New ‘Man of Steel’ Set Photos & Video: Superman to the Rescue [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 8:47 pm,

As filming continues on Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, we have a new gallery of set photos to share, which were snapped on the Vancouver set of the film, and feature Superman (Henry Cavill) making what looks to be an impromptu rescue early in his career.

Check out the new photos in all their green screen glory below.

For those who don’t know: Man of Steel will explore the origins of Superman from a modern day perspective, with a script from Dark Knight Rises writing team Chris Nolan, Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer. A lot of a hints point to the story incorporating the revised and updated Superman mythology featured in graphic novels like Superman: Secret OriginSuperman: Birthright and most recently, the DC Comics “New 52″ reboot of the character, which is more serious in tone. Fans are, as usual, divided over this attempt to revitalize superman is a bad or good thing.

If nothing else, Man of Steel has an impressive cast of lauded actors, including Oscar-nominees/winners like Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne and Diane Lane. We’ll know more about Henry Cavill’s ability to play Superman when we see the actor leading the Greek epic Immortals this fall.

With Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) at the helm, many are expecting this film to at least have some epic action – if the gallery below is any indication, they may not be disappointed on that front. The pics show Cavill (presumably as Clark Kent) aiding a rescue crew on the scene of some disaster. There’s a lot of green screen, but we imagine that the environment will be a pretty harsh one. Cavill is still sporting the plain clothes and facial hair we saw in some earlier Man of Steel set photos:


Man of Steel Set Photos


Those worried that Henry Cavill wouldn’t bulk up enough for the part should be able to put their minds at ease.

There are plenty of other pictures, but you’ll have to head over to SuperHero Hype to see them.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Flynet Pictures via SHH

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  1. He is Superman to me!! Darn sexy!

  2. Could the torn pants and no shirt indicate a burning building?

    I want this to come out now!!!

  3. He looks like Wolverine, when i first saw the pictures i thought Logan was doing a cameo, but that could never be right?

    • Nope – Wolverine is Marvel.

  4. Yaah! Another helicopter scene.I’ve lost count. Hooray!

  5. Holy sh**, he got big!

    He looks like Super Duke of Suffolk in this pics.

    Oh wow! That just made me think the Jonathan Rhys Meyers should have been Zod!! That would have been so cool!

    • That would have been epic, they had pretty great chemistry on the Tudors :D

  6. I so very much want this film to come out sooner than later. These pics just add to my anticipation…Cavill looks like he’s ready to take on a super villain…or three.

  7. pics look awesome!! 2013 is such a long wait tho..

  8. The long wait will be worth it.

    Awesome to see the dedication Henry Cavill has put into the role. He’s more jacked than any other incarnation of Superman, including Chris Reeve. All the others before Cavill were lagging.
    I can only laugh at those who first thought he was wearing a ” muscle suit. ” lol

  9. This looks to be very cool, yet Im a little disappointed if he’s going to lift a helicopter. Again.

    • I don’t see him “lifting” any helicopter…

      • One of the pics his hands are above his head but on second look maybe he’s hanging off the edge of the platform?

        It looks pretty cool so far, I was a just a little skeptical when they announced this guy for the role but all the pics Ive seen so far have got me on board.
        I just dont know if I’ll finally go with my gut and get a ticket and stand in line for this, or wait for the reviews first.

  10. definately a burning oil rig. nice to see theyve gone for a more rugged take on superman. looks like a mans man this is sure to change throughout as no doubt he polishes up for the classic sups role.

  11. I wonder what the significance of that necklace thing he’s wearing is?

  12. He did get big…

  13. Get in the choppppaaaa! DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!

    • LOL….

      • Hishe? Lmao

        • This movie will be that much more epic if Henry Cavil says that just once. Even if he says it really quick and under breath.

          “get to the choppa. do it, do it now.”

  14. Can’t wait for the day I get to laugh at all the naysayers against this film. I kind of get to now with these pics but, the coupe de gras is to come and I’ll probably split my sides laughing derisively at those who scoffed at Cavill being cast and claimed his muscles where phony. Long live Superman.

  15. Where are the naysayers at? Does it hurt that bad? LOL. Just kidding lol. Cavill looks great.

  16. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Wonder why he is all hairy and grungy looking. Has red kryptonite turned him into homeless hobo superman?

  18. He’s playing steel worker which seems a more natural alternate job for Superman than reporter. Plays into the title too…

  19. Really why does Superman work for a living? It would be much more convenient if he just made himself rich like Bruce Wayne. Then he could afford a real disguise instead of those cheezy glasses.

    • My guess is that this represents a knock around time in his life, where he’s not sure the best way to engage the world. Being rich and famous has its problems too. It draws attention and controversy to oneself, especially if he would do something extraordinary. If his secret would ever get out many would question and doubt his motives. Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t travel down a finiancial path at some point before he realizes that his problems. I also think at some point he’ll discover that he must become as altruistic as possible and as we all know close to the news media to be at or near the front lines of trouble.

  20. 2013 is way too far away

  21. Really loving the look and angle they’re taking on this Movie – New actor looks great & different that Chris Reeves iconic look – but time for a whole new take – can’t wait !

  22. I want Snyder’s next movie to have absolutely no green-screen. This has gotten out of hand. Donner calls Snyder bad names under his breath.

    • Yea, because they can actually put the actors in whatever dangerous situation they are simulating here for real right? Geez >_>

      • How do you think they made movies before green screen? Jeez. Go watch the new Mission Impossible trailer or Iron Man, or Casino Royale to see good mixes between practical and CGI. Snyder overdoes it, that is a fact, and that is why Sucker Punch well……sucked.

        • This looks like some kinda of industrial disaster possibly a burning oli rig or something impossible which is too dangerous to attempt in real life. Also this is probably only a part of this scene not the whole thing geez. Just be happy that there ARE actual sets being built and used. Did you not see the smallville battle set that was built? And I do believe he already stated at the start of production that there are going to find diff. ways using visual effects to display Supes’ power.

          And Suckerpunch was a fantasy movie with different worlds so the CGI use was plausible.

      • Vic Morrow and two children, killed by a helicopter stunt during the filming of ‘Twilight Zone: the Movie’, in 1982. A helicopter body, in a gimbal, with CG blades and green screen background, and it wouldn’t have happened. Probably the CG stuff wasn’t good enough then, but now… green screen is safer in such circumstances?

    • Im just saying, think about it in a real context as if Superman were to show up in our world tmr……in tights and red underwear, no one would take him seriously. Everything else about the costume looks classic save for the kryptonian tweaks they gave it.

    • In the context of this film and the time period its coming out in if the kept the suit the same the movie would flop in the eyes of everyone except for purists.

  23. But the other side of that argument jerry is that some believe the property is stale and needs new paths to get to the goal. Of course they want to make it as interesting as possible, how do you do that without taking some risks?? Sure you can generate renewed interest by shaking up the theatrical villain roster but is that enough? Especially with the heirs contending the rights.

    If I’m not mistaken one of the things that has come out of this battle is that DC/WB has been accused of not doing enough to maximize opportunities to market the property. I know this seems like an 11th hour effort on WB/DC’s’ part but from the point of view of a consumer I can only see what they’re offering and decide whether or not it’s worth spending coin on.

    Of course you have that right just like everyone else, no argument there. Just some different thoughts to consider on your way to the weekly releases…

  24. I may differ with others as I intensely dislike the DC “reboot” of Superman as unneeded and unwanted. And, as a rule I liked what was done in “Superman Returns”, including Brandon Routh in the lead role.
    Why is he messing with a helicopter again?
    Superman needs a big, broad, powerful plot, infused with his utterly unique sense of humanity. I hope this qualifies.
    We’ll see how this turns out.

  25. Ok… So, like, if you read comics and you’re not reading Action Comics AND Superman, you won’t have a full picture. Action Comics takes place five years before Clark officially becomes Superman and joins the Justice League.

    I am still unimpressed and disappointed that none of these so-called Superman re-boots are not really re-boots at all. In this case especially, Superman (the comic)it still comes off as way too familiar. I have yet to see anything remotely different at the core of what Superman really is as a character. He is essentially, a God among men.

    I see nothing original about this movie and I am disappointed to see that the Nolan Bros. are attached to this re-boot of the same one that Christopher Reeves starred back in the day.


    • You’re entitled to your opinion and interpretation, of course, but I must admit I am increasingly confused by all of the people who continue to to parrot the idea that this film is simply a redo of the previous series. It has Clark and a VERSION of his origin story and Zod. Other than having elements of the mythos that have appeared in in print and/or film in one form or another, this film looks to have a fresh (and, in my opinion, a quite interesting) interpretation of the Superman story…

      • Ditto. This is supposed to be similar to Batman Begins in the sense that it’s a diff take on the character while still keeping the core elements intact.

  26. oh yeah one last thing , I hope he’s fighting for “Truth and justice THE AMERICAN WAY”. Not truth justice and “ALL THAT STUFF” . That was a disgrace.