew Dyce; and I have to admit it was very well written and the slideshow format is perfect. This “Part 2″ analysis is no different. Respectfull, classy & well put together.

    During the interview between Superman & Lois – just when she begins to say Super… there is a loud audio feedback over the speakers. Am I the only one who is wondering if that is another tell-tale that we are dealing with some form of advanced Telekinesis as the backbone to Kal-El’s powers?

    • I believe that was just an indicator to Superman that trouble was brewing and that he must excuse himself to go deal with it. The timing, of course, was simply to build up the anticipation of hearing him called “Superman” for the first time in the film (I’m sure that WILL happen later).

      At least, that’s how I interpreted that abrupt ending to the interview scene followed IMMEDIATELY by Superman kicking butt.

      • Yes, this. Nicely done.

  7. where is TOM WELLING why won’t the powers that be let him be Superman?
    he was the best there’s ever been and i’m old enough to have seen them all.

    • He’s in the “Season 11″ comic series.

    • because Tom Welling does not look like superman (except for a TV version of superman).

    • Because they already did 10 seasons of Smallville. If you want to do a fresh take on Superman, you don’t rehash what’s been going for 10 years already

      • That and the fact that Tom Welling can’t act! And I was also a huge Smallville fan that saw them all. He’s was fine for a tv show, but he couldn’t carry a movie like this.

        • I’m sure many people disagree with your statement that Tom Welling can’t act! I think he was awesome, and if somebody gives him a chance he can surprise!

  8. Still wondering about the super fart or whatever the squeal was keeping her from saying “superman.” An odd tag at the end of the trailer, right?

    • LOL, love the super fart comment!

      And, yes, it was odd. No one has really come up with an answer to that yet.

      • agingfanboy, chetc…

        Read my response to Xerxes above about that very sound…It’s just a supposition, but I think it makes sense.

        • Ah, good take.

        • Good take–but an odd decision to include in trailer. Something like that tracks much better in the film. Thanks, Archaeon.

          • True…at first, it struck me as a weird ending to the scene. After I watched the trailer again, I realized what came right on its tail and figured it might be some kind of cut-scene…sort of a “WTF? OH, that’s why he excused himself” type of thing.

            Often done but strangely positioned in this instance…

            • I think in the finished film, she’ll go right on saying ‘Superman,’ until he overhears something in the other room, and has to excuse himself to deal with it.

              A little tweak for the laugh, I’m okay with for now. :)

              • Andrew…

                As you (and Ken and others, at various points) have surmised, yes, the whole word will likely be said at that point in the actual film, BUT I simply offered the alternative possibility of the anticipatory hold on its verbalization based purely on what happened in the trailer, itself.

                I’m well aware of the tried-and-true trope of creative editing being used to splice different lines (or even pieces of lines) together for dramatic/comedic effect. I merely though about another possibility for the occurrence in the trailer.

                I have NO doubt, in any event, that Lois will call him “Superman” and even be the one to name him that at SOME point in the film, especially given the strong foundation of such in the mythology.

                I excitedly await the revelation of how and when that occurs, come this June… :)

    • The following isn’t from some inside knowledge, just an understanding of how trailers are edited: In the film she probably finishes saying the word “superman,” the squelch from the PA system likely happens at a different point in the conversation when some bad guys assault the military base where they’re holding Supes. She probably says “superman,” their conversation continues, THEN the noise happens & he says “excuse me” and flies out to kick booty.

      Sometimes filmmakers edit the trailer differently than what’s in the film to create a little self-contained story in the trailer. I like the idea that she didn’t get to finish saying “superman” within the trailer but I’m guessing she does in the real version there.

      • I don’t think she going to say superman. Maybe a bad word start with ” Su …..”. And at end when she impressed or saved by Him , she named him “Superman”.

    • It’s called an intercom you rube, even when the first trailer came out you could tell it was static and him over hearing something else. People who honestly thought he was farting are just being ridiculous

  9. luthors in it i think cause in the trailer right after lexcorp is blown up you see an bald man in what looks like lex’s suit walk from the smoke… 2;19 of the trailer

    • That part in the trailer takes place at a different time from that LexCorp shot, it is just a quick edit in the trailer, and if that is not Zod, then it is one of his soldiers because that is the Kryptonian Armor that official production stills show Zod wearing.

  10. you know that theory about superman’s suit..? it may be worth pausing the trailer when jor-el is seen holding his new baby son. take a look at his under garment .. look familiar? ;)

  11. On the subject of the figure jumping onto the flying beast; Jor-El might have an action scene in the first act, like in the premier episode of ‘Superman: The Animated Series.’

  12. “But as impressive as the spectacle is, the destruction doesn’t seem to be a result of Krypton’s red star going supernova; in fact, the violence appears to be man-made.” ~ Dyce

    Within the novel “Last Days of Krypton”, the destruction of Krypton and Zod’s push for power are interconnected. As a result of the Kryptonian government ignoring Jor’el’s warnings, about the impending danger, he aligns himself with a politically motivated Zod. After Jor’el discovers Zod’s true agenda, he then turns against the general. Zod was using Jor’el’s inventions to obtain power, so that he can create a military dictatorship. In order to win Jor’el over to his side, Zod promised to give him the resources to fix the planet. At the end of the novel, Zod’s banishment into the Phantom Zone occurs within days of the planet’s destruction. Do not be fooled by the sequence of events, which you are seeing in the trailers.

    • Another hint that this is from the novel is the planet. Within the “Last Days of Krypton”, the planet is an environment similar to that found on Earth. Its not the icy planet from the first movie.

    • I’m glad someone else mentioned that novel. I found it quite intriguing when I read it and, like you, have noticed a number of similarities between the novel and the film as it SEEMS to be shaping up. I look forward to seeing if they did (and, if so, how much they did) take from either THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON or its specific comic sources…

  13. I still think there will be a shot or something to tie in the DC universe. Maybe a Gotham City paper with the headlines “Metropolis has Hero Also”.

  14. Can’t believe no-one has asked this yet but why is zod handcuffed in that seen when he screams “I will find him”

    P.s. Michael Shannon was inspired casting for zod

    • Zod and his co-conspirators were about to be either sent into the Phantom Zone for their crimes on Krypton, or sent off into some other form of prison (if they’re not using the Phantom Zone concept in this film).

  15. Looks like DC is bringing animation to life

  16. I actually think she will say ‘Superman’ in the interrogation scene in the movie itself. That little “Interruption” was for the trailer only. Kinda reminds me of the ‘Iron Man 2′ trailer, if anyone remembers that — The scene at the beginning when Tony and Pepper are in an aircraft. Tony asks Pepper for a kiss and Pepper kisses the Mask instead(She is holding the mask in her hands), and then throws it off the plane and Tony goes after it, jumping out saying “you complete me” as he falls.

    In the actual movie however, the AC/DC song kicks in, the plane opens its cargo door and Iron Man simply jumps out.

    So some scenes in trailers are there simply for Humour. Deliberate Humour, if you will.

  17. I find it funny.

    They take him in handcuffs, because he turns himself in.

    And in the middle of being questioned by Lois Lane.

    He just ups and leaves.

    Odd, why go through the show of showing earth you are not above the law, but just fly out when you think you are needed?

  18. Maybe Leex kills his father and that’s what makes their relationship so personal?

    I really hope we get to see a Brainiac storyline in the next one and Doomsday concluding the Trilogy.

  19. Those tentacles that are attacking superman are Zod ship Black Zero. Their ships to seem to have some sort of mixture of biology and Mech. But I think that the speculation about the fortress being left behind might be wrong. As you notice in the trailer the ship he comes to earth in is small and when pa Kent shows him it when he is a teenager it is much much larger. I think his fortress is his ship. That it grows with him for what he needs. Some sort of biological connection. That the only place he can hide it is in the Arctic. Pretty cool we’ll see. And I like the fact that he is special for many reasons starting with his natural birth instead of being engineered like all other kryptonians. This is shaping up to be simply amazing. I have been saying Snyder was perfect for superman. And those super physics and those impacts from punches. Just wow. I know I’ll be seeing this movie alot in the theater. Lol

  20. This feels more and more like the Green Lantern film.

    • I don’t see Goyer and Nolan -or Singer for that matter- allowing that to happen.

      • *Snyder

    • Do you know anything about spiders? Well, they’re the fiercest killers in the insect kingdom.

  21. just an observation….

    at the end of the trailer when the military guy turns around. he hears something and then when it cuts inside Clark turns toward the two way glass and than back at louis lane and says “what” it is because something happened on the other side of the glass.

    As in… ZOD and his henchmen broke in and wrecked everyone in the room. and that’s why the sound of the microphone made that sound.

    • Or that’s the message from Zod seen in the”You are not alone”-trailer. However, the message is more likely just audio in the movie…

  22. First… that was a thought provoking trailer analysis. I thank you for every word. I can’t imagine what the final outcome of the film will be. This already shows a grand scope in imagination and all to deserving of a fresh perspective. I’m impressed by how great writers can think ‘outside of the box’ especially when it might defy all preconceived notions on what Superman is or was. Let us ‘hope’ that fans will be open-minded about our Hero and this new adventure we will take together.

  23. In the 9th part of this discussion, we see who we believe to be Jor-El doing a leap of faith on Kryton in only the under garments of his armor. In the 11th part of this discussion, we suspect that those very same garments are of a blueish hue because it may very well be the same suit our defender of truth and justice wears on Earth. In short, does this mean we may see scenes early on in the film of Jor-El in what is essentially the Super-Suit? After the ideas proposed in the Conclusion of this discussion, it seems to me almost likely that this is the case. Considering the above mentioned “poetry” of Kal-El brandishing his father’s battle armor.

  24. Brainiac destroyed Krypton, everyone knows that.

  25. I think in a lot of the discussions the reason Superman doesn’t wear the battle armour is a lot more simple. On Krypton (under a red sun), Kyptonians are essentially human in power. On Earth (under a yellow sun) they have superpowers. If you are strong enough so you can punch through armour like it’s tissue paper, and the flesh underneath is now resilient enough that it can easily ignore the same blow that just demolished your armour, you’re “protective” armour becomes redundent…

    Also in regards to him being the Last Son of Krypton… I seem to remember in some versions of the comic, the Kryptonians are aware of what powers they have and introduce artificial genetic code to protect all the other intellegent life from themselves. Live to long away from Krypton, and you die. Superman is so dangerous because (as a free birth) lacks this addition so can live anywhere. When Krypton is destroyed, any “survivors” that managed to get (or were) off-planet quickly succumbed to the failsafe in their DNA. I think in the comics this was glossed over, or suggested that the coldly logical (almost vulcan) Kryptonians didn’t even try to escape as they knew they were equally doomed no matter what.

    Of course, this could just be me mis-remembering and coming up with a plausible backstory.

    It could be the war that we see fought in the trailer is over getting the failsafe removed from them, as they know Krypton is about to explode. They fail, but they know Superman has been sent to Earth, and the surviving Kryptonians think he somehow holds the key to avoiding death – either by simply comparing their genetic code to his to find the “extra” piece that’s not part of his genetic code, or that Jor-El has sent some knowledge with him that will allow them to survive…