‘Man of Steel’ Rumor: New Kryptonian Villains Revealed? [Updated]

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Man of Steel Title Logo Header Man of Steel Rumor: New Kryptonian Villains Revealed? [Updated]

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel may still be under wraps thanks to Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ vigilance, but that doesn’t mean rumors are hard to come by. And as is so often the case, the latest revealed villain comes courtesy of the film’s accompanying toy lines.

LEGO unveiled more of its planned releases coinciding with the launch of Man of Steel, naming a previously unknown character and what could be a confirmation of key plot events. Spoilers lay ahead, so those wanting to be surprised should probably stop reading now.

After LEGO’s toy lines previously leaked the presumed antagonists of Man of Steel, the newest sets displayed at the 2013 London Toy Fair this week haven’t disappointed. As reported by BrickHeroes, the name and contents of one toy set in particular should catch the attention of fans:

Superman 76003 – Battle of Smallville : General Zod, Colonel Hardy, Tor-An, Superman and Faora

While seemingly confirming a major action setpiece in Kansas, the new details also involve a previously unrevealed character: Tor-An. In the comic books, Tor-An was a trusted soldier of General Zod (played by Michael Shannon in the movie) who escaped the planet’s destruction and was sent to Earth. Disguised as CEO David Carter (among others), Tor-An acted as a sleeper agent for Zod’s Kryptonian forces, doing whatever he could to get Superman off his game.

[Update: ComicBook.com cites an anonymous source claiming Tor-An will be appearing in Man of Steel, played by actor and stuntman Richard Cetrone (Sucker Punch), along with another Kryptonian – Dev-Em, an escaped criminal played by Revard Dufresne (Sucker Punch). We’ll update as the rumors are either substantiated or denied.]

Superman Man of Steel Tor An Rumors Man of Steel Rumor: New Kryptonian Villains Revealed? [Updated]

There’s every chance that writer David S. Goyer could ignore that existing material and merely use Tor-An as yet another trusted officer of General Zod’s, since apparently even the gender of beloved characters is in question. If that’s the case, it’s even more likely that the implied plot twists we brought up in our in-depth analysis of the Man of Steel trailer could prove accurate.

The Kryptonian spaceships seen hovering above the Kent Farm hinted that Zod won’t be alone when he arrives at Earth, and with Faora and Tor-An accompanying him, we have more evidence of an all-out Kryptonian invasion. Given the name of the LEGO set, it seems that a sizable fight will take place in Smallville, but what it will entail is still a mystery.

All these details, if accurate, lend more and more meaning to the claims made of Snyder’s scope and scale for the film. A scale that Jor-El himself calls “massive.” It certainly fits Goyer’s style of conflict, since The Dark Knight trilogy rarely saw many head-to-head fights, instead using antagonists who relied on entire armies or gangs to do their bidding. The stacked odds made the victorious Batman even more heroic, and would likely do the same for Supes (Henry Cavill).

Man of Steel Trailer Images Kryptonian Spaceships Arrive at Kent Farm 570x237 Man of Steel Rumor: New Kryptonian Villains Revealed? [Updated]

Introducing plenty of villains is always a risk, and with a Superman movie, the stakes are already substantial. However, if Superman defends Earth from an invading army, not just a single enemy, then his choice to fight for his adopted home – instead of the one he left behind – could go a long way in convincing the world (and the US Army) that he’s to be trusted, not feared.

Given the closing lines of the full-length trailer, we’d expect that to be a significant theme.  That’s all speculation on our part, of course, but it would go a long way in communicating the relevant contemporary messages that Goyer has alluded to in the past.

Expect significant rewrites for the character of Tor-An regardless, since the idea of seeing an Australian CEO burst out of his suit to fight Superman doesn’t quite fit Snyder’s claims of a “serious” story. The plot line does fit in some aspects, since the Jor-El-narrated Man of Steel teaser consisted not of vague moral messages from a father to his orphaned son, but specific knowledge of Earth’s people.

Man of Steel Trailer Images Michael Shannon as General Zod 570x237 Man of Steel Rumor: New Kryptonian Villains Revealed? [Updated]

If that’s the case, perhaps the use of sleeper agents or a planned invasion (due to knowledge of Krypton’s looming destruction) will create a rift between the Houses of El and Zod before Kal-El even comes into being.

Your guess is as good as ours at this point, but it’s clear with each new bit of information that Man of Steel is still going to surprise us, no matter how many details are leaked prior to release.

What are your thoughts on the apparent addition of Tor-An to the cast? Is one villain a safer way to go, or does an outnumbered Superman seem more intriguing? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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Source: BrickHeroes (via BleedingCool), ComicBook.com

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  1. Outnumbered is definitely the way to go. After all, I know I like it when a villain has enough arrogance to claim to be supreme leader but hides behind an army to avoid confrontation himself so hopefully others do too.

    Plus it’s pretty much one of the better and widely used villain personalities so it’d be nice to see the person jumping towards Superman in the trailer as they go head to head be this new villain rather than Zod.

    That way then, we could see Zod reluctantly retreat so that he isn’t captured, possibility of coming back in a future sequel without being sent to the Phantom Zone, everyone’s happy.

    • I like your thinking.

  2. Maybe the introduction of so many villains is to make it seem like this is TOO MUCH for only one man to handle. Even Superman. Insert plug for the JLA. If Goyer had to rewrite the script to make this movie a continuation into a JLA movie, then what better way to make more villains. Make JLA be a sequel Man of Steel. Have the ending be completely open. LOTR style? Not some mid credit scene that shows something that only us comic book nerds know about and have the whole theater act like they know what it is as well. But an actual open ending that has no choice but to continue with the JLA.

    • I’m thinking it more than likely won’t be like that but what do we know at this point anyway?

      Fun to speculate even if this movie isn’t in my most anticipated list for the year.

    • @leathercheerio: I like your thinking of ways to tie them together, but if they just pull a cliffhanger ending, I think fans would be more soured than excited. Especially if they’re not already fans of the characters.

  3. I wish i new as much about Superman as I do Batman. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it led into something concerning Darkseid. Maybe it will end as leathercheerio said … an ending that has no choice but to continue the story with TJL.

  4. I remember Superman II and it wasn’t just Zod but also Ursa and Non. Throw in Lex Luthor and it was a tense situation where Superman couldn’t just use his brute strength to overcome the odds. He had to be smart as well and that added another dimension to his character. I think it’s why Superman II is my favorite.

    A good superhero story isn’t just the hero steamrolling the opponents. It’s when the hero has a very real chance of losing and losing has serious consequences. The more adversity the better. It makes victory much more satisfying.

    • Best comment I think I’ve seen on Screen Rant yet.
      +10 internetz

  5. Superman should always batter against overwhelming odds as he is the ‘man of steel’, I really cant wait for this movie as I have not seen a decent Superman movie since 1985! Hopefully the education that Superman has growing up on Earth will assist him in defeating the bad guys. I am a complete novice at comic books etc, I thought Krypton was destroyed and yet a lot of them survived, I take it these 3 ‘criminals/army’ were in the phantom zone??

    • Bingo. There’s a lot of comic book lore dealing with Kandor (which was shrunk down and saved) but for the sake of all involved, yes – Phantom Zone. Although how Snyder and Goyer will explain it is likely going to be a bit different. In my opinion, anyway.

      • I would like to see the city Kandor in MOS (Part 2) when it comes out ?

        I know everyone wanted to see Brainiac appearing in the Man of Steel sequels. That includes Supergirl/Kara, Zor-El, and Allura of Argo City in the SUPERGIRL Reboot. I think Kara shall be introduced in the Man of Steel (Part 2)and start her maiden voyage to Planet Earth on a rocket ship from Argo City. In the Spin Off She will face off Lex Luther’s Evil Sister Lena Luthor of LexCorps. Lena is a secretary agent hiding out in Smallville. And a villainess of Kandor named Lesla-Lar from the ACTION COMICS (#252). Lena releases an evil mistress of The Phantom Zone where Kara’s Father Zor-El banishes one of General Zod’s crew.

  6. I can’t believe how Lego always spoil plot points like this. The studios keep everything super secret until release, but then they let the toy companies ruin all their hard work.

    …anyway. Glad to hear there’ll be more villains. Supes vs Zod is going to be epic, but the movie needs more than that (and the character needs a greater obstacle) to truly succeed IMO.

    • I was just about to say the same thing! They did it with The Avengers and Spiderman, stoopid toy companies!

      I agree, Man of Steel is going to be epic, Michael Shannon always plays quite sinister characters, can’t wait!

  7. Great to hear, It does make sense that he is given a choice between possibly joining Zod or choosing Earth. They have already said that Cavill will be in Justice League, so It does seem that they will have to somehow acknowledge that there are greater threats in the Universe…they dont necessarily have to mention or hint towards a villain, just possibly…at the end, after an epic battle….let Superman know he isnt on his own? (Possible cut scenes and glimpses of other heroes and their worlds?).

    I doubt they will make this lead directly into the JL film but I do think they will take the opportunity to acknowledge the existence of other worlds and heroes…they sort of have to. Who knows though!?

  8. wow. nolan/goyer/snyder are really shooting for the moon (er, star?) with this one! i, for one am happy to hear about a superman movie of this scale! very excited.

  9. Outnumbered it has to be Superman is a powerful being he can take it and it will show the world is ready for superman

    • i second that!!
      Superman IS the godfather of superheroes, nuff said.

  10. I’m tempering my expectations for this movie. My fear is that they are trying too hard to make this a movie like Avengers or Batman and that the Superman we see will be almost unrecognizable.

    • Come on really? unrecognizable? its superman. he is the most recognizable character the world over. i think that most are looking at the past of the last 3 superman movies that pretty much sucked. and just because the people involved worked on batman doesn’t mean its written the same. i think everyone involved wants to make a great superman movie. the writing team is good and i think snyder the perfect director for such an out of this world character. the world that he is in is more like modern day how would people be with such a person around. not realistic dark knight trilogy. cause superman isn’t realistic.

    • He will be unrecognisable in the sense he wont be going around with a cheesy grin saying “Hello there citizen, like to to fly up to that tree and save your cat?” or “Remember kids, go to school and respect your parents!”

      I think they are dealing with what it would be like for Clark to be Superman, as well as how we would probably react.

      You will probably find he will be more ‘human’ than any other version as I can imagine It would be hard as hell knowing your 100% different to everyone on the planet and knowing nothing about how, why or where you are actually from. Also the world would s*** itself seeing a man fly about in the sky lifting cars etc.

      He probably wont develop the ‘Superman Persona’ until the end of the film and most likely do it fully in the JL movie.

      • @james, Metal Artois: You took the words right out of my mouth. Superman isn’t as explicitly defined as most heroes (a.k.a. by their powers). It’s a sliding scale to reflect the times, more than a lot of heroes have been in the past – for good or bad.

    • I agree….This movie will be just a Commercial for JLA not a stand alone…

  11. An intergalactic threat to earth…. hmm, too bad there isn’t a police force to handle that… perhaps it might cause a curious Amazon to become proactive in protecting her people. .. a certain detective might take an interest as well…

  12. I am going to get ahead of myself here and call it right now. They are going to do a trilogy with the supes movies depending on how this one goes and justice league will be put off until 2020 so they can reboot batman in 2016(which they are going to need to make him as super as a human can be) and maybe another JLA member I hope flash cause he could be the Iron Man of the JLA.

  13. 3 to 4 Kryptonians Plus an Army vs. Superman. Just Ridiculousness…and will be a Complete Mess.

    Putting in all of these Villains is covering for the fact that the Story is Weak….

    No One fights and Army and Super Villians at the Same time…..The JLA Heroes Better be in this movie to Help Or it Will Suck !!

    • The Avengers?

  14. I don’t know, it could work. If Superman has been on Earth for almost his whole life absorbing the sun’s rays, while the other Kryptonians have just arrived (note the ships), then he would be a lot more powerful than any single one of them alone. Since – according to the comics – the more sun rays a Kryptonians absorbs the stronger they get. If that’s followed through with the film then it would take at least a group of newly-arrived Kryptonians for it to be a fair fight. Which is certainly a way of making the character relevant, by creating a threat that is tangible but which he can still (just about) overcome.

    I think it’s going to be good. I hope it’s going to be great. So much can be done with this character that they have just not been seeing, and I think there is an outside chance that Snyder/Nolan etc might have pulled it off. I hope!!

    Just so long as they don’t depower him like Marvel have done to Thor. That would REALLY piss me off!!!

  15. Its fine to have these characters in, There was no problem with it in The Dark Knight….they had 2 massive Batman villains in that, it still worked.

    I think people are assuming that were going to have 3 individual ‘big baddies’…It will be Zod with two lesser ‘henchmen’…they will be there to spread the “scale” that Russel Crowe was talking about…Zod cant be everywhere.

    I have faith in this film, I also cant see them dumbing down Supermans powers, they simply cant if they want the big action scenes.

  16. superman 2 is true masterpieces in superman movies and they will ave army of new kryptnian vilain in superman:man of steel from phantom zone and it will be superman trilogy and justice league trilogy.

  17. People, you are shame me.

    The Advantage Superman has over Zod his people are the following.

    His Knowledge of how to use and control his powers. Which he developed over time. Anyone new to earth from Krypton would not be able to use their powers at control, and would go wild. Superman developed his soft touch over time.

    Kryptonite, Known to Superman, not to Zod and Company, how would you know that a meteor from your home planet is deadly to you?

    Krypton Physiology is basically the same as humans. The More energy you expend, the more tired you become.

    Now there are some others things that Superman has over Zod and Company, and he could deal a fatal blow to any of them.

    • Good points. I really hope that the movie plays on the Kent aspect. That is, it wasn’t being Kryptonian that made Clark so hard to beat or incorruptible, but the Kents raising him. To borrow words from a Marvel hero, his opponents (Zod, as well) lack conviction, where Superman is more than willing to die for others.

      Match that idea with him possibly being more powerful than the newly-arrived Kryptonians, and I’ll be more than happy.

      • If Superman plays it smart, then he takes Zod and company underground and duke it out.

    • Thats all well and good, its just how much of that they put into the film.

      You cant know which Superman they are going to use, His powers have changed so much over the years. Also, remember they are starting this from the beginning. It could very well be that Superman himself wouldnt have properly established his powers….This is practically ‘Superman Begins’ so I wouldnt expect to much from him in this film anyway.

      It would also be the case that Zod and co. already know about how the yellow sun will effect them and have probably prepared for it. You cant have half the film of Superman struggling to be himself and Zod flying helplessly in the air because hes only just walked off of his ship!….That would be a slightly embarrassing invasion of a planet and a rubbish movie!

      Kryptonite should be left well alone in this film, Im sick to death of Superman being beaten by a rock.

      We know Superman gets tired.

      I think its better to just wait for another trailer, or just the film to see what they are actually going to do with Zod….then we can assume Superman wouldnt be far off that.

      • @Metal Artois

        True, Superman Powers have changed from Being Incredibly strong, to near limitless strength.

        His flight was once limited, and he could leap tall buildings and all that good stuff.

        Then he got near god like in his powers.

        But who Superman is going to be in the movie, I am with you. Wont know till more comes out.

        • Im kind of hoping they go the God like powers, but only because they are using Darkseid in the JL film….this would mean GL, Flash, WW would all need to be relatively near him….and It would mean amazing visuals.

          This would actually make Batmans role more important as well.

          Superman needs to be as strong as say….Death of Superman…1990′s…That would make sense If they are doing Darkseid so early.

          But only after MOS 2 is out!

  18. I think the character Tor-an shall fit the SUPERGIRL spin off or the Man of Steel sequel. Cause I heard The Man of Steel (Part 2) may mention Argo City and City of Kandor. Remember Cary Bates wrote a script back then and it mentioned Brainiac taken over Krypton’s civilization called Kandor replacing in a bottle. We need to see If Zack Snyder get this idea off the ground, and move on to the next sequels. I did remember there was a complaint about SUPERMAN RETURNs.

    Just watch the movie when it comes out ? Til Zack Snyder understands the situation.